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    1. 5/9/18--5/14/18 (L) | Twilight Sparkle, Desert, Oklahoma, College

      by , 05-15-2018 at 03:35 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      I was in Oklahoma for some reason. On a familiar body of water, there were huge sieves with plants on them. At a higher elevation, sprinklers were suspended from towers to water those plants. After entering the house across the bridge, which turned out to be my old house, I found BotW on the TV and a non-existent president. There was an explosion, so we went into the kitchen, Later, there were slides outside. Sliding down one was a light blue translucent object that was represented by "UO2", and an object with rotary blades represented by "UEO3". Earlier in the scene, we passed by several farms and one Cola stand. 2 people manned the stand, and nobody else was around. The weather was sunny and clear. During the sprinkler scene, I turned on Google Earth's clouds layer, which revealed a few broken cumulus clouds.

      -F-Something about Planetshot.

      5/11/18 (L)x3
      -(L)-I became lucid and lost it after 10 seconds.
      -(L)-Later, I became slightly lucid for 5-10 seconds.
      -(L)-Later, I became lucid once again and remembered a tiny amount of stabilization.
      -There was a thing where lots of characters were in a place surrounded by very rough ground. Teleporting was involved. There was a crossover episode between MLP and Avatar.
      -Time traveled in a delorean. I tried to stop my past self from doing that.

      -1-Twilight Sparkle and I tried to enter a settlement of sorts. I was a changeling. Chryssi showed up too. When we tried to approach the changeling settlement, we got flung back by a force. The closest stable area was a plain of mostly rock. The scene was a little foggy and somewhat dark, with incorrectly bright lighting. [FA] I woke up in my old house and ate ice cream.
      -2-Took a music class at my college and missed a storm cell.

      5/13/18 (L)
      -1-I explored a building at college. The layout was completely different, and I didn't catch the fact that the interior style was very similar to one I had seen in a past dream.
      -[FA]-Woke up and caught the FA. I calmly moved around in my dream bed for several seconds before a real-world lightning flash woke me up for real, eyes still closed. That was just a little bit frustrating.

      Spending a day in this particular desert world would be like spending a week in the prime world. (time differential) Twilight Sparkle entered the desert world looking for something. Trump was looking for an object in it. Later, Twilight found what she was looking for, and it turned out to be Spike and Discord. Also, it was all an unrated fanfic that appeared in a feed on Fimfiction.
      [New Scene]
      There was a scene at a building in a temperate area.

      I had some dream control over the ceiling of a place covered in snow. Also, there was a villain going around changing history, but leaving metaphorical bread crumbs for me to follow.

      -F-Something about getting maximum score on a something.

      5/17/18 (L)x6
      3 WILDs, 3 DILDs. Unfortunately, due to poor recall in exam week, I don't remember much of them. There was stuff about snow, driving, a gamecube, and weird people in black suits. The first 3 LDs were the WILDs, and the following 3 were DILDs. In the final LD, I did an RC while driving a car, and when lucidity was confirmed, I immediately spun outside of it. I performed some basic stabilization (somewhat poorly) and remained lucid for close to a minute before getting distracted.

      Lucid Time: 46-79 sec + 90-145 sec

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    2. 4/17/17 | Concrete, Pokemon, Rainbow Dash

      by , 04-17-2017 at 03:22 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      Conditions: Sunny, Calm, Late Afternoon
      I was outside in a rectangular concrete area surrounded by woods. In the center was a big screen of stretched around a giant cube. On the outside edges of the concrete area were rooms that I never saw the inside of. The mane 6 were trying to enter the east room before the Pokemon theme song played. I tried to sing along, but I didn’t remember even half the words, which meant I was gonna get beat up at the end of it. During the song, I snuck up behind the group to smell Rainbow Dash’s mane for some reason. However, she noticed me and instantly flew off at high speed before I could get a whiff. Also, whenever I put my fist forward in time with the music, I would be launched in that direction, and then I would slowly float down. By the end of the Pokemon theme, the scenario changed before anyone had the opportunity to beat me up.
      Now, the concrete area was flat, and made of Minecraft blocks(Railcraft’s concrete blocks). Nothing special happened here, or in the woods.

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    3. The Equestrian Census Bureau

      by , 03-27-2017 at 11:52 PM
      Somewhere within the dream realm. High up above the clouds. There exists a floating island. One where rainbows flow down from high peaks like waterfalls into iridescent pools of color and magic. One where clouds can be walked on and embraced like puffs of cotton. The structures on this island were grand and beautiful. Sadly further details of this magnificent sight were lost in detail. All I can relay is a sense of awe and amazement at the sight. One would be surprised to know that this place was a place of business. Or perhaps, public service would be a better term. This was the Equestrian Census Bureau. A place where all of the citizens of Equestria are counted and logged. Information on every pony in the nation was contained within these walls and I had somehow found work there.

