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    1. The key

      by , 10-07-2019 at 06:39 AM
      Frusterating warcraft
      I forget the earlier part of the dream I feel like I was in an apartment , the in downtown with a pool. It was around 4-5pm and I was bored in the dream. I had some time to kill so I decided to play some warcraft 3. I was playing elf against an orc. What was special about this time was that it was more vivid and realistic than before. As the other times it was more of me watching, this time I was playing it and I felt the frustrations while playing the game. It was the old fashioned orc style with Bm. I was pretty annoyed as he sniped my wisps and stuff. I had a DH first and warden second. Sh, she died but the DH did manage to kill the BM in the end and he got level 5!. Maybe I had a chance after all as I skilled the evasion level 3.

      I think I dreamt about this because I haven't played this game in a while. I wanted to play it the night before a little but the game just wouldn't boot.

      Lucid, meditations
      I was in some sort of an open space. Like an office or something. It was more of an open concept place rather than closed off. And the environment was pretty bright. I was lucid and remembered that I wanted to meditate for the whole dream if possible. I began to sit and meditate and closed my eyes...

      I was somewhere else when I opened my eyes. But wheer? Don't know, just meditate

      I awoke again in the dream and I was in something like a party, it looked like a wedding or similar since everyone was in formal wear. I was lucid so I sat and meditated again.

      I repeated this for about 5-6 times.

      Meditated in an apartment building once. I think maybe it was the same building as the previous dream.

      FA omnilucid class, THE KEY
      I FA into a classroom after I closed my eyes from meditation from last time. I am feeling the pressure to follow the dream plot or feeling a peer pressure sort of feeling and lose my lucidity. I was going around and looking for a piece of paper. A big white piece of paper. Perhaps I wanted it for writing down DJ, or perhaps it was for the school project we were working on.

      I am wandering around the classroom and meandering among the desks where classmates sat. I was initially at the back of the room, to the left. I was in that block of desks that clumped together to form a kind of a group for a group project. I walked up towards to the front of the class to the front left. I think I find my paper here. Someone in the class had lost their wallet and I was going around the class to help him find it. I looked at my wallet and it was green, and just like my wallet. I asked for others' wallets and theirs were also the same wallet. Perhaps this could help gotten me lucid. I found a wallet somewhere and find the brown guy who lost his wallet to the front right of the class. I gave him the wallet, he thanked me and I went back to my desk, the one to the front and left from earlier.

      I notice something in my hand. It was a KEY. A golden key. It was wide and metallic and I felt the heft of it in my hands. I thought "was this the key to omnilucidity?" as I caressed the key in my hands. Maybe this was a chance to get lucid.

      Anyways the teacher for this class shows and she beings playing a youtube video on the projector for us to watch. This video was a guide on omnilucidity lol.

      In the video a guy and 3 girls in a jacuzzi or a small pool. As the man spoke things like "become short" or something, the girls became short, and whatever he said would happen/manifest accordingly.

      The other tip according to the video was to swim every other day.

      The last tip was to wear an armlet that coiled around your arms. They said it would make you lucid. They looked like elongated wheels that coiled around your arms. I change my focal point and notice that I was already wearing these wheel armlets on each arm!

      Youtube Working out

      Now the dream was about a youtube reality show. It was about a guy who was changing his ways. He was doing weight lifting and working out and stuff. It was pretty interesting and I began to get attached to his character. One scene was like the pool in the house. The video became third person when I watched them. But the channel I was watching the show on ran out of episodes and the rest of the shows were segmented throughout different channels.

      Anji - demon guide

      A demon lady stood in front of me. She said she was a guide to help me and her name was Anji.


      The key:
      I felt something important about the key. I know it was related to lucidity but there was something else that kind of pieced together as I reflected upon it.

      There was a reoccurring lucid nightmare if you will, about a large old metal door. It was very heavy and very large. It would not budge an inch when I tried to push it, and it lacked a handle. I tried to go through it many times on different days but it didn't let me pass. Each time I was there it was pitch dark and I was scared, it instilled enormous fear inside me each time.

      Perhaps the key from today is the key to this door. What could be behind the door?

      MODERATOR FTP ACCOUNT-key-dream.jpg
      Should probably find a better way to draw methinks.

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    2. October 6, 2019 Non-Lucid

      by , 10-06-2019 at 03:59 PM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream scene was this giant crowd of people looking at a stage and cheering. I look at the stage to see my buddy Moo up there and he's about to perform a cover performance of Logic, but before he starts he gets out this little ring box, gets on one knee, and proposes to his girlfriend. She flicks the ring up in the air and it lands on her finger and then they kiss as the crowd cheers. Then Moo starts rapping a song. The crowd is now a bunch of rows of seats on a plane but you can't really see the roof or the wings, it's just the seats and we're flying through the air low to the ground. I'm running up and down the aisles talking to various people. At some point there's an old lady on the plane that we think is psychic who sort of mutters to herself that the plane is going down. People catch wind so everyone goes back to their seats and buckles up. We look in the distance and we see this massive explosion going off. We're in the mountains now on some highway system and our plane tips over and is now this 18 wheeler turned on its side sliding down the highway.

