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    1. 375 Words--Second FA Ever!

      by , 06-14-2018 at 03:25 PM
      Dream 1: FSH Something about the lettering on the LCD screen of my LDA being are garbled and messed up so that it didn't work. FSH

      Dream 2:
      (Continued through other dreams) I am fighting a lot, and for like hours I just fight, though there is other stuff mixed in with other people. FSH But I remember the whole fight was tainted by Janitors, and some of the people in the book were there, especially Daisy. There was too much action for me to remember what happened, and the only part I remember clearly, is being at the tip top of a snowy mountain and this agent guy reading a list out of stuff we have to pay for cuz we bought or trashed during the giant fight. I read the first three lines and remembered they said: Alaska, AK-198, Grandpa is a doctor and you shouldn't be having these hospital bills.

      Dream 3: RBFA There are all these people sitting on bleachers and I feel that something is wrong, so I get up and walk over to this machine that looks kinda like my 3D Printer, but checks how much trash you are. I looked at the readings, and I was like 98% trash, so I ran to a machine at the other end which checked how trustable you are and it started to go, the bar filled up about 68% and had a list of how many wolves trusted me, and finished up, I think I was like 68 or 88 percent trustable. I knew then that there was something wrong, so I ran and got First Officer Riker and we went to the machine area which was right outside a bathroom. We went into the bathroom, and looked for a hole or something not right. Riker went to the end wall and I saw some funny bricks I thought might be it, but was distracted when Ricker started swinging back and forth on this metal sheet that was attached to the wall. I then realized he must have fond the hole, and my vision zoomed in onto a small hill, and then I awoke.

      Dream 4: RBFA FSH I had an FA about writing my dreams I think. FSH

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    2. The Valve

      by , 06-14-2018 at 11:17 AM
      Morning of June 14, 2018. Thursday.

      My current conscious self identity is mostly stripped away and my dream self is cast back into the front yard of my Cubitis home (where I have not lived since 1978). However, the thread of awareness of having Zsuzsanna as my wife is present to a degree and I otherwise feel as myself in terms of age. I can assume that this is meant to be our home in this dream. Semi-darkness might indicate it is night, but the perception of time is mostly ambiguous and not clearly defined as in many other dreams.

      Precursory preconscious factors kick in, this time rendered as two boys that are mischievously trespassing on our front yard. I am closer to the highway at one point. When I go closer to them, I see they are messing around with two long pipes. I am not certain where the pipes came from.

      I decide to use one of the pipes as a weapon even though it is about six feet in length. I want to knock them about and make them go out from our front yard. I miss several times, but also strike them on the sides now and then. Eventually, it seems as if they were never there.

      I find myself in an unfamiliar area that is implied to be our home, but the room is completely unfamiliar. It seems to be a bathroom. The solid pipe I am holding transforms into a hose and the end of it jumps onto the small metal wheel, as if due to a powerful magnetic force, of a white porcelain bathtub that is on its side. The bathtub is on its left side and facing me. The wheel the hose is stuck to is at the upper left in my view. Zsuzsanna is present. It seems a part of the wall fell off to reveal a hidden storage area, where the old bathtub is on the bottom shelf of two large shelves. The bathtub likely belonged to a previous resident. I notice patches of black dirt here and there. There are other items stored inside this section of wall (which seems to divide the room near the middle) that we had apparently not known about.

      I pull on the hose several times (from the other side of the room) to get it off, but it holds firmly. Finally, I go closer and see it has fully attached in the manner of some sort of valve. I press and pull on a thin, circular piece partly inside a pipe near the wheel of the bathtub after partly pulling off part of the edge of the hose as something gives as air hisses out. I feel the rest of the end of the hose release and come off. Apparently, even though the event seemed magnetic at first, it now seems to have been the result of automatic suction, purposely developed for special parts to somehow automatically connect as such.

      Tags: bathtub, hose, pipe
    3. Saturday, June 9

      by , 06-14-2018 at 07:15 AM
      I am outside on a climbing trip with some others at what seems to be the Donner Lake area. We approach the short, dark rock, and I see that it is the route named Short Subject (it is a shorter route, and the bolts do lead horizontally, but in the wrong direction. The ground below is flat and not steeply sloping away, like it is in reality). There are already quickdraws set and a faded orange rope running through them. Lucas walks up the route and begins soloing the route. Everyone else in the group is not paying much attention to his climbing, but rather involved in talk amongst themselves. I glance over, and see Luke back on the ground (too soon to have already summited the rock) and slowly rubbing his shoulder. He must have fallen, though, given the time elapsed, not from too high. I am now going to climb this route. I approach the slight incline of rock right before the face and see the shorter, pudgy man with thinning blonde hair who is to be belaying me. I am not entirely sure if he is attached to the rope or not. We exchange a few customary pre-ascension words, in which I relay my unease about soloing this due to my hiatus from climbing. We decide on me just clipping into every draw (with no rope attached to me). I imagine and contemplate the distance between draws that I could not cross if I were clipped into a draw. Nevertheless, I begin to grip the overly chalked starting holds: a small sidepull and a small, knobby pinch, both on the ride side of the arête. As I lift my right foot up to the small foothold, it causes an imbalance that makes my mass begin to swing away from the wall. Someone tells me to use the hold around the corner instead, and I do, diminishing the imbalance. I can now establish myself, and am ready to climb.
      Tags: climbing
    4. Dreaming of home invasion

      by , 06-14-2018 at 02:38 AM
      I have had 3 ongoing nightmares of home invaders. They don't exactly get a chance to harm me because I have trained my dream consciousness to fight off attackers. Either ninja swords or shotguns, I get the job done. For the first time though, I forced an attacker to tell me their name...and the person said their name was "Christine Young". I don't know anyone by that name, but I sure as hell should them which way the door was. Dream invasion aint cool.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    5. Log 1141 - Disappointing Crossover and New Settlement Scraps

      by , 06-14-2018 at 02:31 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 13 June 2018

      Just got two fragments today.

