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    1. Making and Moving a Planet, Inhaling Medusa‘s Jewelry

      by , 09-03-2018 at 02:04 PM
      Night of September 2, 2018. Sunday.

      Reading time: 2 min 28 sec. Readability score: 64.

      I decide to create an earth-like planet (a typical exercise) and, within my implied position in outer space, pull it towards me and push it away from my view several times. It relates to a specific type of dream state perception where passive observation and creation are ambiguously the same. For example, I may “pull” the background closer to me rather than enter into it.

      In an undefined but “patchy” unlit space, I practice rotating the view to the right about 45 degrees, then to the left. I shake it side to side rather than attempt to move my head. I push and pull the “patchy” undefined space towards me and push it back as I did with the planet exercise. I create a solid green square and make it go side to side (leftmost and rightmost) with little effort. I mentally shake it until it breaks up into smaller squares. There is the usual segment where diamonds rapidly flip over each other.

      I create a castle. I open an outer brick wall about two storeys up to practice the manipulation of liminal space division. The hole in the outer wall is diamond-shaped. I mentally pull out the bricks and put them back into the wall several times, with no effort, only expectation of what I want. I spin individual ones in midair while turning all of them in rotation like a tank tread before they uniformly join into a solid wall again. While the hole is there, an unidentifiable female avatar remains motionless inside that room.

      I create a rainy alley scene, like out of a 1940s gangster movie. A black 1947 Cadillac Fleetwood pulls up. Three unfamiliar men get out. I decide to make the scenario into something different. Now, three young girls in 1970s jumpsuits approach. The one in the middle ahead of the other two pauses and turns around. I notice her hair moves in the wind like a fire. The imagery begins to spin and shine, the helicopter rotor effect, and turns into a stained-glass spinning kaleidoscopic view, expanding into a different state of awareness, though is three-dimensional rather than a flat field. I joyfully watch this surreal imagery for several minutes.

      I hover and fly over beautiful rocky landscapes with rivers of mist.

      I start playing around with a four-feet-high egg in the same way I did with the brick wall earlier. Similarly shaped pieces of the eggshell break out and move about in the air in a circular pattern, reminiscent of a mosaic taking itself apart and rebuilding itself, but I will them back into place several times as if the egg had never started to hatch. Each time, only a pair of human eyes is visible from inside the egg, though different each time. (This stage of dreaming has occurred on a regular basis for over fifty years. Eyes are usually the most realistically defined imagery.) I then start to realize that an egg, at least in some manifestations, is the same type of perceptual liminal space division as is a brick wall; pieces of the egg, bricks of the wall, break out, reconstruct.

      Eventually, a young version of Medusa is present upon my summoning. I focus on the intricacy of her hair. Hundreds of tiny snakes move about atop her head. There is no fear or concern. I marvel at the detail of her costume and headband. Eventually, the snakes are intricate braids of human hair. A turquoise stone is in her headband. I deliberately suck in and inhale its essence as a mist that has healing properties.

      I create another earth-like planet. It cracks into smaller pieces at the top, and I pull cotton out of it.

    2. Dream in a dream?

      by , 09-03-2018 at 11:33 AM
      Dream in a dream?

      I was listening to a song and kept it on a low volume since I didn’t wanted to be annoying to anyone else in the house. This was my childhood home. I went down the stairs and into the kitchen when I found Do Kyungsoo. He glanced at me briefly before concentrating on the cooking. I kind of wanted the hug him and did so a couple of times. He was busy and didn't really care much about me tho. He got me thinking about my first love and made me miss him a bit. Soon when Kyungsoo was finished he looked at me with a smile and lifted me up. I was kind of embarassed since I had a very short dress on and whenever he lifted me up it was possible to see my underwear which I desperatly tried to hide by pulling down the dress with my hands. He was just laughing and kind of smirking even. Then he let me go and I went to bed.

