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    1. The Origami Parrot, and Saving a Friend From Her Cheating Husband

      by , 08-01-2014 at 12:17 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was "remembering" a time when I was in high school, and I had a blue origami parrot. It very much so seemed real; it would move, though it would make no noise. I showed it to my friends. I was super happy having this paper bird. When I took it home, though, I could not find a place for him. He needed a cage, but I didn't have one. I'm not sure what happened to him.

      I'm not sure where I was, it was a building in my town, but I wanted another origami parrot. I called up one of my friends, maybe Rachel, and asked her if she wanted to come with me to get one. I "remembered" I had gotten it at Animal City, a pet store here in town, though I wasn't 100% positive. Rachel was then with me, and I told her we were going to Animal City. We walked out of whatever building we were in, and Animal City was right next door. We walked inside.

      We walked around inside Animal City. We saw what looked like a very large brown cat with flecks of different shades of brown playing on a cat tower (one of those carpeted towers cats use to climb/scratch/perch). Many people were around it. I figured it was the store's current mascot (IWL they always have some sort of mascot animal). I, being the cat lady that I am, went over to the cat. I was super excited to see the cat. The cat then turned around, and its face looked alien. I had no idea what kind of animal it was supposed to be, but it definitely wasn't a cat!

      I then continued my search for the origami bird. I then came across a woman who had a small, green origami parrot. This is what I'd been looking for! The bird was perched on the lady's shoulder. I started to speak with her about the origami bird. She said something about it having poetry written underneath its wings. She unfolded one to reveal it. I did it myself as well, and had trouble getting the paper to fold back properly. I wondered if my old origami parrot had had poetry underneath its wings also.

      I then saw that the bird only moved when the lady moved its tail. It was like an IWL origame swan; when you move its tail, the wings move. But she would do it very subtly to make it look like the bird was moving on its own. I did not remember doing this when I had my origami parrot. Maybe my memory was deceiving me. At any rate, the paper bird moving on its own was definitely an illusion. I wanted to believe that it wasn't, but it definitely was.

      I don't remember if I got to have the bird or not.


      I was with Dallas at my old friend Kacey's place. She lived in a different town, as she does IWL. We were watching her do some dance performance with a dance team. It was some interpretive type of dance. I saw people that I knew in high school also dancing with them, one being Mary Lane, but her hair was waaaaay longer than I had ever seen it IWL. I saw someone else too, a blonde girl, but I couldn't place her name. I called her something that started with an R. Kacey's husband, Rick, was somehow also involved with this dance.

      When they finished, I talked to Kacey about Mary Lane being there. I also talked about the other girl, the blonde with the R name. Two girls, identical twins, then approached me. They had grey and pink in their hair. One I had mistaken for the blonde girl I knew in high school. I then realized I was wrong about the name of the blonde girl; I had no idea who these twins were.

      Everyone but Kacey and her husband cleared out. We were all visiting in their living room. A boy, a child of about 5 or 6 who was supposed to be Kacey's son (she only has a daughter by marriage from Rick IWL, none of her own) came up to us. He seemed like a happy child. I saw him smile up at me with his teeth.

      Then, where her son had been, was this big white bathtub full of milk and...dry cat food (I've dreamed of a bowl of cat food and milk once before, though I did not write it down). It was behind the couch. There was way more milk than cat food; I only saw some scattered pieces floating around. In the middle of the bathtub was a black and white kitten, who was drinking the milk and eating the cat food. She seemed super happy (what cat wouldn't be?). I then thought about how milk isn't good for cats, and how they would probably have to clean up cat diarrhea later.

      I then woke up, but went back to sleep into the same dream.

      The cat in the tub was now gone, and I was talking to Kacey in the living room. Dallas then came up to me, and told me he had heard Rick say he was going to cheat on Kacey! Kacey had not heard him tell me this; I think that Dallas whispered it to me, or Kacey was out of earshot. I really debated on whether or not I should tell Kacey, but she is one of my best friends, even though we barely talk anymore, and I owe this information to her; she deserves to know so she can decide what to do about it.

      I then told Kacey about what I had heard. She was aware of the problem; he went and cheated on her all the time, and didn't think she knew. I then told her that if she wanted out, she always had a place with me. I would take her in for as long as she needed. She wasn't sure what to do, but I feel like I kind of pushed her to leave him. She finally agreed, and started throwing some of her things together. On my part, I felt that I may had been somewhat impulsive, but I would, of course, take her in no matter what she needed. I didn't want her to feel pushed though. But that feeling quickly faded, because I was finally going to get Kacey out of her horrible situation.

      I then thought about her son, and whether or not she should take him. I couldn't remember for sure if the son was hers or Rick's. I guess I decided it didn't matter. I saw her get some things together, careful not to let Rick hear her, and we got into my car to drive to my place. I thought about us staying at my old apartment with Cherie', my old roommate, but realized that I had just turned my keys in (true IWL), so I couldn't just go in there anymore. So instead, I drove her to my parent's house. I had not told my parents prior to this that I was taking her in, but my mom loves her, so I figured it would be alright, and it was for a good cause as well. I did need to tell my mom, though. I went into the living room while Kacey stayed in the kitchen. I saw my mom wrapped up in a blanket, asleep on the couch. She was sick with a cold or something. I woke her to tell her about Kacey. I don't remember what she said. BUt I then figured out that my dad was cheating on my mom too. Wtf.

