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    1. dragons and more dragons but no lucid

      by , 08-03-2016 at 05:37 PM
      D1-At a beach side pool the people are all really annoying, they think I cant understand the moronic things they are saying. They think I am spanish and dont understand.
      Even their own children are getting hurt and crying they are so dumb.
      I make out certificates for 1st,2nd and 3rd place idiot family.
      I give out the 3rd place certificate but then unsuprisingly get into an argument.

      D2- Really long ass dream about dragons.
      I am in a bar and a woman sees I have a dragon, just a tiny spirit one that circles round my arm. I tell her she is messing with me as no one can see the dragon except me. Turns out she can as she has an unawakened dragon in her. More chat about legend surrounding dragon.
      I tell her she is in danger and that I can train her if she wants.

      D3- I am back talking about dragons to the woman. We are outside the bar.
      I have been exiled as when I tried to awaken my dragon 110 years ago ar age of 16 I was almost killed and my soulmate was killed. I felt was my fault at time and agreed to exile. I tell her I am bad news but if she wants to I can teach her meditation and dream work (she needs to be lucid) she needs to grow her dragon spirit, which is a rare white one. Mine was silver but I only have bit of red dragon from gf that died.
      Anyways badies detect her power output which is super high and before I can cloak her, I have to face off against them.
      Oh I already kicked some rich families kids ass so they are supposed to kill me for the family to save face.
      I have learnt some techniques so that I could take powers from the kid dragons I fought (who were suitors for white dragon) so I have blue,green,red and black dragons at level 5 tier. So even though they are higher level I still end up flying around and punching at super speed and take them all down.But I dont kill them.
      I catch interest after fight from dragon mafia , who enlist me (I dont nind as I hate all the privelidged familes that exiled me) and come out of exile and take white dragon with me.
      I tried to cut details down was long ass repeating dream.

      D4- Now I am third person watching story unfold in a cafe. New woman looking like dream girl from dreams I had a while back.
      She spots a dragon spirit , guy who looks like philip marlow detective, he is stone dragon.
      He does some detective work and finds out as her nickname is "goldie" that she is legendary gold dragon that only appears once every few thousand years and only in one realm.
      A silver dragon exists in London that is her soul mate of legend.
      But the dragon has been cursed by dragon soceity for a crime and should be dead.
      Detective sends goldie to dragon school in another realm where she can find out about dragons and info on how she may break curse on the silver dragon.
      She finds out silver dragon was banished as he did not accept privelidge of dragon title and wanted equality between all dragons. Academic tutoring goldie scoffs at stupidity of idea and likens it to equal rights in human world. She hides her anger but he sees through it and says it is ok she has spent to much time among normal humans and will see sense in time.
      She sets off to rescue silver but is being tailed by agents and has to leave a coded message to meet stone dragon.

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    2. Blue mystic flames :?

      by , 07-31-2016 at 06:18 PM
      D1 - In a changing room I am trying to move about using a special location language. There are plastic wedge shape triangular cross hairs positioned around the room. I cant figure it out its in some unkown language.
      Then really freaky woman with long hair come in, although they are looking downwards with their hair falling over their faces, so could be other life form.
      They move slowly into room, they detect the movement thingies and use them to follow me Oo.
      I make it from bench to bench to the top of a cupboard.

      D2- There are lots of people? with heads that are mostly covered in blue flames , distorting their features. I watch mezmorised as they move like one entity. I find I cant move and wake myself up.

      WBTB - I decided to find out what the woman in dream one were doing
      not going back to dream two Oo just now

      D3- I enter the changing rooms again. The woman (they are now) are sitting talking on a bench. They are using a language unknown to me.
      It is a language of power and they are from influential families. The one with long shiny lush black hair is strongest.
      I try taking their powers away by removing their language from them.
      They dont know whos doing it and I get away with it.

      D3.5 Long dream wandering around inside of white castle. I am escaping something that I manage to trap behind some boxes also I manage to get all the weapons.

