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    1. Log 900 - The Sampling Extravaganza and Other Assorted Stories

      by , 10-18-2017 at 03:08 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Monday 16 October 2017

      Got a few non-lucid dreams and a DEILD to note, along with a fragment. There was more to the non-LD portions that I've since forgotten by now.

      Dream 1 - School Lunch Buffet Brawl

      The visuals were a bit blurred. I was waiting in line in a buffet-styled outdoor school cafeteria. Instead of trays, each student was given round, sturdy paper plates. Items were already running low when I reached the serving area. Macaroni and cheese seemed to be among the most popular choice, so I scooped what I could before that ran out. I tried some, and found it to be extra cheesy. Following that, I poured in some soup broth (wha...?), and finally, a handful of steamed sausages.

      I turned away momentarily, only to see that everything in my plate (sans broth) had been stolen. Angered, I rewinded time to discover the culprit. Turned out to be some tanned skinned punk, whose hand I found on my plate. I rewinded again to interpose, and yet, he'd the nerve to nab my stuff anyway. More time travel, this time to deliver a sucker punch. But, it seemed I got myself into a losing bout, the bully forcing me into the defensive. What's more, some other guy with curtained hair taunted me for my setback. In thoughtless rage, I went back to sneak attack the both of them, only to get into an even more embarrassingly lopsided fight.

      Not much else occurred before the dream ended.

      Dream 2 - Market Psycho Wave

      Scene 1 - Supermarket Food Samples
      The visuals were mostly clear. I was browsing around a supermarket at nighttime. Thanks to semi-awareness, I effortlessly floated around the aisles, if just to go around and sample snack foods. When I reached the meat aisle, I tore out some steaks and sausages from their packages, then used magic fire to cook these instantly.

      Unknown transition.

      Scene 2 - Law and Order - Paranormal Investigations
      The visuals were a bit blurred. This depicted an episode of Law and Order. During prepping, exec ADA McCoy was pressuring an unnerved witness to speak truthfully, but he realized someone had since coerced them into silence.

      Cut to McCoy in bed, where he's rudely awakened by police. Much to his disbelief, they showed up to arrest him for murdering someone and leaving their body out in a grassfield. Prime evidence included blood-laden muddy shoes found by the cops in Jack's home.

      But, it seemed the police knew this was all part of a much greater conspiracy. It so happened that an evil psychic kid has been hypnotizing people into committing murders in their sleep, to which McCoy became an unwitting puppet. Despite knowing as much, the cops had no way of arresting the boy for doing such, let alone finding him...

      Later on, both cops and lawyers agreed to a risky gambit: setting McCoy free without cause in hopes of somehow luring the kid. Around this point, I manifest as an incorporeal figure. Through telepathy, I instructed McCoy to go to a suburbs, to which he reluctantly complied. It was then that the evil kid probed Jack's mind again. This time, Jack was one step ahead, for he somehow figured out how to mentally shield himself in short notice. As he did, I locked on to the kid's telepathy, which in turn let McCoy figure out the helloin's whereabouts.

      Unknown transition.

      Scene 3 - Lake Waves
      The visuals were blurred. I was swimming at the center of a park lake during twilight. Various other familiar figures were there with me, though I don't recall specifics. Not long into this, huge waves formed, and battered everyone out to dry land. I was steadily catching on to this absurdity, but not before larger tides literally knocked me back into reality.

      Scrap Group 1
      Attack on Titan related dream.
      Spoiler for major spoilers:
      Colt conspired with Eren to kill Zeke, of all things. What's more, Colt reveals his,being of the Fritz bloodline. Cut to a battlefield in a plains. Eren, as the Attack Titanm uses his Coordinate to have a wave of pure Titans assault Zeke's Beast Titan form.

      Dream 3 - The Sampling Extravaganza

      The visuals were mostly clear. I was browsing the very same supermarket from before. Soon, I overheared my Aunt Karin and Uncle Able joking about off-brand cereal, though they quickly rescinded their words. I then see bags of such foods on a rack nearby. One interesting variety had chunks of chocolate and normal (off-brand) Rice Krispies Treats. This somehow grants awareness instantly. I tried some, finding it tasted as good as expected, though, as with food in other dreams, it melted and vanished much too quickly. Indeed, this was true for cookies, chips, and other snack items I sampled.

      After some careless flying throughout the aisles, I went directly to the meat cuttery for some protein. Behind the counter was a man who looked extraordinarily similar to James Avery (aka "Uncle Phil"). There were black plates nearby, which stored what seemed to be beef nigiri. I ate some, when I discovered this was actually shellfish. 'Mr. Avery' wasn't unhappy that I touched something without permission. "Oh sure", he complained, "just take whatever you want."

      To patch things up, I tried summoning a copy of what I ate. But, whether gesturing, staring, or through command words, nothing of the sort occurred. I then tried feeling things out on the plate. As it so happened, this was the surface of a hotplate. What's more, that mere tap caused it to short-out in dazzling sparks. Despite the jolt, I was completely unharmed. "Heh, no summoning.", I comment. "But hey, at least I'm invincible."

      Next, I held onto exposed diodes, electrifying me further, and creating an more spectacular, iridescent display of electric orbs. I stared at those that fell on the plate, when I realized these had formed a single word: wish. Anxious seconds were spent trying to think of something, but I resigned myself to whatever came in mind. "Mechaz0r!", I shout. Not sure why I thought of Duelyst, having not considered it in a while, but oh well.

