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    1. cxii.

      by , 04-12-2020 at 05:29 PM
      Some dream fragments. Initially had better recall but didn't manage to type as much as I wanted in my initial notes and so recall just faded for the most part. Some pre-sleep journaling too because I haven't really done that a lot.

      Although I have had recall of dreams from all the previous nights since my last DJ entry, I haven't been making notes in the morning for the most part. H's alarm can be distracting and causes me to lose details sometimes, which puts me off from trying to write, besides all the other usual issues.


      Some stray thoughts about something lead me to loosely focusing thoughts on memories from my childhood, primarily from the ages between three and five. Somewhat vivid memory of the balcony, but details missing and wrong. I hoped my focus on these memories would perhaps carry on into dreaming and allow me to explore the memories a bit better. Some recall of trying to place myself in the height I would have been, meaning a different point of view from the lower glass panes rather than the higher ones. I remember having other conscious thoughts about the memories but I have forgotten the specifics now.

      Dream Fragment:

      Was having a discussion with a girl about my age, we were talking about buck/boost transformers and how they saved power or something. I was doing a poor job of explaining and getting to the point I wanted to make and so she started to think I was trying to make some sort of sales point without evidence. I was at some kind of hotel? Initially I was speaking to her from a hallway that had these sliding doors to the outside; she was out on a courtyard of some kind, under a summer/pool tent of sorts.

      I'd met her at a fairly high floor in the building, 30 something? I had been going up through the floors using stairwells with my family up to this point, but I think they just continued on without me. I think near the end the girl's form shifted between herself and some male dream character.

      Before I got to the hotel, I remember travelling with my family through some highway, dad was driving. At some point we weren't in the car anymore but sort of still on the road. I remember my parents asking T if he should put an extra layer/top on. L made some comment? We were on the start of a mountain path or something. We were apparently going some place cold, I remember a dull grey day, misty. Reminds me now of some real beach or coastal area I've visited in waking reality many years ago with my family.

      Dream Fragment:

      Called an aunt. Brief conversation, remember noting it took no more than five or six minutes. Vague visual recall of orange phone screen?


      - The orange phone screen was most likely a detail of a home phone; either the one we have now or the one from my parents' house.
      - The highways in the dream remind me of the ones from Fallout, possibly because of playing it recently.
      - Not entirely sure what brought on the context of discussing electronics but possibly just a more obvious intrusion of information consolidation processes; my apparent ignorance on the subject in the dream perhaps being caused by the fact I rarely discuss the specific topic in question.
    2. A Guide to Myself

      by , 07-10-2019 at 02:00 PM
      Before I began dreaming, I was attempting the MILD after my second to last alarm went off, but so far, I had not yet fallen back asleep and was concerned my final alarm would be going off at any moment...

      I'm arriving home at night to a house that I'm not familiar with. Walking up to the door, I notice a lot of bicycles in the front yard. As I walk over to some of them, Goose, my GF's dog, runs up to me all energetic and he starts poking his head through the spokes trying to bite at them. I continue to walk up to the door. Once I enter, I see everyone sitting around nursing drinks I assume to be alcoholic. More than my roommates are there, though, and it feels like the end of a big party. Before walking farther in, we get on the subject of dreaming, and I break into a lesson for everyone. I tell them exactly what I was trying to do this morning, "Set your usual alarm clock time in the morning, but also go back 90 to 100 minutes before that and set another alarm. Get out of bed with this alarm, go to the bathroom or something, then go back to sleep all while repeating the phrase in your head, 'the next scene will be a dream'." I say how it's a good way to induce lucid dreams called the MILD method after implementing the WBTB method. I walk all the way into the main room now and sit with a couple guys discussing what I had said. They talk about weird things that could pop up in dreams like a duck wearing a leather jacket. I agree with them and ask them if they would question whether they were dreaming or not after they saw that. I also make a joke by saying "Duck Gun" trying to relate the ducks and leather jackets to Top Gun. It feels stupid but both of the other guys laugh. Suddenly, I get the feeling to do a reality check since I realize I've just been talking about them before. I push my fingers through my other hand successfully and realize I'm dreaming. I look around the room for a second trying to stay calm. There's a lot more people now, all of them talking. I want to go back outside so I get up to leave when one of the guys I was talking to also gets up and shakes my hand. It takes me a couple attempts to get his name right, but apparently it was "Lemon". I walk outside to find it's a brilliant sunny day. Summer comes to mind as spots of vibrant colors, I assume to be from flowers, cover my peripheral vision with large trees over the road in front of the house. It appears I'm in a neighborhood. There's a small picnic table with a pull out bench in the front yard and I go over and sit down. I try grounding myself in the dream more by looking over my hands and touching the wooden bench, feeling the grains and knots in the wood. A friend comes out of the house talking in a very sad voice, but I'm pre-occupied with maintaining my awareness. I suddenly decide to toss the bench I've been sitting on far away just to see what it would do. My roommate comes outside too, and I tell him I just threw the bench to infinity. As I watch it, I see it catch the wind, though, and it falls back in to the neighborhood some distance away. The idea of flying comes to me so I prepare to do this. Instead of my normal routine of jumping into the air to begin, however, I decide to be more controlled with it. I hold out my arms and imagine myself floating off the ground. Before I leave the ground, everyone leaves in a car and the wind becomes a bit gusty. Suddenly, I find myself starting to float. It's working! I continue to focus, also taking note of the surroundings. The wind starts to carry my off, much like a hot air balloon. As I'm drifting with the wind, I try to ground myself more and think of the next thing I want to do, but I wake up
      lucid , memorable
    3. Creepy spiders and ice during summer