      We're now in this factory and someone is explaining out loud that this is a gang in another country where you can come and go as you please. 1/5 of the time you're doing legal work and the rest is illegal stuff. The factory shifts and now it's some sort of water slide attraction but you can also put skewers of meet in the water slide and it'll go through to be cooked. I see my Dad going through the slide and he tells me to get in. I'm leaning over the stream of water trying to grab some skewers to throw them in with us but keep missing. The skewers hit this little catch thing hanging down that let the skewers in systematically. I see some other people riding through the system.

      At some point I'm on a beach with my buddy thomas. The idea is that we're at a festival walking somewhere. We see this girl who we think is a porn star. Thomas decides he wants to get a picture with her so he asks this random person to take a picture of them. The person takes the picture tells me to go stand with them too so I go to the other side of the girl and smile for the picture. Thomas is doing some quick movements jumping around the camera. I throw up a peace sign and the porn star does this weird symbol with her hands like she puts her wrists together and her fingers jut out diagonally. We get the picture and start walking away. We see some attractions and we notice there's this row of computer workers all dressed in bathing suits like it was some perk of the job that they could tan and work there.
    3. dog, mma

      by , 10-06-2019 at 05:52 AM

      I was in the house that looked like #25. I had a dog and I was just hanging out with the dog for a while. I went up to the bedroom to lay down after a while and the dog tried to get on the bed. It had a generous amount of dirt and mud on it and I was a bit worried about the bed getting dirty. But I thought oh well and let it climb on the bed. Maybe A hint of awareness. Anyways the dog gets on the bed and it wasn't dirty any more. I just stay there for a bit and was there someone else on the bed? Maybe.

      After a while I decided to get off and the dog follows me. There's some kind of animal in a box and it's a rat! Or a mouse, a bit worried that the house is infested by rats.

      game center -> mma

      I was in some sort of an arcade mall. It had about 4 floors or something and the main entrance was one of those where there were no floors and the ceiling went way to the top. Not sure what to call that. Anyways I am going around it looking for people to play with. There were 2 black haired girls there and we began playing something. I got bored of it and went elsewhere. I went up the escalator to one of the upper floors and was transported to Japan. I think there was a desire to go there. A desire to eat!

      I met an old Japanese man with short white hair. He looked like a typical okinawan with very tan skin. He was running a food stall with many different kind of foods. He calls me over and hands me what he says is the best stuff at the moment - Seafood, that's in season. It was a large shrimp. Very large, almost lobster sized. It was shrimp sashimi basically and it had a lovely plump texture with slight sweetness of shrimp. I was in ecstasy, a foodgasm for sure. The perspective of the dream beings to shift now though. I begin to see it in a third person.

      I see a young man who was entering fights. Not sure exactly what kind. I'll just say it was MMA, because it was boxing at times, and wrestling at other times. I think it had mostly wrestling feel. He was winning his fights and things seems to be progressing smoothly. But then the girls from the previous arcade shows up. They wanted to sabotage him and his fighting conquest. They put him under sleep with anesthesia and took him to some back-alley surgeon. They operated him an gave him a plastic surgery. It was a breast augmentation or a pectoral muscle surgery. Just the chest looked bigger. He went into the next fight and still won though. This frustrated the chubby girl though.


      things to focus on while wake
      -be active
      -have/remember a goal
      -be aware (of actions)
      -eat stuff (2 eggs)

      Do this:
      Stop, listen, focus(breathe), remember.
    4. Pulling a Rope (Buckboard Wagon)

      by , 10-05-2019 at 10:02 AM
      Morning of October 5, 2019. Saturday.

      Dream #: 19,283-02. Reading time: 1 min 15 sec.

      I am in an unknown ambiguous setting with the common factor of indoor-outdoor ambiguity. The area is not well-lit. While it is implied to be outside, I also sense it is inside a big building with a high ceiling. The floor/ground is smooth.

      I am pulling a rope from a horizontally-oriented reel on a buckboard wagon. I vividly feel the movements and sensations in my arms as I pull the rope. The wooden vehicle is at least six feet away (facing away), and the reel, its width nearly that of the wagon, is under the seat. The rope is coming from up and behind the reel.

      I am guiding the rope at about waist-level to an unfamiliar man who is standing about six feet beyond a cattle fence. He, in turn, is guiding the rope to an unseen man farther away (whom I sense may be sitting or lying down). I am unaware of a backstory that might explain why I am here. Eventually, the end of the rope prevents farther pulling as it is attached to the reel.

