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    1. Monday, August 6

      by , 12-20-2018 at 03:30 AM
      I am with Melissa at Harry’s house (it doesn’t really look like his house, but it is large and opulent). We’re going to stay the night here. Melissa leans close to me and tells me she wants to take a bath. It does sound nice. I tell her there is a hot tub outside. Rocio now comes over and says that the bath here is not good - that it’s dirty or something (I’m not sure if she heard us or if it was coincidence). I’m now thinking about where we’re going to sleep. There’s a huge tan couch in this room and a large, empty bed in another room. I wonder if we’ll have to sleep separately, but don’t think so. I think I’m going to ask somebody about the sleeping arrangements, but it’s late enough to not really matter because probably no one else will show up here, and everyone who is here will be asleep now or shortly. I do pass a room and see Rocio and Jim Fry sitting in the large, tall bed. Jim is fixing or moving her shirt by her left breast. In another room, Dad and Harry are sitting in a vast bed, both texting. I notice a TV high up on a wall that is turned on. Marilyn is in a wooden chair against a wall a ways back from the TV. She is facing it, but it looks like she might be asleep.

      Mom is driving me (and maybe also Melissa) to the place where she grew up. This two lane highway leads to a lush and rocky coastal point. I think we go past it and come back or something else unnecessary. We are here now, by some docks and a small building or two. I start swimming. I then pull myself up onto the dock; it’s slightly difficult. Tylar is doing the same and having the same struggle. Now Mom goes into a men’s bathroom after two guys come out of it. I see the women’s bathroom door is closed; this must be why she isn’t using it. I, after waiting a little bit, am about to go use the bathroom, then remember that she went in there.

      I am with Melissa in what seems to be a building with a very high ceiling. We are climbing up very steep steps/stairs on the side of a huge refrigerator? Others are doing the same thing; we start climbing faster towards the top and are the first to summit. I am now halfway back down, but over the floor, suspended by a rope? There are ready to eat pizzas set out down there. John Blomquist is down there and I’m trying to get him to get a pizza up to me. He doesn’t, and I end up on the ground anyway. We start talking, and he seems a little intoxicated. I imagine things from his state right now. There is a shelf of alcohol here there are little tear shaped bottles of wine with plastic labels over the whole bottle. I see they are 19% alcohol and think it’s a fairly large portion for that ABV.
    2. Dream #57

      by , 10-19-2018 at 05:27 AM
      I am walking with some books, a few girls all in black are passing by, I feel out of place, accidentally I press a button on my keys and the car truck opens just when they are passing my car. I feel embarrassed to make it look intentional I go there and put the books into it... I am driving the car through bazaar through narrow passages asking them to make way.

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    3. The Roar

      by , 09-21-2018 at 12:06 PM
      Early evening of September 21, 2018. Friday.

      Reading time: 1 min 56 sec. Readability score: 64.

      During an evening nap, I slip into typical VSC in which I had borrowed a truck from someone unknown. I drive along in an unfamiliar neighborhood but with no focus on its unfamiliarity. The sense of movement, which begins my dream, is vivid throughout.

      I stop near an unknown residence where two unfamiliar women are present. For no reason in particular, I ask the oldest one if she would like to return the truck to its owner. She seems slightly puzzled. I tell her how he only lives about a block away. We talk in a friendly manner for a short time, but I decide to return it myself.

      I start to roll forward down a slope (a common VSC factor in dreams since early childhood) without driving, but I maintain control of direction with the steering wheel (and non-lucid dream control of VSC). I feel good. The street illogically becomes part of a big warehouse.

      As the vehicle rolls into the big warehouse and turns to the left, I see that the street turns off ahead to the right at about ninety degrees, but an internal warehouse wall blocks the view of it.

      I hear a loud roar, reminiscent of that of the MGM lion. A strange vehicle approaches from the opposite direction. It resembles a steam shovel without the cab and with the boom mostly vertical. It seems to be on a rolling platform. I get the impression of rails guiding its direction. The small bucket may serve as its “head.” Its “face” is blank and dark, reminding me of the essence of a television that is not on.