      by , 07-02-2017 at 06:35 PM (Awake to take in the view...)
      It's been too long since I've updated this. Hoping to get a bit more on track this summer.

      Dream 1: I remember being really itchy during this dream, and I found that the reason why I was itchy was because a spider was crawling on me. ._____. The creepy thing was that I woke up and was still itching. Thankfully, no spiders to be seen. xD

      Dream 2: This one was kinda cool. I was walking around with a bunch of my friends from school, on campus, including a TA from Film which I took a few semesters ago. One of the guys there asked me how my slipping was going, and I was really confused until we stepped off of the path. I then saw all the ICE that was all over campus, even though it was sunny and summer. The ice was pretty dirty and gross, and some of it was transparent-ish so that you could see some of the grass underneath. In order to walk on it, I tried flying, but I could only fly for short bursts at a time for some reason. Then, I had to land again, and there was the risk of slipping upon landing. So I settled for this awkward hop-slide method, where I alternated short flying and sliding on my butt. We were heading towards a large tree for some reason, at the edge of a field (said tree does not exist IRL).

      Then there were these ducks we slid by, and they were all dead. o_o My campus has a lot of ducks, but they are usually, you know, not dead. One of them was cut open, and instead of blood and guts, it was filled with black beads. Weird stuff.

      I was very close to being lucid, considering that I knew that I could fly, but I did not consciously recognize that I was in a dream.

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      non-lucid , nightmare
    4. Summer Parkour Training in BGC

      by , 01-04-2016 at 07:36 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      Jan 3

      Christian contemporary singing. Trio. Visiting colleges.

      It was summer. I was in BGC training in parkour.

      There are pink eggs.

      I was able to do a two-step wall run. It didn't feel revolutionary but I was happy that I was able to do it.
    5. Scaredy cats

      by , 02-08-2015 at 10:34 PM (Xanous' Dream Journal)
      #409 - DIELD - 6:06AM

      I have a long and confusing dream about sleeping at my parents old house. The time keeps changing and I worry about getting up for work on time. The early details aren't important, but my parents eventually tell me they are leaving to go to a tomato festival. They leave my room and I lay there for a moment. Suddenly, I hear a terrible scream and cats fighting. I rush to the top of the stairs and see my cats running out of a bedroom at the bottom with tails fluffed out.

      I wake slightly and relax back into the dream. I am the stairs again and I go down to the room at the bottom. It's dark in there and I feel like something evil is hiding in the room. I spend some time calling out whatever monster may be lurking with various forms of profanity, but nothing happens. Then, I fearfully reach into the room and try the light switch, but, of course, that doesn't work either. I decide this is all stupid and leave out the back door. As I step out, the cats rush past me into the yard. This makes me worry that something is following me so I turn and walk backwards a while. Thankfully, nothing is there. The house seems extra dark now that I am standing in full sunlight and I turn to have a look at the dream environment. The colors of the trees are a extra vivid and bright green, but also very dream like and blurry at the edges of my vision. I feel awe and peace and this makes me want to fly up into the sky. Before I can do anything else, I suddenly wake without warning.
    6. Harmless tiny Spider Attack

      by , 11-29-2014 at 03:58 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Riding my bicycle up a really beautiful hill through a summer meadow, the road continues into a cool forest tunnel, thick with trees and vegetation. I go a few hundred feet into it, then turn around to zoom down the road really fast on my bike. I go too fast, and can't stay on the road. Trying not to crash, I go into the meadow off to my right, and bounce to a stop before walking back to the road to continue on. Lots of fun!

