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  1. Lucid Dream or Not?
  2. Anchor problems
  3. Rain to increase vividness (theory)
  4. How to increase all together awareness in waking life?
  5. Flying help
  6. Interesting thing happened...
  7. Still, so still.
  8. Binaural beats
  9. Disabilities and Lucid Dreams: Your Opinion?
  10. DEILD Halucinations
  11. Do you have a special HI color?
  12. Concious/Lucid Dreaming for Social Change
  13. what to do in lucid dreams?
  14. Are RCs supposed to be associated with dream signs?
  15. please help me!
  16. Dream control without lucidity
  17. first semi-successful WILD
  18. Are nightmares worth the lucid?
  19. Being sick help you dream?
  20. Cracked article on lucid dreaming
  21. Can you feel pain in a dream?
  22. Stabilization?
  23. Question about dream guide/ subconcious
  24. Theorie/Question I can't seem to find an answer...
  25. Dreaming that you're lucid dreaming?
  26. Question regarding sleep paralysis
  27. What I really want to do when I get my first LD...
  28. Have you ever thought of it like this?
  29. This makes me so freakin mad!!! "failed" rc, didn't think enough?
  30. Help, Por Favore?
  31. Any help over here?
  32. Why do you lucid dream?
  33. I can lucid dream, but I'm not as good as I could be. Any advice?
  34. Dream about having a lucid dream???
  35. Questions about Wake Back To Bed
  36. Lucid dream?
  37. Object that helps induce LD's.
  38. Schedule Gets in the Way
  39. Forgetting lucid dreams in the morning
  40. stupid question about eyelids
  41. Have you ever experienced sleep paralysis directly after a LD ends?
  42. Know I'm dreaming, but can't control
  43. REALITY CHECK NOW! Are you dreaming?
  44. Its just not working
  45. BAD dryspell.
  46. Has this ever happened to you?
  47. How often do you think about Lucid Dreaming??
  48. Help with DEILDS
  49. succesful WILD?