      I told myself that this was the real world and nothing like spirits or fairies actually existed. As I fell asleep someone spoke to me telling me that they did exist but only showed themselves for people when it was necessary. I ended up being in a forest and standing on the water surface to a lake. I didn't really understand. But the voice said that right now everything are calm as I could tell on the water. It was merely moving. But things could change and make it go wild the voice said and suddenly the water flew around me. Like waterbending kind of. I was terrified and said that I didn't wanted the water to hit me. The water did as I told it and split into two big waves around me and fell down and became the calm lake as nothing happend. That's when I realised I was dreaming...

      But woke up because of my alarm went off.
    3. Running with Do Kyungsoo

      by , 09-03-2018 at 11:12 AM
      Running with Do Kyungsoo

      I was running together with Do Kyungsoo. It was a competition and we kind of helped each other. There were many stops on the way were every stop had a question. You needed to solve it to be able to get to the next one. As we came to a place full of gemstones Kyungsoo freaked out at the question. “What is the name we are looking for?” The thing was that non of the stone were named. Just numbers. Kyungsoo thought we needed to know the names of the stones but I told him that, that’s not the case. I wrote down: Xiumin. Then I found a picture of him and showed it for Kyungsoo and said that we could move on.

      Note: Do Kyungsoo is a Kpop star
    4. xxxii.

      by , 09-03-2018 at 10:27 AM
      Non-dream stuff - Woke up with the earlier alarms, around 8:30 and then let the alarm repeat itself every so often, but ended up snoozing a bit and got up at 9:50. Remember the last part of a non-lucid.

      Dream fragment:
      It's difficult to remember what came before, because I went through a door, I think the front door of a very small terraced house. Inside it was dark but there was daylight from a window.

      Immediately inside there were stairs that went either up or down, and I decide to go down, where it was darker and there were no windows. The stairwell was cramped and it felt like an old building for that reason alone. Eventually at the bottom there was a room with a light. This was a shop, even if a very small one, as this room was no bigger than a pantry and it is implied by dream context to be a basement; a man was at the counter and there was someone else browsing. There were metal shelves and wooden crates with things in them.

      There were all sorts of things, I remember thinking it was a drug store at first. I saw some melatonin and other drugs I didn't recognise. I did not remember to question the dream's reality or context. As I looked around the room became bigger and the layout changed; there were a window or two now and toward one corner there were weapons; I remember moving them carefully to the side since I wanted to get past, further into the corner. I remarked on each weapon as I moved them; "this looks like a pillum... this a javelin...".

      When they were out of the way I got into the corner and there was a big cabinet that didn't interest me, and there was a narrow piece of wood furniture that almost looked like a column but was some sort of display cabinet. The other cabinet I wasn't interested in, the other man in the shop was interested in it. I think I either somehow passed it to him or he came to get it, as it was now next to the counter, and inside the cabinet were vinyls.

      Not just any vinyls however, the boxes' covers were decorated in a 20s or 40s style and they were all children's stories. Then I noticed there was a vinyl player from the 70s or 80s next to the cabinet now and the man was trying them out; I could see the vinyl under the perspex lid. Somehow, the vinyls produced images. I remember seeing animated cartoons of whatever the stories were. I liked the vinyl boxes because they were very colourful; with red or blue trims.

      • I've never had a sleep related supplement or the like simply appear in a dream like the melatonin did, so it feels a bit silly that I didn't notice it, especially given that currently, for me to get melatonin I have to ask my parents for it.
      • The weapons didn't look old; in fact the tips were in pristine condition and the wooden handles were nicely oiled.
      • The cabinet that didn't interest me looked old and dilapidated; it was one of the many lifeless-looking objects in the room that seemed to have little colour to them.
      • I'm starting to realise there may be a pattern to my interaction with stairs when they appear in dreams. Often I choose to go down, and when I choose to go down, it does tend to get darker and it tends to feel like it takes a long time. Stairs going down generally seem longer than stairs going up in my dreams.
    5. Single Dream

      by , 09-03-2018 at 06:04 AM
      Let's start at the beginning. I took new nightly medication and fell asleep reasonably quick. Upon waking (around 2:00am), I took an 8mg galantamine extract pill -- which, years prior, barely assisted in dream recall. As I drifted off to sleep, I managed to WILD.