      I reach home at the bottom of the hill, and feel a sharp poke on my hand. I look and there are several small spiders on me, apparently biting me. My hand and upper arm start to go numb, followed by my shoulder. They seem to have a powerful venom, so I try to brush them off without killing them so they stop biting me. As soon as I brush them off, I notice more on me. Using a soft leaf, I brush those off as well.

      Now that I appear to be spider free, I prepare to take a shower. Suddenly, I am covered with the little spiders, and also a single other bug, not very large, but with a painful bite. It is very strong, and I can't brush this one off. I have to pinch my skin together and grab it to remove it from my arm. Tossing it aside, it runs really fast. Not sure if it is going to get me again, I am quickly distracted by the several hundred tiny venomous spiders all over my arms and legs. I also feel something on my back but can't see it.

      Trying to get all the spiders off harmlessly, as they bite me, I flinch a little, and probably hurt a few of them. It takes me a while, but I manage to get all of them off that I can see, and quickly get in the shower to the relative safety of the running water. I suspect that when I veered off into the meadow, I picked up all those spiders on me somehow.
    7. The first time in awhile that I've done this 'Right' (LD #95)

      by , 07-03-2014 at 10:31 AM (Lucid Time!)
      I am inside of some kind of cafe or coffee shop where I become lucid. The shop is closed down, empty and the lights are off. I am standing near the back of the room. I just become lucid, I think I preformed a nose-pinch RC. I do several seconds of mental affirmation and then do some stabilization. It occurs to me that I have no set goals in mind and no real direction that I am taking the dream. I then just think to myself "I'll go outside and see where that gets me."
      I step outside to see the front door of the coffee shop has landed me on my front porch outside my house. It is nighttime and it there is snow on the ground.
      Shouldn't I feel cold...?
      A chill feeling overtakes my arms, and to a lesser extent the rest of me. I begin to swing my arms around and experiment with the cold feeling. It doesn't feel 'Authentic', but there is defiantly a cold feeling there. I then look up to the sky.
      I don't like to lucid dream at night. Darkness=low clarity, low clarity=sour LD. I look to the east and see the beginnings of a sunrise. So yeah, I could just wait around clinging to lucidity for the sun could come up, but that's not how we do things here, is it.
      "Sundial" command. I extend my arm out to where the sun should be, just below the horizon and grab hold of it. I swing up and out in an arc across the sky, moving the sun to about 45 degrees above the horizon. I might have tweaked the position some more. It was truly fascinating to tweak the position of the sun, watching the sky change colors as I moved it closer/farther from the horizon. It was mostly clear, but there were a couple of clouds.
      I moved the sun back below the horizon momentarily and looked at the stars. I could see the bands of the milky way, something not normally visible from my home due to light pollution. In this dream, it looked as though my neighborhood was deserted.
      I finally put the sun where I wanted. But then I realized that it was too small. The sun felt weak, small and far away.
      "Sun, Ignite!" I said.
      Suddenly, the sun became this huge flaming ball about twice the size of the moon. The heat energy coming off of it was intense and all of the snow began melting all around me.
      I then turned my attention to the moon. I swung the moon around and put it in the sky as well. The moon was the same size as the new larger sun, and they were pretty close to one another.
      Then that part of my brain kicks in that gives me awesome things to do in LDs.
      What if I could make an eclipse happen?
      I grab hold of both the moon and the sun and try to make them overlap. I begin to lose the dream. The moon turns orange and the sun begins to distort into various non-circular shapes.
      I wake up.
    8. Incredibly Chronological Dream and Two Lucids

      by , 01-23-2014 at 06:57 PM (Raven's Roost)
      Wow, last night was the most productive dream night I've ever had. Throughout the whole night, the same dream stretched chronologically and completely context logically. Rare indeed. The whole dream was spent with me either hanging out with or texting my friend Celeste, who I haven't seen in years. There was a bit of romance but mainly it was just a refreshing dream about friendship.

      My first lucid came about while we were driving around hanging out.

