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    1. Wednesday, June 20

      by , 08-09-2018 at 03:43 AM
      I am buying something at Total Wine (It looks different. As I write this I realize it looks long and dim, like Moose McGillycuddy’s from last night. The lady behind the counter also looks like the lady who was behind the bar - sort of heavyset but not chunky, with thicker, dark hair). The lady looks at my ID and asks if I’m 21. I tell her ‘yeah’, the intonation being one of ‘yeah, I know I still am’ in a slightly playful way. She, upon this confirmation, goes to get something. She comes back with a Dr. Pepper can that has an incision almost all the way around the rim and places it on the darker wood counter. After she give me a ping pong ball, I remove the top section of the can and proceed to toss the ball into it on my first attempt. Now there is a small fruit (looks like a cantaloupe, but much smaller and egg shaped) that is hollowed out, with the top sliced off, so it is like a cup. I go to throw the ball into it, but it bounces off the rim.

      I am inside of a room. It is larger and square. It seems to be darker wood and empty. The wall closest to the entrance (to its right) has a counter where food is served. There is a line, wrapping counter clockwise around the room. Everyone in line seems to be familiar. Nelson and Crozby's dad is here with the both of them. Crozby is being grumpy or something, so I playfully wing and hit her with a bag of bagels or bread. Their dad is telling me that they have to leave soon [something :08] to go to Vegas to see a fight. That is fairly soon - about an hour? and seems like a short time to do what we’re doing here. I think it also takes them a while to get there, which makes sense because they have kids. I now go to the bathroom that is here. It seems like a house’s bathroom (I’m thinking it’s Brian’s house?) I wipe some wet spot off the floor, partially because I am thinking it may be his bathroom. I come back out and am on my way back to my spot when I see Adam is here with a bunch of baby chicks and one protective mother. They’re on the ground, grouped around the mother. I think there are 13 total. Now I place my order and look to Melissa so she can to. The cahier starts talking though, and sys that Melissa reminds her of her ‘pop’. I look over and Melissa has started crying. She puts her head on my shoulder and I hug and comfort her. She raises her head, and I see she’s pulled her grey hood over her face and drawn it tight. I think it’s a little childish and silly and don’t think she should even be upset, but still sympathize and am sad that she is. Later, I am driving and take a snapchat of the road. It’s going to be for her and I’m going to add text that says sometimes people just see certain similarities and it doesn’t necessarily mean you look like that person. I don’t think I finish typing it [it feels like I wake up during this part].
    2. Creepy spiders and ice during summer

      by , 07-02-2017 at 06:35 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      It's been too long since I've updated this. Hoping to get a bit more on track this summer.

      Dream 1: I remember being really itchy during this dream, and I found that the reason why I was itchy was because a spider was crawling on me. ._____. The creepy thing was that I woke up and was still itching. Thankfully, no spiders to be seen. xD

      Dream 2: This one was kinda cool. I was walking around with a bunch of my friends from school, on campus, including a TA from Film which I took a few semesters ago. One of the guys there asked me how my slipping was going, and I was really confused until we stepped off of the path. I then saw all the ICE that was all over campus, even though it was sunny and summer. The ice was pretty dirty and gross, and some of it was transparent-ish so that you could see some of the grass underneath. In order to walk on it, I tried flying, but I could only fly for short bursts at a time for some reason. Then, I had to land again, and there was the risk of slipping upon landing. So I settled for this awkward hop-slide method, where I alternated short flying and sliding on my butt. We were heading towards a large tree for some reason, at the edge of a field (said tree does not exist IRL).

      Then there were these ducks we slid by, and they were all dead. o_o My campus has a lot of ducks, but they are usually, you know, not dead. One of them was cut open, and instead of blood and guts, it was filled with black beads. Weird stuff.

      I was very close to being lucid, considering that I knew that I could fly, but I did not consciously recognize that I was in a dream.

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    3. Caught With My Pants Down (28.10.13)

      by , 10-29-2013 at 03:22 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I'm at a random house which is suppose to be my Uncle and Auntie B&R's house. I've moved in and living with them.

      I'm at the table and I feel a touch from someone around my crouch area. I look under the table and that someone is playing footsies with me. I don't know who is doing it, but it's a turn on. I think it's someones mother that is doing it?[/B] [B]I think to myself, this is definitely flirting and I want to capsulize on it. I don't see anyone around so I pull my cock out of my pants and start to imagine her pulling me off. I'm full blown horny around this point. I look through a window and notice a man looking slightly to the side of me. He's wearing glasses, which makes it hard to tell if he was looking in my direction. I feel embarrassed that he probably caught me pulling. I now see another man looking through another window, staring right at me. He's also wearing glasses, which are aviators.