      As it continues to move towards me, I realize the truck I am in no longer has a roof. It now seems like a military jeep. I have no fear at all (even though I am only liminally becoming lucid) and look forward to jumping up, grabbing, and crushing this “creature,” (as soon as it lowers closer to me) which may be a robotic maintenance vehicle for the warehouse, but instead, I spontaneously wake before it arcs down.

      VSC personification as the unknown older woman but then choosing to initiate the transition myself was almost like ad-libbing. It even felt as if I was randomly doing such as part of a self-directed stage play. Perceiving the emerging consciousness factor (though still dominated by RAS) as an “empty” television (as in my “Kingdom” novella of 1990) may stem from recently watching more television than I have in years, though still not as much as many other people. I have not perceived television as a “monster” since before I met Zsuzsanna, though even so, I held no fear here, only the desire to crunch the machine, with a sense of certain (automatic) victory.

      A warehouse serves as a representation of leaving the liminal space of the dream state, typically the last setting of a dream.

    4. Monday, July 30

      by , 08-31-2018 at 08:32 PM
      I am at Matt and Sara’s house (not sure if it really looks like it). It is pretty dim in here and dark outside. There is a natural disaster occurring; I see a red glow outside. What I’m fairly certain is lava is coming up through the floor. It seems to be coming in through almost every side, but I am able to escape. Outside is almost no better; lava is flowing down the street towards me. I narrowly avoid it. I think Matt, Sara, and Makayla were still in the house, and I hope they’re okay. I am walking away, trying to distance myself from the lava/fire, when I call Dad. I tell him I’m headed a certain direction, to which he tells me angrily that is the wrong way to go. I guess it is worse that way. I get slightly angry at his quickness to anger, like he doesn’t trust my autonomy. With a slight bite to my voice, I tell him I’m fine and safe. I try to call Melissa and Makayla, with no answer. I end up in a Qdoba or something similar. Kenny is working here (he looks younger and older at the same time. I think he has a small mustache). I’m not sure if he recognizes me as I approach the counter. I think I ask what comes on something, and he says he’ll tell me when I pick something. I chose a taco, and he tells me what’s on it. One of the ingredients is bacon. I tell him that’s all okay. I then ask for just a medium sized drink. He moves to the register (to my right) and rings everything up. The total ($8) appears and then goes down, before disappearing completely. I didn’t mind paying and didn’t expect this, but Kenny just chuckles. I go for a fist bump, but he goes to shake it. I go to fill the pretty large plastic cup. I think I end up contacting everyone and finding out that they’re okay.

      I am going somewhere with Melissa and her mom and dad. I’m driving Melissa, following her dad. It looks like we’re in a fairly large city, though the roads are not too bad. I am following a map and turn where it says to, though Carlos has gone straight. The turn does seem kind of wrong. Immediately, Carlos calls and tells me he knows what the map says, but to not go that way. I start turning around. We end up parking outside of some buildings. They are tall, with a gently sloping grassy area with a paved walkway nestled amongst them. There is a car parked so close to two low rock walls I don’t even know how it fit. We don’t see Carlos’ car, but we know this is the place, so we get out and start to look for them. We spot them walking through a sort of very small outdoor plaza that mostly looks like a patio. I also see Sage’s mom sitting out here. I’m wondering if she’ll see me. I must also see Granny, because I message Sage, saying how I saw my mom’s mom with her mom. I am now sitting on the cement with Carlos and Melissa. We are packing for a trip, but we are packing sausages? They are little pieces in what looks like an ice tray. Carlos breaks them out and puts them nicely in a small but long black bag. After a while, I start helping. We had them in nice rows, but those start to fall apart. There’s also some loose rice in the bag. Melissa starts putting small pieces of white cheese in the bag, before her dad says she doesn’t need to. I want some though, so I keep putting a few pieces in. We are packing for a lot of people - 60? I’m holding a Ziploc that has two plastic containers in it. I think they are full of water, so I add water to one. I am then under the impression that they are sunscreen, so I feel bad for messing it up. Melissa then tells me it is only water. We are now in a small, cement corner type area. There’s a Deadpool movie theater cardboard cut-out. We hold it up because we think Carlos will like it. Some others show up, about 3-4 guys and girls probably in their mid 20s. They start climbing up this large cut-out. I spot them. One of the guys drops down, bending his legs completely and bringing his whole body down to absorb the impact. There are holes in it, which is what they’re using to climb it. One of the girls is getting mad at them for doing it. This only provokes me. Dressed like Spiderman? I start climbing it. I initially pull myself up with just one finger in a hole at the top of my reach. I climb further than the others did. I start to swing out, a seemingly tense moment for everyone, but my feet land on a brick wall, on which I just barely balance and stand on. I then grasp it and lower myself down first before jumping the rest of the way to the ground. I think I was talking to the girl through all of this. The other say I just completely destroyed her (because she thought we shouldn’t be doing this?). I’m thinking I should’ve done a backflip at the end.

