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    1. Dream - My Brother's Birthday & Weird Guy With Ten Fingers And Toes

      by , 08-08-2018 at 12:47 PM
      Date of Dream: TUE 7 AUG - 2018

      Dream No. 390 - Separated Sections

      Dream 390 A - My Brother's Birthday
      I can’t remember how the dream started. From where I can remember, we were planning for my brother’s birthday party. The scene then shifted to the actual place of his party which is nowhere that I can think of in real life. There were less of my brother’s friends and more of students from Killester that attended his party… Even those that I didn’t hang out with very much at school in real life. Also, one of the accounting teachers Katrina was there.

      There were a range of games being played but I forgot what they were. Also, in the dream, my brother was only turning 18, silver writing and stars on a black balloon. I walked over to see all the presents stacked on table. At one point near the end of the party, I saw WB walking around in a blue clinical robe, her hair straight and in a neat ponytail. That’s all I can remember for this scene.

      For the next scene, I was in the front room of my current house. My year six teacher was there along with a whole group of unknown high-school aged students. He touched me on the lower back which caused me to cringe and tell him off, unfortunately also calling him a pervert. He then took us somewhere on a bus. That’s all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream 390 B - Weird Guy With Ten Fingers And Toes
      I don’t remember how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was on the Gamerland Podcast discord page and I was talking to some of the people about my interactions with voice actors. I mentioned that I wanted to try and meet Clancy Brown next (this is not a real life intention though). The dream played a little sub-scene about him performing on the “set of Detroit”. I then said that I wish voice actors were more accessible where I was and that these famous people would just come to me when I called them. I mentioned that the voice actors I knew were then Kevin Miller and I had seen Lex Lang in person along with his wife Sandy Fox.

      In the next scene of the dream, I was perceived to be in my bedroom on a bright and sunny morning. The phone rings and I new it was going to be my dad, making a mess to my self esteem. So I walk out the bedroom door and say to myself, “Don’t tell me… I know… It’s the weird guy on the phone with ten fingers and toes (on each hand)”. Later on in that scene, I turned on my phone to show my grandma what a ten-fingered hand looked like, she didn’t react much that. That’s all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream Tasks
      - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? Partially)
      - Have Dreamy WB or Murray go to console an upset dream character (Achieved? No)
      - In case of extended absences with Dreamy WB, train Murray on how to provide in-dream discipline to unruly parents (Achieved? No)

      - Start the dream off with Dreamy WB already present (Achieved? No)

      Dream 390: Results (Competition #6)

      390 A
      Competition Night: 6
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      390 B
      Competition Night: 6
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 4.0
      Calculation Details:
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)
      - 3-Day Recall Chain (3.0)

      + Previous Total: 21.5
      Total Accumulated Points: 25.5

      In Dream 390 B, there are a few ideas to address. In the first scene, I have actually seen Lex Lang and Sandy Fox in person, they came to Australia in 2012. And I have spoken to Kevin Miller online and follow that famous Gamerland Podcast. In the second scene, the dream must be tracing to the real life event where my dad all of a sudden snapped at me while on the phone with him on Monday morning and my parents were acting irrational for the rest of the day.
    2. Dream - Relationships And Birthdays

      by , 08-08-2018 at 12:32 PM
      Date of Dream: MON 6 AUG - 2018

      Dream No. 389 - Relationships & Birthdays

      I don’t remember much about this dream. From where I do remember, I was seeing a psychologist along with this other person from my TAFE and we were being asked questions about our relationship. My main was concern was that the other person was always leaving me even when I didn’t finish saying what I wanted to say in previous scenes. I can’t remember anything else about this scene.