      R&B are back from shopping. I head back outside and I see a massive pool which is filled with ducks and birds. I have food with me, and throw them pieces of carrot. The ducks go straight for the carrot but as they try it, they quickly spit it out. I see a duck which is bigger than a normal duck. It's looking a little deformed, as it's laying on its back, looking like it's doing a sit up. I knew about a turtle which was in the pool and I see it coming towards my way at a decent speed. It launches itself out of the pool not too far from me. It doesn't look like a turtle, it looks like a small similar to an elephant but deformed looking. I see loose skin drooping down from it's chin area. It walks towards me and throws me in the pool, taking me for a ride at high speeds. It doesn't take long to get to the other side of the pool. He drops me off beside the pool.

      I'm back inside the house and I tell my brother and R&B about my experience in the pool.

      Bruce asks me if I'm able to purchase another news paper each day, because he keeps forgetting to take it with him when he goes out, and want's one that stays in the car at all times. I tell him it's a waste of money and to try and remember to bring it with him. I start to think to myself, how much a paper is. I think it's over $2 but then remember it's like $1.80. I walk over to an oven where Rita is cooking something. Someone offers me some food, and I check the label for gluten. It's peanuts which don't have gluten in them, but this brand did.
    4. Fragments, erupting poop worms and a potential lucid?

      by , 05-08-2012 at 11:39 PM (Sea of the Unconscious)
      Something about a fluffy/fuzzy kitten. It was tiny. I was in a cabin with friends.

      I remember most of what I did in this dream, but I don’t remember any of the transitions. First I was in my room in the old house picking out clothes. Then I was at school, changing into the clothes. Another guy was taking photos and was in the room with me while I was changing. He declared that he had a boyfriend, so he didn’t want to see me change and turned around. Good to know, I didn’t want him seeing me naked either. I tweezed some hair off my chest while changing.

      Then I was back in my old house again. Some friends were in the dining room. One was from my first dream. I walked up to him and exclaimed “YOU! I had a dream about you last night!” That sounded creepy. “…Well, you were IN my dream, I didn’t have one just about you….” I informed him about the cat, and he told me “I’m a dog person.” Good to know.

      I went outside and there were ducks and geese all over the place. There were also duck heads laying on the ground. I couldn’t initially tell if they were dead or not. It didn’t quite click that a bodiless bird/animal could not possibly be alive. My sister led me around a corner so we could find some worms. She found a suitable pair of worms, with a line of goo connecting the two. They were initially small and bumpy. My sister handed me one of the worms and told me to squeeze the worm gently. The worm was suddenly as thick as my hand, and I squeezed. Poop erupted out of my sister’s worm, and an instant later my own worm. There was more fecal matter than worm. My sister declared, “I win!” Indeed she had. Her worm exploded poop the fastest, and created more poop than my worm.

      So I woke up for WBTB and wanted to try WILD, but had a lot of difficulty falling asleep after that. My mind began to wander. I was with a friend, Dani, and she was drawing while sitting on the floor. There was a mirror reflecting her. I stared at Dani and the reflection in the mirror. They were not exact. I stared a little longer. …There was no mirror! There were two Danis. I silently deduced, “This isn’t real.” I walked over to the original Dani and grabbed her scalp with my right hand. It seemed logical at the time. I think I decided to plug my nose with my left hand too? My head suddenly felt like it was spinning very quickly and I became very dizzy. I became more aware that I was in bed.
      It felt more like an elaborate daydream than a lucid dream, or maybe a mix between the two. I also didn’t physically feel anything—clothing, Dani’s head, my body. The only thing I felt was the spinning/dizzy sensation at the very end.

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    5. Fun day

      by , 01-10-2012 at 12:36 AM
      KEY: Black: Real life
      Red: Lucid
      Pinkish Purple: Dream

      Okay so my friends came over and we went to one of theirs house. We stayed up all night so we slept in like crazy. Well i woke up and then i fell asleep and knew it was a dream. I started to fly out of my house and started walking. I lost lucidity a little after cause my friend (that i like) just randomly appeared and we started to walk in a city with small restaurants everywhere. We were just walking then we just randomly kissed and then we decided to get some food so we walked in to the mall like store that had a glass door then a escalator down to this foo court place. Then 2 of my friends walk up and one says to her "I love you" and tries to kiss her but she just pushed him away. Then we were walking and it turned dark out and the stars shined. Then randomly there were ducks in the road but when i walked towards them it was just a bunch of people from my school dressed like ducks and they flew away.
    6. The Healthy Mix

      by , 11-02-2011 at 11:41 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Spectrum office/At home in the living room, watching the computer/TV. The "show" on the computer/TV seems to be a boy who is chatting on a computer, and seems to be showing him from a computer camera on top of the computer screen.

      Then I was in a mall. Or a shoe store, with a weird exit/entrance. I was with mom/sis. Someone's about to buy a veeery weird shoe, which is very high, and has red, strawberry-like design.

      I was walking in the city. Late afternoon. I met a person who I haven't seen before. He's an old man who's also a Wiccan, and we talked. He walked to his store, and he commented how I look a lot better (healthier). I told him I have minimized my smoking, since I only smoke if I'm in the company of smokers, which isn't very often. I remember animals pass by as we talked about this, from our right to our left, mostly ducks and some dogs.

