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  1. Something to do in a LD to relieve stress
  2. WBTB?
  3. If anyone needs help with Lucidy or dream control let me know
  4. Possible RC
  5. Entering my self conscious
  6. First LD in a long long time
  7. Spring Break Made Me Lucid Dream (I Guess)
  8. Did my 5th FLD made me almost lucid dreaming?
  9. Dream Fade leads to LD: Unexpected dream sign
  10. Had a dream that I was lucid dreaming but was I actually?
  11. First (proper) Lucid Dream!
  12. Did that just happen?
  13. Funny/Strange things you do during hypnogogia?
  14. Theories on Dreams
  15. Different POV's in dreams?
  16. Eternal lucid dreamers
  17. Help! LD everynight! is this normal?
  18. Need help understanding sleep stages
  19. Types of Normal Dreams, and attaining Lucidity??
  20. Help getting back into the rhythm
  21. dreams amaze me
  22. i dreamed a guy friend was pregnant
  23. Do you have a nightly goal with what you are going to do when you get lucid.
  24. [help pls] Lucid Dreaming and mild antidepressants
  25. A Dog Chasing its Own Tail
  26. "I must have a lucid dream" - then having it, anyone else?
  27. How does your personality and lifestyle effect your Lucid dreaming?
  28. For those who have dreamed of being the opposite sex, were you also attracted to the opposite sex?
  29. Tips for Reality Checking
  30. Lucid Dreaming or not??
  31. Starting to be afraid of LD and need help with difficult character
  32. Should I start a hypnogagic hallucination journal
  33. Lucid Rulebook
  34. 9th lucid :D
  35. Using a dream cellphone
  36. Two Thoughts...
  37. I wonder
  38. Post inspiring and motivational videos/pictures/music etc. for lucid dreaming here
  39. New Idea for RC/Critical Question
  40. Do Lucid Dreams Ever Start Feeling Real?
  41. 2 identical dreams anyone?
  42. Are There Any Boundarys To A Lucid Dream?
  43. Did I have an OBE, or maybe was it a form of lucid dream?
  44. Is there a way to know how far i am to get a lucid dream?
  45. Mild
  46. Control in non lucid
  47. underworld - journeys in lucid dreaming
  48. need help with identyfing lucid dream vs false awakening
  49. Arachnophobia and lucid dreaming
  50. what is a shared dream?
  51. False Lucid Dream: What is this?
  52. Difference between Dream Sign and Dream Character?
  53. How do you count your LDs
  54. First Lucid Dream Experience
  55. Finding emotional solutions in lucid dreams
  56. Motivation
  57. Visualization picture link
  58. Restrictions in Lucid Dream
  59. In my dream as a spectator
  60. Ask Your Inner Self?
  61. How many people Die in their Dream then Wake Up?
  62. Not having/remembering dreams = No DILD or DEILD lucid dreams.
  63. What should i visualize to get lucid?
  64. Was this a lucid dream? Can I improve It In Time?
  65. Am i doing Reality Checks correctly?
  66. What Happends When You Walk Through A Solid And Open Your Eyes?
  67. Questions about my experience with sleep paralysis?
  68. Finger Through Palm Reality Check Does Not Work
  69. Adult nightmares anyone?
  70. New Lucid Dreamer Adoption
  71. Don't Know What I'm Doing Wrong
  72. sensations after lucid dreams
  73. Something i want you to try:)
  74. Question on ADA (All Day Awareness)
  75. Question
  76. How would you explain How to WILD to a Beginner?
  77. What is your end turn goals for lucid dreaming?
  78. Opening eyes in a dream & LD of WILD
  79. Very Confused
  80. Lifetime Nightmare sufferer first Lucid Dream last night... couple questions
  81. Newbie with a question.
  82. Long Lucid Dream for first time and strange stuff
  83. WBTB question...!
  84. Opening Eyes - In Dream
  85. Can Lucid Dreaming help with my mental problems?
  86. Is it possible to LD when not tired?
  87. Land of Lucid Dreams
  88. New to Lucid dreaming, What are the limitations?
  89. I don't know if i am near or far to get a LD anymore :(
  90. "Dreams are the subconsciousness mind telling the conscious mind what it needs"