      In the next scene, I was in the sitting room in my old house and there was talk of my birthday coming up. Once again, the events in this scene are very messy to remember. All I can remember is that my uncle was living in Endeavour Hills in this dream and he was no longer taking part in full-time work, in-fact, he would never be working ever again for the rest of his life. That’s all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream Tasks
      - Have Logan receive harsh penalties from Dreamy WB due to reckless social behaviours (Achieved? Partially)
      - Have Dreamy WB or Murray go to console an upset dream character (Achieved? No)
      - In case of extended absences with Dreamy WB, train Murray on how to provide in-dream discipline to unruly parents (Achieved? No)

      - Start the dream off with Dreamy WB already present (Achieved? No)

      Dream 389: Results (Competition #6)
      Competition Night: 5
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Dream Guide: None
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 0.5
      Calculation Details:
      - Non-Lucid Fragment (0.5)

      + Previous Total: 21.0
      Total Accumulated Points: 21.5
    3. xx.

      by , 08-08-2018 at 10:58 AM
      Non-dream stuff; woke up early not remembering any dreams in particular. Eventually fell asleep again and then woke up at around 10, then being woken up "more" by the door. Some non-lucid stuff:

      Dream fragment 1:
      I remember seeing a big (to me) naval vessel from camera-like perspective, I think it would be a destroyer or frigate-class, which I think are the two smallest classes. I remember getting the "keys" for it, but don't remember actually driving it.

      Dream fragment 2:
      I remember being in a car like a modern Nissan and I think I was in one of the front seats, though initially my point of view was at a low height but the car was moving on its own, as there was nobody else in it, and then I was a little bit concerned about how fast it was going to go down a hill, because it was a T-intersection and I was trying to put a seatbelt on.

      Dream sequence 3:
      I remember a place like a campus or open gardens for some sort of educational complex. It was day, but probably cloudy as things looked a bit grey and I don't remember sharp shadows. Probably around mid-day.
      Me and my partner were walking along some concrete slabs that were the paving in this trimmed grass garden area, he was ahead of me, and I was seemingly fixed on my phone and we walked through a building and I realised I was holding an apple pencil on my right hand, to which I thought "wait why did I bring this but forget the tablet?" so I put it in my right pocket. I seem to remember I was wearing my casual pants, as it were, which I likely wouldn't have been in the context of the dream if it were waking life.

      We got to a T or corner with the paving and went up some long but not very high steps, only about 3 or 4 steps, into a building. As we walked in I remember metallic catwalks and fluorescent tubes on the ceiling. There was a reception with a lady, with glasses. She was focused on whatever she was doing and I was still fixated on my phone, noticing on some level that my posture was very bad.

      We went up some metal stairs on to the catwalk tier and pushed a metal door and entered a room. It had dark wooden board flooring, the walls were a similar colour, and the end of the room had 3 or 4 massive old-style industrial windows. I made particular note as we walked into the room that there were some paintings; portraits of contemporary, people, oddly enough at least one of them was a teacher from the university I went to in waking life.

      Then there was a man standing in the room, I realised, as I turned after reaching a point near the windows, and he had his arms crossed but not because of us or anything, was just his pose, and some big men started to come in carrying some stuff, which I didn't make note of. The man addressed me and said "do you have an order?", to which I said "do I have an order?", realising suddenly what he meant after I asked it, I said, "no, I don't have an order", to which he replied something about it being best we weren't in that room then. I did somehow feel that we had entered a room we weren't allowed to enter. Anyway, he walked out with us from the room, as we had nothing else to look at inside anyway and the men were busy bringing stuff in.

      As we walked back out into the main lobby, it was transformed from before; now it matched the other room, dark warm, red-ish wooden colours. We went down the stairs, which now were wooden stairs with red carpet of some kind, and I said something and it sounded loud, to which the receptionist, still there and now seeing to some other people, asked me to be quiet or something to that effect.

      The man replied something to me and we kept walking down until we reached a window with an alcove, and the three of us sat there, as there was a red pillow thing. For some reason now I remember being sat at a table, but in any case we were having a conversation about something and the man asked something like "were you looking for the old paintings?" (I think I mentioned something of it) and he said how that other room used to have very famous paintings and started recounting which ones.

