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    1. Short transformation & look at sky

      by , 12-11-2017 at 05:58 PM
      Amazing lucid dream where at first the dream kept fading out but then I would stabilize and it would come back. I popped in and out of the dream in this way. I noticed a mirror at one point so I transformed into a rat for a tiny bit. The environment was beautiful and I did more things, but I should have woken up sooner as I have forgotten many details. I kept having FAs in a house where I dreamt someone else potentially lived in the same bedroom too so that was uncertain. I tried aeroplane hands and the success was not great. When the dreamscape was not very realistic, I shouted ‘increase realness’ twice and it turned more life-like. I tried to remember some of the dream tasks I had, and I looked at the sky. It was absolutely beautiful. It was like a painting though, with big stars.

      When I woke up I counted my fingers, and at first I realized I was dreaming, but then got caught up in the dream as my partner was telling me off for using playing cards and mixing other things up in the playing card deck.

      The dream felt really long, but I have forgotten many details as I started dreaming non-lucidly after that!
    2. Almost got lucid ,I was sleeping even in the dream

      by , 12-11-2017 at 05:27 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I was browsing porn on the internet...in dream, and then I had a FA...I could barely see anything but that was not enough to get lucid...maybe I browse the internet in my dreams too?
      Maybe thats one of the main reasons I cannot get lucid without wild
      dream fragment , side notes
    3. made of spit dream

      by , 12-11-2017 at 12:58 AM
      I gain lucidity then I start melting as spit my whole body gets drench in saliva I stare and keep staring as my eyes start thining about darkness a sudden shock then I'm cover in spit trying to wash myself off but when I wash myself of more saliva and spit start forming around me then I notice I was already clean
    4. Lucid dream and TOTM. Asking an older version of myself for advice.

      by , 12-10-2017 at 01:12 PM
      Lots of trippy and intensely absurd dreams tonight, but I wasn't at home and had nothing to write on. I was a little too laxed on recall so memory is very limited. I know I was lucid at least twice though.

      I did MILD in the middle of the night and later noticed that I was about to fall asleep. So I just sat back and enjoyed an unusually smooth transition into the LD. (Best type of WILD. All the fun, non of the work)

      I headed downstairs and met my parents dog. She was super happy to see me and we played for a little bit in the hallway. I decided it would be fun to start the dream with one of the tasks. I also wanted to go outside. I tend to get this urge.

      I decided to bring the dog along. Once we got on the road I decided that I wanted to start with meeting an older version of myself.

      I looked around, but there was nobody around. I told the dog to look for me. She wen't out into the tall grass and started barking. I followed and found myself face down in the tall grass tied up into an uncomfortable position. I helped myself get loose.

      The older version of me: Didn't look much older. Horrible unhealthy skin. Looked weak. Scared.

      I can't remember a lot of details. But I asked for advice. All he told me was that if I was offered to go to the mountains in the next few days I absolutely had to refuse.

      I asked what had happened to him... why was he tied up? I can't remember exactly what he said. But I think it had something to do with that mountain trip. And he had gotten in trouble with some people. He suddenly got anxious and told me something like "oh no here they come" I turned around and he was gone. A humongous black dog approached. About the size of a hippo. There is also the image of a man in black, but I can't remember anything else about him.

      The dog was intimidating, but I just started playing with it. I lost lucidity while we were playing around in the street.

      I "woke up" hearing faint voices outside my room. Getting closer. There was a woman. I remained still because I wasn't sure if it was real life or a false awakening. And I was hoping to re-enter the dream. She leaned in and whispered my name into my ear and licked my neck. It went through my body like a jolt and I woke up completely. I am relatively sure it was a hallucination and not a false awakening..

      This could be a new trend. There is a part of my mind that has always been trying to stop me from entering lucid dreams during transitions. But it never had much success.

      Recently it seems to have given up and left me alone during the initial transition. But instead surprising me and waking me when I try to re-enter dreams. After a few times I know to expect it now though. So I doubt it will be much of a problem in the future..

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    5. Various LD snippets during Thanksgiving break (Mornings of Nov 23 - Nov 27) Part 1

      by , 12-10-2017 at 06:24 AM
      Unsure what happened before becoming lucid. My field of vision is flat like a computer screen, alternatively flashing between blue and red flashing (like a computer screen) - there is a thin white rectangular border. Centered white or black text reads "Obek" (may have been in Cyrillic) and another word, but each time I read it the word changes. I can feel myself sliding along a fixed path. I pass into a small office building with a desk and a man to my left - reminds me of college. The man sitting at the desk has a scary face, not just intimidating or creepy but instilling great fear. I overcome it and reach out to touch his hand as I pass by him in the way I'm being pulled. Can feel the sensation of touching it distinctly. I slide through an open doorway and to a hallway leading left and right, the track takes me left. I am then turned around and taken backwards (in the same direction as I was coming from while going through the office) and I pass into a warehouse/art studio/garage type building (lots of stuff here - canvas draped over boxes, easels, concrete floors, foggy windows with light coming through). I go forward until I stop at a distorted mannequin standing up against some stacked crates. In retrospect the face was disturbing, but I didn't think about it at the time. I use my hands with pinching gestures to change the facial features into an attractive female (her body changes from mannequin to living flesh). She is wearing a tee shirt and panties. There is a brief sexual encounter and then I wake up promptly (after a feeling of closing my dream eyes).

