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  1. Progress!
  2. Dreams are always so cloudy and distant
  3. Dream signs and Reality checks problem...
  4. Need motivation... Help
  5. fitbit vibrating alarm
  6. Sensory deprivation tank for lucid dreaming? Any experiences?
  7. Methods Not Working
  8. my dream told me I was dreaming
  9. Are you sure you understand difference between awareness and alertness?
  10. Severe Hypnic Jerks?
  11. New to the forum
  12. Lucid dream survey
  13. Rewind Awaking Life in a Dream To Find That I Can't Remember.
  14. Chain of LDs Interpretation
  15. What stops people from lucid dreaming?
  16. My Journey - What I've Learned - Motivation
  17. Why can't I notice dream signs and strangeness in my dreams.
  18. How can you tell someone is telling the truth about their lucid dreams?
  19. Darn!
  20. Was this a low-level lucid dream of some sort?
  21. Lucid dreaming research
  22. The science of dreaming. Explanation to sleep paralysis,nightmares and dreaming.
  23. Can't lucid dream
  24. Need help with constant dryspells
  25. Lucid dream with perception of reality
  26. This video explains really well science of emotions and brain.
  27. Will someone help me?
  28. Can Lucid Dreamings Aid in Dating opportunities when in real life?
  29. Can Lucid Dreaming give you super powers in the real world AKA Solve Puzzles/Solve Math/Do Magic?
  30. Frequent Lucid Dreamers VS people who never have any
  31. If you dont understand point of meditation try this.
  32. Colloidal Gold. Vivid dream induction?
  33. Was this a lucid dream?
  34. Problem With Electronic Journal(Text file)
  35. Was I close to having an OBE exit?
  36. Post a list of your dream goals (and the reason you want to complete them) here!
  37. Snoring - one big limitation in lucid dreaming
  38. Hard to move?
  39. Lucid Dreamers Regular Meeting in North Germany (Braunschweig)
  40. I immediately wake up every single time I become lucid.
  41. Factors affecting lucid dreaming
  42. Do you think this was Hypnogigic Hallucinations?
  43. Losing lucidity
  44. paying attention to thoughts
  45. Can I WBTB multiple times in the morning?
  46. WILDing Through Entire Night
  47. Going in and out of dreams in the morning
  48. How vital to LD is a sleep schedule?
  49. Reality Check required for DEILD?
  50. Sleeping early vs late?
  51. If I nap later in the day/evening, will I still dream?
  52. How to recognize transition and false awakening?
  53. My Theory and Heuristic
  54. WILD During Nap?
  55. last night I had a lucid dream.
  56. How to prolong LD while sleeping with a restless spouse?
  57. Weird sleep paralysis experience
  58. 3 days of observation. Anyone want to join?
  59. Famous LDers, for example Dalí, Tesla, Steven King, Richard Feynman...
  60. A state between a dream and reality
  61. Loss of circulation during sleep paralysis?
  62. When I wake up I see people in my bethroom
  63. Okay, so a dream guide is what exactly?
  64. please help
  65. The more vivid the dream, the less control I have.
  66. From January 2014 to Now Estimate How Many Times You Realized You were Dreaming
  67. NREM reality checks
  68. My peripheral vision is way more blurred than in real life.
  69. Experimenting with conscious sleep.
  70. How to increase level of consciousness in dreams
  71. What impact does lucid dreaming have in your life?
  72. Don't get fooled like this
  73. delicious foods in LD
  74. Do Natural Born Lucid Dreamers have things in common?
  75. Once your recall gets better.
  76. I have a few questions.
  77. How to get my dream to form my body?
  78. Dream Drugs
  79. should one try to lucid every night?
  80. I get slightly scared when lucid dreams start to feel just like waking life
  81. Forgotten Memories
  82. I Had My First Proper False Awakening!
  83. This video is a great help
  84. Lucid sleep walking
  85. Creating the ideal lucid dreamer, a way to help us all...
  86. Cloud Kings
  87. LD on medications
  88. How much could lucid dreaming actually help you?
  89. my 5th lucid dream ever. 30 - 40 minutes?
  90. Did I discover a new technique?
  91. Trouble using WILD / trying to get SP
  92. senses are dulled while LD, and dream transitions are forgotten
  93. Awareness of self?
  94. WOW 10 lucid dreams!!!
  95. Dream sign problem ...
  96. Music in a Lucid Dream
  97. WILD extremely strange experience
  98. Interesting.
  99. May as well do a reality check when...
  100. WOW!!!!!! I saw the galaxy! BEST LUCID DREAM EVER!
  101. Can lucid dreaming help you get over a mild social anxiety?
  102. What was your longest DEILD-chain?
  103. Dreamsign training?
  104. Anyone had any success just using reality checks?
  105. Dream character numbers
  106. My first DILD and DEILD experience
  107. Do you feel your sleeping body during lucid dreaming?
  108. question about lucid dreaming with and without supplements
  109. Two lucid dream in a row, some analysis
  110. Dream Memories - Real or Not?
  111. where to hold a class
  112. Motivation?
  113. Not sure if I was lucid?
  114. did i just have a sleep paralysis??