      Scrap Group 1
      Watching TV. There was a DC animated show on screen. This turned out to be a crossover with a disappointing work of media.

      Driving around a semi-rural highway during late dusk. Several unknown companions (made up for the sake of the dream, I'm sure) were there. We stopped to build a new settlement for our own.
      dream fragment
    6. 12 Words--My First FA

      by , 06-13-2018 at 05:52 PM
      Dream 1: I wake up FSH Canyon's document files are deleted FSH.

      I woke up 2.4 hours after bed as usual, wacked my LDAC to stop the alarm, and then lay in bed recalling my dream. I then, had and FA about getting up and writing down my dream, because when I woke up in the morning, I saw my notebooks was blank! Unfortunately, I forgot what I wrote down, but was still very surprised not to see my notes from last night. From now on, I need to always do an RC when I write my dreams down.

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    7. 2,649 words - selected parts in bold

      by , 06-13-2018 at 04:30 PM
      2,649 words.


      I had one round of dreams that I RBFA'ed. I was thinking about them and starting to wonder if I could record them some how but fell back asleep. I think there were parts with C V, O A and A R. Other than that, I draw a total blank.


      I fell back asleep while recalling round 1 of dreams without even knowing it. On to round 2 of dreams.

      The first thing I remember is being at a play ground type of thing. My parents and their friends were standing around. There was a little girl in pink with a funny little bicycle. C was her mom and she was off to the side smoking. I was about to leave but I decided to pay attention to the little girl since no one else was.

      There was something about how I gave her a tupperware to use as a potty. So she was gladly walking around with that. Then I went to the bathroom. I thought I might need to use the potty myself. I was listening to a phone meeting. R was saying how when she gave up sugar, a lot of feelings came up. Then she took them out on other people.

      There was a part where my dad was sitting in a recliner chair. Someone said he needed a ride home. I said I would drive him, and not even stop to use the bathroom. But they said there was time. I went to say bye to everyone.

      Then I was in my Nana's room. My cousin J was over by the bed. She was much younger. I was going to lean on the bed post and do a hamstring stretch. Then I decided it would be fun to pretend J had super strength and could beat me up. So we pretended to fight and I pretended to be knocked back accross the room or knocked over.

      Then I remember Megatron's face. I was lining up the helmet a little bit. I wanted to be able to rapidly transform the Megatron action figure from T Rex Mode to robot mode. There were some youtube videos I thought of about how to transform it fast. I thought about opening the helmet thing where there was an extra mask.

      Then I was just seeing the face and helmet and adjusting it. I remember the color red. Initially I was thinking about the T Rex megatron. Then it zoomed out to show a form of Dragon Megatron.

      This Dragon Megatron had the dragon head as part of its back. In fact it was more of a Dragon's body with Megatron's head where its neck would be. So it zoomed out to show Megatron's whole body. Megatron was saying how powerful he was.

      Then it showed Rampage laughing hysterically at Dragon Megatron. Rampage laughed so hard that he had to lay on his side on the ground and grasp his stomach. I figured this meant that Rampage was so powerful that even Dragon Megatron was just a total joke to him. Dragon Megatron seemed mad to be being mocked in this way.

      I tried to explain this to my Nana. Why Rampage was so powerful. Then I realized I didn't know what the next scene would be in this show. I took a break. I remember thinking it would be a fight scene and so I would need to select some music. I thought about the drum tempo that the music would have. Then I was biking or flying along M R's street. I remember seeing a cigarette butt on the ground in front of a house. Not sure if I felt mad.

      Then I remember being at another house. I remember something about being near P S's house. I might have been babysitting, or just visiting. I left out one side of the house and flew or ran around. When i got to the front I saw that C or L C was smoking! So I quickly turned around to run back inside and avoid the smoke. I remember some ivy around the house.

      I recalled those and went back to sleep. I wa spretty confident I would re-remember them later.


      Round 3 of dreams. I remember accidentally going into a house that wasn't the one I lived in. It was something like number 20 when I lived in number 11. The neighbors house looked similar, too. I remember they had some black cars. One was like a new Mustang. I noticed it wasn't the usual cars.

      I looked at a door that was like our front door in waking life, from inside. I remember saying or thinking how I haven't had refined sugar in many years and how this helped me. But I never thought it would really be possible.

      I probably forgot a bunch of stuff in the middle. There might have been an annoying vaccuum noise.

      Next thing I remember is being near the side of a big gas station. There were two giant, red, Budweiser beer trucks. One had a big tube and was loading the beer into the gas station. I think a third, smaller delivery truck came, too. I was wondering why they were getting so much of the same beer at once.