      I'm with my girlfriend at a party and we're holding a balloon that's shaped like lips (one of the shiny ones you get from Dollar Tree) and arguing. It's an outdoor party and it's night time. There are snakes on the ground and in the trees. The non-lucid portion of this dream lasts a while and I'm separated from my girlfriend. All of the sudden I sit down, touch the grass, and become lucid. Visual clarity intensifies, and I examine the dream characters more closely, especially a girl with black hair which seems to have this hazy red aura (as if it was a red underdrawing). I am looking around at all the characters when I look past the back fence at a house with a light on in one of the windows and the outline/silhouette of someone. I'm transported there and I continue to observe. It's a small room with a raised stage with white linen borders. There are several people in the crowd standing and watching, a lot of them dressed in white (not all though, some in normal clothes). On the stage there are three girls dressed in white. They begin to undress and I wake up.

      I'll add more tomorrow, trying to scrounge through my notes from that time.
    6. Dream - Mixed Choir Competition & Bullied By The Community

      by , 12-10-2017 at 06:02 AM
      Date of Dream: SAT 9 DEC - 2017

      Dream No. 240 - Separated Sections

      Dream 240 A - Mixed Choir Competition
      I forgot where I was at the time but Mr H was offering for me to come with him and the school choir and help them out at the Waverley Choral Eisteddfod. He said to meet the rest of the members at Monash University at 6:00 PM. When I got home, I told my mum what I was doing and where I was going to go. I was then in the bedroom of the old house, picking what to wear. I thought, “because they're all wearing black, I guess they'd like me to wear black too”. I couldn't find all items in black... The denim jacket I had over the top was going to be skin-toned. ML then appeared in my room and told me I was going to be wearing the Killester Performance Shirt on the top... And then she disappeared again.

      Another scene was playing in my bedroom, it was like two scenes at a time... I was standing still in my bedroom, watching the other scene being played. Mr H had finally boarded the Killester bus but it was a few minutes past 6. It then solely went back to my bedroom. I hadn't even left the house and so I was now worried that I was going to be late and even miss the event altogether. I went to my mum in the kitchen and she addressed the exact same thing about me being late. I eventually came up with a solution to the problem that I would ensure I arrived at the venue on time.

      My mum did say, “You're already late, you might as well just give it a miss” and then I said to her, “Don't worry mum, I've actually got a solution”. Then she looked at me in a funny way and she goes, “Don't tell me, it's that creepy friend of yours”... She was referring to Dreamy WB. I got highly offended from that statement and I said to my mum straight away in defence “no it isn't. My guide's taking me”. I tried to make it sound to my mum like someone completely different was taking me so she'd stop making fun of Dreamy WB.

      I was then in the driveway of my current house and that's where the calling ceremony took place. As my mum was standing nearby, watching my every move, I made it very clear to call for “guide” and not mention any name at all. I walk right up to the edge of the driveway and call up the court, “guide, where are you?”. After that, my mum disappears and five women appear in the driveway, just in front of the right garage door. Upon further inspection, they're all Dreamy WB... So bascially (and weirdly), there are five copies of Dreamy WB in this dream!

      I examine them further and use the copies that I think most resemble the real WB, as they are all dressed and made-up in different ways, some copies even had light skin and blonde hair!! The first copy I approached had the correct skin tone but her hair was tinged slightly red with a frizzy updo and she had an innocent disposition on her face. She was wearing a white shirt and a white headband with black trousers. This is the one I went to for a hug and she returned the hug long and hard.

      The second copy I approached was the transport arrangement I had planned. This copy resembled the real WB the most and may have in fact been the leader of the Dreamy WB group. This one had the appearance of the typical plain black afro and she was wearing a red trench coat with some plain jeans. She rose up slightly into the air and moved into a sitting position, inviting me to climb onto her lap.

      Once I was on her lap, she locked me in with her arms and ensured I was comfortable, then she slowly rose a couple of centimetres again, and then shot off like a rocket. The dream was now a really fast blur of travelling down Wellington Road and I could tell this was the right road as a lot of the buildings and other landmarks resembled the geography in real life. I couldn't feel Dreamy WB at all because we were going so fast... All I could feel was the wind rushing past me. And then the dream ended there before I reached the uni.

