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    1. Fixing a Bridge (featuring Dean Norris)

      by , 08-24-2017 at 10:24 AM
      Morning of August 24, 2017. Thursday.

      My dream begins with the most common form of dream state induction; the presence of water, in this case, an unknown river. (This is based on circadian biology and the glymphatic system, whereby at least one dream per night for over fifty years has featured water, not including the numerous water-based hypnagogic dream sequences, which number in the hundreds each sleeping period.)

      I am standing and looking out over this unfamiliar river in seemingly late morning. There is a wooden bridge present, but it does not go all the way across the river. A helicopter flies in from my right and drops off a young version of my wife Zsuzsanna. My dream self is not fully aware of her identity, though I am uncertain of my dream self’s implied age. Zsuzsanna is on the outside of the two-tiered wooden railing, on my right and facing to the left in profile, appearing to do some work on it by tightening the bolts. I think about helping, but I am unsure how to get to where she presently is, as the walkway now seems fully underwater. This seems somewhat unusual, as I vaguely puzzle over why a railing would be fixed when the walkway itself is underwater. Another section of the bridge, which includes a ladder, is also submerged.

      Time passes, and Dean Norris, the actor, appears. I do not see him as a celebrity but as a bystander, though possibly associated with the repair of the bridge.

      Somehow, though this would certainly not be possible in real life (or even consciously resolvable in method), I lift a large section of the walkway up from the water, the farthest edge towards me, while I am still standing on the riverbank, though squatting slightly at one point. It seems more like a square platform constructed of small logs, the orientation of the logs parallel to the river bank.

      An alligator, its head oriented opposite from the riverbank, surprises me by swimming out from under where the section was (yet there is a vague awareness of instinctual dream control suggesting that I created the alligator, and this is further evidenced by the alligator not being perceived as a danger or being the coalescence-based waking prompt). I am wary at first, but it does not attack or show much aggression. Instead, it swims back down under the surface. I tell Dean that there are other alligators in the river, though farther away from where we are. He does not comment.

      “My father built this bridge,” I say to him, somewhat absentmindedly.

      “Your dad built this bridge?” he replies without emotion.

      “…and he built a lot of utility buildings,” I add.

      I rethink what I had just said. Although I know that my father built a lot of park utility buildings, bathrooms, and rest stop shelters, I am unsure if he was involved in the building of this bridge as it was first constructed and that he may have only worked on it years after it was built. I consider that he may have been a part of a team of builders, but I then consider if the bridge had first been built in the 1800s (though I really have no knowledge of when it was built). If so, I consider if Dean was puzzled by my comment, but we do not talk much after this. I consider if Dean will bring in men in speedboats to cull the alligators, but this is not certain.

      Ordinarily, a bridge symbolizes the progression from dreaming to waking (as well as possibly representing the biological construction of a new memory or neural pathway) though sometimes seemingly represents a potentially prescient timeline. There seem to be two preconscious factors here (Dean and the alligator), both atypically passive (though this may be due to instinctual dream control). However, the dynamics are a bit curious, as Dean may be coalesced into the interconsciousness.

      Submerged walkways are otherwise common in my dreams (and have been since early childhood) as a natural result of circadian biology and water symbolizing the dynamics of sleep in real time. A helicopter is a common symbol in my dreams that is linked to Merkaba energies and gamma brain waves in a similar way as a tornado often is, though it typically relates to “return flight” waking symbolism (though here it may relate to Zsuzsanna being in the waking stage while I remain asleep, seemingly validated by her arriving by helicopter, being on the outside of the railing and tightening it - becoming more aware in her emergent consciousness and outside of my ephemeral dream self incarnation).

      I am not certain as to why the preconscious so often appears as a celebrity (sometimes recognized as themselves, sometimes recognized only as a fictional character they have played, sometimes as an ordinary person with no celebrity association as in this dream - there seems to be no determining factor as to why this is other than concurrent threads of available memory). It may be due to the transpersonal element or how the preconscious is completely different from the conscious self identity (though this seems deliberate to subliminally begin to initiate dream state realization in how neither the dream self nor conscious self is anything at all like the preconscious - which often creates conflict or emotional augmentation of enough energy to trigger waking).