      I’m in a high school gym with Melissa. Something is going on; the bleachers are fairly full. We slow and look for a space to sit. There’s an empty row at the top, which we take. People are throwing a ball around, up and down the bleachers. We end up with all of our clothes off, but covering ourselves partially with a blanket.

      Melissa and I are staying at my grandma's house. Our bed is not even in a bedroom, just out in the open. I think we have been or are having sex. I hope we haven’t been too loud.
    5. Saturday, July 14

      by , 08-31-2018 at 08:06 PM
      Rocio? is driving me to a college campus. We get there and I can see that there are no lights on in the building. I try the door (looks like the glass double doors at a high school) and it is locked. I can’t believe they are not open, but someone tells me I can get in another way.
    6. Bobblehead Road Trip

      by , 07-26-2018 at 01:32 PM
      Morning of July 26, 2018. Thursday.

      Reading time: 1 min 24 sec. Readability score: 66.

      I am driving an unfamiliar car. The driver’s side is on the left (implying America). Brenda is on the passenger side. There are no threads of my conscious self at this point. We are going north on Highway Seventeen (the original one).

      An outdoor seminar on dreaming is occurring in an area we pass to my right. Brenda cheerfully points and says, “Bobbleheads.” (This is what I call people who talk or write about dreams or their so-called meaning while having no understanding of the dream state.) Something about the scenario seems off, and I try to consider what it is. Brenda’s head is now slumping forward. Her head is Betty Boop’s. I wonder if she is a clockwork girl that has suddenly malfunctioned. For a moment, I consider I may get into trouble for stealing or taking advantage of a movie prop. Her forehead seems to have an electrical outlet (the American type).

      Glancing at Brenda (or Betty Boop) again later, I see her changing into different dream characters at the rate of about two per second, cycling through many diverse personas. Finally, “she” becomes George Harrison and continues to talk about Bobbleheads.

      We continue on our road trip with a cheerful disposition. We arrive at a music studio. George has a meeting with several music producers. Once in the room, however, it seems to be a class on economics. Going up to the front, where a chart on an easel displays an upward trend (a linear representation of the waking process), I see that all the students are equidistant identical ceramic chicks (yet still living entities), which turn their heads left to look at us. They chirp similar clouds of small triangles, circles, and squares, mostly of red, blue, green, and yellow, of which float about above their heads for short periods of time. They seem to be asking why most humans are unable to communicate with them. (This is emerging consciousness simulacra of which first occurred around age three. What wonderful nostalgia.)

      (Zsuzsanna and I were talking about “Route 66” yesterday, though she has never seen the show.)

    7. Tunnel Vision

      by , 06-20-2018 at 06:29 PM

      I drive into a dark tunnel through a mountain or under a river. The power must be out. I hear a voice announcing over the radio or telepathically in my head: "There is a UFO overhead." (I.e., in the sky over the tunnel.)

