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  1. What do you during the day in regards to lucid dreaming?
  2. Do you need a story?
  3. DreamViews Buddy Program - May 2015
  4. Loosing lucidity.
  5. Looking for results on any experiments
  6. Top 5 things you like to do in lucid dreams
  7. Is It possible to have "mutual" dreams?
  8. How can you have lucid dreams often?
  9. WBTB Works once, never again?
  10. My 3rd lucid dream!!
  11. Entering a dream after very tired?
  12. What happened???!!!!
  13. First real lucid dream
  14. can you use lucid dreaming to plant hypnotic suggestions?
  15. Cant figure out if i was lucid or not
  16. Do you control/steer the lucid dream or let it take the wheel?
  17. Nfri's Contest of the Month May 2015 [suggestion]
  18. How do I induce sleep paralysis?
  19. "Bored" in a lucid dream....
  20. Questions To Ask In Dreams
  21. Hemisync Method
  22. Are books about lucid dreaming recomended?
  23. Meditation.
  24. Wasting time in LD
  25. Lucid Dreaming [2 volumes]: New Perspectives on Consciousness in Sleep Ryan Hurd and Kelly Bulkeley
  26. A tip for stabilizing
  27. Is this normal?
  28. I had one of the longest and most profound lucid dreams in my life
  29. Lucid Quote
  30. The Most Powerful And Obvious Lucid Aid of All
  31. How many things have bought for lucid dreaming?
  32. Was Stephen LaBerge a natural lucid dreamer when he was a child? (+ some more questions)
  33. How many time it took you to lucid dream?
  35. Short LD; weird after feeling.
  36. wondering what these kinds of dreams are about...
  37. Lucid Dreaming Day 2015
  38. DJ Question...
  39. My second LD eludes me...
  40. 1st WBTB attempt = SUCCES! It lasted so long I forgot how it started
  41. LD remembering
  42. shortcuts
  43. April 12 Lucid Dreaming Day 2015
  44. Lucid Dreaming for Artistic Inspiration
  45. Teaching little kids?
  46. Two Lucids in one night
  47. Two Lucids in one night
  48. Does focused thinking have a practical use while lying in bed?
  49. ANAMNESIS a short Film close to LD
  50. how many weeks (or months) needed for get lucid from DILD or WILD ?
  51. How to Have Awesome Dreams (even impractical)
  52. "Almost" had a lucid dream again
  53. DreamViews Buddy Program - April 2015
  54. 3 weeks of fragments
  55. General newbie looking for guidance. Appreciate all replies :)
  56. inducing dreams without the use of traditional techniques?
