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  1. Very strange dream/vision
  2. Was becoming lucid daily now not at all for almost a month..
  3. Declaring War on "Expectation"
  4. Is there hope to Continuing Lucid Dreaming Practice if Get ill?
  5. Lucid Dreamer's Meeting Poll #2 (Anonymous, quick and easy)
  6. Lucid Dreamer's Meeting Poll #2 (quick and easy)
  7. Working schedules v. Dreaming
  8. I'm lucid, now what?
  9. Always falling asleep!
  10. Melatonin has no effect on me?
  11. concious dream with no content
  12. Wake up naturally and via calculated alarms.
  13. Are Lucids as fun as you say they are?
  14. I have been taking 30-50 MG of melatonin a night, for 4 months...I have some questions
  15. Schizophrenia/Schizoaffective and Lucid Dreaming
  16. Thinking in a LD
  17. Military experiences with lucid dreaming and hallusinations.
  18. How exactly does this reality check work?
  19. Why do I become lucid when I don't try.
  20. Multiple spaces/times at the same time in a dream
  21. Nrem dreaming?
  22. Characteristics of a lucid dream
  23. First Lucid Dream!
  24. Anonymous Poll: Would you be interested in anonymously meeting up with fellow lucid dreamers
  25. Do any of you seasons LDers smoke marijuana?
  26. Residual music on waking from non-lucid dreams
  27. Has anyone ever looked into the mirror of Erised from Harry Potter?
  28. Why does needing to go to Restroom manifest somehow in your dream?
  29. The 'visitor'
  30. Bed wetting connection with being a natural?
  31. Can you use lucid dreaming to "re-connect" with your former self?
  32. Lithium and lucid dreaming
  33. Memory,thoughts,intention and self awareness.
  34. (Another) quick question about what LDs are like
  35. Quick Question
  36. How can Increace recall.
  37. How would you define a vivid dream?
  38. New Year's Dreaming Resolutions
  39. Reality Check Help!
  40. Dreaming in 3rd person ok
  41. Do you live in Noisy Neighborhood and it messes up your practice to Lucid dream?
  42. Why didn't I become lucid? Dream signs everywhere?
  43. Does anyone else have this type of LDs?
  44. Would this be considered semi-lucid?
  45. A strange experience during a DILD
  46. Need quick answer!
  47. Typically, do Women also want to lucid dream about Sex and Dating?
  48. Do i have to sleep the same Everynight in order to increase Chances?
  49. Question about when you enter REM/experience dreams during the night?
  50. First WILD and chained? (again)
  51. Should we be controlling dreams?
  52. Why has my technique been failing me?
  53. Past dreams.
  54. Awaking after RC(Dild)
  55. How do you guys compare dreaming through sleep paralysis?
  56. Ideologies affecting Dream Awareness?
  57. Do I lucid dream or half-lucid dream, or just dream that I'm lucid dreaming?
  58. Weird wet dream
  59. If you have some Disability, can you lucid about not having it?
  60. Can we use the breath as an anchor during the day?
  61. Do you twitch when you are drifting off to sleep?
  62. What's a good alternative to an alarm clock.
  63. Eye placement
  64. Time Travel Experiences?
  65. Question about WILD
  66. Dreaming of an Ex Husband
  67. First DEILD? and chained?
  68. Dreams like these make me can't wait to LD more.
  69. Dream Won't Answer Back
  70. Bizarre, lucid dream within a dream.. (NOT Inception related!!!)
  71. So close to Lucidity!
  72. If you post in this thread you will have a lucid dream tonight!
  73. Almost a LD
  74. Progress!
  75. Dreams are always so cloudy and distant
  76. Dream signs and Reality checks problem...
  77. Need motivation... Help
  78. fitbit vibrating alarm
  79. Sensory deprivation tank for lucid dreaming? Any experiences?
  80. Methods Not Working
  81. my dream told me I was dreaming