      I become LUCID but I sense I'm not very deeply asleep and I don't know what to do with the lucidity anyway (not having made a clear plan beforehand), so I pull myself awake. What a waste of consciousness!

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    8. Wednesday, June 6

      by , 06-07-2018 at 05:32 AM
      I am driving my Subaru on what feels like a Californian freeway. The lanes seem small, as well as the freeway itself. It may be only a few lanes wide. There are also other, similar freeways traveling in all directions around this one. The resulting surrounding is one of complexity and crowdedness, as well as one of depth - a literal spaghetti bowl of freeway. I am down towards the bottom, where a portion of the sunlight cannot reach. Outside my window, there is a view of the complex concrete in dim lighting that I think would constitute an intriguing and captivating photograph. The proximity and near standstill of traffic allows me to hear a woman in a car somewhere above me cough. Now, as I drive up a slight incline, I realize that my car is not even started. There are no lights on on the display. I turn the key to start it, but it only chokes. Still, the car is accelerating and braking, albeit less than in a fully functioning manner; stepping forcefully on the accelerators seems to give the car less power than it has while climbing a steep hill. I've now parked somewhere out here (there seems to be nothing else around) and watch a few people walk by. I must've stopped to try and resolve my vehicle issue, as I spot a couple standing around that I decide to approach for assistance. The man is perhaps in his late 20s or early 30s, wearing a sleeveless tank top that contributes to his stereotypically redneck appearance. He is accompanied by a cliché blonde girlfriend. I approach and relay my situation, asking if he can help, saying I have my own jumper cables. He coolly and impassively tells me he can help, telling me he too has his own cables, instructing me to bring my car around. I am grateful, though I hadn't expected a decline, as it really is quick and isn't a major inconvenience. Ignoring his unnecessary addition about his own cables, I go to get my vehicle. As I drive back, I am unable to find the man again. There are three tiny and partially filled parking lots on this uneven terrain, and I drive through all of them to no avail.

      I am in some building with the cousins. This place feels like an arcade or some type of attraction. It is large, dim, and airy. We pass through a large something that seems like a bounce house when I realize they have left me behind. It produces a bitter sadness, neither of the two components outweighing the other, the combination resulting in an ambivalent resolution. I think I end up talking with some others, though not entirely in an attempt to fill the transient void. Now, I am crawling out of an entrance to this structure. The material does not give like inflated vinyl should - it is hard and slick. There is a small wall on which one must down climb, and this is a sort of game. There is something similar to a jump rope that the climber draws taut across their body, resulting in the removal of their body below that line. The climber must then attempt to climb up/down. I position this rope to have it cut my legs off first, wanting to save my arms. After the line is positioned, the inferior body parts then dissipate, like the common conception of something disappearing by magic.

      (fragment) I am in an opulent house, in which there is a room occupying a large corner. There may or may not be a bath tub. There is a bed, with sheets of white and very light hues. The space is very minimal, aiding in its elegance. I think that I am staying here and that this is my room. I think I am showing it to my girlfriend Melissa. It feels like this is downstairs.
    9. Where dreams are born DILD

      by , 05-22-2018 at 07:31 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I was in walmart and had a recent altercation with another customer there. As I am about to walk out of the store a employee stop me and said I needed to come inside for a talk. I thought to myself, maybe I should just leave and not waste my time. But instead upon seeing I had no car park outside in the middle of the night. I thought it was best to give time to the situation.

      He leads me to the room to where I can see the customer that I assaulted. He ask me questions with the idea that he thought I'd be going for the path of lies. But instead I disrupt his speech and explained the truth. He understands and we begin to speak about other things that I possess no memory of now. After the confrontation, I leave the store and now return outside. I still have no car in my environment and the desire to move became stronger.

      The dream scene went in to a state of constant change, to where there would be a one way road among a large field, then a one way road to a rocky mountain, many new things continue to change in till I could no longer drive to the end of the road and the scene would change to another. It was in till the dream scene had change to a place I was familiar with. It was an island named Dominica. I got off the vehicle that I could not see which had the power to change environments.

