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    1. Flying Car, a UFO, and Lemon Tea!

      by , 03-22-2017 at 10:49 PM
      Flying Saucer Attempt #1:

      WILD in bed (a couple days ago). I started in what was supposed to be my house, but there was a massage parlor with a lot of scantily clad young ladies waiting to be massaged. I ignored them and walked downstairs so that I could get outside. There were about 7-10 doors that I had to open, all lined up, quite obnoxious! I was worried that more were going to appear but luckily I didn't have to open too many. My front yard was what looked like a car junk yard. I walked around looking for a UFO and found one on a grassy hill that was overlooking a highway. It was a pretty tiny flying saucer, it kind of reminded me of the Rick & Morty one. I hopped inside and adjusted the seat, then made a glass bubble cover my head. I pressed a button and told it where I wanted to go and it started to fly at hyper speed. Then I woke up and couldn't fall back asleep.

      Giant Jenkees and Lemon Tea:

      WILD in bed (last night). I slowly got out of bed and waited to open my eyes until I was pretty comfortable with how deep I was into the dream. I remembered that I wanted to do some tasks tonight! I strolled out of the bedroom and saw Jenkees in the kitchen. He is normally a pretty tall guy (~6'7 I think), but in this dream he was more like a 8' tall giant treant.

      (I know, the image isn't perfect, Jenkees is actually quite skinny, but I thought it was funny We have very narrow halls and that's often how I feel when Jenkees is walking down the hall in the opposite direction and at the same time as me!)

      He was holding a bowl of cereal and walking down the hall. I asked him, "Hey, Jenkees? What does my DV avatar represent?" He responded, "What is your DV avatar again?" I told him, "You know, it's like...a bunch of leaves on a tree!" He ignored my question and started talking about poo as he walked past me and into the shower with his cereal. lol weird.

      In the dream I thought to myself, "NAILED IT!" haha that's okay, I did that task again later in the night.

      I moseyed on over to the kitchen, very relaxed, and tried to summon a cup of tea. Instead of a cup, I ended up getting what appeared to be a pitcher of hot water. I guess my unconscious didn't want me to be too lazy. I searched through the cupboard and found some green tea leaves and threw them in the pitcher. I tasted the tea, it tasted like sugary, lemon flavoured green tea, yum! I drank it down really quickly as I was starting to get a bit stressed about rushing to do tasks
      and then I had a mini-awakening and got back into another dream pretty quickly.

      Flying Car:

      I got out of bed again and walked outside to find a car to fly!
      I found what appeared to be a car frame with no inner mechanical stuff, but it did still have wheels. I first tried to make the tires fly off, but they didn't even budge. So I tore the frame away from the wheels instead, leaving merely a car frame with bare axles. I jumped inside and made it start flying, but it still made a mysterious engine noise. I was talking with ~Dreamer~ about the car noise thing the other day - neither of us usually hear an engine noise when we are making cars fly and we thought that was a weird detail for that task. But that car frame was sure sputtering along.
      I didn't fly anywhere cool with the car, I was actually struggling a bit to get any elevation but I still thought it was fun! I did a few flips in the air before waking up and writing down the dreams.

      A Task of the Month:

      I struggled a bit to get back to sleep and spent maybe an hour trying to sleep again. I eventually found myself in the middle of a parking lot, in the middle of the night, with the fading intention to go get a haircut. Haha dreams are weird.

      I was lucid but I still decided to walk into the hair salon because I figured...I was already there...so why not! And I was hoping that there would be some people in there so that I could retry a task of the month. I went inside to find a completely empty room with gray walls and a white floor. There were three people in the room - a blonde lady behind a counter, a dark haired man sitting at the counter, and a little brown haired girl sitting next to the man. I asked them all, are any of you able to represent my unconscious mind? I felt a strong, loving aura coming from the little girl. I knew that she was the right DC to ask. I asked her the question - What does my DV avatar represent? She told me, "It represents hunting, dreams and excitement! Lucid dream hunter!" I looked outside and was about to ask one of the people to come to the road with me so that I could escort them when I woke up slightly. I waited to slip back into dreams.

      Flying Saucer Success!:

      I started in my room again and I heard a voice that was accompanied by a written message. The message suggested that I should do the crossing road task last. The voice said I should believe in myself because I can definitely do the alien ones! I felt really happy about that and, even though I was still a bit uncertain, I wanted to try the space flying saucer one again!