      Suddenly, the structure begins rumbling, while a familiar tune sounded in the background. The title song for Power Ranger's, to be exact. For extra amusement, I had it seamlessly switch to the Broforce theme. This, in turn, caused a huge karaoke screen to rise up behind the meatcutter's counter, though tiny, illegible text rendered that terminal moot save for the extravagence of it all. As I prepared to sing, a number of other patrons (mostly college/university-aged kids) flocked in to chant along with me. Despite many of us being off-tempo, it was a whimsical moment all the same.

      The tune got about halfway before I awakened abruptly.

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      lucid , non-lucid , dream fragment , task of the month
    2. M/WILD October Task of the Month / House Party

      by , 10-11-2017 at 03:48 AM
      Dream scenes begin to form of me on a bus like a few nights ago, and I get off to find people to have sex with which lasts a while, and I explore much until I remember my dream goal. I get back on the bus to a different town, and I am taken to a house party.

      Enrique is there, and I ask him, "Enrique, tell me something about myself I don't already know," and he says nonchalantly: "You're dreaming." This confuses me because I already know I'm dreaming. He tells other people this too: "Hey did you know that you're just a character in this guy's dream" I wake up.

      (T:45 min)
    3. October 5th, The longest night

      by , 10-05-2017 at 03:55 PM
      Old house bathroom, G in there and me sitting on counter. See but crawl out of toilet and he doesn't let me kill it, so it crawls into the wooden drawers under the counter. At night

      Outside with him chasing me, old home backyard, go to neighbors backyard behind us and fall down. Books and legos, J comes up and we talk and he fires a gun. He said it's a blank anyway but it's load and flashy.

      In grandma's house and want to leave so I go to the left and past two young girls, eventually running past stuff in old neighborhood, bend on our street going left. Down to the 5mph sign, I start rolling around, and see guy in a car who wolf whistles and cat calls me. Then gets out and starts taking pictures, another guy in car comes along and tells him to stop. He gets back in car and leaves, I miss the attention.

      In plane that has stopped and I go walking around to tell people, I become lucid here and walk around trying to summoning random person. I check every. Seat and he's not there so I go and wake up mom, walk into a room with a kitchen set up to the left and a small table to the right. I grab stuff from the refrigerator to eat and savor, I note that most everything tastes the same sugary cinnamon type. As mom walks in I grab all the candies or cookies and chocolate stuff and put it on the table. She makes a comment about my hunger and I shrug it off because I know I want to engage all my senses to get my full lucid dreaming experience. She sits down at the table as I try some weirdly named cookies, lemon elephants or some stuff. They do taste surprisingly good though, like a lemon gingersnap. I offer them to mom and the two other guys sitting near the window, they each take a handful and nod. The cookies look like fish pellets by the way, the next is a big cookie that looks to be made from a young child's creative playdoh session. Slightly bigger than my hand and almost all blue, except in the middle where it's a green strip going all down the middle and in the green strip are a mix of black seeds and orange to yellow colour around them slightly. It tastes like a fruit loops cinnamon bun combined and I figure I'd better work on my other senses, so I leave it for mom to finish. I look to the ground and smell the fresh air, a breeze is blowing and gives me a chill. I rub my arms and notice they are sleeveless, despite going to bed wearing sleeves, I ignore that and close my eyes for a moment to help. This has helped in past lucid dreams and as I opened them then, I see everything just a bit clearer.

      I nod and go to walk outside through another door, when I suddenly remember a dream challenge. I go back to mom and first ask if I may ask her something, she replies yes and I ask her what do I not know about myself? She responds that it's a good question and as she leans back in the chair to think, I wonder if she'll say anything at all. But she does and comes to the conclusion that I'm "flimsy." I did ponder that for a bit and finally thanked her, I tried to remember my second challenge but failed and assured myself I didn't have to rush things.

      So I finally left through the door and woke up.

      I went downstairs and searched the cupboard for food, trying to remember the other challenges, I found the exact same cookie in my cupboards. So I ate it and the taste was the same, I noticed I had control over my actions but didn't use this to tell myself I was dreaming..perhaps I already knew.. I did have to use the bathroom though so I did that, then I looked outside and saw three pathways carved into my woods, I went and walked towards them a bit and saw them getting a bit wider. I wondered if it lead somewhere and I chose to go to the middle one, as I approached I saw two guys and tried to wonder which they were. I kept thinking one was someone I knew but then I got them mixed up and one was walking toward my home anyway so I went with the other guy who was going towards my chosen entrance. We walked until we saw a defense system, a dragon's head as a current at the start of the road leading to the door. I waited until my new company had walked past it and then saw it shot a constant laser out of it's mouth and it's head rolled in almost every direction. I started running when it seemed to target me, once it hit it burned and I freaked out. Running to the door it just kept itself trained on my back, I saw a health bar below my feet and kept running once I noticed it moving down waaaay too fast. My friend didn't have one but kept running faster, I managed to catch up to him when we were almost at the door and I was almost dead. I lunged in front of him and said stay behind me, it worked and I managed to jump into the grid door which threw me out the other side onto the ground of some..mall? Someone near me smiled and started walking, so I followed them and noticed my health bar fill up and disappear. I don't regret using my friend as a body shield, and look around instead. The place does look like a mall and in front I saw people moving like the undead, I shake the feelings off and blink to make them disappear. It works and I continue up the stairs that the man next to me leads me to, I really wanted to head out the main doors but then I woke up for real.
    4. Tripping out on LSD & JBZ

      by , 10-03-2017 at 07:08 PM (Ereos)
      (Whole dream lasted what seemed to be 10 hours or so, I was at least semi-lucid the whole time more or less)

      I was in some dude's very nice apartement, turns out that dude pretty much looks like Bob Marley, he was a pretty chill dude and we were on his couch watching TV and just munching away at some snacks like chips and stuff.