      Oddly enough, my partner who is not artist, understood perfectly what paintings they were and who the painters were. I was simply confused, as I never tend to remember most painters, even famous ones, despite being an artist myself.

      I remember my partner and the man were on the other side of the table now, it was definitely a table now and made of the same dark red hued wood, looking glossy. My partner started saying something about "how ridiculous it is that my phone now has to level up to increase its battery life" and as I watched them talk about whatever I suddenly noticed I was getting a bit of a visual aura. I do remember something about my own phone having recently maxed some leveling up attribute and having taken many years to do so.

      There was some kind of transition and I don't remember what the context was now but I saw things in a camera-like way and could highlight people and objects in an orange-tinted interface and examine what they had on them remotely.

      Some notes:
      • In fragment 2, the context within the car was a clear dream-sign, but unfortunately in that context I never seem to remember to RC because of how "important" it seems to do certain things in that moment.
      • In the long dream sequence, it's odd that I was so fixated on my phone, only explained slightly by the dream with the leveling up thing.
      • Normally it could be the other way around, like if we've gone shopping, my partner will be the one looking at the phone and I'll be the one leading our walking.
      • The building we entered felt like a library, both before and after we went into that room with the paintings.
      • The apple pencil is an item I've only recently come into contact with, so it's interesting that it has actually carried over to my dreams, but it did feel odd that its accompanying tablet wasn't present.
      • I remember feeling like I could get embarrassed for carrying the apple pencil while looking at my phone which is an android phone. Somehow I felt there was some conflict.
      • The fact that I explicitly made note of my posture but did not try to correct it could have been a cue to do a RC. Some physiotherapy I received recently was all about posture and it made me far more conscious of it than I have ever been before, so I will correct posture more often than not when I notice it's an issue.
      • I felt like the man we spoke to was the curator of the art in that building.
      • It was curious to see the receptionist, as she looked like the one from my other recent dream journal entry, and her reception desk was not too dissimilar despite the completely altered context.
      • The visual aura in the dream was odd. I started to cover my eyes to check that it was one in the dream, as I would in waking life. It's the first time this has ever happened in a dream.
      • Me and my dad get visual auras at complete random. There is no associated migraine or pain for them as there are for many people, and the cause of our visual auras seems to be unknown.
      • The aura in the dream didn't look quite like what happens in waking life but it did bother me and obstruct my field of view.
    4. Melting Hot Wheels Track

      by , 08-08-2018 at 10:57 AM
      Morning of August 8, 2018. Wednesday.

      Reading time: 47 sec. Readability score: 80.

      In my dream, there is a backstory related to a new 3D printer we have, which is presently being used to make some Hot Wheels tracks and other toys for our youngest son. My dream’s setting is a slight variation of our current home.

      It seems to work well at first. The track emerges like paper from a printer does. A length of a race track is on the bed, as long as the bed (oriented from foot to head), with the 3D printer near the foot of our bed.

      Soon, I notice the bottom of the track is messily melting into the blanket and bed sheet. It is like glue. It is also stuck on clothes and other items. I become very annoyed and start to remove it, thinking that the material is too fresh and has not cooled enough yet. Perhaps it is all defective.

      As a boy, I had both a lot of Hot Wheels track as well as Matchbox track with accessories for both. They had a slightly different design and color (yellow in contrast to orange), but I still jammed them all together sometimes for a setup in the large Cubitis living room.

    5. No Ostriches in a Car Driving Computer Game

      by , 08-08-2018 at 09:48 AM
      Morning of August 8, 2018. Wednesday.

      Reading time: 1 min 8 sec. Readability score: 72.

      In my dream, I am focusing on a computer screen, which has the construction field of a computer game that you can partly design yourself. Mostly, it involves driving a car from an overhead view. The straight road appears vertically on the screen at first. There are not many other features.