      I walked outside and there was a really bright light in front of the house. A plump british woman in victorian garb and her two red-haired children shoved me out of the way as she made her way into my house with groceries. I love when random stuff like that happens.

      Unfortunately, she turned off the light and it was very dark outside again. I tried to make the sun rise and a few streaks of orange and red light spilled over the horizon before quickly disappearing. I thought to myself, "Oh well, I can do this!!!"

      I ran down the street, hoping to find a flying saucer when, in the middle of a cul-de-sac, it dawned on me, there was probably one above me right then. O_O

      I started to slowly float upwards. I looked up and there was an enormous UFO above me, seriously, ENORMOUS, it looked like the mothership from independence day.

      I was suddenly inside, there were dark, metallic corridors all around me. I stood by a window and started controlling the UFO. I made it fly super fast into space, through an asteroidfield, and then past numerous stars. It finally stopped at an orangish-yellow star with many gigantic rocks orbiting the star in a spiral pattern. There was a green-brown planet hidden among the rocks and I sent the flying saucer to land on it.

      I was outside, my hands and face lying on brown soil, with green vegetation and strange looking plants all around me. I surveyed my surroundings, hoping to find an alien to talk to. A man that looked very human popped his head up from behind a mound. I had the feeling that he was either a farmer or a vagabond. He walked up to me. He appeared to have stumps for feet, but upon closer inspection I saw that he just walked on the tips of his toes, and he only had four toes on each foot as well! I said to him, "I come in peace! Please teach me yours ways!" He started pawing at some plants with his toes while he said in a strange accent that I could only describe as mix between accents from Louisiana and India, "Iron your food...iron your food is good it mix fats. It's CURRY!" I laughed really loudly, I don't know why but I thought that what he had just said was the most hilarious thing that I had heard in a dream in ages
      . I was scared that I would wake ~Dreamer~ up and I intentionally woke myself up. I was relieved to find that my body was still paralyzed and I hadn't actually burst out laughing and woken her up. Phew!

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    2. TOTM Basic II succees

      by , 03-20-2017 at 12:09 PM
      I'm standing in front of a wall. There is a hole in the wall, like a window but no glass. The hole is cobwebbed and I try to clean it with a stick. After removing them all I see a lord of the rings being. A howl army of them appears. That makes me lucid. I'm flying to look for a city. Some skyscrapers appear and it looks like a really big city.I'm landing there at a street. Now it looks like my tiny home town. I cant find a busy street so I#m hovering around till I find the main street of my home tome. There are lots of cars. I take a little boy and help him to cross the street. He looks at me and saith in English "succeeded". I wonder what to do now. I decide to read a book. Next to me is the bookstore like in RL. I'm enter and pick a book. It's written in Spanish and capitals. It's something about water. I'm going to pick another one but than I woke up.
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    3. TOTM Attempt - What does my avatar represent?

      by , 03-14-2017 at 04:58 PM
      Before 5am
      Night Crash
      I am driving my car at night. It is difficult to see. The headlights don't seem to work. There are several cars ahead, so following the lights of the car ahead is the only way to navigate the roads. I am wearing some kind of headband thing.

      Then suddenly I crash into a line of silver birch trees. None of the other cars stop and the road is dark and empty. I reverse the car out and then pull over at the side of the road.

      I am fighting a professional boxer. He is quiet a bit taller than me and way more muscular. He is wearing a black shirt with blood splatter on the back. My arms are tired. I can barely throw a punch but the adrenaline eventually loosens up my tired muscles. I get in a good shot, hitting him right in the face. The boxer grins.

      After the fight, which turned out to not be serious, we head to a kitchen and eat cake we find in the fridge. The cake is covered in super-sweet frosting.

      Bank Robbery
      -Starting taking a shower. The water seems to foam up and cover me in more soap rather than washing it off.

      A guy wearing a hoodie is causing trouble. I try to talk to him but he runs. Chasing him takes me outside of the building, and makes me lucid. I see a group of people and try to think of tasks and recall one of the TOTMs. "What does my avatar represent?" I ask one of them. They don't seem to understand the question and just shrug. I try a few more times but don't get an answer.