      There was quite some weird stuff going on the TV, and then Bob Marley just breaks out to me quite the proposal.
      He gets up and gets quite a big bowl full of green, yellow and red candy. He's honest with me and tells me that it's LSD, the green ones being the lowest dose all the way to red being the highest dose.
      I look around this big bowl and just go ahead and take a red candy.

      It looks like a pretty standard candy on first sight, albeit there's a big of a concave valley going on in the middle of the candy, like it was squished a bit, the candy is also a hardcandy.
      I just go ahead and put it in my mouth and eat it like any hardcandy ever, it has some sort of strawberry taste but a bit weirder.

      I then continued talking about stuff with Bob, munching on snacks and watching TV.
      After 30 minutes or so I notice that things get a bit weird, in the sense that I am suddenly getting quite euphoric and I notice that my vision is getting a bit "bloomy".
      I think Bob notices that I'm slowly getting the effects so as my tripsitter he does a little exercise for me, he tells me to close my eyes and describe what I see.

      So I go ahead and close my eyes and immediately see two cubes, one green and one purple just battling aganist eachother or something, then those two cubes merge together to sort of form the Nintendo Switch logo, it's still green and purple however...
      I tell Bob what I see as this happens and then I open my eyes back up.

      We watch some more TV but things get weirder, everything around me seems to be "breathing", every single thought I would have I would sometimes get stuck on it and follow it for what seems to be an eternity while only a few seconds have passed. It was pretty trippy in that sense.

      Bob then goes ahead and turns off the lights. I could suddenly see plenty of red, white & blue lights representing various things to my right.

      *wake up*

      I wake up but at this point I'm pretty conscious of the fact that it is a dream so without opening my eyes or moving I just think back on what happened a few minutes ago and I dive right back in.


      I am right back where I was, and at this point everything is breathing pretty hard, the colors are extremely vivid and some stuff (notably cloth & other various patterns) just flows in a neat way.
      Turns out that someone arrived in his apartement and Bob tells me to follow him, he's by my side, trying to make sure I don't fall or something.

      We're now in a much nicer part of his apartement, plenty of day-light there. And turns out that the person who entered his apartement was some girl who brought a bottle of JBZ.
      Now apparently, JBZ is comparable to liquid DMT according to what the girl told me, you take a little q-tip and wet one extremity with JBZ and then smell it gently.

      The girl's nice enough to do that kind of operation for me since I have no idea of this really works.
      I was a tiny bit worried though: "Shouldn't I lay off this kind of stuff? I mean I've never done any drugs before and now LSD and now this at the same time?..."
      Bob and the girl put my mind at ease though and then the JBZ q-tip was finally ready.

      The girl brought the q-tip right below my nose, telling me to smell slowly and gently. And I smelled it for possibly only 2 seconds, had quite the acidic smell and pretty quickly I get a huge rush of euphoria and become hyper-aware, my vision is projected backwards, every single shape and thing in the room just goes very geometrical and abstract in a very neat fractal manner, the room was pretty much infinite neon glowing squares & cubes for about 10 seconds before it slowly stopped and everything regained it's normal form.

      I then described this very trippy experience as I came out of it to the girl and Bob, we talked a bit more and then I was going for another whiff of JBZ, but this time much longer as I had an idea in mind.
      I took a much bigger whiff this time and I pretty much instantly just dropped limp on the couch. I could feel both Bob and the girl easing my fall.

      Every single thing went abstract as before, but even further to the point that I couldn't distinguish anything at all and I got sucked into this light vortex, I felt like I was going faster than the speed of light, but then it got quite calm and I was pretty euphoric.
      It seemed that I was in this infinitely huge tunnel and I became pretty lucid at this point, I obviously wasn't going to do my other dream goals, especially not in such a state, but then I remembered that I could do the DreamViews task, which was asking the awareness behind the dream a question or something.

      So what a better question to ask in such a state: "What is real?".
      Initially no response for about severeal seconds, but then I heard a very reassuring voice echoing in the distance telling me: "There isn't such a thing as a true reality, what's real to you is what you cherish and hold dear in your heart."

      After a little while I finally got out of this state and I woke up outside this time, still with the girl and Bob, I talked a little bit about my experience and then I took yet another whiff of that JBZ.

      *wake up*

      As last time, I did the same thing, so pretty much DEILD I suppose


      I was in my parent's bedroom and I had immediate doubts that I was dreaming. I do the nose pinch reality check and I can't breathe through it...
      I do the mouth breathe reality check and I can't breathe through my mouth either...
      However I do the hand reality check by counting my fingers and I had 6 fingers, however those two failed reality checks which are the most effective casted doubt into whetever I was actually dreaming.
    5. Log 885 - Contrived Cascades

      by , 10-02-2017 at 03:10 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Got a few dreams to note, including DIELD. All but the latter are fragments, though.

