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    1. Nerf Gun Surprise and Awkward Love Triangle

      by , 04-12-2018 at 02:45 PM
      So in the dream I was in the military at basic training or something similar. There were a few dozen of us and we all had decided to play a prank on the sergeant. We were all wearing military uniform, we had camo face paint on, and we all had nerf guns. As the drill sergeant came around a nearby fence we all started shooting him with the nerf guns. He was mildly amused but made us all do push-ups for doing the prank.

      In the dream I had three friends, two guys and a girl. The guys were both constantly flirting with the girl, and they both liked her, but I knew the girl well enough I knew she only liked one of them. She would act very nonchalant about everything, which made them flirt with her more. It was a little amusing to watch because I knew which of the guys she was into, and that they were both flirting with her, but they both thought she liked them and had no idea that the other was going for her too, despite us all being friends.

      On a bit unrelated note, the dream ended in some sort of class that I had with one of those boys. None of us in the class were paying attention and most of us were pretty bored. My friend asked this other guy if he can go get him a hot dog and asked if I wanted anything. I said I would go for a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. So he wrote something down saying "just so you don't forget what to get us", and then handed him a note. When the guy came back he had three pbj sandwiches made with hamburger buns on a plate in one hand and a hot dog on a plate in the other. He handed us our food, I said "thank you", and then he put down the note that my friend handed him on the table. The note said "Justin is a man, Julie is a woman". I am guessing that Justin was the name of my friend, but I didn't know what this note had to do with getting us food. I took a bite of my hamburger bun peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It tasted pretty good, basically what you would expect a well made sandwich with good peanut butter and jelly and really soft white bread to taste like. I don't get to taste things in my dreams very often, so this was a treat.
    2. 3rd LD

      by , 04-12-2018 at 11:40 AM
      Im in the queue waiting for the teacher to come ots grey outside and everything looks normal. Theres this new very pretty girl in our class thats rubbing my back slowly, so I look at her and she goes away to the toilets. Were going away from the building but the rainroof thing seems to get closer and closer to the ground. Its not the roof getting closer to the ground but me getting bigger. Were on the playground now and Im about 15 meters tall. Everyone is laughing at me and all of a sudden I realise, Im in a damn dream. So I go to the other school building and shrink again. My dream control was very very limited.
      I went in the building and started roaming the hall to check for the girl but no luck on the way a teacher asked me. Are you asleep and I said no because I think she wanted to know if I was lucid and shes my worst teacher Ive ever had. After a while I go back outside and start flying. The flying was way better than last time and worked pretty well. This time everyone was clapping and cheering all over the place as if I was the most famous man on the planet. I flew to the big building and 30 were climbing up to the top. I went and flew around it and hid for a miment trying to change my cloths but drream control was too limited. I just went with it and flew a couple of times across the building and high fived a guy. But he grabbed me so I took him straight to the ground safely which was a struggle. I went back out and I didnt hear anyone cheering anymore I looked and there was a giant piece of road on the place where they stood, I accidently did that... i went back down and everything was different.
      There were a lot of soldier. Like were in thus military quarantine thing. I saw a gate that was pretty old and flew trough. Im on a car and went in. Guess what. Chewbacca, old princess "layde" and hans solo were in the front. Im in the back they started driving at full speed till we crashed. Im in spectator mode viewing my dead body with a sort of timer. I thought okay this is the end of the dream but no. The timer finished and Im in a new body. Im at a beach, still lucid and there are these mermaids. Theyre trying to kill me and they got me stuck, after a while of fighting and my company got captured to we defeated some and made a sort of golfbal machine to shoot us out. The end. Feeling sensation of waking up.
      Quick notes:
      Con: almost no dream control.
      Pros: I was very deeply in so I wouldnt be waking up anytime soon and I met chewbacca.
      Tags: flying, starwars
    3. Day 53-->Day 61: Further Dry Spell

      by , 04-12-2018 at 04:40 AM (An Insomniac's Dream Journal)
      Nothing much to report on the days leading up to day 61. Exams really did a number on my 'mental stamina', so to speak. I was too mentally drained to even think about my awareness practices. I didn't even remember any fragments along the way.

      Day 61:

      Fell asleep at: 11:30 PM

      Woke up at: 6:40 AM

      Dream 65: Who Turned The Ego Off?

      I'm walking through a dark, gloomy version of the band hall. The lights were either not on or emitted some putrid shade of green. My friend shows up wearing a tank, look like he's been working out. Immediately I start judging myself, feelings of inadequacy loom over me.

      I break away from the conversation, and head towards the restroom. What I instead see is again a dark, twisted version of my surroundings. There's a HUGE row of bathroom stalls, but all but a few of them are unoccupied. I walk into the unoccupied one in the middle, and the dream ends soon after that.
      non-lucid , side notes
    4. Been Here A Lot Lately

      by , 04-12-2018 at 02:42 AM (The Fourth Factor)
      I find myself walking down the staircase to the basement of my M--- house. It occurs to me that this is a place I only visit in dreams—and so I must be dreaming right now.

      The room is dark, so I try to brighten it up a little bit by clapping as if the lighting there was the kind that responded to that. But that doesn’t seem to help, and the visuals, though still vivid, have an indefinite quality to them that tells me the dream isn’t very stable. I decide I’ll cut the visuals off altogether to stabilize it through other senses, but wake up first—right around the time I ordinarily wake up, which explains the instability. I seem to have completely lost the ability to sleep in nowadays.

      Tags: basement
      lucid , dream fragment
    5. Retrieving lost password in lucid dreams?

      by , 04-11-2018 at 08:56 PM
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    6. Opening my dream eyes really wide increased vividness and brightness. Pseudo-recurring dream figure.

      by , 04-11-2018 at 08:20 PM
      As I went to bed, I remembered to set an intention to think of my dreams the next time I wake up.

      Round 1 of Dreams

      When I woke up, I had a thought or two before remembering to practice dream recall. That really surprised me, but luckily, I was able to catch it soon enough to get a lot of dream details.


      An old man was supposed to go to jail, or be in jail. He was working so hard that he would collapse. I was telling the prison officers that he was up every morning at 6:30, taking a shower. I wanted to sort of vouch for him, or put in a good word for him. <Personal Info>


      At first I was running on a track with <Personal Info>. I wondered what the point of it was. It seemed urgent to help the old man from jail. Then I was carrying something with <Personal Info>. We each had to get one side of it. He had to walk backwards, while I walked forwards. At one point he began to smoke a cigarette. I asked him to please hold off on that until we were done, and he complied. I remember vaguely wondering where the smell was. He was only a few feet away, but I smelled nothing. I explained it away as just the wind.

      I offered to trade places with him, so he didn’t have to be the one walking backwards the entire time. That felt like a nice thing to do. He was nice about not smoking near me so I wanted to be nice to him in return.

      T V Series?

      I remember we got to our destination. And I was looking to see if a T V series was available. I don’t remember that much about it.