      D4- Am in a shop that people are using as a changing room to the annoyance of the owner. They are chucked out but more come in. A guy is plugging in his laptop and then hanging washing on the outstretched extension lead lol.
      We leave and find a load of taxis, sue is hailing one then changes her mind.
      Then she tries to get in the same taxi as the people who were changing clothes They are confused, so am I and my daughter.

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    3. Work dreams and tiny explosion lucid

      by , 07-27-2016 at 04:10 PM
      D1 - In a small room sharing a round table with a bald old guy with glasses. He is assessing a big stack of books but the door to the room keeps opening so he is getting more and more annoyed.
      in the end he leaves complaining that he has never etc etc
      He asks me if I have marked book pb-1256 yet, I embarressiny say I have not yet, it is a blue book.
      Outside in the road there is a massive pile of red books, so many that it is stopping a large bus from reversing.
      My work mate Ed has his lunch:a lunch french bagette with ham and a scotch egg tucked under is arm. He steps up into the front of the bus to drive but is encumbered by his groceries.
      A weesel or something is trying to get at his food in the confines of the cab, causing him more trouble.

      D2 - Repeating dream
      There are a line of women and in order to solve something I have to visit them each in turn but keep running out of time.
      I am convinced of this and keep going into the same dream.

      D3 - I wbtb and find myself back in the dream I get a bit fed up as its not working. I realise its a dream and makee everything explode. It is like special effects from a movie, everywhere there is splintered wood traveling in slow motion through the air.

      D4 - outside a flat that is supposed to be a. Old one of mine, but is not.
      the door is boarded and inside one window is.
      Outside i am waiting when paul from work gets in my way causing me to walk into wAter. We are high up over the main road of shops and I see above a pagoda style restaraunt that there is a giant dragon and frog statue in jade.
      non-lucid , lucid
    4. 07.13.2016 Puzzles

      by , 07-14-2016 at 04:42 PM
      Bed at 11pm. Lots of physical activity to release stress, so my body is sore. Recall of morning dreams are better.
      Lots of detoxing and re-organizing going on in my life! Lately, I have been trying to rid my life of negative thinking. Most importantly, this has included removing myself from some of my social circles and false friendships, as I found the individuals to be emotionally and spiritually harmful. I realize that many times, my friends didn't mean to be so toxic, but I have a very high EI, and I'm very sensitive, so it affects me deeply in very different ways. Being around negative people is extremely spiritually exhausting. I need to be around friends who have a genuine interest in my well being and who have the same interest in nurturing the friendship as I do. I don't have many friends, but some of the few I have need to be kept at "arms length"; others have to be let go completely. As a result, I have been spending time with my really close friends and trying to build on the relationships that are most meaningful in my life. I am very excited about this time in my life, as I feel the negative energy is finally being cleared from my path.


      I received a call from a friend in Dallas, telling me that she was coming to visit for the weekend. My mom and I begin an organization project. We are in a huge room, which is apparently my closet. There are racks of clothes neatly organized, but I still have more apparel to put in order. I begin to complain that I have no space. All of a sudden, my mom moves a rack of clothes and reveals tons of unused shelf space. "You have plenty of room", she says. I am excited and begin to use the space. I have conversations with my mom about clothes and I even have the nerve to say I really don't have anything to wear. She laughs, of course.

      After cleaning, I am with my two small nieces outside. We live in a house with a doorway that faces a busy street. There is a bus stop on that busy street, half a block from our house. We do not have a front lawn at all. Instead, we have a sort of pavement space. It almost feels like we are living inside of a storefront. Anyway, I am sitting on the ground with my two nieces and we are putting together a puzzle. This is a beautiful puzzle, of a view of buildings. The puzzle pieces are huge, maybe the size of small postcards. However the puzzle itself is pretty big, so its taking awhile and the sidewalk is full of them. There is one part in particular that I want to put together- a gorgeous periwinkle blue building. I am so happy while putting it together and I'm really feeling great. The kids help, and at some point my sister joins us. I start to grab all of the pieces for the framework. The kids get bored and go inside. My sister is helping but she's working on another area, and we're making small talk.

