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  1. My animation
  2. Why is self imagery so hard...
  3. Induce Lsd sleep
  4. I forgot
  5. Cold-Hearted Peeps... Show Yourselves!
  6. New Stabilisation Technique.
  7. quick question
  8. I am really really scared am im only 14 years old
  9. Lucid dreaming all superior to astral projection and OBE's
  10. Sleep paralysis while on my laptop right now o.O
  11. My worst try at lucid dream ever!
  12. Success and How I Did It.
  13. DILDs vs WILDs (from my perspective)
  14. Made a Random DC my girlfriend and fell in love
  15. i looooove this
  16. Lucid, but not?
  17. Curious, very curious?
  18. Very Realistic Dreams
  19. A RC Color Technique Idea
  20. Can you talk to yourself in a lucid dream?
  21. The Most Insane Idea for lucid dreaming!
  22. LD Acronyms
  23. IF you could only have ONE more Lucid Dream, what would your top 3 priorities be?
  24. Idea for MULTIPLYING TIME in lucid dreams
  25. Questions about an experience tonight
  26. Revisiting dream landscapes
  27. Dream within a dream + First Lucid Dream(?)
  28. Keeping ADA and no DILD
  29. Smoking Weed in a Lucid Dream?
  30. The Power of Present-Moment Awareness
  31. What Would You Ask Your Subconscious?
  32. Help me get my lucidity back.
  33. Am i getting closer to LD ?
  34. Can they inspire?
  35. What are your long term goals?
  36. When I become lucid, I get so excited and scared that I lose it...help!
  37. Split-brain patients: dreaming, lucid dreaming, consciousness
  38. Need to find a long-term goal for my lucid dreams, any ideas?
  39. Getting leg cramp when levitating in lucid dreams
  40. Would they cancel each other out?
  41. Non-Lucid dreams showing evidence in dream awareness and lucidity progress?
  42. WAS i CLOSE to lucid dreamin?
  43. Dreaming Hours
  44. An interesting way I stay lucid using dream characters
  45. SO FRUSTRATED Just need to vent
  46. Lucid Appreciation (I Feel Impossible)
  47. Holding on to a dream a little bit longer
  48. Heavy Impact
  49. Favourite films for Lucid inspiration.
  50. Specific Reason?
  51. Wasting Lucidity
  52. I'm not getting the habit of doing awareness test in my dreams.
  53. Losing Lucidity by being a Spectator
  54. First time speaking to my subconcious
  55. wierd screeching static sound in my dream
  56. Reading Stories increase dream recall?
  57. The Hallucinations Thread!
  58. No lucid dreams since I quit drinking
  59. Weird Clock I see in my dreams.
  60. Body very tense in LDs
  61. Unlearning Everything Works?
  62. New and eager to start, but nervous at the same time. Opinions on why?
  63. Extreme Paradox with Recent LDs -- Dream Characters are Lucid! Has anyone else experienced this?
  64. Consciousness in Dreams
  65. ADA thesis
  66. First short vivid hypnagogic state and too scared too give in
  67. what was this?
  68. Think I've Mastered Lucid Dreaming!
  69. RC didn't work in my dream?
  70. Unlearning Everything
  71. Redefining Success
  72. Meaningful Awareness/Reality check ?
  73. Entering the same dream but the second time lucid...
  74. Very able to LD, but still a little trouble...
  75. The Cons Of Lucid Dreaming
  76. Skipping between sleep paralysis & lucid dream every few minutes.
  77. False memory while LD-ing - how to avoid it?
  78. Uncertain/Partial Awareness - Any comparable experiences?
  79. Is WBTB really neccesary for a DILD?
  80. A Lucid Dream ready bedroom
  81. Being too much time on computer, affects my dreams?
  82. New. In desperate need of help
  83. is that it?
  84. How to remember stuff in a LD?
  85. Help when becoming lucid
  86. How to do ADA correctly?
  87. Are most people's RC's like this?
  88. Is there anything i am doing wrong?
  89. Count this as lucid dream?
  90. Why do these kinds of people not get lucid?
  91. Teleporting back in time
  92. My lucid dreams are very vague
  93. I seem to be a lost cause.
  94. Help for a beginner?
  95. [B] Have Lucid Dreams affected your Real Life decisions? [/B]
  96. Multiple Dream Oddities Leading to Lucidity
  97. So I mentioned Lucid dreaming to a psychoanalyst
  98. Do you teach DC's the techniques of LD?
  99. Does lucidity help create happiness?
  100. Some Notes You Should Remember
  101. I dreamt that I was lucid dreaming?
  102. Please help me
  103. How about 13-years old teen do lucid dream?
  104. Best newbie lucid dream method?
  105. I dont know how to call it
  106. Sleep paralysis IN dream
  107. Music in dreams
  108. Discovering your lucid dreams?
  109. Would day dreaming affect your dreams?
  110. Is it possible to change yourself in Lucid Dreams?
  111. Turning hypnogogic imagery into LD
  112. Thought and advice welcome, thanks.
  113. Why can't I remember the people in my dreams?
  114. Don't care
  115. Have a few questions
  116. Half asleep then a noise is heard
  117. Is it safe?
  118. Overcoming fears with Lucidity?
  119. "The Blur"
