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    1. 26 May: Pharmacy, time travel agents, my teacher and dumpsterdiving

      by , 05-26-2019 at 02:45 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      On a trip with mom and others to "Serra da Estrela" and it starts snowing. Mom is out of her mind happy, we take amazing photos and we will share them at Xmas with someone.

      Been needing medicine but and avoiding the pharmacy. But I really need something to feel better and someone is recommending me one particular pharmacist, so I go there and try to get something. I engage in conversation with the pharmacist, she realizes I know quite a lot about drugs and natural remedies. She mentions having colloidal silver and goes get a vial for me to take every day.

      Flying over a pasture with sheep and on fire.

      Part of a team that travels in time and solves situations from the past, turning around the outcomes of wars, etc. We believe we actually need to do it so our timeline is not broken. We get riddles and leads from an unknown source and we solve the cases through detective work and figuring out the riddles on site in the past. But there is another team that thinks we actually alter the timeline and they are against it and try to stop us. There is no way to know which group is doing the good thing.
      We are at a church somewhere in Netherlands or Flanders. We need to reach the highest tower. We solve riddles and puzzles to open and close secret doors and activate hidden gadgets. Up in the tower there is a final riddle which activates a shower of arrows which are shot to the middle of a battle going on down below and which saves the city from its invaders. Once we complete this task, we return to our time and we are caught by the other group. Their leader is a tall handsome guy and we kinda have a crush on him. He arrests me, but I am cool as a pumpkin and he realizes we already completed our mission.

      Some event with my Teacher. We're staying at a hotel or something. I meet him at the lobby and we sit at a table talking. I undress a coat and notice I am wearing a red knitted sweater just like his. I find it funny but not awkward, until other students join us and they are all dressed in white and look at us two wondering why we both wear the same sweater.

      I cross a parking lot and see a dumpster full of good stuff someone threw away. I go get a van and start selecting clothes, shoes, and other stuff. A lady from a nearby block of apartments seems suspicious at what I am doing, so I tell her I collect stuff others throw away, to donate institutions and people in need, so she gets excited and actually comes to help me.
    2. 9 Dec; Spiders coming out of me, robbery and a new food

      by , 12-09-2018 at 12:22 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      On my teenage bedroom, going to sleep late, keeping a light on.

      With some friends at a party hosted by Björk.
      I hurt a finger and burst a blood vessel internally, so I cut open a little bit of the flesh to squeeze some blood out, but instead come out little orange spiders.
      I empty my entire finger until it becomes transparent and naturally it refills with fluids and muscle. It starts working wonderfully and I realize I need do do the same procedure with all my fingers which are painful and stiff, but I can't find the courage to see more spiders coming out of me, I am freaking out at the thought.
      Then thorny vines start bursting out through my skin and I also try to remove them one by one and it is painful.
      Meanwhile I am feeling a bit hallucinated with all that is happening to me and I decided that maybe that was it: I was indeed hallucinating! and I enter a strange mental crazy state, dancing like mad and Björk asks me if I'm alright. My friend Nuno says I need to continue extracting the spiders to heal and I say "What, so it was real? You did see it?" And they confirm with a nod.

      Friend's mansion, looking for one of the many toilets, end up in the laundry room, which is bigger than my living room and dinning room together and has a fireplace.

      My own house is attached to a pharmacy which is all made of glass walls. One night I hear noise at the pharmacy door and I go take a look. There is a gang of guys planning to rob it. They see me peaking though a door, because there is an all night light on illuminating the whole place. I hear them commenting that I'll be the final prize. I get scared, because I know they can get inside the pharmacy easily by breaking the glass. So I go back to the house, lock the door behind me and go check all other doors in my house. Then freak out that they are all unlocked and I can't find the key.

      There is a festival promoting a new food, made from some sea creature or algae, that people never ate before. It is processed into some green waffle toasts and also a spread. I try the spread, tastes weird like raw pureed seaweed. They are asking name suggestions for the products. There are some names on the table already and I see one that looks like Okeje.
    3. [School-lunch Trip to Bashas']

      by , 11-19-2012 at 07:30 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Monday, November 19th, 2012]
      (Plenty of dreams, but I don't remember most of them. I finally decided to jump up and record the last one for once.)