      The unseen man is my potential emerging consciousness. The man I am guiding the rope to is my preconscious (the personification of my reticular activating system and vestibular cortex) though here as a subliminally summoned vestibular witness (for correlation and potential coalescence). The buckboard wagon is autosymbolism for my physicality while in the dream state (as all single vehicles often are). The rope, attached to the reel/“real” ends because my dream self’s fictitious mental model cannot move my real physical body. In this case, the fence is autosymbolism for the virtual division between subliminal and liminal space, though typically the division between subliminal or liminal space and wakefulness. The reel is under the seat of the wagon as an association with being able to get up. (In this case, there is no drop or anticipation of one.)

    5. back on track!

      by , 10-05-2019 at 05:41 AM
      I had some inner demons or something, but I had help dealing with it and now I'm back on track for lucid dreaming!

      Avocado, Beach
      I was on a beach. There were 4 of us there and we we replaying some sort of sport 2 on 2. The ball was an avocado and the goal post were made up of avocados too. Basically the objective was to throw the avocado to try to land it between 2 avocados of the other team's avocado goal post. It was played on shallow shore. Pretty interesting sport. I ate avocado upon awakening just to humor this dream.

      Amos x2or3 lucid

      I was at the apartment on amos. I wilded into dream and was lucid immediately. I felt like the dream wouldn't last so I closed my eyes just to see what would happen. I was FA'ed back into the same apartment. I think the first scene may have been the outdoors of the place but now indoors. I looked around and there was a sofa there or a couch. And it looked like how it'd looked like before. Perhaps another FA here. There was a new tenant here it seemed. And there was an awful smell here. It was a cigarette. The cigarette was burned to the end whee it sat on the arm of the couch. It smelled really bad. The scent of stale cigarette was incredibly vivid and nauseating. I wanted to leave here and I probably should have planned where I'd go in terms of dreams cape rather than just leaving because I'd awoken.

      Bus Japan/city, morphing candy

      I was riding a bus on the way backhoe. It was the road I'd taken to walk back home while in the Japanese school by the countryside. I was riding it with some friends in HS. But as I kept looking at the outside from within the bus, the scenes perhaps changed into a different city. I'd feared that I'd got off too late and missed my stop. I suppose this is a past fear of missing bus stops manifesting in my dreams. Eventually Id ended up the the bus terminal which was like a mall that was under construction. I'd been in this construction site before. In a previous dream where I'd also missed the bus stops, the entire place was under construction. The theme that time.... a lot of construction workers and stuff, and some secrets about the place. This time the construction was mostly done and the dream area appeared to be much more broad. I could see more of the city. I got out of the bus with my friend and a new friend. I don't know who she was but she was nice so we became friends. We stopped at a stop somewhere in the city, felt like a downtown or some busy place. It was near a bus station and there were some strange stuff going on. There were some vending machines that were selling some new food or something. But the people who ate it were transformed. If you ate the food with the corresponding animal on it, you would kind of become partially that animal sort of thing. Very interesting.Everyone took some of those. They all turned into some weird thing. I took one and was temporarily somewhat giraffe like. With a long neck and stuff but not really a giraffe when I looked at myself after I entered a bathroom. I was back to normal eventually but not the others. We needed a way to get out. It seemed the rest of the people in the city were getting transformed and becoming hostile from this thing. We got on a helicopter and get away.

      Elves vs orcs


      I was In a mall and were shopping around with someone who was a friend, carl. We looked around the mall for stuff. This mall appeared to be somewhere in the city from the previous dream. Close, I'd say south? No it was more like northeast from the bus stop previously. I think there was also frank there. I forget some eventful stuff that happened in the dream but I remember that my cousin was there. He was kind of mean to me while I was maybe 3-4 years old and I remembered this. I told him I'd forgive him if he let me kick him. So I took my stance to get ready for a spinning kick. He ran away a couple of times though. Oh well. Carl steals something from the store. I think frank from earlier was working at this store. I told frank that carl was stealing something and carl is enraged. I just leave the mall.

      Primordial cats, strength

      Just some vision about primordial strength of humans. How human were pretty strong like other animals but they just gave up their primordial nature, unlike the sabertooth tiger that I was in the vision.

      Church, secret knowledge

      I was in a church or something similar. I went in there with someone. I forget who. I think she may have been the friend that I made in the bus dream earlier. I think it's her.We went to grab something to eat at the cafeteria and I went to sit down somewhere deeper into the building. I had a laptop with me and I began to type some kind of story. The screen was black and it had bright colored texts. Kind of like a cmd prompt or a dos interface but on a laptop. I began to type some kind of story about the hidden knowledge of something, as a story or a novel, I have no idea. One man who seemed like a pastor comes and tries to delete the stuff. But I go back to typing it again after. Another woman comes and she is offended by what I am writing and calls it blasphemy. She's like a nun or something. The pastor couldn't stop her and she chases me and my friend. We drive to get away from them and the roads to seems like the location is the same dream-city as in the previous dreams. There were police cars everywhere and they were blockading the road. Apparently the church was now after us. Can we get away from it all?

      Location wise I think it was closer to the mall than the bus stop. Well I'm not sure..

      Additional notes:

      Church was near a large body of water like a lake I think.

