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    1. Dolls and Skeletons

      by , 09-09-2018 at 10:01 PM
      Dolls and Skeletons

      I remember me talking about dolls with my childhood friend, she showed me what kind of dolls we liked to play with and where in her old room. I was smiling and pointed out that we hadn’t been talking for a couple of years and that it was so nice to talk with such ease. As I kept thinking about it her voice became lower and harder to understand. She was getting smaller with the room and it felt like I was watching her from a camera and just slowly zooming out. The edges were black and soon all I saw was pitch black mass and I got the feeling like I was falling. Suddenly I realized that I had my eyes closed so when I opened them I could easily tell that I was somewhere else.

      I was in a forest. As I walked I noticed that there were other creatures living there. For example a dragon that tried to make me into a toast. It was not fun being in the forest so I ran and got to a desert. I was not really sure why I was in this mysterious place but I ran into a girl that gladly took me to her secret room. She showed me so many different toys that I liked to play with as a kid. She then told me that she kind of wanted me to move in even though she didn’t know me but since I had such a good taste, it was okay. I wanted to go out and for some adventure and ran out to the forest again. And yet again I almost became a toast for the dragon, but this time I did outsmart it somehow. On my way back I noticed that it was getting dark and it went pretty quickly so I begged for some light to scare away scary skeletons. I found my phone and used it as a flashlight before getting back to the girl’s secret room. Back before I had the chance to lock the door behind me two skeletons got in and tried to kills us. The girl was screaming like crazy and had climbed up in her bunker bed. I tried to follow her but one of the skeletons tried to pull me down. I managed to fight them off so they… died?
      Both me and the girl were so happy so we jumped down on the floor and took each others hands and danced with excitement. Suddenly the girl stopped and looked really surprised. I turned around and saw… Darren Chen. I was amazed by the fact that he was standing there in the room with us. I greeted him and told him that I needed to go. He gave me a hug and I hugged him back. He responded by hugging me harder and so did I until he basically squeezed me so hard I couldn’t breath. We were also both laughing like crazy meanwhile doing it. He then picked me up and laid me down while we both were giggling.
      I was about to grab his neck hair to kiss him when I heard a buzzing sound…

      And then I woke up realizing it was my sister sending me texts. URGH!

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    2. How to drive?

      by , 08-27-2018 at 01:48 PM
      How to drive?

      Needed to learn how to drive a car with a baby seat in it. So first I practiced with a bike but I needed that seat so I went to a doll store but couldn’t find one. Contuined walking around in that building and found an art gallery. Both my sisters were sitting there in a dark room with their iphones. I damaged a carpet before I started to rip off a piece of the wall. Underneath there was pictures of EXO. I even went to the blinds and so I could look outside the window. But even there on the window glass there were even more pictures. But when I saw a person outdoors I would let the blind slide down again.

    3. Helping the Homeless of the Future

      by , 03-31-2018 at 08:27 AM
      Morning of March 31, 2018. Saturday.

      My final dream of today’s date goes into the typical meandering sequences that involve sustained diverse random autosymbolism of which are too numerous to have any cohesion. (This is similar to when dream characters change identity more than once per second, cycling through hundreds of different identities and appearances in a short time.) However, I eventually find my dream stabilizing (though I do not become viably lucid, only subliminally lucid).

      As I walk in an unknown region and I feel that I am somehow in the distant future (and yet there is no implication of time travel), I notice a few structures to my left (dream-oriented side). These structures are of a few different sizes, though resemble boxcars with one side missing. They are elevated by about three feet. The open areas face the footpath. There are people inside them. In one case, with a larger structure, it seems there at least twenty people both seated and standing in a three-tiered arrangement, which reminds me of a class photograph from the 1960s. The imagery is pale and gray and I cannot tell if they are all dressed or not or wearing pale pajamas or long johns. (Of course, this is a dream state indicator that reflects the subliminal awareness that I am not dressed as I am sleeping in bed.)

      I lift my right hand and direct a light that spreads out over the ground in front of the structure. Various objects begin to appear over a wide area (at least ten feet square), mostly combinations of food items, mainly canned food in sets of two and three, and small toys, such as groups of five small felt dolls with each one being bigger than the previous. I maintain my focus until the area is mostly covered.

      Some of the people leave the structure and seem grateful to me. I then direct the light to create a pile of documents farther back from the structure, one for each person, and tell them that money and food can be attained through the use of these documents. “They are real,” I tell them.

      My mother eventually appears, mostly to my right (waking-orientation autosymbolism) though she is not actually my mother but a thin woman of about forty who eventually seems to have a medical problem relating to her throat and neck (possibly a subliminal association with incidental sleep apnea, which is very rare for me). However, my dream meanders and changes from this point.