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    2. Rhino-Alligators

      by , 02-02-2016 at 02:54 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I had precognition ability. I was in a forest. There's a rhino-alligator. There ARE rhino-alligators. One tried to chase me. I jumped on a tree stump. It didn't chase me there. I think I tried to fly.

      I was in school. I was flying around but only on roof level. Sis and Nimz were there.

      Night. I was traveling with friends. I was in Bacolod. The jeepney dropped us along Lacson St near Ramos. We had to go down and take a trisikad (bike with sidecar). We ate somewhere. Outdoors. We walked. We were going home. We walked out (?) of the hotel to the street. There were cars. I think we were going to take a cab.
    3. An Alligator with a Liking for Beaver Tail

      by , 10-04-2014 at 11:37 PM
      I incubated this dream, and used the WILD technique to get there, so I was lucid for the entire experience. I emerge into the dream standing in a Mexican style concrete cabana, at an azure blue ocean delta. The sand was white; the sky was blue, and no clouds. I could see the heat radiating off the sand, distorting the scenery in the distance. It was so hot, and the air was thick with the smell of salt. The cabana was right on the edge of one of the delta’s rivers. I immediately thought I should try some fishing. My rod and tackle magically appeared out of nowhere. This gear was heavy duty and perfect for catching a huge fish. I look for bait, but all I found was a beaver tail. It was sitting on the concrete floor, in the cabana, off to the side. I picked up the tail and baited the hook. I was going to cast the bait into the river beside the cabana, but decided not to, because the water was too shallow, and I couldn’t see any fish swimming. I decided to head out across the delta to look for a more suitable fishing spot. As I walked I could feel the sand grains against my feet. There was no vegetation anywhere. Just rivers and sand bars. After a short walk, I found the perfect spot, a deep river which faded from pale blue at the edge to dark blue in the middle. There must be fish here! I cast my rod downstream at a 45 degree angle from shore, and waited, for a huge fish to bite onto the beaver tail. Suddenly, there's a huge bite, and my rod bends right over! I pulled back on the rod hard. Then the line went loose. Was the fish gone? I then thought, this would really suck if an alligator had taken the beaver tail (being lucid I shouldn’t of thought about an alligator being there). Oh no, there’s a 12 foot alligator on the line and he’s swimming fully speed at me. He hit the shore running, and there was nowhere to go. Was I scared? Heck no, I was lucid! I ran right at the alligator, wrapped my arms around its thick scaly chest, and then picked him up. His long tail was lying bent across the beach. I then hugged him passionately. I’ve made a very conscious effort never to hurt anything in my lucid dreams. The alligator then turned into a beautiful woman. Her head was over my shoulder, so I have no idea who she was. I just held her close in my arms, and thought, maybe she’s someone I love. I few seconds later I woke up.

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    4. Fishing

      by , 09-09-2014 at 05:36 PM
      NLD: I was in large cavern with pools of water on either side of a land bridge and wanted to go fishing. I found a rock-lobster tail on the ground and since I didn't know where it had been or how old it was, I didn't want to eat it, but thought it might make useful bait for fishing. I baited my hook with a small piece of the lobster meat and cast the line. I wasn't sure how deep the water was but let the line sink naturally. I wasn't using a modern fishing rod, but the old-fashioned kind made of a single long bamboo cane with a simple length of cord attached to the tip.

      Soon I got a bite, and from the degree to which the pole was bending, I knew it must be something big. I didn't want the pole to snap so I rapidly moved up to the end where the cord was tied and started drawing in the line directly, folding it around my elbows like rope as I was able to pull it in (it was a rather thick cord, closer to thin rope than the modern fishing line filament).

      When I had drawn in enough cord to see my catch surface, I was startled to see the shape of a giant lizard breach the surface of the water. I momentarily wondered whether it was an alligator or a crocodile but couldn't remember how to tell the difference. Right after that I realized that the difference didn't matter—this thing was dangerous either way! I needed to cut the cord and quietly back away before it recognized me as an antagonist.

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    5. yup

      by , 05-17-2013 at 02:55 PM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I remember laying in a foxhole in my back yard. I had my M-16. I shot it a few times.