      Then, a small boy gets off a city bus not too far away from us. He looks homeless. He's kind of dirty and wearing tattered clothes. He sits down next to me and watches me put the puzzle together. I let him sit there, because I figure he's harmless. He starts to ask questions and talk a lot. At first I am not really paying attention, but then his voice starts to get deeper. My sister notices the boy and becomes uninterested in the puzzle. She goes away (inside our home?). I am a little confused by the boy's presence and exactly what he wants. I don't ask him anything, and it feels hella uncomfortable, but I let him go on sitting there and talking. I get about 4 pieces of the part I really like, so that I can completely see the building. I turn to look at the boy, and I get freaked out because he has turned into a homeless man, sitting there watching me put together this puzzle.

      At this point, I become a third person in the dream, and I can see myself sitting on the ground with the puzzle, and I can also see the man not far away. He is still seated, but he has moved closer to me. He has this sore on the inside of his bottom lip; I can see it when he talks. He looks completely neglected. I can see my expression and feel it at the same time..I am weirded out but I try not act weird because I don't want to disrespect him. He starts talking about random things, I am not really sure about what- his problems...I don't know, he's rambling. I am wary of him. I watch myself stand up and move away from him. I appear grossed out. I also go away (inside our home?).

      Side Notes:
      Experienced memorable, blissful feelings while piecing together the part of the puzzle with the pretty, blue building.
      Experienced fear and disgust upon infringement of a stranger.
      News of my friend in Dallas is odd. Will have to check on her.
    5. 05.18.2016 Someone sells me paintings in bed (?)

      by , 05-19-2016 at 03:46 PM
      Preface: I came in late to work on 05/18. I was still not feeling 100% and yes, still taking cold medicines to knock this out. I stayed at work, went to dance practice, then decided to do a late yoga class to try and refocus my awareness.

      DR 1

      I am on a ship. I can see the blue, blue water from the deck. I am part of a group of people, who are in a line. We are behind 3 or 4 people, all waiting to be "judged". The "judges" are deciding whether or not we get to stay on the boat. I keep looking out towards the ocean, which seems endless. Its sunny and the water is so very blue and beautiful. I can feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. Suddenly a new group of people try to skip us in the line. Right away we tell them that we were here first, and we point them in the direction of the end of the line. There are some words exchanged between some of the men, but our place in the line is restored.


      I am in bed with an ex-boyfriend. The room is dim, and everything looks blue and grey. I am on the left side of the bed and he is on the right. I feel as though we are trying to take serious steps to reconcile, but are unable to. Despite everything that has happened, we find ourselves attracted to one another. Our faces come close to each other, but we do not touch each other or kiss. I don't want to get closer. He tries to come closer to kiss me, when suddenly, the ceiling opens up. We look up, and from the dark gaps of the floor above us, two guys drop paintings in front of each of our faces, and ask us if we want to buy. I am startled and confused by the happening, but somewhat relieved with their timing. I ask, "how much?" and they both tell me "$17". I mentally understand that this is the price for both. I say I may not have any cash, but I check my night stand to my right side, and I have stacks of receipts and cash, though I believe the cash to be in $1 increments. I pick up two of the bills and find that they are both $20 bills. "Oh, here you go!" I exclaim, while handing one of the bills to the salesman above me. "Keep the change." They drop the paintings into our hands. I rise out of bed, look at my ex and in my head I think something along the lines of, "this is not supposed to happen".