      Scrap Group 1
      Watching Rick and Morty. The latter was in a chapel with his family (sans Rick). Apparently, Morty was marrying a gnome with a flagrant... bulge in his pants. Beth wasn't too happy with this, which in turn causes resentment with Summer. Later on, Morty seems to snap out of a daze, and realizes this matrimony was involuntary; Rick had previously drugged teen. So, he calls the whole the off. The gnome begs for Morty's return, and admits to doing painful things to cause the, uh, bulge for his sake, though Morty ignores as much. Later, Jerry complains of small flaws he noticed in decorations. When his ramblings went off-screen, his voice was replaced with that of a hammy stage performer for whatever reason. Concurrently, Beth and Summer were busy arguing on gay marriage rights issues.

      At the bedroom of an unknown home, of which warps into another. Jonathan shows up. We start looking for some blue file folder. Noticed the main theme for Twisted Metal 2 sounding in the background. In a filing cabinet, I find what I thought was the correct folder, only for Jonathan to point out numerous copies of the same object.

      Dream 1 - Contrived Cascades

      DIELD transitioned from a dreamlet. The visuals were blurred. I was walking around the neighborhood during the dead of night. Wasn't sold on this being a full dream at first. I look up at the sky, and imagine the moon appearing. Instead, two bright interstellar clouds form, one silvery in color, the other violet. That's when I'm suddenly pulled up into the depths of space, and I finally rubbed my hands to confirm the dream state. Oh, the vibrant sight of comets, stars and nebulae never ceases to entice. After a few minutes of soaring through the cosmos, the view shrinks into a window skewing and bouncing around black borders. Not anything some manual arrangements couldn't fix.

      I then thought of doing TOTMs, of which the 'awareness behind the dream' task was readily in mind. "Awareness beyond the dream", I called out, "what should I see? What should I dream?" Cue immediate warp. I find myself in a billdboard-2.5d room, its ceiling, floors, and walls all appearing as rocky tiles made of water. Realistic waterfalls leaking throughout the structure contrasted this otherwise contrived sight. And yet, when I passed through these cascades, I felt nothing. When I looked at my right hand, I saw it was replaced by a hand-shaped mouse cursor.

      Another warp half a minute later. I was now in an elementary school's computer lab. On screen in front of me was some Roblox game or something similar. Figured that's what I saw before. I soon lost lucidity, and got caught up in the act of being an adult student there in the same class as my nephew, Lucas. Not too clear on what happens next. Pretty sure this involved a teacher catching me playing games on my assigned computer. The dream ended soon after that.

      Scrap Group 2
      Numerous dreamlets. Ones I remembered include the Demon roguelike, my walking around the neighborhood again, and later on, of my brother Eugene making a cake without eggs or milk. In each case, I tried going deeper by interacting with the environment, only to collapse the dream.

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    6. Log 870 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 15

      by , 09-16-2017 at 09:01 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Got two DILDs to note, along with a fragment.

      Spoiler for If brevity is the soul of wit...:

      Scrap Group 1
      Browsing an arcade, where I see one of the classic Mortal Kombat games. Next, I went outside to a cityscape at night time. Someone nearby lit fireworks, which, spectacularly enough, took the shape of a dragon. Very similar to that one scene in the LOTR - Fellowship of the Rings.

      15 minutes of meditation as part of a WBTB. I made sure not to concentrate enough to the point of complete clarity. Lost awareness during a WILD attempt, though I got a DILD.

      Dream 1 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 15 - Part 1

      The visuals were a slightly dim and blurred. I falsely awaken in the king-sized bed of an unfamiliar large room. A glance out the nearest window revealed a night sky. No lights were on, yet the place was kinda illuminated. This was likely what granted me awareness seconds later.

      I got up to look around. Aside from the room's size, there wasn't much spectacular about it, just a slightly messy bedroom. I then searched for my guide, E, and indeed, I could sense she wasn't far, yet I couldn't see her. Coulda spend all night looking, so I imagined her appearing on a countertop nearby. She was summoned in record time, appearing in her human form and dressed in a gold-colored sleeping gown. However, she wasn't conscious and barely present. I picked her up in "bridal carry" fashion, and concentrated. Within seconds, she manifested entirely and with full vitality. I then set my guide upright on the floor.

      "You didn't have to help me, you know?", she complained.

      "Heh, yeah", I blurted". "I just wanted to show off." E rolled her eyes and smiled.

      I look to the white wall nearby, which reminded me of the competition. "Shall we?" I offered my hand to my guide, and she reciprocates. First up was phasing. I pushed my free hand through the wall with ease, then barged in along with E. Wooden beams and supports were readily visible. Actually, it was a bit roomier than I'd expected. Anyway, we continued outside.

      I then try teleporting to any random location. Things fade into a void, to which I responded with hand rubbing for a while. When I come to, I found myself back in the aforementioned bed. I take a moment to recall what occurred, only to lose awareness. False memories of the fragments above form. This includes clips of a supposed 2-player co-op mode in one of the classic Mortal Kombats. Cage and one of the ninjas fought Reptile, and later, Goro. After that, a preview of Dragon Ball FighterZ, a battle between Krillin and Adult Gohan. The former paralyzes his opponent with a Solar Flare, to which Gohan let's out a hilarious squeal.

      This ended soon afterwards.

      30-minute WBTB, half to write notes, and half to stretch and meditate. As above, I intended a WILD, drifted off, and got a DILD instead.

      Dream 2 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 15 - Part 2

      Scene 1 - Vaporous Embrace
      Dreamlet unwittingly transitioned to dream. The visuals were slightly blurred. I was walking around the neighborhood on a bright, partly cloudy day. When near the school, I see a kid shouting insults at someone from the fence. The latter was someone I knew, one of my brothers' perhaps? Anyway, in vengeance, this acquaintance transforms a cloud into a large fist, and has it slam the brat down onto the pavement. This amuses me enough to gain awareness.