      There are some options where I can make the road curve. Just driving the virtual car around does not seem much of a challenge. Over time, I have snippets of a dream within a dream to utilize in my original.

      In a virtual workspace in the second dream, I want to have a large oval area on the left. In that area, I want it to be ground only, with several ostriches that randomly come out from the wayside onto the road so that I can be challenged to drive through without hitting any of them.

      I go back to my main dream to look for “Ostrich” in the context menu of the game to place them in the area I had already cleared. I look through it several times, assuming it is in alphabetical order, but cannot find “Ostrich” and become very annoyed that I cannot make the design I want. Instead, I find “Österreich.” There is a large icon on the right within the context menu itself that features the Mariazell Basilica as on a set of postage stamps I had many years ago. (“Österreich” is the German name for Austria.) That will place a church in the playing field if I select it (by drag and drop), but I wake before I look through other options on the context menu.

      Non-lucid dreams with such extraordinary, surprising cleverness keep me intrigued.

    6. “Grimm” Distortions

      by , 08-08-2018 at 07:46 AM
      Morning of August 8, 2018. Wednesday.

      Reading time: 48 sec. Readability score: 66.

      I enter an annoying abstract sequence of thought similar to enigma space when a non-lucid dream is first forming. Silas Weir Mitchell (as on the “Grimm” television series) becomes my preconscious effigy. However, no rendering of a proper dream commences. Instead, I get “stuck” on precursory cycles. (Silas plays a character named Monroe, which is an association of where I lived as a child; North Monroe Street, but I have always wondered why preconscious dynamics lock onto places I no longer live, while typically blending them in infinite ways with everywhere else.)

      Over time, I am aware of a word or words I do not understand, which seem to be German. It sounds like “Stangunghausen.” My mind keeps cycling back to this term and trying to resolve its meaning. I come up with “stage house” a few times. I perceive it as ambiguously relating to the “Grimm” series and something to do with a computer game or perhaps a board game. At times, I also recognize it as a dream metaphor, a stage being autosymbolism for the dream state itself.

      This ambiguous and abstract cycle seemed to last at least an hour. I fully woke about three times and kept sliding back into it.
      Tags: german, grimm
    7. Log 1196 - Uninhibited

      by , 08-08-2018 at 01:57 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Tuesday 07 August 2018

      Got the WILD loop to note, along with a few scraps. Can't say I'm comfortable about posting up the last segment, but whatever.

      Scrap Group 1
      Playing the classic Tales of Phantasia.

      In a bedroom within an unknown apartment suite. There's this teenaged girl there who was overtly timid for her age. Even just the sight of my beard frightened her, causing her to hide under a sheet. Me and someone else later discover she suffered from amnesia.

      Dream 1 - Uninhibited

      Scene 1 - Guess I Need an Actual Reason to Call Next Time...

      WILD transition in bed. Brief hand rubbing. Once again, my covers left me almost entirely blind, and I was, for whatever reason, incapable of removing them. I called my guide, E, via Codec to help out. But, instead of ridding the covers, she instead fastened it further over me. What's more, she kept me held in an uncomfortable embrace. Her grip was too strong to slip away from, let alone to even drag her with me elsewhere. I demanded this stop, though my guide found far too much amusement at my own expense to even consider that. Transition.

      Scene 2 - Banana Oatmeal
      Lucidity lost. The visuals were blurred. I was in the living room at home, daylight peeking in. Dad was in the kitchen making breakfast. On a closer look, I find he was preparing banana oatmeal (not something I've ever seen him cook). He offered me some, but I declined; the fruits weren't ripe enough for my taste. Later, I spontaneously rubbed my hands. This brought awareness again, if briefly. Transition.