      There was an escalator to the right of that which I followed and went down. It was some kind of store. Maybe a clothing store. There were red long-sleeve shirts which I was supposed to do something with. They came out of a tube. I cut the cuff of the sleeve in half on one of them. Then worried I would be caught. Not sure why I did it. There was an African American guy who I thought was the manager. He didn't seem to notice. When I looked at the end of the shirt sleeve again it didn't look too damaged.

      I remember loading up some carts to go back up the escalator. I had a balloon, too. K from S W T was there. He was seeing if I could add more stuff to my carts. I said no. And I needed to go use the bathroom before going back up the escalator.

      I got up to the movie area near the food court like in the nearby mall. I think P S and some other people I knew from school were getting ready to go in. I decided not to. Someone like P B was also there. It shifted to a scene where he was eating some food he had made. It was like a hot pudding thing. He kept taking a bite but it was way too hot to eat. He said something about integrating the inner critic in this case. He had to admit he was wrong for trying to eat it when it was too hot. I thought he sounded harsh about it, though.

      Then I remember searching for his name on Youtube. The initials were J A. I forgot the actual names. When I typed it in, the suggested search result had 2 names in one line. I had to select just one.

      The search results had mainly to do with telekinesis. There were a bunch of titles about telekinesis. There were also other categories. One was like a video game picture but it was titled something like how to avoid soul recycling. Also, the kid said something about needing to study.

      One video was a guy with a knife. It talked about how he cut off the lower half of his body to enable him to escape sharks or something like that. Then it showed how he was the most powerful person and could defeat anyone. Then an alien space ship came down that looked like a bug and he couldn't defeat it because it was more than "one" entity. So he fell backwards into the water, giving up. When he landed his knife was on the ground next to him and so he picked it up and used to to fight the alien ship thing.

      Another video I clicked on was a mix of a Mario level and a Sonic level. There were spikes and rings. There were Pokemon and fire balls. I remember at one point I became like a Wartortle and had another shell. Then a tube adjusted so I could bring the shell through the tube. Then there was maybe a flag thing at the end of the level.

      I'm not sure what happened in the middle parts. But then there was a grass trail thing I was at near a bush. I think I was hiding from family and/or thinking of dream journaling. Then I think it was my dad who came out to find me. He had just bought a new house and was leasing 3 other houses.

      This next part was really emotional and I woke up so surprised it had just been a dream. So, my sister was staying in one of the houses. My dad was very mean to her about her staying there and costing him all this money. I could tell his words crushed her spirit and were very harsh. There was no un-doing the emotional damage he had done but I wanted to talk to him so he wouldn't do it again.

      He was very drunk. I went to speak with him any way. He was going up some stairs. He did this gesture towards my face that was like patting me on the face. I backed away before he could finish. It was a boundary violation. His face looked really drunk. He had on navy blue. It was night time, later than I am usually up.

      Anyway I began to say that it was not right for him to take his anger and financial stress out on her like that. I suggested he get some outside help like a therapist to prevent that from happening again. At first he kind of scoffed. I tried to ensure him that he wouldn't be able to handle his financial stress alone, and if he didn't get help, he'd probably take it out on my sister even more. I said that I'd seen 100s of people in the rooms who had similar problems and got help to stop being abusive. So, no one could do it alone. He had some tears in his eyes.

      Eventually, he admitted that he was wrong, at least a little bit. I knew he wasn't done processing it. I understood that running the heat in the spare house was costing him a lot. He said he wasn't even running the heat, she just had to wear a leather jacket. Still, it was 1,800 dollars a month. I was going to suggest that he just stop leasing those extra houses, and only have one or two. But then he decided he had to go to bed. The next thing I knew, he was at the top of the stairs. I figured it would be time for me to go to bed, too. I felt really bad for my sister.

      After that round of dreams, I was restless. I made some notes so I could give myself a break from re-playing the dreams in my head. Then, went back to bed.


      Round 4 of dreams. I might have done RBFA a few times during these.

      In the next part I was driving by where the big food store and the bank is. There was something about how I had paid my mom's phone bill. I turned 170 degrees in the road to my right and the guy behind me glared. I was saying how no one should be mad at me because of how I paid my mom's phone bill.

      There was a part where I was seated in an auditorium, between a bunch of kids. I guess I was the chaperone of their group. We were given a funny form to fill out. I forgot what exactly was on it, but it was funny. I was splitting us up into 2 teams. It was one long team name and I divided it in a funny place grammatically, where there would be the word "the" two times in a row at the end of the first team name. I don't know if the kids understood my joke.

      While the performance went on on stage, there was a little tiny baby on the floor in front of us. I felt bad that she couldn't see but didn't know where her parents were. There was another, even tinier baby in front of her, trying to eat a fortune cookie. I was looking at the tiny baby, thinking that was especially small. The baby seemed to be agitated by the fortune cookie. I guess it was too sharp. A woman picked her up. The person on stage yelled at her care giver saying, "You probably shouldn't be adopting a kid!" I was thinking how that baby would be very traumatized.

      There was a part where I had a poster of a bodybuilder guy on my wall. It was to motivate me to get big muscles, too. I had my Pea Protein Powder and a cup of it in water. I added some more protein and tried to drink it. There were funny orbs in it. The next shake I made came out smoother. I wanted to put the shake in my blue water bottle.