      Using that spectacle as inspiration, I try morphing the biggest cloud in sight into the likeness of my guide. To better control things, I narrated what I expected for the next few minutes, from which the clouds roiling into E' figure were the immediate results. Next, I commanded E to descend for a closer look, only to be reminded of how truly gigantic a cloud actually is; even at hundreds of feet above, I couldn't see my guide in her entirety. I then hitched a ride on her palm, and, remembering the TOTM, asked her for a hug. She pressed me a bit hard upon herself, enough so that I soon found myself engulfed within her vaporous mass. In awe, I flew around in such fog for half a minute. Cue transition.

      Scene 2 - Tick, Tick, Boom.
      The visuals were a bit dim. I was entering home during twilight. Still aware. While passing the downstairs bedroom, I spotted Justin playing a computer game, and overheard him saying crummy things about me. Got kinda sore about that, but I lightened up when I found caramel-cream cakes in the kitchen and dining room. I tasted some of the icing, which was about as sweet as expected. There was momentary concern about dirtying the food, and I thought to warp time just for that sake, but I recollected myself. Still, I (literally) rewinded time anyway.

      I stopped at the room's door, where I planned getting even with my (in-dream) jerkass bro. First, I telekinetically moved random junk around, but that didn't get his attention. I then had the keyboard smack his face a few times, yet he still was unresponsive. Taking drastic measures, I focused on the computer's monitor, and, after having it tick and beep for a few seconds, caused it to detonate in a small, fiery explosion. Justin was finally bewildered with rage, while I walked away chortling.


      Scene 3 - Red Card Death Penalty
      The visuals were brighter. I was in my adolescent years, out playing soccer in teams of two with some unknown kids. I was aware, yet, despite having unfavorable opinions of the sport, I went along with such. My dislike was reflected by my clumsy play, where I kicked the ball out-of-bounds or directly to the opponent far too many times. One of said opponents, a scrawny, light-brown haired kid, ridiculed my mistakes with highly irritating laughter. I tried going super-speed to get an opportune goal, but couldn't manage anything remarkable.

      One further mistake later, and that annoying kid finally struck my last nerve. I rushed up to him, and gave him a flying headbutt right below the chin. My intention was to send him flying to the horizon. Instead, it was only his head that rocketed straight up in a stream of blood. Still, I was entertained enough to laugh as he did to such misfortune. I even had half a mind to kick the severed head into the goal when it landed, though the others' horrified reaction kinda threw me off.

      Don't recall much else until the dream ended.

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    7. Log 705 - April 2017 TOTM Bonus Task

      by , 09-08-2017 at 10:51 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 04 April 2017

      EDIT: Whoops. Left this in draft mode for the longest. Time to publish it fully.

      Oof. Feels like forever since I last posted here. Anyway, I've got two or three DILDs to note, and got this month's bonus task done. There's a large non-lucid portion I can't recall for the first dream, and I generally don't have much to go on for the last two dreams.

      Spoiler for kinda long:

      Dream 1 - April TOTM 2017 Bonus Task

      Scene 1 - From Cosmos to Cabaņas

      The visuals were mostly clear. I was riding around in a seaside highway during late afternoon, water surrounding the path on both sides. Not certain how, but I eventually realized dream.

      This TOTM's bonus task was fresh in my mind. So, I flew out the vehicle, and warped into space. Had to take a moment to restabilize things, and then enjoyed just sailing the cosmos for a while at high speeds. Watching countless stars flowing past my view is always greatly amusing. Anyway, I erroneously looked around for a portal at first, but remembered it had to be a black hole. So, I thought (again, in error) to search in the emptiest point in space. After some more exploration, I found it, a void several hundred yards away, no larger than a hoola hoop in diameter. I stopped, and planned on how to enter safely. But it was too late; I was dragged inside in no time at all.

      I found myself flung into a twisting wormhole, its silvery, fluid walls reflecting on pure nothingness. Ah, this again. I cheerfully let this trip run its course.

      Finally, I arrive submerged in water. On surfacing, and reorienting myself, I see I'm swimming in a beach during twilight. Several family members were on the shore, including my brother Pedro. We wandered around a shopping district. Had to restabilize, and almost got distracted at someone questioning my actions.

      Later, I try recalling some more tasks, but drew a blank. I couldn't think of anything else to do, for that matter. I settled on summoning Eddie, a shapechanging shadow demon from Guilty Gear. I made dramatic commands to have it form into a buzzsaw, and had it spin around for a while. Beside's Pedro's sideway glance, no one paid any heed.

      We then arrive at a run down park. Some tour guide handed us chicken empanadas. These were pretty good, though did have a whole wing bone. Not something you'd want in a meat pie. Soon, we're seated a in a fairly large restaurant/bar resembling a cabaņa. Got bored. I eventually imagining E, my dream guide, showing up as a waitress. A row of such workers did appear promptly, but none of them seemed to be her.

      The meal (or lack thereof) ended quickly. Mom stubbornly took the tab, yet she was clearly distraught with the price. Pedro felt guilty, and urged we do something. That's when I pointed out the whole thing being a dream. I imitated Rick from Rick and Morty (actually Doc from Doc and Mharti), repeating "It's not real, Morty! This isn't real, Morty. None of this is real, Morty!", in a feigned maddened tone, all while unfitting heroic music played in the background.