  82. Are you sure you understand difference between awareness and alertness?
  83. Severe Hypnic Jerks?
  84. New to the forum
  85. Lucid dream survey
  86. Rewind Awaking Life in a Dream To Find That I Can't Remember.
  87. Chain of LDs Interpretation
  88. What stops people from lucid dreaming?
  89. My Journey - What I've Learned - Motivation
  90. Why can't I notice dream signs and strangeness in my dreams.
  91. How can you tell someone is telling the truth about their lucid dreams?
  92. Darn!
  93. Was this a low-level lucid dream of some sort?
  94. Lucid dreaming research
  95. The science of dreaming. Explanation to sleep paralysis,nightmares and dreaming.
  96. Can't lucid dream
  97. Need help with constant dryspells
  98. Lucid dream with perception of reality
  99. This video explains really well science of emotions and brain.
  100. Will someone help me?
  101. Can Lucid Dreamings Aid in Dating opportunities when in real life?
  102. Can Lucid Dreaming give you super powers in the real world AKA Solve Puzzles/Solve Math/Do Magic?
  103. Frequent Lucid Dreamers VS people who never have any
  104. If you dont understand point of meditation try this.
  105. Colloidal Gold. Vivid dream induction?
  106. Was this a lucid dream?
  107. Problem With Electronic Journal(Text file)
  108. Was I close to having an OBE exit?
  109. Post a list of your dream goals (and the reason you want to complete them) here!
  110. Snoring - one big limitation in lucid dreaming
  111. Hard to move?
  112. Lucid Dreamers Regular Meeting in North Germany (Braunschweig)
  113. I immediately wake up every single time I become lucid.
  114. Factors affecting lucid dreaming
  115. Do you think this was Hypnogigic Hallucinations?
  116. Losing lucidity
  117. paying attention to thoughts
  118. Can I WBTB multiple times in the morning?
  119. WILDing Through Entire Night
  120. Going in and out of dreams in the morning
  121. How vital to LD is a sleep schedule?
  122. Reality Check required for DEILD?
  123. Sleeping early vs late?
  124. If I nap later in the day/evening, will I still dream?
  125. How to recognize transition and false awakening?
  126. My Theory and Heuristic
  127. WILD During Nap?
  128. last night I had a lucid dream.
  129. How to prolong LD while sleeping with a restless spouse?
  130. Weird sleep paralysis experience
  131. 3 days of observation. Anyone want to join?
  132. Famous LDers, for example Dalí, Tesla, Steven King, Richard Feynman...
  133. A state between a dream and reality
  134. Loss of circulation during sleep paralysis?
  135. When I wake up I see people in my bethroom
  136. Okay, so a dream guide is what exactly?
  137. please help
  138. The more vivid the dream, the less control I have.
  139. From January 2014 to Now Estimate How Many Times You Realized You were Dreaming
  140. NREM reality checks
  141. My peripheral vision is way more blurred than in real life.
  142. Experimenting with conscious sleep.
  143. How to increase level of consciousness in dreams
  144. What impact does lucid dreaming have in your life?
  145. Don't get fooled like this
  146. delicious foods in LD
  147. Do Natural Born Lucid Dreamers have things in common?
  148. Once your recall gets better.
  149. I have a few questions.
  150. How to get my dream to form my body?
  151. Dream Drugs
  152. should one try to lucid every night?
  153. I get slightly scared when lucid dreams start to feel just like waking life
  154. Forgotten Memories
  155. I Had My First Proper False Awakening!
  156. This video is a great help
  157. Lucid sleep walking
  158. Creating the ideal lucid dreamer, a way to help us all...
  159. Cloud Kings
  160. LD on medications
  161. How much could lucid dreaming actually help you?
  162. my 5th lucid dream ever. 30 - 40 minutes?