      Dream 240 B - Bullied By The Community
      I was surfing on my Instagram account when I noticed that this user called “sml.fan.4” (or some name like that) made a reference on their profile about what I had said in my “about me” section on my profile. They were humiliating me for the fact that I said “I go to school” and I still hadn't updated the information. They said something else in their statement that I was worse but I don't remember what it was specifically.

      Now this case was an Instagram wide controversy and there were over 176,800 likes, comments and shares. There was a comment from Tito Jimenez who was standing up for me and I gave it a like. Next, there was this comment from HL who was also standing up for me. In her comment, she was referring to something with “heaven” or “heavens sake”, I know it was religiously oriented. HL's comment had some sub-replies. One from no one I knew and then another one after that, that was from WB.

      The sub-comment from WB was really bad and she was on the side of humiliating me. Within this comment were all these photos of me and her that she probably might have stored on her phone in the dream. She must have done something on Photoshop or some other photo editing program as she had drawn all these moustaches or other silly features on my sides of the photos. I only had a look at the sub-comment quickly and so didn't have enough time to examine all the photos. By the time I got back to try and look at the comment, it wasn't there... I figured WB deleted it as she knew I would be on to look at it now.

      I forgot the next scene in the dream and so I'll skip to recounting near the end of the dream. I am in this unknown, indoor open space and there are these small pedestal tables with a book on them. I look at one of the books and it is interesting, out of the photos WB put on the Instagram comment before, she made them into a book. She was then actually approaching the book to grab it but I stopped her right in her tracks. I was actually mad at her this time. I asked her why she did what she did and she said she didn't do anything. I can't remember anymore of this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None

      I'm back on the web now. I tried to open this site and keep it open for at least 30 seconds and it worked as my computer fan wasn't escalating in that time... So thank goodness, that's a relief. Additionally, I haven't remember any dreams for SUN 10 DEC.
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. Lucid Dream - Morning of Dec 8, 2017

      by , 12-10-2017 at 01:48 AM
      This was my first LD since joining DV!

      I was looking out of the front door window of my childhood home (the drapes were pulled back, and the . It was a foggy night or early morning outside. I see my mom leaning up against the van she used to own, talking on her cell phone - the yard was longer than in reality (most spatial areas tend to be skewed and expanded in my dreams). It's also dark in my foyer, so I walk through into the living room. The furniture is a lot more crowded than my real living room, and I'm still psyched out from a previous dream about people hiding in my home, so I scan the dark room for signs of life. All of the sudden, I look at my hands and realize I'm dreaming!

      Everything pops into vivid color. The dense furniture of the living room is gone and the only thing there is a long table close to the kitchen (the room is skewed longways). There's a huge amount of food on the table, so I approach it. I remember to rub my hands together, and the stabilization is amazing! The lights are now dim, but definitely on. I pick up a salt shaker, then a food item (an apple maybe?) remembering this tip, but it doesn't do much to stabilize the dream. While walking, my balance is kind of off (feeling all the sensations of my dream body is still new to me, as I've had plenty of brief moments of lucidity, but maybe 2-3 really vivid ones).

      At this point I'm scared I'm going to lose the dream, so I fall to the ground on my hands and knees, and it helps a lot. I can hear a faint Christmas song coming from the kitchen (where the lights are off). I try to draw a door on the wood floors, and I see a faint white outline there, like when you press down on a computer screen. I wasn't clear with my intentions though, and halfway through drawing it, I get stuck somewhere between visualizing a deep ocean, then a deep ocean with a rock below and above. Because of my loose convictions, the door fails. I stand up and read a Christmas card that my family has taped to the door (or it might just be a decoration - they tend to do this kind of thing come Christmas). I remember what everyone says about text in dreams and read it once (nonse with a few real words in no clear order), then close it and read it again. The text changed! I thought, "Wow, that's neat!". Rather than fading back into a waking state, I feel as if I closed my dream eyes and simply popped into wakefulness.

      As far as the process, I woke up about 5 hours into my sleep and used SSILD (I thought it was unsuccessful after doing it, as I was "too awake" and it took some time to get back to sleep). I'll definitely be doing this technique again! Although it was relatively short (20-30 seconds), it was one of my longest LDs yet! Very exciting stuff.

      I also wrote some other non-lucid dreams in my phone, but I don't have time to transcribe them here right now. I'll try to be better about DJing, but I might have to add all entries for a week on a set day or something as it takes some time for me to write these out. That's it for now!
    8. Annoying Classmates

      by , 12-09-2017 at 01:25 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 1:00 AM

      Woke up at: 5:00 AM


      I'm in my Chemistry class. My teacher is sitting at his computer, you'll find out what that entails in a second.

