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  1. Can you still be lucid dreaming and not be flying?
  2. To LD or to not LD?
  3. How long did it take you to finally induce SP?
  4. Every time I LD ...
  5. Mental Health, Mindfulness, Meditation and Mastering Dreams
  6. Almost my first lucid!
  7. The moon in LD
  8. Problems while being lucid.
  9. Any LDers out there with photographic memory or superior autobiographical memory?
  10. Weather in dreams?
  11. What happens in SP if you're not in REM?
  12. Has anyone else tried this?
  13. Hypnotize yourself in a lucid dream?
  14. Possible lucid dreaming mentioned in a song
  15. Dream Guides
  16. Info about Dream Guides?
  17. What place in a movie, video game, cartoon, etc do you want to visit.
  18. Want to give it another shot. Could someone answer two of my Q's?
  19. Which book, video game, cartoon or movie character would you poof up first in a LD?
  20. Help with attaining sleep paralysis?
  21. Dream Length - Regarding DJ
  22. I had my first lucid with control last night.
  23. Self hypnosis through dreaming
  24. How should I go about explaining how to lucid dream to somebody who knows nothing about it?
  25. Top ten things you can do when you feel excitement in dreams:
  26. Back at it.
  27. Unsure if i was lucid, or it was a non-lucid dream about attaining lucidity?
  28. How good is the subconcious memory?
  29. Whenever I fail to write down my dreams for a while, will my skills (recall, inducing LD) drop to 0?
  30. Anyone else stop using their DJ once they LD regularly?
  31. Have you ever had Lucid dreams when your sick?
  32. Dreams haunted by my ex
  33. Creating awareness hints everywhere that I go, You Welcome World.
  34. All of a sudden I have super recall.
  35. Any luck?
  36. Lucid Nightmare
  37. Reality Checks failed
  38. [ADA] I wanna raise my awareness
  39. Scientist locate brain region that may explain why some people are natural Lucid Dreamers.
  40. What are you planning on lucid dreaming about tonight?
  41. astral projection?
  42. Mac OSX software?
  43. What is your Dream Name?
  44. What do you do about explicit dreams when it comes to your journal?
  45. Im very confused
  46. Releasing suppressed anger in lucid dreams?
  47. Stride Spark Gum (With B6 and B12 Vitamins) Result
  48. Ways of improving Mantra's effectiveness?
  49. extra tired on mornings when I LD
  50. Fell through a world hole
  51. Can late nights ruin my chances?
  52. No Eureka moment...
  53. How many of you have friends in real life you can discuss LD'ing with?
  54. An idea I just had...
  55. Yet another idea for Lucid Dreamers
  56. Another idea for Lucid Dreamers
  57. B6 vitamin help
  58. Coolest thig done in a LD
  59. Something weird happened
  60. Which angle do you look at your finger/hand RC
  61. Was aware of Sleep Paralysis!$#%@ (I think)
  62. To lucid dream or not?
  63. Trips to Tenerife at low prices
  64. not a dream,but.........