      Music Class

      There was something with this music teacher guy video. He had a video up that was promoted as the “class I really need”. I wasn’t going to be able to just listen to it on the fly. I would have to sit and watch the video since the video was part of it. <Personal Info>

      The singing lesson extended to a big group singing lesson. <Personal Info> from the show was actually the teacher. I remember thinking, wow, she took her career a lot further by doing this singing lesson thing.

      <Personal Info>Joke

      I had a joke with a friend that reminded me of the sense of humor I had with <Personal Info>We wouldn’t say anything except a few key words to each other. <Personal Info>The whole thing had a sense of humor to it. It was like a child hood memory of having a sleep over where we laughed a lot.

      There was also something about insecurity or comforting someone who felt insecure.

      <Personal Info>

      I had a recurring dream sign of a woman named <Personal Info> who, in the context of the dream, was my girlfriend. In the context of the dream, I was totally immersed in this relationship, and I was very happy to be with her. So anyway, it started at the end of Round 1 of Dreams. I was setting up our room. I remember putting on bed sheets and comforters of alternating colors. There were some shelves around the room. I was also in the process of hanging up a tooth brush and tooth paste holder on our wall. It reminded me of one of those canvas 3 ring binder pencil pack things, only it was equilateral with nine equal compartments. I needed a drill to drill it into the wall.

      I remember within this dream it felt like we lived together and had a relationship. I was telling someone else, or imagining telling them, how much I loved her. I was looking forward to living with her <Personal Info>Notes

      In many of my dreams, its way beyond one notable dream sign. The whole thing is just so dream like. There is a whole context that is totally new, but I am immersed in it as if it is waking life. But the main dream signs from this round were seeing a nearby cigarette, and not smelling smoke. And then I had a moment of pre lucidity that I explained away. Then there is the general dream sign of seeing people I don’t usually see in waking life, <Personal Info>. Other than that the whole situation would have to be a dream sign and that’s very advanced for me.

      <Personal Info>Round 2 of Dreams

      I woke up from one long set of dreams, thought them through, and fell back asleep. By the time I woke from the second, I hadn’t forgotten the first segment though. That’s lucky! I wanted to lay there and think them through because I felt like I wasn’t done recalling them.


      I dreamed I was parking my car outside somewhere to eat. It was near a beach. I was trying to find a light. Outside the door of my car I had these Magic the Gathering or Pokémon cards. I didn’t record this properly last night, so I’m not sure if there were more details.


      I dreamed of being at a store, looking for tooth paste. <Personal Info> and other people worked there. I couldn’t find it. Some people started smoking indoors. (Dream sign). I got mad and ran to another department. This department didn’t have the right toothpase. It had expensive samples but I wanted the kind in the other department. I was getting tired, and mad that this was holding me up. The woman working there mocked me by saying, “he really needs his note books. He really needs his note books.” I raised my voice and demanded they take me to the tooth paste. I think that was the final dream from the first time I woke up. I woke up thought through them and fell asleep before recording, thinking if I stay still a little longer, I’ll get one more detail. Oops!

      Missing Piece

      I wanted to make a note that there was at least one part I could vaguely sense had happened, but nothing in detail. Maybe something with an older man teaching me something. Green grass and a blue sky. But not sure beyond that.


      This part was really vivid. I felt like I was involved somehow. Perhaps on the phone with the guard earlier. Then it showed there being one guard left manning the monitor room. He was supposed to watch the camera screens, but got tired. The dream showed the security guard falling to sleep. He told himself nothing would happen. Nothing ever happens.

      Then, a horned devil thing came up out of the screen right in front of him! I am not sure if he woke up right away or not. The devil thing was an off white or green color with tall orange ish horns. It came up out of the monitor head first and went past the guard, out into the hall. The guard transformed into a blue blob and followed the devil out once he realized what had happened.

      It became kind of abstract. As the devil thing went up the stairs, it said, “Inhale, Hale”. I think it was a play on words, since “Inhale” as in “breathe in” sounds like “in hell” a little bit. So instead of “ex hale” which could sound like “ex hell” he said “Hell”. I thought that was kind of silly. Something about the guard reminded me of Sponge Bob, maybe Barnacle Man.


      I was driving somewhere with my Dad and my sister. I had more gangster rap music to listen to. Only this time, I was trying to adjust the volume of certain parts of the music. During certain parts of the song, I would turn up the volume. So I figured I might as well just go into Audacity and edit the song myself. While listening to the music, I was in the car, going somewhere with my Dad and Sister.

      Cement Path

      We got out of the car and my Dad showed us around these path ways. They were made of light grey cement but there was also a lot of orange tape, due to construction. I remember the paths extending much longer than I thought they would. Eventually, we reached a square of cement that was sectioned off with orange tape. It was cracked and looked like it might cave in. Dad made a point to step on it with one foot. It gave way a little bit. I was really afraid it would totally cave in. If I think about it now, it’s a very dream like situation, since this place doesn’t exist in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness to my knowledge. And my Sister is upstate in waking life. But I didn’t know it was a dream.


      I remember laying in bed, in the dark, but in a dream. I know it was a dream because my bed was oriented more like my old <Personal Info> bedroom. I was messing with my voice recorder as if to record a dream. But at the same time thinking how happy I am to be with <Personal Info> in a relationship now. <Personal Info>Mall

      I was in a bathroom at the mall, near where the Panera would be in the local mall. It had a glass wall though. Anyway I was going to the bathroom. And I had in mind that I was meeting <Personal Info> here. Then these two little kids came into the bathroom, right while I was about to go. I quickly covered up and tried to tell them, hey, I’m still going here! But then I decided they could go and I would finish after. <Personal Info>(Any time I am in the bathroom, and anyone else comes in, that’s usually a dream sign. That would definitely be very rare in waking life.) So I said the kids could go, and left the bathroom. <Personal Info>

      When I got outside, I met the kids parents. They were asking if anyone had a football to put under the kids necks, so they could lay on their front and watch a movie. I thought about what was in my car, and couldn’t think of any. Sorry!

      <Personal Info>

      A little bit down the hallway, I met an African American fellow who I thought could be a rapper. I was asking him about some of his rap lyrics. <Personal Info>I was pressuring him to talk about his past, but he didn’t want to. Then he became <Personal Info> without me noticing. (Shape shifting people = dream sign). He showed me his business card for Dicks Sporting Goods. It was green with light green around the words. There was a sale, 55 dollars for some kind of employee outfit there. <Personal Info>Stairs

      I am not sure exactly where this scene fits, but there was a weird corridor that zig zagged and went up and down stairs excessively for no reason. I remember being really mad that someone would build that, instead of just building a straight line. I guess that would be a qualitative kind of dream sign. Something seeming not to be logical.