      DR 2B

      I wander through a kitchen, and then to a dining area. There is a huge yellow sheet cake with buttercream frosting. My niece is seated at the table to my right. Someone is at the head of the table (possibly my mom?), a female. My niece says the cake is really good. Apparently, I baked it earlier. I begin to eat what's left of the cake, at least half a sheet. I stuff all of it into my mouth, and its amazing. Near the end of it as I am stuffing spoonfuls of buttercream into my mouth, I begin to feel sick. My stomach starts to turn and I begin to regret being such a glutton. My niece is looking at me in both amazement and disgust.


      I find myself standing on the deck of the same ship again. I can see the blue water; I'm in the same place. It's still sunny on deck. I am still with the group of people and we are still standing in line. But everything seems to be going our way, as the "judges" have decided that we have some qualities that they like. I get very strong feelings that we are going to be allowed on the boat. I can feel that they like us and are going to accept us, and I have a very positive feeling.

      Side Note: This positive feeling is with me when I wake, although I feel tired, because I feel as though I have not been sleeping.
    6. 04.12.2016 Energy Ship

      by , 04-12-2016 at 06:14 PM
      Sleep at midnight or later. Practiced breathing exercises before sleeping. Tried to WILD but ended up dreaming.

      DR 1
      I was in the middle of a street and I was building a ship. I wasn't building it physically, but with energy. I was doing things- making gestures with my hands and the ship was being created. However, it wasn't an tangible ship. You could see that it was an energy ship- energy in the form of a ship. The ship was green and blue- like a teal color, very blue. It didn't look cloudy, and not glittery but brilliant. Brilliant energy with beautiful colors and it was getting huge. The ship was getting really big. But someone didn't want me to build it. Someone tole me that had to stop. I guess I stopped.

      DR 2
      I am walking around some type of event. It looked like a huge shop, it could have been a Wal-Mart, only it was not. Its cold. I see a large rack of coats. Apparently, I came in with a long oversized brown coat- but somebody has taken it, and I am looking for my coat on this rack. This rack of coats is not for sale, it belongs to people- I guess a place for people to hang their coats while they shop. I see a cute Guess Jacket, a satin puffer with a satin red lining. At first, I think its going to be too small, but I try it on and it fits perfectly even over all of my clothes. I take it off and return it to the rack, because I start to feel bad- someone will miss the coat. I start looking around. Its this huge plaza all around me
      huge beige floors and walls with racks of shelves of clothing and goods, I start walking . I hear people in the background buzzing, just like a regular superstore. I walk to the back of the store and I see a place where they sel shoes. There is a huge beige floor, and beige walls. Its almost like the store was set up to provide that space as a "walking room" so you can try out the shoes. Shoes and a couple of other things are up against the walls, but the floor in the center of the room is completely clear.. There is a huge counter (beige again) that runs all the way around the room- the room is a circular shape. There are people behind the counters and there is a black girl, pretty, she's got a really good attitude. She's in a great mood and she is greeting and talking with everybody. She's laughing and talking with other employees. There's just a really good good energy in the room, so I feel better as soon as I walk in.. They say hi and they are smiling..there is faint music in the background but they are just listening to the music and I can tell that they are just enjoying being there-having a good time at work. I forgot all about trying to get my coat back.
    7. Pleiades Puzzler

      by , 03-25-2016 at 07:49 PM
      D1 - dual world. When I travel at night down my parents garden I find a mirror world. With different parents etc.
      I have a dinner with them
      D2 - Working in a house/office people start to bug me at counter, I give them blue ID cards.
      D3 - Searching for a house to buy in unpopular part of London, long commute.

      D4 - Sentence ending is missing in another language. I work out it is Pleiades, in the dream it means happiness.
      I don't remember its waking state meaning.
      It imagine the Ankh sign becoming like a fish with its arms down swimming up my chakras. Then it takes normal form
      balancing between my third eye.

      I awake very serence and spaced out. Very peaceful
    8. Back on the horse

      by , 10-24-2015 at 05:53 PM
      I've gotten really lax about making regular dream journal entries. I know they're really important for lucid dreaming... even if all of my dreams aren't lucid.

