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  1. Sensei's Secrets
  2. Semi-Lucid Dream?
  3. Code pronunciation for telling the difference between W.I.L.D and Wild
  4. What's the word for using real life sounds to recognize that it's just a dream world to becomelucid?
  5. My dreams contain Assassin's Creed "Synchronization" System? Dream Unstability Meter
  6. Can sleep deprivation increase dream length, and thus increase the chances of becoming lucid?
  7. Testimonial
  8. Is it possible something to change your lucid dream, and one question about RC
  9. Can someone explain what this is?
  10. Diagnose me?
  11. NeuroOn - Thoughts, Experience?
  12. What constitutes a beginner lucid dreamer?
  13. oh look another another prob(who would have thought? :P): Instant Waking
  14. Need some tips/suggestions
  15. Subconscious Limitations
  16. Finally!
  17. Dream environment changing everytime i open window
  18. What's everyone's current goals?
  19. Question for Shapeshifters: what do you imagine digitigrade feet feeling like? (Ex: Lucario's legs)
  20. How do you describe the sensation of a tail to another LDer who has not experienced it themselves?
  21. Not having to do an rc to have an ld
  22. Has anyone ever dreamed of a place after death?
  23. White static visual and audible noise and 2d graphics in a dream.
  24. Questions on the latent potential of Lucid Dreaming
  25. Resistant Starch and Dreaming
  26. Did I come to you in a dream?
  27. Weird non lucid beginning
  28. DC Vs Dreamer What are your epic fails or epic wins?
  29. Does anyone know how to intentionally have a nightmare?
  30. Weird dream last night, sleep paralysis.
  31. Lucid but Lack of Control over Objectives?
  32. Im always lucid dreaming, but not purpose
  33. What's happened to the old regulars?
  34. Questions about lucid nightmares!
  35. Help remembering childhood dreams
  36. How can I ensure future success?
  37. Need Advice on Lucid Dreaming
  38. Weird Lucid Dream Guide
  39. Paper Towels?
  40. What to say to yourself after a reality check ?
  41. Controlling DC's and where should I go from here?
  42. Sharing Some Odd (Somewhat Lucid?) Dreams
  43. Your most fascinating lucid experience.
  44. 3 lucids + dreamchaining all in my 1 hour nap! Very happy!
  45. Is There a Such Thing as Too Many Reality Checks?
  46. Don't remember the feeling ?
  47. Share your dream theme pie chart
  48. Language for techniques
  49. "Calculated tiredness" in the first night you barely sleep?
  50. Sleep disorders and lucid dreaming?
  51. Why does the uncomfortable technique induced lucidity?
  52. Help needed with strange forces in dreams
  53. "Waking life" movie now on Netflix!
  54. Embarrassing moments...
  55. Study Dreaming
  56. Internal Totem?
  57. diffrece between being awake and aware?
  58. You are getting veeery sleepy ...
  59. Yoga Nidra practitioners?
  60. New to lucid dreaming, or am I?
  61. Suppress dreaming/REM sleep while on piracetam
  62. killing a child and hiding it
  63. Question for Shapeshifters: What is your favorite part?
  64. Lack of Vividness and Awareness in First Lucid Dream
  65. To all those who rarely dream and/or can't lucid dream
  66. Interviews
  67. Your first LD
  68. Will lucid dreaming become illegal one day ?
  69. Lucid Dream Lulls
  70. Would you count this as a False Lucid Dream?
  71. Recurring lucid nightmare - how to get out of bed?
  72. sometimes get excited and sometimes not
  73. Notebook or Phone for dream Journal?
  74. im a none believer
  75. i may be dreaming now,i just cant tell
  76. A video about how to summon dream characters and objects
  77. Had my longest lucid dream! ~~~ Tried a new technique
  78. getting back into LDing?