      My old friend-turned-acquaintance JJ is sitting to my right, incessantly complaining about....something. He's alsonot doing the assignment at hand, instead making one of those paper fortune-telling things. He directs his ire over to the teacher and doesn't. Shut. UP.

      I HAVE to tell him something.

      I tell him something along the lines of "Dude, shut the hell up. That's the FIFTH fucking time you said that. Be quiet, show some respect, and do your freaking work." Oddly enough, the class doesn't respond, but he sure does. He says something like, "How can I respect a teacher that can't freaking teach? Playin' games n' shit, damn..." See, in real life, my Chemistry teacher is, well, kind of a shy, bumbling newbie. During the course of his time at the school, everybody's been giving him crap. This carried over quite spectacularly into the dream.

      Anyway, this sent me over the edge, but I know better than to act on emotion or instinct. I tell him, "It doesn't matter. He's the teacher, you're the student, so let him teach."

      And just after I say that, my brother walks inside the classroom and hands me some car keys. I don't know exactly why he did this, and the dream ended shortly after that, but that wasn't what was important.


      1. The same thing happened today during class. My classmates were actively taunting the teacher, one of them got especially unreasonable, and I told her off. No, I didn't cuss to such an extent as here. God, they're annoying.... Er, sorry, rant mode.

      2. I think this is one of the few times I ever completely acted like myself in the dream. To be honest, this dream was kind of therapeutic. I don't even know if I was lucid or not, it was that accurate.

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      non-lucid , memorable , side notes
    9. Chekov

      by , 12-09-2017 at 12:12 PM
      Early Evening of December 9, 2017. Saturday.

      I am sitting in the front seat of a car in an undefined location. There is not much light. The car seems to be parked. Pavel Chekov, as on an early episode of “Star Trek”, is apparently the driver. He is dressed in his Starfleet uniform. (We have not watched “Star Trek” in quite some time and I had not really been thinking about it either.) The driver’s side is on the left, so it is apparently meant to be of an American setting or association.

      There is an implication of speaking, yet no one actually speaks other than the audio I hear seemingly from outside of the scene. I soon view the scene from the front of the car, facing it and seeing myself on the left. The voice, seemingly my voice, says, “Sometimes more, sometimes less”, with only a vague response from Chekov as a slight turn of his head towards me in acknowledgment. He then looks back to his left, seeming somewhat puzzled about where he is. From here, the scene shifts to where it seems I am looking at two 1940s detectives (wearing black suits) sitting in the car in the same orientation and I quickly wake.

      This dream can easily be typified and decoded as “return flight waking symbolism” (most common type) even though RAS and the association with falling or flight is not directly perceived. This is due to the association with Chekov and his role in the television series. He is a passive form of the precursory preconscious.

      The shift to the offset dream is based on the liminal space cessation trigger, which is that which causes the dream self to subliminally (depending on the level of lucidity if extant) ponder the nature of being between sleeping and waking. This is what “sometimes more, sometimes less” means, relating to the level of awareness during the waking transition and likely also a reference to the degree of lucidity. The detectives “replacing” us relates directly to the puzzling state of liminal space and the implied “mystery” of being unconscious without fully realizing it (though I am semi-lucid here, probably about 50% lucid towards the offset scene).

    10. Death of a Friend

      by , 12-09-2017 at 10:34 AM
      I do not remember how it started, but a few of us had a mission. On this mission included Matthew, Andersson, Josefine, Jack, and myself. We started off in a local park like area, but there were not many trees. Some of the pathways were concrete, while others were dirt paths. The dirt paths were quite muddy, and many of us did not want to ruin our shoes, so we tried to stick to the concrete paths. Andersson ran off somewhere, and Matthew ran ahead of us to scout the area. It already was becoming a bit dark, so me, Jack, and Josefine ran besides each other, with Jack in the center. Jack was the slowest, so we all stayed at his pace. The run took us a lot longer than expected, though, as we had to take many detours to stay on the concrete path.

      We were all of a sudden in some desert like area, with huge sand dunes. I vaguely remember a tour being given to some children, but it was just myself and Matthew at this point. I do not remember having any regard to where the others were. Matthew and I began to scale one of the dunes. It felt like we were getting nowhere, and then all of a sudden, the scene changed.

      I was now in some dark sewer, and I had a sword with me. I was on a walkie talkie with Josefine, although I still did not know where she was. The sewer had a green like tint to it. There was a pipe ahead that I had to crawl through, and I hit this barrier three times. There were these sheets of flesh blocking my path, and when I touched them, they injured me. I had learned that hitting them with my sword makes them temporarily retreat out of sight. I came across a turn in the pipe, with a set up similar to before: some barrier, followed by some fleshy sheets. As I passed that, I came across some fleshy protrusion that was glowing. Hitting it did nothing, but it all of a sudden transformed into this floating plant monster. It used range attacks, but I also somehow had a bow, so I began firing arrows at it until it died. I had to pass one more barrier/sheet combo, which led me to an open area filled with these bats that began to attack me. I quickly crawled back through the area and tried to access my inventory to get a shock trap, but my "controls" weren't working and I ended up losing all of my health.