  50. Dreaming that you're Lucid Dreaming
  51. Nearly did it last night (ooh err!lol)
  52. Dealing with loss, through LD'ing
  53. WILD while listening to music?
  54. Renewed Veteran
  55. Do you dream in color?
  56. Do you talk to your friends about lucid dreaming?
  57. First Lucid Dream through WILD :)
  58. Trying to figure out what this dream character could be, could use some thought..
  59. WBTB During the Night
  60. Trouble Locating my Dream Guide...Help!
  61. Is this a form of mild LD?
  62. Please Help Me!
  63. Not exactly lucid dreaming but...
  64. Dream Recall
  65. Confusing WILD question?
  66. Melatonin and about to do something....
  67. Some Questions about Sleep Paralysis?
  68. I Woke Up INTO a Nightmare (The Perils of Friends Sharing Lucid Dream Experiences)
  69. Have you found your dream guide?
  70. Apocalypse NOW!!!
  71. Is this my Dream Guide?
  72. Drugs in Lucid dreams?
  73. Help with WILD
  74. I just had a lucid dream but....
  75. A question about False Awakenings
  76. Easier to remember past dreams while lucid than while awake?
  77. Portals in LD's?
  78. Making progress...
  79. SEO Service | How to Get Affordable SEO Service From a Good SEO Company?
  80. Almost there...
  81. Hypnagogia
  82. Pain in a LD
  83. Question about Sleep Paralysis?
  84. I need help...
  85. Inception Question: dream within a dream
  86. Is a Lucid Dream in First or Third person view?
  87. Dream Recall
  88. Getting closer
  89. How are you meant to slow down, think and realize you are dreaming?
  90. Day dreaming and lucid dreaming.
  91. To the more experienced users. LD on command?
  92. What are some funny quotes you've heard In dreams?
  93. Muscle spasms when entering Sleep Paralysis?
  94. Why Lucid Dreaming is Awesome for me as a college student
  95. Semi-Lucid Dreams
  96. Fear of dreaming
  97. The most annoying thing EVER.
  98. Food in Lucid Dreams?
  99. Im having normal dreams? is this lucid?
  100. Sleep Paralysis & Lucid Dreams
  101. How much would you say emotional states before bed will affect dream content? Possible VILD method
  102. What just happened?
  103. We've got visual!
  104. Your subconscious....
  105. Really, really cool experience last night.
  106. Meeting my DG
  107. So Close!..but yet so far
  108. This may be kinda stupid but...
  109. Can researching something let you recreate it more accuratley in a dream?
  110. Something interesting happened in my 11th grade class today concerning lucid dreaming.
  111. Currently in the middle of a (WBTB)
  112. Interviews With Some Natural Lucid Dreamers
  113. Hearing Audio cassettes while lucid dreaming....
  114. How much of the night's dreaming can be remembered?
  115. RIGHT! Having my first DEILD chain tonight, doin three lucid goals and it'll be epic! How about you?
  116. My mind doesn't want me to become lucid?
  117. What do your dreams feel like?
  118. People with high LD count, Superstitious?
  119. Wow, my reality checks failed!
  120. Lucid dreaming vividity and feel
  121. Lucid dreaming for practice?
  122. Dream recall/ lucid dreaming and drugs
  123. Upset with myself
  124. Please help. Am i lucid dreaming?
  125. Fourth dimensional Objects anyone?
  126. Fake lucid dreamers?
  127. Can't enjoy my LD. tips?
  128. Constantly hearing noises?
  129. What Can I Do
  130. Wanna have a cool trip right now - check this!
  131. Did you know...
  132. Dying after obtaining lucidity
  133. Dream control but not lucid?
  134. Moving from place to place and gun sighting (for javelin throwing)
  135. Did I have multiple dreams?
  136. multiple LDs this morning
  137. Accessing DreamViews whilst in a Lucid dream.
  138. The problem of memory
  139. Plz help i cant do it right
  140. You tell me?
  141. Rumbling sensation.
  142. Dreaming topics ?
  143. What counts as wild?
  144. Favourite Dream Characters - abnormal?
  145. ITT: Dream-related Literature
  146. Was I close to a WILD or not????
  147. Dream skip made me lose lucidity?
  148. Can the subconscious hint that you're dreaming?
  149. Who here has WBTB as their favorite method?
  150. OOKAYYY weird but cool experience, need some answers
  151. Creating new bodyparts.
  152. So Many Methods, So Many FAILS
  153. Give me something to do please
  154. Problem waking up during Lds
  155. Lucidology 101 & Nicholas Newport (Entire Video Course Here)
  156. Bizarre Lucid expierence. Needing some answers from people educated in this matter.
  157. Masturbation/sex + Release = SP?
  158. What is the...
  159. So what is this anyway??
  160. Dark Cloud Man Attacks Me
  161. How Do I Get More Lucidity?
  162. Shortest, but most vivid LD
  163. semi-lucid nightmare
  164. Is this normal?
  165. We need to make a Lucid-Invoking song.
  166. I give up because I believe it is impossible for me to become lucid..
  167. Something Interesting
  168. First encounter of the old hag? And intentional Shift of dream.
  169. I have a dream every 2 days???
  170. Just had my first lucid dream!
  171. Great idea to force reality checks
  172. Not sure if I'm in the right place but.....
  173. the kick
  174. Sleep paralysis? People move in their sleep all the time?
  175. The Next Step
  176. After waking up from a lucid dream.
  177. Need Help With My Dream-Guide!!!
  178. I met my husband in a dream?
  179. Is it possible to become addicted to lucid dreaming?
  180. Drinking Woke me up
  181. Cant get dild
  182. When is the (or your) best time for brain flood influence?
  183. Exploring The World of Lucid Dreaming
  184. The "Laws" of dreaming
  185. Have you ever? and some question
  186. FA/WILD thing
  187. How do i create this particular world in a LD?
  188. I may have found my Dreamsign. HOw do i realize I'm dreaming from it?
  189. Why am I so stupid in dreams?
  190. cannabis
  191. Arizona Killer Jared Loughner and Lucid Dreaming: Time Magazine Flub?
  192. Increasing Lucidity, No Control
  193. I swear..
  194. paul tholey, allen worsley and others.
  195. I know now what I need to ask..
  196. Son of a....There it goes again (help)
  197. Lucid dream killer?
  198. Lucid Dreams, and Science.
  199. Dream Ejaculation
  200. Cool Short Movie I Found
  201. What to ask my Dream Guide?
  202. New Mattress ... Differences?
  203. Is it possible to be aware in more than one location?
  204. I Somehow brought my Ipod Touch into a dream
  205. Dream Characters
  206. Hypnagogic Drive Bys
  207. Is it better to obey dream characters?
  208. Has anyone tried this pill called The Lucid Dreamer"?
  209. First Time..
  210. Very inportant Help needed for my friend
  211. Concepts from Inception are invading my dreams
  212. Feelings of extreme weakness after MILD/WILD Attempt.
  213. Lucid Dreams Always Disturbed
  214. Climbing the mountain...
  215. What would you do if...
  216. Help! Semi-Lucid SP encounters??
  217. Back...again!
  218. Vivid and Crafty DC Waking me Up
  219. Hi, been a while since I have been on these forums, got some questions
  220. Tucson Shooter Jared Lee Loughner Was A Lucid Dreamer :U
  221. Does poor eyesight hinder lucid dreaming?
  222. Lucid dream followed by wired false awakening
  223. Weird Series of dreams, possibly shared.
  224. have you created something based on a book,film or tv series?
  225. Why would you not want to lucid dream?
  226. Sleep Paralysis
  227. Physical effort =better recall?
  228. Stop kicking me!
  229. My lucid dream experiences and a recent breakthrough.
  230. Question? My BF older Sister keeps on appearing in my dreams.
  231. A "go-to" for personal defense in dreams
  232. Weed in Dreams
  233. *Insert LD Myth Here* Dream Project for anyone interested in joining me.
  234. Questions from a newbie :)
  235. No Need for Stabilization
  236. Swallowing Saliva,unexpected side effect to being ill.
  237. No control over my lucid dreams? Why?
  238. Are there different levels of conscious?
  239. DC Weirdness
  240. Can you affect how you feel pain in an LD?
  241. !!!Zeo personal sleep coach!!!
  242. Odd Experience
  243. semi lucid or just very vivid?
  244. Conjuring a Skill in LD's
  245. Dangers of lucid dreaming? (A response to the Arizona shooting)
  246. New movement free rc idea. I need testers!!!
  247. Melatonin?!?!
  248. Justification
  249. Damn, I feel smart
  250. One of my best and fully controlled LD's yet.