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  1. Lucid Dreaming and the Feeling of Being Refreshed in the Morning: A Diary Study
  2. Reached Focus 100 and made life changing realizations
  3. Passive Lucidity
  4. Unable to open eyes while lucid
  5. WTF just happened to me. Read this now
  6. Talk about LD by buddhism teacher
  7. LD.......or OBE?
  8. How well can you visualize and lucid dream? Possible connection between those two.
  9. Article - Is it a good idea to cultivate lucid dreaming ?
  10. Can your subconscious-self be the one in control in your lucid dreams?
  11. Genre Specific Lucid Dreaming - Dreaming for Gamers and Movie Lovers!
  12. Lucid Dream Experiment 2020 - Get Involved!
  13. Here is a Comprehensive Video Series on Dreams and Lucid Dreaming.
  14. "Magic"in dreams
  15. Goals and motivations for Lucid Dreaming.
  16. How real are your non-lucid dreams?
  17. 💀 LUCID SCREAM 💀 - Lucid HALLOWEEN Thread (Happy Halloween Everyone!)
  18. Being Lucid inside a dream inside a dream
  19. Did I Lucid Dream? - How to know if you were lucid dreaming.
  20. Childhood nightmares birthing skilled natural LDers?
  21. Spontaneous lucid dream after a 10 year(!) dryspell.
  22. Problems with point of view
  23. Found my dream guide!
  24. Creator of Explore Lucid Dreaming is silencing anyone exposing his past scams!
  25. Before Bed Priorities
  26. Lucid Dream Goals
  27. Everything wrong with Explore Lucid Dreaming [DEBUNKING]
  28. Food in dreams
  29. A Warning For Beginner Lucid Dreamers (worth watching before you start learning)
  30. Back to LDing - But taking the lazy route
  31. The Strange Problem of Waking Up Too Quickly?
  32. Beginner's Guide to Lucid Dreams (fighting the hype)
  33. Lament: Never want to DJ in the mornings
  34. Using Music to Control Dreams (New Lucid Dreaming Resource)
  35. Discussion of artwork in dreams
  36. How to Lucid Dreams INSTANTLY tonight (and every night forever...)
  37. How to emulate sleep to practice lucid dreaming technique?
  38. Philosophical question: If you're dreaming you're having an LD are you actually having an LD?
  39. Lucid Dreaming using multiple alarms and intervals
  40. Post pictures of places you've visited in LDs
  41. Neat idea for lucid dreaming activities!
  42. Experiences with Projected Meditation for Lucid Dreaming
  43. Any upcoming contests?
  44. Stop negative thoughts from affecting lucid dreams.
  45. Think I had my second ld and might have issues with rc?
  46. Lucid Dreaming Reddit AMA - With author/researcher Daniel Love
  47. Minimalism as a lucid dreaming technique
  48. 💀😭Lucid Dreaming is IMPOSSIBLE 😭💀
  49. What teachings brought you your LD's about yourself?
  50. Three Questions
  51. Are there computers in your dream? How do they work?
  52. Problem with SSILD
  53. CBD Oil
  54. I think I may have had my first real lucid dream and was totally baffled by it and what happened
  55. Can WBTB work with around 3 hrs of sleep?
  56. Dreaming about trying to lucid dream
  57. A guardian snake which gave me no fear
  58. When you did something impossible/fantastic in your lucid dreams, how did dream characters react?
  59. What do you usually do in a LD?
  60. Hypnagogia and the REM Cycle
  61. Experiences with Blue Lotus and can it have negative effects on lucid dreaming?
  62. FIVE Real Dangers of Lucid Dreaming
  63. I'm having trouble falling asleep after WBTB? What can I do to remedy this?
  64. Passive Lucidity
  65. What is it like seeing or meeting a celeb in a dream?
  66. Hypnosis - Flying Fantasy made me go lucid.
  67. What can I do about broken and poorly formed dreams?
  68. What changes should I make to my LD practice?
  69. Being attacked by and then killing an animal
  70. Little open call for LD participants/musicians | | art project about lucid dreams
  71. Another query regarding hypnagogic states
  72. Levels of Consciousness in Dreams
  73. App like Alarmy with customizable auto-dismiss
  74. Fears of success