      I honestly don't remember much about what I dreamed about last night, possibly because I woke up because my neck hurt. No lucid last night, though.

      I don't remember a lot. I remember a color theme of dark blue and blue-black. My lack of memory isn't surprising, since those colors might mean that I spent time in a dim dream without much detail.

      Something about an outfit or costume someone gave me. Something about putting on black striped leggings/tights. The original pair got shrunk in the dryer, but in the dream they fit again.

      There may have been horses. I'll think about it throughout the day, and maybe fragments of it will come back to me.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    9. Isfael and the Lady's smile

      by , 06-11-2015 at 07:20 PM
      I'm coming out of a mine with a box a man gave me. Sitting down at a table across from a woman I know who's eating lunch, I open up the box and we have a look at the books inside. There's a two-volume set on healing magic that catches my attention; I've seen the first one before but the second is completely new to me, I'm very pleased. The woman asks me for a demonstration, and I laugh, saying I've barely got any understanding of it - it's not something you can learn from books, they're just for pointing you in the right direction, it takes time and work to actually put into practice. She's disappointed and leaves. As I look through the book, I call up a blue healing light that plays around my hand. Reading, the book is saying that it's impossible to progress further without "the Lady's smile."

      I see an image of said Lady, a woman in a void. She's aware of my attention, though her eyes don't focus on me; she talks as if this is a visit from an old friend, sounding surprised and pleased, saying that I've come earlier this week than expected, and calls me by a name that starts "Shari-" But she cuts off partway through that name, and gives the impression of focusing on me, though still not with her eyes. She says then, "Isfael? Is that you?"

      The observer side of me splits off, recognizing that this Lady and Shari-whoever are figures that often appear in stories together under various identities. When she correctly called me Isfael, I realized that Isfael is one of those identities, a specific young version of Shari-whoever without knowledge of his older self.
    10. Satan vs the Pew Pew Laser-Cat

      by , 05-28-2015 at 06:21 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      In a crowded section of New York City, flames erupt from the sewers as Satan himself rises from hell and bursts through the pavement of the road ahead of me, sending cars flying through the air and people running and screaming in all directions. He has a gang of demons around him, all made of flames, forming a painful looking perimeter of death and destruction around the Devil.

      I am holding a dark gray cat, almost black, with white on its face and some of its paws I don't remember picking it up, but it seems to like being held. I cradle it on its back like a baby in my left arm, against my side, and hold its tail out in front of me like a cannon. I aim it at the Devil and make my best "Pew Pew!" noises. Almost like a "pshhyeeeoo!!!" As I make my very best laser noises, bright blue laser beams shoot out of the cats tail. They move through the air at about the speed of a jogger, so Satan easily dodges them.

      I run toward Satan, aiming the cat's tail a few paces ahead of him and with "Pew Pew Pew Pew!" shoot four slow moving lasers out of the cat's tail into Satan's path. I almost got him this time! With great enthusiasm I go wild with my best "Pew Pew!" noises, filling the streets and alleys with blue lasers. 'If I shoot lasers everywhere, I can't miss.' I tell myself.

      Satan dives behind a sky scraper and out of sight. I pre-fire a few laser blasts from the cat's tail down the next street in case he tries to run for it, and then run down the alley to cut him off before he can get away. He gave me the slip somehow, and I haven't got a clue where to find him now. I find myself at a busy intersection, looking every which way as traffic flows through. Next to me is a fire fighter and a cop. They look at me, then at the cat I'm cradling in my arm, and then at how I'm holding the cat's tail out in front of me with my other hand, and then look back to me.
      "Check this out" I tell them as I aim the cat's tail in a harmless direction and say "Pew Pew Pew!" sending three bright blue laser beams slowly through the air.
      "That's pretty cool" they tell me.
      "I know, right?!"
      "Aren't you going to film it or take a picture or something?" The firefighter asks me.
      "No, I don't think anyone really needs to know about this. Plus I've gotta get Satan"
      They both give me an understanding nod, and I start walking away as I think about where to look.