      I appeared in some prison cell area, and Matthew was there as well. He did not seem to be bothered by this. Jack, Josefine, and Andersson were all nowhere to be seen. This creature, that was about 2 meters tall, and looked like a cross between an orc and Jason Vorhees, talked to us in an oddly seductive way, and told us that we were able to go. I had questioned where everyone else was, and he just laughed. I noticed a door beside him, and I felt a presence behind it, so I opened it. Andersson was there, and so I told the creature that we were taking him back. The orc creature just shrugged, and allowed it. I pulled up a map, which looked like a Terraria map but for some reason was a map for Runescape, and I planned our best route to leave without running into more of these creatures in the forest. It involved walking south along the gate, and then just continuing eastwards until we reached Draynor Village. The scene changed.

      We were in some sort of futuristic sky bar restaurant. A view of some city was down below, and we were all sitting at a table. Some noteable people there were Matthew, Andersson, Dominik, Sue, this guy with a strange haircut, and this black woman. There was no table, and we were all sitting on folding chairs that we had arranged in a way that would make you guess a table was there. Matthew's coworkers were also there, and so he left the table to go and talk to them. I began telling some of the things that I remembered before I went in the sewer. "After the forest, we somehow found ourselves in this desert on the outskirts of it. It did have some people there, though, as it seemed as if they gave tours of the area. Then all of a sudden I was knocked unconscious. I remember having to complete a word search that consisted of 12 words. When I completed that, I was in these sewers."

      I continued. "We wouldn't have escaped without the help of Sue (an Asian DC I had never seen before, nor had she appeared earlier in the dream) and this guy (the guy with the weird hair that I had never seen before)." Then all of a sudden, things began to hit me. It took a while, but I got everyone to be quiet, and then I began to tell a more detailed account of what had happened. "There were 6 of us. Me, Matthew..." I began to cry, but I forced back the tears so I could continue talking. "Jack, Andersson, Sue, and the guy I still don't know the name of." I told them about how Jack had died, and the loss of a friend had really shaken us up. Matthew came back in the room, with some girl from his work, and was confused as to why we were getting emotional. He told us that everyone is going to play this big game, and that they were waiting for us. It seemed as if he had forgotten the events already, and so I told him we will come down in two minutes.

      Andersson finally spoke, and clearly was shaken. He told me he was thankful that the both of us came back to look for him, and that Matthew and I are great friends to him. He gave me a hug, and then someone suggested we do a group hug. I told them that we should have a group hug only including those of us who have went through this experience together. The random guy, Andersson, the black woman, and two other guys joined in a group hug (it seems somehow our party is growing?). Sue was reluctant to join in a group hug, so I told her to just put her hands on the shoulders of the two people closest to her if she was more comfortable than that, and she was.

      The scene changed, and everyone who took part in the group hug all of a sudden appeared in the sewers: the same sewers that I was in before, right before I reached the tunnel filled with the barriers and fleshy sheets. And this time, we were unarmed. All of the memories flooded back to me, and then I woke up.
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. darkness aura control

      by , 12-09-2017 at 01:55 AM
      close your eyes then start focusing on the darkness as if the universe collapsing over you then you start to see star dust as the star dust starts forming you have to act as if you suspended in space then become blind in darkness as the dream you engluf in the universe
    12. Various Dreams, Getting chased by Ninjor and Lucidity! ^_^

      by , 12-08-2017 at 10:15 PM (My Robotic imagination)
      I wake in the middle of the night and there is a closet near my bed that I always check to make sure that it is closed. Last Night I was so tired that I didn't bother doing so, So when I wake up in the middle of the Night it was open and all dark inside except for my clothes hanging inside and minor things and such. This is when the SP and false awakening Start. I get slightly afraid of it but not enough to bother closing it and I go back to sleep. Please take note that I'm laying sideways at the foot of my bed with the closet at my feet and the window at my head. Anyhow, I fall asleep and a few minutes later without even realizing it, I find myself sitting on the brown carpeted floor in front of my closet, playing with something. I wake back up with that image in my head and thought, so you want to try to give me a nightmare do we? Even with slight fear I ignored it, occasionally looking at the closet and went back to sleep. I feel myself drift in and out of SP with my feeling the tickling sensation and jerking here and there. I wake up for about 20 minutes to get rid of the aggressive SP and then drifted back to sleep.

      I find myself back at Raymond which IRL is torn down.