      The last thing I remember- I'm in Bashas with a bunch of other kids from school. I decide to go steal something while no one is looking since I'm hungry. I go to the Pharmacy section but notice kids surrounding the area. I instead turn around and head for the deli section. People are here too. I hear someone ask, "Do you prefer raw raspberries or blueberries? ... Raspberries." And then Cassidy Solpher asks, "Does anyone want to try some of my home cooked meal? It's fully cooked but I can't eat any yet." I then started eating a warm pasta off a shelf, there was beef, alfredo sauce, big long noodles, and mushrooms.

      <I woke up.>
    4. NOTE: Additional tags for previous dream

      by , 11-05-2011 at 04:04 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
    5. looking for shampoo

      by , 08-30-2011 at 11:48 AM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a drug store, like a Walgreens. But it was huge, like a Super Wal-Mart. I was probably with someone else, possibly my sister. We wandered around the outer aisles of the store, going counter-clockwise. We went past the pharmacy counter, which was at the back end of the store.

      Just past the pharmacy section, my sister turned left down an aisle. I waited for her at the end of the aisle, possibly sitting on the floor and playing with some of the products from the store. Somehow or other it became apparent that my sister had got some shampoo. It may have been in a pink bottle. She may have gotten some bottles of some other brands of shampoo.

      My sister and I were now with a group of other people. The shampoo was brought up in conversation. But I realized that we hadn't brought the shampoo back with us. We now had to run to go get it. I may have been in the lead. Along with my sister there may have been a couple other people from the group.

      We ran through an area that looked like a big Warehouse store, like a Sam's Club, with huge shelves in an enormous, concrete building. But it also felt a bit like a Toys R Us. We ran to one of the really big aisles. I ran left down the aisle.

      There was a whole display of shampoos. Some of the shampoo bottles were scattered all over the floor. I may have picked up another pink bottle of shampoo. It was probably Johnson and Johnson's baby shampoo.
    6. July 8, 2010

      by , 07-10-2010 at 06:41 PM (Whirlwind of Dreams)
      Dimension Transportation:
      It had something to do with dimensions. Possibly how one can cross before and enter new dimensions. It was all about the energy. It seems that birds can enter new dimensions at a higher energy. The dimension in particular had a pulsing orange color and had a yellow bird, likely a canary at its forefront.

      Mysterious Place:
      I was in some small room, it was a bit dark but there was enough light to see some of the equipment around. A couple of meters ahead and to my right, was a wooden door. It was open a bit and had no handle. On the wall next to it, was a wooden clock. It was all made of wood and had an octagonal shape. Everytime this clock ticked, the door would close a tiny amount eventually fully closing and likely locking me in the room. I had a feeling that I was in some sort of maze or some game and I had to reach the door before it fully closed. I made a leap to the door as the clock ticked a couple more time and forced my way through the door making it to the other side. I can only recall seeing a restroom at the wall facing the door which I decided to visit. I thought about taking a shower and I have just closed the door when I hear a scream and my mom comes in. I ask "What's wrong?" and she replies "that the bird has caught her white towel with his beak and dropped it on the floor"

      Office Food?
      I was sitting in some office building. The floor had greyish carpets and there was large windows behind me. I was sitting on a chair facing a computer terminal and had some co-workers sitting at the terminals to my left. I think the ceiling was white and there was a wall behind my terminal. The place was organized, such as every group of terminals had a wall blocking their view to the front, similar to a cubicle style, but, rectangular in nature. A friend's girlfriend comes over to me and asks me about chili paper(?). She wanted me to re-print it for her. I take her to a room down the hall and ask her for more details. Something about her not getting along with her teacher and the possibility of winning an award. I went back to my chair and gave it some thought. A co-worker who overheard some of the conversation asked me what she wanted and I told her the story. I think she said that I shouldn't. I was still considering printing it, since, I was considering the price.

      Pharmacy Visit:
      Something about a pharmacist and I think a guy wanting some medicine.

      Thoughts: Hurray for REM rebounds Probably my best night for dream recall. I'm starting to wonder if the first and second dream are actually linked together or not since it's the same bird, kinda of like a story. The first two dreams seem to be interesting, since, I've only ever had one dream that involved the term dimension and I liked the atmosphere of the second(the dark room). I thought the bird being evil with the towel was pretty funny as well As for the third, not much to say, other than being really odd and seems to be mixing different ideas together