      I also remember crossing the highway, but the path was blocked off. I ended up taking some trails through a forest. Some of the paths were full of water, and alligators were in them.
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    6. 3/24/13 - Futile chase

      by , 03-24-2013 at 09:23 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm by myself, just walking on what appears to be an old boardwalk, I can't tell where I am because it's gloomy and foggy. I see a silhouette up ahead walking away from me, I can tell it is a female. I call out to her and every advancement I make, or call I call out to her she seems to move farther away from me. I decide to brake into a fast run, I start to see her more clearly as I get closer, then she makes an abrupt turn between these two buildings with large windows that have men wearing Hawaiian shirts pressed up against the glass staring at me with menacing grins. I decide to brush them off and keep running after this elusive girl. Behind the buildings the grass gets thicker and thicker, taller and taller, and the fog isn't letting up. I notice the solid ground that was once beneath me is now slowly turning into swamp, I hear alligators splashing around aggressively. Now I'm chasing the girl worried for her well being. Then suddenly I just drop into a deep pit in the water and the water goes above my head and I just hate that I let the girl get away. I think and hope she got out of the swamp safely.
    7. Alligators

      by , 01-15-2013 at 03:39 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      I was at the Chattahoochee River. It didn't look like the real Chattahoochee; instead, it was crystal clear, and looked much like the river that I dream typically.

      Anyway, "they" had decided to let a few alligators live in the river, which I found stupid because people go in the river. I then saw one of the alligators, and then my friend M. S. said, "Look," and then jumped in.

      So often my friends USED to do stupid things and wouldn't begin to listen to reason. It was like that. M threw a stone to me. I would have kept it as a souvenir of when he was being chased by an alligator, but he threw it over my head.

      The real issue here was that the dream was vivid, and an alligator was now chasing my friend. It was so close to my friend that I resigned myself to watching it eat my friend. Then, just a couple feet from him, the alligator turned around. Thank goodness!

      Then I ended up in the water. I was trying to get out while talking to somebody. They were trying to help, but I couldn't get out. It turned out OK though. The dream moved on, but gets blurry.

      The End
    8. Hanging With Caitlin, a Lucid Flight, The Flooded Forest, and Big Thunder the Alligator

      by , 09-28-2012 at 04:03 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was watching my friend, Caitlin, walk in rhythm down a hallway to her singing the words "It won't take me awhile" over and over again in a deep Jamaican accent. She was wearing light blue bermuda shorts.

      We were then sitting on the couch, watching some late-night TV. I'd say it was probably 1 or 2 in the morning, maybe later. I think we were sitting in my living room. It was dark, save for the light from the TV.

      We were then walking into a kitchen that kind of looked like our neighbor's (from yesterday's dream) kitchen. We were in nothing but our underwear. I think we must have lived there, and were roommates again. I was trying to get my panties all the way on over my butt as we were walking. At the far end of the kitchen were some of our friends from high school, Kayla and Maegan are the ones I remember, though there were more. It was kind of embarrassing, but we were still having a good time.

      Then, all the sudden, I was outside on a wooden porch with my best friend MK's older brother, Adam, whom I rarely see or talk to IWL. Everyone else had disappeared. It was a beautiful, sunny day. Adam looked at me and asked
      "Where did everyone go?"
      I responded
      "The dream must be about to end."
      As Adam was agreeing with me that that must be why, I was thinking wait a minute. This is a dream! Sweet!!
      I didn't even do an RC, since I felt so sure already that this was a dream. I was really excited! So excited, that I wanted to fly with Adam! We walked up to the edge of the porch, and Adam started talking. I, however, was too excited to listen (something I desperately need to work on in my LDs -_-). I kept wanting to ask him to fly with me. He finally finished talking, and I asked him
      "Do you practice lucid dreaming?"
      "Yes," he replied.
      I grabbed for his hand.
      "Would you like to fly with me?"
      "Yes!" he replied, taking my hand.
      I felt our fingers intertwine as I took off. He trailed behind a little at first, but was then next to me.

      I felt kind of out of control as we flew for some reason, I think it may have been because I was losing the dream, and was trying to focus on keeping it. I had to fly in these huge circles. We were flying over a field with grass and some desert-looking plant life. I saw a patch of these purple flowers. Very pretty. Adam then separated himself from me and sank down a bit to fly with another girl. I spiraled down in my giant circle, trying to gain height again, but not being able to. In the sky, I then saw the moon rising in fast motion, though it was still daytime (think about when you can see the moon when the sun's still out--that's what it looked like). It was a 3/4 moon.