      Then there was a guy on an exercise bike in my bathroom. It was early morning. He had a go pro kind of thing on his head and a swimmer's cap. He was listening to some kind of audio while repeating, "I can do it" as an affirmation. He only biked for a minute or two. Then I think he went to lift weights. I had some kind of wires on my closet that could hold a camera. He accused me of something.

      Then we were listening to some kind of motivational speaker. He was saying how people could go to A A meetings over and over and keep saying the same thing, because they just want to feel loved.

      My dream recall was vague and blurry on these. I slept pretty well, though.
      memorable , non-lucid
    8. Emotional baggage, mixed tower

      by , 06-13-2018 at 01:03 PM
      Dream 1- I was given a binder. In the binder were stats/facts/ and a pros and cons list about all of my romantic relationships. I was told to read through them and grade each relationship. I start grading them, then I realize that I am just wasting my time. "What's the point in doing this when none of these relationships worked out," I exclaim. Slamming the binder shut I walk away.

      Dream 2- I wake up in the trunk of a car. Terrified I move around until I am in the cab of the vehicle. There is a man there but his appearance keeps changing. "What's going on," I demand. He looks at my in the mirror," You're freeloading," and motions to the bag of candy in my hand. I look at the bag of candy," This isn't freeloading. I could of easily bought a bag of candy on my own." He laughs," well you won't have to worry about that for much longer. We are going to the mixed tower." I stare at him, what is the mixed tower I demand. He just looks at me in the mirror and continues driving. I ask again and he ignores me. I scream at him and demand that he tell me. He scoffs," don't worry about it." An proceeds to pull up to a white house where another male enters the vehicle. The new man looks at me and asks," is she ready for the mixed tower? She looks kind've terrified to me." The other mam shrugs and pulls away from the house.
    9. Dream - She Knows About Exclusion

      by , 06-13-2018 at 12:12 PM
      Date of Dream: WED 13 JUN - 2018

      Dream No. 354 - She Knows About Exclusion

      I don't remember much of this dream. From what I can remember, I was at a distorted and older dated version of Stud Park Shopping Centre. I was walking around near Kmart area but I forgot what I was specifically doing at the time. There were people around the place that I tried to speak to but no matter what I did, they wouldn't answer me.

      It became night time, in the same area, and there was this function going on, mostly comprising of Killester girls but there were other people as well. Each person had a partner to dance with but I had no one. The feeling of exclusion really got to me and made me feel down, so I tried to call out for Dreamy Wabbi to see if she could do anything about it. There was no response and so I had to keep trying. Eventually, I came out the place and continued calling; still nothing.

      After a while of being outside, calling for Dreamy WB, I figured nothing was working and so I came back and wondered into the building. When I was in there though, there was a couple of Killester girls that looked towards me with this sad, petty face and came running up to me. They said they both wanted to dance with me and so we danced in a triangle of three. I said they didn't have to but these girls insisted that they dance with me. What I didn't know is that Dreamy WB must have come and spoken to them behind the scenes without being aware. I then find out that my dance partner was actually supposed to be my brother NB who came late and turned just now. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Tasks
      - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? No)
      - Investigate where my SML postage has gone (Achieved? No)
      - Reach the Gyeongbokgung Palace (Achieved? Partially)
      - Have Dreamy WB or Murray go to console an upset dream character (Achieved? No)
      - In accordance to the "shared dreaming experiment" proceed on locating the moon (Achieved? No)
      - Decipher a solution to the maze of chambers (Achieved? No)

      Dream 354: Results (Competition #4)
      Competition Night: 12
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 1.0
      Calculation Details:
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)

      + Previous Total: 57.0
      Total Accumulated Points: 58.0
    10. Bodies of Relatives and Broadcast Manipulation

      by , 06-13-2018 at 10:49 AM
      Morning of June 13, 2018. Wednesday.

      My dream self holds a liminal awareness of being asleep. Eventually, a subliminal focus on bodies in blankets, as we have more (and thicker) blankets on us in the cooler weather, helps build the first dream segment. The setting is unknown, but seems loosely based on an association with our backyard on Stadcor Street in Wavell Heights (where we have not lived in years).

      I find myself carrying a corpse fully wrapped inside a thick blanket (autosymbolism, though with literal threads, for my physical body being inactive in sleep). I consider that it is Earl (an older half-brother on my mother’s side who died in 2007). Even so, the body is not of realistic size or weight (though my dream self does not consider this). I drop him into a pile of other bodies that are in a hole in the ground. The hole accommodates the length of a little less than two bodies and the width of about two bodies. The bodies are almost to the top of the hole. When I drop Earl in, he somehow easily slips down vertically into a space between my mother and my brother-in-law Bob on the right (though Bob is still alive in real life as far as I know). (They are each fully wrapped in a blanket.) This cheerfully surprises me. There is an awareness of how his body actually seemed to quickly shrink as it slipped down into the space below (vestibular system correlation autosymbolism). I know there are several other bodies farther down, all relatives. I briefly think about the bodies being together like this, vaguely pondering if it is the right way to have a burial. I have a false memory that it is normal to have the bodies of deceased relatives in a backyard like this.