      Scene 3 - Unexpected Hands
      Practically blind again. I falsely awaken in bed. By thought, I rubbed my hands. Feeling myself doing such let me regain awareness. Once again, I called E. Soon, I felt four hands... uh, groping me. Although this wasn't the first time she had that many arms (let alone was that forward), I still got a bit startled. Anyway, she soon begins playing tricks on me, pinching and pulling me at a moment's notice. I then rolled off the bed into the void, though I lacked the strength to take her with me. Warp.

      Scene 4 - Nommed!
      The visuals were blurred. I was suspended in midair over a tropical landscape, waterfall below, and a dawn sky above. I glance back, to find that my guide, now gigantic (at least 30ft. tall), was actually holding me close to herself. She drew me closer to eye level, only to begin gnawing on my left arm and shoulder. Again, not anything new, yet I still became highly unnerved. I pleaded with her to at least not make this too painful. Her chewing felt like it'd broken me, but there wasn't any pain. Transition.

      Scene 5 - I'm Not Deadpool! I'm My Original Character, Bledpool!
      The visuals were slightly blurred. Lucidity lost. Spectator mode. This was supposedly an episode of 'Futurama'. It starts with a customer service rep, a fat, obnoxious wise ass of a man, on his phone in his cubicle. The person on the other line lost their patience, and hung up. Just then, a talking moose barged into the office, and confronted the guy. The beast shows visions of a most unfortunate future, all brought about by the man's snark. And so, the man promises to behave, and runs off.

      But then, while going down a stairway, the worker was assaulted by a man in a white superhero costume, a figure that appeared as a Deadpool ripoff. Indeed, this character even shared the real thing's penchant for comedic lunacy. In a flash, the fat man is left gravely wounded. While bleeding out, he notices a fellow co-worker, a blonde woman with whom he's infactuated. The man tells her not to look, to run for safety. But, the woman just gives him a hateful glare. She then reveals having hired that 'hero' to kill the belarded man. Turned out the guy was a stalker, and had (despite his best efforts to hide it) previously ruined her chances with a potential soulmate.

      Cut to an urban neighborhood. Things appeared in live-action. I'm now given the role of the above antihero (or someone like him). My brother, Ivo, who was wearing glasses, was also with me. Soon, a guy on a bike passes by, and hurls insults at us. In turn, I call a downdraft to knock that douche into the ground. For good, cathartic measure, I blasted him again. Ivo called me out for using excessive, and possibly lethal, force. We argue about this throughout the town, then inside a mall. As we went up an elevator, "I" (only acting 'in character') outright told him of "my" lack of any empathy.

      Cut to a highschool courtyard/dining area. "I" (again, 'in character') had a teacher, a woman with greying brown hair, at gun point, and demanded a ransom. Surprisingly, the other students welcomed the chance to see that woman dead. Even "I" thought that was cold. Many of those kids even went out of their way to kidnap the principal, a man that looked and sounded like a live-action Principal Skinner, and brought him before me. "I" repeated my demands, but the principal remained steadfast. He admonished the students and "I" for acting on such madness.

      Don't recall how this ends.

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    8. Noctemocity 7.5

      by , 08-08-2018 at 12:34 AM (Noctemocity)
      Aug 7 Afternoon

      32/ Was at a circus with a guy who was watching a little girl. He never paid attention to her. She kept wandering away. I’d go find her and bring her back again. She didn’t like that I was trying to control her. I was only trying to make sure she didn’t get abducted or lost.

      33/ 13th LUCID (since I got lucid from a nap decided to try it again today, was very tired due to having no caffeine all day)
      Walked through an old, messy city. It smelled of sewage. “How did I end up here?” I asked. When I couldn’t remember where I’d come from, I reality checked. “Dreaming. What a horrible dream.” I stopped, put my hands over my eyes, and thought three times, “Wishing the garbage away.” When I uncovered my eyes I was in an old, stone castle with beautiful music echoing through the corridors. I followed the music into a dark hall and the dream destabalized. I put my hands on the wall and used the stone to anchor myself. I then continued toward the music but was very aware that I was on the verge of waking. The alarm I set should be sounding soon. I found the music. It was a stage full of instruments with no musicians. The instruments played themselves. I took a step into the hall and the music stopped. I moved to the stage and the fear that I would wake up at any moment gripped me. I sat at a harp and talked to myself about relationships, trying to get lucid answers to a couple of questions. Nothing came so I reverted to ‘old challenge’ mode. I wanted to see if strumming the harp could cause me to orgasm. It did. I woke with three minutes before my alarm was to sound.