      Then, when I was close enough to the ground, my friend Raechel's son, Syler, took me by the leg and started to run with me like I was a balloon. I thought this was adorable, and laughed as he did it. I floated in the air, too, as if I really was a balloon. He ran up the stairs to the porch, and inside, where many people were.


      I was with my dad and my brother, I believe, outside in these extensive woods. It was beautiful. The tree roots were huge, and were everywhere on the forest floor. You could tell it was a sunny day, though not much light came in through the blanket of leaves above. Close by was a house, supposedly our house.

      I was really worried about getting close to any water or anything because of alligators. I was afraid I'd get bitten or killed, though the gators around that part weren't that big, they could still deal a pretty nasty bite. Also, apparently, when we were younger, my dad kept one underneath the stairs that went up to the porch of the house. I didn't want to get near that either, thinking the gator must still be there.

      My dad then told me that the gator was dead, that he had been dead for a long time, but, for my brother's sake, they had kept his body underneath the stairs for some time. Apparently, my brother really liked that gator for some reason. He wasn't around when my dad told me that.

      At some point, we were talking to some woman with short hair who was wearing nothing but what appeared to be a white dress/sack, and black knee-high socks. You could see her naked butt peeking out from beneath the dress/sack. We were standing in what looked like a town square. She took off her dress in one swift motion, and was completely naked underneath. I critiqued it as if it was a movie, thinking to myself that the movie makers did a bad job hiding the fact that she was naked underneath the weird dress/sack she was wearing. She then started to show us all her alligator bite scars. She had a ton of them. She was trying to prove a point with her scars, trying to prove how dangerous alligators really were.

      We were then running through the forest, climbing on the tree roots, having an awesome time! But every time we got close to some water, I'd start to get nervous about gators. We even saw one on a shore at some point. I just wanted to get away from there.

      The woods then started to gradually fill with clear, blue water. I was alright with that, actually, since it wasn't the gators' natural environment. We splashed through the water, which hadn't reached too far over the tree roots yet. The water level, however, kept rising. On the forest floor, below the tree roots, it was pretty deep. But on top of the tree roots, it was relatively shallow, reaching our knees.


      I was walking into my brother's room. He wasn't home. On his desk (which he doesn't have anymore IWL) sat this cryogenically frozen alligator kit. It was in a black box. According to my mom, who was in bed in her room, I wasn't supposed to do anything with it yet, not until my brother got home. It was supposed to be a surprise to replace the alligator under the stairs from his youth.

      Of course, being me, I had to push the limit a little. I had a bottle full of hot water. The instructions called for A FEW drops of hot water to unfreeze the kit and the gator. There was emphasis on the "A FEW" part. I dripped a little onto the kit, and the frost started to melt. The whole kit was shortly thawed out, and I opened it up. There was a TINY purple alligator in there. And I mean tiny as in could fit on the tip of a finger! I then proceeded to carry the gator on my right index finger and the kit over to the other side of the room, trying to figure out what to do with him, when he started to float in the air on a string, like a baby spider would. Shit! I had lost him! He was so tiny, it seemed like it would be damn near impossible to ever find him again.

      I then noticed, right in front of me, a medium-sized aquarium tank full of water and little colored pebbles. It was for the baby gator. Shit again! I had been RIGHT THERE. If only I could have made it in time to put the gator inside. Now I was afraid he'd die because he wasn't in the right environment. Plus, someone might squish the poor little guy.

      I told my mom what happened, and of course, she wasn't very happy about it.
      "I told you not to do that!" A typical mom thing to say.

      I was then on a search for the gator, which, somewhere along the way, got named Big Thunder, I think by my dad's disembodied voice (my dad would name a tiny alligator something like that IWL). I was with other people, though I can't remember who right now. We were searching by some rocks and water. It seemed like we were both inside and outside at the same time.

      We then saw Big Thunder (lol this Big Thunder thing was even kind of hilarious in the dream). He had grown quite a bit in the few minutes/hours I had lost him. He was now an orange-red color, was kind of short and stubby for a gator, and had creepy, huge black eyes. He looked less like a gator, and more like something you'd find in the deepest depths of the ocean.
      "Big Thunder!" I exclaimed. I was glad he was alive.
      Apparently, Big Thunder was an aggressive gator. He proceeded to latch onto my leg and bite down. It HURT. Whoever was with me helped me get him off. Damn, fuck, SHIT that hurt! I didn't seem to be bleeding, but you could see red welts where his teeth had been.