  79. im a natural WTF
  80. forget rc and listen to your thoughts
  81. Lucid Dreaming Help ~ Walking Up After Lucidity
  82. Mindfulness - An Alternative Approach to ADA
  83. Will it be effective if I use an audio record that turns on suddenly in the middle of the night?
  84. Got my first LD, though it lasted just 3 secs !
  85. Trapped in my dream room
  86. Dreams be crazy... was I lucid?
  87. During my lucid dreams I do not even attempt to exert control and I don't know why.
  88. very confused about this
  89. It has been 7 years since I moved from Syria to the U.S. Lucid Dreaming allows me to visit it.
  90. edge of lucidity
  91. You can read and write in a LD as clearly as real life. I have confirmed it.
  92. The Future of Lucid Dreaming
  93. Consciously entered NREM sleep
  94. Looking for thoughts or answers to some of my experiences
  95. Can a DC Lie to You?
  96. LD Theory? (Lucid In Everydream)?
  97. Dream within a dream, lucidity
  98. Reality Checks Trouble
  99. Why DC's deny that they're from my imagination?
  100. So how do i stabalize an LD?
  101. I think I had a lucid dream last night
  102. Being sure
  103. Does this happen to anyone else?
  104. Does tiredness affect your chances of being lucid?
  105. Lucid Dreaming IRL. What Would It Cause?
  106. I am terribly confused! Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  107. Awareness vs non-awareness
  108. Consciously Falling Asleep help
  109. Childhood dreams???????
  110. Is this lucid dreaming it felt like I was hallucinating? My first post!
  111. Disturbing
  112. How to get out of a endless pit?
  113. Is this sleep paralysis or something different?
  114. Hallucinations
  115. Unable to focus on objects
  116. Shared OBE
  117. How to turn False Awakenings into LDs?
  118. How long do i have to wait...
  119. New dreamer, would like suggestions and advice
  120. Something besides MILD?
  121. First time experiencing SP! Wow
  122. Creating My Own Meditation?
  123. Bodily Functions in a Lucid Dream
  124. How do you fly?
  125. Where to begin
  126. How to get into a lucid dream through sleep paralysis more gentle
  127. Wrong and weird perspectives
  128. Lucid dreaming but, am I forgetting something?
  129. Systematic dreaming, Storyline dreaming
  130. I hate my subconcious mind!
  131. I can never get close
  132. First LD Help
  133. Playing Games Against DCs - Do They Ever Win?
  134. How often do you daydream?
  135. Can someone help me!?
  136. Lucid dreaming- Natural vs. Trained
  137. My intention has dropped and I don't know how to raise it again
  138. Flying Backwards/away from what i want to fly to
  139. people who are really good at lding: do you do moves from anime in your dreams?
  140. Coconut Oil...?
  141. WILD or why I have a Love/Hate relationship with my minor insomnia
  142. Slowing down everything to think faster
  143. How to not ejaculate while lucid dreaming?
  144. what does it feel when entering a lucid dream through mild?