      The sensation of sleep paralysis was hardly as bad as it had been before. I’ve found myself stuck in it far too long when I try to WILD. This time was different. To get metaphysical, those physical sensations I felt lying on my bed dissolved away to a blackness as my perception turned inward. I could feel my subconscious take over my breathing, and instead of feeling an uncomfortable stiffness in my limbs, I felt waves of relaxation wash through my body.

      From this blackness, I wanted to create the universe. So I did. I was cheeky about it too, narrating it Attenborough’s voice as I watched galaxies form, then planets. I commented about how Earth was my favorite life-bearing planet (and the only life-bearing planet I knew of). For some reason, I felt really clever saying that. I then found myself next to a black hole. Around me roared clouds of stellar gasses, red hot. I felt fear as I watched (what my mind’s eye perceived as) this black hole.

      Next thing I know, I am walking down a dimly lit hallway made of ancient stone. It was very dungeon-esque, interspersed with iron bars that seperated the hallway parallel to my own. A man was pounding on the bars. He turned and looked at me, yet his face was distorted -- much like flesh-toned static. The man uttered to me in a deep and equally distorted voice. And like that, a rush of water broke away the stones as it sucked everything down into a whirlpool behind him.

      I must have flown off, because next thing I remember was tasking people with saving warring nations and attempting to de-escalating their war. After awhile though, I settled in a desert. I was at the top of a mountain with another guy -- he was my father apparently. His voice kept changing and so did mine. We both commented on it, but continued talking. He was building a windmill to power something at the bottom. Each time an addition was made, the man grew older. I had constructed a generator powered by a mini-black hole by the time he was done.

      There’s a huge blank spot between this and the next dream. I was piloting a spaceship as a robot, delivering Chinese food to some guy. As I approached the asteroid, I realized he was being pursued by bounty hunters. I avoided their bullets as I docked. The guy immediately pulled me out and tossed me inside and set my ship to self-destruct to fool them. He closed some blast doors and we heard the explosion. When he asked for his food, I told him I didn’t grab it out of the ship. He wasn’t happy.

      There was another dream about a teacher losing her job because of underperforming students and another of a mega-building called “Decadence”. It was a self-sustaining building that provided everything free of charge (food, drinks, room), but there were only three ways in: Invitation for the famous, by being exceptionally skilled and working there -- or interestingly -- by sneaking in. Anyone who managed to get past their tight security could live there.

      I woke up from this at 5:00am feeling as though got a full night’s rest, despite my mind being so active in the dreams.
    6. Lots Of Nonlucids - September 2

      , 09-03-2018 at 12:59 AM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 2 2018

      I went to bed with strong intentions to become lucid, as well as a solid plan for what to do once I became lucid. I was trying the anchoring method I mentioned in another thread, anchoring positive and confident memories with the sensation of touching my thumb and forefinger together. I had a phrase burnt into memory to repeat nonverbally once I became lucid (to replace "Clarity now!"): "Clear sight, clear sound, clear touch. Grounded. Calm, confident. I can stay in this dream as long as I want" (in retrospect this is extremely long, but I think I'll try it out for a few new nights anyway). I also used my standard mantra "I will become lucid in my next dream"/"In every dream tonight" in combination with "In my next dream, I look at my hands and realize that I'm dreaming". In the future I will stick with only "IWBLIMND" since it's more succint and sets a clear intention for the immediate future, rather than a broad concept of "every dream".

