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    1. Nonlucids - September 17

      , 09-17-2018 at 03:43 PM (ZAD's DJ)
      Sep 17 2018

      I color-coded again, but somehow still went out of order. Why is the order of ROY G BIV so hard for my just-awoken mind to remember?

      [F1] Red - I was in an open wooded area with about 6 others (family/friends), and we were being threatened. Possibly at gunpoint? The dream was long, vivid, and dramatic, but I don't remember much now.
      [D1] Yellow - I had a new boss, who looked like a soccer mom/high-powered woman from an episode of Undercover Boss I recently saw. She had serious botox face and bad red lipstick. We became close and trusted each other with secrets. In the office (dark interior, fading afternoon sun coming through huge windows, on a stairwell near a door to an auditorium) I see she's looking at her phone with a night-vision video playing, I understand it to be about my current manager (Y). Y is in the wrong. I ask for details but new boss can't share them. Next we're in a minivan riding down my old street. It's dark, and we drive up to my childhood home, but my dad has left a ~10x5 foot flatscreen TV on a box in the middle of the driveway.
      [D2] Orange - I'm in my childhood home with my new boss and family/friends for a barbeque/get-together. It's morning or overcast afternoon, and it has just rained/is about to rain again. I talk with my boss & family for a while and then I understand that my grandpa is coming in (he was dropped off in the backyard?). I go to help him in. I pass a bouncy castle in the back-left corner of the yard where a tree is with kids inside. It's raining and I'm wondering if they'll be okay in there. I hop around, dodging deep muddy ruts and footprints in the yard. Finally I get to my grandpa and help him inside, and I notice he didn't bring any drinks (he always brings soft drinks to social gatherings). When we get to the patio, I look in an oversized ice chest and there aren't any drinks there either. Suddenly the rain intensifies and I warn my dad because the grill is flaming and isn't under the patio.
      [F2] Green - This is a strange sequence of events and I'm not sure which came first. In Scene A, I'm downstairs in my WL living room which is brightly lit for a while with others, then the scene transitions and I'm in bed with the side-table lamp on, and there are three servants in the bed next to me. I clap our WL copper cooking tongs together and the servants take a strange formation. In Scene B, I'm in bed in the dark, and I have a close memory of being downstairs, so I focus on the difference between the location of my body in bed (which I can barely feel) and the location of my body downstairs in memory. I try to WILD and almost succeed, unsure if I did. There are three possibilities and I can't remember which is the actual case.
      Scenario 1: Scene A came before Scene B, and I was trying to DEILD and failed.
      Scenario 2: Scene B came before Scene A, and I successfully WILDed.
      Scenario 3: Scene B was an FA, because its memory has a dream-like quality.

      In any case these were pretty vivid. I just wish I got more sleep
    2. Category Error (NLD)

      by , 01-11-2017 at 06:22 PM
      Vague and poorly remembered dreams overall, linked by a pervasive feeling of threat, but in the end I came to an insightful realization.

      In one scene, the garage door was open, and I was with at least one other DC pointing a gun at some cats milling around just outside. I love cats, but I suspected that these might be evil spirits in disguise.

      In another scene, I saw a collection of malevolent dolls outside the front door of a house at night. Their malevolence was limited by the fact that most of them had no arms, except for one shaped like an octopus, which had its full complement of tentacles. That one was almost cute, though. Another doll was especially wicked but consisted of only a head, and I watched as a dog came up and carried it off. "It's just as well," I commented to someone standing nearby. "He was already almost dead."

      In the final and most notable scene, I was holding a door shut against some evil force that was trying to push it open. I was exerting as much strength as I could, hoping to lock the door to better secure it, but I couldn't get it closed tightly enough to fasten the latch. I felt the door beginning to open wider, despite all my efforts, and my anxiety increased... until I suddenly realized that I was making a category error.

      If this was my world, a physical threat, then yes, I would need to try to hold the door with physical force. But I recognized that this was not my world, and in this world, my attempts to push the door closed only gave more power to the threat. To avoid the threat I needed to deny it my strength by denying it my attention, just like in dreams. I did not actually recognize that I was dreaming, only that this was an analogous situation.