  115. Weird kinda-repeated dream.
  116. Can someone please help me understand this?
  117. Dream Group Ideas
  118. My greatest fear (according to my subconsious)
  119. I think I have found my dream sign!
  120. could someone help me track down a free ebook/pdf of this book
  121. Two Young German LDers on Youtube Making Loads of Sense!
  122. This has to be a dream ....
  123. Need help classifying a LD as a DILD or DEILD
  124. Failed WILD attempt
  125. Terrifying experience.
  126. Mentors...?
  127. When in a lucid dream....
  128. How long did it take you to get your first LD?
  129. sleep paralysis & retaining consciousness / high vibrations of mind
  130. Lucid dreams nearly every night.
  131. Lost my lucid dreams!
  132. Would you count this as a Lucid Dream
  133. What's it like to speak another Language in a Lucid Dream?
  134. Maintaining Awareness, Mindfulness, Uses for Lucidity and Procrastination?
  135. How come i keep becoming lucid the same way
  136. Am I doing this LD thing right?
  137. SP. Should I go for it?
  138. I have a recurring dream about finding money on the ground.
  139. Apartment Dwellers. Question
  140. What do lucid dreams look like and how are they dofferent from normal dreams?
  141. Do lucid dreams look like real-life?
  142. I'm gonna start a dream journal, but i'm scared of lucid dreaming
  143. Whats Happening To Me?!
  144. Extremely weird dream.
  145. Why did you start to lucid dream ?
  146. Does Meditation Take the Place of Awarness?
  147. Lucid Dreaming and the Mayan Language
  148. Ned help with falling asleep quicker
  149. Food that helps staying lucid ?
  150. Does anyone else tend to get this dreamy feeling in waking life?
  151. Awareness Question!
  152. Dream about lucid dream?
  153. Weird Nightmare. O.O
  154. Is it a bad idea to close your eyes while you try to start flying?
  155. Looking in a mirror
  156. Lucid dream?
  157. What Do You Think of Our Culture?
  158. Stablizing a dream?
  159. Best Methods of Dream Journaling?
  160. I think i had my first LD
  161. A Proposal: Metaphysical Dreamviews Headquarters (for teaching, healing, & art of the soul)
  162. Did I have a lucid dream?
  163. having trouble falling asleep after mild?
  164. Actual Inception?
  165. Is this a lucid dream? Please help.
  166. Damn those half-lucids...
  167. Need Some Lucid Advice!!!
  168. Remembering LDs when lucid
  169. Back On DV!!
  170. Lucid Aloha
  171. Self-Awareness Qustion
  172. physical healing?!?!
  173. My dreams are becoming more lucid, but what does it mean?
  174. Lucid Dreaming questions, without using Dream Journal or doing reality check often
  175. Stopping smoking?
  176. Lucid Dreaming does not make you more spiritual
  177. Is there a general lack of interest in the practical uses of Lucid Dreaming?
  178. Lucid Dream, Followed By Sleep Paralysis?
  179. Really good tip for wild and making dreams more intense.
  180. Do you ever get bored of people that don't talk about or care about lucid dreaming?
  181. I stayed up later than usual.
  182. I had two lucids, but it was just a dream...
  183. We need your help!
  184. My LD was at the wrong time.
  185. Methods for getting around in your LD
  186. Gravity in dreams problem
  187. My First half-lucid dream
  188. Are dreams and reality really thath different?
  189. Recently been experiencing frequent and odd false awakening.
  190. Lucid dreaming is like viewing a stereograph...
  191. Overloading Your Mind
  192. Finally had my first lucid dream!!!
  193. The Void Between Dreams
  194. Walked into a lucid dreaming shop
  195. Missed being lucid again!
  196. Cold chills/shivers during WILD
  197. All of a sudden having issues...
  198. Stuck in half-lucid dream
  199. Severe insomniac here, how will this condition impact my ability to dream?
  200. dream signs for beginners
  201. Posting a link about lucid dreaming to my school class on Facebook = good idea?
  202. Would you count this as a lucid?
  203. Lucidity Premium is free today on the Play Store!
  204. knowing you are going to LD
  205. Lucid Dreaming and Insomnia
  206. Unsuccessful at lucid dreaming please help
  207. Vay Technologies's Guidy Lucid Dreaming Mask?
  208. When should I wake up?
  209. Dreams Where You Think About What You're Doing, But You Weren't Lucid
  210. The Super Thread For Bad Schema (open at your own risk)
  211. Is there something wrong with me?!
  212. Got a recipe in a dream, what should I do?
  213. Is it normal..no rush of awareness and forgetting reality
  214. Is it normal to always feel like you might wake up during a lucid dream?
  215. Forgetting a Lucid dream
  216. My first full lucid dream!
  217. Lucid Sex
  218. Weird butterfly feeling in my stomach when I wild attemp
  219. Could personality type have a corellation with lucid dreaming?
  220. How does your dream end?
  221. Are Lucid dreams just normal dreams?
  222. I Wrote A Lucid Dreaming Novel
  223. 1000 Things To Do in an LD - EPIC EDITIONNNNNNN!!!
  224. Weird Dream or False Awakening?
  225. REM whilst awake?
  226. What If...
  227. Questions to ask or questions you have asked in a lucid dream
  228. Is there any way to ease this problem?
  229. Can't Resist Sexual Urges in LDs
  230. A Note On Psychic Disturbances Relating to Feelings of Negativity: For The Afraid to Sleep
  231. Dreaming like a seer: A short dialogue on consciousness and advancement to seership for the masses
  232. Dreaming signs.
  233. Lucid Dreaming Quotes
  234. What Movie/Book Setting Would You Go To Tonight?
  235. Beginner LD
  236. Going to the Past
  237. A Lucid dream just 45-60 min. after falling asleep
  238. I'm Scared to Lucid Dream ever again.
  239. Good for Newbies
  240. I have managed to lucid dream one week continuosly even during naps, how to take it further?
  241. Is Lucid Dreaming possible without confidence?
  242. What's with the weird hands in LD's?
  243. 3 questions - help please!
  244. Not being able to move?
  245. You Passed The Limit?
  246. A question about sleep quality
  247. dream characters
  248. Talked with a person about my dream - inside the dream, which wasnt even real!
  249. Trouble with arousal during transition!
  250. Winters in dreams