      I awoke at 1:18 am in a somewhat strong paralysis with extremely vivid imagery (not dreamlike, more like imagination). There was a man, possibly me, conjuring lightning circularly all around him. The lightning was blue, white, and green. I awoke again at 2:47 am. I remembered several dreams involving my fiance and my dog. In the first, I was at the elementary portion of my high school (it's K-12) and I swerved my car to narrowly miss my dog, who spontaneously started running out at me in the street. I got out of the car and was rubbing his front leg and paw. I noticed that his paw had too many joints and was curled in too much. Somehow this felt connected to a drive through.

      In the next dream, I'm in a living room with a wrap-around bar counter. I think I've been here in a dream before. I'm watching Bob Ross on TV painting thick brushstrokes -- X's, C's, and U's -- over an already finished landscape. My dog jumps off the counter. I'm trying to remember what to do tomorrow, two important things in the morning and night.

      My next set of dreams came after WBTB. In the first, one of my cousins was referred to as "3". There was an interesting story about diving, and D&D. I vividly remember descending in a well, looking up as the light was blocked out by the silhouette of a monster (Demogorgon?), although I didn't feel fear. Next, I was in an arcade or bowling alley, some sort of indoor entertainment place. I left my fiance to go to an adjoining room from the lobby and get ice cream. There was a girl there who was going in the same direction as me, and called me a "creeper" jokingly. She was trying to be funny or cute in the way she was getting her ice cream. I was friendly but not overly so. I got maybe 4 flavors of ice cream, in sort of a flight. In the next dream, I'm an intruder in a man's house. He has a lot of weapons strewn about, some intricate compound and traditional bows, swords, guns, blowdarts, etc. I go through room after room and find the man, he's in his mid 50s or 60s. He threatens me with a long, thin, metal pole, and I think he threatned to castrate me with it. He transports me back to some memory of 1950's New Orleans with a McDonalds, and a small building with an advertisement to "teleport you to the Science Museum". The visuals are faded, blackish, and all the buildings look like plywood.

      In the next dream, I'm at Sonic at night/early morning with my fiance. She's handed me a cup, but I threw it away; there are two crumpled cups beside it. I understand it to be sonic, but it's more like someone's backyard, there aren't any lights or servers or menus, just the standard sonic table and trash can, as well as an overhead cover. A group of foreign men walk by, talking about wanting some cervezas. In the next dream, I'm going over some train tracks covered in water, in a swamp (I've been here before as well). The waves are rounded like tiled hills -- at certain points they are covered in grass, at other times they're just water/waves. I see the sasquatch.

      My old boss is giving me cryptic hints about something, laughing about it. We're in the woods, sort of. Something about eating a spider/the dust that comes out when you crush the spider. Possibly my fiance was warning me not to eat it. I eat the dust, and then eat the crumpled spider husk too.

      Next I had a dream about DreamViews! It was something about inline comments/spoilers; I remember red and purple text. There were other sites too -- DreamBattles and DreamWars (reenactments, maybe I read about this before).

      *Slept for a really long time hoping to get lucid, and kept trying to go back to sleep. After this frustration, I decided to not get bummed out when I don't get lucid. It doesn't help. And there's always tomorrow night
    7. Hi

      by , 09-02-2018 at 07:00 PM (Letaali's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1 - Just enjoying a nice meal

      I'm at my parents' place, in the kitchen. My brother has a visitor, a man I don't know. I eat ham, potatoes, carrot casserole, diced and steamed carrots and sweet potatoes. It's something you would serve for Christmas here. It's great. I don't really do anything else but eat and listen to my brother talk with a stranger in the other room.

      Fragment 1

      A DC told me her dream. It was a nightmare where the world was ended by a strange biological weapon. I saw this like a vision: cities covered in white web-like stuff. The DC told me the weapon killed 50% of all life.

      Fragment 2

      I see a game. Characters have some fight on a train at night. The train isn't moving. Supernatural things happen. At one point I think I was manipulating the dream too. This was Kojima's new game, false memories told me.