  75. Dog presented himself
  76. prime directive of the dream world
  77. What should I do in a hypogogic state/sleep paralysis?
  78. The dream feeling
  79. Was I in a hypogogic state?
  80. Different sleep schedules weekly
  81. Why Do We Do This?
  82. Understanding Dream Characters
  83. My first LD with control - an incredible experience
  84. LD from FA?
  85. Perspective of Motion
  86. Transferring from one location to another
  87. False Awakening?
  88. Age and Lucidity
  89. Does anyone else see things at night/in the dark???
  90. Reverse Engineering Your Dream Signs
  91. How do I train my subconscious mind to wake up when I see lucid wet dreams?
  92. questions about 1st time FILD/lucid dream
  93. Hi, Finger induced lucid dream.
  94. Afternoon nap window
  95. Why would anyone want to lucid dream, surely it's undesirable?
  96. Is this considered a CEV??
  97. Chain of DEILD or multiple LD in a row?
  98. Present versus future tense phrasing of mantras for MILD
  99. Sleep paralysis and lucid dreams
  100. My one month experiment
  101. Goal for 2019?!
  102. Lack of motivation, searching for a high level lucid.
  103. How long till I perform RCs in Dreams?
  104. Ex covered in blood
  105. Want to learn MILD a little easier?
  106. possible wake back to bed device announced at ces 2019 dream medation headband by muse.
  107. Using Amazon Echo to Dream Journal
  108. Defending a child against a demon
  109. PD Ouspensky
  110. Dream mirrors are priceless
  111. When and which induction technique to branch out to
  112. Ever run into lucid dream characters?
  113. Questions pertaining to dream guides
  114. Undergraduate lucid dream study
  115. Not sure what to do
  116. Hypnagogic imagerie
  117. Is this sleep paralysis?
  118. Lucid Sleep
  119. Dreams of Lucid Dreaming
  120. Permanent places to visit in dreams?
  121. Best brand for galantamine?
  122. Hello again
  123. What alarm clock apps are u guys using?
  124. Heya guys been forever
  125. Found a reddit thread what do you think is it legit
  126. Lucid dreams against social phobia?
  127. How to make certain characters / themes come up in dreams
  128. What are the novel conscious states you experienced through lucid dreaming?
  129. I always look up ..
  130. Is there a podcast where people describe their lucid dreams?
  131. Question about the Day After...
  132. During meditation
  133. I found my way back!
  134. Some lucid dream questions
  135. Dreams of Being NAKED
  136. Looking for Waking Nomad
  137. Strange experience when practising WILD
  138. Is Life a Simulation?
  139. Can only remember 4 lines for DJ
  140. Variation of SSILD - Very effective
  141. More mental clarity during LDs.
  142. Help me, please!
  143. What happened last night?
  144. Days off practicing and DCILD
  145. Strange ability???
  146. Is using a phone for reality checks a good?
  147. Confused on WILD
  148. Free Online Reality Check
  149. Reoccurring darkness in dreams
  150. Teaching children to lucid dream
  151. natural lucid dreamers?
  152. Returning to lucid dreaming, Some experience.
  153. Easy WILD technique - "Anchor"
  154. Am I doing the WILD method correctly?
  155. The Dream Gene? - Have we Discovered the Genes for Dreams? - BREAKING NEWS
  156. Fish starting to read Dreamviews and Sageou's courses
  157. After 1 Year and 27 lucid dreams, I finally got to fly.
  158. DEILD Technique in One Minute...
  159. Totems for Stabilization
  160. Lucid Dreaming Hypnosis (Free!)
  161. Dream Guides - Are They Real?
  162. Struggling with Dream Recall
  163. Why should I do reality checks?
  164. SpongeBob and Lucid Dreaming
  165. Wish fulfillment without lucid dreaming?
  166. Trance question
  167. InstaDreamer - Can You Lucid Dream Instantly? (review live stream and Q&A today!)
  168. Lucid Dreaming Live Stream Q&A - TODAY - with Daniel Love, HowToLucid & SpaceTimeBadass
  169. ★ The most AMAZING lucid dreaming machine EVER ★ It FINALLY happened...