      I do not remember much else other than a party the took place in some kind of great hall. The princesses of Equestria were all there as well as several other government officials. This was clearly some sort of royal gathering and as a public servant, I was invited to attend. At some point during the party, I was notified that the Census Bureau had caught on fire. This was a problem, as the information was all written down on scrolls and could not be recovered if it were lost. Though they tried to maintain their composure, the princesses were frantic. Celestia, in particular, was very concerned.

      I cannot recall what happened thereafter, however, I do remember visions of the floating island on fire. The whole thing was engulfed in flames and the employees who were inside were working desperately to save as many scrolls as they possibly could. I began to worry about them and wonder what would happen if all that information were lost.
    4. 1/26/17 | Mint-Green OC

      by , 01-27-2017 at 03:55 AM (Fantastical Adventures)
      I had a mint-green OC that had a striking resemblance to Lyra, but taller and slimmer. Later, I was in a small town with a sad old lady and 2 cats, one of which was the size of a lab. This town was on a steep hill, with a waterfront at the bottom.
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    5. 1/24/17 (L)x2 | Rotating House, Ponies

      by , 01-24-2017 at 05:27 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-I became lucid for no apparent reason. I did part of the standard procedure while trying to turn my right hand into a cartoony hoof. Then, I became Twilight Sparkle, and ‘galloped’ west. (still felt human tho. I hate that) I saw a pony very similar to me, (clone?) so I ran back east while carrying someone on my back. (I may have been carrying myself) After I returned to the spot where I started running west, I found Rainbow Dash standing around with nothing to do.

      The whole area was grassy and sunny, with rows of trees surrounding modern rural homes. I had passed one while I was running earlier.

      Lucid Time: 45-60 seconds
      -2-I climbed on a cliff, grabbed toxic vines, and ran up a road with some friends.
      -3-In this dream, I was navigating a house/building that constantly rotated around a horizontal axis. It was like the stage “Revolution” in Super Monkey Ball 2.

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    6. 1/16/17 | Celestia, MacGyver, Hitler, Kidnapping

      by , 01-16-2017 at 10:51 PM (Fantastical Adventures)
      -1-I was in a field with about 20 random teens. The sun was at a 9:00am position. The environment was a grassy field. Trees acted as portions of its border. Beyond them, there were implied buildings. At one point, I accidentally inspired a minor historical event. Also, this scene took place in the recent past.

      I felt human, but the dream labeled me as my unicorn OC. (For all intents and purposes, I wasn’t human at all.) I wanted to use magic to take care of an enemy, but there was a serious problem—if I were to use it, there was a high risk of becoming ‘integrated’ with a certain artificial system, trapping me in something or somewhere. For about a full minute, thoughts were going back and forth. If I used magic, the biggest threat would be eliminated. On the other hand (hoof?), I’d be trapped.

      Suddenly, a yellow ball with a similar appearance to the sun (but dim enough to look at directly) appeared north relative to the sun, and in a 7:30am position. It turned out that Princess Celestia was behind it (not literally), proven by her studio-quality voice.
      Celestia: “Look at me as if I were not a threat.” (‘threat’ referring to the ball’s high brightness)
      “Use your powers to defeat the evil in your world!” she continued.

      Then, it clicked. I decided to use magic to take out whatever antagonist there was. I forgot what it was.

      -2-I was inside my house, watching MacGyver with my family. The episode started with a camera panning to the right over a quiet, lit, residential street. The light was white, as was the supercar parked on the side of the road. Then, I found myself along with everyone else in church, watching MacGyver from the pews. I was reading a newspaper. (what? I never read those)

      -3-In my house, the staircase was completely blocked by presents. Nearby, Adolf Hitler was discussing something trivial with a subordinate. There was a horizontal Nazi banner on the wall near the floor.

      -4-Four kids were kidnapped and placed in a building. When I found theme, they seemed almost bored with their attitude. They were aged around 5 or 6. I asked a boy where my sister and my mom were taken, and he told me, “The apartment building.” He pointed at it. I then left the kids behind in the room.

      Eventually, I and a friend snuck inside that building, and made our way undetected to a room on the ground floor. Here, we knocked out a guard by hitting him with a soft blanket. Later, a female guard spotted us, so we did the same thing to her. We hid both their bodies in the closet. I also looked out the window to find my mum. She noticed me, so I put a finger on my mouth. However, she didn’t give a crap, so she walked up to a window and tried to talk to me, somehow not getting caught. Her voice was inaudible from where I was.

      Right then, the now four unconscious guards in the closet woke up at the same time, and they were all wearing tuxedos, except for the woman, who wore a generic black set of clothes. We were kind of screwed, but it wasn’t of much consequence. The ex-guards seemed pretty nonchalant about everything.