      I was explaining to <Personal Info> how <Personal Info>was my girlfriend now. <Personal Info> wanted to go out to get lunch but I didn’t have the time due to my relationship. I explained how I liked just living a simple life with <Personal Info> and not going out much. <Personal Info>Surprise

      In the next scene I was in a store with some other people from my fraternity. There was one guy wearing letters. He was mad at another guy who wouldn’t quit smoking. He kept karate chopping his neck and putting him in an arm bar. Even I was surprised at how the guy didn’t let up. I think he was trying to help the other quit smoking though. At one point he got really fed up and pulled out a gun! I was surprised at this and thought of intervening. But it was too late. The guy pulled the trigger. But, this was a real surprise to everyone! It turned out to be a fake gun. Instead of a hole at the end, it had a hanger thing. That was a real moment of suspense right there.

      Fake Gun

      Then the guy took us to a fake gun store. He was saying how all the newbies make the same mistake. There were lots of fake guns all around. <Personal Info>


      I slipped into one more dream as I was recalling all of the above dreams. It was of holding a jewel encrusted pen. It was dark on the grip but had white or yellowish jewels poking out. It reminded me of one of the beams that try to crush Mario in the games.


      When I woke from these and realized there was a recurring theme, I resolved to notice it in the next dream, and become lucid. I was hoping <Personal Info> would be a complex dream figure and I could try to get to know her. My main goal was just to have a conversation with her. But she wasn’t there in the dreams after that.

      Round 3 of Dreams

      I sensed that I had a lot of energy before going back to sleep. So I did my yoga and cycling in the dark for a while until I felt good and tired. When I laid back down to sleep, I could feel myself dropping in. I got through some early parts of a Wake Initiated Lucid Dream attempt but ended up falling fully asleep first.

      Dream Flashes

      I had a couple different dream flashes. I didn’t record these because it would break my whole attempt at getting to a full dream.

      Light Bulb

      There was a light bulb crawling with bug legs in one of the dream flashes. It startled me because it was very buggy.


      Okay, so this was interesting. I dreamed it was a sunny morning, and I had gotten up from some sleep. I was doing a stretching routine before going back to bed to attempt one more lucid, dream. I thought it might be too bright out, but figured I’d fall back asleep. I was doing an I T Band stretch in a squat position that surprised me but made sense when I thought about it. I could really feel the stretches in the dream. So I dreamed that I did this whole workout and then went to sleep, and had the subsequent dreams “within” that dream. When I woke up and realized the sun wasn’t even up yet, in Physical Matter Waking Consciousness, it was quite surprising.


      When the dreams really started, I dreamed I was in a pizzeria. A guy had left without paying, with food in his hand. I think it was a mistake. The police came to catch him. I remember sitting at a table with his food on the side of the table, hanging off the edge. Some other people came in the room and started a meeting or something. I was like, oops, sorry, I’m in the wrong place. I think I also mentioned how the guy was short on time.


      Then I dreamed of walking out of the lower part of <Personal Info>. I walked by 2 vans. At first, I was afraid they were smoking. One guy held a panel up to his face but it wasn’t a cigarette. I ran by anyway, in case they smoked. I overheard one of the guys saying how he was straining and straining to think of a memory, but getting nothing. I considered stopping to reassure him, but continued anyway. This is not a location I would be in too often, so it could be a locational dream sign.


      I guess I went inside a building or the dream just shifted. To where I was walking through a room with a red pokey carpet. I remember walking up a big spiral stair case that went around the room. Then another dusty white stone room that looked under construction.


      Half way up those white stairs I realized I was dreaming. It wasn’t anything in particular. Just a spontaneous realization. The funny thing was, I felt like I had just entered that moment of the dream through Wake Initiated Lucid Dreaming but actually it was a Dream Induced Lucid Dream.

      My first thought was that it was a chance to test my lucid ability! I expected a giant dragon head to appear from the ground and face me as I stood on the stair case, but nothing happened.

      I realized it was dark, and wanted it to be brighter. So I tried to will it to be brighter. What worked was opening my eyes really wide. When I opened my (dream) eyes as wide as I could, the dream got really vivid and bright. The white stair case seemed to move to the left, and become straight. I could see chipped off pieces of white stone, and dust. I continued up the stair case.


      At the top of the stairs, I got into this really vivid class room thing. I was the only one there. I rememer really vivid green. I saw the word Garcia in big scrabble letters. There were mirrors and some playground equipment.


      The thought entered my mind that I might have a really prolonged and stable dream. So I got ready to just explore this room. I resolved to stay only in this room and explore everything as closely as possible.

      Nope! I lost control of my dream body and floated up through the white ceiling as if nothing was there.


      I passed through two more rooms. I think only briefly before I woke up. I was so sure it would be a stable dream and I’d have no need for stabilization techniques but that wasn’t the case. I woke up.


      When I awoke from these, I was pretty excited about becoming Lucid in the Dream. But the thing was that I was so confused by the pre-dream false awakening that I took time to try to figure out what really happened. And my memory of the last two rooms totally vanished! I think my visits were only brief anyway, but still. One room was reddish. I don’t think I had control of my dream body the rest of the time, but I knew I was dreaming. The dream just floated me around through walls and stuff which is still fun.

      Round 4 of Dreams

      Almost done typing!


      There was a mayor guy at the top of my stairs. Some people were gathering for a meeting again. He had a cigarette in his mouth but it was only dimly lit. I could barely see an ember, but still, that wasn’t gonna fly, not in my house! (I missed the dream sign of a cigarette not smelling like anything again.)

      Luckily there were rules and he wasn’t allowed to do that. I took it from him and put it out on the ground.

      In the meeting, the idea was for everyone to write what they wanted to happen in the town. And then turn in the writing and let go of the outcome.


      In another part I was laying on my front, with my face hanging off the edge of the steps, close to my Dad’s room in the upstairs hallway.


      I woke up from a dream that my disc tip stylus, was stuck in my mouth. Then I was like, woah, it was just a dream.


      Good dreams. I got up around 7:30 in the morning. Finished typing 3,948 words by 3 in the afternoon. <Personal Info>
    7. Barefoot at the clothing store

      by , 04-11-2018 at 07:10 PM
      I had a false awakening, and I opened my closet to find nothing but a single black dress. My logical decision was to put it on and go buy more clothes. So I went to a clothing store barefoot in this black dress, and some people looked at me weird but nobody said anything. I ended up buying a lot of clothes, but I don't think I ever bought shoes despite that being the more pressing need at the moment. Most of the dream is hard to remember.
    8. Thank you 1 DILD 1 DEILD

      by , 04-11-2018 at 06:30 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am with my brother and we seem to have broken in to a very expensive house. We could see body guards left and right as the lights were off with only security lights flashing in a few directions. It would seem they already knew something was wrong as they were looking around around in a suspicious manner. My brother took one direction as I lunge in to a near by lake stream with in the building.