      Knowing that they have to remain buried at a deeper level, I push down on the bodies and even roll around on top of them to force them farther down into the hole. This works to a degree and about two feet of space remains near the top of the hole, but I do not yet shovel dirt into it.

      In the next segment, dominated by non-lucid dream control, I am in an indoor location, though it is mostly unfamiliar (though my dream self perceives it as our present home). I am explaining to members of my family how to see into the spirit realm. They are all on my right, including our youngest son. I consider possible communication with Marilyn (older half-sister on my mother’s side who died in 2014).

      This connection to the spirit world is activated by pressing a paperclip onto the edge of a button on the television remote. (In my dream, the perimeter of each button is metallic.) Doing this distorts the signal, removing most of it to display supposedly ghostly broadcasts and patterns. At first, the screen is mostly black, but there is a fuzzy form that moves across the screen from right to left (though of which mainly just seems like signal interference). I point it out to family members as evidence that ghostly activity is being seen.

      Soon, another form is seen. It is like a very hazy incomplete rendering of Godzilla, about half the height of the screen, somewhat like a pale gray outline with some other details, but it also seems to be a chubby young cat walking on its back legs (which my dream self does not pick up on the autosymbolism of in a cat being a “witness” to the nature of the dream state in mediating the preconscious bulwark, here rendered as the television screen). The image wobbles and sways as it moves from right to left. I tell the others to watch this odd feature.

      Eventually, very clear and detailed scenes are visible, though they are in black and white. There are two “devils” conversing in one scene, one female and one male. They are also insect-like, though mostly human. They have goat horns as well as insect antennae. They are in an outside environment near a rocky area. I have no concern about this scene (as I even find it amusing) and I start to consider that this is a farce. At one level, despite continuing to pretend the images are coming from the spirit world, I realize that all I am doing is weakening a normal television broadcast to create “ghost” images and isolated partial pieces of the real broadcast.

      Sliding the paperclip against the buttons on the remote, the normal broadcast of a schooner at sea, originally in color, changes into a hazy black-and-white image and the rolling sea becomes the wavy lines of the vertical hold being out of adjustment, distorting diagonally (an amazing effect in my dream). There are other images after this, one being the hazy “ghost” of a sea captain. Soon, color images from legitimate television broadcasts start to remain on the screen longer. I tell my family that the process is starting to weaken and the supposed spirit world contact is no longer viable. It has an association with static electricity lessening after more continuous contact with the metallic surfaces. The last image as I wake is a vivid colorful view from under a girl looking down at the viewer, her head against the blue sky.

      This dream was caused by the typical combination of autosymbolism (based on the sleeping, dreaming, and waking process) with television influence, which is interesting, as television is an analogy to a liminal space division or preconscious bulwark.

      The primary influence of both dream segments was “The Seven Year Itch” episode of “Grimm”, seen just prior to going to bed. The remote and paperclip scenario was additionally based on a question from “Think Tank” seen earlier yesterday, though based on an incorrect answer otherwise regarding how a felt-tipped pen saved the Apollo 11 mission (by completing a circuit). It is extraordinary how non-lucid mediation of a dream combines total fantasy with distorted waking life associations, though this is by lifelong habit since early childhood in sometimes reviewing and altering content of television shows, movies, comic books, and so on, in liminal stages of the dream state induction process.

    11. Thursday, June 7

      by , 06-13-2018 at 06:35 AM
      (fragment) I am somewhere with the cousins. It seems we are at a round table that is set with a white table cloth, yet are still trying to get into this place (somewhere in a large feeling casino?) There is a large cover charge that everyone starts pitching in cash for, almost begrudgingly it looks. I can't tell if their expression is betraying this emotion or that they've already had a little to drink. There is now $11 still owed, so I pull out a white credit card and hand it to the short and rotund woman with bushy brown hair, telling her to put the remaining $11 on it. She walks away with it and another card, as well as the small stack of cash.
    12. Shop of Shiny Things

      by , 06-13-2018 at 04:15 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      In this dream, I ampart of a group, possibly of students, although we seem to be doing whatever it is we’re doing out in the streets of a city rather than in a classroom. At some point, I go into a shop with a few others. It’s selling clothing—skirts mostly, long, summer-y ones that look handmade, in a variety of colors and patterns, but some belts and scarves and things as well.

      The things in the shop don’t seem to be in any particular order: in one part of the room is a big pile of loosely-folded skirts. I think one skirt looks interesting and pull it out to get a closer look, but it now seems to be a sheepskin vest with pictures and words on it, not really like anything else in the shop. I put it back.

      I then look at a display of jewelry on one wall. It all appears to be carved out of some kind of iridescent mineral of many colors—definitely something natural, judging by the variations. Next to the jewelry are some plectra made from the same material. A young woman from the class tells me that there are more in another part of the room, so I go to look at those as well.

      I find one plectrum there that’s blue, in a kind of boomerang shape. It looks interesting, but I’m concerned that it’s too blunt. Another is a brilliant red with little flecks of black and white on the edges and basically triangular, but with slightly concave edges going up to the point. I’ll buy that one, I decide.

    13. Log 1139 - Draining Shadows Obstacle Flight and Vermin Short DILD

      by , 06-13-2018 at 12:14 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 11 June 2018

      Just got a short, strained DILD. There were plenty of other things as well, though that I've got no memory of such.