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    7. Somehow we got on the subject of Unicorn Ponies...

      by , 12-19-2014 at 07:34 PM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      I am a floating awareness, following a young buy as he runs from a man and woman. They are chasing him through the exterior stairways on a large ship. As he runs from them, he turns a corner and gets the attention of an officer on the ship who hides him underneath his coat. Quite well hidden actually. His pursuers catch up to the officer, who directs them on their way up the stairs.

      I float up to the top, and see through the man's eyes as he looks through thermal imaging goggles at the officer, and sees the boy underneath the coat. They yell out, and begin to run down to get him. The officer quickly puts the boy down and tells him to run.

      Now I am in physical form again and there has been a large conflict started between an apparent good force against an apparent evil force. They are using telekinetic weapons, superhuman strength, and guns to kill one another. I don't feel nearly powerful enough to do anything but die in this fight, so I run for my life as I hear some people approaching, and bullets ricochet off a nearby wall.

      The ship is now an old Victorian house as I sprint down the hallways and down to the main entrance. Seeing an older woman standing there, I tell her it's not safe - that there are people chasing me and they will probably ask her questions under duress if they find her. I turn to run out the front door, but see many thousands of police officers with guns out front, all standing in a massive array facing the door.

      I open the door, and drop my sweater I'm holding onto the ground and immediately put my hands up. They seem uninterested in me, as if they know I'm not a threat to anyone. So I pick up my sweater and walk through their formation to the back, where I look for a spot to sit down and get my bearings. There is not much room with so many police, but I manage to find a small spot up against the fence behind a hill.

      As I sit down, my sweater turns into a giant inflatable boat / mattress with 3x 20 ft long air chambers. Other people lean up against it and rummage through my supplies. The closest one to me hold up several boxes of cereal and asks me where my things are. I only have a single box of life cereal and I show it to him.

      Behind us is a large hill, and we watch as large Mac trucks drive up and down it, going off jumps, doing flips and 360s. A jeep is with them, and they crash into each other, sending the jeep flying through the air, doing stunts, and landing back on its wheels - neither of the vehicles are damaged at all. I think it's really strange how that can be, and am suddenly driving the jeep!

      I am low on gas, so I pull up next to the Mac truck and get out. I have a few spare gas tanks, and think that other guy is probably low on gas too, his bigger truck surely uses more gas than my jeep does. So I begin fueling his truck instead of mine. Then I consider that it might take diesel instead of gas, so I stop. Walking back to my jeep, it is now parked further away, at a gas station pump. Some friends walk with me through the crowd of tall gas station attendants - all dancing and looking very intimidating, but acting harmless. There are 4 of us, so I get into the back of the jeep.

      The back of the jeep transforms completely and I am floating above a field. My friend Rob has created a type of emblem for himself out of 4 cubes, and I am told to create my own emblem. It is described to me how the system works, and how by changing the adjacent cubes, others change to match it on the edges. It already makes sense to me, but through their explanations of how to use the system, and what to watch out for, I am confused and end up making a lame little unicorn pony.

      Everyone watching me do this starts laughing. No one is even sure how I made a unicorn pony, but that aside, it's the lamest thing they've ever heard of. A little frustrated, I poke at it, making random finger gestures, and manage to add armor to it, and laser cannons, rocket launchers, and a disposable tail like a lizard. I continue to poke at it, and the armor gets upgraded each time until it is quite a badass unicorn pony. A pony even Satan himself would think twice before messing with him. That silenced the critics!

      The pony stands there, covered in thick spiky armor - charred black, and with no gaps between it. Most parts of the armor are actually on fire, and give the pony a frightening aura of flames and smoke. Protruding from each of the shoulders are some sort of laser cannon that looks like its from 3000 years in the future. The unicorn horn has been modified into a serrated spike of death, coated in metal and adorned with extra spikes. On its back is some sort of rocket launcher or mortar with a laser guidance system.
    8. Princess Twilight Sparkle

      by , 11-17-2013 at 08:19 PM
      I went to sleep while consenting so that I would be lucid from when I first entered the dream. After a while I was in the dream. I was a princess riding a bike through the forest. I got really excited and I almost lost the dream. I got off the bike and began spinning around with my eyes shut and concentrating to stay inside the dream. When I stopped spinning I found myself in a castle. After a few moments I realized that I was Twilight Sparkle! I exploded the castle and it was not very big. It only had 1 other room and a staircase. Then I realized that because I had wings I could fly and because I had a horn I could do magic! I then gotten excited again and had to spin. I had gone to the forest that I was in before. I was still Twilight Sparkle. I saw some rocks on the ground so I used my magic to make them all fly around. After that I was walking around and suddenly Flutter Shy appeared. I said hi to her and asked her if she wanted to fly with me. She said yes and then I flew up into the sky using my wings. Flutter Shy was behind me. I suddenly saw Rainbow Dash and she started flying with me. We flew up into the clouds. I was really excited and because I was flying I could not spin around to stay in the dream. I woke up. It was a really cool dream and I was lucid throughout all of it which I have never ever done before! It was wired for me to dream of my little pony because I have not been watching it recently since I have seen all of series 3 now. I have also never dreamed of my little pony before. I am still not complaining it was an awesome dream and I really enjoyed it! Could not believe it when I had woken up!
    9. 2013, September 16-19