      We then wandered and climbed over the big, grey rocks by the water. Something then went to attack Big Thunder, who was kind of following us. We were worried about him, thinking he may not make it through the attack, when a giraffe came and ate the attacker, and at first, we thought he also ate Big Thunder. We didn't watch this happen, but we looked back when the attack was over, and the giraffe had his cheeks full and was chewing. It was kind of cartoonish. It was a big wtf moment.

      We then noticed Big Thunder was alright. That crazy gator and his escapades.

      I was then in my brother's room again, sitting on the floor and working on something, though I'm not sure what, I want to say it was either a cage or an aquarium, when my friend Mike then texted me, warning me he had charged this nitrogen canister bomb and buried it underneath me, and I only had 20 seconds until it detonated, killing me and anyone in the house, which would also be destroyed. The text read kind of smart-assy.

      My view then changed to a sillouhette of Superman with his arm extended going underground. It was me, apparently, and my view changed back as I saw the countdown on the canister. The digital number read at about 14 seconds. I pushed a button on what appeared to be a touch screen that the numbers were also on, and the countdown stopped, displaying a screen in digitized letters that explained how to re-initiate the countdown. I went back up to Blake's room, and called him to ask him what the fuck I should do about the buried canister, whether or not I should retrieve it, or leave it buried, which is what I planned to do. I just worried that the canister would somehow get jossled under there, and the countdown would re-initiate without anyone's knowledge until it was too late. I can't remember what he said. I asked him some other things too, like what do you even buy these things for (they were sold commercially)? Why would you want one? Is the explosion really that powerful? I really can't remember his answers at all.

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    9. Alligator; Short Flight Lucid

      by , 08-26-2012 at 03:06 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)

      An alligator attacked my boy. It bit his foot and my boy started screaming. I opened the alligators mouth with my hands on either side of his mouth. I saw its teeth. I showed the inside of his mouth to someone.

      I eventually let it go, and then I was afraid it was going to attack me. I think it did turn to attack me, but it didn't try hard, and my dream ended.

      Short Flight Lucid

      I started flying and I realized I was lucid. I flew up well but then I became heavy. I never tried to stabilize, and I my dream ended.

      I wouldn't even count this except that I want to keep track of every time I become lucid.
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    10. Way Down South (in the swamp)

      by , 05-03-2012 at 02:25 PM
      Some friends and I were in the back of an SUV, being driven somewhere as if on vacation. There were 2 girls and a guy with me, one of the girls looked like a Michelle I used to know in HS. The four of us took up the whole back seat. We stopped somewhere at a large house, it seemed like a southern plantaton. We were doing some stuff there and looking around, my memory is kind of vague here. Next thing I know we are in a shower room with 4 separate showers in alcoves, everyone picks a shower, undresses, and uses it. I am in the shower on the end. Michelle was in the next one over, she kept her naked body mostly hidden by staying back in the shower, where I was kind of standing out in front of my shower more in the room. I had used my washcloth and rinsed off, then was going to use the washcloth again, but some lady on the staff comes by when my back was turned, thinking I don't see her. She changes my washcloth for a new one and leaves. I grab the new washcloth, it is dry, shame I will have to use it on my ears since it was just replaced.

      The dream transitions to outside, where I am clothed now. I can tell I got shorts on and shoes, a shirt too of course. There is a guy there, I guess he is kind of like a tour guide. He is crushing a can with the heel of his shoe, getting ready to enter the swamp. I find a can to crush under my shoe as well and I'm asking him if he's going out there. He says, "yes, you want me to take you out there too?" I ask, "aren't there alligators out there?" He says, "why yes there are." I say, "That sounds dangerous. Aren't you afraid we will get bit?" He goes, "nah, I'll show you how to step around them. Just follow my lead."

      I completed a goal of mine to remember a conversation with a DC, yay!