      Once I got off and took my bags I felt lucidity hit me. I was aware and amaze with the environment and how it look. I went towards the pink house that seemed to float perfectly balance on the ocean of no where. I could see the island not far from where I was. I then see another me hanged up on top of the roof. When I look closer it was like a toy version of me. The toy me was shirtless and attach to the roof. I examined it further and then woke up.
    10. Movie Killer DILD

      by , 02-22-2018 at 12:28 AM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I am at the movie theater and it appears empty. The way it was structured was interesting as it was possible to drive inside the theater. So I am driving around and being a new driver I am almost crash in to this woman. I then drove around in till I found a movie I like. I enter inside and everything went quiet and inside was empty. I decided to relax at the top of the theater.

      I could hear someone coming up to where I am seated. I was then approach by a man who seemed to be disturbed and likely suffering from some sort of mental illness. He threatens me with a wooden popsicle and demands I leave. I tell him I don't want to be bothered and told him I would go somewhere else. He doesn't like the way I walk from him so he starts to make signs of an attack.

      I manage to dodge one of his hits and push him away. He then becomes angry with me and pulls something out of his shirt while further making threats. I assume this to be a gun and began running down the stairs to an exit. It was at this point my awareness had rise enough to become lucid. I open the movie door's as I could hear him take a shot at me. As I am outside I decided to wake up as I have a busy day in waking life to attend to.
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    11. Dream - Not The Same Driver & What About Me & I Work For The AFL

      by , 10-23-2017 at 10:46 AM
      Date of Dream: MON 2 OCT - 2017

      Dream 205 - Separated Sections

      Dream 205 A - Not The Same Driver

      I don't remember how the dream started. From where I can remember, I was doing something at Brandon Park Shopping Centre. I went outside one of the exits and thought to myself “I want to be picked up now”. I was standing at the end of the car park, on the nature strip, repeatedly calling for Dreamy WB. This has got to be the most times I've called for Dreamy WB in a dream. I was calling and calling like in Dream No. 93, the first two cars drove right by. Also like in Dream No. 93, the cars were exactly the same colour... The shiny navy ones went past.

      A dull black one then came and by the way it was driving, I thought it was going to go past too. It was just swinging out and then it parked right in front of me on the kerb. The back door of the car opened and she was inviting me in, but something wasn't right... She wasn't acting normal. As I went in to hug her, she pulled away from me with that look of disapproval on her face. She then climbed over the box compartment in the middle of the car and got into the driver's seat, leaving me at the back by myself, not even talking to me. I mentally made my conclusion... This wasn't Dreamy WB. Rather, it was WB taking Dreamy WB's car for a spin.

      She ended up dropping me off at the top of Gladstone Road, linking to Police Road. I was walking along a granite path and I see something in the ground. I dig and find that it is a completely ruined Mario plush. The worst thing is that there is no nose on it. The nose was completely ripped off and looked like it had been thrown onto the ground. I can't remember anything after seeing the destroyed Mario plush.

      Dream 205 B - What About Me
      walking around the area of the local primary school. An event was taking place there with Killester girls. I was walking around casually for a while until the dream scene restarted. I was on a bus with a very few girls, being driven to the school.

      Once I was there, I saw another bus pull up. I looked into the bus from the parking lot and saw lots of girls in that one. WB was with a big group of them at the back, having a huge conversation and a laugh. In the dream, I could actually, literally feel my heart sink because I couldn't be with them. I don't remember what took place in the school hall. That's all I can remember about this dream.