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    9. Day 176: Genie-Pad

      by , 08-07-2018 at 08:26 PM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Fell asleep at: 11:30 PM

      Woke up at: 7:40 AM

      Dream 111: Hitchhiker's Guide For Getting Whatever You Want

      Nighttime; Grandma's house. A raging party is going on outside. I'm in the living room, watching Spanish television, thinking to myself "Wow, Latino TV is lewd as hell. There are also a lot of clowns." Then I pull a tablet out of my pocket which resembles the Guide from the Hitchhiker's Guide, though a yellow one and slightly extended. It has three LED lights on the side, red, green, and yellow.

      It turns out to be a genie in a bottle, so to speak. And as is turns out, the three lights stand for something. Red is for 'Evil', Yellow is 'Neutral', and Green is 'Helpful'. Under the Red section one of the wishes is 'Create a clone and kill it/Create life then kill it'. I decide to use the machine to stop the party outside. Everyone leaves but they leave all their trash on the patio. Then the dream ended.

      Dream 112: Not Really The Last of Us

      The dream starts with a zombie covered in some dark green goo--which I presume is the cause of the apocalypse--chasing down a woman in her house. It pins her down on the floor and bites her ear off. I see the lights flickering on and off in the house.

      Now suddenly in the house, I bolt it and run away as fast as I can from the goopy monstrocity.
      Then the dream ended.
    10. The Double School

      by , 08-07-2018 at 07:54 PM (Random Awesomeness with Drop Therapy)
      I was at my middle school... and my elementary school. Basically it was both schools fused into one and there were food stands everywhere like in carnivals. I was talking to some friends and enemies from my middle school there, and once I stopped talking to them, I started walking around. I made it to the entrance of the elementary school part of the building when I noticed I was dreaming. I looked at my left hand and noticed that I only had four fingers like a cartoon character. I then became lucid. I yelled at the top of my lungs "I AM LUCID! YESSS!!!!" before I realized that I might wake up. I think I half woke up anyway, because I was also fully able to hear and feel things from real life. For example, my mom was talking about money, but in my dream I also heard her talking about becoming a food vendor. I also felt my body against my bed. I also accidentally turned my dream into a wet dream, but I refuse to disclose any details.
      lucid , memorable
    11. Mokaner's DJ 7

      by , 08-07-2018 at 07:45 PM
      Dream 1
      I sat in a Restaurant or anything of that sort at the same table as a pretty girl. We were talking, until she suddenly grew scared and began to cry. I asked her if she was alright, to wich she simply replied 'No,' got up and ran. After what appeared to be a while I was walking around in a city and there met her, so I walked up to her and asked her what she had been afraid of. She then told me about some dude she kept on seeing and running after but never catching up to. All of a sudden she went stiff and pointed at someone with a dark green pullover walking on the other side of the street, signaling that was the guy she had referred to earlier. When he realized she had seen him he started running, so I took her hand and said "This time there'll be two of us running after him" and, letting her go again, began to sprint. The guy turned around and I could see his face, it looked somewhat asian. While running I thought that, if I were dreaming right now, running could get shortened quite a bit, so I performed an RC - wich was negative. I did not focus as much as I should have, so I may have just overlooked my ability to breathe through a pinched nose, I don't know what happened. It really bugs me. On with the story. At some point he stopped running, and turned to face us. I fought him, at first we were both armed with whiplike elastic strings, later we engaged in unarmed close combat. I did pretty well but ended up lying on the floor unable to move, having to watch him rape her. Note: I was constrained not by his body but by some invisible force. By this point three other girls had appeared who, despite beeing on our side, did not intervene and instead laughed at the guy mocking the poor girl for not beeing fun.
      The next scenes have taken place (maybe among others) in a train, some form of coach and a park. I was talking now to all four of the girls who turned out to be two pairs of sisters who, alike the guy I fought earlier, had superhuman powers, and were organised in houses and hierarchies of siblings wherein the age determined the rank. I asked them how one could kill one of their kind since choking had not worked in the fight earlier, and was told that it had something to do with the sister one bit older.
      lucid , memorable
    12. Freaky-deaky psycho dad