      Scrap Group 1
      Dreamlet converted into several LD scenes. This started with me outside a warehouse complex at night. A ghostly shadow appears, and steals some abstract concept from me (A thought? A memory? An emotion?). I chased it inside one of said warehouses, where I was sure more of its kind were preparing an ambush. So, I evoked a powerful light around me, wiping out the whole lot of them. Later, I was floating down a street at daytime. Many rows of empty bus stop billboards were in the way, as if I were meant to go through them as part of an obstacle coarse. After that, I was in bed, and started rolling off, only to notice a creepy crawly above the covers over my face. I then forced myself awake, only to see this was a false alarm (the covers in-dream were a different set, and were raised too far above me to begin with).
    14. 4,039 Words - Selected parts in bold

      by , 06-12-2018 at 04:45 PM
      Wow! I had lots and lots of dreams last night. I was so surprised to see the clock when I got up, and it was only 6:39 A M! I thought it was like 10 A M. I had 2 lucid dreams and some other interesting ones.

      It took me 30 minutes just to write the short form of my dream journal entry. I will work on typing it in full in 30 minute increments because otherwise it will be too over whelming.

      I had a different routine before bed. Instead of going on forums for 2 hours from like 5 to 7 I just relaxed and stared at my ceiling. Just let myself unwind and be under-stimulated for a change. I wonder if this helped me sleep and dream better.


      The first time through the night that I woke up, I did have some dreams in mind. I didn't open my computer to type them, and just laid back down instead. There were only a few details and I was really tired still.

      I tried to do a mental acronym of "g.p." to help bring them back to mind later, but it didn't bring the memory back later. Oh well. I actually recalled round 2 of dreams for a change, so I guess it worked out just fine.


      Round 2 of dreams. The first part I remember is being with my friend C L up in the room he lived in with some other people.

      The next thing I remember is being at a food store. Like the big store in G C. I was doing a friend a favor by picking up their groceries. When I went to check out the groceries, my card didn't work. I had to put it in the chip reader thing. There were a bunch of strings of letters that I had to match. Eventually there was a screen with streaks of colors like red and blue swirling around. It showed the words anger and rage being transformed into something to do with achieving goals.

      I remember a scene where I was going to go to the beach. I had one wet towel which I wanted to hang up in the sun to dry when I got there. And another towel to lay on. When I got there I found that there were 2 to 3 sections of the beach. One with docks, for boats. One for swimmers. And maybe a third. I was in the one for boats and had to go to the one for swimmers.

      Eventually, I was in the beach water, swimming. It was sunny out. The water was dark green blue like beach water. Something's tail suddenly bumped into me! I saw that it was a black or dark green tail. It had some kinds of bands around it. I will try to draw them. I touched the tail, and it was slimy.

      'Is that an alligator?' I thought. I rushed to swim to shore, but careful not to draw its attention and make it chase me. Once I got a little closer in to shore, it swam under me again. Then its head poked up from the water to my left. My friend said it was a Tyrannosaurus something. I was feeling such tremendous amounts of fear this whole time. Its head was almost rectangular but had sharp T Rex teeth. I put my hand on its head to try to keep it from biting me. It was really scary!!!

      Then my friend and I were walking on land. I think we talked about it a little but eventually moved on from the fear.

      I think we were arguing with people around us. Eventually we came to an orange and purple building. It was orange with purple squares where the windows would be. My friend said he would climb it but he was afraid of the torque at the top. When we got to the top, there did seem to be a feeling of torque. Pulling us down.

      When we got to the ground, W G was there. We were talking about moving to a new place. W G was in a bed. I told him as soon as we moved, I'd get to working towards my goals right away. I told him my goal.

      Eventually, we got to the new place. I remember starting out in the library. But I wanted to attend 2 A C A meetings that morning to ensure that I would be in a good mind state for the coming day. I also resolved not to try meeting any new women at first because I wouldn't want to make anything awkward.

      I remember walking around in the middle of this quad housing complex. There was a woman there who I was going to meet. Her parents made some kind of diagram appear that showed where we both were so we could find each other. I remember the diagram actually was skewed and made it more difficult so I was kind of angry at the parents. I wanted to tell them it didn't work. I remember a picture of a dog on it. The dog had a speech bubble saying "Hi".

      I woke up from those and recalled them. I let myself RBFA, confident that I would re-remember them later. And I did!


      I had one sleep cycle i woke from and couldn't remember any dreams. Also I got up to use rest room and laid back down. And thought about cross talk rule for a few minutes without realizing it was time to try to recall that dream. By the time I realized it, it was too late. But I was just thinking of how my need to cross talk is magically reduced.


      Here was round 4 of dreams. I had an interesting lucid part at the end which I woke up directly from and tried to re-enter. Because of that, I neglected to recall the earlier parts of the dream. I'm sure that if I would have tried sooner, I'd have remembered more of the earlier parts. So by the time I realized there had been earlier parts to this dream it was almost too late. I only got a few things.

      I forgot a lot of the earliest parts.

      Then I was on a message board using chrome without images. All the images were not showing but I wondered how because last I checked that setting was turned off.

      In the thread I clicked on, I saw that the woman had posted several grey bird type Pokemon evolution things by her avatar and more in her signature. Some of them looked more like bugs. I wondered if they could possibly be from the same evolutionary chain.

      I forgot these middle parts.