      I then thought about how Rick knew where my house was, and so we should probably relocate, because he would absolutely suspect that we were here.

      Back in the kitchen, I saw Kacey helping to fix up some dinner. As she poured frozen green beans into a pan with the entree', chicken probably, I thought that she looked like an expert the way she was putting the food together with confidence. It had something to do with the way she was pouring the veggies; she just looked like she knew what she was doing.

      I then realized that we had left Dallas. Whoops. We had to go back and get him. We drove back, hoping Rick didn't notice our absence. We got there to get Dallas, and Rick had a backpack on. A guy friend was waiting for him with a backpack. It looked as if they were going camping. Rick had not even noticed we were gone. He said he'd be back in two days. I knew he was going to cheat on Kacey when he was gone. Further, if he cared for her at all, he would have noticed she disappeared without warning for awhile. His mind was obviously preoccupied.

      At some point being back at Kacey's, I saw a bunch of sweat pants. I wondered if Kacey wanted to grab those to take with her.

      When Rick was gone, Kacey and I went into town to investigate. We came across this building that had signs on the front window. It said "Cheat! Cheat! Cheat!". It was a lounge for men to go to to cheat on their wives (subtle advertisement, right?). I forgot what it was called. There were men going inside.

      We then went into the lounge. Since it was daytime, not too many people were there yet, thank goodness. There were lots of big, circular and half-circle couches there. We went up to the counter, and two young men were there. We spoke with them, though I can't remember what it was about. They were acting like we didn't know where we were, trying to hide it and not doing a very good job at it; they were smiling and surpressing laughter as they spoke with us. They said something to us along the lines of there was no man that stayed faithful; all men cheated. When we decided we would leave, they said
      "Thanks for visiting the ____lounge, I mean room." As if room made it sound less shady.

      There were bits where Kacey and I talked about Rick cheating, and how she would approach him about running away from him. I don't remember if this was done in the dream or not. I don't think it was. During this whole dream, though, I felt very close to Kacey, closer than I have in years. I missed that, and still do IWL.

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    2. A Brutal Murder, Being Berated, Cars and Spiderwebs, and a School Project

      by , 07-28-2014 at 03:59 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was at work, but it looked different. We were behind the counter. I was there with a couple of other people. There was one girl there who looked very tired. She had long, straight light brown hair and very tired eyes. She was probably about my age (25) or a bit younger. She needed a ride home from work. We got into my car. I was kind of tired too. The car was driving, but I noticed that I was sitting in the back seat with the tired eyed girl.
      "I should probably be sitting in the front," I said to her. I stopped the car as we were going through this gate and got in the front seat.

      Then, there was this lively old woman with us. She was quite energetic. She wanted us to drop her off on the side of the road so she could walk to her vehicle. We did just that. We got out though as well. We were walking on the sidewalk with this woman. She had a cane, but she wasn't using it. In fact, she started to jog! We couldn't keep up with her. We then were approaching her vehicle, or at least what we thought was her vehicle. It was a golf cart. It had a black bag with a big bow on it strapped over the seat. I thought she had been very trusting to leave that outside. Upon further examination, the golf cart had this HUGE control panel. It was so big, it took up the entire front window; you could not see out of it at all. I figured that maybe it drove itself. The old woman sat down in the seat, and was wondering how you worked it. I guess it hadn't been her vehicle, but a special vehicle that the public could use to get from place to place. There was a guy there that I assumed she was asking. We walked past her and the cart.

      I dropped the tired girl off, but noticed something as I was driving. I noticed that the cart with the lady had not moved, but there were dead bodies strewn on the street by the car, about three or four of them. Holy crap, someone came and murdered them! I thought maybe a fight had broken out and gotten taken too far. I returned to the area where the cart was and saw what I had feared: The old woman was dead, along with a few others. I think I asked someone who was there if she was dead, and they said yes. I told them I had seen the scene from a distance. I started to cry.

      Then, one of the people whom I thought was dead, a blonde guy who was probably in his twenties, opened his eyes. He looked like he was in so much pain. He said nothing, but his eyes told me everything. I was broken down crying now at this point, kneeling on the ground. I started to stroke the guy's knee to comfort him. I was so happy he was alive, but I still could not stop crying. It was then that I noticed that all the other people were literally torn apart; I saw someone's head detached from their body, an arm, and other torn apart body parts. The man with his eyes open in front of me was the only one who was not torn to shreds.


      I was going to my friend Cherie's apartment. It was daytime outside and sunny. My husband may or may not have been with me, I can't quite remember. I think we had just gotten back from a vacation.

      We got to the apartment. It was much different than IWL. It was more of a town home than an apartment, and was white and clean on the outside. There were many others that looked the exact same, as you would see in a town home community. I went inside, and Jeremiah and Cherie' were there in the living room. I went into the middle of the living room.