      by , 08-07-2018 at 05:02 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      So my family in general is pretty cool. I get along with them fine for the most part, and none of them are psycho in any way. :p

      But last night I had this crazy nightmare that my dad was trying to imprison us and a bunch of other people, most of them strangers, in our house. I think he was going to kill us too or something. When he was half asleep, or drugged, or something, we were able to control him, so we instructed him to move the people out of our house, and we were planning to get out of there too before I woke up.

      He was deranged. Weird look in his eyes too. It was pretty freaky-deaky for sure. o____o

      Am I more prone to nightmares than the average person, or do most people experience this?
    13. Many dreams and less info

      by , 08-07-2018 at 04:04 PM
      I remember more dreams today than yesterday.

      ☆ School. Teacher hating on me for not being or acting like the other students. Got some things to do but threw them away in a bin and kept on working with my own project. Highly disliked by the teacher tho.

      ☆ Fighting with other girls for survival. My opponent knew everything about me but I didn’t know anything about her except for being from the ancient Rom.

      ☆ Gave all my christmas things to my little sister so she could take care of next christmas without me. She wanted to make a change and I didn’t really like it but accepted it.

      ☆ A man that was a good salesman but he wasn’t on the right side of the law. He took drugs and shit but was a really nice man. His skillz was amazing with selling things. I was really impressed.

      ☆ A map with flowers on it instead of rivers and no names written.
    14. Bad journal

      by , 08-07-2018 at 03:57 PM
      Since I didn't do the journal yesterday I forget about what I dreamt and can only write this down as this is the only things I do remember:

      1.) Helium balloons. Spoke with a high pitch voice.

      2.) Made fun out of a guy. He was sitting on the floor and was really ashamed. Kept doing it anyway.
    15. Noctemocity 7

      by , 08-07-2018 at 03:56 PM (Noctemocity)
      28/ It was night and I followed a star that shone too brightly on the horizon. A giant forest of straight pine trees stood between me and whatever destination I was headed for. A giant man loomed in the distance. Me, and my sudden companion, slid into a ditch and covered ourselves with long grasses. The giant found us and asked what we were doing. I told him I had to get to that star in the distance. He scooped us up and carried us along.

      29/ I had two puppies which were kept safe in my fenced in back yard. People kept opening the fence door and letting them out. Countless times I had to run into the street and save the dogs. It got to the point where I had to tie up the dogs, something I had never wanted to do. They kept escaping somehow.

      30/ At a comedy show that wasn’t funny. I left to explore and found a murder/mystery show on the second floor. Someone had been pushed down a flight of stairs and we had to discover the murderer. We each had a clue. Mine was a series of numbers with decimals. In the kitchen my numbers came in handy to open the microwave, coffee machine, and digital clock. We all combined our stuff at the end and discovered who the murderer was. It was me. I liked the show so much I stayed for the second one, which took place out in the parking lot and yard.

      31/ My sister had an essential oils party. She needed me to make small talk with the party goers because she would be busy setting up and running the show. I went. It turned into a gambling party where the oils were the prizes. I actually enjoyed it.

      shared a house with a couple of nudists
      I remember promising two super heros that I would make them a cake