      I enter the murky water, it is cold on my legs at first and gets my shoes soaked through. The water comes up past my knees and I can't see anything that might be in it. I'm thinking this is nuts, but ok. I follow the guy into the reeds, and the rest of my friends follow us as well. As he spots the areas with the gators, he tells us where to step around. I enter 3rd person view and can now see the whole group making our way through the reed field, and I can now see through the water to see the alligators we are avoiding. Although we do seem to be getting closer to them than I'd like, the gators don't move as we pass them. I do see a couple gators move around after we get past them though. I'm still in 3rd person and I see we are picking the ripe tomatoes and will be bringing them back to the house. There were 5 gators just in this one reed field alone, I can still see where they are, and I wonder how they get enough food since they seemed kind of close together.

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    11. 2 dream fragments

      by , 03-16-2012 at 08:51 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I can remember only little parts of two dreams I had last night.

      In the first on I am in my apartment and for some reason I have a pet alligator. It is still a wild and dangerous creature and I have to be careful where I walk in my own house. I have two cats and constantly fear that the alligator will eat them. On morning I wake up and find the alligator surrounded by bloodstains on the carpet and walls. I fear that is has eaten my cats but I look around and see one of them under a table near my bed. I don't know where the other cat is. With the amount of blood on the floor and walls it looks like something bigger then a cat was killed though. The alligator sleeps contently, in the middle of the floor, like most creatures do after eating a huge meal.

      In the second dream I am visiting a friend in another country. Most of the dream is blurry until the end when I have to go to the airport to catch my flight. My friend and her family and friends are having a good time around a campfire and I do not want to disturb them so I quickly and quietly take off alone and catch a bus to the airport, which is 30 minutes away. The airport is small and there is no security checkpoint the the boarding pass desk is just a fold-out table by a collapsable wall. There are only two flights leaving the airport.

      I go to reach for my passport, and while I find it, I realize that I have left my suitcase at my friend's place. I am kind of panicking because my boarding pass is in the suitcase. I call and leave several messages on my friend's cell phone asking if she or a family member could drive my bag to the airport because there are no more buses going back in that direction. I look at the clock and see that it is 5:30 pm and my flight does not leave until 9:30 pm so I know I have time. I sit in the waiting area for over an hour and their is no sign of my friend or my suitcase. I call again and leave another message and wait for another hour and still nothing.

      I am very upset and panicking for a bit but then I realize that I have my passport, my identification and my money so I can just buy another ticket, even if it is inconvenient. The thought of just returning to my friend's place to get my bag myself never enters my mind. After I have bought a new ticket several waiter's arrive pushing a cart of delicious smelling food and place it on a long narrow table covered in a white table cloth. For some reason I think I am not allowed to have any food and I wander around and watch the other passengers and airport staff eat.

      I meet a little boy who is wearing a fox hat and seems to be by himself. He eyes the food while clutching his little napsack but is too shy to go get any. I grab a plate and fill it with candies and sugary pastries and take it over to him and share. He doesn't say anything but seems really happy. His favourite treat seems to be a pasty that has a sweet lemony filling on one side and a spicy filling on the other.

      I can not remember any more of this dream.
    12. Flying Alligator Attack; XXX Lucid

      by , 12-23-2011 at 03:25 PM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Flying Alligator Attack

      I was at Mike A's house, though it didn't look like his house. I saw a school bus drive up his back yard and through his front yard. I was upset the driver would do that, but he had an easment, so it was OK.

      I went out and got in a school bus and followed him down the front yard. As I went down the hill, I no longer saw the other bus, but I did see an alligator. It flew up into a tree about 30' up. That seemed like a scary proposition to me.

      I drove back up the hill towards Mike's house, but I was intrigued by the flying alligator (that scared me so bad). I drove back down the hill and the alligator glided out of the tree.

      Now my bus didn't have a roof. I was exposed. I turned my bus back towards the house. The alligator flew up and swooped down landing near my bus. I got very nervous, and my bus was slowing down.

      Then there was water all around, and then I was in the water. The alligator was going to come get me. I wondered if I could wrestle the alligator. All you have to do is grab the snout. All their power is in the closing of their mouth. I knew that was easier said than done.

      I thought about what it would be like to drown. I could see the murky water.

      The End


      XXX Lucid

      At one point during lucidity, I tried to shoot lightning out of my palms and failed, so I guess there is a dream fragment missing.


      I was at an indoor pool. The lights were out. There was more light where I was at the shallow end than the deep end.

      I dove into the pool and wondered if it was deep enough, so I decided to curve up and come out of the pool. As I came up, I decided to see if I could come up and out of the pool and fly up.