  120. Dreaming in a dream
  121. Breathing Theory + question to you
  122. Did i have a lucid dream?
  123. Real or Fantasy - Which do you prefer...
  124. Lucid Dream + False Awakening + Sleep Paralysis??!! HELP!
  125. I lost it?
  126. Was this a lucid dream?
  127. Pain in dreams
  128. Lucid Dream , OBE or what is that ?
  129. Can you lucid dream during the day?
  130. A tip for beginers worth reading. CoiILD
  131. Scientists 'read dreams' using brain scans!
  132. Reality Checks Question ?
  133. Do you talk with children about LDs ?
  134. Lucid Dreaming and Paradise
  135. A little Help Please ?
  136. Shouldn't Buddhist monks report that they lucid dream a lot?
  137. Why do YOU Lucid Dream ?
  138. My Lucid Dreaming is now causing extreme fatigue / migranes
  139. cross-dimensional dislocation
  140. Credit for discovery of lucid dreaming
  141. Best LD method?
  142. insomnias role in becoming lucid
  143. havent been around in a while
  144. Are my lucid dreams are just random?
  145. Autism and Lucid Dreams?
  146. Is it possible to use lucid dreams to improve waking skills?
  147. Ever deal with this?
  148. Does Sleep Paralysis Happen Right After A Lucid Dream? + Another Question
  149. All day awareness question
  150. Is it possible to become a natural lucid dreamer?
  151. LD or OBE?? Hmmm
  152. What's up with those "rules" about lucid dreaming?
  153. Something to do in a LD to relieve stress
  154. WBTB?
  155. If anyone needs help with Lucidy or dream control let me know
  156. Possible RC
  157. Entering my self conscious
  158. First LD in a long long time
  159. Spring Break Made Me Lucid Dream (I Guess)
  160. Did my 5th FLD made me almost lucid dreaming?
  161. Dream Fade leads to LD: Unexpected dream sign
  162. Had a dream that I was lucid dreaming but was I actually?
  163. First (proper) Lucid Dream!
  164. Did that just happen?
  165. Funny/Strange things you do during hypnogogia?
  166. Theories on Dreams
  167. Different POV's in dreams?
  168. Eternal lucid dreamers
  169. Help! LD everynight! is this normal?
  170. Need help understanding sleep stages
  171. Types of Normal Dreams, and attaining Lucidity??
  172. Help getting back into the rhythm
  173. dreams amaze me
  174. i dreamed a guy friend was pregnant
  175. Do you have a nightly goal with what you are going to do when you get lucid.
  176. [help pls] Lucid Dreaming and mild antidepressants
  177. A Dog Chasing its Own Tail
  178. "I must have a lucid dream" - then having it, anyone else?
  179. How does your personality and lifestyle effect your Lucid dreaming?
  180. For those who have dreamed of being the opposite sex, were you also attracted to the opposite sex?
  181. Tips for Reality Checking
  182. Lucid Dreaming or not??
  183. Starting to be afraid of LD and need help with difficult character
  184. Should I start a hypnogagic hallucination journal
  185. Lucid Rulebook
  186. 9th lucid :D
  187. Using a dream cellphone
  188. Two Thoughts...
  189. I wonder
  190. Post inspiring and motivational videos/pictures/music etc. for lucid dreaming here
  191. New Idea for RC/Critical Question
  192. Do Lucid Dreams Ever Start Feeling Real?
  193. 2 identical dreams anyone?
  194. Are There Any Boundarys To A Lucid Dream?
  195. Did I have an OBE, or maybe was it a form of lucid dream?
  196. Is there a way to know how far i am to get a lucid dream?
  197. Mild
  198. Control in non lucid
  199. underworld - journeys in lucid dreaming
  200. need help with identyfing lucid dream vs false awakening
  201. Arachnophobia and lucid dreaming
  202. what is a shared dream?
  203. False Lucid Dream: What is this?
  204. Difference between Dream Sign and Dream Character?
  205. How do you count your LDs
  206. First Lucid Dream Experience
  207. Finding emotional solutions in lucid dreams
  208. Motivation
  209. Visualization picture link
  210. Restrictions in Lucid Dream
  211. In my dream as a spectator
  212. Ask Your Inner Self?
  213. How many people Die in their Dream then Wake Up?
  214. Not having/remembering dreams = No DILD or DEILD lucid dreams.
  215. What should i visualize to get lucid?
  216. Was this a lucid dream? Can I improve It In Time?
  217. Am i doing Reality Checks correctly?
  218. What Happends When You Walk Through A Solid And Open Your Eyes?
  219. Questions about my experience with sleep paralysis?
  220. Finger Through Palm Reality Check Does Not Work
  221. Adult nightmares anyone?
  222. New Lucid Dreamer Adoption
  223. Don't Know What I'm Doing Wrong
  224. sensations after lucid dreams
  225. Something i want you to try:)
  226. Question on ADA (All Day Awareness)
  227. Question
  228. How would you explain How to WILD to a Beginner?
  229. What is your end turn goals for lucid dreaming?
  230. Opening eyes in a dream & LD of WILD
  231. Very Confused
  232. Lifetime Nightmare sufferer first Lucid Dream last night... couple questions
  233. Newbie with a question.
  234. Long Lucid Dream for first time and strange stuff
  235. WBTB question...!
  236. Opening Eyes - In Dream
  237. Can Lucid Dreaming help with my mental problems?
  238. Is it possible to LD when not tired?
  239. Land of Lucid Dreams
  240. New to Lucid dreaming, What are the limitations?
  241. I don't know if i am near or far to get a LD anymore :(
  242. "Dreams are the subconsciousness mind telling the conscious mind what it needs"
  243. Planting "seeds" in the subconscious
  244. Online LD'ing
  245. Robert Sawyers "Webmind" consciousness "multitask" in lucid dream
  246. Possible to tell how long youve been in your LD
  247. Fitting LD's into a school schedule?
  248. Lucid Dreaming on Latin Wikipedia (Vicipaedia)
  249. Would my lucid dream chances decrease if i eat before go sleep?
  250. Pseudo-lucid dreams?