  145. Anyone Willing To Be My Lucid Dreaming Tutor/Teacher Please? (:
  146. A video of mine for beginners
  147. First reaction after you realize you're LDing?
  148. Recurring DC Friends?
  149. My [WILD] lucid dreams end abruptly
  150. Your opinion on lucid stuff happening to me..
  151. Help! What happen to me?? Am I natural LD?
  152. How often do things not go as you expected in your dream?
  153. Sleepin like a Mayan and what it means for dreams
  154. DC vs DG
  155. Need help with doing RC and being self aware.
  156. Wrong times to do RC's :/
  157. Mastering Dream Recall? (PLEASE READ)
  158. Incredible First Lucid Dream!
  159. Update, visualization, etc
  160. Catharsis - Free Alpha Version of game inspired of Lucid Dreaming
  161. Is this possible in a LD ?
  162. The most popular technique
  163. Underground "Dream Shifter" Society
  165. Was this a LD?
  166. Dreaming of Soulmates?
  167. Can Anybody tell me what I'm doing wrong?
  168. Easiest way to improve dream recall?
  169. My First near lucid dream last night!
  170. Method to spark dream recall?
  171. Do you really think I'll eventually have my first lucid dream? );
  172. Friend is unsure if he's lucid dreaming
  173. What is YOUR LD techniques? (: I wanna know
  174. Sleep yoga? (Please help)
  175. Is Lucid Dreaming permanent?
  176. Confusion about mantra
  177. Anyone interested in lucid dreaming supplements induction DV study?
  178. My HI wake me up!
  179. Is there any supplements I may take to help induce lucid dreaming?
  180. I've always had this question!
  181. Longer reality checks vs shorter RCs?
  182. Can't Remember Dreams Anymore?!!!
  183. False awakening gets me every time
  184. Deild questions?
  185. getting past the buffer zone?
  186. Will this help me increase my chances of LD'ing? (Please read)
  187. Dream Jourlan mindset and time economy
  188. Writing a Haiku poem about lucid dreaming during Japanese class...?
  189. Shaking when becoming lucid
  190. Almost A Lucid Drean?!!!
  191. What brings us together, as I see it.
  192. Did I Lucid Dream??
  193. Lucid dreaming and stuttering
  194. Attaining Lucidity without realizing it?
  195. How can I preform Yoshi's all day awareness?
  196. Can you do lucid dream techniques during naps?
  197. Music to Dream To...
  198. Most effective LD technique?
  199. Is it possible to create a private dream journal on here?
  200. My dream recall AMAZING?!!
  201. Problem with Mantras?
  202. Similar problem as others
  203. Very deep sleep, poor recall of very short, blurry dreams
  204. How long did it take for you until you had LDs regularly ?
  205. Lucid dream afterlife possible?
  206. When should I start trying to LD?
  207. Must it take me years just to master LD?
  208. Sleep Paralysis During Day
  209. Getting high in LD?
  210. Mastering Lucid Dreaming?
  211. How to Light switch reality check?
  212. Text Messages in Dreams
  213. Why do I get sleep paralysis in my dreams sometimes?
  214. First Experience with lucid dreaming/sleep paralysis/WILD while sick
  215. Dream of WILD induced lucid dream?
  216. frustrating lucid (psi?) dreams
  217. How long did it take you to become Lucid and to progress having more lucids?
  218. How to turn Sleep Paralysis into a Lucid Dream?
  219. How long does it generally take for mantras to begin working?
  220. Can you have other stuff in your dream journal?
  221. Did I have an LD?
  222. Analysis of my dreams every day of the week
  223. Swearing in dreams
  224. (In a dream) I swallowed a stabilization pill.
  225. Ready to give up.
  226. I Asked a dream doctor for medicine to have more LDs
  227. Becoming less lucid?
  228. Morality in LDs?
  229. Could Inception Be Possibile?
  230. Is it possible to DILDing without dream journal?
  231. I don't know if it was a dream or not
  232. An Art That Believes It's A Science
  233. Lucid Dreaming induction by gamma waves
  234. When should I start LDing?
  235. "Induction of self awareness in dreams through frontal low current stimulation of gamma activity"
  236. Realize I HAD a dream while dreaming
  237. How can I get more motivated?
  238. dreaming you had a lucid dream..
  239. Problem when lucid
  240. Nobody ever thought about doing this to become a LD god ?
  241. Team of scientists discovers a way to induce lucid dreams in people
  242. Could we start a list of retreats and workshops?
  243. How to Attain Waking Life Consciousness in a Lucid Dream?
  244. Self awareness and All day awareness (what's the difference?)
  245. DCs Don't understand me? (They speak in German)
  246. Arrrghh!!!! So CLOSE!!!!!!!
  247. Why do you do it?
  248. Had this happened to anyone?
  249. The Failed RC
  250. Lucid dream within another dream