  170. The Benefits of Sleep Masks (Bite Size Tips)
  171. DMT & Lucidity
  172. Wake Back To Bed (WBTB) - In One Minute
  173. New Lucid dreaming Method?
  174. I think I might have Lucid Dreamed last night, how do I add on to this progress?
  175. Reality Checks - ƃuᴉɯɐǝɹp noʎ ǝɹɐ
  176. How many of you have asked your dream this question?
  177. ❓ DOES FREE WILL EXIST ❓ (and what does this mean for lucid dreaming?)
  178. YOUR Lucid Dreaming Journey
  179. Strangest creatures/monsters you've seen?
  180. Strange repeating egypt symbols afterimage before sleep
  181. I cannot fall back alseep after attempting MILD.
  182. Dry Spell Over
  183. Is around 3hrs of sleep too little for WBTB?
  184. Auto-Shutoff Alarm for FILD, WILD, WBTB, DEILD, and more!
  185. lonewolf's Lucid progress journal
  186. How can you lucid dream while being stressed/anxious?
  187. Too much grounding up, can't get out of the dream (help pls)
  188. Looong dry spell! Please help!
  189. Lucid dream Mild at night tips
  190. Hey People...
  191. Quick question.
  192. Why is there so many dream negativity posts?
  193. Lucidity 2.0 - The Free All-in-one Lucid Dreaming App Released!
  194. Hypnagogia like a Dream
  195. My Lucid Dreams are very unstable
  196. What is the importance of this?
  197. A strange man in my dreams: is he my dream guide?
  198. What happen if you take psychedelics in a dream?
  199. All of my LDs are extremely short
  200. Am I lucid?
  201. Alcohol
  202. Need some help on my new sleep schedule to LD?
  203. Frustrated with LD'ing
  204. getting out of bed to RC
  205. does anyone remember past dreams, whilst dreaming?
  206. My plan has been laid out. Am I missing something?
  207. How do you lucid dream a videogame?
  208. Was this a lucid dream? xD
  209. My WILD technique that might get me killed some day + a nice tip for fixing bugs in LD's.
  210. How Many Dreams A Night Correlation To REM Stages
  211. Open your mind
  212. (⊙ω⊙) - rick and morty | lucid dreaming video -
  213. Inception Lucid Dream Levels
  214. Randomness of altered states of consciousness...
  215. Did you ask a question and received a useful answer?
  216. Lucid - saw myself in the mirror for the first time
  217. Lucid Euphoria: Why?
  218. Trouble controlling LD
  219. Methodologies for the daily worker
  220. was this a lucid dream?
  221. WBTB with Mild or SSILD
  222. Any techniques for waking yourself up from a lucid dream?
  223. I'm scared...
  224. Kissing the ocean
  225. Complete beginner, 3 lucid dreams in one night. It is normal or I experience normal dreams?
  226. most of my lucid dreams are lightless and empty
  227. Dominating dream figures and consequences
  228. Mind Bending Dream Control
  229. Always wake up after asking a question
  230. I get scared after becoming lucid
  231. Need tips to help me avoid losing lucidity please HELP
  232. *Serious - Split conscience, one awake, one LD, PLEASE HELP
  233. Was that an accidentally performed DEILD?
  234. Questions about Image Streaming (for those who have tried it).
  235. Let's call them "Dream Checks" instead of "Reality Checks"
  236. WBTB + WILD help?
  237. Happy Lucid Dreaming Day 2018!
  238. Starting point
  239. Calling them "reality" checks
  240. Retrieving lost password in lucid dreams?
  241. Help with transitioning vibrations into LD's and AP's
  242. Reading and ADA
  243. Go to RC and the dream fades
  244. As a complete beginner, what methods should I use to LC?
  245. Your longest WILD/VILD
  246. Need a little bit of help
  247. Cool and unusual pets!
  248. Upcoming lucid dreaming competition in April 2018
  249. Instant Lucid Dream Pill!! 100% Effective!
  250. Remembering the Future - New Lucid Dreaming Video