      Then, I noticed Cortney D., a supervisor from my old job. She was standing behind the couch (at this point the apt looked a lot like my current one IWL). I "remembered" that she lived in the same complex as Cherie'. She had her hair pulled back into a small ponytail, and was wearing a black shirt with a colored shirt (can't remember the color) underneath; it looked like an outfit she would wear to work. I was excited to see her, because I always really liked her, but was afraid she would be mad at me because of the way I quit. I got her attention, and she said
      "Krista." She walked up to me with a sense of urgency. She continued,
      "Why did you do that?!"
      I tried to explain to her how awful that job was, how bad I felt we were all treated there, but she kept countering me, asking me what did I expect, it's retail. She then stormed out. I was sad that she was angry, and I kept thinking of other things I should have said, but none would have made her feel differently. I didn't understand how she could continue to settle for such a crappy job.

      Other things happened after this. I remember leaving the apartment, but nothing else.


      I was driving to my old college's campus in a new car. It was a dark grey sedan, and very nice-looking. I felt weird and tired. It was morning. I don't know why I was going there. There was some kind of big event taking place.

      I parked in a gravel lot, and walked over to where the buildings were. I sat down on a bench underneath an overhang. I noticed that lots of college kids were walking around dressed up like it was Halloween. I saw people in knight costumes, and I think some Mortal Kombat costumes as well. I did not know what was going on.

      I then realized that they were in the marching band, and today was the day that the college hosted Contest of Champions, a high school marching competition, and that they always performed a show at intermission in their Halloween costumes (this is true IWL). All the college kids then started to dance with each other. It was like they were a flash mob; they all just seemingly spontaneously started to couple off and dance. I knew that they had planned it.

      I got up to go back to my car. I went into the field where the cars were. There were many, many more now. I clicked my clicker on my keys, and some tail lights light up, so I figured I had found my car. But then, another man, an older, heavier black gentlemen, got in the driver's side. Whoa, I thought, there must be some mistake. I opened the trunk to the car, which was actually more like a minivan than a sedan. Not my car after all. I felt embarrassed for trying to get into another person's car, though he did not say a word to me about it. I kept walking.

      I kept on clicking my clicker, and I noticed that when I did, other cars' headlights would flash. What the hell? How was I ever going to find my car now?

      I then was at an impasse, literally. I had approached a fenced in area. The fence was wooden and old, and actually relatively short. The only way I could get to the other side of the fence was to open up the old wooden gate. I then called an old friend, Tori, and asked her about the car, because I knew that she had had a car like mine. She said that hers had done that too, unlocking other people's cars instead of hers. When I got off the phone with her, I went to go open the gate, but it was covered in spiderwebs! I could not get a hold on it without touching one. I saw the webs up close, and noticed that lots of ants had gotten caught in the web. I saw one get caught in it towards the top of the fence. Ugh. So gross...I hate spiders. So I looked all over the fence for a place I could touch it without getting web on my fingers, and there was none. I put my hand on it regardless, and immediately took it away again. I saw the holes in the web where my fingers had pierced it. I then briefly opened the gate, but I couldn't even go through it without walking into webs. It only opened on the bottom anyhow; I would have had to push to get it to open all the way. I considered climbing the fence. I don't remember if I ended up doing it or not, but I knew it was an unacceptable thing to do for some reason.

      Then, I was in some sort of bakery/coffee shop on campus. The interior was all wooden, and since it was summer, there were only a couple of people there. I thought maybe it was closed for the summer. I then noticed the manager, a middle-aged woman, standing in the doorway talking with another woman who looked a bit younger. She was blonde with glasses. I thought to myself that the manager must have to be here every day, even during the summer when their hours were limited. The table I was sitting at was one with Eileen, a woman from my old job. She was a regular there. I think she was eating doughnut holes. She was talking to me about coming to that place every day for breakfast. I don't remember anything else from the conversation, but we talked a bit. I think I also ate a doughnut hole. It was glazed. I think they were homemade.


      I was working on a project for a class at my apartment. I was working on it on the bed. It was supposed to be a circular cut out with whatever we liked to put in it in the center. I decided to do mine like a collage, with cutouts from magazines in it. I was going to put some pictures that I had of me, friends, and family on top of the magazine cutouts. I also was painting it. I had painted the edges of the circle green, but noticed I had gotten some paint on the sheets and on the pillowcases. Nothing I could do about it now, though. I painted some shades of blue on the inside as well, and noticed that I had made the top of the circle a light blue, and it gradually faded to a darker blue. It wasn't my intention, but I liked the way it looked.

      I had made the inner circle separate from the outer. The outer was a cut out of some construction paper that I painted green. I made the entire inner circle, and put the outer circle around it to see if it had the correct measurements. It wasn't perfect, but absolutely workable. The outer circle was a little big or small at just one area, the bottom right corner. I knew it wasn't going to be a difficult fix. I think I asked my husband about how it looked. At this point, it kind of looked like a pokeball.

      I kept thinking about the assignment, and wasn't sure if I was doing it right or not, but I didn't remember the teacher, who was the black man from my precious dream, saying anything too specific.

      Someone else was then in the apartment, a girl who was also a student. I asked her something about the assignment, about the specifics. She wasn't sure either.