      by , 09-19-2013 at 06:28 PM
      These are various ones. I've been falling behind a bit as of these recent days.

      September 16 or 17:

      > There was reference to an old small CRT TV that now belonged to a next-door-neighbor of mine. I saw the TV outside m house in the back yard.

      September 18:

      > I drove a semi in Cranberry, PA and was going east on Rt. 322 and then there were mountains I was going down and I put it in lower gear and jake braked but still wrecked it catastrophically.

      And now for some 2013-September-19th dreams:

      > I was on a couple's porch and they had a pony or small horse there which they had resemble a dog. Their house door was open. I'd only stopped for a moment and one of them asked if I liked the pony/horse and I said yes. I recall what the man looked like pretty well; He had blonde hair and a goatee or mustache and I think was wearing a black shirt.

      > I was in a town and someone murdered an elderly man's wife and he owned a big building that he and his wife had made a business out of. The man was distraught and wrote something on a sign near the building, Near a street that I was at.

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    10. Ponies and Spies

      by , 04-19-2013 at 04:04 PM
      Had a dream, kinda... Austin Powers style, I guess? But I don't remember much.

      Then I was part of a group of spies who were trying to infiltrate an office. We got seen by someone there but they assumed I was a supervisor (I was one person and a group of people at the same time). Then their boss called a meeting and we were recognized as spies. And the boss turned out to be... Hitler. No kidding. I was going to try to kill him, but...

      Then it shifted to a group of people trying to infiltrate a place, and they were trying to infiltrate a blood elf camp or something. I was subconsciously changing the buildings because they did not look blood elfy enough. There were several members, and one of them was kind of a ladies' man who was embarrassed that it got found out that he'd set up a date with a superior officer's daughter, who was somehow also Rarity from My Little Pony (yes... a pony).

      After that, I was running out of some sort of office complex, only it was more like an industrial building, lots of concrete. I then fully realized that I was dreaming, but it was dark and rainy outside where I was. I looked at my hands, rubbed them together, tried running them along a concrete pillar... I wanted to do a scene change (I was trying to get to an Inn) so I tried to see a light in the distance, but then everything went black. I tried closing and opening my dream-eyes, but it was still black. I began flailing my arms around and every time I moved I heard a sound like the bell on a cat collar. Then I lapsed back into non-lucidity.
    11. War On Shadow Men, Space Fragment (January 29, 2012)

      by , 02-06-2012 at 02:00 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      War On Shadow Men

      When I woke up in the middle of the night I tried daydreaming as I fell back to sleep. I seem to daydream about odd things in the middle of the night. I sort of daydreamed that there was a game menu in front of me and it asked, "How many lucids do you want?" I scrolled down the menu and selected "3 lucids with action".

      This dream started off with me and about 10 other soldiers running through a forest. It felt a lot like I was playing MAG. We were running towards a wooden building on the other side of the forest. Two really short guys in black robes (shadow men) jumped out from behind the trees. They had machine guns and I ducked down behind a nearby as they started firing. I pulled out a frag grenade and threw it over the rock at them. They made a very funny high pitched "ugh!" sound when they blew up. Sadly we were down to only about 7 guys after the fight. I threw a smoke grenade in front of the building as we ran towards it. More shadow appeared at the same time and tried to block out path. I dropped on the ground and shot a couple with my assault rifle and they made that funny noise again. I quickly got up, ran through the smoke, and opened the door.

      I walked in with 2 other guys who were apparently all that was left. We walked down the dimly lit hallway of what looked like a hospital. As we walked into the lobby a shadow man popped his head up from behind a desk and a few more came from the hallway on the other side of the room. They started shooting at us with assault rifles and killed the guy to right of me. Narrowly dodging bullets, I quickly ran to the left corner of the room behind a wall of pipes sticking out of the wall. I'm not sure what happened to the other guy. I threw a poison gas grenade towards the hallway to stop more shadow men from getting into the room. I then looked threw the scope and shot the two shadow men that were running towards me. When the other two shadow men behind the desk stopped firing at me I threw my last frag grenade at them. When it exploded they flew up in the air in a cartoony way and made that funny sound again. There was another shadow man, but he ran down a hallway before I could kill him.