      I am in the passenger seat and Celeste is driving. Its a warm summer day and we have the windows rolled down, Celestes hair is playfully being tossed by the wind. I look outside and we are driving on a dirt road, completely surrounded by tall wild grass, wheat fields, and cornrows. We make our way up a slowly slanting hill and she finally pulls over. "This is it!" she says excitedly as she gestures out the window. A lone tree sits upon the hill gigantic and majestic, looking older than god. I laugh and run up to it and begin to climb, when suddenly I become lucid. I hang on to the tree and feel its rough bark as clarity slowly comes to me. I remember wanting to try spinning instead of hand-staring as a stabilization technique, so when the dream begins to fade I use it and find it incredibly effective. Celeste laughs. "What are you doing??" I wave to Celeste, and keep a promise I made to myself do nothing sexual.

      The field oozes summer. Pollen floats in the air, heat raises from the soil, and I can feel the sunbeams on my face. Absolute heaven. Remembering another thread I commented about flying techniques, I decide to try flying as its been a while since I last did it. I jump high in the air and slowly float down, most likely just psyching myself out. I laugh at myself and know I can do it, so on the second attempt I leap forward and stay elevated. I begin to levitate just over the wheat field, letting the wheat tickle my legs.

      After a few moments of flying around, I come to the edge of the field and see a construction site through the thin forest. I land and begin walking around the construction site. I see a cement foundation filled with dirt that will be used for a house, and to make sure I'm still in control I will flowers to grow. I turn away briefly then look back, and the foundation has become overgrown with beautiful wild flowers. I walk deeper into the construction site but
      lose lucidity before I can do much of anything else. I check my phone to see that six hours has passed and Celeste is worried. I tell her I'll be there in time for dinner and the scene changes.

      My second lucid was super brief.

      I attend dinner with Celeste and a husband and wife are there who my dream self recognizes as the owners to the small movie theater in town. Evidently we have history, as we laugh and talk for hours. Finally dinner is over, and everyone hugs and says goodbye. As the husband and wife are leaving, I feel a crunch in my mouth and pull out one of my bottom teeth. I look in the reflection of a car window and another falls out next to it. I smile to see if its noticeable, and, no surprise, it is. I begin to panic, then realize that strange dental things happen to me often in dreams. Bingo! I become lucid again and try spinning, but I'm aware of myself already waking up. I just stand there and enjoy how strange it is for your body to wake up when you're already "awake".
      lucid , memorable
    9. Sunday 2nd December

      by , 12-07-2012 at 09:45 PM
      WILD attempt

      At 11:30ish pm I put my headphones in with pink noise for 15 minutes. I woke up with 4 minutes left of this so this lasted 11 minutes.

      I walked out of my house (it was nothing like my current house but instead looked rather typically American style with lovely white wooden features, quite large and pretty.) wearing jeans and thought to myself, 'What can I do?' As I thought this I almost instantly became invisible. My first thought was 'wow! This is cool!' but then as soon as I began walking down the street (by this point I was completely sure I was in America. It looked like most average American streets in late summer/early autumn time before the leaves have started to fall with wide paths on either side of the road with lots of grass) I realized that it kinda sucked because no one knew where you were and when you were on your own that wasn't fun.

      After this revelation I went to my boyfriend's house and climbed up to his room and through his window. "Hey! It's me, Katie! I'm invisible!" I smiled, standing by his window.

      "No way!" He exclaimed, climbing off of his bed and trying to look for me. "That is pretty amazing."

      "I know right?! Want to go play tricks on people?" I grinned, leaning against the architrave around his window.

      "Hell yeah!" He pulled on his coat and we both set off, finding ourself at, surprise surprise, a stereotypical American high school! When we got there I found a bucket of water in my hands and started throwing this water at people, putting the bucket down over my head (so it hid my face) and starting to spin it to confuse people. As I did this someone threw bright blue paint at me, creating a slightly human shape out of the paint in mid air. After this I dropped the bucket and ran with my boyfriend, finding ourselves in a tiny railinged-off little garden/park spot, that was surrounded by building on three sides (each building a different age and architectural style). We started to laugh together.
    10. Some time about a Year ago...

      by , 09-25-2012 at 10:27 AM
      I am 14 now and This is a dream I had about 1 year ago and it's still clear as day in ly min. I think it might mean something...
      >>> In this dream I am about 15-16 years<<<
      - I was standing on the concrete slab in my backyard. My dogs weren't there, which was odd.it was a warm summers' night and I was looking at the stars. There was no moon on that night. I was staring at the empty space where the moon usually was. The next thing I know, there was a baby in my arms. I can't remember exactly what she looked like. Then there was a voice, it said "She is yours raise her. I will be back for her soon."
      I was scared and confused. I did't interprete what he was saying.
      The next thing I remember, I was at school, holding her, infront of my textiles classroom, on the school balconies, and people would pass me, asking 'who is that? is it yours? I don't remember you being pregnant!'
      I would answer "She's mine, but I'm still a virgin." and smile. I couldn't control what I did or said.
      I don't know how long this went for. But then I was in bed, with the baby girl next to my pillow. I was staring at her thinking `When I wake up, She'll still be there."- >ENDOFDREAM<
      At this point, I woke up and looked around, near my pillow, under the covers, near my bed. She wasn't there. The whole time, I had known it was a dream but didn't want to accept it. The whole day, I wondered if I'd see her again.