      Then I remember being in a big dining hall with just myself and C R. We both had some steaks to microwave. Some only had a little left on the bone and some were big pieces. I remember mine were on a napkin so some of the grease was removed. C R didn't want to sit near me. I was thinking of the other side of trait 12 and how he pushed people away before really becoming good friends. I accepted that he just wanted space, and sat far away with my food to work on something.

      Then two people came in. "Mike" and "Tim". (No waking life correspondence.) But I said that the managers of my restaurant were also named "Mike" and "Tim". They wanted to check the kitchen so I went in there with them. There were shelves above the stainless steel counter tops.

      I don't remember anything in the middle here but I know there was stuff.

      I had a lucid part at the end which was interesting.

      I let myself fall back asleep after recalling these in my mind. I also checked to see if round 2 was still in the "storage bank" and it was. I eventually fell asleep while thinking of those.


      Here was round 5 of dreams. I remember my friend L on the phone. She was saying how we couldn't "pray" to each other. We had to pray to our own "higher powers".

      I was out front of my house looking at the garbage that was put out. There were lots of beer cans. 'Dad must have been drinking a lot,' I thought. He came by and put out another bag of cans and maybe some loose cans. I was afraid that he would be drinking even in the morning so I avoided him.

      I remember a part when I was walking up some steps from a tented area. They were grey stone steps. I was thinking of making a heavy metal song with 4 different heavy metal voices. I forgot the subject of the song.

      Next thing I remember I was in my kitchen and living room. A woman from the phone meetings was talking about how her religious text told her to put chores before comfort. However, she disagreed. I was glad that she was speaking up for herself and not just blindly following the religious text. She was explaining how a female relative, maybe her cousin or sister, was planning to come over to help her with her chores. However, she didn't care about the chores at the time. And her relative offering "help" was really just a way of putting pressure on her.

      In the next part I remember, I had a bag of red orange beans in water. There was a part toward the top or bottom of black liquid that I figured was released from the beans. There was another guy in my kitchen with me. I went through my fridge. There was no kale or blender. Just my two tupperwares of rice in the back. And some containers of berries which the back of the fridge had frozen. I said something about how the foreign guy could send the frozen berries home, to his country.

      I was also thinking that I would need more groceries tomorrow, since I was out of kale. So I would have to ask my dad to borrow some grocery money.

      I woke up and recalled those. Then I played rounds 2, 4 and 5 in my head until falling asleep again, confident that I would re-remember them all later.


      I forgot what happened in the very beginning of these dreams. Maybe I initially remembered it, but was unable to re-remember it. This was round 6 of dreams.

      My first memory from these was walking on the corner of my parents old block and the intersecting street. It was dark. I think P and C were there. I wanted to talk to them but it was too dark.

      Next I was in the garage at that house. I remember thinking how it had been a dream that it was dark. And I could have used dream control to make the sun come out. I don't know if I got lucid before or after this. But I did something that made the sun come out outside the garage. When I stepped outside I saw the sky had become bright blue. By that point I was definitely lucid. I either was already lucid, and used dream control to make the sun come out. Or the fact that my dream control worked made me become lucid afterward.

      I flew up to the roof. It had grey shingles with a scratchy texture. I looked around at the sky and tried to make a dragon fly to me.

      The dragon did not arrive. I remember seeing some cloud formations in the distance and observing their shapes. I could look at the sky much more easily than in waking life. Eventually some really cool rainbow streamers started to fly in the sky. I observed the show of colors.

      Next, I had a false awakening of driving down W S Road. By the water. I had a voice recorder. With the voice recorder I was recording my dreams thus far. I was saying how I could look at the sky without being distracted like in waking life. I was saying that it was cool that I could make the sun come out.

      Next thing I remember, I was walking around a place like down town by the Staples and the movie theater. I remember walking by a store that reminded me of the religious store. There was A A stuff in there. I went in and out of the store a few times. It wasn't my type of store. Some how I walked around and ended up going in that store through the back. I became lucid again.

      There was a bunch of food being served. I served myself some food. Since I was lucid, I took a lot of food. I was still afraid that people would judge me. My plan was to enjoy the food and leave, not to read anyone's comments about me afterward, saying how much I had taken. I never got around to tasting the food.

      Then there were these yellow bus things on blue wrestling mat things. Out of the side of the bus, a series of things folded outward. Then, a series of things folded at a 90 degree angle from that, to the direction of the back of the bus. It took up much more space than the original size of the bus. I was commenting on it. Someone seemed annoyed that I was commenting.

      I had a brief awakening in my bed where I thought of the dreams. But then a dream began again and I was totally concious at the onset. I was like, "Oh, I'm in a dream again!"

      I laid there and recalled it. I let myself fall back to sleep. I think I initially remembered more from before being on the dark road. But was un-able to re-rememeber it later.


      Round 7 of dreams.

      I remember a scene of sitting by the fire place in Nana's living room. Uncle C and other family members were there. Uncle C came down with a big metal lobster pot. It was full of green liquid and had a big meniscus of foam up over the top. He said it reached a point where it needed to be taken off boil a little. This was part of the normal cooking process for whatever it was. It reminded me of my kale shakes. Once the foam meniscus had expanded even more, he slurped some of it off. Then he said it was ready to continue boiling. He had put the pot between his knees while he sat. I guess it was the preparation for a holiday meal.