      From here, an unknown young male appears. He reminds me of a young version of Leonard from the King Street mansion (who I have not seen in real life since the beginning of 1994). At this point, the typical indoor outdoor ambiguity dominates the nature of the setting. The setting is now mostly implied to be on the surface of the ocean, though there is a partial floor to my right (subliminal waking-orientation side, as I sleep on my left side). I am now sitting in an armchair. I ask the male what he wants. He apparently wants a certain kind of potato chips that are no longer made.

      I wave my right hand horizontally and manifest a container with potato chips in it (on the floor to my right). These are not the ones he wants, though he tastes a couple. He is looking for a discontinued brand of potato chips called “Widgets”. I mentally make another container, this time a small commercial bag, and they seem to be the right ones. They are oddly shaped, somewhat like a figure eight, with two chips connected end to end. They have a dark red powder which may be implied to be barbecue flavor. He seems grateful but now also wants a pizza. I wave my hand towards the floor to my right and then pick up a pizza to give him. I tell him that the price of everything I had given him is four dollars and he pays me with two Australian two-dollar coins. (The Australian coins are the only thread of my current conscious self identity. Otherwise, there is no memory of my real life at all.)

      He turns to walk off and I notice he is walking on the water. I reason that the white fishing boots he is wearing have an advanced technology that allows him to do this. He reaches over to his right and picks up a long stringer of fish from an odd structure that resembles a bicycle parking rack and continues to walk. I notice that there is a large largemouth bass at the bottom of the stringer (where there are at least six or seven smaller fish above it) and compliment him on the fish he caught.

      From here, he goes to a Wendy’s to order more food (which is off to his left). The restaurant has the look of a Wendy’s inside a shopping mall and is somehow solid upon the ocean’s surface. I notice the beautiful blue sky above and beyond. I remain seated in my armchair that is floating on the ocean until I slowly wake.

      This is a variation of what would otherwise be the very common water lowering waking symbolism (a repeating dream component for over fifty years) in this particular stage of sleep. Although RAS mediation had rendered the awareness of waking life by way of the implied partial floor on my right, there is no defined transition typically relating to the waking start or a quicker transition from dream self to conscious self. Water is autosymbolism for the essence of sleep, physical release, and the absence of emotion. The personified preconscious walking on the water is autosymbolism for a very passive and peaceful waking transition. The large bass is the emergent consciousness factor and represents the dynamics of my mind emerging from sleep, the autosymbolism of which has occurred in thousands of previous dreams since childhood.

    4. Category Error (NLD)

      by , 01-11-2017 at 06:22 PM
      Vague and poorly remembered dreams overall, linked by a pervasive feeling of threat, but in the end I came to an insightful realization.

      In one scene, the garage door was open, and I was with at least one other DC pointing a gun at some cats milling around just outside. I love cats, but I suspected that these might be evil spirits in disguise.

      In another scene, I saw a collection of malevolent dolls outside the front door of a house at night. Their malevolence was limited by the fact that most of them had no arms, except for one shaped like an octopus, which had its full complement of tentacles. That one was almost cute, though. Another doll was especially wicked but consisted of only a head, and I watched as a dog came up and carried it off. "It's just as well," I commented to someone standing nearby. "He was already almost dead."

      In the final and most notable scene, I was holding a door shut against some evil force that was trying to push it open. I was exerting as much strength as I could, hoping to lock the door to better secure it, but I couldn't get it closed tightly enough to fasten the latch. I felt the door beginning to open wider, despite all my efforts, and my anxiety increased... until I suddenly realized that I was making a category error.

      If this was my world, a physical threat, then yes, I would need to try to hold the door with physical force. But I recognized that this was not my world, and in this world, my attempts to push the door closed only gave more power to the threat. To avoid the threat I needed to deny it my strength by denying it my attention, just like in dreams. I did not actually recognize that I was dreaming, only that this was an analogous situation.

      There was a woman standing next to me, so I expressed my thoughts to her and distracted myself by caressing her face and shoulders. The sensuality quickly dissipated the anxiety I had felt about the door, and it ceased to be a threat even though I was no longer holding it closed.

      I was inspired by my realization, and inquired the woman's perspective on it. "So it works because we are aliens here?" I asked her. She replied that some groups held this point of view, but others disagreed, so that my standing in relation to this world remained controversial.
    5. Playing Cards

      by , 11-09-2013 at 04:22 PM
      As I went to sleep tonight, I recited a mantra, "I will stabilize". I also firmly fixed in my mind that as soon as I began dreaming, I would know that I was dreaming.

