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  1. What type of Lucid Dream is it?
  2. First post, bizarre dream experience
  3. What makes a LD vividly realistic?
  4. Becoming lucid then just completely loosing it...
  5. 'Day Walking'
  6. Too vivid dreams and cant sleep.
  7. This feels like a dream...
  8. About the LD community
  9. How do you make your lucid dreams more vivid?
  10. I'm ready.... Ehh well not really
  11. Unusual Sleeping Conditions - Let's Sleep The Wrong Way Round In Bed!!
  12. Some weird stuff right here :)))
  13. Dream Journal Encouragement
  14. What was your first deliberate lucid experience?
  15. Is This Sleep Paralysis Or My Imagination Getting Carried Away?
  16. First lucid(kinda) dream!
  17. How Do You Benefit from LD's In Your Waking Life?
  18. Dreams like movies, not watching however. Help me out!
  19. What technique was used in my first Lucid Dream?
  20. False Awakening - Real?
  21. recalling waking memories while in a lucid dream
  22. Why does your logic center turn off while you dream?
  23. Trouble with falling back asleep after WBTB.
  24. There is no waking life or dreams?
  25. What if I try a DEILD right at the end of an REM period?
  26. wake up at beginning or middle of REM?
  27. Just some questions.
  28. I've never had a "normal" dream. I'm never not aware.
  29. Testing the relationship between lucid dreaming and physical world
  30. The most efficient AND easy lucid dream induction technique?
  31. Wake up in the most important part of the dream
  32. Missed RC opportunities?
  33. The BIG inspirational lucid dreaming music thread.
  34. While dreaming, is there a way of telling how much time you have left in the REM cycle?
  35. Trouble remembering what my primary dream goal is while lucid.
  36. How will drug use affect lucid dreaming?
  37. Types of intent
  38. Can you make lucid dreams feel like convincing Out-of-Body Experiences?
  39. Fear of nightmares?
  40. What do you do in your LD?
  41. Whats the most Noob-Friendly Lucid dreaming tecniqe?
  42. Boring lucid dreams!
  43. When exactly did Stephen LaBerge start his MILD experiment?
  44. Trouble with DEILD
  45. I need help
  46. Dull Lucid Dreams
  47. CPAP and POTIONS
  48. What if my dreamsign cant work in real life?
  49. How can I prevent pain in Lucid Dreams?
  50. Is this possible?
  51. If I Have Good Dream Recall Will I have Very Vivid Dreams?
  52. What are some good books on LD?
  53. How good shoud my dream recall be before i start LDing?
  54. Study finds that video games change the way you dream
  55. MDMA after-effects
  56. DEILD stacking is hard
  57. How Would you Want to Fly? How Do you Fly Now?
  58. Odd Experience Last Night, Has This Happened to You?
  59. Tales from Eden
  60. Remembering the night?
  61. Are there dream content differences between DILDs and WILDs ?
  62. One of my recurring lucid dreams is coming true!
  63. Tattoo ideas that symbolize dreaming/lucid dreaming....I want your ideas!
  64. reality check and people?
  65. Biggest FACEPALM
  66. Does it usually take this long?
  67. First lucid dream
  68. My Mind is playing tricks on me!
  69. Is this normal?
  70. Asmr
  71. Dreams Becoming Video Games
  72. Time Related Issues With DJ
  73. Lucid dreaming in a dream or Am I lucid dreaming
  74. Pro-longing lucid dreams and gaining control
  75. How Detailed Are Your Lucid Dreams?
  76. I feel lucky
  77. Getting Scared When Lucid
  78. List of all Lucid Dreaming manuals and guide books
  79. some ?s.
  80. Is lucid dreaming worth sacrifing the time before falling asleep?
  81. listening to chilled music while trying to LD?
  82. Awareness problem
  83. Dream Journal Volume 2: I Need Your Ideas!
  84. What to do in a LD
  85. Thought in dreams?
  86. Semi-lucid or Vivid Dream?
  87. As time progresses how often should I become Lucid
  88. LD newbie questions and plans.
  89. Question regarding other peoples reactions in a dream.
  90. Unusual Dream
  91. My basic take on LDing techniques
  92. What lucid dreaming technique has the best results?
  93. Buddhist scholar on dreaming and novadreamer
  94. How often should I do RCs?
  95. I am confused.
  96. Is this a lucid dream and how can i better them?
  97. How to stay in a dream after becoming lucid
  98. Extracting and processing information
  99. Anyone here had OBE?
  100. Skype Lucid Discussion
  101. Trouble seeing in dreams
  102. Announcement: Unofficial LD Waking Life Greeting
  103. became non lucid in the middle of a dream
  104. is it possible to plant idea in my subconscious?
  105. Lucid Dreaming to relive a memory, and change it.
  106. Has lucid dreaming changed your perception of reality?
  107. Can't Maintain a Lucid Dream
  108. Very low quality LD's
  109. Any Lucid Dreamers on Oahu?
  110. asking my sub.mind what's wrong with me :?
  111. Looked into mirror
  112. Was this a lucid dream?
  113. Does DILD involve SP?
  114. please guys, remove my doubts
  115. The absolutely strangest thing happened.. not sure if LD or what.. please read!
  116. Quiet entry into the present moment
  117. Some tips on Lucid dreaming. I believe I was close last night
  118. I'm gonna try to Dream Bomb my wife
  119. Trying to reality check from a dream and immediatly wake up.
  120. Does Lucid Dreaming actually cause sleep paralysis experiences?
  121. Lucid Dreamer Survey: Personality Types
  122. New to LD - can it help me get back to where I want to be?
  123. Very little control
  124. Lucidity check
  125. My Lucid Dreaming Experiences
  126. little confused
  127. Jack White, handball players in my kitchen and casual flight
  128. 5 senses, which can you best visualize & their use in anchoring, prolonging, etc during LDs.
