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  1. Failing to stabilize LD's.
  2. WILD TIPS? Where am i going wrong?
  3. Reality Checks During Transitions!!!!
  4. Becoming "Unlocked" in dreams.
  5. Need tips on improving self awareness
  6. How to induce False Awakenings often?
  7. Can't forget about my hands!
  8. Everyday lucid dreams but...
  9. Uncontrollable spinning effect?
  10. The Haunted Room at Grandpa's House
  11. Advice form the subconscious
  12. Just finished talking to a natural lucid dreamer
  13. First Lucid Dream?
  14. Using lucid dreams to release aggression/violence.
  15. Common Things Only in Dreams
  16. Dream Theory
  17. Bathroom dreams
  18. I want to try getting back into LDing
  19. I watch my dreams, I don't take part in it?!! help
  20. Encouragement for older Lucid-dreaming-hopefuls
  21. first lucid dream!!!!
  22. All Lucid and Non-Lucid Dreams are Multi-Layered.
  23. The Effects of Dream Journals on Communication
  24. In Asia most People practice lucid dreaming?
  25. How can I WAKE UP?!
  26. Recall is a temperamental creature
  27. When my girlfriend lucid dreams -.-
  28. Waking early
  29. Visiting a Lucid Dream Sleep Lab
  30. Wild + deild?
  31. Scared of staying lucid?? Please help!
  32. Dream within a dream
  33. Lucid Dreaming YouTube Channel
  34. Music and Lucid Dreaming
  35. Lucid dreaming
  36. What are Some of your Favorite Lucid Dream Momments
  37. Working out in Lucid Dreams?
  38. I want to STOP becoming lucid!
  39. My Suggestion is to Question
  40. Some of my old threads about lucid dreaming are wrong
  41. Are feelings just imagination in dreams?
  42. drunk/high in a dream?
  43. Damn Dry Spell.
  44. Possible Lucid Dream
  45. Afraid to post my dreams.
  46. Lucid sex
  47. Who Writes A Diary? Do You Thing Waking Live Journalling Is Good for LD?
  48. I'm new to this, how should I go about it?
  49. Waking Life Lucid Dreamer Greeting Idea Thread (Physical/Visual)
  50. Waking Life Lucid Dreamer Greeting Idea Thread (Verbal)
  51. Creating a Waking Life Lucid Dreamer Greeting Brainstorm
  52. Feeling Impowered
  53. Are REM possible before sleep?
  54. Is this how WILD begins?
  55. Did i have a WILD or DILD?
  56. Why am I waking up after every LD?
  57. How Does MILD Work?
  58. Enough?
  59. Type 2 False Awakening
  60. All a fake?!
  61. Excitement induced lucid dream?
  62. Off and On with Lucid Dreaming?
  63. Possibly got close to sleep paralysis?
  64. Inception: plant a seed into your own mind?
  65. Lucid dreaming and dream recall while sick/injured --
  66. Possibly OBE or Really Really Vivid Lucid?
  67. How to increase self-awareness
  68. One eye open
  69. Did I become lucid?
  70. Dream memory and Waking memory
  71. If you've had Flying dreams when young, means you were lucid?
  72. Have you ever seen someone RC in real life?
  73. False awakening help?
  74. What methods helped your dream character appear?
  75. Is CDFILD still a technique that is used?
  76. Lucidity problem help!
  77. If you have Health issues in Real, How is it in Lucidity?
  78. How long till frequent LDs
  79. semi-lucid and alien abductions
  80. Do you feel like waking life is a dream?
  81. Heavy Eyelids While Lucid
  82. Wasted 16 lucid dreams and still havent figured out what the problem is.
  83. Why Does this Keep Happening to Me?
  84. My lucid dream doesnt feel real at all.
  85. Could dream be some weird way telling us future? I starting to think its possible.
  86. Mysterious dream guide while being hypnotized
  87. Strange things after waking up
  88. Dream character pulled me from reality to lucid dream.
  89. first LD???