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      non-lucid , memorable
    11. Little fangs

      by , 05-27-2015 at 06:13 PM
      In some small early 20th century village, I'm the youngest in a family of three sons, and for years now it's been expected that I'll marry the neighbor's youngest daughter when we grow up - we've always been good friends. In the previous scene we'd all been sitting around my family's dinner table; now I've gone to meet her down by the river, which is so full of plants it gives the impression you could walk across them like a bridge. The girl's here waiting, but before I go to meet her, I'm distracted by another girl, a stranger, standing in the center of the river. The observer side of me thinks, I have to remember this.

      Her hair is probably blonde, but it's so matted and dirty that it's hard to tell. She's dressed in old-fashioned men's clothes, a shapeless and colorless coat over a blue velvet waistcoat with a pattern of rosebuds. Then I realize that while I've been focusing on remembering the details of her appearance, I've been missing the conversation the character side of me is having with her. I drop back to focus on what the character side of me is doing.

      Years later, but near that same river. One of my brothers is handing me a silver pocket watch that belongs to our father, and telling me that he's in Madrid - they've known this all along, apparently. My brothers got me to come back here on the pretense that our father's missing - I'm annoyed but not surprised to find that was a lie. There's a woman here, somehow connected to that girl in the river but not the same person, and something about biting down on a chain, and her little fangs.

      I'm carrying one end of a wooden box through what looks like an abandoned house, with that woman holding the other end - it's not particularly large or heavy, just large enough to be awkward for one person. I'm looking at our hands on the box, close enough to be nearly touching. Her nails look thick and discolored, greyish; there's blood ingrained around the nail, but I'm thinking that the blood's not what's causing the dark greyish appearance, since there's blood all over my hands too.

      That woman is kissing me and holding me in place, not letting me turn my head to see what's going on, telling me not to move when I try to. Something is very wrong. There's other people here; the observer side of me recognizes this moment and I switch to third person to avoid it. The scene still continues in front of me, they kill her, but I don't see much of it, focusing on remembering the earlier scenes.

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    12. Red and Blue Stars

      by , 05-13-2015 at 10:02 AM
      Morning of May 13, 2015. Wednesday.

      My wife and I are looking through a large window. The setting is seemingly my old bedroom in Cubitis though the window (not as it was in real life) is seemingly just an open area to look through a wall to the south (without any window features to block or distort any of the sky scene). I study the nighttime sky and notice a series of red and blue stars in no particular pattern. Some of them do imply a vertical line, though not straight. They also seem to be planets at some points and all the round shapes are all the same size. I have a slight concern as to whether or not this is a possible threat (and concern about how close these supposed stars or planets are to Earth), but it is not that clear an emotion. There are about a dozen in all, not that close together, though somewhat constellation-like.

      The imagery is not quite right, though. I sometimes get the impression at times that some of the cloud cover is behind a few of the stars which is of course impossible. Also, I seem to be aware that the stars are casting shadows against the backdrop of space, which is also ridiculous. Still, the imagery is beautiful. It reminds me of my prenatal memories and what seemed to be prenatal dreams, the main one featuring red and blue stars - or mostly the change of such, and their coming into existence or fading depending on my level of attention and focusing upon them or their potential to exist, almost as if they represented how conscious I was in the womb (relative to their brightness).
      Tags: blue, red, sky, stars, window
    13. Parkour in School

      by , 04-22-2015 at 04:55 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a school of sorts, but outside. We were practicing parkour. There's a yellowish building/clock tower, with a blue sky as a backdrop. The kind of blue that seems unnatural though. Jem was there. I was training with beginners but I moved to the advanced training.