  57. Lucid Dream through will (theory)
  58. An Honest Question About Adulthood LDing
  59. How long are your typical lucid dreams?
  60. Eating before bed affect sleep?
  61. Weirdest dream I've ever had
  62. Finally a long Lucid!
  63. Can you become lucid at will?
  64. Met My Dream Guide, But Something Kind of Scary Happened
  65. Lucid Dreaming As A New and Developing Evolutionary Trait
  66. WILD last night (no prior sleep)
  67. How did your purpose for lucid dreaming evolve?
  68. Question from a friend
  69. All the possible times to dream/lucid dream.
  70. Smoking and LDing
  71. Slightly confused about self-awareness
  72. My old ex-classmate appeared in a dream after I saw him for about 2 seconds
  73. What did i experience?
  74. How do i improve my recall?
  75. Fauna in dreams
  76. Getting Back Into Things (And Questions!)
  77. DreamViews Buddy Program Application Thread
  78. I think I am missing some awesome things..
  79. Have some of you successfully LDing about your dream character yet?
  80. Does effort is necessary to have LD or does it depends on LUCK???
  81. My confusing Dream Sign
  82. Hands don't fail me now!
  83. How to get sleepy frequently?
  84. My motivation really sucks lately
  85. Is lucid dreaming easier the second time around?
  86. Failed RC (Getting closer)
  87. Things out in the real world that shout "Dreaming"!
  88. How do you know how good of a stabilize job you did?
  89. A new lesson learned: WILD or FA-DILD?
  90. First WILD! first trime trying, great dream, bad night. thoughts?
  91. Do you use lucid dreaming to control nightmares?
  92. What do you want to do while LDing?
  93. This imagination exercise can help you become healthier, more creative and less depressed
  94. Getting back into Lucid Dreaming?
  95. DEILD Question
  96. A lot of horror dreams lately, but they sometimes raise awareness. What raises your awareness?
  97. Does writing dreams down on an app on your phone as effected as writting it on papar?
  98. Healthy eating, and excercise. do they affect your dreaming?
  99. Do certain diseases affect your lucidity?
  100. Getting back into LD need help
  101. Dreams of watching TV?
  102. Broke my ability to Lucid Dream.
  103. "Lucid nightmare"
  104. Having trouble reaching the hynagogia state?
  105. Can you remember anything from reality while LD?
  106. Sleeping position affect lucid dreaming?
  107. Worm holes: Was this a WILD? If not, what was it?
  108. WILD when going to sleep...regularly ?
  109. Expectations and Placebo in LDing
  110. How Good Are You At Lucid Dreaming
  111. Lucid Dream Laboratory - must watch !!
  112. Dream Journal + Reality Checks
  113. Lucid dream classifications (not inductions)
  114. Got lucid last night, then "woke up" in another dream, nonlucid, still remembering the lucid dream
  115. $th Lucid Dream... Fight or flight fear response?
  116. Lucid Dreaming to help solve problems?
  117. Does the habit of being present migrates into the dream?
  118. How many times do you people manage to LD?
  119. Greatly improved recall and second lucid
  120. Advice on Reality Checks
  121. Record my dream or go for DEILD?
  122. First Time Taking Choline...Wow
  123. I want to lucid dreaming about this guy so badly
  124. how often should I remind myself I am in a lucid dream?