      There was a woman standing next to me, so I expressed my thoughts to her and distracted myself by caressing her face and shoulders. The sensuality quickly dissipated the anxiety I had felt about the door, and it ceased to be a threat even though I was no longer holding it closed.

      I was inspired by my realization, and inquired the woman's perspective on it. "So it works because we are aliens here?" I asked her. She replied that some groups held this point of view, but others disagreed, so that my standing in relation to this world remained controversial.
    3. Older dreams (Part 2)

      by , 08-11-2013 at 03:15 AM
      More entries from my WORD (.doc) dream journal:

      [B]Wednesday, 27. April 2011: "Wild Google" (LUCID)
      Type: WBTB/WILD[/B]

      After being in SP and feeling those intense vibrations and sensations, I try having my room appear in front of me. It does for a second, but it is not clear enough, and keeps drifting away. I still focus my mind and expect to enter a dream. A few moments later, I see a computer screen in front of me, and a keyboard I'm typing on. I am aware that it is a dream. An internet browser is open on the screen. I go to Google, and see that whatever I type is unstable and keeps changing. I laugh about it, and I keep reading the funny text that doesn't make sense. Then I decide to go to Lotto.de, to see if I find some numbers and memorize them. I go to the website, but it looks nothing like the real website Lotto.de. There is alot of text to scroll, so I scroll down a bit. Now I see some numbers, but there are many of them, and they keep changing and changing. All of this fades away, and leads me to a non-lucid dream.

      [B]Thursday, 28. April 2011: "1994"[/B]

      I have somehow travelled to the past. I am in a house located on a big field. Lots of trees and grass. It is daytime, but cloudy weather. There is a man inside the house, a bosnian, but I don't know him in reality. In the dream, I am somewhat familiar with him. I ask him, "koja je godina trenutno?" ("what year is it now?"), and he replies "1994". Immediately upon hearing this answer, I begin to feel many emotions, and I start crying. I don't fear for my life, but I fear for his. I am sensing a big threat, and I tell him that war is about to begin, and that there will be a big massacre. He seems surprised by this, but he also believes me. I tell him I am 100% sure this will happen, and that we must flee as soon as possible. It seems that the time travel aspect of this dream is why I don't fear for my life. Nonetheless I insist that we both flee immediately. We get outside, and it seems that he doesn't have a car. Now this is a strange part of the dream, because at this point I know it is a dream, but I don't really feel lucid, because I simply go along with the plot of the dream, and don't try to generate a new scenery. I try to create a car for us to use, and I concentrate, tell myself that I can create anything in a dream, but still, it doesn't seem to work. However, a few moments later I remember me and him being in a car, and he is driving. We are on our way to "escape" the danger.

      [B]Saturday, 30. April 2011 "The Beard"[/B]

      It is nighttime, and I am in the bathroom looking at myself in the mirror. I keep looking at the beard I have. It's not a strong beard, but the one I usually have when I don't shave for a couple of weeks. While looking at myself, I realize that I shaved this beard off that same night, and only left a goatee. I feel that it could be a dream, so I push my right finger against my left palm. I look at it, and it doesn't go through. I actually feel the resistance just like in reality. I step outside into the living room, and do a reality check on the alarm clock. Voila, I become lucid. Everything is clear, but it begins to fade, as usual. I rub my hands for a moment, then stop, and then I try to calm down and think about what date it is, because I planned to do this a couple of days ago. I come up with April 24th, which is not true, but close. I go into the yard, and the dream begins to fade once again. I rub my hands, but it seems to lead to a false awakening. I don't notice that it's a false awakening, and I don't remember what happened after that.
    4. Repeats.