  91. Planting "seeds" in the subconscious
  92. Online LD'ing
  93. Robert Sawyers "Webmind" consciousness "multitask" in lucid dream
  94. Possible to tell how long youve been in your LD
  95. Fitting LD's into a school schedule?
  96. Lucid Dreaming on Latin Wikipedia (Vicipaedia)
  97. Would my lucid dream chances decrease if i eat before go sleep?
  98. Pseudo-lucid dreams?
  99. What to do when you don't have a body
  100. Lucid dream help?
  101. Colors in Lucid Dreams
  102. Weird lucid dreams, please help
  103. Dreaming While Awake - More Than Meets The Eye
  104. Sudden difficulty remembering to Reality Check
  105. Does stranger u met in dream exist ?
  106. Have you ever been relieved when a reality check confirmed wakefulness?
  107. "HI" and vibrations at the beginning of sleep
  108. Experimenting the visual part of a dream
  109. Need a LD sleep schedule
  110. Weird dream
  111. alarms
  112. No Excitement From Lucid Dreams
  113. For those who have troubles with ADA...
  114. Gender switching in dreams?
  115. Reality checks... Just a few questions about them.
  116. R.E.M. sleep in Naps
  117. Strange lucid dreaming expirience
  118. Goodbye hypnagogic imagery!
  119. Seeing Elizabeth Taylor ( I hope this is in the right thread)
  120. Temporary Blindness Post Lucid Dream?!
  121. Sign of Lucidity
  122. Endless list of Mantras for lucid dreaming!
  123. Negatives and Positives
  124. Lucid Dreaming Timeframe Poll
  125. Lucid dreaming is becoming more popular...
  126. The Strangest Thing
  127. [Video] Dream Recall
  128. Lucid Dreaming: 1990s to present?
  129. Really bizarre experiences during dreaming loud noises, dark figures etc.
  130. Quit habits with the power of lucid dreaming?
  131. Accidental Benefits of Lucid Dreaming
  132. Inducing nightmares.
  133. Degrees of lucidity
  134. Effects of Lucid Dreaming on Sleep Quality
  135. Again got Lucid!
  136. Make me fly!
  137. The first few lucid dreams..
  138. lucid dreaming when drunk
  139. Project Eden
  140. Lucid Nightmare
  141. Experienced LDers: Was it hard for you starting out?
  142. play music during a lucid dream?
  143. Waking up at 5am
  144. LD sleep position
  145. Delirium and LDs
  146. Stopping Lucid Dreams
  147. Can someone please explain to me what I have - after 20 + years of this i have to ask
  148. Dream Game
  149. Just a question about MILD techinque?
  150. Why do certain dreams occur from what happened during the day?
  151. Help??
  152. Going crazy
  153. Sleep Paralyses
  154. Keep missing signs
  155. Multiple Dreams per Night
  156. Learning in a dream
  157. [Video] WILD Tutorial
  158. Interested in a DVA Apprenticeship?
  159. Was I lucid dreaming?
  160. Better dream recall when woken up by something, before falling back asleep? (Not WILD)
  161. False Awakening..?
  162. What happened to me?
  163. Why am i always the part or hero or lead actor of my dream?
  164. Help with techniques/working with a schedule
  165. A Common Dream School in a Dream
  166. DILD about a WILD? What just happened...
  167. Dream character conversations
  168. Accessing Past Memories Through Lucid Dreams?
  169. Would this be considered a false awakening?
  170. A questions for inducing LDs as someone who is new to trying
  171. Lucid Nap
  172. can you eat and drink in a lucid dream?
  173. Immediate awakenings ! Um... help?
  174. Lucid nightmare
  175. Are my dreams being manipulated by an external source, outside of myself?
  176. Using LD'ing to understand your subconsious
  177. Can I control 2 things at once in a LD?
  178. Lucid Dreaming Short Film
  179. Scared to improve dream recall
  180. Extremely foggy, short LDs
  181. Just repeating was not enough... Typing out is the thing!
  182. Is this the imagery im supposed to see
  183. any explanations ??
  184. Was this a dream?
  185. Lucid love?
  186. How do I know if I've been bumped?
  187. DCs Say The Darndest Things
  188. My Reality Check failed me!
  189. Can dilds be just as realistic as wilds?
  190. Feelings of falling asleep..?
  191. Are actions with DCs "carried over"?
  192. am i lucid or am i not
  193. I feel cheated out of a lucid dream....
  194. Is there a limit to DCs?
  195. My journey as a kid. The motivation
  196. It just doesn't click
  197. A couple of questions about Lucid Dreaming
  198. Not going lucid, What am i doing wrong?
  199. Just starting!!!
  200. I can't visualise well in waking life. How will I fare in lucids?
  201. MILD-ing doesn't works for me
  202. Should I give up on lucid dreaming?
  203. Not Sure if I woke up or FA...
  204. Staying up all night, does it help?
  205. Most Vivid lucid dream ever? Your toughts!?
  206. Gateway To Better
  207. LD'ing in naps
  208. Lucid Dreaming strategy game
  209. Strange first few lucid dreams. advice anybody?
  210. when to use mantras?
  211. Literally FALLING asleep
  212. Started a Dream Journal....dreamed I wrote in it
  213. insanity and lucid dreaming
  214. Ive decided to start trying lucid dreaming again
  215. am I getting close?
  216. Mild with Wbtb
  217. Problem with every lucid dream I have, help please.
  218. I need help with awareness :(
  219. Some dilemmas. Need help:)
  220. Afraid to lucid dream
  221. Good LD Goals and Ideas
  222. Unsettling anti-lucid dream theme, Also dose this count as my first lucid?
  223. Dream Freezes.. How do I fix.
  224. RC during the day
  225. Hello all
  226. Your 'Dream' Dream Setting
  227. Semi-Lucid dreams?
  228. Any Advanced Lucid Dreamers Still Have This Problem?
  229. Dry spell
  230. A Beginner Lucid Dreamer
  231. Getting back into Lucid Dreaming
  232. All Day Awareness Question?
  233. Strange way to become lucid happened to me last night... Believe it or not.
  234. Can you count in LD ?
  235. What to do after waking up from a failed lucid dream?
  236. [Video] Nightmares and Lucid Dreaming
  237. Looking for a thread of lucid books
  238. Changing your personality in dreams.
  239. How do I become a LD pro?
  240. How important is it to sleep at night?
  241. The dream clock, (time distortion) ever heard of this???
  242. Does anyone know anything on FILD (finger induced lucid dreaming)
  243. Why does this happen to me?
  244. Need some advices
  245. Losing lucidty possible?
  246. If i sleep late would my chances for a LD increase?
  247. Famous dreamers - Again.
  248. [Video] Lucid Dreaming is The DEVIL?! (Not Really)
  249. Sleep Paralysis or Lucid Dream?
  250. What is most important?