  125. Have you ever felt a deep personal connection to a person you met in a dream only to wake up feeling
  126. Dedicated music track for LDing
  127. Stuck / no control and how to wake up questions
  128. LD stuff appearing in my dreams
  129. Opening Eyes
  130. Mistakes you made when you started Lding
  131. Questions
  132. What is "Self-Awareness"?
  133. Reality Check Question
  134. Inception vs Lucid Dreaming
  135. Meditation lucid dreaming?
  136. Actual helpful tips (no googled bull)
  137. Studying Lucid Dreaming
  138. Thank You Fellow Dreamers!
  139. Experienced Lucid Dreamers: How do You Become Lucid?
  140. Daydream recall = dream recall ?
  141. Getting back on track
  142. What is your sleep routine?
  143. Lucid questions for study.
  144. Recall Work vs. Lucidity Work
  145. Gaining control
  146. Mindfullness/awarness, Does it actually Work?
  147. Have you ever acted very differently and surprised people during a "lucid high" in waking life?
  148. Feeling like I'm actually there, inside the LD
  149. reality vs non-reality
  150. Poor recall weakened my experience
  151. Breaking dream 'habits' or 'expectations'
  152. Did they ever come out with a lucid dreaming headband using gamma frequency brain stimulation?
  153. False awakening in a dream but not a "lucid" dream...?
  154. Low Attention Span effects my lucid dreaming.
  155. Exploring The Past
  156. The most amazing, incredible, life-changing experience of my entire life!
  157. Plz HELP with failed RC's and false awakenings!!!!!!
  158. Hello! I need some help with ataining lucidity, and controll.
  159. Some questions regarding Inception and lucid dreaming!
  160. Fix This!
  161. Recurring dream elements
  162. I'm Done! I Give Up!
  163. With Occulus Rift and VR gaming coming up, will we lose interest in Natural Dreaming?
  164. Is there any way to remember dreams well without a journal?
  165. Post your results with Remee here.
  166. Why didn't it work?
  167. How can I stop being a negative dreamer?
  168. Searching for someone Very experienced in Lucid Dreamin
  169. Dream Patterns - Quality, Duration and Awareness
  170. How many people actually become proficient lucid dreamers?
  171. What is the longest dream you ever had?
  172. This ever happen to you guys?
  173. Various videos of mine about Lucid Dreaming
  174. Can still Feel My Physical Body
  175. Forgetting dreams?
  176. AMAZING realistic flying lucid dream!!!
  177. What's the deepest dream you've had?
  178. Awareness & Intention
  179. Dream Signs
  180. Pill Addicts And Lucid Dreaming
  181. A quick question
  182. Reality Check failed in my Lucid dream??!?!?!?!
  183. Need some help with All day awerness(ADA)
  184. How to reach to Lucidity ?
  185. Practicing skills in dreams
  186. Permanent Lucid Dreaming?
  187. Memory: the Forgotten Fundamental
  188. Limited vision and movement in lucid dreams?
  189. Is it possible to have a dream about a lucid dream?
  190. Lucid dreaming Books/Audiobooks/movies etc...
  191. First Semi-WILD expirence!
  192. Step Towards Lucidity?
  193. Can't speak or see clearly in lucid dreams?
  194. Important / informative links
  195. Being Lucid, but not being Lucid in a Dream
  196. Can't do cool stuff
  197. got frustrated in a lucid because I couldn't get lucid lol
  198. What would you call this....?
  199. Full disclosure - I'm doubtful my 1st LD will be battling dragons...
  200. Is it possible to have actual conversations and relationships with Dream Characters?
  201. what does this word mean
  202. Extending dream time. Living a whole life in a night?
  203. Ambien = Zolpidem Tartrate = No Lucid dream
  204. Advanced Dream Characters
  205. Found An Interesting Thing
  206. Becoming more aware in dreams?
  207. Not realizing I'm dreaming and the power of my subconscious?
  208. Is it possible to program something into a false awakening?
  209. What does anime look and feel like?
  210. First lucid dream and nightmare
  211. Why you would not want to become lucid every night.
  212. Looking for desktop PC and Phone backgrounds that can serve as RC reminders.
  213. Love in your dreams
  214. Screaming and talking during sleep.
  215. Hypnagogic Hallucination Music Collection
  216. Doors, doors, doors, they keep trolling me.
  217. Where should I start and Dream Leaf?
  218. Had the most strangest lucid loop this morning.
  219. Why does this happen?
  220. How present are you in an LD?
  221. Really want to lucid dream, but too scared.
  222. How do I prevent False Awakenings from interrupting an LD?
  223. Blurry Lucid Dreaming
  224. Power of Resolution Technique.
  225. Setting Your Intentions - Is This Something That Also Requires Practice?
  226. REM question
  227. My first (terrifying) attempt at a WILD lucid dream
  228. A strange lucid dream
  229. Lucid Dreaming realated Dreams
  230. In the game of lucid dreaming, is the subconscious an opponent?
  231. Waking awareness without lucidity in a dream?
  232. Inspiration to create your own ideas
  233. Finding what works for me
  234. Hypnogogic imagery and the realisation of it!
  235. When to set alarm clock?
  236. Lack of dream control/excessive false awakenings. Help?
  237. Robert Waggoner's new book?!
  238. Is it normal?
  239. What to do if I'm awake with an Reality Check
  240. Can you learn real life skills in an ld? (i.e. backflip)
  241. Does lucid dream help you to overcome emotional problem in real life?
  242. Dream Mantra I think could work
  243. Excellent DILD technique - 'Forging a Dream'
  244. Confusing actual/false awakening
  245. Moderating dreams without controlling them?
  246. I want YOUR ideas!
  247. Anyone else had lucid dreams that felt spiritual?
  248. I had a dream, woke up, and went back into THE SAME DREAM
  249. Scary weird dream
  250. Favorite Lucid dreaming Youtuber or youtube videos?