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  1. dream energy vs. sexual energy
  2. First lucid, that was some nonsense
  3. The old hag, (or something else)?
  4. Remembering a song
  5. Just had my first good lucid dream!
  6. Why is it difficult to remember numbers in dreams even when it was lucid..:(
  7. Did anyone here ever had sex in a lucid ream?
  8. Lucid Dream frequency?? whats the deal with this?
  9. Deild success , lucid fail.
  10. waking up intentially process
  11. idea to help getting lucid
  12. Lucid dream RC app
  13. First Lucid Dream!!!
  14. I don't know whats going on...
  15. Long term goal of sharing dreams with my brother.
  16. Was i lucid
  17. How often can you Lucid Dream?
  18. Lucid Dream Veterans can you help me out here?
  19. I dont want to lucid dream
  20. Serious ideas... get more out of your dreaming
  21. What Frequency Is "Normal" For Experiencing Lucid Dreaming?
  22. Bad dream sex.
  23. Really simple way to increase the clarity and quality.
  24. Exploring the world of lucid dreaming.
  25. Well, that's what i call unlucky. ;D
  26. Problem with napping
  27. Is this a roll over sign?
  28. Practicing/Muscle Memory
  29. How good can you get??
  30. How do I control what I dream about? I am having trouble with this.
  31. How close is a maximal vivid LD to reality?
  32. dream guides, help?
  33. More topics for my lucid dream science fair project?
  34. Did I preform a dream Exit Induced NON-Lucid Dream?
  35. Prolonging LDs
  36. I am new to this, but can't dream. Any tips?
  37. what was this and was i close to wild?
  38. Dream guides - A placebo?
  39. How can I decide on what to do during lucid dreams?
  40. I can never recall flying
  41. first night of attempted control
  42. Calling all Pros!
  43. Odd thing happens while trying to wild
  44. LD with absolutely zero controll
  45. Sleep Paraylsysi: Awareness shift
  46. Lucid dreaming while drunk?
  47. New Way to Fly Better
  48. How did you discover Lucid Dreaming?
  49. Input on a lucid dream
  50. Two LD Killers
  51. I cant control my Lucid Dream, i have to keep the history going
  52. Lucid Dream vs Out of body Experience vs Astral Projection?
  53. Problem with closing my eyes?!
  54. Does this count as lucid?
  55. Can dreams be a peek into the future
  56. Dreaming Moments and Memories
  57. "You will have a lucid dream" mp3.
  58. help with a recurring dream
  59. Wierd but interesting dream..
  60. Lucid dream suppliment glatamine?
  61. Recurring Dreams Preventing Lucitdity
  62. Keep getting close to SP...
  63. Are lucid dreams actually as rich and detailed as life?
  64. How well would this work to assist in lucid dreaming?
  65. Question about REM sleep and regarding my sanity lol
  66. Lucid Dream Groups
  67. Slightly lucid....
  68. Stephen Berlin
  69. The Dream List
  70. control
  71. Think I found my dreamguide. And a question about using lucid dreaming as a tool for writing stories
  72. Dream of death
  73. Meaning of rivers in dreams?
  74. general lucid discussion group
  75. Dream Guide info
  76. Head move backwards.
  77. False awakenings and rc's.
  78. Dream enemy?
  79. What's Your Dream Name?
  80. woke up feeling sick to my stomach
  81. Why does this happen
  82. Just curious
  83. Met my Dream Guide and was Tested
  84. Aware but Unaware???
  85. trouble sleeping at my planned time
  86. Was I anywhere close to succesfully WILDing?
  87. No more dreams?
  88. Dream Within a dream theory
  89. Not Exactly TOTAL Dream Control?
  90. A DC I can't let go of...
  91. Reality Check Question
  92. Dreams Within Dreams and no control!
  93. Need help/advice FORCING Reality Checks
  94. How long have you been practicing lucid dreaming?
  95. Being part of fictional worlds (tv, movies, video games, books) in a lucid dream?
  96. I'm back!
  97. Gah! Why did this happen!!!
  98. My first sort of lucid dream (does this count?)
  99. Lucid dreaming = theta waves = light sleep?
  100. What should I try first?
  101. Lucid Dreaming Location
  102. Lucid Dreams and Past Traumatic Events
  103. I told myself I was dreaming but that didn't work....
  104. What am i supposed to do after that?
  105. how to break a dryspell???
  106. dream recall in the early morning = inconvinient
  107. Morphing appearance
  108. Absolutely amazing night. Question about..WILDS?
  109. Am I a Pervert?
  110. Less sleep = Poorer dreams?
  111. Sleep Mask Difficulties.
  112. Darkness in dreams .
  113. a recent ongoing weird disturbance or just me?