      I did start to fly up, but then I was out of the pool again where I started. I saw a beautiful young lady with dark, wavy brown hair at the other end of the pool. She wore a maroon and white bikini. I realized I was lucid and said, "I'd like to see her nude!

      She looked surprised and I wondered if I was dreaming after all, then someone said she had smiled. I was confident I was dreaming again.

      She was next to me now. I thought about what my friend KristaNicole does to stabilize. I yelled, "I am lucid. 100% lucidity!" I rubbed my hands together. It felt bad. I looked down and I had gause on my hand. I was happy to stabilize though. Then I spun around slowly. My partner said, "Both ways; it's better for both of us!" We spun around the other way.

      Then we locked in a giant, wet kiss. She was wondering if that was what she was looking for. I gave her another kiss and told her it was exactly what I was looking for. She agreed.

      I looked down at her breast. She was flat as a board. I touched her flat chest. I don't get into a flat chest, but I really liked the girl, so I didn't care. I rubbed it a little.

      All of a sudden we were in a room with my grandmother (passed on many years ago), and a couple other people. They were all in bed. We took our clothes off and walked down the hall to another room.

      I realized that if I wanted to get dressed again, I would have to walk naked into the room with my grandmother and would likely be in trouble, so I pulled a blanket out of a basket to cover myself up with later.

      She had her bikini on again. She was going to take it off, but I told her no. I wanted to reach in and feel her vagina. I did reach in but just felt her hair.

      I then got on her chest. I put some "lip gloss" on her lips. She was surprised. She said she'd been beaten up before, but that had never happened. I was kind of surprised and sorry she'd been beaten up, but she seemed really happy, so I didn't worry about it.

      She then took it.

      I soon woke up.

      I'm happier about using stabilization techniques than the awesome sex, but that was good too.

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      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    13. Unable to pay the Dentist.. Shark, snake and alligator in water.

      by , 10-07-2011 at 01:25 AM (Visions of the night)
      Had a dream I was at the dentist and he was doing work on my bottom front teeth.. after it was done I was told to pay 75 dollars so I started digging through my purse and didn't have the money. I was upset and had stepped out onto a pier.
      There were other people hanging around the pier and I saw a fishing pole leaning against the rail of the pier and the line was in the water .. the pole was bending. I walk over and look down into the water and see this shark it was bone white and bright grey it was trying to grab the line down. I see a snake to the left hand side make it's way at the edge of the rock that was underneath the surface of the water towards the shark .. this shark is bobbing up and down the water still grabbing the at the line with it's teeth.
      As I am leaning on the rail I notice it was coming loose so I backed up. I decided to get off the pier.. people are looking in amazement at the shark as I make my way back to where I was off the pier near the boardwalk I look over and see a dead alligator floating belly up near what looked like a sewage pipe opening.. and I also see a snake floating belly up too.. that's all I could recall.
    14. Alligator/Gecko/Bird Dream

      by , 06-24-2011 at 01:43 AM
      The dream began in my kitchen. I was looking at a basket full of eggs. The momma bird was inside of the basket as well. She was trying to get the eggs to hatch.

      There were too many eggs for the momma bird to take care of, and a few broke. I put the broken ones in a container full of water. The broken eggs hatched in the container. The water was suddenly full of blood.

      These weird alligator/gecko things came out of them. I put the container in the kitchen sink, and then all the eggs were in the container and hatched as alligators. The momma bird became a mini alligator.

      I suddenly decided that the alligators had to go, so I opened a cupboard and found the class of 2011 in there. They were tiny, and they told me I would have to hold hands with one of them and one of the alligators to get the alligators home.

      I agreed, and we held hands. Nothing happened except that the alligators became sacks of sugar.
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    15. April 22, 2011

      by , 04-22-2011 at 10:58 PM (Requiem's DJ)
      Recovery Week
      rebuild recall

      Mon 04/18/11: minimal recall. dreams of work and old friends.
      Tue 04/19/11: strange. had my dreams the first half of the morning. had a lucid but don't remember much but having a beard. too early and groggy to write notes...didn't sleep well after that
      Wed 04/20/11: the dreams vanish as soon as wake up. and damn it, i know i took some notes...
      Thu + Fri: i wrestled an alligator at the zoo to save my brother. smoked ham and swiss sandwich i ate

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