      You might see my recall of last night and say "Damn, Krista, you must have gotten some good sleep to have all these dreams." That would be my first thought too, but I actually did not sleep well at all. I kept waking up every hour, and would have a lot of trouble going back to sleep. I know I dreamed way more than this too, but these are the only ones I remember. My husband also was having trouble sleeping, and he had a lot of vivid dreams as well. We made turkey burgers last night, and never have made them before. That's the only thing I can come up with for why neither of us could sleep, and we both had super vivid dreams.
    3. Woman in blue

      by , 05-01-2014 at 06:59 PM
      I'm looking at an image of a woman wrapped in this dress made of blue cloth; the cloth also wraps up her neck and over some kind of tall headgear in a way that reminds me of a nun, or some medieval headdresses. The only skin visible is her face - or it would be, except that in this image, she has the head of an elephant. I'm aware this is specifically something added to this image, it's not literally her face. It's representing something to do with the shape. I briefly see a second, similar image, using the head of an anteater instead of an elephant, reinforcing the point about shape.

      Scene change. That woman, with her own human face now - or at least, a woman in that same dress - standing in an immense room. A man's come to consult her. His skin has cracks running through it in a way that reminds me of magma. He's aware, as he approaches her, that this isn't the woman he's come to consult - she's a stand-in, a decoy, to protect the real one. He can smell the difference between them. He's about to say something about this, but he's distracted by noticing a different scent in the room. There's a dead body of a man lying on the floor a little way away, and now he walks back to that body and bends down to look at a circular metal medallion on the corpse's chest. He can smell two other people who were here earlier. One is his sister. The other, he asks the woman in blue about - a man he describes out loud only as "a writer," and his voice sounds annoyed. In his mind, he's thinking that this writer left for America years ago, and shouldn't be here now.

      Then I have the impression that I'm looking at one in a series of scenes showing an alternate past, of what would have happened if that writer hadn't traveled to America back then, but I only actually see one scene - a group of people, mostly adults, celebrating the 8th birthday of that previously mentioned sister, Julie.
    4. Kidnappings and discoveries

      by , 01-25-2014 at 08:43 PM (My smashed up joy ride of dreaming)
      Some blue mad scientists are trying to keep me in one place against my will. Some thugs steal me again where I overhear about how I am genetically modified. (im thinking it is closest to the second level to prototype) A couple of days later .my next dild involves a voice telling me that the settings my dreams take place in are finite. I, in rebellios nature immediately go over nothingness for my brain to generate more world like a laggy Minecraft game.Okay when I dEILD the sp makes my arm feel like it goes through my bed, nothing else. I do some stuff in a blue room. also, racing. I am training for something but am terrible at it.
    5. Big Yellow Spider with Blue Stripes.

      by , 12-30-2013 at 01:19 PM
      OKAY! So, as the title suggests I had a very vivid, weird dream last night.

      I was laying in bed at home, and I went through to wake my son (he's 3) up and head into the living room together as we do every morning, but as my son opened the door I saw in the middle of the room's wall (I have a part of the wall that sticks out like a pillar) in the corner, there was a big spider web, it was hanging down and shaped like a loose sack. There was a BIG yellow spider with blue stripes on it, it was the size of two human hands and it was walking around inside it's web-sack thing.

      There were two bee's inside it's web-sack and a very big wasp, the size of a human thumb, they were all dead. I ushered my son out of the room and put a DVD on for him to watch while I went to go and wake my partner to go and get rid of the spider.

      I laid down next to him and told him about the spider in the living room to which he asked what it looked like; I described it to him and he asked what was inside the web-sack and I told him about the bee's and wasp and he shrugged it off and said it wasn't something he could get rid of as it was too big and I sensed that there was more that he wasn't telling me, like it was dangerous.

      So I went back through the hallway and peered through the door, the spider was still there and it seemed to be in a predatory stance. What shocked me was that my mother (who I haven't spoken to or seen in 3 years due to dramatic reasons) was sat on my couch watching the TV and ignoring the spider compleately. I went over to her and sat next to her and I felt like a little girl, I curled into her hugging her arm and asked her to make the spider go away as it scared me; she never once took her eyes off of the TV and told me to ignore it. Then when I looked at it there was what seemed to be a little duckling toy inside the web-sack and the spider was slowly stalking towards it. I feared for the toy and asked my mother why there was a duckling in the web-sack and she just shrugged it off and said that it was a toy and to not worry about it. But I watched and the more I watched the more fearful I felt as I saw the duckling toy shaking, I looked away when the spider was infront of the toy and out of the peripheral vision of my eye I could see the spider attacking the duckling toy; but the toy was letting out this terrified cry for help and it made me cry. I pleaded for my mother to get rid of the Spider as it was hurting the Duckling and she shrugged and said that it was meant to happen. Then she looked at me with accusing eyes and I heard her voice in my head saying "you deserve this too."

      I closed my eyes to cry but when I opened my eyes again I was back in bed with my partner laying next to me, shortly after I woke up properly from the dream. I didn't see any spider afterwards and there wasn't one in my living room (thank God!)

      But, I was wondering if anyone would have any idea as to what the meaning behind that dream could be? I have some guesses but it upsets me to dwell on that dream for too long lol.