      Re-adjusting my sleep atm. Recall will get better.
      Tags: eating
    8. Lucid goal achieved

      by , 09-02-2018 at 03:56 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Between 27-31 08 2018

      It was a dream on a country house, it’s night, I want to drive a motorcycle, I wear the helmet and take my niece with me, she’s wearing my wife’s nightclothes. I sit and start driving across a country road. It starts raining and it’s hard to see in the dark. Driving becomes a hard task since the motorcycle behaves weird. Sometimes I feel like it’s a bicycle. We get to a shore, the landscape is awesome! It’s already day and I can see some weird animals in the water. I realize the feeling, I know it’s a dream. I tell my niece it’s a dream. I don’t care much about her after that. I get to sort of ruins, there are some old doors when I remember one of my lucid goals was to get into a corridor with doors on the sides to explore old memories. I get into the last door to find that corridor. It’s there and I get into the first door on the left, must be my oldest memory I think. I find a small room. There’s only a two floor bed with wet towels on it. There’s no more place to walk around, the room is the size of the bed. I see a stuffed animal hanging on the wall, it look like a fox in detective clothing or something like that. I see a second one . I wonder if I saw it as I was a little kid. I try to see more things in this room. I see some stickers which I remember but cannot tell where do I know them or if they are recent stuff. I try to pay attention on the fox until I start losing sensibility
      I woke up then...
    9. Two lucids after very long dry spell

      by , 09-02-2018 at 03:29 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      Between July-August 2018

      1st one I was driving a car towards my grandparents town. I’m sitting next to a woman talking something about lucidity when I ask my self if it’s not a dream already, I realize the feeling! I jump out of the car and start walking to a purple building close to the road. I see a blue colored butterfly while walking there, I want to explore some but I start to lose sensibility of my legs dream fade out until I wake up.

      2nd one was a couple of days after, it was after an anxious dream where I have to find sort of Bus station in the old city where I used to live. I’m walking on a street next to a river. The street is at a higher level, around 20 m high. I can see the river shore from above. I’m afraid to fall down when all of the sudden came the idea if it’s a dream! i realize the feeling, I decide to jump down. Nice fall. When I reach the ground, I notice I’ve changed my shape to a sort of mixture between a Gorilla and a Yeti. I see I have white hairs. I run four legged for a while, it’s nice to feel it again I was running that way until I woke up
    10. Stump in the Center

      by , 09-02-2018 at 01:04 PM
      Night of August 30, 2018. Thursday.

      Reading time: 57 sec. Readability score: 53.

      Water induction brings about an association with fishing. However, in semi-lucidity, I focus on something else, and the potential fishing backstory fades along with my rod and tackle. It is a tree stump arising from the center of a lake. (It is the only feature above the surface.)

      I start to conceptualize it as something important, but I am not sure of what relevance it is. I think it possibly represents old age. After a time, the water becomes lower.

      Over time, I think about the tree becoming whole again, but I do not deliberately try to force the event. The water lowers to where the lake is gone. I become distracted by a shifting of awareness where I now see a bicycle rack as if a feature in an urban public park. The landscape slowly rotates around me.

      Despite the implication of the stump being in the ground at the lake’s bottom, it stems from the Old Man of the Lake, a Crater Lake feature, which vertically floats. The bicycle rack blends the typical association of the liminal space barrier as a fence (otherwise dividing dream self and conscious self presence) with a more linear vestibular system correlation anticipated (in contrast to flight, rising, or falling), though no bicycle is present. Instead, I wake with the entire landscape slowly rotating around me (clockwise) like a bicycle wheel, in addition to water lowering waking symbolism (ultradian rhythm and decrease of melatonin).