      That is a dream I had approximately slightly over a year ago, but I remember it as clear as day, I haven't forgotten anything since the moment I woke up. it was as if it was dream which had huge bits taken out. But it is exactly what I recalled the moment I woke up. Do mind, that I almost NEVER have dreams. But whenever I do, they will mean something. that I know, but i dont know what this one means... I do not remeber the baby girl's name or how she looks, or who's voice it was. but I REALLY need to know what it means!!
    11. Broken phone box and summer party

      by , 05-29-2012 at 08:18 AM (Tomas's DJ - "Exploration of the inner Self")
      Its a night time. I go to public phone box to make a phone call. I throw some money in, but it somewhat doesn't work (missed dream sign). I press the button to return my money.... but much more comes out. I press it again and loads of 1 coins comes out. I type 2500 on the dial and 2500 comes out. I take it quickly, fill up my pocket with some more coins and I go away, as I know that it will be a problem. I feel that there must be a camera and the telephone company will find out that there are money missing. Then they will look at the video and see who did it. But I also know that if I get out quickly, they will not prove anything as I did it smoothly :shade wink:
      There is someone else going to the phone box.... I see he is taking loads of money too.... later I see policeman asking for him.

      There was also some farewell party and I was supposed to do speech. It was outside during a summer evening. I started talking, having no idea who those people were. Then I encourage everyone to a drink and someone offers to go and buy drink for all. I feel guilty as I have all the money from the phone box..... so I should pay. The big fat guy that is paying also buys loads of junk food and some strange fried corn sticks.... He looks wealthy and I have a feeling that he is showing off a little bit.
    12. Lucid, jelly-water

      by , 04-25-2012 at 08:35 AM (~Cookieh's Land of Cookies~)
      [COLOR="#2e8b57"]- I was sitting on the water, already kinda knowing that it was a dream. I stood up and still rc'd. It failed, so this is definitely a dream. I tried hard to stand straight (drunkieh xD), the water was wobbling like jelly under my legs. Finally, I got tired of the jelly so I tried to fly. The first attempt failed. The second one was successful.[/COLOR]

      [COLOR="#483d8b"]- I was walking around in my home village, it was dark. I see A in the distance. We meet in front of the big house and we stop a metre away from eachother. There was this kind of mirror between us (which I think was neat, considering that we're pretty alike). It was glass, so we could both still see eachother. For some reason he ragequit and walked away.
      I was like "meh" and suddenly it was daytime. I saw Ma and I asked her to come swimming with me. Apparently it was a warm summerday. She refused, saying she's too lazy. Oh well, I went alone. I was quite far already, when I heard her say in my head "Okay, okay, I'm coming". I don't really remember arriving at the river or even swimming. Or her coming :D[/COLOR]

      So the first one is probably a semi lucid. Or it was a real lucid and my recall is just that bad.
      Both dreams were longer than that, the lucid had a lot more stuff to it but I can't remember anything.

      Ignore the typos. I'm on a mobile device and close to ragequitting as well.

      [COLOR="#2e8b57"]lucids[/COLOR], [COLOR="#483d8b"]non-lucids[/COLOR]

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    13. Several Short Dreams

      by , 02-10-2012 at 12:01 AM (Second Reality Experiences)

      I had a few dreams last night and thought I would post them. I think they make up in quantity what they lack in quality.

      1. I am at a NASA building. I am touring the place with several students, listening to lectures. A blonde guy in front me jokes about how he made out with a boy who was a goth kid. I remember thinking that he definitely wasn't as straight as he claimed to be.