      I began swimming and was stunned that inside the water I had no issue breathing in it. I eventually get to a gate that was closed and open it. I swim further and found myself in a room. I decided to sleep there for a bit and wake up to see the sun rise. I get up and was surprise that I still have not been caught by anyone. I go to the closet to see what luxury clothes were available for me.

      I am checking things out I hear someone knock on my door. It was a see through front door with numerous artistic line designs. I see my brother there and decide to open the door to talk to him. Somehow he had manage to convince everyone that we were apart of the group. I look at him wondering what did he wanted. He told me that all of this is boring. I had finally met him again.

      He saw no point in anything that was happening around us. He already knew I was lucid and ask me why waste my time here? I told him I had no reason to talk about this. I pick up a small wrap tortilla and ate it. I told him I just want to feel at peace. He then tells me that the real world is better than this and that there are greater things out there. Walking around the complex I tell him I am simply not interested in talking about this and to go bother someone else.

      I then walk out the huge front doors to see what I could find. He states something that sounded like an disappointment and use dream control to run really fast. He was gone. I did wish to talk to him but in all honesty not right now. I still need time. I decided to roam around a bit longer seeing a gathering of people clapping towards a presentation. After awhile I randomly talk to a few people before I could feel my awareness preparing to wake itself up.

      I use DEILD to continue my lucidity in the next scene. However despite becoming aware again, my consciousness was reacting badly. I could feel so much ringing and this loud beating sound in my head. I could see the where I now was in the new landscape but my awareness was too unstable. So I decided it was best to wake up.
    9. Dream - Punished For Sleeping

      by , 04-11-2018 at 09:36 AM
      Date of Dream: WED 11 APR - 2018

      Dream No. 308 - Punished For Sleeping

      I don't remember what happened at the start of the dream. From where I do remember, I was initially sleeping. When I woke up, I was in the this random bedroom, supposedly of some single story accommodation complex. One of the Killester teachers walked up to me angrily and said that the bus was ready to leave back for school and that I was holding it up. He literally yelled at me and said that the bus wasn't going to wait for very long.

      I was in a state of shock because I was supposedly unaware of any past events since I was sleeping. As I'm wondering around the room, trying to gain a sense of my surroundings, my friend JH is there and she looks really annoyed. The dream then shows a projection of the bus parked outside and all the students are looking really bored and frustrated, while twiddling their thumbs in their seats. And then the dream goes back to playing the scene in my room but I forgot what I was specifically doing at that time.

      My parents come into the room and they're really mad as well. They don't stay in the room for long though and rather leave soon. So then I am by myself, rushing to stuff as many things in my suitcase as I can. I then also walk over to my giant Mario plush toy and place him on top of the suitcase. I managed to pack everything and so I thought of going outside to tell the teachers that I was ready and that they could lock the room.

      I said I was ready but when I looked back at the building, I realised that I had left my suitcase inside. On further inspection, I also realised that the accommodation staff had locked the area to where my suitcase was in my room. Ms Du. gave a frustrated sigh and said that she'd go with me to get it. The next minor scene I have chosen not to specify details on as it was quite a gross occurrence.

      Later on, I was on my way home and now it showed that my parents were really angry at me for when I had slept earlier. Still I didn't understand why everyone in the whole wide world would be angry at me just because I slept. And then my grandma joined in as well and my whole family were verbally attacking me for my previous events.

      What's interesting is that my grandma took it a step further and started chasing me. It now felt like I was the one participating in a boss battle in some game. It was night time when we ended up near the walking track near the creek. On my way down the hill, I was only walking and I passed all these people that resembled the faces of my real life rivals in the past.

      We then got onto the actual walking track and I found out how my grandma was going to attack me. She would attempt to breathe out a puff of fire initially through some long plastic pipe and it would continue homing in towards me. As she was running after me, I was now running backwards, looking towards her. As soon as the flame was close enough to me, I yell out “Miss T!” (her alternate name was actually abbreviated in the dream) and that's when I feel this invisible but familiar energy present. I know that Dreamy WB is there and she rebounded the flame so it would go back the same way it came and hit my grandma.

      For a second attempt, my grandma pulled back with the distance being a bit further but the flame was travelling towards me at a quicker pace. When it got really close, I called out, “Miss T again!” and that's when indeed the flame got rebounded again by Dreamy WB's energy. For the third time, the distance was yet again greater but the flame was coming towards me at lightning speed and I thought to myself, “I'm going to get hit this time”. In a quick panic I yelled, “Miss T again!” and for a third and final time, Dreamy WB's energy reversed the direction of its travel. The flame hit my grandma and she was claimed to be “defeated”. The dream then ends as I wake up.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:

      - None

      Dream 308: Competition Results

      Competition Night: 10
      Lucid or Non-Lucid?: Non-Lucid
      Estimated Length of Dream (Lucid Only): N/A
      Dream Guide: Dreamy WB
      Emergency Team: None
      Eligible For Competition Points: Yes

      Points For This Entry: 1.0
      Calculation Details:
      - Full Non-Lucid Dream (1.0)

      + Previous Total: 5.0
      Total Accumulated Points: 6.0

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      non-lucid , memorable
    10. April 10, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 04-11-2018 at 08:16 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream started at KC lakeview pool where I was lifeguarding. We were switching off stands. Kids were breaking a bunch of rules and not paying attention. I was blowing my whistle constantly and yelling at kids who were jumping in backwards and diving in.

      The dream goes to JMU football stadium where I'm in the front row on the small left side. There's a girl I'm talking to and we are shown on the jumbo screen. I think she's a cheerleader but we laugh and I notice she has blue eyes. I know that people saw me with this girl. The game ends and we leave. I see her right eye and realize it's fake, very obviously fake. We leave the game in a massive crowd but I walk away from her.

      I ride on the top of a skateboard or car that I think is an uber. As I'm pulling up a coworker sarcastically tells me thats a good way to get around. I'm inside the pool area where mason is trying to give me a fruit roll up. I go over to the alcove and apparently I'm in trouble for leaving. Austin is mad at me. I doubt him but tell him he could possibly be right.
    11. The house bar

      by , 04-11-2018 at 07:59 AM
      I dreamt that I had moved into a boarding house and I walked out into the main room to see where the bar was in town. (in my dreams I still drink sometimes) I was surprised to see a bar right there. So I ordered a shot of Vodka which I don’t really like because it was my addiction. I immediately felt like I couldn’t control my body. The bartender looked annoyed. They said last call so I ordered a pitcher. He said- “how are you going to drink an entire pitcher yourself?” Now he was really annoyed. I looked around for someone to share it with but didn’t like most of the people. Just when I decided to leave it and go back to my room a young man walked in the bar and he was holding a knife. He was chasing me and people were screaming and hiding. I think I knew subconsciously that he represented alcoholism but I only remembered this later after I woke up. I beat him up and I cut him into pieces but he kept coming for me until he was nothing but an angry head. He was a zombie. I woke up when my alarm clock went off and none of the alarmclocks in my dream would go off.
      Tags: non lucid
    12. Someone in the dream showed me he could do a finger palm test, too!

      by , 04-10-2018 at 09:46 PM

      There was a Pokémon game with a cheat code to start the game with one of three legendaries. One was Ice, the other was Flying, and the third was (?). The cheat code enabled the player to also have the game scan for type match ups and choose the legendary with the most type advantages for that particular game. I was surprised to hear about the scanning feature. It reminded me of the Randomizer. I was hearing this information by a shore line.