      In the dream I start off in my mom's room that was empty but junky. There was a light on and I can see that things were missing. The first thing I noticed was the mirror dresser. The TV that is usually sitting on top of it in the corner was gone along with various other things that were once there like lotions, jewelry, hair stuff etc. The only thing that was on top left was a dusty outline where the TV once was and other useless things, such as wires, strings and more dust back where the mirrors where at. Speaking of the mirrors, the two tall mirrors that were connected to the back of the dresser was also missing, it was just the tracks the the mirror slid down into. I figured that since we no longer lived here and now in the process of moving things out that some one in the family came by to help out with the rest of the moving process or some people busted in here and stole the things out of here. Next to the dresser on the floor were two radios. One was an old 1990s looking realistic (brand name) table radio.
      Attachment 9820

      It was light brown in color and had a knob turner. it was obviously broken as I can see the the cord was missing and there were frayed wires on the back of the radio where the cord once was. Next to it was a more modern looking radio. It was black and silvery grey in color, much like mine that I have IRL with the stylized boomboxes and what not. The boombox was on and was playing some kind of music, possible me hearing the jazz music that I always have playing softly in the background from the waking world. For some strange reason the people that come in here would always leave this radio one and never bothered it so it has been on for God knows how long. Anyhow there was no bed in this room, it too have been taken out by someone. There was stuff like hangers, paper and some pieces of the beds frame that supported the mattress. It was dark out and then I suddenly realized that I needed to get out of here in case who ever it is staying here returns, since it looked like it was still inhabited from it being power here. I hastily made my way through a lit hallway and down the steps. That dream ended with me rounding a corner on the landing and to the next flight of steps that led down into the living room.

      Next segment.

      I'm lucid from an SP that I felt after the closet opening and start off semi lucid. I'm outside doing the old way of calling robots into my dream. It looked like it was dusk out and I was having issues remembering who the recent zords I was with IRL. I manage to think oh wait a sec, I can just try to dream about characters who are small like Optimus Primal, SD Gundam or Auric. I ended up thinking about Ninjor but wanted to avoid him since we are at Odds with each other. Playing Power Rangers Legacy he has gotten in the way of some of my matches and I ended up talking shit to him and taking out both him and what I thinks to be his girl, Odonna. So I avoided him but unfortunately he ended up appearing and he saw me. "Ninjor! He shouted in his wavy voice and he charged at me. I ran down a hall and into a room and looked to see if I can jump out of a window. I go into what looks like an unlit office room and over to a window. Birdseye landscape. Even though I know it is a dream it was just too high for me.Nope. I turned to run back out, but Ninjor blocked of the door way. "Hahaa!" He laughed mockingly. "I've got you now!" He charged into the room and I ran back behind a table and up against the back wall opposite from the windows. I spotted another way out and Ninjor saw it too and tried to block that off but failed, just missing me by a hair with his grasp. I'm going up flights of stairs and every time I look back just as I'm rounding corners I can see a glimpse of his blue color coming up right behind me. As we are running high up the scene slowly changes and I began to see lava appearing. I entered a room and most of the floor is glowing hot and I run out on a thin strip of safety. Ninjor Sees this and was actually trying to get me out of there and somehow he slips and falls into the lava tiles. And I'm disappointed in my dream ending with my robotic DC getting killed. I see his now limp body sank into the lava and vanishes under the yellow hot surface. Oh yeah? Well then I can go with him. I jump down into the lava expecting the worse. It was not hot and I can now see Ninjor Rising up out of the lava but he was laying down. Something was rising him up and as soon as it got done Ninjor shot up and looked at me. Panicked I ran to the door entering the room and looked back expecting him to come after me but he didn't. He seemed a bit off. He was looking around and not saying anything. I decide to see what was up with my chaser but being careful to not let him get me. The black visors which was his eyes has what looks to be slight rust on the edges. The lava had temporarily blinded Ninjor and he was seemingly becoming more upset.

      Next segment

      Sexual dream

      These are dreams I usually use to become aroused and get that feel good sensation in. Usually it results in me waking up,I would have it for only a few seconds before it would fade away. IRL I thought what if I achieve this without instantly waking up from the feeling? This is what I got.