      Perhaps the lake was the beach scene from the avocado dream!

      Let me try MS paint...

      that automatic window that pops up to send a new user a PM-dreamscape.jpg

      S = school

      B1= beginning bus stop

      MB= missed busstop

      g/t= gas station/terminal

      C1/C2 = likely church location

      Helicopters - I been dreaming helicopters lately. Yesterday too was about mcdonalds with helicopters.

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    6. One Hundred Twenty Four

      by , 10-04-2019 at 08:20 PM
      In which Pete Buttigieg is a dwarf...

      I'm sleeping downstairs in the magic room. Slow jazz wakes me. I look towards the cracked open door, and light streams in. A small hand pushes it open

      Dwarf Pete Boot Edge Edge steps in, slowly dancing, turning, spinning, snapping his fingers, stepping in time, bouncing his knees, twirling across my room, passing my bed. I sit up and stare at him. He's maybe three feet tall and wearing nothing but a diaper.

      After several minutes, he dances his way to my window then climbs up my curtains like a koala up a tree. He jumps out the window and runs off into the moonlight.

      In which I keep throwing up small metal balls...

      I'm at an airport, coughing. There are small metal balls stuck in my throat, coming up from my stomach. I keep throwing them up. I collect them in my hands, so many I can't hold them all. I look for a bathroom. So many are spewing out now that I'm trailing them behind me. They come up with foam and bile. My hands and chin is dripping. People stare at me, and I vomit more balls.

      I follow a sign that points RESTROOM. I push open swinging doors and I'm in a public pool. I must cross a dividing rope in the pool to get to the other side. I rinse my foamy hands in the pool water, spilling the balls. They float. People are disgusted. I take off my shoes and start to swim, but I vomit in the water, more bile, more balls, floating around, bubbly.

      I make it to the other side and enter the door marked RESTROOM. There are women working out on weight machines. There is one toilet in the middle of the room, no sink. People line up to use the toilet. A woman sits on it, shitting in front of everyone.

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    7. Fus You, You Foul Bullies!

      by , 10-04-2019 at 07:30 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 10-04

      Fus You, You Foul Bullies!

      Regular Dream - Video Game / Semi-lucid - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am in high school. I’m a student. Everyone is outside doing a scavenger hunt. There are items we are supposed to gather. Everyone is looking. I find a trash can with plastic bottles in it so I collect the bottles. I want to recycle them. A couple of girls laugh at me for going through the garbage. I go inside the library and find a girl reading. She finishes some soda in a red plastic cup and throws the cup away. She gets a new cup out and pours more soda. Why doesn’t she use the same cup? I go and pull the cups from the trash. The girl asks if I’m recycling. I say yes. She drinks the soda in her current cup and hands it to me before taking out another new cup. I say she can use the same cup. She laughs and pours into the new cup. I am annoyed as I leave the library. It is dark outside. I didn’t think I’d been inside that long. I start walking home. After I go a short distance, I think I’m going the wrong way. I keep going and I come to a bridge. This isn’t the way home! There are people on the bridge that look like they’re arguing. I head over there. I rub my nose and something seems off, so I pinch my nose to do a reality check. I’m dreaming!

      The arguing from the people on the bridge sounds like it’s getting serious. I get closer and I hear them talking to each other, something about a hat. When I get closer still I hear expletives, some nasty slurs referring to gay people. Then the fight starts. Three guys start beating the crap out of a fourth while a fifth calls out for help. I go over there and the man calling for help tells me to go get help, fast, before they kill Ade! I don’t need help for a few bullies. I go over to them and yell at them to stop. I get their attention. One kicks the man they have been beating one more time before coming towards me. The man on the ground is writhing in pain. One of the bullies who looks to be the leader asks what I’m going to do if they won’t stop? He calls me a little girl and tells me to go away before he decides it’s ok to hit girls. I tell them to leave the two men alone or else. He asks or else what? Am I going to cry? I say no, but I will fus them off this bridge. He starts to undo his pants and says he’ll give me a fus I’ll never forget. He approaches me. I ask if they’re refusing to leave the two men alone. He says he’ll finish with them after he’s done with me.

      I surreptitiously position myself where I can hit the three bullies with one fus. I tell the lead bully he’s done right now then I fus all three of them. FUS-RO-DAH! The force blasts all three bullies off the bridge. I look after the three of them and I see the splashes as they hit the water below. They struggle for a bit to regain full motion and then swim for the shore. They are swimming for different places on the shore, but that’s not a problem. They’ll live. I see someone waiting on the bank where the lead bully is heading. That person is dressed in a clown suit! What the fus is a clown doing down there? The man who had been calling for help asks me how I did that. I pay no attention, I am watching the clown as he pulls the lead bully out of the water. The bully, clearly angry and not wanting help, pulls his arm free of the clown and glares at him. That makes the clown mad. The clown’s face transforms into one big maw with what looks like hundreds of razor-sharp shark teeth. The lead bully is screaming in terror when the clown literally bites his face off! What kind of monster is that? I jump off the bridge to go after what I am thinking must be a demon of some kind. But instead of falling into the water I fall into bed and wake up.