      I was at <<perosnal info>> and my sister was saying how my whole life should revolve around her, because she needs me to drive her places. However I was unable to do so at the time. Then, I found myself driving to <<perosnal info>> anyway, wondering why I didn’t just take her along. It was cold outside. I had the heat on full blast, but it didn’t seem to be enough. I realized the back windows were open. That would do it! It was also raining. I decided to roll up the back windows to preserve the heat, even though I thought there wouldn’t be any ventilation. The heat knob had 3 settings, for “0”, “1” and “2”. It was night time when I drove. I saw three school buses drive by. This might be from passing by a crowd of school buses yesterday. I wondered where they were going, and why I was driving. But I was on <<perosnal info>> heading towards the school.

      Setting up Classroom

      When I got to the school, I went to a class room. It was getting ready for some kind of big assembly thing. There were some arguments and other conversations I couldn’t remember in detail. They were trying to arrange all the groups in circles of chairs. I explained to the teacher <<perosnal info>>how there were too many people to distribute the seating arrangement that way. I had a book in my hand as I talked. I was saying how we all need to sit in rows, packed together much more densely, than all spread out in big circles. Either that, or we would need to use some of the other class rooms. She understood and got to arranging it differently. I felt like I did a good deed.

      My text book had information about an organism that could be symbiotic with humans, giving energy to them. I was trying to tell the teacher about it. There was a little illustration. It seemed like an invertebrate or wormy kind of thing. The text book seemed old. The pages weren’t perfectly flat along the edge, they were uneven or bumpy, like old fashioned books.

      Gift for <<perosnal info>>

      <<perosnal info>> appreciated my input so much that she told me I could get a gift to give to <<perosnal info>>. I wasn’t getting along well with <<perosnal info>>so, I hesitated. I figured if she wasn’t there, I could pick up the gift, and then give it to her without much interaction. But she was there, right where the gifts were. She was wearing yellow and the rest of the place was very yellow. I turned around, not willing to go into that situation.


      I headed for the rest room, thinking I might give <<perosnal info>> the gift later, when she wasn’t there. On my way to the rest room, a blonde haired woman called out to me, telling me not to smoke. I replied, holding up my finger as body language, “I am the last person you would ever need to tell that to! I invented the no smoking rules!” She was with a guy in a grey shirt. They seemed to be a couple. <<perosnal info>>

      Floppy Disk

      The guy gave me a floppy disk. It was to copy to my computer. I said I would take it to my computer, in the other room, copy the information, and bring it back to him. I was also updating and adding new files to the disk for him. There was something aboug a searchable database. Some files had different suffixes. Something made me think of a “searchable database of dream memories”.


      Well, that was round 1 of dreams. My recall was as good as ever for the first round of dreams. Like last night, I stretched and did some light indoor cycling (in the dark) before going back to bed, so I’d be sure to fall asleep. For the last 2 nights this has saved me from insomnia. I also took my 100mcg of Huperzine-A for the second night before laying back down.

      Round 2 of Dreams

      I fell asleep for these using the 5 senses meditations. It feels good to “drop in” and achieve relaxation. I haven’t been able to do that until recently.

      Z dot E X E

      There was something about a computer program called Z dot E X E. I saw some code where the “variables” were defined within the program. It was a searching program. There was something about searching for “2,000 User Group”. They were doing a study on something with computers, how they affected people.

      Nana’s Dining Room

      Something about a holiday meal at my Nana’s. <<perosnal info>>


      It was dark out, even at 10:30 A M. I didn’t register this as a dream sign. But what it made me think of upon awakening was, what if there were days when it was dark as night time, even during the day? I was trying to get an air pump for my basketball. The batteries wouldn’t work in my T I 84 calculator, but then I remembered I had the grey one I could try. My Dad was supposed to help me, but he had to go help my Uncle instead.

      <<perosnal info>>
      Nana’s Driveway

      This might have been here, but I wrote it earlier. I don’t think it was in both dreams. I was looking for my T I 84 calculator in Nana’s driveway, batteries didn’t work, etc. My Dad was going to help, but then remembered that <<perosnal info>> had wanted to go camping. I imagined that he helped fix my previous calculator by reprogramming it at work with the default program. The way I recorded it was hard to tell when it was.

      Wrong Way

      I was driving around a town somewhere. It was day time. I had some gangster rap music on my phone, playing from a Youtube channel. (I don’t really listen to that now but used to growing up.) I felt myself getting distracted by the music as I drove. Then I was driving down what appeared to be a one way street. I reached a point where the road ended and there was a cement or grey stone staircase. Oops! I guess that was just a sidewalk. Well, it sure looked like a road. There might have been some signs on the sides of the road I didn’t notice.

      It was too narrow to do a 3 point turn so I would have to back out. With the music still on, I began to do this. Then I realized the music would be too distracting for this complex of a driving manuever, and turned it off. I couldn’t reach the brake pedal. I looked down and the pedals were much further away. I got kind of freaked out. I forgot if anything else happened or it just shifted from this to the next scene.

      Religious People

      There were some religious people, trying to convert others to their religion. I remember seeing the cover of their books. It had a gold diamond made of 4 diamonds kind of thing. I felt like they were imposing their beliefs on others. They acted like it was their religion that was the absolute truth. I wanted to get them to understand that their religion was just “their truth”. But if everyone collectively believed in… And I found an Aqua Green colored pencil on the table to use as an example. If everyone believed in this aqua green colored pencil, then that would become the belief system. I felt kind of mean in saying it that way. I wasn’t trying to get them to believe in the Aqua Green colored pencil, just that they should let me believe in whatever I want, and they can go on believing whatever they want. (Unless their beliefs… Involve having to change my beliefs.)


      The next context was that it was my birthday. From the same table I had just been explaining about the Aqua Green thing at, I was then eating some celebratory kind of food with people. There were some various people from high school there. <<perosnal info>>First I was eating some kind of cinnamon thing. I was aware that this contained gluten and sugar, but figured that it was my birthday, so it was alright. I didn’t know it was a dream. I finished my drink. Someone told me I should go get more of the “red drink”. It was a catering style so I could have however much I wanted. They said I should eat and drink a lot so whoever paid for it all got their money’s worth.

      I remember when the Birthday Cake got to the table. It was a chocolate cake with frosting. And some candles in the middle. Everyone waited around for me to make a birthday wish. Its funny because I haven’t experienced a birthday like this in years. So it was cool to have a dream about it. Even though my birthday is way off in the future! I remember thinking, that I will have to get back on my diet soon. But also being surprised that the foods hadn’t triggered a total binge.