  129. Is this the true power of MILD?
  130. It`s possible to forget that you tried wild?
  131. Dream character won't talk
  132. How to induce a nightmare?
  133. Weird experience I had with dream characters.
  134. What to do when you meet people not interested in Lucid dreaming?
  135. My issue with lucid dreaming
  136. I want to be in my Lucid Dream or in Astral Plane forever
  137. Unable to do anything
  138. first lucid!!
  139. False Awakenings after WBTB
  140. It's just not the same anymore
  141. Film about Lucid Dreaming
  142. My Brother
  143. A Tutorial for All levels (Mostly Point-form)
  144. How to stop dream environment from changing?
  145. Just saying hi, and thanks for all the useful help
  146. Help me understand this!
  147. Simple curiosity
  148. Real Life and Lucid Dreaming
  149. Can you perform a WBTB after a midday nap?
  150. Question about a really tricky dream!-LONG READ, but please HELP!
  151. Need Help!
  152. My method of achieving lucidity. Works EVERY time!!!!!!
  153. Can Lucid dreaming in any way be used to aid depression?
  154. I Had a dream about a girl I don't know
  155. New Theory: Using REM Rebound to Increase Dream Awareness and Lucidity
  156. Not sure how to explain this
  157. Binaural beats and LD
  158. Advil PM's effect on WILD attempt
  159. lucid dream about EX-GF
  160. really?...lol
  161. Dream RPing?
  162. Who or what should we blame for the lack of lucidity ?
  163. Thinking about things before falling asleep
  164. Been trying to LD for months, always falling asleep or starting to panic during SP
  165. Lucid Dreaming As a Learning Tool
  166. Ask Your Enemy For a Gift
  167. Stuff that triggers lucidity and some that don't
  168. Half-dreaming and half-WILDing
  169. Suddenly pain is naturally happening to me in both lucid dreams and dreams.
  170. 2014 Lucid Goals
  171. Changing what lucid dreams look like?
  172. A query about visualization and mental imagery
  173. Dreaming Communication
  174. Why did I forget it?
  175. Increasing lucidity
  176. Weird sleep paralysis experience.
  177. What was your sleeping position in your last LD, if you can remember ?
  178. Confusion about a dream I had
  179. Dream Guide Question
  180. Various discouraging things I've run into while attempting to LD
  181. Haven't been here in awhile!
  182. A lucid dream within a non-lucid dream
  183. Non-Lucid Flying
  184. Lucid Dreaming Milestones Reached!
  185. The moment I become lucid...
  186. Alter Ego's
  187. Moments of feeling lucid while awake!
  188. Does Willing Myself to Wake Up From a Nightmare Make it a Semi-Lucid Dream?
  189. Different sensation on hypnagogia
  190. Can a Dream within a Dream prolong your lucid time?
  191. Loosing RCs problem
  192. Reality Check Habits
  193. Increasing my lucidity in dreams
  194. Linking Dreams?
  195. Help
  196. An undesired side-effect from LD
  197. from hypnagogic hallucinations to lucid dreaming?
  198. I'm feeling too tired in lucid dreams
  199. I am a natural lucid dreamer, and I'm scared?
  200. Sleep paralysis makes me not want to lucid dream
  201. Lucid Dreaming Fiction/Films?
  202. I still dont see a point in this
  203. Will this Work?
  204. Strange "Lucid" Experience. OBE? Lucid Dream? Sleep Paralysis?
  205. Sleep paralysis...?
  206. Question on stages of sleep.
  207. physical changes in real life due lucid dreaming ?
  208. Lucid Dreams affecting Waking Life Emotions
  209. Failed to RC in a FA
  210. Failing to stabilize LD's.
  211. WILD TIPS? Where am i going wrong?
  212. Reality Checks During Transitions!!!!
  213. Becoming "Unlocked" in dreams.
  214. Need tips on improving self awareness
  215. How to induce False Awakenings often?
  216. Can't forget about my hands!
  217. Everyday lucid dreams but...
  218. Uncontrollable spinning effect?
  219. The Haunted Room at Grandpa's House
  220. Advice form the subconscious
  221. Just finished talking to a natural lucid dreamer
  222. First Lucid Dream?
  223. Using lucid dreams to release aggression/violence.
  224. Common Things Only in Dreams
  225. Dream Theory
  226. Bathroom dreams
  227. I want to try getting back into LDing
  228. I watch my dreams, I don't take part in it?!! help
  229. Encouragement for older Lucid-dreaming-hopefuls
  230. first lucid dream!!!!
  231. All Lucid and Non-Lucid Dreams are Multi-Layered.
  232. The Effects of Dream Journals on Communication
  233. In Asia most People practice lucid dreaming?
  234. How can I WAKE UP?!
  235. Recall is a temperamental creature
  236. When my girlfriend lucid dreams -.-
  237. Waking early
  238. Visiting a Lucid Dream Sleep Lab
  239. Wild + deild?
  240. Scared of staying lucid?? Please help!
  241. Dream within a dream
  242. Lucid Dreaming YouTube Channel
  243. Music and Lucid Dreaming
  244. Lucid dreaming
  245. What are Some of your Favorite Lucid Dream Momments
  246. Working out in Lucid Dreams?
  247. I want to STOP becoming lucid!
  248. My Suggestion is to Question
  249. Some of my old threads about lucid dreaming are wrong
  250. Are feelings just imagination in dreams?