      I leave and start flying. One of the buildings nearby is a bank. There seems to be a robbery in progress. I find a selection of American bank notes in my pocket and spread them out on the roof of a nearby car, intending it as a distraction. Many people come running out of the bank to grab the cash, including the robbers.

      Inside the bank people are running around in a panic, meaning a much shorter line. I join the queue and flirt with an Asian woman standing at the back. She takes my hand and follows me through to the bank offices. The first room turns out to be a rather dirty bathroom. She looks disgusted, so we try the next room which is conveniently a bedroom.

      She starts unbuttoning her shirt and then does a strip tease for me. We start to have sex but after a short while she just vanishes completely. I try to summon her back. No luck. Meanwhile, a guy has snuck into the room and is trying to steal my clothes. Hey! I grab the front of his T-shirt and hurl him easily out of the window, smashing it.

      After packing my stuff into two rucksacks I try to fly out the window. It is awkward, holding two bags. I put them both on my back and head higher into the air, looking for the thief. Punching someone might be cathartic.

      Then I get sudden shaking sensations and a false awakening, lying in a bed in the attic room of my parents' house. The curtains are open with bright daylight shining in. I try to close the curtains but they are ripped. There is a rope hanging down from the eaves. I pull on it, wondering where it leads as this is already the attic. A small hatch opens in the roof showing a crawlspace above. At this point lucidity has faded, so I contemplate writing up my dreams and going back to sleep.
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    4. TOTM 2try

      by , 03-12-2017 at 05:45 PM
      At the first attempt i didn't mad the tea so I tried again last night.

      While falling asleep in the middle of the night I'm thinking about mountains in dreams. That leads me to a dream in a mountain area. There is a red/green temple. I'm going to take a closer look. Some people there destroy the temple. They are Nazis, or they destroy it because of the Nazis. I become lucid and remember the TOTM. I see a restaurant and go there to make a tea. Inside is only an old man sitting at a table. I take a glass and fill it with hot tap water. Close to the tap is a shelf where I'm looking for tea. I only find a juniper berry and put it in my glass. The berry transforms into a dried chili. Then I see some thyme and lavender. I mix everything in the glass. The old man throws more chili in the glass. I stop him and drink it. It's almost cold and has a very weak taste. I'm leaving the restaurant.
      I'm in a mountains area. Most of them look like a mountain where I live. I fly to the highest one, which is behind me.On the top is a big house in surrounded by trees and some bush with yellow flowers. The mountain top changes into a little planet by night. The stars are very bright. I can see only one cloud. It has a huge shoe imprint. The grip looks like lava. I decide to call a dragon, to see if I can do the TOTY (I know that I can do only one task at once). A tiny dragon appears. I try to make it bigger but that doesn't work. I call a bigger one. This one has the sizes of a car. I sit on it. A friend of my comes and sit in front of me. We fly together and land at a castle. Then I lose lucidity and hunt spiders.
      lucid , task of the month
    5. TOTM Basic I

      by , 03-11-2017 at 03:01 PM
      I'm in a Forrest, surrounded by huge trees. I cut down some bark, to make a jacket. Then I walk to my old school. A woman drives to me on a bike. She tells me something of a ritual. I realize that it is a dream, but still follow the dream story. I see a market and ask a woman to make me a jacket out of the bark. Then I remember the TOTM. I see a thermos jug at one of the stalls. When I open it a cup appeared. The tea tastes fruity and has a purple color. It's hot but good to drink. There is a bay taste and in the cup appears a bay leaf. Then I leave the market to find a skateboard.

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    6. -ConstantVibes first DJ-

      by , 03-11-2017 at 03:58 AM
      So after a lot of reading up on the subject I've decided to get into the wonderful world of lucid dreams.

      I'm beyond excited

      Just a little background... I have had a number of Lucid Dreams in the past, but I never really understood them. After doing some reading and lurking on the forums, I've decided to take it to the next level(I don't know why anyone wouldn't )

      With that being said welcome to my first dream journal. I plan to update daily for anyone who's interested in a first timers experience.