      The other scene i remembered from round 7 of dreams was in Nana's drive way. There was a white S U V type of car. There was one guy further down toward the exit of the drive way. And two guys in the S U V. They had on white, futuristic-looking clothes. I asked them who they were. They said they were the family therapists. I didn't think they seemed dangerous at all.

      Again, I woke from those, and did another RBFA. Playing all the dreams in my head from rounds 2, 4, 5, 6 and 7. I was glad that they all stayed in my mind so I could continue going back to sleep.


      Round 8 of dreams! I haven't had this many rounds of dreams in quite a while.

      I remember some dreams at a food store. There were yellow and green peppers, normal in width, but 6 to 12 inches long. I showed some to another guy there, asking if he would like these. He said no. There was a woman behind him.

      I remember trying to dream journal in the shower. I was leaning into the shower from outside it. It was the shower from my parents old house. I wondered how to write them. I figured using my left hand in Fii Write would be a good idea. I remember some how the white floor mat became rainbow in color. I was holding it over my shoulder. I wanted to show my sister because it looked really cool.

      In the next part I was hanging out with a friend who had no waking life correspondence. His name was "Anthony". "Anthony" said that he would rather I go process my anxiety when we weren't together so that when I was with him, I wouldn't be anxious. Obviously that isn't really a fair request because feelings come and go. But in the dream I kind of understood what he meant.

      I forgot if anything else happened. I think I was dreaming that I woke up and was trying to make short form notes of my dreams. Then I left to go to this meeting room. The people were from a religious group thing. Someone was leaving. They felt it was their fault and worried about them being "saved". Anthony arrived. I think he missed his 9:33 flight. I felt like I was holding up his schedule because I kept waiting to do my short form dream notes. I said that once I got the short form of my dream notes complete, then I could go about the day without worrying about it.

      He showed me a picture of a jeep veering off the road a little. "Anthony" had yellow-ish hair.

      I woke up and recalled those. I would have let myself RBFA, but I didn't need any more sleep. So, I got up to write them, thinking it must be 10 A M by now. When I saw the phone, I was amazed that it was only 6:39 A M! I guess I was in a hyperbolic time chamber.

      Most of the dreams were WUDD (I woke up directly from the dream) and moderately easy to remember, except for round 4, which I botched in a different way. And, of course, round 3, which I must have gone through significant dream-less sleep before waking up from, because I remembered nothing.

      It took me between 1.5 and 2 hours of typing to get these all done. It is the first day I tried to work in 30 minute increments instead of stressing myself out to just write, write, write until it was done. I think it was a healthier approach. I took breaks between 30 minute segments.
    15. 611 Words--Continued Great Recall

      by , 06-12-2018 at 03:42 PM
      Dream 1: I am in M&D's room in the log house, and Slade and I are rough housing, FSH he chases me into the bathroom, and when I try to escape, I accidentally hit him hard in the face with a board or something. He stops moving and I say I am sorry, but I know he will want to punch me or something, so I run. I follows me but slowly. I come to the garage where Wynd is sweeping, and decided to hide outside. I go down the path Slade made through the giant thorn bushes, but I have trouble going quickly, and Slade catches up.

      Knowing I won't be able to run fast enough to escape him, I dive into the bushes and try to worm through them, but he catches me. FSH Slade and I are at this tree near the end of his trail, and we watch as about 15 wolf cubs play around us. I see some wolf cubs compressed to the size of a mouse, flattened against the bottom of the tree's trunk. When I investigate, all but two expand to the size of a wolf and run away. I really want to kick one of the mice/wolf cubs, and ask Slade if I should. FSH I end up kicking the higher up one, and I runs of growling/squealing.

      Suddenly, I seem to realize that one doesn't normally be around wolf especially cubs who have parents. I get afraid and tell everyone they should go back, but no one does, so I walk back on the trail to the house alone. Near the other end of it, I meet Wynd, and tell her how I kicked the mouse/wolf cub, and we look back and see the whole pack of wolves turn like horses and go running down the meadow. Then I go inside and make sure all the doors and windows are locked. FSH

      Dream 2: I am in the living room of the Colorado house, and all the kids are there, and Mom & Dad are lecturing us. I have a stomach ache? I am weary of the talk, and walk downstairs as if to go to the bathroom, but instead go outside, through the garage, following Ceri with the intent to help her our here. First I pick up the trashcan, which had fallen over, and put it inside the garage. Then Ceri comes in and asks why I put the trashcan in the garage, and I realize it isn't supposed to be there, so I take it back outside, noticing that I have skates on, and pick up stuff and put it in it.

      FSH Dad come out with some other kids to help clean up. I know he wants to do something with a big piece of cardboard that has some blue glue bits on it (from when Dad and I in real life fixed a broken piece of PVC pipe in the sprinkler system). So I pull the stuff off the top of the cardboard, just before Dad asks me to. Then, he tells me how he is thinking about mopping up a giant paint mess with the cardboard, but then decides to use some special vacuum thing, which I don't' like.

      Dream 3: OTTOTT FSH Something about skating around the church parking lot.

      Dream 4: FSH Something about waking up, perhaps on a bench, and dejavu.

      Dream 5: FSH Something about not being able to see very well because I don't have my contacts in.

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