  114. Question about strange ld and trying to meet my dream guide
  115. Why did this happen
  116. Dream journal for iphone, ipad, ipod touch
  117. What are some good lucid dreaming tasks?
  118. Just when I decided to give it a break for a while....
  119. Transference
  120. thinking while dreaming
  121. want to get back into it but have a dilema
  122. losing my memories
  123. How is it possible? conscious yet asleep
  124. Was this Lucid Dreaming? Voices?
  125. Talking in my sleep?
  126. New WILD/WBTB technique idea
  127. Dream recall & lucidity affected by Procardia XL
  128. I became lucid without dream recall and RC?!
  129. Major questions!!!!!
  130. How does it feel?
  131. I finally did it. There are no words for my relief.
  132. Broke dryspell, but dont know what method i used exactly.
  133. So I was able to read and write in my dream.....
  134. little confused about brain waves
  135. How well does your sub- conscious hide that you are dreaming?
  136. Question about calming down when getting lucid.
  137. Can't read notes
  138. ThIs is crazy
  139. "Teaching" dream characters and problem with dream anchor
  140. An exciting revelation, A place of purest thought
  141. Had a dream last night that...
  142. Lucid Dreaming Tips
  143. Mutual dreaming!!!
  144. Visualising as fall asleep.....
  145. A awesome way I became lucid!
  146. What should I do?
  147. I am not leaving this bed until I have my first ld
  148. Lucid Dream or Not?
  149. Anchor problems
  150. Rain to increase vividness (theory)
  151. How to increase all together awareness in waking life?
  152. Flying help
  153. Interesting thing happened...
  154. Still, so still.
  155. Binaural beats
  156. Disabilities and Lucid Dreams: Your Opinion?
  157. DEILD Halucinations
  158. Do you have a special HI color?
  159. Concious/Lucid Dreaming for Social Change
  160. what to do in lucid dreams?
  161. Are RCs supposed to be associated with dream signs?
  162. please help me!
  163. Dream control without lucidity
  164. first semi-successful WILD
  165. Are nightmares worth the lucid?
  166. Being sick help you dream?
  167. Cracked article on lucid dreaming
  168. Can you feel pain in a dream?
  169. Stabilization?
  170. Question about dream guide/ subconcious
  171. Theorie/Question I can't seem to find an answer...
  172. Dreaming that you're lucid dreaming?
  173. Question regarding sleep paralysis
  174. What I really want to do when I get my first LD...
  175. Have you ever thought of it like this?
  176. This makes me so freakin mad!!! "failed" rc, didn't think enough?
  177. Help, Por Favore?
  178. Any help over here?
  179. Why do you lucid dream?
  180. I can lucid dream, but I'm not as good as I could be. Any advice?
  181. Dream about having a lucid dream???
  182. Questions about Wake Back To Bed
  183. Lucid dream?
  184. Object that helps induce LD's.
  185. Schedule Gets in the Way
  186. Forgetting lucid dreams in the morning
  187. stupid question about eyelids
  188. Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis directly after a LD ends?
  189. Know I'm dreaming, but can't control
  190. REALITY CHECK NOW! Are you dreaming?
  191. Its just not working
  192. BAD dryspell.
  193. Has this ever happened to you?
  194. How often do you think about Lucid Dreaming??
  195. Help with DEILDS
  196. succesful WILD?
  197. Dreaming that you're Lucid Dreaming
  198. Nearly did it last night (ooh err!lol)
  199. Dealing with loss, through LD'ing
  200. WILD while listening to music?
  201. Renewed Veteran
  202. Do you dream in color?
  203. Do you talk to your friends about lucid dreaming?
  204. First Lucid Dream through WILD :)
  205. Trying to figure out what this dream character could be, could use some thought..
  206. WBTB During the Night
  207. Trouble Locating my Dream Guide...Help!
  208. Is this a form of mild LD?
  209. Please Help Me!
  210. Not exactly lucid dreaming but...
  211. Dream Recall
  212. Confusing WILD question?
  213. Melatonin and about to do something....
  214. Some Questions about Sleep Paralysis?
  215. I Woke Up INTO a Nightmare (The Perils of Friends Sharing Lucid Dream Experiences)
  216. Have you found your dream guide?
  217. Apocalypse NOW!!!
  218. Is this my Dream Guide?
  219. Drugs in Lucid dreams?
  220. Help with WILD
  221. I just had a lucid dream but....
  222. A question about False Awakenings
  223. Easier to remember past dreams while lucid than while awake?
  224. Portals in LD's?
  225. Making progress...
  226. SEO Service | How to Get Affordable SEO Service From a Good SEO Company?
  227. Almost there...
  228. Hypnagogia
  229. Pain in a LD
  230. Question about Sleep Paralysis?
  231. I need help...
  232. Inception Question: dream within a dream
  233. Is a Lucid Dream in First or Third person view?
  234. Dream Recall
  235. Getting closer
  236. How are you meant to slow down, think and realize you are dreaming?
  237. Day dreaming and lucid dreaming.
  238. To the more experienced users. LD on command?
  239. What are some funny quotes you've heard In dreams?
  240. Muscle spasms when entering Sleep Paralysis?
  241. Why Lucid Dreaming is Awesome for me as a college student
  242. Semi-Lucid Dreams
  243. Fear of dreaming
  244. The most annoying thing EVER.
  245. Food in Lucid Dreams?
  246. Im having normal dreams? is this lucid?
  247. Sleep Paralysis & Lucid Dreams
  248. How much would you say emotional states before bed will affect dream content? Possible VILD method
  249. What just happened?
  250. We've got visual!