      Dream 205 C - I Work For The AFL
      I forgot how the dream started. From where I do remember, I was at some random shopping centre when I was asked to do something for the AFL teams playing in the grand final. I was asked to draw up rough sketches to eventually make a PowerPoint presentation of the teams. I was then at my old house in the kitchen, doing some of the drawings. There was this sketch I apparently did of a red teddy bear and it got half a mark from the supervisor. That's all I can remember for this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - Oops I slipped (interact with WB when she's angry 1 time)
      >> I hugged her and she pulled away really quickly, not talking to me for the rest of the drive.
    12. December 20, 2014 (L) L3 | Tukwilla, Tornadoes, Kid

      by , 08-16-2017 at 04:02 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-The dream started out with everybody talking about plans to fly to northeastern Kansas, drive south to “Tukwilla,” drive south into Oklahoma, drive west along the border, north into Wichita, and go east from there and eventually and at the east coast. Meanwhile, I was looking at incredible shots of multiple tornadoes. The first shot was with 2 of them really close to each other, and the second shot was with 3 tornadoes each behind the other, all silhouettes in front of a sunset.
      [New Scene]
      The picture of those 3 tornadoes became three storm cells to the south of us in northeastern Kansas. It was during the night, and they may not have been tornadic, but I wasn’t taking any chances. I looked at the radar to see where the cells were going, and it looked like they would pass by the coming city way before we would arrive. Before we got to the city, a sudden hailstorm happened. A passing cell was dropping roughly quarter-size hail on the freeway.
      [New Scene]
      I was driving, and we(referring to family) arrived in “Tukwilla,” in southeastern Kansas. The skyline was beautiful, at least at night. It was composed of 7 buildings, at least 5 of which were standard skyscrapers, one of which was forgotten, and the 3rd from the left was pointed at the top. I wanted to take a picture, but when I did, all I got was the side of the van somehow.
      [New Scene]
      We arrived at a toll booth somehow. A dream thing happened where a broken, seemingly impassable, almost vertical path onward, apparently blocked by a tiny gate. Of course, it worked, because the car became a plastic tub and could be pulled through.
      [New Scene]
      We stayed at a house overnight. The far door opens to a junction between stairs, a living room, and another room with a PC in it. While on the PC, I googled ‘PS4 WiLD’ to see if there were any further announcements for the game.
      -2(L)[WILD]-The first scene was the same that I left for the most part. I got out of bed, and threw punches at the window. This didn’t break it, so I opened it instead. Next, I stood on the patio on the west side of my house. I thought of using a rectangular force field to block any annoying family DCs from interfering with me. On the double doors I used a second set of green doors and locked them.
      -3-There was a kid that ‘looped’ (this is unclear; his muscles kinda warped about and stuff) around 6pm every day. His mum said, “…it’s also the time that he’s open world.” (6pm-9pm, refers to the time that the kid is outside)
      [New Scene]
      Location: living room. Scene: DC[1] in a huge plastic tub with a cat sitting on his left knee; DC[2] sitting on the piano bench to my left; I am either sitting or standing in the computer room facing south; Forgotten DC sitting in the secondary rocking chair; no couch; pules of legos where the couch used to be; Dad sitting in the primary rocking chair. DC[2] had a gray wishing object, and he wished for something. Next, I decided to test the object as well. For the first test, I wished for one cat to like his sister slightly more. I didn’t see any conclusive results.
      Lucid Time: 2-3 minutes

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    13. An Unfamiliar Boarding House and Driving a Bubble Car

      by , 07-28-2017 at 06:28 PM
      Morning of July 23, 2017. Sunday.

      I become aware that I had apparently been traveling with Leonard, the pinhead I knew who lived in an apartment in the King Street boarding house. (I had not talked to him in real life since 1990.) He seems much younger in my dream than when I knew him in real life years ago, perhaps only twenty years of age (and I may only be about twenty as well, which is not logical as he was about twenty years older than me in reality).

      We go into a large unfamiliar boarding house in an unknown location that we may be going to stay in for a time. The layout seems more like a public restaurant with at least three sections, but without much furniture. An unfamiliar chubby male of about fifty seems to recognize Leonard but he does not know me.