      I usually keep these dreams private but since it is part of this long dream I will include it here. In this dream I start off in a large house. I'm talking with people then at some point and time I get lucid and became aware. No one is home at this time and I walking around in this house, trying to find away outside, as I'm doing so the arousal came into thought. So I start looking around for something gross to happen to me. I walked into a bathroom that is the size of a dinning room and on top of something I found a used douche. I knew it was used because the water inside of it was mostly gone and the nozzle was opened and out. Perfect. As soon as I picked it up the dream shifted and found myself in another bathroom that was much smaller then the other one I was just in. I'm now standing infront of an unseen mirror and behind me was a tub with curtains around it. I didn't pay it no mind and started to stick myself with the douche but as soon as that happened, I suddenly fell backwards into the tub that was full of water. I fuss abit at the dream as to why it did that while I was getting ready to receive the arousal and I get the feeling that it knew what it was doing. So now I'm, in a tub of water and continue on, poking my self and achieving my dream feeling. Arousal shot up into my body and and that good feeling exploded into me. After about 4 or 5 seconds it disappears and I take out the douche but then feel myself began to wake up. Shit! Suddenly the water swishes around and I'm sucked underneath it and is still able to breath freely. I felt the water the smelled like peroxide rush over the top of me and the waking sensation disappeared. I was now one with the water and the dream knew it. So it teleported me taking some lucidity with it to the outside of the tub where I was now standing up with people. Somehow this dream managed to keep me inside after the successful sensation. I'm talking with people and we are there fishing around with our hands in a huge, metal thing that is full of cloudy blue water. I also have my hands inside and is wondering how am I'm not scared of this water even after I'm aware that I'm dreaming? I look into the water and I can see bits and pieces of what looks to be cooked crab meat inside. I quickly took my hands out of there and then I think I woke up but was in SP. Dream was not ready to release me yet ^_^

      Anyhow I reenter the dream and now I'm back at the house I started off in when I was at the start of this segment. I walk around a bit and looked out the window and seen that we were above clouds and I can only see the tips of what looks to be evergreen trees. Further off in the distance there was fog and I seen the Thunder Megazord. He was colossal and walking around but I was too far away to get his attention. He turned and disappeared into the fog.

      Ninjor reappeared with his sight back and this time he charged and caught me, causing me to wake up, for real.

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    13. illusion vanilla smoke form

      by , 12-08-2017 at 03:23 PM
      im walking around my house in trance of a false awakening I start melting this white goo

      then I start touching the walls an evaporate then start forming into a cloud as start form I get entrap in it burning as melting glass as I'm crystallizing in the water smokes starts coming bodyfrom my then I as ice cream start melting as vanilla then fall on the floor in a big vanilla mess
    14. Dream - Tricky Clock And Fingers

      by , 12-08-2017 at 12:05 PM
      Date of Dream: FRI 8 DEC - 2017

      Dream No. 239 - Tricky Clock And Fingers
      Lucid Dream 8

      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I remember, I was walking down the main corridor at Waverley Gardens Shopping Centre. I ended up seeing CF there but she didn't want to talk to me and I thought to myself “why?”. Apparently she was too busy hanging out with E.Gen and I.Hick who were walking down the corridor just after her. A few seconds later and I saw CF's dad, trying to say hello to him but he said nothing back.

      The next scene took place at my current house. I forgot what I was doing at the time but my dad ended up turning on the TV. Channel 7 news was playing and there was this interesting concept that the TV viewer could “get up close and take a selfie”. When I got in front of the TV, precisely I appeared like I was the one actually starring on the news... So therefore, the TV was actually a TV/mirror. I got my phone and positioned myself the way I wanted to on the TV and then took a few photos. Once I looked at the photos myself, I thought they were amazing... One shot showed me standing next to some gold statue amongst the pyramids of Egypt.

      The dream flowed well and rather didn't skip to the third scene, but I walked to the third scene myself. I went down the stairs to see what my brother was doing in his bedroom. Just then, all of a sudden, this random guy comes barging into the downstairs area. I stick my head out my brother's door and see a man with black curly hair wearing a Chisholm t-shirt and carrying a cardboard box full of paper. I don't how he just let himself in like that... I said to him, “excuse me, but rather than just letting yourself in, could you please knock next time?”.

      He said sorry very quickly and then was telling me that he was here to deliver my diploma results. He then told me how I was doing great things over there at the moment and that I will just do so much better in the next stage; I mentally knew he was referring to organisation of the cultural day which is exactly what took place in real life. Then I stuck my head into my brother's room and chilled until I thought of what to do next. I saw the cat sitting on the tiles, slapping her tail onto the ground many times. Eventually I went up to my bedroom but the cat was following me.

      For some reason, I now think I'm awake because I am lying in bed and I can see grey sky, out the window, as well as hearing spits of rain. I think to myself, “I hope it stops raining so grandma can see her friend”. I look over to the bedroom clock and it says 9:28, so I'm still convinced that I'm really awake. But upon staring at the number longer, the 2 starts to distort itself. I look away and look back; the clock is trying to say 9:30 but a bar is missing off the number three. I squint my eyes shut and open and now the 9:30 shows in full form. The same thing happened in respect to 9:31. The next number set on the clock is 9:57. And then the clock goes to 11:37. Now when I squint, it keeps changing time on me non-stop.