      Upon arriving, we continued talking, and then he set up a food mix. With two live fish, and I think two live shrimp (all are bigger than normal ones) inside a plastic. They're all still moving slightly. The fishes are catfish, I think. The shrimps are brownish. Then there are also a mix of fruits and other stuff. The rest are mixes of fruits. I can recall the colors red (reminded me of strawberry) and orange/yellow (reminded me of pineapple), inside transparent plastic bags filled with white stuff. The whole thing reminded me of a salad.

      And cheese. Me mentioned cheese several times, adding it here and there. There's a "glass" where he "insert" inside the plastic and squeeze, "mixing" the whole thing, and then "putting" them back in their particular container.

      Seeing that the fishes and shrimps are still moving, and partially tearing the plastic, I asked for a bigger bag to put everything in.

      I think all of them are for a recipe, and also has magickal significance. Not sure what. I just accepted it.

      When I was about to leave, I asked for his number, and I wanted to make sure that I got it correctly, since it is very difficult to catch him. I recall it started with 0906, and then had 34 and 0, but I couldn't remember it all.


      - Afternoon dream
      - Raining, cold
      - Listening to Brian Mercer & Robert Bruce MAP week 2 morning affirmation
      - Woke up aware of what I'm doing and successfully returned to dream several times
    7. Dystopia

      by , 10-31-2011 at 10:50 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      A future of ruins and robots. People fighting. There are robots. Some are flying. Clearing junk, or attacking people. Running. Chasing.

      I was in a dormitory. There are other boys. Some are naked.

      I was with a group of people. At least one is from a prior clan. We were all talking, and I mentioned how he didn't accept a job offer. Then I mentioned that he became a model.

      Then we were in a department store. I found a balisong, and took it out. Steph was there and kid me about it. I saw the instruction saying it's for preparation for a zombie apocalypse. Then I saw a "video" sample. They used dogs, ducks, balloons, and cats to distract zombies. I was watching at a bird's eye view. They were in a place, with buildings and houses around. The animals walked, some tied with balloons. I thought that the zombies will not mind them. Then I saw the zombies (some are animals) block them. The living animals hesitated, and then they started running, and the carnage began.

      I saw a duck and her ducklings being cornered to a door. Then I saw living humans. They attacked using a "whip with nails," and hitting the animals (living or undead?) in the belly, intestines, and the head. There was a voice over saying these are the most effective places to attack.

      I was riding a jeep with Emerald. Going to Bacolod? For some reason, she wanted to stop for a minute at Victorias and buy something. I joined her. Then while she was shopping, a messenger said that the jeep went ahead. We went back (after she bought her stuff in a Japanese-style store), and found that the jeep had indeed left.
    8. More climbing

      by , 03-14-2011 at 05:21 AM
      1. I'm swimming in some stream with my boyfriend. The stream is pretty deep but the current isn't very strong. There are lots of ducks in the stream. I keep laughing at them quacking and swimming about. I tickle one of the ducks' feet under the water, and the duck quacked angrily and flapped away, causing me to laugh hysterically.

      2. I'm packing in a hurry, but I don't know where I'm going. Someone is telling me that people are coming to get us and take us somewhere, but we are going to be unconscious for the trip. Once we finish packing, they tell us to look left, right, up and down. We all pass out and I vaguely feel my wrists being bound together.

      We have woken up in some strange mansion. They dressed us all very fancy. We have dinner in a huge dining room. There is a very elegant dark haired woman sitting at the end of the table. She is very polite but seems very cold. I have a note in my hand that I am supposed to give her. I walk over to her, and for some reason I start speaking in French. I say "J'ai une note pour vous", and she nods as I hand her the note.

      3. I'm climbing up some kind of wooden structure, and I can never seem to get to the top. This reminds me of my dream that I had the other night, and I suddenly realize that I am on the street, feeling the pavement, trying to stay lucid. It must not have worked, because I can't remember what happened after this.

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    9. The “Frame-up” (with Huey, Dewey, and Louie)

      by , 07-17-1977 at 01:17 PM
      Morning of July 17, 1977. Sunday.

      Disney’s cartoon ducks Huey, Dewey, and Louie are all on one unicycle. Each one is on the shoulders of the previous. The duck sitting on the actual unicycle and steering it ends up going off the road after going over a bridge, and landing in the river. The other two blame him.

      “This is not my fault,” he says. “It’s a frame-up!”

      “What’s a frame?” asks another.

      “It’s something that holds a picture.”

      “What’s a pitcher?”

      “Something that holds wateh (water)!”

      “What’s Wateh?”

      “Something we’re up to our necks to in!”

      Although this short “adventure” was not much for precognition, it does remind me of a story I heard from someone else later in real life whom had recently also came to Australia. He said he had gone into a restaurant and said “water”. The person behind the counter acted as if they did not understand even when he repeated it. Finally, he said, he slapped his hand down, very loudly and “clearly” saying “WAH-TAH!” and then they understood. I viewed this dream as if floating in front of the scene, which is three-dimensional even though it is like a cartoon.

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