      The scenery collapsed instantly. Transition.

      Scene 2 - On Pain of Property Damage

      The visuals were dim. I false awakening in bed. I get up to record dream, when I overhear booming noise outside. Some punks were playing music full blast and flashing strobes on their ruined modified white luxury vehicle.

      I approach them, and asked the hooligans to keep it down. They pretended not to listen. I repeated various times, until eventually, I lost patience. Got lucid, though I still wanted revenge. So, I erupted flames from my hands to get their attention. Then, I coerced them to do what was asked or leave on pain of property damage. Through heavy accents, they stammered what I believed was compliance. But they took too long fumbling around, and the music had grated on me long enough.

      I started to count down from three. The group pleaded to me, but I didn't listen. Two. They rode backwards haphazardly, but only in circles. One. They managed to get to the corner, though still too close for my tastes. Time's up. In a panic, those punks all jumped out of the vehicle. Good on them. With a simple clench of my hand, their car ignites, and promptly explodes. I left them to wail.

      Back inside, I locked the front door, and telekinetically did the same to a fictional garage door. By now, I was exhausted. So, I lied back to "sleep", and the dream ends.

      Scrap Group 1
      At home. My old programming teacher from way back in highschool was giving a lesson right in the lounge. A similar dream occurred later, save for replacing the entire class with unknown women. In at least one of these, I realized the dream. I morphed my hand into various shapes before the dream collapsed.

      Spoiler for Media References:
    8. Log 857 - Summer-ish Lucid Dream Competition 2017 - Day 2

      by , 09-03-2017 at 04:02 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Sunday 03 September 2017

      Got a WILD to note, along with a fragment.

      Scrap Group 1
      Repeated instances of my playing Liberal Crime Squad. Most liberal collaborators were named after my team members in this season's LD competition. I'd the impression I was lucid at the time, or it could've been false memories of such.

      20 minute WBTB, where I stretched and meditated. This turned into an hour and a half of insomnia. Still, I barely had enough patience to gain a WILD transition.

      Dream 1 - Summer-ish Lucid Competition - Day 2

      WILD transition through hypnagogia. Soon, gameplay footage of a fighting game appeared. This for the most part was the original Marvel vs Capcom, save for a few notable alterations. For one, this had characters only available from its prequels/sequels such as Iron-Man, Magneto, and Doctor Doom, all of whom were present on screen at one point or another. Likewise, there was some unfamiliar industrial stage background. Remembering the TOTM's, I take control via manipulating an invisible arcade stick, where I used Magneto in a fight against Iron-Man. The inputs were spot on, exacting actually, down to all the flailing and gaps whenever I messed up my Rom Combo attempts. I later hijacked control of Iron-Man, though at best, all I could do were basic diagonal air-dash block/combo strings. Heh, guess I'm kinda rusty.

      Once I had enough, I rubbed my hands to keep stability and shook my head to remove the image. Found I was still in bed. I floated myself upright above the mattress, then tried phasing through the nearest wall. But upon contact, the dream destabilized, and I woke up.

      Another WBTB ad WILD attempt, with no results.

      Spoiler for Media References:

      Basic Rom Combo in action.

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    9. Log 853 - August 2017 TOTM Bonus Task

      by , 08-31-2017 at 03:30 PM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Wednesday 30 August 2017

      I've a series of WILDs from yesterday morning to note. There's also some non-LD portions between these, though I've only a vague recollection of them at the moment.

      Spoiler for It's a long one.:

      Scrap Group 1
      Vague memories of being in a mansion, or even a castle. Later, I pass a security checkpoint, where some guy was looking to pick a fight.

      Dream 1 - August 2017 TOTM Bonus Task - Take One

      WILD transition in bed. After fighting exhaustion, I roll off bed and into the Void. As usual, I repeatedly went back and forth between getting warped to bed then falling off. Seems a crease on my covers bothered me IRL, which kept me from a more complete transition.

      Anyway, during one of my descents, I was contacted by an impish female voice taunting my efforts. I flew here and there to look for her, only to get swung around by an unseen force.

      Later on, I take a stroll around the house. I go upstairs then back down, when I'm suddenly accosted by a large brown rat in the middle of the stairway. I tried bashing it, but missed completely. In fact, this left me so exposed, that the rodent ran behind me and bit my, uh, behind. I awakened for a few seconds, all due to that aforementioned discomfort from the blanket crease, then returned.

      More rolling and another walk around in my (poorly lit) home. Once at the front door, I remembered some TOTMs, thinking the emotion one would be a good fit. So, I muster as much anger as I could, hoping this would result in flashy fireworks. Instead, I just get warped in bed. I try this again and again in place for the next few minutes, and even yelled as loud as I could, though it seemed I woulda pop a (in-dream) blood vessel before getting anything worthwhile.

      I soon stirred awake. Five minute interlude before the next dream.

      Dream 2 - August 2017 TOTM Bonus Task - Take Two

      Scene 1 - Calm Quake
      Another WILD transition in bed. After rolling on and off to the Void a few more times, I gain enough sense to fly around the room, if with my eyes closed. I overheard mom bargin in, where she complained about making a trip.

      Repeat warps to bed and the Void, before I could walk around my unlit home. For some reason, I think to do some poor impressions of Bruce Lee. I shadowbox my way into the kitchen. Most of my housemates were gathered around there in the dark. I ignored them in favor of another go at the TOTM. Like before, I focus on rage, only to warp back in bed immediately.