      With that said, peace and love to all of you... and happy dreams.
    7. Two lucid dreams in one day.

      by , 03-02-2017 at 05:04 PM
      Had two lucid dreams this morning. After today, I am taking my lucid dreaming technique to the next level. What I have changed over the last couple of weeks is that I am meditating 30 minutes before bed as outlined in Tipharot's video. I am also meditating for 30 minutes during my WBTB period in the early morning. However, I have been noticing the connection between the minds eye - the faculty used for visualization - and lucid dreaming in general. I was fortunate enough to wake up 2 hours earlier than I would have normally liked to for my WBTB session. I immediately went back to sleep. Whilst doing so, I Visualized that I was standing in my kitchen. The visualization pulled me in after about a minute and I began my lucid dream. Found the dream character, Naomi, and went on an adventure with her. I found her through sure expectation that she would be where I was going. In other words, when I am lucid, I am still visualizing.

      I woke up later at my normal time for the actual WBTB. I meditated for 20 minutes when lie back down. This time around, I visualized that I was standing my bedroom beside my bed. This was a bit tricky because it's hard to visualize yourself in another orientation when lying down to sleep. Can't just visualize sight, must visualize touch and body orientation. I had trouble falling asleep which meant I was trying too hard so I relaxed a little. When I felt relaxed enough so I could feel myself falling asleep, I went back to the visualization of me standing in my bedroom with my eyes opened. It was working because, I started feeling hypnagogia that was pulling me in to the dream world. The feeling of being immersed into the visualization is a sure sign that it is working.

      I knew I was in a dream when I could feel my dream body get out of bed yet still sort of feel my real body. Therefore, I was moving my legs around with my eyes closed trying to feel my way out of my bed room. Once again, Visualization is key. Eventually, the visuals will come together once you expect them.
    8. The Book of Secrets

      by , 02-27-2017 at 09:13 PM
      27 Feb

      I'm in a room with lots of DCs. Some of them are leaving for an event. There are different kinds of chocolate boxes at a nearby counter. The DCs go to get chocolate, leaving a bit of a mess. I take couple of chocolates as well and consume them slowly. There's a particular idleness in my mind. I recall I was trying to fall asleep. Something tells me I can already act as if in the dream. I look around - indeed it's a dream. In still somewhat clouded awareness I recall about totm.

      This is now incorporated in the dream - there's a room where people do the current totm. It then changes to totm suggestions written on the door. Spellbee has suggested that we do programming def functions which appear on the door.

      My awareness increases and I now have greater clarity. I decide to leave this place and look for a window or door. I opt for the nearest door though a bit afraid I may end up in a labyrinth inside a building rather than outdoors. There's an unappealing old corridor with worn out walls. Luckily, after I reach its end is another door leading outside.

      I'm now walking near a wall, wondering what will be on the other side once I glance at it. A couple of blocks like those in my hometown appear. I stop to contemplate briefly on this entire process. How and why did these blocks appear, from all the possible items and images that could have been assembled. Did I think them up? Why precisely these objects and not something else. I stare in the distance ahead, thinking that I am not seeing images. What I am seeing are endless possibilities of what could be there.

      After the feeling of amazement has subsided a bit, I decide to get back to the totms. I am now on top of the wall and think about summoning the book of secrets from the basic task. To do so, I cover the top of the surface with my palm, moving it slowly to reveal the book behind. A red leather book promptly appears underneath with to my suprise the title Book of Secrets. It has relatively few pages and they are all leather. On the first browse there's a list of words with positive qualities or goals. One of the words is "innocent". I try to memorize two more words but forget them after wake. The entire book has a rather medieval appearance. The rest of the pages contain portraits of figures of importance like cardinals or archdukes. I browse one last time to find pictures of weird experiments that were done at the time. Some sort of medieval type of scientific research.

      Memory gap. There were several moments of the dream thinning out and me back to bed and back to dream, ruining coherent recall.

      The next scene I remember, I am still lucid and inside a room talking to a DC. I want to continue with totms and the task I recall next is the advanced one to change the weather. I confidently ask the DC for help - "There's something you can help me with. I know you can do this!" We are near a window and I can see the outside ground. It's not too evident which season it is - just bare ground, but I need it to be definitely winter.

      I turn my back so that I don't see the outside world but face the DC. She is looking outside and waves her hands around as if she is painting the snow. I then turn around and look again - now everything is covered with snow! Alright, now we need for spring or summer to come. I turn myself around and let the DC do her magic again. I look back and the snow-covered ground is now green grass. There's a weird bird resembling a toucan but much larger walking on the grass. Its beak is very unusual - a shiny green color. A closer look reveals that its beak is actually a purely reflective mirror-like surface and the green is just the grass being mirrored. Now there are several of these birds with shiny green beaks, black feathers with strangely warped structures. I am amazed at the kinds of stuff dreams can come up with.