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    8. October 3, 2019 Frags

      by , 10-04-2019 at 05:05 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream was at my dad's old house. Usually these dreams are more like nightmares with ghosts and a sense of wanting to leave but it wasn't quite like that. I was waiting for my dad to get back from the garage.

      I had another dream a few nights ago in a town that backed up into the woods. The sky was grey. There was this massive structure that was like a tower but much less fortified, it felt like it could fall at any moment. The idea was that someone was going to jump off possibly to hurt themselves. The dream ended up shifting to this modern house that had been abandoned. There was a pool that had been emptied out. One of my coworker's R was there and we were flirting or something like that. At some point there was a hottub in the house and there was a group of people in there that I knew.

      Another dream about being in the woods. I had ran up this tree a few steps and suddenly I'm clinging to the top limb of this wobbly tree and I just want to get down but I'm afraid of falling.
    9. Nuclear explosion

      , 10-03-2019 at 09:08 PM (Turquoise Dreams)
      I'm standing on a sea or lake shore. All concrete, not a beach. Something is about to happen. Bad guys against good guys. A woman in long crimson dress jumps out of the helicopter to prevent being taken alive, or possible to sacrifice herself for others, to prevent the bad thing happening. I can't believe she jumped to her death, I know her and I like her.

      There is suppose to be a nuclear explosion, so people are standing up on park tables to see over the trees. Someone is with me and I tell them not to worry, we will see it without standing up. It's gonna be huge. And sure enough, over the water to the left, a huge mushroom cloud is forming. White one, soon turning into orange. We move a bit to see it better between the trees.

      There is a shockwave coming, full of dust, so I grab the other person's hand and we run to nearby building. Trying to open one glass door, but I know immediately it won't open, the handle is broken. But I yank one more time and it opens. The cloud is now right on top of us and I see an older woman looking in through the glass door disappointed that I just closed it. I think for a second, then open it and let her and others in. I stand in a door for a second, thinking that the cloud doesn't seem so dangerous, when i notice shimmering and sparkling particles in the air (like chaff from chaff grenade in a video game). I go back in.
    10. Staff, virus, nonsexual reproduction

      by , 10-03-2019 at 04:12 AM

      I was at some high school. It wasn't the most familiar one. It was well lit and bright. I saw being chased by x and gangs and I found a staff to fight them back. With the staff I poked them until they gave in. But there were others after me from behind too, so I poked them with the staff as well.

      None could stop me with a staff lol.


      It appeared to be the same school as previous or similar. The arrangement of the building was very reminiscent of the takeover dream by middle eastern empire dream.

      I was within the school and went outside. I forget where i was exactly after but I was with a group. They were students of the same school and we were arguing about something. I recall that I'd shaved my head inside the dream lol. We were still holding on the debate, but about what? I think I was getting more people in my side.

      I am in a different scene. Inside the school. I see a mirror or in third person and I'm this skinny Asian girl with shaved head now. Looked like amy. It was not a pleasant sight really. I regretted shaving my head. I went out again and we were still arguing but in a car this time. It was a jeep or similar. We were arguing about stuff and some students starts to become weird. They were infected with a sort of a virus and starts to grow rapidly like uncontrollable cancer. They grow and creep against objects like a fleshy mold, infecting others upon contract. We keep escaping... To space?

      Space, physical reproduction

      I was now in space. But was it space really? It felt like some strange realm away from earth. Pale pillars and stuff, hard to describe.

      There was some sort of alien or a creature there. He begins to communicate to me telepathically via visions.

      He showed me visions of humans in long past; they reproduced non physically or sexually. But one day a foreign entity had come and proceeded to sexually reproduce with humans until sexual reproduction became a norm for humans.
    11. The Dark Tower: I F’d Up In One Place

      by , 10-03-2019 at 12:18 AM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 10-02

      Regular Dream - Video Game / Semi-lucid - Lucid Dream - Notes

      The Dark Tower: I F’d Up In One Place

      I am in my bathroom. I am getting ready to go to bed. I am brushing my teeth. I look down and I see my kitty Shadow sitting in front of the tub. I know Shadow has crossed the Rainbow Bridge so I think she is a ghost. I go over and stroke her soft fur. I note how soft and silky the fur feels and I hear her reply with a purr. I keep petting her and she purrs louder. The bathroom door flies open and a man in robes who looks like Obi-Wan Kenobi rushes in, opens the toilet, then hikes up his robes and sits on the pot with an audible sigh of relief followed by some obnoxious noises. Shadow hisses at him and leaves the room. I am about to scold Obi-Wan Kenobi for scaring my ghost cat away, but I stop when I realize how absurd that sounds. Instead of getting mad at Obi-Wan Kenobi I pinch my nose to do a reality check. I am dreaming! Well that explains a lot…