      This worked. I spent some time drifting, and then a dream began. I was lying in bed, and the lights were on. I looked to my left. There were 3 tiny, glowing playing cards floating in the space above my head. I thought, "Yes, I'm dreaming," and snatched the playing cards from where they were floating. It's hard to explain, but the cards were a cue for me - it was specifically seeing the cards that made me lucid. I don't remember what suites the cards were, only that they were 1/4 the size of normal playing cards, they were glowing, and they immediately induced lucidity.

      I got out of bed, and my bedroom was very different and not at all like my real bedroom. The carpet was worn out, and an ugly shade of tannish orangy brown. My "dream room" carpet is always this ugly color, for some reason. The door was in the wrong place, and led to a hallway that doesn't exist, and there was no furniture besides my bed. The bed was a twin, but in real life, I have a full. I said, "Stabilize!". I went to the door and tried to visualize that as soon as I went through it, I would be in a rainforest. I tried very hard to convince myself of this.

      When I went through the door, everything was dark. I saw shadowy forms that hinted that I was in another room. I got frustrated
      and lost lucidity.

      I woke up, grumbled, and tried WILD. I got past the initial wave and felt as if I was sinking into my bed. I sat up out of my body. I tried to open my eyes, but it was very hard, and I felt like I was opening my physical eyes. I was really tired and had work in the morning, so I gave up on it and lapsed back into unawareness. I dreamed that my head had made a huge dent in my pillow, so now my pillow had 2 lumps of stuffing on either side and nothing in the middle. I tossed and turned (in the dream) and tried to make it comfortable somehow.

      I dreamed I was shopping at a store. I've never been there in my waking life. There was a desk on a top shelf that I was interested in - it was $50, and I thought it would make a good room divider. But my cell phone was malfunctioning badly. The screen came off (how?) and then it got hot to touch and melted. I got some of the melted screen on my finger, and it burned me. I kept thinking about how frustrated I was that all of my money now had to go toward buying a new phone. I needed a smartphone, too, so it was going to be expensive.

      I woke up. I tried some visualizations. I visualized a room full of dolls, where each doll represented a DC I knew. I visualized putting a doll on the floor and making it grow to full size. (I was not asleep at this time). I began drifting off, but the visualization didn't completely take hold, and I didn't become lucid. Instead, the room became the room of a woman with a group of really odd friends. My dream followed their antics, but I don't recall any specifics on what they were.

      Dream clues:
      - Playing cards (instant lucidity)
      - My pillow doesn't have stuffing. It's a memory foam pillow.
      - Unfamiliar store, without recalling how I got there
      - Malfunctioning phone (malfunctioning electronics)
      - Spectator perspective

      Edit: Believe it or not... I actually figured out the playing cards while I was riding the train home. In my dream, they were glowing like they were lit up LEDs. On the train ride home, there's an installation where LED playing cards flash by the train windows. I tend to stare out the window at them because I'm bored and they're something to look at... which means I'm also staring at my reflection. So, since mirrors instantly make me lucid (for some reason), apparently my brain linked the playing cards with my reflection strongly enough that just looking at a card makes me lucid.

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    6. Tornado Monster

      by , 09-26-2013 at 05:18 AM
      When I woke up this morning, I almost didn't remember anything more than an odd mix of emotion. Then, within a minute or so as I focused on that feeling, my dreams came flooding back to me.

      I was outside on a city street, under a well-constructed awning made of marble. I watched some clouds twist into the most amazing funnel shapes and then descend rapidly into the street. I felt safe behind a large, square stone pillar, so I didn't run. In fact, I pulled out my cell phone to take video as the tornado formed in front of me in the street. Unfortunately, it quickly dissipated as it unwound in ever direction, and I suddenly realized it was actually some sort of inter-dimensional portal. A creature like Godzilla was coming through.

      Now suddenly I was in a foolish place to be, and Godzilla was looking right at me. I ran around behind the building, suddenly jealous of everyone who was safely inside off the streets. But then I heard him smashing his way through buildings to get to where he had seen me run, and I knew that being inside wouldn't help me at all anyway.

      The monster came around the block where he was able to spot me again, but there were a few other people, also frantically looking for shelter, so I don't think he was immediately focused on eating me. I remember thinking, "What good does it do to hide, the damn thing can smell us!" I managed to get into the back of an ethnic grocery store of some sort, and after I passed through the loading dock area into the actual store, I felt safe enough to shop for exotic produce, and I forgot about the monster. I had one very brief moment of lucidity when I pulled my camera out to see if I good video of the inter-dimensional portal. It was a perfect reproduction taken at a perfect angle and a perfect view, and I remember thinking, "I didn't know you could record dream material at such high quality!" But that was my only lucid thought, and it wasn't completely lucid at that.