      Feel free to share your views on my dream and opinions, they are much appreciated. <3

      Yours truly,
    6. Gucci and fishing

      by , 10-24-2013 at 01:57 AM
      Date: 10/22/2013
      Technique: MILD & WBTB (failed WILD)
      Total Sleep Time: 8 1/2 (ish) hours
      MILD Mantra: "I lucid dream tonight" & "I recognize I'm dreaming"

      Dream 1
      I was with my ex-boss and we were shopping for vintage designer handbags. I saw what looked like a black hefty bag on the floor filled with vintage Gucci bags. I crawled on the floor and retrieved a beautiful blue vintage Gucci shoulder bag. I ran to show my ex-boss who turned around and told me that she was wearing that exact bag at this very moment except her handbag was 'authentic' and mine was a fake. Sure enough, she had the authentic Gucci handbag on her shoulder (she has always been jealous of me ).

      Dream 2
      I was fishing with my husband and the rest of our family and I was doing very well catching several fish. I remember how real it felt with the fish nibbling on the bait and me yanking the fishing pole to hook the fish and reel it in. Soon, we ran out of bait and started using anything available and the fish were still biting. We were still catching a lot of fish and I told my husband that the next time we go fishing I would like us to go by ourselves and spend the entire weekend with just us fishing (I have always loved to fish ).
    7. 7/25/13 - Blue

      by , 07-28-2013 at 05:56 AM
      I'm in a classroom full of fish tanks. I notice that each tank has something wrong. Too dirty. Not enough water. They all have one fish in them. I try to help them, but all the fish die. A boy shows up and hands me a blue color pencil. He says I need it more than he does. I thank him and hold the pencil close.
    8. Annie and Jack Fighting Monsters

      by , 05-30-2013 at 03:35 AM
      At times there is a game UI on the screen and sometimes there isn't. At first I am Lara Croft, I see a screen where you can name the character anything you want. I'm thinking "I could name her anything I want, and I pick Lara?" still, it makes sense, I think. That is who she is, changing her name will not alter that.
      Then I am running through a department store. A monster kind of like...a rock genie, (I don't know, it's all blocky but it's blue its torso tapers down into a slender cord that attaches to a sidestack), it gets in my face and the UI pops up. I scroll through my weapons and realize I'm all out of ammo. So I jump forward and punch it until it dies.
      I pass through the department store and I'm desperate for ammo. Jack appears, much like he did before. He's tall, wearing a black suit, thin black tie and a white shirt, his hair is completely black this time. He beckons to me,
      "Hey! This way!"
      I'm so relieved to see him, now I'm not alone. "You okay to pass through the Wastes? We're almost Home."
      "Yes, but Jack, I'm all out of ammo."
      "I'll show you where you can get more."
      The area is like a basement with a low roof, but it's covered in rock and dirt. I want to think of it as a cave, but it's too regular for that. Blue monsters dot the otherwise barren landscape. He turns to face them and instructs me on how to open a secret weapon/ammo cache in the wall while he guards my back. It all seems too easy, but I'm not about to look a gift horse in the mouth.
      "Get as much as you can carry, there isn't another one of these for a while."
      I see us from overhead, tiny 2D pixelated versions of ourselves. I'm no longer Lara Croft but Annie from Covert Affairs, wearing a floor length black strapless dress with a slit almost up to the hip.

      I'm in the department store again. I'm myself, my dad walks with me to where the rock genie was.
      "Aaawww...you killed the guardian?" he says.
      "What? It was in my way."
      "I really wanted a beard though..." he whines.
      "I don't know what you're crying about, the beards are still here." I gesture to the sidestack and take a moment to think about how stupid all the beards look. They're not even hair, they're pieces of cloth folded into small oval shapes in plastic. He walks away without taking one. I shrug and make my way around the store.
      My sister is there with her son, except he isn't as old, he's only three here. And he's making a mess. I discretely try to pick up after him. I realize I'm embarrassed, not because he's making a mess, but because people watching will just think he's being unruly. They don't understand that he's autistic and isn't comfortable here. I'm worried they'll think badly of him. (He really is autistic, by the way.)
      After a moment I decide to leave the mess.

      Then I'm at work, standing at the appliance desk. Jack is waiting for me, sitting the wrong way in a chair. He smiles.
      "Jack!" I think, delighted he has followed me here. Now I am Annie again, I try to flirt with him without being outrageous about it. I can't seem to find a balance. We banter back and forth, but I don't remember any of it. I say something clever (which of course, I don't remember), and think about how I want to threaten to kiss him. I don't say it, but after a moment I take his face in both my hands and lean down to do it anyway.
      Except that while I can feel his face between my hands, he disappears when I get close. I pull back, frowning. He gives me an apologetic look.
      From a few feet away David Boreanaz rubs the back of his neck in a gesture of mild discomfort and chagrin at our situation. He's dressed the same as Jack.

      Some other things happened, but I don't remember them.
      Oh yeah, I have no idea how it relates to that, but i see a guy's face and he mumbles something at me.
      "What?" I ask.
      "I'M TERRIFIED OF SQUIRRELS!" He yells, startling me and DC.
      I frown at him. The other DC leans over, "...is he serious?"
      Then I see a mental picture of why he's terrified. Apparently he thinks they're ravenous and blood thirsty and if he opens the closet all the squirrels will fly out and tear him to bits. I think he's being stupid.
    9. Red Pill or Blue Plue

      by , 05-13-2013 at 09:20 PM
      I remember staring at a brown, wooden table with several small holes in it. I had to make a difficult decision, and I was really struggling. The room was pretty dim, everything was shadowy beyond the table. There was an empty pill bottle, and there were about 4-5 red and blue pills each in a pile beside the upturned bottle. There might have been green pills as well. I knew that my life would change in completely different ways with each pill, because I was only allowed to pick one color.