      I want to get to the Dark Tower world. Doors are frequently used as portals in the Dark Tower world so I close the bathroom door and focus on the idea it will lead to the Dark Tower world. Then I remember I said I’d try to get MoSh in on the dream so I change my focus to MoSh’s inner world. Obi-Wan Kenobi makes some more obnoxious noises and a foul stench wafts from the toilet. I really want out of that bathroom now. I open the door and hurry through. I look around now and I see a place I don’t recognize. It looks like a normal neighborhood. MoSh is there, I go tell him it’s Dark Tower time. He asks if Jamie can come. I can’t remember who Jamie is. I ask MoSh if Jamie can handle herself if things get ugly. He doesn’t seem to know. I tell him I’m heading for the Dark Tower, or that’s where I hope to go. I look around for a door. I don’t see any door standing alone so I go to the door to a house. MoSh says he doesn’t know who lives there. I say it doesn’t matter, it leads to the Dark Tower.

      I open the door and step through into a field of roses. I am on a path leading through the roses to the Dark Tower, which is standing tall and dark at the end of the path in the middle of the roses. I hear a strange sound coming towards me from the tower and then the sound of Roland’s gun firing. There is an explosion not far from me as Roland tells me to get to cover for my father’s sake, he’s throwing sneetches! I look for MoSh and I see him there with a woman, they are headed towards the tower. The Crimson King is up on a balcony of the Dark Tower, I can see him in his red robes and hear him laughing like a maniac. Now he throws two of the spherical sneetches at once. I form each arm into an Alex Mercer blade and use the flat of the blade to knock them back, they explode safely in the distance. The Crimson King is having a tantrum. I look around again and I see some strange mutant Thalmor. When the Crimson King throws three more sneetches, I use my blades to knock them in the direction of those mutant Thalmor. Three of them explode in a bloody mess. Yuck.

      I see MoSh off to my left fighting with a mutant Thalmor that has a tiny little head and huge arms, but I can’t focus on that much because the Crimson King is getting hugely frustrated with his inability to hit me with a sneetch even though I’m out in the open. He keeps throwing more and I knock them away, and if I miss any Roland shoots them out of the air. I loudly ask the Crimson King if that’s all he’s got, because if it is then he’s more pathetic than I’d originally thought… and I’ve always thought he was pathetic. He has another tantrum as I get closer to the Dark Tower. It really seems as if all he’s got are sneetches, as he throws more of them. Now I am aiming them back at him. This is a bit more difficult to do so it takes a few tries before it finally works. One explosion on the balcony leads to a much larger explosion, probably the rest of the sneetches getting set off by the first one.

      Then I find I am with a couple other people at the base of the Dark Tower. Roland is there and he has been yelling a bunch of names, I don’t remember what names. Roland opens the door to the tower. I realize I still have the Horn of Eld. I’d hung on to it so it wouldn’t get lost before Roland reached the tower. Roland walks through the door to the tower and I quickly follow him to give him the horn. But when I get into the Dark Tower there is no sign of Roland. I am alone. I look around and start climbing. As I see familiar scenes in the rooms off of the stairway I realize that each person entering the Dark Tower would seem to enter their own instance of it… so I won’t be able to find Roland! Shit! I hurry up a few more levels until I have confirmed that I have fucked up royally. I focus on getting to wherever Roland is. At first it doesn’t work, but finally a door opens onto an endless desert. Roland is there and looks surprised to see me. I give him the horn and tell him if he wants to shoot me for my stupidity then go ahead. He just looks puzzled as I wake.
    12. Unlocking Soldiers (wall mediation in enigmatic space?)

      by , 10-02-2019 at 05:16 AM
      Morning of October 01, 2019. Tuesday.

      Dream #: 19,279-02. Reading time (optimized): 2 min.

      Wall mediation (precursory): My imaginary dream self integrates into a typical wall mediation scenario (that occurs at least once each sleep cycle). Despite the vividness and my instinctual attention to the process, my identity is mostly absent at first. There are several unfamiliar people present with me (to my right, waking orientation when on my left side) in an undefined room, though I do not look at them. I am close to a wall of a yellowish cream color, near where it meets a corner. The paint is densely cracked but not flaking. It seems there may be a haunted essence (caused by being between dreaming and waking when on a specific ultradian curve).

      Wall mediation (waking the sleeper): I mentally open the wall perpendicular to the first and to my left. Inside it (with only enough space to contain standing people who are facing outward) are four soldiers from the eighteenth century in suspended animation (inactive reticular formation), standing side-by-side, about two feet apart. The two leftmost are Asian warriors. The other two are British soldiers. I consider each Asian warrior somehow serves one of the others, though they are seemingly in a deeper state of sleep. The two rightmost soldiers have locks attached to their left arm, though the keys are in plain sight, hanging a short distance from their lock on a small chain (as with the type used to turn on a lightbulb by pulling on it, rendering this autosymbolism as an obvious play on becoming conscious). The keys have wing insignias (with at least three bars of shorter length from top to bottom) oriented left, similar to the left half of an aviation badge (a static flight association implying a soft awakening from sleep). I unlock the soldier second from my right (as he correlates with my position in bed, with the rightmost soldier a distorted - but changing - awareness of Zsuzsanna) but I wake before unlocking the rightmost one.