      I walked around the lobby for a moment trying to take in what had just happened. The light then started to flicker and the colors in the room dulled. It looked like a place in a horror movie now. I found one of my guys lying on the ground in a pool of blood. I checked to see if he was alive, but he wasn't. I put my gun down on the ground and took his assault rifle because it had a silencer and flashlight.
      I became lucid at this point for some reason that I can't remember. I suddenly got a suspicous feeling from a dark closet on the right side of the room. I took a step towards it, but then hesitated. I turned my gun's flashlight on and pointed it at the closet. I slowly walked towards it before a shadow man jumped out with a knife. I shot it in the stomach with a few bullets though and it fell onto its back.

      I turned off my flashlight and walked towards the hall all stealthy like. I peaked out around the corner and saw a dark blur fly across the hall. Right as I saw this the flickering light in the hall suddenly went out. It was nearly pitch black now and I was really scared. I took a few deep breaths and turned my flashlight back on. I slowly walked into a small bathroom on the left. I shined my light around the room and everything seemed normal, but then I felt like looking in the mirror. When I looked in the mirror I saw an eerie (not sexy) shadow move behind the shower curtain. I quickly turned towards the shadow with my heart pounding like crazy. I motioned as if it was going to open the curtain, but instead it sort of evaporated. I gathered up some courage and quickly ran to the shower and opened the curtains myself. The second I opened it I fired a few shots at the tub, but there was nothing there. I then heard the echo of a little girl's laugh. I turned back towards the door way and saw a trail of blood leading from the tub down the hall.

      I followed the blood trail down the hall and started to give into the pressure. I kicked open a door to the right and started firing my gun, but there was nothing there. I thought I saw a shadow from under the door to the left and did the same. I then sat down for a moment and tried to calm myself down. I took in a few deep breaths and reminded myself it's just a dream. I then picked up a wet sponge on the ground and repeatedly squeezed like a stress ball. I reloaded my gun and walked down the hall. I had more courage this time as I walked, but I had that weird feeling in me again that told me there was something bad at the end. My heart started pounding as I reached the door at the end of the hall. I opened the door and I know something happened, but I can't remember what.

      Space Fragment

      I'm just going to give a short explanation of this one because it confused me. I was lucid and I was floating in space next to earth with the elf. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy were standing on an asteroid and gave me a quest to destroy a space station. Sure, why not? So then we fly over to the space station and I shoot a fireball at it and the elf shoots a lightning bolt at it. It blew up and a bunch of gold coins came out.

    12. 3 Lucids and Tetris Effect (December 17, 2011)

      by , 12-18-2011 at 06:52 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      My Neighborhood

      I was in my old room from when I used to live in Loudonville. It was the middle of the night and I was preparing for bed. Nothing too interesting happened except for how real it felt and I thought I was being watched. I would slowly walk to my bedroom door a couple times and peer out. It almost felt like there was someone just standing at the door watching. I just ignored it and went to sleep.

      When I woke up I was in a dimly lit room similar to the last one. The difference was I had a wood floor (real splintery wood), everything was a mess, and a few things were broken. I had to sneeze and I reached over to grab a tissue. I held it to my nose and sneeze, then tried breathing in with it pressed to my nose.
      I could breathe clearly and I realized I could only do that if I was dreaming. I felt the air around me to make sure I was dreaming.

      I was very calm in this dream and I didn't feel the urge to blast everything to pieces. I remembered I wanted to go to Korthos and tried using the dream spin technique. I'm not sure why I did that when I know how to create portals. It failed at making me teleport, but it made my dream more vivid and lucid. I decided to just walk out the door and see where it would take me. It brought me to a dark cold room made of stone. There were a couple small windows, a half broken door to the left, and another bedroom door to the front. I decided to keep going straight. I came to a similar room except the walls were cracked, a window was broken, and the door to the left wasn't even on its hinges anymore. I tried going straight a couple more times, and each time I saw the same room with a little more damage.

      Then I finally stopped and thought about it. "Screw it. This is just going to go on forever." I thought. So I decided to try the left this time. I moved the broken door out of the way and could see the bright daylight. I smiled as I saw multiple houses lined down the street and many people outside enjoying themselves. This was a little new to me because I'm used to living in the middle of nowhere.

      I walked out into my front yard to find a man casually chainsawing the hell out of my tree. I decided to try talking to him to see what he had to say. "Hi." I said. He stopped chainsawing my tree for a moment and looked at me strange. "Ok, bye." I said backing away from him. I decided I didn't want to say anything that might make that DC mad since he had a chainsaw. So I just let him go back to randomly chainsawing parts of my tree even though I liked that tree.