      I take one last look at the weather transformation - despite the season change, it's still a bit dark and cloudy. To let the sunshine in, decide to get rid of the clouds. First, I stretch my arm and literally pick a few clouds from the sky as if they were nearby objects. Moreover, I get the sudden desire to try to blow the rest of the clouds away. I do it and it actually works! Now the scene is much brighter.

      The dream soon thins out and I feel my body once again. I fall asleep almost immediately and end up in another room. I feel this dream idleness which makes me realize I am still dreaming. I come up with a funny song and start dancing around while DCs stare at me.
      Pretty fast this time, the dream disappears, I feel my body once again and wake up.

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    9. TOTM advanced winter to spring - 4 lucids 2017 DJ 32, LD #38,#39,#40, #41

      by , 02-25-2017 at 01:33 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      2 lucid sex dreams....

      Private lucid....

      I become lucid! I am in a park, except it is cold and wintry. I remember the TOTM, and suddenly the grass is green, and oaks are littered everywhere beautifully... I explore peacefully.
    10. TOTM full entries

      by , 02-20-2017 at 12:29 PM
      17/2/2017, Before 6.20am TOTM Basic II (Read a book titled secrets)
      (Very fragmented but think this was all one dream.)
      -In a room, art class? People drawing pictures. Pencil drawing of a bicycle, really good. I start to draw too and shade in uneven boxes trying to make a chessboard pattern.

      Then a group of people show up and open all the doors and windows. Then they get rid of the walls, and the room becomes very cold. An arctic storm moves in and howling cold wind fills the now completely outdoors classroom. I empty out an old plastic bread bag and put it on like a jacket! Anything to try and keep warm. Someone nearby jokes that it is Tesco cheap brand bread, and also that the bread has crumbs of cheese in it.

      -Having sex with AB. As we finish I realise, impossibly, my pants are still on... and now covered in stains. Yuck.

      -Watching a group of people outside a window, digging up a globe.

      I become lucid and recall one of the tasks of the month: Reading a book titled secrets. There is a bookshelf nearby so I grab a book off it. It is red, leatherbound, standard hardback size. It has no title. I run a finger across the cover and gold letters appear. It reads "secrets", as is my intention, but then the letters quickly change to Hebrew script. The pages inside the book are unreadable gibberish - it looks like text but doesn't make sense. Among the pages are greyscale pictures of a man, in anime style. The occasion word is readable, like a comic book they illustrate sounds rather than anything else - THUNK! WHHHHHRRR! POW! The book then morphs into a tablet and is showing an adventure game. I start playing along and notice how the story changes depending on which character you pick.

      -There was a man dressed as a warrior. He pulls a hat out of his robe and turns into a priest.

      18/2/2017 Before 7.08am - TOTM Advanced I & II (Change winter-> summer, invis cloak)

      I am on a lone survival mission in Africa. (Possibly MGS5 inspired, but I haven't played that in a while.) There are fields of tall grass - tall enough to conceal me, however, there are lions here. I see a lion cub playing and move away as there are larger lions headed this way.

      The grass ends abruptly at a 6ft wooden fence. I vault over it. Maybe this isn't Africa, but some kind of wildlife park. Beyond the lion enclosure is a formal garden - the type you'd find for a big house or palace. Small hedges section off flower beds. Gravel paths meander around. From above it is probably a geometric pattern.

      There are guards in the garden. They are armed. They move cautiously, searching carefully for signs of an intruder. Realising they are about to spot me, I run at the closest guard and attack him. The guard is surprsied. My arm goes around his neck and he struggles for breath as I throttle him. Another guard sees us and starts shooting. I use the guard as a human shield, then dodge and run for cover.

      I run blindly through the garden without a plan on where to go. A monstrous undead horse rears up in front of me. It's eyes are wide in fear. It is covered in blood and it's ribs are showing where the dead flesh is hanging off. Having no weapons, I try and karate chop it's head, but it's badly timed and turns into a slap. I jump out of the way as the horse tries to trample me.

      The scene fades out, possibly a micro-awakening.