      Dream Fragment
      I remember walking around my hometown. Something weird was going on, since there were no cars or people. I got a view of the four-way from above, as if I was perched on a lamppost or if I was on the balcony of that old antique store. I remember looking around with my hand on my brow, like I was blocking the sun from my eyes. I think that I was trying to solve a mystery.
    10. Dream Journal Entry 8: More dreams. -04-15-2013-

      by , 04-15-2013 at 10:17 PM (The Land of Dreams - SilentEternity's Dream Journal)
      I fell asleep at...around 12:30AM-12:45AM after going to bed at 10:15PMish. Yes, I have some difficulty falling asleep.

      I woke up at 3:40AMish to scribble these down in a physical DJ I now keep by my desk.

      Dream 1: I was playing Kerbal Space Program, and had a simple rocket. I was in some kind of tutorial, doing a moon landing. Everything was extremely fast, as if it were at 250x speed or so - even faster at times. I rapidly landed on the moon, then time reversed and I suddenly sped back to the planet.

      I then found myself in space again, and did another superfast moon landing, this time onto a large concrete structure. The "moon" seemed to be about 250 meters across, but the scale wasn't very consistent - the platform seemed to be much larger. Must be just a trick of perspectives in dreams.

      Anyways, I landed, and the tutorial guy (who was suddenly present and voiced) said "Almost done, but build me a rocket." I found a bunch of parts just lying around, and the tutorial guy says "put your finger on that part at the top" which was a floating Mk3 cockpit.

      At this point, the tutorial guy started laughing like crazy, as I start assembling the "rocket" or "shuttle" or what have you. The tutorial guy had his own character at this point - running around like a typical idiot in gMod (in fact, we both had physguns). I attach two parts, then attach some kind of "suicide part" which was apparently a self-destruct for whatever part it was attached to.

      Then, I opened a menu of some description (which was a light blue) and it said I had four "Battle Rifles." I go to select one, but the dream ended.

      Dream 2 (fragment): There was something about a murder - someone forcing people to take suicide pills. Similar to the pilot of that Sherlock Holmes TV show (the British one) which I watched earlier that day.

      Dream 3 - I was in a restraunt with a IRL friend of mine. It was night out, and the lights in the buildings across the street were out - making it appear that the windows were pitch black. Apparently, someone was killed in one of the buildings, and he was caught on a traffic camera. The murderer exits the building, wearing a blue jacket with a hood. My friend and I get up and chase him, but lose him in a crowd.

      At some point, we pass by what vaguely resembles my home from the side - despite never leaving the street and such.

      We were walking down a path by a calm lake, and it was a clear night sky with a large, full moon out - perfect for a romantic night, if A) My friend was female and B) We weren't chasing a murderer. We eventually came to a dock, with two "canoes" (which resembled a simple wooden boat with a few seats) and lots of people.

      Four of these people had the blue jacket the murderer was wearing, and three of them were Asian. I noticed this and pointed out that "statistically, the killer is one of them."

      Note - I have nothing against asians, nor any minority. I evaluate others on an individual basis, and hate everyone equally until proven otherwise. That is, I am neutral towards them.

      We get into a "canoe" with about ten other people, and take off - but almost immediately, something happens and I fall into the water, sinking just beneath the surface.

      I'm floating underwater, which appears perfectly clear as if it were just air, I can breathe normally, and above me is the boat and the surface. The dream ends at this point, but I remember there suddenly being 3 boats.

      Dream 4: There were rock people/golems present, apparently called Gorons, but they were definitely not Gorons, and just some kind of golem. We had built a golem/robot as some kind of gift or replacement for them. Both it and the "Gorons" appeared roughly humanoid, with distinct joints and made of a brown rock. The golem we built rolled/jumped/moved/? donw a path, jumping/passing over seven wooden gates, each decorated differently. Each time, it changed appearance slightly - some change in color. I remember either the fifth or sixth being green - likely sixth, if I recall correctly. When it reached the bottom, it was brown, and had a facial expression of >:| .

      We said something along the lines of "It's not perfect, but it'll do."

      Note - "We" being "my group" despite me not remembering a group - just that I was part of one.

      Anyways, there was a montage of the golem we created showing off - it could fly through the air with its' arms extended, and there were several bird-like creatures made of rock flying alongside it, which were hit by falling lava and killed/destroyed/?. The golem flew into some cave or pit and dived under lava, starting to travel in some lava-filled tunnel.

      At this point, I remember seeing some lava dripping down a stalactite at the left of the tunnel - which was still under lava.

      Dream 5: This might actually just be a scene change of some description from the previous dream - I do not recall any distinct "cut off" beyond a scene change. I was walking down a cave, with a reasonably wide stream beneath me. It was shallow enough that I could see the rocky bed beneath it, and light was shining down through cracks in the roof. At one point, the water rapidly drained - passing through the rocks. I started running, and exited the cave and found myself on a tiny beach. To my right, there was a small hill of wet sand up against a cliff, which merged with the cave entrance. I notice the waves getting larger, and hear someone shout "Flood warning!"