      A mail man then walked up my drive way and I thought I could talk to him. I tried saying hi again, but he just stared at me with surprised look on his face. Maybe he was afraid that I was going to blow him up. I figured it would be hopeless, so I just walked by him. I then started walking down the road to find something interesting.

      For some reason there is a large memory gap here, but I remember being on a highway full of parked vehicles. I was just running around and jumping on vehicles like it was an obstacle course. I eventually came across an ice cream truck. I couldn't resist driving it around in circles with the music playing. It made my day, but I woke up not long after.

      Tribal Warfare; Pinkie Surprise

      This dream started with me in the same room that I became lucid in the last dream. I instantly recognized that and did a nose reality check to confirm that I was dreaming. I also did the spin technique just to make my dream more vivid. I walked through the bedroom door like before. This time I decided to take a left from the start so I wouldn't waste time going straight. When I moved the door out of the way I was in the middle of a field near a mansion.

      I then heard battle cries from behind me and I slowly turned around. There were a hundred little tribal people with green hair, masks, and spears. I talked to them and heard that they were about to lay seige to the mansion. I also befriended one named Mike, but I can't remember many details. I did tell them which side they should attack from and what formation they should use. I was just trying to be helpful.

      They all got in formation and moved to position. The warriors then charged towards the mansion from the left at full speeds. People who were having a party at the mansion started to panic and scatter in all directions. As they got close to the mansion's door, a huge wall of flames surrounded the building. All the tribal people were lit on fire and killed except for a few survivors. I casually walked over towards the mansion as the flames died out and the people calmed themselves. I was enjoying it all because I knew it was just a dream and nothing serious.

      I was still curious as to what happened to Mike. I tried digging through some of the loose dirt on the ground from the battle. Instead of Mike, I found a very large stone floor beneath me. The floor was made of huge Mayan hieroglyphics. I didn't care, and I still wanted to know if Mike was alive or not.
      "Have you seen Mike?" I asked a girl sitting on stone steps in front of me.
      "What are those symbols on the ground?" She asked while ignoring my question.
      "Something Mayan related. Is Mike still alive?" I asked her again.
      "What does that picture on the ground mean?" She said pointing to a spot on the ground. I looked to where she was pointing and noticed it looked like a man with a mustache. "It means the Mayans invented Pringles." I said jokingly. "Now tell me where the survivors are." I demanded.
      "What survivors?" she said laughing.
      I started to pretend to cry and said, "No! My one and only dream friend dead!"
      "Oh your friend Mike is over there standing by the other 3 survivors." She finally stated.

      My memory is kind of weak for the rest of the dream. I walked over to a group of tribesmen who were just sitting around relaxing. We talked about how the invasion failed what went wrong. We also walked around finding some Mayan statues and other stuff. I think we went into the forest and saw some "spicy trolls" attack an elf. They turned into hot sauce and melted the elf like lava.

      The next thing I remember is driving around Ponyville with Mike in a whacky looking car that was most likely invented by Dr. Seuss. I also remember that I was no longer human but a black pony again. By this point things have suddenly become less vivid and obviously more cartoony. My cell phone started to vibrate and I answered it. The left half of my vision was then covered by a pannel of Pinkie Pie. She was in a bird costume and making angry buzzing noises into the phone. "Okay..." I said and ended the call. This repeated again.
      "Hello?" I answered into the phone.
      "Bzzzzzz!" Was all I got.
      "Bye." I said and ended the call again.

      I sat there confused for a moment and tried to figure out what was happening. The phone vibrated again.
      "Hi Pinkie Pie." I answered."
      "Bzzzz! Bzzzzzzzzz! Bzzz Bzzz!" She responded angerly.

      I hung up the phone and proceeded to bang my head repeatedly against the side of the car. I now have a reason for killing dream characters all the time. The vibrated once more.
      "Hello again Pinkie."
      "I know you're mad about the tribes people dying, but it wasn't my fault!" I tried to explain to her.
      "Bzzz!" Was her response.
      "Once I find you you're gonna-" I stopped and looked up to see a bunch of balloons, cake, and confetti.

      A bunch of ponies jumped up and yelled "Surprise!" and cheered. "Okay, 'surprise' for what?" I asked as I closed the cell phone.
      "It's a party for your lucid dream, silly!" Pinkie Pie said cheerfully.
      "Sure, why not." I said half talking to my dream itself.

      So the pony party commenced and we had a lot of fun. Once again, I ate dream cake and it was the best ever as usual. Sadly the dream faded away as the party went on.

      Let's Fly to Puppet Land

      I really can't remember the beginning of this dream. The last thing I remember is I was in my grandmother's hallway. I suddenly started puking a sand/dirt substance which is unfortunately one of my dream signs. I didn't even need to do a reality check because the second I start puking sand in real life I might as well be dead. I walked into a bedroom and used the spin technique to stabilize the dream. I then sat on the bed and questioned what I could do with this dream.