      A group of people are having lunch around a wooden table. The ceiling is low and has oak beams. The overall impression is that of an old English pub. One of the people sitting nearby is NJ from work. Someone talks to her about taking a passenger on her Harley... wait, NJ doesn't ride a motorbike... I look out of the window and see a motorbike without a rider moving around in the car park. It looks like a HD Roadster. This has to be a dream.

      I pinch my nose to RC then jump out of the window and start flying. Beyond the beer garden is a vast landscape of grass, trees, and a river. I recall the TOTM about changing the weather. Well, needs to be winter first. I summon a snowstorm. Frosts and glaciers roll over everything, locking it all in ice. Everything is blue and white, the grass covered in thick frost. Then I revert it back to spring and the ice melts. The grass returns to a green colour and the sun comes out. Birds start tweeting and it feels like spring.

      Turning around I start flying over the town. I run and do large leaps between rooftops. What were the other tasks? Oh yes, invisibility cloak. Down in the street below some shadowy cloaked assassins are prowling. I reach behind my shoulders and mime pulling an invisibility cloak over myself. Then I drop down into the street and attack the assassins.

      They are surprised, but then learn to fight back because the cloak doesn't always fully cover my legs when I am jumping and kicking. So I back off, making sure I am fully invisible. They are on their guard, awaiting attack and unsure where I will strike next. I start making a fireball in my hands, mumbling words of a spell, then throw them. They try to dive out of the way as the fire appears from nowhere. After a few fireballs I awake.

      19/2/2017 - Before 6.40am Basic I attempt (ask for a waking task)

      My sister offers me a mint. I take one and somehow end up with four mints in my mouth. I try to remove the extra mints and they keep reappearing in my mouth. This makes me lucid. After a pinch nose RC, I try to phase through the window. It stretches like molten plastic but then finally lets me through.

      I fly around outside for a bit then remember the TOTM. There are two girls sunbathing on beach towels. I land near them.
      "So could you suggest a waking task of the month?"
      The women both sit up and adopt classic "thinking" poses - raising a finger to their cheeks and looking up and away into the sky. I sit down and get distracted, since they are both very attractive. I put my hand on the closest DC's leg...

      (She might have said something. I don't really recall. A different part of my brain had taken over at this point! )

      Anyway, some time later, the dream reforms in a house. I become lucid again. In one room a woman is sitting on a sofa. I ask her for a waking task to do. She asks for a cup of tea. I go through into a kitchen and put the kettle on. The woman follows me and starts complaining about "not having her stuff."

      False awakening. After leaving the bedroom the next room is a crowded office. Wait, this is still a dream. I am still feeling horny from earlier and try to summon a woman. A woman with long dark hair in knee high heeled boots walks past and heads into a bathroom. I follow her into a cubicle and yeah, end up having sex with her.

      19/2/2017 7-8.50am Chained lucids - More Basic I attempts

      Fingerprint Thief
      The dream starts in a school. My sister has tiny negatives of pictures - you know like back when cameras had a roll of film in them. I try to view them by holding them up right in front of my eye. There is a computer on the desk in front of me. While I am looking at the negatives the screen locks. Moving the mouse stops it, without requiring a password.

      Then TP claims to have a photo of me. I try to take the phone but realise he is trying to photograph my fingers on the screen - to steal my fingerprints??? We fight over the phone and I put him in an arm lock. He doesn't seem to care, or feel pain, as his arm comes close to breaking point. It should hurt. He completely ignores it and seems unconcerned when I threaten to break it.

      Feeling annoyed I leave the school. My sister follows, talking about how someone faked her death? There is a car park outside. We get to the car and I decide to ride home instead. There is a bicycle nearby, with Repsol motorbike farings on it! I take the bike and ride across a road, starting to do some stunts.

      I become lucid while riding and recall the TOTM and decide to try asking for a task again. Dad is standing on a nearby hill. I cycle up there and ask for a waking task.
      "Measure how fast a river goes up." He tells me.
      Um... what? Nevermind.

      I spend the rest of the lucid enjoying riding the bicycle and doing some jumps and wheelies. Also, I turn it into a motorbike and do some off roading.

      Gwenevere Infinity
      This one starts like a film, as a DO watching a queen take her place on an elaborate throne carved into a living tree. The queen has a partial face mask on, a human looking face. The rest of her face and body is made from clockwork. She is a steam-punk android, made from cogs and whiring gears.