      by , 09-08-2012 at 08:23 PM (Zechariah's Dream Journal)
      Last night I was looking at a mansion, and a strange thing was that the next two dream scenes each happened two times in a row. Each time, with a slightly difference circumstance. There were a small bunch of old rich folk sitting out on a big dining padio connected to the house, chatting and eating. A few younger adults, also well dressed but a majority were elderly. One of the older gentlemen stood up and invited a few into his private parlar, and walked inside while the others continued in what seemed like a very in depth discussion. I overheard them reading a note. It was a threat note. They were discussing the dangers of a killer on the loose, that had threatened to show up at their public exhibits in the down stairs hall. The first time I saw this, it ended after I over heard this and began to replay. The second time, this same set of events almost exactly happened the way it did before. But this time, I went to investigate. I waited outside on the steps, a large touring group walked in and out of the building. Then I saw him, this strange looking shirtless man. He looked like a super pale punker kid and acted like one too. He walked into the downstairs hall and started writing on the glass in an alarming way, I knew he was the killer.

      This dream changed quite a bit. Here's the second scene in the same place, that also happened twice in a row. I was accompanied by my dream friend, and both him and I were in some type of superhuman group. We could both go super-fast. We were now standing inside of the hall, and I pointed out the threat to him. I was about to take the guy out, but he said not to worry about it, "I got this.". He was a black guy, dressed a little bit like Frozone from that movie The Incredibles. Hahah, I wasn't wearing stupid clothes though so it's okay. I sped over to the corner of the room to watch as he easily swooped the threatening punk out of his path and handed him to the authorities outside. We started walking away thinking well of the day, but he kept on turning around in indecision. Like he didn't know which way we were supposed to go. I said "Where you goin, dude?". He stopped, thought about it- then we took off down the hall.

      The second scene of this part happened exactly like the first, except once my dream friend began to become confused about direction- I told him "We're about to go this way, come on." It felt good to be able to live one moment twice. Seems like the second times happened just a bit more smoothly.
    5. Dimension Portals

      by , 01-31-2012 at 06:28 AM (Jakro Goes Hardcore Into LDs)
      Another fragment recall last night, on to the classic of the day.

      Dimension Portals
      Date: October 13th, 2009
      Lucid: Yes

      Once again I was in a threatening situation. Some guy was holding me at gun-point and I hoped so intensely that it was a dream, that it turned into a one. All the sudden I teleported to my living room. There was no need for reality checks - I immediately realized that it indeed was a dream. I also had an idea on what to do right away - the challenge in our forum back then was to enter a tv-show's of your choice reality. My choice was South Park, as that was something I obsessed back then.

      I did stop to talk to some random little girl that was in the living room, but then I proceeded with my plan. I went out, towards our barn. For some reason outside was mostly dark, but there were some illuminated flowers there as well. I just passed them by, but as I went by them, one yellow flower appeared in my chest pocket.

      Once at the door of the barn, my brother was there. I am no stranger to asking help from DCs, so I told him that I need to get to the South Park. He gestured me to follow him inside. There were some rectancular, light blue energy fields - dimension portals. My brother lead me to one of them and told that it will transport me to South Park. He went in first and vanished. I followed him through the portal and... it didn't work. I just went through the blue field. I felt this odd, cold feeling, but it didn't transport me to anywhere. I was sitll in the barn.

      I tried going through different portals, entering them in different postures, etc. Nothing worked. Finally I noticed that there was one port on the floor. I dropped through it and poof! I was still in the barn... something had changed though. I felt like I had travelled through time - in to the future... 1000 years into the future. There were some people there that put an odd contraption on my head, so that I couldn't hear or see anything - they feared that I would become distraught for being so far in the future. I guess that makes sense, give me some time to take it in before exposing me into the drastic changes of the civilization.