  163. Did I discover a new technique?
  164. Trouble using WILD / trying to get SP
  165. senses are dulled while LD, and dream transitions are forgotten
  166. Awareness of self?
  167. WOW 10 lucid dreams!!!
  168. Dream sign problem ...
  169. Music in a Lucid Dream
  170. WILD extremely strange experience
  171. Interesting.
  172. May as well do a reality check when...
  173. WOW!!!!!! I saw the galaxy! BEST LUCID DREAM EVER!
  174. Can lucid dreaming help you get over a mild social anxiety?
  175. What was your longest DEILD-chain?
  176. Dreamsign training?
  177. Anyone had any success just using reality checks?
  178. Dream character numbers
  179. My first DILD and DEILD experience
  180. Do you feel your sleeping body during lucid dreaming?
  181. question about lucid dreaming with and without supplements
  182. Two lucid dream in a row, some analysis
  183. Dream Memories - Real or Not?
  184. where to hold a class
  185. Motivation?
  186. Not sure if I was lucid?
  187. did i just have a sleep paralysis??
  188. Weird kinda-repeated dream.
  189. Can someone please help me understand this?
  190. Dream Group Ideas
  191. My greatest fear (according to my subconsious)
  192. I think I have found my dream sign!
  193. could someone help me track down a free ebook/pdf of this book
  194. Two Young German LDers on Youtube Making Loads of Sense!
  195. This has to be a dream ....
  196. Need help classifying a LD as a DILD or DEILD
  197. Failed WILD attempt
  198. Terrifying experience.
  199. Mentors...?
  200. When in a lucid dream....
  201. How long did it take you to get your first LD?
  202. sleep paralysis & retaining consciousness / high vibrations of mind
  203. Lucid dreams nearly every night.
  204. Lost my lucid dreams!
  205. Would you count this as a Lucid Dream
  206. What's it like to speak another Language in a Lucid Dream?
  207. Maintaining Awareness, Mindfulness, Uses for Lucidity and Procrastination?
  208. How come i keep becoming lucid the same way
  209. Am I doing this LD thing right?
  210. SP. Should I go for it?
  211. I have a recurring dream about finding money on the ground.
  212. Apartment Dwellers. Question
  213. What do lucid dreams look like and how are they dofferent from normal dreams?
  214. Do lucid dreams look like real-life?
  215. I'm gonna start a dream journal, but i'm scared of lucid dreaming
  216. Whats Happening To Me?!
  217. Extremely weird dream.
  218. Why did you start to lucid dream ?
  219. Does Meditation Take the Place of Awarness?
  220. Lucid Dreaming and the Mayan Language
  221. Ned help with falling asleep quicker
  222. Food that helps staying lucid ?
  223. Does anyone else tend to get this dreamy feeling in waking life?
  224. Awareness Question!
  225. Dream about lucid dream?
  226. Weird Nightmare. O.O
  227. Is it a bad idea to close your eyes while you try to start flying?
  228. Looking in a mirror
  229. Lucid dream?
  230. What Do You Think of Our Culture?
  231. Stablizing a dream?
  232. Best Methods of Dream Journaling?
  233. I think i had my first LD
  234. A Proposal: Metaphysical Dreamviews Headquarters (for teaching, healing, & art of the soul)
  235. Did I have a lucid dream?
  236. having trouble falling asleep after mild?
  237. Actual Inception?
  238. Is this a lucid dream? Please help.
  239. Damn those half-lucids...
  240. Need Some Lucid Advice!!!
  241. Remembering LDs when lucid
  242. Back On DV!!
  243. Lucid Aloha
  244. Self-Awareness Qustion
  245. physical healing?!?!
  246. My dreams are becoming more lucid, but what does it mean?
  247. Lucid Dreaming questions, without using Dream Journal or doing reality check often
  248. Stopping smoking?
  249. Lucid Dreaming does not make you more spiritual
  250. Is there a general lack of interest in the practical uses of Lucid Dreaming?