  90. Staying Lucid for more than 10 seconds
  91. I found this very useful infographic about napping.
  92. Your help is much appreciated.
  93. I found this very useful infographic about napping.
  94. Problem with DILD
  95. Has anyone considered making a HUD in lucid dreams? (Small topic)
  96. So, flying. What's the big deal?
  97. Is it possible to forget Lucid Dream ?
  98. What do you think is the most IMPORTANT factor for having an LD?
  99. Lucid Dreaming Control (Or Rather Applying the Lackthereof)
  100. When You Come back from Lucid dream to waking life, No Difference in Feeling?
  101. Deeper than REM?
  102. Question: Frequency of Lucid Dreaming Potential...ity.
  103. LD Books Worth Reading?
  104. Something very wild happened when I used a dream recall!
  105. I met somebody in my lucid dream then met up in real life 2 weeks later
  106. Why Do Some People have Lucid Dreams easier/with No effort than other people?
  107. Issues during DILD
  108. Does lucid dreaming make you smarter?
  109. Orgasm on your eyeballs
  110. Feel testicles squezzed while dreaming.
  111. What Do Your DCs Say too You???
  112. Dream Character Experiences
  113. Any Lucid Dreamers have a totem?
  114. Lucid, Vivid, or just realistic?
  115. Why aren't there many Lucid Dreaming Videos in youtube?
  116. How long are your LD's?
  117. My Parents don't let me sleep, can't practice Lucid dreaming in peace
  118. Lucid dreaming To Do What You can't in Real Life, gives happiness
  119. Getting better at things while lucid
  120. If Dream world is weird, will Women/Girls be weird too?
  121. What is your most common lucid dream technique?
  122. Do YOU personally swallow whilst attempting to lucid dream?
  123. The Many Reasons You are Thankful for Lucid Dreaming
  124. Why is my body hard to move?
  125. Lucid Dreaming Questionaire
  126. Extremely violent vibrations. Anyone else experienced this?
  127. [Q] DEILD Problem from within the dream
  128. 9 to 5 and LDing
  129. Mantra assistance
  130. A Beginner's Guide to lucid dreaming. -Tradl3s
  131. Recurring Problem With Lucids
  132. Can you ask your subconciouse for favours?
  133. "Half Lucidity" and Spirit Guide
  134. Is Lucid dreaming Reality checks similar to Insanity/going crazy?
  135. Finally, I have hands!
  136. DILD Always Failing
  137. knowing I will have an LD
  138. binaural beats and lucid dreams
  139. Is this the effect of lucid meditation?
  140. Should I mention lucid dreaming at this seminar?
  141. When will i ever attain my first Ever Lucidity?
  142. Can I Use MILD To Choose what kind of dream I want
  143. Can I Increase My Dream Recall?
  144. Please describe your first LD
  145. Lucid dreaming biases: a discussion
  146. Anxiety limiting LD?
  147. is insomnia affecting my LD attempts?
  148. Using LDs to Combat Fears?
  149. Re-exploring the world of non-lucid dreaming
  150. Unable to Speak in LDs
  151. I need to train myself to write in my dream journal because Im too lazy got any advice?
  152. Does your speaking voice sound different when you're lucid?
  153. A little problem...
  154. Black and white dreams or no sound?
  155. Trouble with Lighting
  156. Ever happened to you?
  157. Duration of a lucid dream? ( REM-period ) ;o
  158. My first attempt at lucid dreaming
  159. Critical thinking and lucid dreaming
  160. A problem in lucid dreams that i have
  161. On a of scale of 1~5, how realistic are your Lucid dreams/dreams are?
  162. Too many low lucidity dreams.
  163. Need help. I have developed hypnic jerk!
  164. personality changing through LD practice
  165. Lucid dream in sensory deprivation tanks
  166. Progress thread
  167. Lucid dream food!
  168. Well...Lets try again
  169. Gaining waking awareness in a dream
  170. An interesting music question.. - advanced dreamers -
  171. forget its a lucid dream during the lucid dream
  172. Songs that remind you of lucid dreaming
  173. Am I almost there?
  174. A dream that may have a fa? Not like any other dream I've had...
  175. My lucid dream is just crap...
  176. RC's?
  177. My experience so far & a question
  178. Question about Reality Checks
  179. Is this normal?
  180. FA's
  181. Psyblade Side Quest: Epic Steed of the Ages
  182. what should do before going to sleep
  183. I've got a very detailed lucid dream.
  184. REM sleep promoters
  185. The Voice behind the Dream
  186. Transforming into animals is there meaning?
  187. Do you lose rest when lucid?
  188. Nightmares???????
  189. Natural Lucid Dreaming? What is Astro Projection?
  190. Your Best Method for Lucid?
  191. Does stress affect lucid dreaming?
  192. Time Dilation in Lucid Dreams
  193. The coolest things about dreaming/LD'ing?
  194. Stabilization mastery
  195. Does what we read affect our dreams?
  196. Abuse Potential - Neglecting Real Life For LD? Only If Per Technical Shortcut?
  197. What is lucid dreaming to you?
  198. How do I know if this was a Lucid Dream
  199. Am i getting there ?
  200. Dreams Are Too Realistic
  201. first lucid dream
  202. Don't Give up!
  203. Do you stay lucid until the end of dream?
  204. Forget About Lucid Dream?
  205. I'm a bit confused as to how I should be proceeding?
  206. Longest LD so far....but a little scary!
  207. Stopped having lucids. Need some tips.
  208. Being deaf in the dream
  209. how long can your dream get?
  210. Lucid Dreaming...Any advancements in the past few years?
  211. Kicking back those pesky dry spells
  212. Moving My Physical Body in a Lucid Dream
  213. high definition, problem, and theory of dream and more
  214. scared of false awakenings
  215. study of CAT compared to WBTB?
  216. Non-"cut" scene transitions
  217. Did I do it??
  218. Do you sometimes feel like you're alone with your love of Lucid dreaming?
  219. Colors or Dream
  220. Anyone get weirded out by their own DJ's?
  221. Might be new wild technique.
  222. LDs have come to a halt -Need advice
  223. Need some help lucid dreaming
  224. What I love about lucid dreams.
  225. Reality Check Rate
  226. "Breaking" through lucid dream/level
  227. My return to lucid dreaming!
  228. Last night's try
  229. My experience - Need help
  230. How to Induce a lucid dream?
  231. Question about ADA?
  232. Benefits of LD
  233. Confused About Last Night's Experience.
  234. What counts as a lucid dream?
  235. Lucid dreaming as a video game
  236. Are Lucid dreams better than video games?
  237. Is this a good plan for a returning lucid dreamer?
  238. OBE's in my dream?
  239. Am I the only one who actually thinks False Awakenings are useful?
  240. Dreaming about trying to sleep?
  241. Somewhat maybe a Lucid Dream, not sure about it.
  242. Your reason to lucid dream?
  243. Nap LD?
  244. Was this a lucid dream?
  245. First time using WBTB and bam, I broke my dry spell.
  246. Tell me what you would tell yourself if you had to start it all over!
  247. My nights have become so much longer in a good way:D.
  248. Boring Lucid
  249. I think i met my spirit guide not sure....any advice
  250. Looped dream! Anyone else?