      I then get up to do similar feaux martial arts techniques on the front door, only this time, I imitate Kenshiro's Hokuto Shin Ken. I batter the door with inhumanly fast punches, creating numerous dents on it and its frame. But, within seconds, these fixtures repaired themselves good as new. Think environment regeneration in video games.

      After that, I tried the TOTM yet again, only this time, I chose to evoke deep calm. Just a few deep breaths was all it took to achieve a state similar to that after prolonged meditation. Just then, great tremors rattled my surroundings, these quakes becoming more intense the longer I continued the trance. I lost focus 15 seconds later, whereupon I was warped in bed yet again.

      More walking around in the dark. I approached the sliding door to the backyard, and was curious to try as before. As I concentrated, I found myself trembling involuntarily with an influx of energy. With a gesture, I "hurled" this invisible force to the wall. A metallic clang sounded, though there was no other obvious effect.

      Cue transition seconds later.

      Scene 2 - Winter Forest Trek
      The visuals were clear. I was in a snowy conifer forest during a grey day, the air laden with chilling vapors. As I looked on in wonder, an Englishman made narration of dream itself. Humorous, I thought, as I knew it was just me doing as such unconsciously. Anyway, I soon noticed a cloaked figure running in the distance, so I hovered in for a closer look. This was a slight, light skinned woman with auburn-red hair. She donned a green cloak, hood down, which itself partially concealed a set of brigandine armor. A warrior, perhaps?

      I decided to follow her, choosing to go on foot as well so as not to startle her too much. A good quarter mile went past, yet she either didn't notice or refused to acknowledge me. So I just asked her outright who she was and what she was doing.

      "Be gone", huffs the woman, "you needn't concern yourself with my affairs."

      Before I could utter another word, the lady dodged into nearby thickets, and I lost track of her completely. Ah, well.

      The weather grew intolerably cold. After a bit of trudging (completely forgetting I could fly), I find the remnants of a dirt road. I continued along it for a while, when a dark brown light horse clopped in from behind, saddled and ready for riding. Well, that's some relief. I climbed on, only to acknowledge I'd never actually learned how to ride such a beast. "Can't be that hard, right?", I thought. How wrong I was. On gently pulling back the reigns, the animal suddenly bucked violently. I'm thrown meters ahead of it, and land chin-first onto the icy dirt. Certainly, this would have been lethal in reality! At the very least, I was able to guide the animal on foot.

      Not too far off was a small outpost of a kind. Two men were there, both having light brown hair and beards. One was seated at a desk inexplicably out in the open, while the other was attending to two horses of his own. Guessed they could be of help. I asked the latter the basics of horse riding. It seemed the fellow was especially knowledgeable on such. Perhaps too knowledgeable, as he preferred to delve into the "science" of equestrianism rather than anything practical at the time. I contended that the "controls" (for lack of a better world at the time) likely weren't as complicated as he made it out, though he disagreed, and continued the rant. Meanwhile, the other man tried interjecting with a few tips, though his comments were completely drowned out by the bickering.

      It was around then that I realized I was practically squabbling with myself. One confusing thought lead to another, and I awakened promptly.

      Spoiler for Media References:

      Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken, the Hokuto Shin Ken Technique imitated above:

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    10. Log 841 - Dream 2 - The Orange Road

      by , 08-19-2017 at 03:22 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Friday 18 August 2017

      Wow, almost two months since my last log. I'll be sure to pay heed to my previous reminder about posting here... Anyway, I'd a bunch of things to note today. Of these, I think I'll only post one of two LD's and skip the fragments entirely; the latter stuff is mostly inconsequential, and as for the ommitted LD... Eheheh, reckon that'll stay with me, maybe.

      Dream 2 - The Orange Road

      The visuals were bright but a bit strained. I was in the urbanized streets of a moderately developed country at dawn, the construction in the area dated, but not deplorable. After turning a corner, I gained awareness. In my excitement, I floated around for a bit, but immediately stopped when I saw destabilization. Took a moment to calm down and focus on the environment. I then sprinted and, after gaining enough speed, tried flying again. This time, I could only hover a few feet off the ground, and only momentarily. Next, I kicked myself off a nearby building's wall, from which I leaped all the way across the road. Noticed music was sounding in the background, the Sewer Surfing theme from TMNT - Turtles in Time, to be exact.

      I then ran down an inclined sidewalk. Found myself in a more arborous place. Spectacularly, the street itself was paved from a vibrant orange stone. After hand-rubbing, I recalled the TOTMs. My immediate thought was to try the blue moon again, but debated the conditions to try that. So I resorted to the taste task. With minimal regard, I grabbed my shirt and licked it. There was, of course, no discernible taste, though from my tongue's sensation, I could at least note a polyester mesh fabric.

      All well and good, but I thought I could do better. I turned my sight to a nearby chain link fence, warped and torn in certain points by overgrowth. So, I lowered head for a better look, only to get suddenly held back. Cue instant destabilization, and the dream ends.