      Everyone had paints at their table. Like a plastic tray of paints. The people behind us took our paints. So I turned around to take them back but accidentally took theirs. So then I had to switch them again. One of the girls at the table used the paint.


      After that I guess the party ended. We were all heading out. <<perosnal info>>Bathroom

      I went back inside because I needed the bathroom. The building had been closed, and it asked me for a code, but I went right in anyway. It was announcing something as I went in. I remember the big doors. <<perosnal info>>I decided not to use the bathroom yet because it was not too long until I’d be home.


      Outside the building, more people were arriving for classes. One girl was talking about how she had a lot of tea, but her brain still wasn’t “working”. I had stopped near by there to adjust something. I thought of telling her that she might need choline since I recently learned about acetylcholine. But I decided not to. I got involved in conversation with some of the students arriving, but eventually realized that the bus was waiting for me. I was holding all those people up. So I hurried up to catch up with them.

      Weird Thing

      I had a micro awakening where I was thinking about something. It might have been about a dream. But then I experienced this “switch” just flick and then all my thoughts vanished. That’s happened before. I think there are sudden transitions between a dream like state of semi consciousness to more awakeness and I can’t think of what I was just thinking about. So it was kind of weird but I went back to sleep.

      Round… 3? 4? Of dreams

      First I was driving around to go to <<PEROSNAL INFO>>. There were these houses under construction. I remember seeing how they were with all the new boards there. Maybe surprised to see construction there. Also I saw a workout scene of <<perosnal info>> doing some workouts and all this grunting. Those were the earlier parts.

      Name Calling

      I was sleeping in a room at my Nana’s. I woke up and found that it was around 8 A M in dream world time. <<perosnal info>>My Aunt <<perosnal info>>, Nana and Uncle <<perosnal info>>were in my room, talking. I was like, “What are you doing here?!” And mad at them. They said they were trying to help me. I was like, “Get out!” <<perosnal info>>Eventually my Uncle and Nana left. But <<perosnal info>>was still there. She started teasing me. She called me an interesting name. <<perosnal info>>Mirror

      It turned out my Aunt was making a cry for help or attention and I tried to help her. Then I was looking in a mirror. I had become aware it was a dream, and I began showing her my face in the mirror. My head and face were way different than waking life. I had one of those pear shaped faces like in cartoons. And I only had one eye. I was like, “Look, see? I only have one eye!” But I was really the one astonished. Then I looked again and instead of one eye being in the center, I had one eye on the left side of my face. So I used my right hand and “pulled open” another eye. So then I had two.

      Family History

      The dream got very interesting because it flashed a very vivid scene of family history, almost all at once. It showed a young black haired woman and a young red brown haired man who seemed to be <<perosnal info>>. Then it showed a heavier woman at the head of the table who was in her 50’s or 60’s. I thought that was <<perosnal info>>. Nana seemed to be to her right. Nana was young, too. I really felt like the dream was showing me the family history but upon awakening I wasn’t sure if my Aunt and Uncle knew each other that young. Then more family dysfunction ensued.

      Chaotic Dinner

      I was sitting at the other head of the table, which surprised me. First I wasn’t using the silverware the same as everyone else, so they chided me about that. My Aunt told me if I didn’t use the silverware right, I would spill some soup, which someone would then slip on. She said they would crack their head open! I was like, there is more than one way to use silverware. I felt angry. There was also talk of seat cushions. I felt my seat was not cushioned. Then I saw one on the floor nearby. When I looked at my chair, there appeared to be a cushion already on it, but I touched it, and it was like it had no material to it. It went straight through to the chair. At another point, someone had cooked with my spinach. I was like, what a mess!

      At one point someone took my food, and I was like “What the F?!” Then someone commented on my “foul language”. I was like “MY foul LANGUAGE? Look at everyone’s foul BEHAVIOR!! Just because you can’t hear it…” Needless to say I was very frustrated with everyone.


      But at the same time I knew it was a dream. I guess it was semi lucid. I remember having several conversations with the dream figures, and even thinking of them as a way to prolong the dream. But I couldn’t remember details of the conversations upon awakening. <<perosnal info>>appeared.

      I can do that, too!

      I remember coming to my senses again and thinking, well, I am in a dream, and I guess I should try to do something more fun. More people started arriving. More people my age I guess. There had been a younger guy and his girlfriend sitting in the corner of the room. I turned to them again because I had an idea. <<perosnal info>>I said to the guy, “Look what I can do!” And put my right pointer finger through my left hand. It kind of hurt. But it went through very clearly. His reaction really surprised me! He said, “I can do that, too!” And put his finger through his palm. Wow! He said it kind of hurt him too.
      I wondered if he was another lucid dreamer.

      Girl Comment

      The girl who had been sitting near the guy made another abstract comment. She said that I should “circumcize my lips”. I guess this would mean just having my lips removed so I have only skin there. After that the dream ended. I think it was so abstract that I was startled awake.

      Round 4 of Dreams
      <<perosnal info>>

      I remembered <<perosnal info>> riding a bike over something. He tried to do a jump and fell. There was something like, <<perosnal info>>, woo hoo! And then another thing with trying to dream journal but I was standing outside <<perosnal info>>. Something with my sister, too. And then the part with my orange glasses, and a thicker pair of circular glasses. Someone wanted my orange glasses maybe.

      Last round of dreams

      I was thinking through the dreams. As soon as I flicked the recorder and said, “Something with a video game designer”, my mind went totally blank. That was so weird. <<perosnal info>>The only detail that popped back into mind was of <<perosnal info>> asking me about a community college course I was taking (in the dream context). I said I wasn’t going, and wasn’t really taking it that seriously. He was like, “What?!” and trying to push me to take the class more seriously.


      Overall I had good dream recall and a good experience of being lucid in that one dream. I hope it continues building in subsequent nights. I wonder if the mid night yoga will stick as a routine. It’s better that I do that for a half hour, and fall back asleep easily, than if I lay in bed, restless, and have 3 hours of insomnia!

      I made another D J drawing video. This ones a little shorter. It didn’t seem like there was much to draw today.
    13. OMEGA Team

      by , 04-10-2018 at 09:19 PM
      I'll try to retell my dream in short way, because otherwise I will need at least a few pages. I started the chronometer and began to induce the WILD. The transaction was short and I find myself in the dream. [B][U]I didn't lose any lucidity in entire time of the WILD.[/U][/B]

      I was in a room that looked like a living room. I looked around and saw a balcony. I went out to him and looked outside, it was evening. Apparently I was on the third floor, and there was another building opposite me, and there was a dark street in the middle, illuminated only by dimly lit lamps. At that moment three black jeeps were coming from the street and stopped in front of the opposite building and eleven masked and heavily armed men came out of them. They enter the building and in this moment I decided to follow them. I jumped from balcony and entered the entrance of the building. They climbed the stairs to the fifth floor, and I moved quietly behind them. They broke one of the doors on the floor and I heard a girl's scream. I hurried and went into the apartment and grabbed one of the men for his back while I was telling them "[I]Hi[/I]".