      2. I am at a Best Buy party. Food was ordered in. Each employee had to pay two dollars to eat, so I go to a cash register and take out change for a ten. My dad showed up, and we all sit at a large round table to eat. My Dad talks politics with my manager - Andrea. He asks who would go to war with the Middle East first : Europe or America? I say Europe because of the close proximity they have with each other. For some reason I had no recollection of our current war. I was thinking of the game Risk...My dad finishes his food early and leaves. Afterward Andrea comes to me and asks if I minded if she took pictures for our family. She knew we were having problems with my dads side of the family, with my stepbrother and half-sister. I thought that was nice of her and agreed. Later my dad tells me we couldn't take the pictures because my stepbrother died of developmental problems.

      3. Summer had some sort of eye surgery that went wrong, removed her cornea, and left her blind. I was the one taking care of her. I lift her up and tell her that this is how things will have to be until the end. Her mom and James are with us. James is laying down on the ground and Summer gets annoyed with him and stands up trying to stomp on his arm.

      4. I am at Bahama Breeze sitting on the deck outside. The new employees are being coached by Tabatha. I overhear a couple of the employees discussing how payouts and tips are handled at the end of a shift. I walk outside and the area around the restaurant looks like a desert. The sand is a mixing pattern of hot pink and yellow. A black thunderstorm starts brewing in the distance. I see my old friend Shay about 20 yards away.

      I become lucid. Everything immediately becomes ten times more accurate in clarity. I can feel the strong breeze coming from the direction of the thunderstorm. There are weird cactus-like shrubs scattered about that are about 6 feet tall. I look at Shay again, and behind her (probably a mile away) a huge tornado had formed.

      She waves at me, "This way Nick! Come with me!"

      I am a little hesitant because of the tornado, but I know it's a dream so I run toward her anyway. The moment I reach where she is standing though, she disappears. Then I begin to float away. I can feel all the wind around me still. I decide to let my dream carry me where it wants. I float over the desert. It becomes night and I am dropped in an alley next to a building. Above the front doors I see a lit circular sign that reads "Pink Panther". Before I can take any further steps the dream ends.

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    14. Helping Someone Move In

      by , 01-31-2012 at 07:55 PM (Second Reality Experiences)
      Summer asked me to help a friend of hers she knew to move into her new home. I thought it would be a great way to earn extra money so I agreed and showed up at her house. It was a huge blue home that looked like it was self-designed. I walked into the home and there were bout three different cats hanging around. They were long-haired, like my cat Luna, and I decided to pet a few of them. I looked around at the interior of the house. Everything was very open and spacious. I walked up to the owner and complemented her on the design. She had most of the decorations up. There were still many boxes and bags all over the place though. There was a man she introduced me to who was also helping her with the moving process - probably to lift the heavier furniture. I asked her if she knew Summer well and that she was interested in how things were coming along. That seemed to remind her of something and she hurried off into her bedroom. I almost followed her inside but stopped at the door thinking she might want privacy.

      "It'll be just a second. I'll be right back." she told me

      When she came back out she had a small digital camera. She took a picture of her newly furnished living room.

      "I'll give you a copy of this picture. Show it to Summer. I want her to see how the place looks now!"

      After that I helped her gather a huge trash-bag up and put it on the side of the road. It was raining outside.

      "When do you want me to come back?" I asked her.

      "As soon as the weather lets up. Probably tomorrow morning. You'll be spending the night a few times to watch the house as part of the deal as well."

      I agreed. After I drove away I worried about how I was going to get off work for that time. The dream then ended.

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    15. Parisian Flat with Summer

      by , 01-24-2012 at 08:07 PM (Second Reality Experiences)
      I was in the passenger seat of Summer's car - she was driving. We were in a city that I imagine looked a lot like Paris. There were cobblestone roads and bright street lamps lighting up the alleys. We decided to stop at a drive-through cafe to get a couple of sandwiches. However the man who worked there was obnoxious and started yelling at us about being closed and that he didn't have time to serve us. Summer called him a fuck-face and then we left. We drove to our place, it was a nice studio flat with wooden floors and a stone fireplace. My snake Virgo was out of his cage and was curled up on the floor. I went to go pick him up but he tried to bite me several times (my snakes are always aggressive in my dreams) so I left him alone. We also had a pretty large black lizard walking around. I tried to pick him up too but he sprayed this pretty strong musk that smelled like bleach.

      "At least it smells clean," Summer said, and shrugged her shoulders.

      It smelled clean but a couple of droplets got into my mouth and it tasted horrible, bitter, and disgusting.

      "Hey Summer. why don't I go down the road and stop at one of the cafes there? Ill find us something to eat." I figured we were living in an area that probably had some kind of small restaurant on every block. There was bound to be something.

      "Sure" she said.

      The dream faded away.

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