      Despite my dreams always using the same simple autosymbolism (typically in the same order) representing co-occurrence with the transitions throughout the sleep cycle, there are often threads of incredible, enigmatic space. The first thing I saw after waking, I did not expect. It was the “Space Seed” episode of “Star Trek” (the twenty-second episode of season one) where warriors on an old spaceship (“Botany Bay”) came out of suspended animation with the help of Captain Kirk and his crew. (I must point out I hardly ever watch television at this time, and I knew nothing about the station’s schedule.)

      It is not unusual for the preconscious to personify as either authority or as the indicator of being asleep. What makes this correlation more defined is that the episode has sleeping warriors (including Asian) that serve another nationality (Khan), and a crew waking them from a sleeping chamber in a wall.

      “Time stops every time I stop and remember you. Oh Suzannah you dream for all who are displaced by foreign call. Oh Suzannah, oh sent to Botany Bay.”

    13. Icy explosion, magic black crystal, swallow, budda reinc, shaman black panther flying

      by , 10-01-2019 at 09:27 AM
      I was in the beat up dry apartment. There were wc pros there hanging out. Happy fly.

      I felt uninspired to dj for pre wbtb.
      Underground dungeon, melting ice

      I found myself in an underground dungeon and realized that the monsters that appeared there were influenced by scary games or movies that I've seen in the past. It was sort of a memory repository of scary stuff. I realized this and decided to blow it all up. Was I lucid? I forget. Blowup the underground dungeon of memories and jump through the ceilings to the surface.

      I was inside a inn now that was right above the dungeon. It appeared to be a fantasy like setting. But I began to worry perhaps my explosion would have repercussions to the land and environments. I was afraid maybe it'd cause a sleeper volcano to awaken and swallow the land. And thusly so the dream follows the command of my careless musings and quakes. I fear that the magma would melt the polar ice of this land and I fly towards the nearest water mass and the frozen water body begins to shatter into pieces and melt apart.


      Dark crystals, magical land, swallowing lucid
      I saw a land of magic with a soft rainbow magical glow to the land and the plants there. I conceptualized crystals that could contain medical energy and they appeared from the grounds. They were black crystals and began to absorb the colorfulness of its surroundings and contained it inside. The land slowly gained back its colors though. I was lucid now.

      I explored the land a bit until I countered someone. She was humanoid yet akin to a beast. But she was more than just mere beast, shapeshifting. I knew her. She was waiting for me, shan. And telepathically communicated that she longed for my return. I was curious. I wanted to know more. She wanted to show me. I wanted to see.

      I saw a dimension within her body that she created - it was another world. She obliged to fulfill my curiosity. She began to morph into a mushy liquid and swallow me whole. She began to cover my whole body. To show me her dimension.

      I awoke on the bed and I felt the swallowing continue until it surrounded my entire body and covered it like a thick fleshy suit.

      Mall shaolin
      I was inside a mall. It was a rather small mall with only one floor. There were a bunch of ppl studying the shaolin style whom I knew. I walked past them to ponder in my lonesome and began to get lucid. "why was I here?"

      The students there take me to train with them twice.

      This was the second time I dreamt about this area I think.

      One of the guys there I forget his name. One with short hair. He tells me to take steroids to become stronger. I say no. And he becomes injected with steroids. But it wasn't normal though and he transformed into a demon. I had to spar him and I told him something.

      #25, return of budda
      I was in the house #25. I forget if this dream or the next comes first. I was inside the house and with family. I was younger and somehow I had a sibling. I think a little sister. I look at one of the windows and this makes me lucid. I met up with my family there. I saw my parents and my little sister there looking out the large window/glass doors to backyard.

      The backyard was connected to some mountain and from the edges of it I began to see figures creep out from it. They were kind of monks and began to descend down and approached the house. They touched the window as if to make contact and my parents refrained from my sister from touching the window too much. I touched the window against their hand. I wanted to hear them out.

      I went out the door in the room to the right and they told me they sought the rebirth of buddha or something. They were convinced it was me. I decided to go along and followed the trail up the mountain.

      I ended up in a huge Monastery or temple and it was a sort of a mess there. They were facing an invasion by undead. It was mostly bone zombies. Bandageless mummies but a bit bonier. They wanted my help to purge them.

      I was told my needs would be taken care of and they'd feed me good food so I thought why not. I was then provided with a personal moon attendant to help me out with everything. They explained other stuff as they walked me through the place. Zombies from the front entrance. Then from a cave up high in the back. We needed to climb up the ladder that was maybe 6 stories high to take care of it while others defended the front.