      I started to climb up the sand hill to escape the flood, but even though it was barely two meters tall (and even though I know I never would have climbed up such a thing in the first place to escape a flood), I could not get to the top, as I kept slipping down. It also behaved as though it were a solid object, despite being made of sand.

      I went back to sleep some time after I finished writing this - Likely around 4:30AM, as I finished at 4:10AM.

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    11. Blue

      by , 03-12-2013 at 02:22 AM
      I'm having some trouble remembering this one. I was at work, following a storyline about a murderer. An old story that matched up with current events. Something about a bloody pipe?
      I run around a corner by the garden doors and there's a man kneeling there gathering items he had dropped. He gives me an embarrassed smile. I'm stricken by the similarities between him and the dream character Liam, what I call a Liam echo. Meaning that he shares features with the DC, even evokes the same emotions, but I know it isn't him. Even kneeling I can tell he's tall, his hair is dark red. He has the same general face shape, eye color, smile.
      "I almost ran over you." I say as I pass him, I hope he thinks I'm pretty and then I'm annoyed with myself. I'm taken, I can't think this way.
      "No worries, I'm the moron on the floor."
      I keep walking fast, I want to go back to talk to him, but I have to follow the storyline of the dream.

      I'm outside, walking with a housing agent and my friend L. We're looking for a place to live together. We find an old apartment building, there are two apartments near the back and right next to each other that are for rent. We think it's perfect.

      I'm standing in a bathroom, looking in the mirror. I'm blue all over. A deep sky blue. The color of Liam's eyes. My hair is slicked back, also blue, in a long braid down my back. I'm wearing a matching blue dress with oblong gold beads at the waist and in intricate patterns down the skirt. It makes my eyes look a glowing, impossible green. I turn to my boyfriend but he isn't paying attention. "Hey, look how green my eyes are." ((I'm amused that neither of us care that I'm painted blue))
      He still isn't paying attention. I lean close to the mirror and look at the brightness of my eyes. "Hey, look how bright my eyes are!" I say to him again. He waves dismissively and goes back to whatever he was doing without looking at me.
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    12. Work and The Finch

      by , 01-14-2013 at 08:05 AM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was working on a Monday night 5-close, which was apparently a very slow night, at some registers that don't exist in the store IWL (they were in an area that looked similar to a store I worked at a few years ago). My friend Courtney called to ask if we had #2 Christmas tree poles (she didn't say poles but that's the closest thing I can think of). I said no, we only had #1 Christmas tree poles. She came into the store after that and purchased a Christmas tree pole...I guess we did have the one she was looking for. I thought about it, and the #1 poles were for huge trees, the #2 for smaller trees, and so on. She got some other stuff too. We talked a bit. When she left, I saw a flash of her at her family's house with half of the Christmas tree being broken off. She took the box with the pole out. I hoped that it would be the right thing.

      I had a few customers, not many at all; it really was an excrutiatingly slow night. I sat on this couch that was there in the store by my register. There was a tall black guy there with dreads that went down a little past his shoulders. He said something to me, though I don't remember what. I think he was saying I was allowed to sit on the couch, or I should sit on the couch. I think he worked there.

      I then was on break by a pond. It was an outdoor scene, but I don't think we were outside. The dirt around the pond was all a very dark brown. This guy that works with me (who gets on my last nerve IWL -_-), B, was also there. I was crouched down by the pond. I saw a small, beautiful black and white butterfly fluttering by the shore. It briefly landed on my finger, then kept fluttering around.

      Then, hopping around on the shoreline, was a beautiful, small bird that I referred to as a finch, though I don't know that it really was one or not. It had white closer to the bottom of its body that slowly faded into a light, baby blue at the top of is body. It did not seem to be afraid of me. I held out my hand to it, and it wold come close, then hop back away. It never took flight, nor did it ever hop too far from my hand. I just kept holding my hand out there for it. I want to say I stroked its back. It was such a beautiful little bird; I was so intrigued by it! It really stood out against all the dark dirt and such.

      Then, we had to go back to work. B. was there now with me as well. He had a small key chain hanging from his left pants pocket that looked just like the bird from the previous scene. I was concerned that B had killed the bird and made it into this small trinket. I asked him if that was the same bird, and he said no. I was still very skeptical.

      We were then trying to close the store; it was 9 o'clock. Lindsey, a girl I also work with, was there trying to lock the doors. She commented on the people still in the store that didn't know we were closing. Of course, many people waited until the last minute to finish shopping and make their purchases; a line started to form at the customer service desk. I went to my register to try to flag people down to come through my line, but another cashier, a bigger girl, went to a register before I did and got some people. They then put me at a register at customer service, an area I haven't been trained at. But I did it anyway. A lady was trying to return some jewelry. I had to print some piece of paper off about it. I don't remember a whole lot of this part of the dream.

      Then, I was by my original register, and I spotted a light brown wicker basket that contained a small blanket/cover, and a note. The note had some riddle/joke on it. I don't remember what it was, but the punch line was "Ham and eggs". I opened up the blanket, and there were a bunch of uncooked white eggs, chopped ham, and some bacon. I laughed a little at the joke.