      The action was played in the living room. Everyone looked at me and said, "[I]who are you[/I]." I told the girl to lay down as I grabbed the uzi from his hand and started shooting at them, using him as a shield. It turned in mexican deadlock. I shot three of them, and they made in holes their friend. As I took the pistol from his holster, I pulled the grenade pin attached to his waist and kicked him as much as I can. He bumped into two of his colleagues as the three of them came through the window and fell on the jeep with large explosion. I shot the one at my right in his right leg and the one next to him in his head. Everything happened so fast. I saw that the one in the opposite corner of the room had a grenade on the waist and shoot it. It exploded as legs and arms flew across the room from him and the one beside him. The room turned into a blood bath. The last one grabbed the girl as a hostage, shouting "[I]Who the fuck are you[/I]," and I replied "[I]the Death Ripper[/I]":evil: and shot him between the eyes. I went to the girl by helping her get up and asked her "[I]Are you okay[/I]" and she said "[I]I think so[/I]." At that moment behind me, I heard how the one who I shot at his feet stood up and said "[I]Die[/I]," but at that moment a SWAT Team blew the door. He tries to shoot at them but they empties their entire clips into him, turning him into a meatball. After them the chief of FBI and two operative agents came in. The girl screamed "[I]Daddy[/I]" and jumped in his arms. He ask her "[I]are you okay[/I]" and she nodded. He looked at me and ask "[I]who are you. Are you one of them[/I]", the girl answered instead of me "[I]he saved me[/I]". He looked at me again and come closer as grabbing my hand and say "[I]thank you for saving my daughter[/I]" and continue "[I]but how you did it[/I]" while looking at dead bodies, "[I]these mans were highly trained assassins[/I]". I said to him "[I]I can use special powers, because I am lucid[/I]", he looked me strangely and added "[I]I see that you have potential. I have an offer for you, do want to hear me out[/I]".

      At this moment medics took away the girl while she waved at me for goodbye in respond to her I smile.(while I call her a girl, she was at least on 22) I said "[I]Ok no problem, I am listening[/I]" and looked at him. He continue "[I]I lead a secret anti-terrorist fast response squad with codename OMEGA. Are you want to join in, your talent can be at great use to us[/I]" and looked at me with sharp eye! I responded "[I]Ok, I am in[/I]", he looked pleased and added "[I]I am glad. Then these two agents will escort you to your new home. They will tell you all details on the way"[/I]. I got in one of these black car of FBI and they drove me to my new residence.(the city they drove through, felt really alive, like I was in the real world).

      My apartment was on fifth floor, it was really big and modern. They explained to me that, the apartment contain special room for storing of weapons, ammunition, and equipment. In the middle of living room there was holoscreen for mission's briefing. They said to rest myself and tomorrow at 8am to be ready for additional orders. They left. I immediately went to check what kind of goodies contained the particular room. It was fitted with a fingerprint and a code that was kindly provided to me. The room was spacious and wide, and the walls were armored. Weapons and equipment were state of the art. There were pistols, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, light machine guns, sniper rifles, grande launcher, even rocket launcher. There were full wall of explosives and grenades like c4,claymore, HE grenades, rockets, smoke grenades, flashbangs, sleep gas grenade. There were also armored vests, uniforms for undercover operations, night vision, thermal vision and many other stuff I didn't recognize. (every thing looked so detailed and perfect like in real world. And on top of that I was able to read every text.) I was totally tired from this adventure and while I was thinking about the beautiful girl, I fall asleep. (the bed was so comfortable).

      I was awoken from the alarm clock, it was 6am.([B]For the first time I fall asleep in lucid dream without losing lucidity[/B]) I got up from bed and felt hungry. I went to the kitchen, thinking how detailed everything was. I made a sandwich and coffee, they had a real taste. Everything was very tasty. I thought to watch some TV, but at that moment the hologram screen turned on. Commander show up like holographic image. "[I]special agent with codenamed "Zero," you have new orders. A building is captured by terrorists holding hostages. Terrorists have put explosives all over the building, so be careful. Your mission is to infiltrate the captured building, eliminate all enemy units, and save the hostages.A chopper will await you on top of the building, you have one hour to gear up. Good luck soldier.[/I]" and the connection stop.(finally is time for some action) I go to the armory room and started to gear up. I chose some fancy submachine gun with silencer and laser pointing which can turn in single fire sniper, two HE-grenades,two flashbangs, full body kevlar with helmet and visual tactical support and thermal vision. I got in the elevator and got to the top of the building.

      A black hawk chopper was waiting for me. This was the first time I seen a chopper from this close. I went in and took off. In the helicopter, there were five more soldiers in full combat. One of them looked at me and said, "[I]Welcome to board a rookie,[/I]" and the others laughed. "[I]Today you will just inauguration, so just follow us and do not slow us down. I do not know why the Commander thinks you are so special that you do not get any training first.[/I]" and looked at me, I smile and respond "[I]Today you will see why[/I]". Suddenly, a green light shone into the cockpit, and the pilot said "[I]Go go go you have green light[/I]" while he dropped some ropes. They all grabbed a rope and nodded to me, and I also grabbed. (I got large dose of adrenaline) We all went down to the top of the building next to the captured building.

      We were gonna use pistol ropes and climb on the roof of the target, but in this moment I said to myself, "[I]why I must do this, it's too troublesome, after all I am lucid[/I]". I dropped all my gear on the floor. I changed my eyesight to thermal and localized all the terrorists as I locked on them. I made eight bullets of compressed air in the palm of my hand and fired them at supersonic speeds, striking all the targets with a headshot. All the terrorists fell to the floor, while my comrades looked at me with shocked face and open mouth.:eek: The captain said "[I]confirm all targets[/I]" and one of the soldiers took his binoculars and looked "[I]confirming all targets are down, no wait there was one more terrorist in the toilet. He saw his dead comrades and it's about to detonate the bombs[/I]". "[I]What we had done, shoot him now[/I]" the other said "[I]there is not enough time, we can't do anything about it[/I]". I shouted "[I]it's like I am gonna let you do it bastard[/I]" and make bigger ball of compressed psi energy and I shot her at him. The ball reached him when he press the button and expanded, containing the explosion. I send her in sky "[I]fly[/I]" and release the explosion in the air. All my comrades looked at me with empty faces. I said "[I]Mission complete captain. Are you see now why the commander chose me[/I]", he looked at me and didn't know what to say.