      We got to the top and clashed against the zombies. There were 2 arrows left over on the ground and I threw it at 2 monks down at the back lines of the front forces. I remembered they were mean or something so I threw it at them. It actually struck them and arrows stuck out of their shoulders. The other monks down there got kind of mad and demanded to know, "who threw that?"

      My monk companion was a real bro so he said he did it and tried to take the blame. I kinda liked him now so I just told them I did it - that I was just trying to pass arrows to the fellas down there. And the other monks went "oh ok. "

      #25 feather shaman, black panther, sky
      I was near the house #25. I'd become lucid. I left the house to explore the surroundings and there was a billboard with something on it. It was a black panther or some large cat. It climbed out of the picture and walked by to the left. The place had a white and foggy feel to it.

      As I try to leave the general vicinity, I see a man in front of me; he appeared to be an Indian shaman wearing feathered headrests on his head. He points behind me as if telling me to head towards that direction. I turned around and walked in that direction. There were couple of groups of people each consisting of about 2-4 of them walking on the main road. Instead of cars they just traveled in foot. I proceeded to follow one group and the shaman showed up again. He points upward this time.

      I see a couple of teens to the left moving as a group and they begin to just go up into the air. I understood and I went up in the air also. Up, then forward. I felt the wind pressure against my face before I awake.


      I was lucid in one of the dreams and decided to feel omnilucid energy. Trying to visualize and materialize it.

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    14. hmm

      by , 10-01-2019 at 12:08 AM (MoSh's DJ: The Best Dream Journal in The Universe.)
      Post a quick entry. I have 2 weeks off work so I'm not sure if my recall will improve or not.

      Had some recall but forgot it


      Another naughty dream. I'm glad she is being persistent, and is one of the great qualities I love about her.

      vague dreams i can't even describe

      Dark Tower???

      Big epic dream that I can't recall because it's like trying to comprehend a movie or something while watching it on Fast forward.

      Me Jamie and Raven, are in A large tower. Every room seems to branch off into a different dream you can get lost in. A guy in red with a glowing orb in his hand Is fighting Raven... and Jamie? Not sure Jamie was there and then suddenly not there. Raven was gone too, And I was alone fighting some guy with a face growing out of his neck, Kind of like the guy from Total Recall (The arnold one). We fight for a while and then I wake up.
    15. Skyrim: The Alex Mercer Mod

      by , 09-30-2019 at 07:42 PM (Lydia's Game of Dreams)
      2019, 09-30

      Skyrim: The Alex Mercer Mod

      Regular Dream - Video Game / Semi-lucid - Lucid Dream - Notes

      I am in my car with my ex-boyfriend James. We are on our way to work. We must be on some kind of business trip because we also have a hotel room where we will be staying. We arrive and the office is right next to the hotel. When we go to the hotel we find out that our room is on the opposite side of the hotel from the office. I find that annoying because it is a big hotel and it will take a while to make the walk. I drive us to the right area and park right in front of the room. We go inside and find it is a nice room. James changes clothes right there as if we were still together. I go change in the bathroom. Fortunately there are two beds and they are separated by a temporary wall like those that often separate office cubicles.

      After we are done changing we head for the office. It is a long walk. I break off to make a visit to the restroom. I find that some people are giving out free food, it is a service of the hotel. They are almost out but I am able to get a chicken drumstick and some potatoes for my breakfast. It doesn’t strike me as odd that they serve fried chicken and potatoes for breakfast. I go to the office where we will be working. I see James is jealous of my fried chicken breakfast. He says he will get some but I tell him they were almost out. He seems annoyed. I turn on my computer and get prompted to continue my setup in virtual reality. I see a VR headset on my desk. I pick it up and put it on…

      Now I am playing Skyrim VR. For some reason this doesn’t seem odd to be playing Skyrim VR at work. And what a great VR headset! It looks like the laboratory of a mad scientist. Right in front of me is a Thalmor that looks like he has somehow been assimilated by the Borg. He says his name is Archeron. I make fun of him, imitating his voice and saying, “I am Archeron of Borg. You will be assimilated. Resistance is futile.” He says he doesn’t know what Borg is or about being assimilated, but I am right in that resistance is futile. He says I must be the new arrival who will help him break the tower faster. The Dark Tower? This asshole wants to break the Dark Tower? I say I will never help him. He can go fus himself.

      Archeron laughs and says I will be much more cooperative after my lobotomy. I fus him right in his Borg face. FUS-RO-DAH! Nothing happens. I do a double take. Archeron says he has already modified himself beyond being affected by such things. I ask if he’s immune to being sliced in two. He says no sword in Skyrim can harm him. I say I don’t use swords from Skyrim… I use swords from Prototype. He asks a prototype of what? I answer, “Alex Mercer.” I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and tell him I’ve had a few modifications of my own, I’m no longer a mere Breton, I am an unstoppable virus! He is trying to figure out what that means when I use my Alex Mercer blade to slice him from his left shoulder down to his right hip, effectively cutting him in two. The look on his face when he dies is one of disbelief. I want to keep playing, but everything fades to black and I wake up.
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