    11. xxxi.

      by , 09-02-2018 at 11:29 AM
      Non-dream stuff - I woke up at about 20 to 7 in the morning, sweating a bit. Woke up from a non-lucid dream, right as I was starting to cry for the second time in the dream. The emotion didn't carry over. I went back to bed after writing a draft and eventually woke up again at 10:50. My alarms between 8 and 9 haven't been working of late.

      I was walking around with my mom on the quay in the capitol of my native country. I was holding her arm sort of interlocked with mine, as we've done in the past. She was for some reason lamenting that we, as a family, hadn't accomplished much or that it could have been more, or something like that. I commented that if it weren't for the debt, we would have owned all of the factory in front of us now, instead of just part of it. It was some sort of biscuit factory. I remember we walked along until reaching a cafe.

      The cafe was an odd place, very vertical. I remember my middle brother being there, with his cap and glasses. We went up and down the place trying to get something specific my mom wanted, like a cupcake or muffin from the factory.

      I don't remember the details but I found out my mom had passed away from some natural cause.

      Me and my partner were at home. We somehow had heard or found out that his mom had passed away too, again from natural cause, and I remember thinking that my mom passed at "64" in the dream. I asked my partner if we should message his mom's partner, to inform them, he said maybe, yeah, but we weren't sure about it. In the waking world, they have been somewhat nasty to us over the years, so we have a hard time gauging their reaction to anything we might say now.

      I commented that they passed away at such a similar age, and I cried a little. I then commented "at least my mom passed away at this age and not older; I didn't want to see what she would have been like with all her medications at an old age" or something of this sort, and I collapsed on my knees from the sofa we were sitting on and I cried again, waking up.

      • In the dream, there was a small moment during the conversation with my mom where I thought the topic was odd. Yes, my family had a factory, but that was long ago, and it was on my dad's side of the family, not my mom's. In addition, we've never had any debts as a family.
      • This is the sort of dream I'll have to wait and see. Years ago I had a dream that may have been premonitory about when my dad would pass away, and this dream had the same feeling. If both dreams were correct and my parents passed away respectively at ages 83 and 64, then both events would happen 11 and 6 years from now.
      • My mom had several dreams about her dad passing away several months before the event, which is one of the reasons I've never discarded the possibility of premonitory dreams like this actually happening.
      • Apart from the conversation with my mom in the dream, nothing else during dreaming struck me as "odd", unfortunately.
      • The cafe scene was actually kind of vivid and surreal but I really don't remember many details, certainly not enough to put to words now.
    12. Evidence of Attack

      by , 09-02-2018 at 07:24 AM
      Morning of September 1, 2018. Saturday.

      Reading time: 58 sec. Readability score: 75.

      I seem to be only about 14 years old again. I am in the Cubitis living room on the couch (lengthwise against the north wall, where it never was in reality, as it would have blocked a door). I sense it is Saturday morning. An unknown male is present, though I do not see him as an intruder.

      I had missed at least a day of school. I need to write a report on why. It has to involve something dangerous. The only idea I can come up with is that an octopus had attacked me and I am recovering from this. Along with explanatory notes, I need to provide physical evidence.

      I find myself with two long yucca roots that I think might provide evidence as octopus tentacles, but this does not seem feasible. I think about mentally willing them to become meat, but it does not seem to work.

      Eventually, I do not think my plan will work. I remain concerned about not finishing the report in time. I start to worry about validly explaining my absence. The roots are white as I wake.

      Which valid threads are extant in a dream and which are not has always fascinated me. I am aware it is a Saturday morning and that I am sleeping on my left side on a couch, yet I have no memory of my current conscious adult self or of where I am living or what country.

      Tags: excuse, root
    13. Mary Poppins Stops By

      by , 09-02-2018 at 04:19 AM
      Night of September 1, 2018. Saturday.

      Reading time: 1 min 26 sec. Readability score: 57.