      Media Reference: TMNT - Turtles in Time - Sewer Surfin'

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    11. TotM August 2017 - Basic I

      by , 08-06-2017 at 07:12 AM
      For context, this was a DILD from an FA and was the dream that finally broke my 1 month dry streak!
      I wake up and do everything as normal. However, when I am dressing I decide to do a RC. IT checks out so, as usual I start do see everything blurry. I try to stabilize but it doesn't work too well... A then decide do head down the stairs. When I reach the bottom everything turns dark for a few seconds and then I see clearly for the first time in the dream!!
      I head to the kitchen to try to eat something, but I decide to do the "Google Search" task instead. I grab my phone, which was, somehow, in my pocket, and turn it on. It shows no signs of abnormal behaviour. I open Chrome and search "dream lucid". The first three results are videos and the first is titled "OMFG - Lucid Dream". Then there are a few links to webpages with LD induction methods and one link to Wikipedia that says something about oxygen, nitrogen and 23 years... After that I wander a bit and lose lucidity
      lucid , task of the month
    12. TOTM August - advanced i

      by , 07-31-2017 at 01:24 AM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      I have five fingers, but something isn't quite right. I look at my watch and I can make no sense of it! I look out of the dark retreat and see the moon shining brightly. I remember the Task of The Month and try to turn it blue. At first takes on a purple tint, but eventually it turns a stunning iridescent blue. I fly out the window and the rest is in my private DJ.
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    13. Came close to viewing my own birth, was very lucid.

      by , 07-19-2017 at 11:58 AM
      Dark room lucid dream where I had a false awakening and was able to do the nose pinch reality check. Most of the dream was me in my own house and trying to turn on a light switch. None seemed to work. Eventually I go outside and look up to see "Star man" who is a reoccurring character in my dreams who is the outline of a man in the sky formed from stars. I go back inside and decide I want to try the jump into a painting challenge, but when I jump into a painting in my living room, I wake up instead.

      I go back to sleep and manage to have another lucid dream. This is another false awakening and already know it's a dream. In my room I see a "Goosebumps" book that doesn't actually exist called Escape from Werewolf Camp" with a picture of a wolf standing in front of a cabin. The rest of my room is being packed up. I find my dad watching an episode of the simpsons where the kids are giving reports on various generals. I see a painting nearby and look at it, trying to imagine what jumping inside it will be like. It's a grassy hill with a few houses on it, and in the background are these skyscrapers. The dad dream character says it looks like a metropolis. I jump into the painting and find myself on the grassy hill for about a second before I wake up.

      I then go back to sleep and have a gambling dream where I am playing a sort of memory game but the cards keep getting mixed around. I then realize that it's a dream because I'm not on the internet playing a game, that I'm playing this game on the street somehow. I decide to just start walking down the street while talking about how I knew I was lucid since I'm talking to people online but without a mic or even wifi.

      I go from running to me rolling down the street on a skateboard and I was still lucid and decided that instead of continuing the painting challenge for literally the fifth time I would instead watch my own birth, and that in the playground I was headed for would be a time machine. When I reach the playground I see this piece of a jungle gym that's shaped like a car rolling around and I declare that's my time machine and I need to catch it. I chase it around before finally catching it and find the environment around me slowly changing into the front of a hospital. I approach the hospital and see that it is called the "Ethnically Hopeful" hospital, meaning racial harmony. I don't know the name of the hospital I was born at so I figure this might as well be it. I go inside, down a hall to a waiting room and tell the woman at the front that I'm here to watch a birth and she asks "Oh you're (my full name) here for the birth of (my full name)? I realize that my future self must have done this for me, and that it will be fun to go full circle and do that in a dream. I take the ID she gives me and take an elevator up to the twelfth floor. Unfortunelty I woke up when I actually reached the floor, but not before sharing the elevator with a Dream character who I had to keep from messing with the stop button on the elevator. I asked her what her name was because I remembered that was a challenge but instead of replying she turned to me and I recognized her as a character from a short story I read about a large woman in an elevator who scared a boy who had a broken leg and had to use the elevator. That's how I knew she would press the stop button.

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    14. TOTM advanced 1

      by , 07-08-2017 at 10:08 PM (Journeys through Spacetime)
      Relevant part:

      My dream guide calls me and takes me to the interior a large white cube. He reprimand me and suggests I try my synesthesia exercises. There is a liquid mirror surface, which I can manipulate. I use visual manipulation along with auditory to produce magic!
      At first I produce a surreal forest, and I receive beautiful orchestral music with tasteful hints of trumpets.
      I now jump in and find myself in a forest, which seems to be quite alien indeed...

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    15. Summary of last week | Two bonus ToTM attemps

      by , 06-27-2017 at 08:30 PM
      Here's the summary:

      Dream: 985
      LD: 93
      SP: 30

      This (last) week:
      Dream: 17
      LD: 0
      SP: 1

      (That sleep paralysis wasn't scary or anything, I just couldn't move and that was it)

      I finally got lucid dream again, and not just one but two and for the same night, too. I tried to do the bonus ToTM (flipping the world upside down) twice, but I didn't succeed. I'm dumb because I was supposed to do the others first, as they're easier and actually possible for me, but okay then... It was fun tho. Here are the dreams:

      #1The dream begann non-lucid. I was in some underground cave. It was full of water but I could see and breathe just well. It looked like Minecraft... I was swimming (diving?) around and tried to find exit at some point. I started controlling my actions more and more until I just thought that yeah, this is a lucid dream now. I tried to do the world flipping thing but I got something horribly wrong because I flipped MYSELF, not the world. But the world seems to be upside down on my perspective, so it counts, right? No (or does it??). Okay, I guess it could have worked in some way actually, but it didn't. I tried to keep that pose for a while. It was interesting. Then I woke up.

      #2 I got another dream right away (DEILD? Was it?). I was in the same world (I just knew) but not in the water this time. I tried to do it on ground. I didn't have that much control that time, but it was still a LD.

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