      - Slept at around 2 am, woke up at around 8:30 due to alarm, slept again till 10:46 a.m.
    14. Blue Dorm

      by , 04-20-2015 at 05:55 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was going to transfer dormitory. I was checking my room. There are plenty to things to arrange. The color theme is blue. I also recall doing a front flip and hitting the back of my neck. I just stood up.

      I was looking for bathroom.



      - I saw stuff being brought down and up the elevator this evening.
      - I slept around 8 pm, woke up around 11 pm. No alarm.
      - Light was on.
      - Thinking of moving.
      - Needed to pee badly when I woke up.
      Tags: blue, dorm, flip, room, transfer
    15. Magic Gerbils (Mini WBTB)

      by , 03-16-2015 at 01:35 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Bedtime: 12:00 (Got in bed at 10:00, wrote in my waking journal for 2 hours. I had a lot to talk about.) I'm also a little bit sick.

      I had a long nonlucid dream. I have no memory of what it was about.


      I had a terrarium where my drawing board is in my room. In it were three magic gerbils. One was pink, one was indigo-ish blue and one was bluish green. They could talk in these high squeaky voices and were as intelligent as any human. They had this little symbol on their side. They kind of reminded me of the likes of My Little Pony or Care Bears or something.

      And while having these guys around, at first glance sounds girly and stupid, they were actually pretty handy to have around. They granted me special powers, and were actually pretty reliable friends.

      I was in the kitchen having breakfast. Since the gerbils were magic and intelligent they could come out of their cage and I could rely on them to run away or something. They would regularly come outside the cage whenever I wasn't sleeping. A government agent jumped out and grabbed me from behind. Another one grabbed the three gerbils and put them into a cage. He started to carry them off.

      "Help us, Jade!"

      The government agent was trying to hold me still while they took the gerbils away. I tried to elbow him but it didn't do much. He just adjusted his grip and held that arm so that I couldn't move it.

      I then thought about martial arts movies and how sometimes they can kick the bad guy over your shoulder if you kick really high. I decided to try that move even though IWL I can't do it. It worked and I knocked the guy out. I ran outside and saw the guy carrying the gerbils, in a cage to the car. I ran up behind him and kicked him in the back. He dropped the glass cage, that broke and the gerbils ran out.

      I forgot that they wouldn't run away, and tried to scoop them up with a cup that I found in the garage. Another government agent showed up and tried to grab me. I dropped the cup in surprise and it broke. The gerbils run out.

      "Don't worry about us! Stop them!"

      The three ran off as a group and went into a hole in the outside of the house. I moved into the uppercut agent. He had a Taser and tried to shock me. I ducked under his arm and elbowed him in the back. He fell over and hit his head on the hood of my mom's car.

      I then saw a fancy old white car pull up and a really old man with a top hat got out. As he got out, I was trying to figure out what this situation was, and remembered that just a few minutes ago,
      I was trying to WBTB. I became fully lucid. I knew that he was the leader of the government agents and I was going to have to fight him.

      I started to walk toward him. He started to walk toward me and took of his jacket to reveal very muscular looking arms.

      "Mr. Free, come to finish this once and for all, have you?" (wat?)

      We kept walking right into close range. He gave a telegraphed punch. I swept into the ground dodging him and picked up a piece of ice off the sidewalk. When He turned around, I threw it in his face.


      He tried to kick at me in close range. I stepped back. He threw another kick, roundhouse this time. I ducked under it and kept moving back. I then jumped back, but before hitting the ground, boosted myself forward with my flying technique and kicked him with both legs. He tried to block but staggered back almost to his fancy white car. I moved in and kicked him in the solar plexus.

      I woke up and my right leg was straight up to the ceiling. I guess my Taekwondo classes don't mesh perfectly with lucid dreaming after all.

      And the reason that I say this was a mini WBTB was that the last time I looked at the clock was 7:33, and it was now 7:42. Meanting that the whole dream took less than 10 minutes.

      I really think that pairing WBTB with MILD is the way to go from here. I've had so much success in such a short time-frame.

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