      The next day, I came in and the basket was still there, and little smell lines were coming off of it like they would in a cartoon to illustrate that the ham and eggs had gone bad. I examined them for a second, thought about how warm and gross they were probably getting, and I threw them away in a trash can. Someone then asked me about them, and I said I tossed them because they had the little lines over them.
    13. Tibetan Prayers for the Dead

      by , 11-25-2012 at 05:54 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Nov 25, 2012
      9:13 a.m.

      I was joining a Tibetan Buddhism puja. They were offering prayers for the dead. I walk with the monks instead of with the rest of the people. We're in the last batch. I think the monks are wearing yellow and/or red robes. I don't see myself. I think we were in a temple building or a sugarcane field that was recently cleared out (not burned), although there are still some left standing. I remember a river nearby. It was a procession.

      I tried lighting a blue candle with just my fingers before I looked for another candle to light it with. I lit it but I'm not sure whether it was because of my fingers or I lit it with another candle.

      I recognized Thai language being spoken by the people there. Someone was describing the teaching as both too fast and too slow, and with the words "Like lovers walking on the beach of (unknown location) with its calm waves, eyes downcast but knowing, holding hands."

      I heard singing in an unknown language, sung by women. It was soft, mellow and slow. The sounds are indistinct, but I think it sounds like "Um-muh... chew..."

      A set of oracle cards were also mentioned, but not sure what kind.
    14. And Along with the New Job, the Work Dreams Have Returned

      by , 10-30-2012 at 03:44 PM (Krista's Dream Journal)
      Dream - Lucid

      I was walking outside of work at night, though it looked different than IWL. Someone, I guess a supervisor, then came up to me and told me that on my file on the computer, there was a note that said they were keeping an eye on me. Wow what? Shit. I was worried they'd fire me now; it sounded like they were suspicious of me for some reason. I needed to do a better job at work so they wouldn't think that anymore. The general feelings in this dream were worry and dread; I wanted (and needed) to keep this job.


      I was at work, behind the counter, though it looked a bit different than IWL. It was almost like I had been sleeping there too; I felt like it was early in the morning, well before opening time, and I was drowsy. There were other people there as well, I remember specifically a guy being at another cash register next to mine.

      We were all getting gifts and stuff in the mail. I had gotten three dark blue and purple flowers that were in bushels on top of long stems that kind of looked like this:

      Except for the ones in the dream were darker, more bunched together, on long stems and didn't have all the crazy leaves. The flowers were the same general shape though.

      Anyway, the only thing I had to put them in was this small, clear/whitish translucent bottle. It already had water in it, so I put the flowers inside. One kept drooping because it was too top-heavy for the small bottle with all its tiny flower bushels on the top. I kept trying to fix it, but it just wasn't working; the same flower kept drooping. I took them out and asked the guy next to me if he had a vase or something. He said he didn't, so I then asked him to just hand me a big black cup. He did, and the flowers went in there just fine. Not a vase, but they fit...better than nothing!

      I remember too at some point seeing that my old friend Alex H. worked with me there. He was at one of the registers.

      Then, a manager got on the intercom and announced that soon it would be Fairy Wing Day, and we could dress as fairies to work. I got excited and started to plan out a fairy costume. I already have some wings.

      I then imagined or saw someone who worked there walk by with fairy wings on.
    15. Vivid Containers and Short Lucid False Awakening

      by , 10-28-2012 at 08:22 PM
      Non lucid

      Part 1
      Actually woke up from sleep. I lay still and tried to remember my dreams.
      I remembered a fragment of a line of metal fold out chairs with some people filling some of the seats. A big person in the middle chair had a red hooded sweatshirt on. Something was going on but I can't remember what.
      I was to tired to get up and write this down or try WBTB so I settled on doing a MILD
      Tons of colourful imagery flowed through my mind.... Houses, a Lion, other animals, and landscapes. Then I saw to ovals(one blue and one orange) with holes in them form into the tops of two industrial like containers. Both were about the size of a trash can but were slightly skinnier and had straight sides.

      They were made out of metal and had minorly complex rods and levers to open and lock them shut. The origional ovals had transformed into a second layer that resembled the top of a smooth shiitake mushroom (no flat spots but not to rounded either). The tops still had holes in them and covered a flat lid that shared a ceiling surface with the containers. The shiitake like covers attached to the underlying lid via welded tabs around the circumference of its curved base. I think that some sort of filtering vent contraptions were hidden between the curved top lids and the flat ceiling lids. The lid assemblies also had heavy duty hinges that connected them to the containers. The two containers colors (blue and orange respectively) were very vivid. Over all the shape of each container was like super cylindrical salt or pepper shaker with contraptions on them, larger and fewer holes in the top, and a ceiling surface.

      I liked this imagery and the two containers became dozens of vivid blue and orange containers all laid out in front of me. Then this faded and I thought I'd get up to use the restroom. False Awakening

      Part 2
      I spun my feet out of bed as I lifted my body up. I floated effortlessly on to my feet and realized that I was dreaming. I stood beside my bed and then dizilly made my way over to the middle of my bedroom. Even though I knew I was dreaming I also felt that I was trying to WILD for some reason and I felt disoriented. I decided to lie back down because I found the disorientation to be uncomfortable. I stumbled over a laundry basket and foot board that don't exist in real life. I fell face first toward the bed, hovered about 4 inches from the covers, and then sank a little.

      I awoke for real, did a reality check, and got up for a minute.
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