      I looked out the bedroom window and saw my sister's car pull into the drive way. I then looked at the bed and bounced on it a little. I also noticed a large pile of random junk sitting in the corner of the room. Suddenly I had an idea. I would recruit my sister and her friends to build a magic flying bed!

      I ran outside to meet my sister. She got out of the car with her boyfriend and some random naked dream character. "Okay, you three are going to help me build a flying bed. We don't have time to argue about it so lets just go!" I explained to them excitedly. I then ran back inside to the bedroom to get started.

      First we pulled out a large pile of old rusted metal springs. I used telekinesis to mend them together. My sister's boyfriend then placed a matress on top of the springs and the naked dream character placed a gym mat on top. Well all then climbed up there, held hands, and sang a song as I enchanted the bed. Really messed up stuff.

      So then the bed starts to levitate and crash through the ceiling. I pointed towards a mountain range off in the distance and the bed took us there like a flying carpet. As we flew through the snowy mountains, we came across giant dancing puppets. They were almost as big as the mountains and I have no idea who was controlling them. The dream started to fade after this, but it was some pretty fun stuff.

      Tetris Effect

      As a result of playing stronghold crusader for a few house in the afternoon, all my dreams except the lucids were about crusader. The tetris effect is where you do so much of an activity during the day that you dream about it. So sadly I spent most of my time watching little virtual archers shoot flaming arrows at little virtual spearmen. That's really all that happened. I was only viewing gameplay.


      I suddenly love the dream world again. Not all dreams are out to kill me after all.
    13. 2 Lucids and 4 Dreams (December 12, 2011)

      by , 12-13-2011 at 06:45 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Drawing Practice

      It was a false awakening and I had emerged from my parents' bedroom in the afternoon. I was planning on going downstairs into the living room to draw pictures. On my way a woman in an assassin's clothing kicked open the bathroom door and ran down stairs. Although it was never mentioned, I can only refer to her as a goddess. I continued to walk down the stairs and went into the living room. In there the goddess from before was throwing daggers at another goddess wearing white robes. Despite the daggers and light magic flying all over the room, I made my way to the couch where my notebook was. As I was about to start drawing, the white goddess threw the dark one onto my table and it exploded. I then decided to move to the kitchen where I could draw in peace. I drew multiple small objects and then a sketch of a picture of a war general. The picture didn't look like anything fancy or describable. I think the battle managed to find its way into the kitchen and woke me up.

      Slap Me Awake

      This dream was a short false awakening and a nightmare. It was the middle of the night/early morning and I had awakened to a man jumping into my bed. He got on top of me and held me down. He started slapping me and punching me while speaking insane gibberish. I woke up after about 20 hits or so.

      Slap Me Awake II

      Same deal as the last dream. A man in dark clothing jumped on top of me as I was sleeping and beat the crap out of me. After just a few hits I suddenly remembered it happening before and became lucid. At this point I took a little more control over the situation and tried pushing the man away. I managed to keep him far way enough so he couldn't attack me. I tried to handle it subtlety by trying to make him dissapear. When I attempted this he gave me a wide eyed stare that seemed to pierce through me. His eyes seemed to be saying "I'm not going anywhere." Between his horrifying stare and the shock of my dream control not working I woke up.

      For a few seconds I was in a state of fear after waking. Fear quickly turned into anger because I had allowed it to succeed twice. As I was falling asleep again, I wanted it to try scaring me again.

      Slap Me Awake III: The Revenge

      It was the same as the last time. Creepy man jumped in my bed and started to attack me. He only got in a couple hits this time before I became lucid once more. This time I decided to do it the old way. I pushed him away from me and kicked him off of my bed and onto the floor. I knelt down, gripped him by the chest, and threw him straight through my bedroom wall. I then opened my bedroom door and walked over towards his body. As he tried to get up, I jumped on top of him and started punching him as he did to me. I then dragged his nearly unconscious body back into my room. Thanks to dream physics, I was able to cram his whole body into my dresser drawer. I woke up shortly after. I had woken up happy and almost laughing at my triumph. Nightmare conquered.

      Horse Racing Peter Griffon

      It was a pretty short and blurry dream. In the dream I was a black pony on top of a brown horse (big difference). To the left of me was Peter Griffon on top of a similar looking horse. That funny race music started to play and a gun shot went off. I don't really remember much of the race except that I barely won. I tried to a give a thumbs up but then I realized pony's don't have thumbs. Sadly they only have hooves.