  65. So I had a Lucid Dream/OBE now for some questions... (Robot_Butler thanks)
  66. Got my first lucid dream thanks to B6 + RC
  67. Is Lucid Dreaming to Find Pieces of Who you are really tangible?
  68. Met my first real life lucid dreamer!
  69. Mirror
  70. Fun things to do to DCs
  71. Watch reality check (as in wristwatch)
  72. Would you live a Dream ?
  73. Parkour (free running) in a dream.
  74. WDILD? O.o
  75. Has something ever bad happend in your life, you check if you're dreaming, and you're not? D:
  76. Dream Totem Ideas!
  77. Very good news my friends
  78. Book of dreams
  79. To dream journal or not to dream journal, that is the question
  80. How to hypnotize?
  81. Woke up maybe 30-40 minutes latter, could it have been from?
  82. How big is your dream journal
  83. my first long lucid chain along with 2 AP's or what felt like
  84. I never think of doing a reality check . Why ?
  85. Anyone tried changing their hand preference?
  86. Severe Pain in a Disturbing Dream
  87. Has anyone tried this?Think i developed my own technique..
  88. How can I train my mind to realize school is a DS while dreaming?
  89. Woot! And question.
  90. Feedback Looping.
  91. Have the Same Dreams During LD?
  92. About Nightmares in a LD
  93. How can I tell when I'm in sleep paralysis?
  94. Should I write down my old dreams in my journal?
  95. Being vulnerable in dreams
  96. Was this my first LD?
  97. Waking up to journal
  98. A few questions about Lucid Dreaming.
  99. Q. on creating art while LDing
  100. Lucid Dreaming Magazine
  101. Sleepwalking capabilities
  102. Lucid dream induction cassette from LI
  103. LDAP (Lucid Dreaming Apprentice Program)
  104. Does your DC use his finger as a gun?
  105. The frost dwarf
  106. To all the very experienced lucid dreamers on this forum.
  107. Astral projection and WILD
  108. Childhood (False) Memories and dreams
  109. Is it possible to remember dreams in the future?
  110. Acting mouvements just before sleeping - can't explain more
  111. First Lucid Dreaming Experience
  112. Lucid Dreaming Musicians Discussion
  113. Anyone wanna adopt me?
  114. How often do you RC in front of other people?
  115. Looking for DJs: from 0 to 100
  116. Dream totem ideas besides the ones used in Inception?
  117. Meeting up with other dreamers
  118. Has any music or sounds helped you get a lucid dream? If so what are they?
  119. What is your motivation for lucid dreaming?
  120. Imagining DEILD?
  121. A suggestion for Lucid Dreamers out there!
  122. What do you think about crimes in lucid dreaming
  123. I can't find the forum where I am to be adopted.
  124. Long dry spell, help?
  125. Good ways to strengthen my Lucid Dreaming that fits into my schedule?
  126. Was this lucid?
  127. About dreamer's personality
  128. Sleep Paralysis
  129. Music in your Lucid Dreams?
  130. Does this mean I'll be able to have a lucid every night?
  131. Your lucid dreaming fantasies?
  132. The 5 senses and Lucid Dreaming?
  133. Does your mind have some sort of defense system when it comes to dreaming?
  134. Killing DC's; a question regarding the impact it has on the mind/self
  135. I've come back
  136. Starting over again.
  137. Lucd Dreaming Inspiring Tv-Show
  138. WBTB + What Method = Best success for you?
  139. Technology and Dreaming
  140. School has dropped my LDing streak like a brick.
  141. Dream about being a statue in europe
  142. Poll: How good should dream recall be, before trying to achieve lucidity?
  143. When you WBTB how do you feel?
  144. Person on my bus drives me crazy
  145. How does breathing affect the entering to SP?
  146. How can i keep myself awake mentally
  147. Dreams super dull
  148. Learned something interesting today...
  149. False Awakenings and Sleep Paralysis Expirence
  150. How to Lucid Dream Tonight The way to control your dream!
  151. Thank you dreamviews!
  152. Stablization Fustration
  153. Arrrgh this is annoying !!
  154. Dream Recall, need help for remembering
  155. Dryspell?
  156. What makes you want to comment?
  157. What method would this be?
  158. Why do I never dream about sex?
  159. What happens when you stick your finger through your hand?
  160. Why did this lucid occur?
  161. NewLucid Dreaming Video
  162. Temperature
  163. remsleep in your life time
  164. Free Audio Lectures on Dreaming
  165. Knowing you dream
  166. How many of you...
  167. I am having trouble falling asleep during a nap.
  168. Why does it always seem to be like this????
  169. Do you blink in your dreams?
  170. relevant comedy
  171. Average Time in a Lucid Dream
  172. When I know
  173. Is it impossible for some people to lucid dream?
  174. waking life
  175. Lucid Dreaming as a Senior Thesis
  176. Discouraged by family
  177. How can I stay lucid?
  178. My friend kicked me in the balls.
  179. Did anyone in the UK see Bang Goes The Theory last night? (19th Sept)
  180. whats your favourite stabilization technique?
  181. DMT and Euphoria
  182. Help! Seeing backs of my eye lids
  183. Quick Question
  184. Entering Paintings.
  185. Carrying Over Artifacts
  186. The best RC
  187. Can't do anything useful in dreams...?
  188. What the hell is happening to me?
  189. Are you a dreamer?
  190. Was I about to leave my physical body?
  191. Finding it harder to dream journal because of Full-Time job.
  192. Lucid Dreaming Music
  193. was this a LD?
  194. Cartoonish rain
  195. Trying to WBTB but way to tired
  196. Cop cars drifting in my dream - boss
  197. how much do you know about the memory of waking life in your lucids ?
  198. I wonder if...
  199. Dream characters who are tougher than you
  200. Research: How does LD affect sleep?
  201. Someone should make a scale...
  202. In my lucid dreams...
  203. Guys, I did it!!!!!!!!! I really did it guys!!!!!
  204. Post your perfect dream...
  205. How long to stable lucidity?
  206. Can telling yourself not to wake up make you wake up?
  207. Lucidity NOW!!! Easiest way to become lucid
  208. Lucid Dreams Documentary- Wake Up
  209. Vibrations During Classes?
  210. How real can laughter feel in a dream?
  211. Lucid Day Dream or What?
  212. Looking into a mirror while dreaming
  213. Is there a way to voluntarily wake up during a lucid dream?
  214. False Awakening Dream
  215. Lucid Dreaming with your eyes open (my experience)
  216. What's worse? Nightmares or lucid nightmares?
  217. Is it possible to lucid dream in a coma
  218. "A WTF was that" moment
  219. Dream tempting me into staying non-lucid.
  220. still having the same frustrating problems, please help!
  221. What activity should I do in my dream tonight?
  222. Flying help!
  223. Lucids in a year
  224. WILD question.. PLEASE answer fast!
  225. My 2nd attempt, suggestions and help?
  226. Where do you start off in your dreams?
  227. Post your personal technique to add to a Collective Tutorial
  228. I just had my first lucid dream in years.
  229. Lucid Dream Adventure Kit... Suggestions?
  230. If you have anxiety in the real world, will you have it in the dream world?
  231. Help in dream recall
  232. how real is a lucid dream
  233. Using a Totem as a Reality Check reminder..
  234. Lucid Dream Time Limit?
  235. Can LDs be mind expanding?
  236. From an LD to SP "slow wake up" is it possible? Easy to do?
  237. Is Low Level Lucidity Normal?
  238. Lucid Dream Induction Audio
  239. first lucid dream help!
  240. What Happened?
  241. So.... Odd Dream Occurrence Last Night?
  242. scared
  243. Any master LD'ers out there?
  244. My Philosophical views on "LIFE"
  245. Freddy Kruegar Vs. a lucid dreamer with a god complex
  246. Which members ranked number 1,2,3 meaning very good at lucid dreaming and so on?
  247. On a roll! - Need suggestions for goals...
  248. can fans disturb your dream?
  249. Is there a way to make my dreams more vivid?
  250. Omg finally lucid :D