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  1. A Beginner Lucid Dreamer
  2. Getting back into Lucid Dreaming
  3. All Day Awareness Question?
  4. Strange way to become lucid happened to me last night... Believe it or not.
  5. Can you count in LD ?
  6. What to do after waking up from a failed lucid dream?
  7. [Video] Nightmares and Lucid Dreaming
  8. Looking for a thread of lucid books
  9. Changing your personality in dreams.
  10. How do I become a LD pro?
  11. How important is it to sleep at night?
  12. The dream clock, (time distortion) ever heard of this???
  13. Does anyone know anything on FILD (finger induced lucid dreaming)
  14. Why does this happen to me?
  15. Need some advices
  16. Losing lucidty possible?
  17. If i sleep late would my chances for a LD increase?
  18. Famous dreamers - Again.
  19. [Video] Lucid Dreaming is The DEVIL?! (Not Really)
  20. Sleep Paralysis or Lucid Dream?
  21. What is most important?
  22. Few concerns/questions about Lucid Dreaming I'm wanting to address!
  23. Lucid dreams in the bible
  24. Stephen Laberge, Exploring the world of lucid dreaming
  25. Bankai Thread
  26. I did it
  27. Where are the good lucid dreaming videos on youtube?
  28. Is there something wrong I do?
  29. Misinformation about lucid dreaming
  30. How long after your first LD did it take to get them on a regular basis?
  31. A have a question about wbtb
  32. Listening to music in a lucid dream? (In the open)
  33. Inception - how did we end up here ?
  34. How to make something disappear in a lucid dream
  35. Help with lucid dreaming and sleep paralysis?
  36. I'm scared of lucid dreaming
  37. New DILD Tutorial Video
  38. My friend told me there is no point of lucid dreaming
  39. LD related muscle spams?
  40. I'm New and Very Interested! Also a desperate Question!
  41. Some Advice for Specific Difficulties in Lucid Dreaming
  42. Reality checking, when to do it
  43. Pain in an LD?!
  44. Why am I waking up?
  45. Any tips for remaining lucid?
  46. Sleeping Position
  47. How come some people ''feel'' in their dreams and others don't
  48. After Six Months I'm back.... And need serious advice on where to go here?!
  49. FILD and sleep paralysis
  50. A valiant return to a valiant lifestyle.
  51. Is it possible to have a lucid dream with the same awareness you have now?
  52. Reality Checks
  53. Changing mentality from just having a mere interest in lucid dreaming to being a fully fledged LDer.
  54. what once was, is no more
  55. Is the handsfree nosepinch a good RC?
  56. Is it possible to have bodyguards to protect you in a lucid dream
  57. Was it a lucid dream?
  58. Has anyone done this in a Lucid Dream?
  59. The lucid dreaming mini-movie, and a series scheduled to come after it!
  60. Lucid Awareness 2013 - News and Updates
  61. Almost got there!
  62. Help with RCs
  63. Duel existence in OBE?
  64. Was this sleep paralysis?
  65. Your Most Effective Reality Check
  66. Passing through solids at last!
  67. Little bit scared of flying.
  68. Very Dark Lucid Dreams. Opinions?
  69. I forgot to do a reality check yesterday, will that lower my chances?
  70. Dream recall effected by staying in bed...
  71. can ld/dream controll hide dream signs?
  72. ADA road bumps
  73. Lucid Trauma Therapy
  74. Awkward Sleep
  75. My hand turned into air and i felt it
  76. REM cycles
  77. can someone possibly skype with me to help me out with some questions that arebout lucid dreaming?
  78. why is it that my dreams get vivid and almost realm but yet i still cant tell myself im dreaming?
  79. Is it true once you are in LD, you can ask about the future??
  80. Losing motivation, need recommendations
  81. I don't like Lucid Dreaming...
  82. MILD visualization
  83. Please Identify/classify my experience, Daydream to LD to Daydream
  84. I'm scared to lucid dream because of sleep paralysis
  85. Reality checks help!
  86. Dr Who and Lucid Dreaming :)
  87. Give all you've got, or try not to try so hard? (my story, RCs and MILD + some thoughts)
  88. Exhausted in lucid false awakening, why, how escape?
  89. Afraid of the dark?!
  90. My "condition" for lack of a better term. Please help!
  91. Lucid dreaming ... in a dream! Help?
  92. Why don't I want to anymore?
  93. How long eill it take to have a lucid dream and how to know if your doing enough?
  94. Your lucid routine?
  95. Realer than real...
  96. I chuld see thru my hand....
  97. Problem With Lucid Dreaming
  98. Dream Senses
  99. More People having lucid dreams that you might think,
  100. Lucid dreams make dreams real-life real
  101. but it's not real....