      I enter a light sleep, as I have the flu. I am sitting up on the couch in reality. Rather than water induction (which is the most common form of dream state entry, usually the sound of splashing or flowing water), I hear knocking within two areas of my head at two different times. (This is also common, at least once or twice per sleep cycle depending on the time, though always on the left side, which is induction orientation even though I am not sleeping on my left side here.) That keeps me semi-lucid. It is a passive form of RAS mediation as well as having the potential for interconsciousness communication.

      Now in liminal space, I am vaguely aware of the RAS barrier (liminal space buffer), which forms as a sash window with no curtains, rather than a door. I am uncertain of the location implied. The room is mostly featureless. I get the impression of daylight through the window.

      At this point, I am already starting to think about vestibular system correlation, which I have often done (even before knowing the term for it in childhood) in the first dreams of a sleep cycle when lucid or semi-lucid (though my first dream is almost always a tripping and falling dream). I passively reflect on it.

      I soon sense RAS activity and notice Mary Poppins looking in through the window from outside. She seems cheerful. As I remain uncertain if I am on the first or second (or higher) floor of a building, I do not know if she is hovering or standing.

      VSC personification is most often related to flight (at least in my case, when the discernment of my physical body is no longer viable) and typically seems more helpful than raw RAS avatars, probably because of the additional need to resolve physicality during REM sleep. The anticipation of vestibular system correlation always comes before the personification of it, and in this case, I am directly aware of the process, though not deliberately creating the avatar’s identity.

      The relevance is that Zsuzsanna and I lived in Maryborough when we first met, where the author of “Mary Poppins” was born.

    14. Memory

      , 09-02-2018 at 02:57 AM (Turquoise Dreams)
      2 days ago, I think.

      I'm in a house I recognize with people I know. (I lived here IWL by the beach.) I know I used to live there. It's a huge house, quite long.

      I'm trying to take a shower. As I come to the shower, people are gathering. I realize they didn't tell me about some party. Shower is just a stall, inside the room, separated from it just by a curtain. At first I almost get in, then I change my mind because it feels awkward. I go to find another shower, but people are everywhere. I walk through many rooms. There are at least 2 more showers. One is suppose to be up the narrow, winding stairway and I realize I ahve never been in this part of the house, it's like a secret room. I do not go in there.

      I decide to leave. Walking outside on the patio. Cemetery on my right hand side. I think to myself, dangit, i walked that far inside of the house, now I have a very long way back. And I never realized there is a cemetery near the house. I do my best not to look, since I don't like that place. But I see large, shiny slabs of white and black stones. Now below the patio, there are 2 graves. I try to look to the left how I could go around, but there is a fence and someone else's house.

      I get a thought, that I should walk on those graves and get over my fear. This would be a good time to do that. But I also decide that not now, perhaps next time. Suddenly my path is clear and I can continue on. Either the graves are not there anymore, or they don't bother me since I decided I won't be scared, or a fence has changed it's shape and it's not blocking my path. I think it's a combination of all 3.

      Waking up, I'm surprised and happy that my quest to conquer my fears continues even in my non-lucids.

      THANK YOU!
    15. Log 1221 - Dessert Shopping, Invisible Energy DILD, and False Memory Fragments

      by , 09-02-2018 at 12:15 AM (Dream Logs DWN-12)
      Created Saturday 01 September 2018

      Not quite as much as yesterday, but hey, given how tired I was, this isn't all too bad.

      Scrap Group 1
      In a supermarket with family. I buy a pecan pie for dessert later, and my bro gets some snack cakes for the rest. We then go to a multi-story megastore.

      Driving around with my brother. I get aware. Rubbed my hands for a moment. I then tried gathering energy between my palms. Although I could feel something flowing, I couldn't actually see the results. Just then, a pretty brown haired woman appeared out of nowhere in the backseat. She snatched the invisible energy, then stared in awe as it quaked in her hands.

      False awakening in bed. I have false memories (maybe?) of dreaming about my guide.

      Updated 09-02-2018 at 12:25 AM by 89930

      lucid , dream fragment
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