      "[I]But this is just small portion of my power, look what I gonna do now.[/I]" and I stretched out my hand like a 'Jedi' and shouted to the opposite building "[I]Scatter[/I]". The building scattered over hundreds of thousands of pieces without any blast or explosion. The captain looked like frozen and shouted, "[I]What did you do, you would not get away with this just like that,[/I]" the others pointed their guns at me. I said, "[I]Do not worry so much about it, watch now[/I]." and I said loudly "[I]Freeze,[/I]" and all the pieces froze in the mid air, and then I added "[I]Reverse[/I]". All the pieces began to go back and the building returned to its original look. (It was really impressive) They were already totally afraid of me now.

      On the way back in the helicopter was a stony silence and no one wanted to look me in the eyes anymore. They left me on the roof of the building and flew away. I went to my apartment and started removing my battle clothes. I was in sweat all over (I never sweated in dream before, fascinating) and decided to take a shower. When I left the bathroom, someone rang at the the door.(who could be)

      I opened the door "[I]The boss daughter, what are you doing here. Come on in.[/I]" and she came in, [I]"I come here to thank you for saving me the day before and to warn you.[/I]". I said "[I]What for[/I]" and she responded "[I]I eavesdropped my father, after today mission they think you are dangerous and think what to do with you. Maybe you must run[/I]", I added "[I]and what do you think Miss. Am I dangerous[/I]." and she responded "[I]I think, I like you and my name is not Miss but Tanya.[/I]" her face got all red. With red face she asked me to get close, to thank me. I get close "[I]smooch[/I]", but I didn't expect of her to kiss me. "[I]Ah you little devil:twisted:[/I]" my face was red like tomato. I decided to fight back, so I hugged her:hug: and kissed her deep.:ohyahbaby: I said to her "[I]I don't care what they gonna do, because I am Lucid[/I]" and she responded "[I]You always say lucid, lucid, but what is this lucid thing you are talking about[/I]", and I said "[I]It's secret[/I]" while smiling. She grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bedroom, and we did ecchi stuff all afternoon. :hump:(I didn't know, I can do it so many times in a row ) :evil:

      After she fell asleep, I stayed a little longer in bed. I looked at her, she was facing me, she had a sleepy face. I stroked her hair as if she was a kitty:smitten: and I sniffed her hair, this magic scent was more real than I imagined, which made me blush once more.:oops: Then I thought about what is reality and how this could only be a dream. I stayed for a while, one with the moment. I got up and took her pack of cigarettes she had left on the table (I've heard that a cigarette after sex is great, but I have asthma). I lit one and went to the balcony, outdoors was still bright and blowing a light breeze. Many people and cars were moving down the road, looking like a real breathing world. At this point, a melody "ding dong ding ding" was heard in the sky, and I said, "[I]This is the melody of my alarm clock, it's time to leave this world[/I]". I turned back to see her face for the last time and said, "[I]We can not be together Tanya, I'm sorry, farewell!:damnit:[/I]" and woke up to stop the alarm.

      Eight hours were passed since I started the stopwatch.

      p.s. And I tried to make it shorter, now my head is spinning:boggle:
    14. Regret 1 DILD 1 DEILD

      by , 04-10-2018 at 07:56 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am place under hand cuffs by my manager at Dominoe's , he and other co-workers guided me to this location where a lot of people were playing basketball and surprise me with it. Then let the hand cuffs off me and my manager told me I was on team sprite, the soda drink. I went out there and as I am running I remember I was suppose to tell my manager that I am quitting today. I bump in to him but he seems to be completely indulge in to the game.

      He points to a direction that he wants me to go and so I dash there and manage to get to the ball. The basketball feels a lot heavier than a regular one should feel. That's when I observed it closely and notice it is actually a bowling ball. I began trying to roll up mu sleeves to gain a better grip but was having trouble doing so. I could swear the shirt I am wearing is alive as it would roll itself down immediately. I then had a false awakening.

      I appear to wake up lying in my bed. My laptop was in front of me and had been running the game league of legends. It was in searching queue but as I continue to observe it I notice something was wrong. However it didn't matter if I observe or not I was lucid the second I awoke from the fall awakening. I just started thinking to myself, should I lay here and play league of legends or should I go outside and observe my inner world.

      I decided to observe my inner world as I knew it was something that needed to be done. I want to find peace, I walk out my room and in to the living room. It was a reddish color and dark rather than a yellow lighting. I then approach the front door which was now a huge wide white metal door. I open it and walk down the apartment complex stairs. I could feel my feet touching the water from the rain outside.

      I made it completely down and notice that the sky was heavily gray and the rain was pouring down profusely. I tried walking in it but the rain was hitting me so much that I had trouble walking through it. I then remember a lucid dream back in 2014 where i raise my hand and made all the rain stop in mid air. That was my favorite moment in all my lucid dreams. So I decided to try it again and raise my hand. I began to focus and all of sudden as I thought it was working as the rain began to slow down with in a few seconds.

      But I was wrong, instead the rain became intensively violent. I could hear the sky making a roaring sound that hurt my ears. I knew what I was doing was making things worse so I stop focusing. The sky and rain began to go back to the normal rapid pace it was at in the beginning. I walk through it as best I could in till I saw rough waves flowing my direction from a mountain. It hurled me to the floor as I regain my footing. I look around and realize there was a mini tsunami coming down another mountain so I decided to move out the way. A few other large waves came knocking me down.

      So I decided to climb up a few rocks to gain some form of shelter. I notice there was no one around at all. The outside had nothing but a clear road with some broken down houses and just a lot of flooding and rain. My hear began to beat loud and could now hear my waking life body breathing. I knew I would be awake soon. I close my eyes and performed a DEILD. As I was starting out a false awakening and could see my dream bed. I blink my eyes too many times and woke up.

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    15. gardening equipment

      by , 04-10-2018 at 09:50 AM
      In a large workspace, I am at a computer attached to a large interactive screen. A girl comes in who wants to use the computer, she hints that she usually gets to use it at lunch time and that I am a hindrance being there. So I go to use another computer round the corner, a background process is running as default when you log on that connects to a music channel. I apologise for the music, another user acknowledges this is the case.
      Next some other guy wants to use a computer, It is packed in a large hard black very large suitcase. He starts unpacking all the stuff that comes with it. This includes a large amount of stuff you might find for gardening: loads of large earthen wear pots, hosepipe and other equipment. This part of the room soon fills up with all the stuff, before he can even turn on the computer.
      Family arrive and we go to head off to a park or something. I look back as we leave to see a sofa bed which I had apparently been using. It is an embarrassing mess, so I quickly zip back to sort it out but on going back into the room, it was all in my mind and I don't need to tidy up. We head out down a corridor.
      At the park there is a booth where you have to buy entrance tickets, it is sunny and I can feel the warmth. There is a lady there with three kids. She tries to skip the admission fee for older kids, buy ignoring what they say their ages are and while the assistant is distracted telling her a different fee. She also pretends to be really short herself standing up against another woman Oo.
      For some reason there is some question about attire and I go from wearing shorts to having some thick green gardening trousers on.
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