      The time on the clock is going absolutely crazy and so I decide to give up that technique, now with the addition of knowing I'm certainly not awake. Still, to reinforce and question the fact if I'm dreaming, I decide to look down at my fingers. At the start, they look normal, but when I move them to one side of the room, I can only see four. I now move them across to the left and see some fingers disappearing and others slowly appearing. Additionally, my fingers were long like a witch and whenever they'd change, the bones in them would hurt really bad. I didn't want to witness the pain anymore and so I was now finally and utterly convinced that I was lucid.

      At this stage, I'm actually amazed within the dream that I've finally obtained lucidity again. I then think to myself, “what do I want to do now?”. I then decided that I wanted the cat to go away. The cat kept walking into my room and I told her to shoo repeatedly. It took a while but the cat eventually slinked off and left. Once again, I thought “what do I want to do now?”... Although I was lucid, I wasn't prepared and so didn't have any intentions in mind.

      Then once I had time to gather my thoughts, I said to myself, “I want to get Dreamy WB over here”. I went over to the bedroom door, stuck my head out and started calling for her. Because I was so lucid, I was so focused and persistent. I had called heaps and heaps and there was still nothing. I thought to myself, “why isn't she coming?”. I still kept calling while walking over to one of the multiple mirrors in my bedroom. I quietly said “Dreamy WB, are you there?” as I looked through the mirror.

      Only in the mirror did I catch a glimpse of something amazing. In the dream dimension there was still nothing but in the mirrored dimension, a greyish-black silhouette appeared in the doorway of the bedroom and was very slowly and mysteriously approaching me from behind. When the silhouette got as close as possible, it just stood there, waiting for me to turn around and discover its identity. I turned around and indeed it was Dreamy WB in human form! Her appearance was the afro and the black pencil dress.

      I was so ecstatic to see her, maybe too excited that I could wake up but she brought me back to the moment. Both she and I ended up getting onto the bed and lying down, wrapping each other in a tight hug for a few minutes. I then stuck my head out from her arms and said to her, “I'd like another dream like this”. What I was really saying to her is that I wanted another lucid dream some time soon. I mentally knew that I had nothing else to do in this dream, so I stuck my head back into her chest to prepare myself for waking up. For the whole scene, Dreamy WB was completely quiet, she didn't speak or utter a sound.

      The dream eventually faded out and I was holding my Mario plush in the exact same position that I was hugging Dreamy WB in the dream. I looked at the real life clock and it said 7:34. I never went back to sleep because it took hours to recap every single detail of this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Explorer (Have 1 lucid dream).

      This was an interesting dream. The lucidity starts from the bedroom scene. What was unfortunate though is that the dream took me so much by surprise that I didn't know what I actually wanted to achieve in this dream.
    15. Hydra-Window

      by , 12-08-2017 at 09:07 AM
      Morning of January 13, 2008. Sunday.

      This dream occurred (past midnight from January 12) after having fallen asleep while sitting in a chair on our porch, though it is slightly longer than the typical mircodream.

      My dream involves looking into a dark void or featureless area in a mostly unlit space (not necessarily outer space as it does not otherwise seem that expansive). I focus on a floating window, perceived as being on the opposite side of an unseen or undefined room. Atop the window, on the wooden frame, each snake having grown out of the window frame and still connected to it from about half its body length, are nine snake-like “necks” with heads, otherwise realistically rendered in their detail. They move about randomly (mostly remaining vertically oriented). I do not feel threatened or alarmed; only puzzled and curious (especially as I am viably lucid and watching it as I would a three-dimensional television, thus I could not hold any fear or sense of threat anyway). Besides, my physicality is not defined as being within the same space as this window. Even though there is no apparent light source, the surreal imagery is well-defined. The window has nine panes (three by three).

      This is only odd composite waking symbolism to alert me to the fact that I had fallen asleep in my chair. The implied void simply represents my lack of discernment of my real physical body. A snake is the primary (and oldest) waking trigger of RAS (reticular activating system). A window also often represents the waking point of the dream state (while a breaking window symbolizes the cessation of the illusion of the dream state, and although this window does not break, it does move back into the distance with no perception of me moving). In this case, it is more as if I am looking into the dream state than from within it (an aspect of which people who believe in “dream interpretation”, in the inexperienced pop culture sense, either miss or completely ignore despite the fundamental difference).

      The reason why there are nine snakes matching nine window panes may only be a factor of multiplicity as relating to expansion of neural energies in the waking stage (though number nine does have a personal meaning for me).

      The probable reason why the snakes are perceived as growing out of the top of the window frame (rather than for example, snakes near a window in a more natural scene) can just come down to the coalescence factor of waking symbolism.

      Please note that a snake may sometimes have other meanings than just the RAS trigger as a waking alert. It depends on the dream and how the snake is rendered. Some common additional meanings are intestinal issues, frayed electrical cord hazard, umbilical cord (as in wishing to be free of a parent), an arm in a problematic position while sleeping, and so on.

      Tags: snakes, window
      lucid , nightmare
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