      It would have been interesting to eventually see where the world had gone to in my dream's future, but unfortunately I woke before seeing anything more.
    6. My Homeless, Schizophrenic Friend and Train Danger

      by , 03-09-2011 at 06:09 PM (Nocturn Core (Abridged))
      I befriended a black man named Bob. At first, he seemed pretty normal… I understood that a number of people I knew on campus had warned me not to associate with him, but I didn’t see what the problem was. He said he would show me his house. Instead of taking me to a residential area, he led me to the shore of the Chicago River where he had a mat of old, hardened newspapers set up under a bridge. I quickly observed that he was homeless. Immediately, I lost interest in the friendship; my positive experiences with homeless individuals were few and far between. I stared at the long since faded ink on the newspapers as I pondered a way to lose Bob. He would follow me if I tried a normal method of escape. I came up with a plan – I would take the train! Since he was homeless, he probably couldn’t pay the train fare. While I finalized the plan in my head, Bob asked me about random people. I didn’t understand his questions, but I soon figured out why – he thought the people were standing there with us! Bob was having serious hallucinations. I was glad I had figured out a way to distance myself from him… That wasn’t the sort of company I needed. When I told Bob I was going to the train station, he said he knew a shortcut. Rather than insist on just walking to the nearest one (the Green Line was only a few blocks away), I gave in and followed him.

      The dream jumped. I was in an underground passage, following Bob with next to no idea where we would surface. He stopped me before a ladder and asked if I was sure about going on the train. Something about it frightened him. I insisted on continuing. I needed to get somewhere, I said. Bob started growling to himself in rage, but he cooperated. He had to release at least ten trap doors on the way up. These were intended to lock people out of his secret passage. He complained the whole way up about trains. When we emerged, I was stunned. We were on a train platform. My plan had been completely foiled by Bob’s clever shortcut… Of course he wouldn’t pay the fare – he could just skip the entrance! A quick look around revealed that we were on the Green Line, but a bit further west of the river. I wasn’t going to lose him so easily, it seemed… Surely, he wouldn’t be able to follow me onto a bus to the suburbs. He couldn’t tunnel his way into that one. I got on the next train to arrive and sat down close to the operator in case of an emergency. I still wasn’t sure what to expect from Bob. He took the seat next to me. As soon as the train started moving, he burst into sobs. This drew quite a few stares, but I let him cry. I did my best to seem like I didn’t know the guy. This continued for a few awkward minutes before he calmed down. He asked if I liked his new boots. Confused, I stared at his feet. He was wearing sneakers, not boots. He showed me his hands, and I realized he was supposed to be holding something. He was hallucinating a pair of fine boots.

      “Oh… Yeah, they’re very nice,” I said in a kind voice. I came up with some kind of oxymoron to describe them, and he doubled over in laughter. I sensed that he might be on drugs. He was one of those people who don’t breathe when they laugh, so his chuckling was coupled with wheezing noises. Another black man walked up to us during this fit of laughter. He was wearing a baggy, black jacket, baggy jeans, and white sneakers. He was also half-wearing a baseball cap; it looked like it might tumble off his dreadlocks any moment.

      “Shut up!” he shouted at Bob. He continued with a stream of vulgar, obscene name-calling before finally calling us both annoying. I tried again to pretend I didn’t know Bob, but the association had been made. I suddenly realized I was blind. It didn’t bother me much for some reason… I focused on what I could hear of the situation. The vulgar man came over to me and put his hand on my head. I’d rather not transcribe verbatim the ultimatum he gave Bob, but in essence, he wanted me to publicly pleasure him, and Bob had ten seconds to convince me to do it. I wasn’t going to have any of this. I teleported to the other end of the next train car over and pressed the emergency assistance button. I could see into the first car from my current position.

      “There’s someone dangerous on the train,” I said. The guy stared at me from the first car with wide eyes. He started walking toward the second car.

      “Attention, passengers…” an automated voice began over the intercom. “A dangerous customer has been identified. For your safety, lease be watchful for threats to yourself and others as we work toward removal.”

      “He’s on the second train car,” I told the operator through the assistance system. The guy was approaching me in long strides. Instead of attacking me as I expected him to, the guy brushed past me on the way to the next car. “Make that the third,” I said. “He’s trying to get away.” The train stopped at the next station, and a bunch of people got off. I kept an eye out for the guy who threatened me and Bob, but I didn’t see him.