      He tells me that I will need a Louisiana driver’s license, also soon using the term “for this state” (which may be a subliminal association with being at a certain level of the dream state, though my non-lucid dream self does not perceive it as such). I am not sure why this is. I start to think that we must be in Louisiana if this is the case even though I do not think I will be driving (though I am used to hearing about a driver’s license being needed for identification in some cases even if the person does not drive or have a car). I know that I do not have one, and I am unsure of the implied backstory of this scenario. However, subliminal lucidity becomes present (meaning that I do not know that I am dreaming but somehow “realize” that I am the creator and foundation of my world) and I know that if I focus on having the driver’s license with unfaltering pretense, it will just appear in my wallet. I think of it, and it appears just as I open my wallet. The unknown male confirms it, and I can stay in the building.

      Curiously, I end up driving a life-size version of a Hot Wheels Bubble Car of the same kind I had in my youth, though I see it as a “real” car in my dream. This seems to be because the unknown male wanted me to. It may be that I had been hired as a test driver.

      Still, the top, which is like a light plastic dome, seems to not fully come down over the car due to it being partly held up by my height (apparently designed for someone shorter) so that it does not fully close. This does not seem problematic but the weight is slightly annoying. Still, I enjoy driving around with no mishaps. The internal orientation seems somewhat like a Formula One car, but not fully.

      Later on though, I seem to be driving a second car at the request of the unknown male.

      The situation where I am driving the first car seems to be a subliminal awareness of having heavier blankets over me while I am sleeping, though it is not that uncomfortable. (In fact, my dream self might have been more uncomfortable if the top of the car was fully down and closed or locked, though this is not certain. In lucid dreams though, I am sometimes concerned about how my physical body’s face might be oriented in sleep, with regard to possibly being covered by a pillow or blanket, especially in very long lucid dreams, though not as a rule.)

      Because of subliminal lucidity, I am unable to relate to much of what other people write about dreams, even “experts” (which is moot because nothing they claim makes any sense to me anyway). Either it is because people are afraid to admit to it due to consensus or supposed authoritative publications, or perhaps they never experience it at all. What it proves to me is that the conscious self is most certainly responsible for a lot of content in some dreams (which of course is true for more viably lucid dreams anyway, but this is when in a non-lucid state, having no memory of what the dream state is). There are even a number of dreams I have had of being chased where I distinctly remember having created the foundation of the event for dramatic purposes, yet not in the context of realizing I am dreaming.

      Note that the type of subliminal lucidity related in this entry is not the type just relating to the dream self expecting to see something or for something to happen and it does (though that is fairly common as well). This is about actual implementation of willful pretense, an entirely different state of mind from the dream self’s perspective than the other type.

      In the 1980s, there had been a few times when Leonard helped me to get both a bank account and a fishing license without me having an ID card at the time. Despite the fact that he was a pinhead, many people trusted him, and curiously, in my dreams, he often has the presence of a normal person. Still, other than the real-time blanket weight association, my dream does not seem remotely relevant to anything in my life at present. Driving the cars in this case is a form of generic dream exit waking symbolism (and apparently initiated by the unknown male as the personified preconscious), though it does not complete; only fades. That is, there is no coherent focus on “returning” to my physical body other than in the final moments and there is no hypnopompic stimulus.

    14. Car stuck on the roof

      by , 07-13-2017 at 05:59 PM
      I'm at school and my teacher instructs us to play charades with chalk at a blackboard. I'm with two other guys, Jannik and Mikkel. After class we go out and get into a car. I'm sitting at the driver seat and Jannik is at the passenger seat. I ask Mikkel which classes we're skipping and he tells me that it's math. I think about how disappointed my teacher will be, but I can't just leave now, when my friends expect me to drive. Later we're in the car on the roof of a really tall, white building. We try to find a way down, by driving the car around, but can't get the car down.
      Tags: driving, school
    15. Driving with my girlfriend

      by , 07-13-2017 at 05:39 PM
      I'm out driving a car with my girlfriend on the passenger seat.
      She tells me that she would like to go back home, so I turn right in a T-cross.
      I'm in her room watching Pokémon on my laptop. There's a battle going on between a Meowth and a Butterfree. The Butterfree wins.
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