      Horrible Shoes

      Yet another false awakening. I came out of my grandma's bedroom in the middle of the day this time. I sat down with my family to watch some show on tv. In the show there were 3 detectives or police officers and they were discussing a crime. All of the sudden Man 1 took a notice to Man 2's shoes. He said they looked horrible even though they weren't that bad. Then Man 3 pulled out his revolver and shot Man 2 in the foot. Crime against fashion? I was then asked if I wanted to go to Walmart. I didn't have anything better to do, so I agreed. I woke up before I even got out the door though.


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    14. Mission Success?

      by , 11-28-2011 at 01:58 AM (Lyrics to Lunacy)
      Lame internet connection + Little recall = (Super-duper) x inactivity regarding (DJn>1n)

      Fragment 1:

      I was talking with two of my friends from school in no solid setting. Angles were curved, I remember purple smoke, and people did not seem to have bodies. I was explaining to the floating head of a friend who is a massive pony-hater and massive Minecraft-lover that Notch had recently stated that he was a brony.Wait, I thought, it's Sunday, and this is a dream, so it doesn't matter if I tell them. Oh, well, I'll do it anyway. Then everybody attacked me.

      Fragment 2:

      I was part of the crew of a crashed alien ship. The ship consisted of black hull and glowing green tubes and antennae, composed into a rough tube shape. Me and two other survivors were sitting in a completely black room, which, on any other ship, would have served as a cargo hold, as it was the room that had the ramp outside. No airlock, I thought it was worth noting. The oldest of us was at a completely black counter, making omlettes. The youngest was at a completely black table, doing nothing. I decided to go outside and search for firewood.

      There was a cut, and I was a hundred meters up a hill from the crash site. The landscape was mostly flat other than the hill I was on, and the vegetation was only dead-looking, thorny, bush-sized plants. They surrounded the crash site, anything too close to it got incinerated. The sky was limited to a dome around the crater and the plants surrounding it. There was dark blue and stars outside of the dome. I climbed for several seconds, then the dream ended.

      Fragment 3:

      This was certainly part of an epic full dream. Shame I can't remember it.

      I was on an anvil-shaped airship going at unrealistically high speeds with a girl about my age. She was blonde, and her hair was braided into a single tail. She was a wearing black, that seemed to be a theme in my dreams tonight. I didn't recognize her. I was wearing black, too. I also wore aviator goggles. We were either dealing with or being pirates.

      We were standing on an outdoors catwalk going in a loop. She acknowledged my presence briefly and then glided off into the globe of grey clouds speedily passing us. My view followed her circling the bottom of the airship. her suit had dark yellow wings under the arms, like those of a flying squirrel. As she flew, she threw away the rapier she previously held and it passed us in a blink. She traded it out with a cutlass take from a copper statue on one of the ends of the ship.

      She reached the front of the bottom of the ship and sliced two guards in one swing and flew, cutlass first, into the window. My view transitioned inside of the ship, watching the glass shatter in slow motion. She fell once she was in, and recovered with a roll. Suddenly, I joined her in the room.

      In the corner, she picked up some trinkets and put them a bag. She smiled stood up, and we moved out of the window. Mission success, it seems. The dream ended.
    15. Wow, I have weird dreams.

      by , 09-08-2011 at 08:51 PM (Curiouser and Curiouser)
      I was really hoping for a lucid dream last night, but no such luck. Really weird dreams too.

      There were a bunch of super tall girls competing (much taller than me - which is saying something as I clock in at a healthy 5'9"). I really strongly disliked one of them, some blonde girl. I don't remember why. We were taken to a hotel (me and my group) by the guy in charge, and at first we were upset because we had the building furthest from the center/main event (I don't remember) but then we realized it was by the water, so we were happy.

      I went to some sort of party , I wrote down that S was there but I think it was actually R and I just got them mixed up. M was there and I remember getting upset because he was talking and laughing with R the whole time, even when she was being snarky. It wasn't a big deal though, and I left with Mo and Ra. They had a fridge in their car, which was really funny since it kind of makes sense since they always have the munchies.

      I remembered something else later, and I think it was part of a different dream but it might have been from the same one.

      I was moving into my suite (pretty obvious why I dreamed about that), but the suites in my dream were totally different than in real life, and I only had one roommate. It was just one really small room with two beds and a giant tv on the wall. My dad was helping my move in and my roommate had already brought all her stuff in.

      In another part I was just watching a story about a little boy that captured a pony (it looked very my little pony-esque, not realistic at all), and was doing experiments on it. He was taking blood and collecting urine samples, and then he was making it drink a mixture of the two. That did not feel as weird and gross in the dream as it does now that I'm awake, but I remember hoping that when the two mixed it would just look like strawberry lemonade so it wouldn't seem so gross - but it didn't, it was just a dark orange-y yellow. Ew.

      I'm working on being more constantly aware. I hope this pays off sometime soon!
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