      The android queen sits on the throne. Nearby DCs cry out "Hail, Queen Gwenevere Infinity!"

      Then a gunshot rings out. The queen slumps over, dead. She has been shot from behind the throne. My vision zooms past the tree-throne to see the assassin, who jumps into a car. There are three other conspirators in the car already.

      The car speeds off and then suddenly collides with a building. The driver's face goes into the steering wheel - no airbag. His nose is caved in and blood flies everywhere. Extremely graphic and gory. The passengers do not fare much better.

      Suddenly I am in the car and, shaking and covered in blood, I pull the door handle and crawl out into the road. There's a ringing in my ears. I'm in "attack mode" - adrenaline surging through me. False memory implies that there will be zombies. I grab a broken metal pipe to defend myself as blood soaked undead people charge at me.

      During the fight my awareness rises and makes me lucid without the need for an RC. After swinging the bar at the zombies' heads and smashing them up in true horor B-Movie style with "corn syrup" flying everywhere, I then run for it.

      Instead of a road I am now on a flat rooftop. A group of people are standing near the edge, holding hands - planning to jump? Dad is there again, reminding me of the TOTM again. "Hey, can you give me a waking task to do?"
      Dad thinks about it for a few moments.
      "How about... can you code a dungeon, heroically?"
      Uh, what?
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    11. Basic ToTM Completed

      by , 02-18-2017 at 04:34 PM
      I'm in a house with tons of people. We're hiding from someone who is going to come in at any moment.

      I suddenly realize I'm dreaming. I try to think of what do do and remember that there's a ToTM that I want to complete, but I can't remember what it is. I walk around to try to jog my memory and suddenly I remember it's "ask a DC for a waking task of the month." I look around and walk to the nearest DC. I say, "If this was a dream, what task would you give me to do after I wake up?" He says, "I don't know, eat something or something."

      I walk away and remember that everyone in the house is hiding from someone. I look out the window and see a person with green skin walking towards the house. They come in and start talking to the people who are hiding. Then I wake up.
      lucid , task of the month
    12. secrets totm - 2017 DJ 30 LD #30,#31,#32,#33,#34

      by , 02-15-2017 at 07:19 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      2 lucid sex dreams...

      I become lucid. I fly into the night sky and find my solar system. I fly through it and find a new body. In fact, it was a star, a red dwarf! I wake up.

      I become lucid. I want to bring someone to talk to along the flight, so quickly take my 'sister' with me. We fly down out the window. I think "WOW! SO VIVID!" I then consider "do I think it is vivid, because my memory of real life is poor, or when I wake up, I remember the dream as not very vivid?" I mull over it, but quickly get back to action. I find a book called 'Secrets" and open it... I find a page about a shamanic people devoted to lucid dreaming. They are called "Greenworld Shamans" In fact, they only exist in the dreamworld now. They are a dark-skinned people, who's favourite enviroment is a beautiful starry night.

      I become lucid again, but quickly wake up.

    13. Basic ToTM Attempt

      by , 02-14-2017 at 02:30 AM
      I'm walking around a strange area with three archways that each lead to a huge room with different weather depending on which arch you go through.

      I realize I'm dreaming and remember the ToTM "Ask a DC for a waking task of the month and try to complete it after waking". I look around and see several DCs. I approach one and tell them that this is a dream. They don't seem surprised. Then I explain to them the idea of the ToTM and tell them that they need to give me a waking task. They just look at me strangely. I don't think I'll make much progress with them, so I leave them and go to the next nearest DC. I repeat the process and they again don't seem surprised when I tell them it's a dream. When I ask them for a task they say "how about flying?" I explain to them that that isn't possible for me to fly in real life and ask for another task. They refuse. Then I wake up.

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      lucid , task of the month
    14. February TOTM and TOTY

      , 02-10-2017 at 04:39 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      Last night bed 9:46pm
      GPC - 3:30 am - went back to sleep, didnt fall asleep till after 4am
      GM - 5:06 am
      sofa - 5:23 am - fell asleep shortly after 6am
      woke up 7:45 after last part of a dream was non-lucid

      Estimate - about 45 min long lucid
      No transitions at all. No realizing that I'm still dreaming and standing up. Just one long event.