      I had another, briefer dream in which I was soaking some large dolls in a zipper bag full of breast milk. For some reason, the breast milk had the consistency of sour cream, and I was disgusted by this task. That's all I remember about that dream, aside from the fact that it evoked memories of my grandmother and her home. I think they were her dolls (she had a collection in life), and I think the dream was set in an inaccurate reproduction of a room in her house.
    7. My first nightmare I can remember (repetitive).

      by , 04-10-2011 at 08:21 PM
      (I promise you not all of my entries will be about nightmares, haha, just gotta get this one out of the way first.)

      I was 8 and living in Wyoming at the time when I first had this nightmare, and it's the first nightmare I can remember (and like I said in my other posts I mostly have anxiety dreams, only have had 2 nightmares I can remember). I've had this come up when I was 8 twice (about 6 months after it first happened, right before I turned 9), again when I was 12 right after we moved to Nevada, and when I was 15 I had a dream that spotlighted a scene from this particular nightmare.

      It's mostly in first person, which I rarely dream in. I'm my 8-year-old self, walking around my house in Wyoming like it's a regular old boring day. It's really sunny outside, so all the nights are turned off and all the fans are turned on. My sister's nowhere to be found, I assume she's at a friend's house or something. My parents are out in the backyard, so I find myself wandering the rooms looking around aimlessly. I go back in my room and find my doll, who turns out to be Cynthia, the same doll Angelica has in the Rugrats cartoon. I held her up, exaimined her, and then looked at my bed. Normally I had a few of my stuffed animals surrounding the pillows, but all of my stuffed animals had turned into dolls or stuffed humans. The moment I see these on my bed, the sky outside turns orange and thick, like there's a fire nearby. I glance at the window then glance at the door and run for the backyard. The sky is so thick it's almost red as I run out through the garage and patio onto the grass. There I'm horrified to see both of my parents are engulfed in flames. But what makes this less horrifying is that they are giant stuffed bears, almost like they're wearing mascot costumes. I know they are my parents, but I'm suddenly understanding that all humans are now stuffed bears and all stuffed animals are dolls or stuffed humans. My parents are running around in circles, screaming and on fire, making little footprint-shapes of fire on the grass which is starting more of the fire. I'm hearing dramatic music in the background that's telling me it's gonna get worse. I can't get my legs to move so I can get to them to help them. I'm screaming for them and going "No!" and all that dramaticness an 8-year-old can possess as she's seeing her parents go up in flames. As I'm screaming, I wake up, realizing my face is wet from crying and I'm mouthing the words "No, no no no..."

      The waking up bit has happened each time I've had it until the dream I had at 15. The only thing I remember from it was that my parents were in it asking me "remember what happened 7 years ago?" and I have a little thought bubble pop over my head with the scene of my parents as giant stuffed bears screaming and running around on fire.

      TA DA
    8. Vivid Movie Dream: Conspiracy, Rebellion, and a Haunting Shadow

      by , 01-22-2011 at 11:52 PM (Torra)

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    9. Houses, Juggling

      by , 07-21-2008 at 12:18 AM
      Original dream dated 07/20/2008:

      Dreamed that we (my family) were in a house packing. I was being followed around by a very annoying blonde-haired little girl who had several dolls. She wanted some ceramic stuff packed (dolls and tea pots) and I was trying to pack them carefully so they didn't break, but she was being very careless with them. In addition, the house we were in spooked me very badly. It always felt like something was there watching you, and some rooms were so bad, nobody would turn their back on them. It was bitterly cold in the dream, even though when I woke up the apartment was actually quite warm.

      Had a second dream:
      Dreamed that I was helping liquidate another store that was going out of business, only this one was full of odds and ends and books, and I had to sleep there overnight, which was very uncomfortable. I was very tired and everything, but the boss kept coming in and asking if we'd gotten everything sold yet, packed up and sent out yet, etc.
      Then, my family was looking at different houses to rent (in the dream), one house had sort of like a river with a bridge across it, it was really cool but expensive (and the room they were renting was not large enough). The houses were within walking distance to a cool thrift shop.
      Anyway, it was the 4th of July and my family wanted to go see fireworks. We wound up climbing up on this embankment with a bunch of other people. I dreamed that my aunt was driving the car to the bridge where we eventually climbed the embankment, only the car was being pulled along by cables and beads of light, and I kept wondering how we didn't fall off the bridge.
      After the fireworks show, there was a woman putting on a juggling performance, only it was almost more like belly dancing. There was a story and a theme, with music. I somehow managed to get digital recordings of the music, and the performer said it was o.k. to share them with other people who'd seen the show and wanted the music.