  102. My trouble with lucid dreaming...
  103. Narcolepsy
  104. I'm back into LDing after about a two year hiatus and I have some concerns.
  105. MILD Question
  106. Possible new idea to become lucid?
  107. Hardest sense to train.
  108. Conclusion on lucid dreaming
  109. First lucid dream! (?)
  110. Been too long.
  111. keep waking myself up
  112. Telekinesis
  113. Using a menu system to choose your dream direction
  114. Was this a lucid dream?
  115. Fear starting out
  116. Lucid Lonliness
  117. Snapping to reality
  118. The Perfect Technique
  119. Sensations when leaving an LD
  120. Does WILD lead to DILD?
  121. WILD or DILD?
  122. I'm back!
  123. Wake Up! 2009 - Great Lucid Dreaming Movie [Link in post]
  124. Wishing I Wasn't Lucid
  125. New Idea for Reality Check
  126. Kinda scared o-o
  127. dreams and memories
  128. Trying to find out when my REM sleep is?
  129. Lucid by Adrienne Stoltz and Ron Bass
  130. Anybody experience a non-realistic dream?
  131. Any fun ideas to think before WILD?
  132. Is lucid dreaming something that improves?
  133. In Dream Emotions Effect on Lucidity
  134. Which technique creates the best dreams?
  135. Getting Discouraged
  136. Are we dreaming ?
  137. How to have a "POW!" "BOFF!" Lucid Dream Moment
  138. Almost had a DEILD, any suggestions?
  139. Learning Ji-jitsu in a lucid dream
  140. How long can a lucid dream be? (In real time)
  141. What happened to me?? Dream? Dream within dream?
  142. What is a good mantra for MILD in getting lucid?
  143. Has anyone else created love in a dream?
  144. opinions on LaBerge's book? and vitamin B6.
  145. reality check failled twice
  146. What happened to me
  147. Is my brother unteachable?
  148. Lucid in the dark
  149. Speak during LD ?
  150. Not sure what to call this thread, I have so many things to say...
  151. Idea to not be scared if i meet something scary in a dream!
  152. Dream Journal Question
  153. My 2013
  154. Why do my lucids occur after a certain time?
  155. I cannot dream recall at ALL :( Help?? Please?
  156. ~Lucid Dream Race ~
  157. I stole in my lucid dream, now I can't get back. Help!
  158. Movie Induced Lucid Dreams?
  159. LD Reading Group [Download links to ALOT of books]
  160. Asking your subconscious
  161. Very New To Lucid Dreaming
  162. Here are some things I'd love to do while lucid....
  163. Would I be able to do this with lucid dreaming? (anyone else do this?)
  164. Dreaming gives you extra life time
  165. going through a solid didn't work for me :(
  166. Confused on some points of Hypnagogia.
  167. Meditation reached Astral Projection is not Lucid Dreaming. In my opinion.
  168. Sleep Schedule
  169. Reality Check everytime you walk through a doorway
  170. Lucid Dreams Blurring Out
  171. LD every night
  172. Visualization Induced Lucid Dream?
  173. Starting out every LD in a replica of where I'm sleeping
  174. is DEILD possible while napping ?
  175. I want to have a lucid dream about my crush♥
  176. What happens when we sleep in a lucid dream?
  177. DEILD is by far the best technique.
  178. Sparking an interesting dream?
  179. Very scary lucid dream
  180. Why I have never experienced sleep paralysis?
  181. Need Backup or some explanation
  182. First out of body experience (kind of)
  183. closing your eyes in a LD
  184. "Dream Pegs - A notebook for multiple realities"
  185. Are lucid dreams as deep as normal dreams?
  186. i know we cant always remember our dreams, but...
  187. Problem with DEILD last night.
  188. How do mantras work concerning the brain?
  189. I'm such an idiot >.<
  190. Too excited in WILD
  191. WBTB - Sleep intervals?
  192. Boy did I miss that one.
  193. Time to get first LD and LD frequency?
  194. A bunch of questions from a noob
  195. Lucid Vividness
  196. Something strange I have noticed...
  197. Is this a good reality check?
  198. It is like watching a movie you've already seen before.
  199. reprogram the subconscious mind ?
  200. lying position seems to matter ?
  201. Main concern about lucid dreaming
  202. Need a little help with SP
  203. Dream incubation continued in a dream..
  204. Marijuana and Alcohol?
  205. Using a Totem (Inception)
  206. Stupidest things that DCs says
  207. Put my fantasy into a lucid dream?
  208. Starting to get discouraged, don't know what to do any more.
  209. LD tumblr
  210. How age affect lucid dreaming?
  211. Personal Lucid Terminology
  212. First DILD!
  213. Why So Few?
  214. CILD and other obscure methods...
  215. why do some forum users never return?
  216. 2nd lucid dream in 3 nights and question.
  217. DEILD and Non-lucid dreams
  218. What is reality?
  219. Waking up from a dream
  220. Natural lucid dreamer?
  221. How alcohol effects LD ?
  222. What's Your Longest LD Streak?
  223. Winter Break
  224. Insomnia
  225. What have you learned in LD's
  226. Does anyone else experience women turning into dolls when you hold a part of their body?
  227. What are you going to dream about tonight
  228. Life flashing before my eyes?
  229. i got my first lucid dream and..
  230. Any Lucid Dreaming Related New Year's Resolution?
  231. I think I may have had my first lucid dream, and other assorted questions.
  232. How do I...?
  233. Do you think this is possible?
  234. My reason for lucid dreaming
  235. Would Like Some Input
  236. Dream incubation, concepts.
  237. how to be mindful of surroundings?
  238. Can't find my REM time for DEILD/WBTB
  239. Best/Top Ways to Habitually RC
  240. Don't want to give this up.
  241. Lucid Challenge- School Holidays
  242. Defining hypnagogia, and the hypnic jerk, and WILD help
  243. Awake or asleep?
  244. New to the world of Lucid Dreaming.
  245. help with tips to stabilize
  246. Lucid Dream broke mid way into non-lucid?
  247. Very, VERY Strange Feelings/Vibrations
  248. Very Frustrating Problem
  249. What about music in LD's ?
  250. Good opportunity to share your lucid dreams...