      After GPC

      DREAM 1
      I'm falling asleep in a dream, telling someone "shhh" when I start to transition. Then I have to "shhh" my mom. I'm mad, how come they don't understand not to talk to me when I'm WILDing, since I told them about it so many times.

      But I pull off the transition, tilting my head and body back to invoke the falling down sensation that helps my transition. I feel my body being lifted out and moved around and I falsely remember "just like that member described on DV".

      DREAM 2
      A perv walks into my house and grabs me from behind. I squirm but he is not letting go. I'm starting to be scared that he is up to more.

      Interesting thing is, that I can clearly feel his touch. Very realistic.

      DREAM 3
      A group of female activists from some organization are at my house about to call Hillary on the phone. I'm looking at one woman's name badge and I note how fast they were able to make badges with all the hashtag names since I just saw them on twitter that day.

      LUCIDS after GM

      I'm on a busy road, at night. I remember the car TOTY so I raise my hand in effort to stop a huge truck that's approaching me. It's black and silver and I realize he is too close to stop on time. I duck and decide to let him pass over me and to experience how that feels. I didn't regret it, but I got kinda scared with that big, loud and longer than should be truck rolling over my head.

      After that, I picked out another car. I opened the hood and ripped the engine right out. I didn't expect any trouble doing it and so it was very easy to just do it. I lifted the car up and ripped the tire off, one by one. I remember thinking if I got it right, if the wheels should stay and only tires should be removed.

      I sat the car back down and I see to my left that a beautiful, shiny blue Formula 1 car just stopped next to us. I was kinda blocking couple lanes of the freeway, haha. I considered ditching the task and do it some other time and take the Formula instead for a joy ride.

      I decide to get into my car and just as I imagined, there were no keys. Looked in my right pants pocket, but no keys. I tried to make engine sounds in hope that it will make the car go, but no.

      TOTM - Book of Secrets

      Later on while running around doing all kinds of stuff, I remembered the book TOTM. I start looking through drawers and cabinets. They are all full of cool stuff. Collections of rocks, all kinds of hardly identifiable things. I'm looking on the streets in campers, in houses, in many rooms. I finally start finding books. Looking at many covers, none come even close to saying "Secrets". For a while I amuse myself by reading, looking away and seeing how it changed. I'm even trying to will the title to change to secret. I try to write it on it with my finger too, but nothing works.

      I'm exploring this house. Opening the doors and checking out the rooms. Nothing interesting. Everything is white and chrome colored. I find one room that looks like a bathroom. For some reason I like dream bathrooms, or rather, showers. I step inside while still holding the door. I don't want the door to shut and me getting stuck in there.

      The more I look the bigger the bathtub - swimming pool in the bottom of the room gets. When I look third time, it's a size of a small lake, but it's empty. Looks like it's smooth, concrete sides have a bottom that's filled with desert rocks and sand and some small, dry bushes.

      I see a light from a camp fire in the distance. I'm hoping there is someone who who would wanna get it on with me so I hover glide there. Not sure if we do it, I think we do.

      After that, or before, not sure, I'm in a large, modern sex shop. All the tools are behind glass with lots of attendants ready to help you. There are some almost nude guys ready to help you pick your size, haha.

      Ended up having tons of sex, good 20 min of it. I suspect the end was already not lucid, or just barely.
    15. 2nd LD Fun with DH

      by , 02-08-2017 at 07:00 PM
      #2 LD this morning.

      Since I didn't have anywhere to go after sending everyone out the door in the morning,
      I decided to try a WBTB and MILD. It worked.

      Again I do not remember what triggered me to do a RC. I was in my own house, in the kitchen I think. I plugged my nose and could still breath in easily. So that was it. I was dreaming, and knew it. The next tasks I have for myself were to study my surroundings more carefully, so I looked around with mindfulness and woke up.
      This would be a beginner task of the month - fail.
      So apparently its harder to look around mindfully than it is to do something active like flying.

      I stayed there to see if WBTB would work again. And it did. For sure I was in the kitchen looking out the window and my DH was there with me. I did the RC and told him, "hey, we are dreaming!"
      So a beginner TOTM success!
      And did the RC again to show him. I did not want to abandon him and go try flying again, so I suggested that we try sex in the Astral Plane.

      I have the whole dream written down on paper so no details here.

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      lucid , task of the month
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