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    1. Kidnapping a baby from a wild amazonian(?) tribe

      by , 08-01-2018 at 02:23 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I've been in a big complex in the middle of the jungle , it was a headquarters for a tribe. Made of something strong , it was basically four walls in a cube form, they were really tall ,like a tower and on them were holes and structures made of wood ,latters , lil shacks and stuff , strategic points. On the Inside were wooden bridges to go between the segments. The tribe used spears ,and arrows , and such weaponry, and there were also that long stick that had something really flexible tied to it, with something stingy and poisonous and sharp at the end of the string. I posessed one of those things.

      My mission was to kidnap a baby and bring the baby into civilisation. I had a companion , who worked outside in a helicopter , was covering me I think? I was going in with stealth, infiltarted the base somehow from above ,and looked for a baby.
      But at a point some tribesmen saw me and started to chase me on the bridges , shooting arrows and trying to catch me with that poision fishing stick thing. I was flying across the bridges by using that stick thing I flung it under the bridge so it hooks onto the bridge then jumped down the other side and swung myself in the sky like spiderman, it was amazing.
      Then at a point I got the baby and escaped through the helicopter. The companion was my supposed girlfriend who drove the helicopter .
      Then I got detached from the scene and the characters held a conversation on their own
      and they said something like this

      "- I feel sorry for this kid , he may not going to live like their savage parents but in the end hes going to be just another brick in the wall ,probably a grocery shop seller somewhere in -something latin sounding city name- " said the guy who I was just a minute ago

      +That's how our job is , what can u do -said the woman

      -Idk , overthrow the system ?

      +Hell no , especially when my job is what supports the system.

      Then I had an epiphany or something like that.. Indeed , people are afraid of change, they cling to their status . There can be "new ways" that would new and good , but people are afraid of losing ,and even more...they hate to learn new things, its too bothersome for them , so they will stay with the old ways even if its not so beneficial for anyone
    2. Nature, buses, revenge (fragments)

      by , 03-29-2017 at 03:16 PM (Break the code, break the node)
      I was in my city, then somehow i wandered off into nature, and found myself in a settlement in the middle of nature, on the plains, there was little rivers flowing, abandoned buildings and such, then I found , kind of a tribe with occultists and hippies, there was a river that was secluded with rocks and cardboards flow into a lake.
      These people believed in nature and living in balance i guess? Then at a point i learned of that there were other people like me who wandered off and joined in,

      It was sunset all the time in the dream so the scenery was beautiful .

      Then the dream switched, me and some people were on a way that was cracked to the ground and some buses got stuck, I screamed "you fuck, get going already".Then the bus driver got out and was like wtf , so i asked whats the problem with the bus, then we checked the tires that was wrecked .
      after that the dream switches back

      Later I met with my friend from school , he had a different hair now though.
      I wandered around that settlement a while then I suddenly heard riot, turns out my friend got killed and the people started to fight against eachother for survival, kinda battle royale situation escalated, some people fled into a place with the leader or main person of this cult whom i met later.
      But now i ran around in this chaos, some ppl tried to kill me, they teamed up against me, so i fled from the lake where it all broke out, ran in the water among the old
      buildings, then I stopped ,
      in a building was birds, they started to fly around me , and I felt a natural energy in myself, I started to throat sing, it was kinda similar to kargyraa but alot more epic and deeper. I became one with nature , through the singing i were able to comunicate with the birds, I felt balance with myself, it felt really good, some kind of singularity I guess. I went back to comfront the riot, with an army of birds gathering above me, then I ordered the birds to kill them all, and they did, some 7-10 people died on the river.

      Then I've let go of the birds.
      Later I've met with that woman who I assume leads this tribe or what : She looked like xoxaan from star wars legacy , but with white hair and white clothes, bit similar to an assassin but without hood .
      we were floating above a rock in the middle of the plains and walleys , and some other men in dark clothes floated around us too. We talked and then kissed. Thats when I woke up.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    3. 4/9/15 - alone in ancient cave

      by , 04-09-2015 at 05:26 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm in my cousins house I suppose it is, it's unfamiliar in real life but their mom is in downstairs doing something and I'm upstairs waiting in their combined room fro them to come from school. I begin realize things, I combine one thing with one things and create some sort of herbal thing that effects the mind. The more things I make the more I seem to become ancient primitive like. And for some reason I can't stop, I feel compelled. Then my cousin come home and I try to convince them to make some things, one of my cousin doesn't care and sits down and gets on the pc, but the other cousin takes mine instead of makes his own, i didn't mind because I can feel that he can\t comprehend how to make it but he wants the effect. Well he takes it but he doesn't eat it, so meanwhile I\m still changing and now I'm like crawl walking like Tarzan and I decide I need to go and live in the wild and to have more access to the ingredients I need to make more of these things. Suddenly it's dusk and I'm in this square room cave and the ceiling is low and is entirely icicle like stone downwards. At first I have no fear, it's like a maze of stone walls and there's things painted on the floors ans the outer inside walls from the ancients who created this presumably 10 of thousands of years ago. On the floor paintings that warn of snakes in here. On the walls painting that warn of some sort of snake/bore animal and a human is running from it and one has a spear, and then some regular painting of people in Egyptian style art. I'm just walking around thinking about where I'll get my next ingredient and where in here I will sleep when the sun goes all the way down and then suddenly the sun goes down and it's dark and moonlight is shining in and I become scared shitless, and the paintings on the floor of snakes begin to look like real snake bodies all shiny in the moonlight and then I realize there's probably spiders and snakes in between these low hanging stone points that are just above my head so I begin to panic and run out of the cave, and now I'm naked, I'm naked crawling like and jumping and running like an ape and in complete fear and I don't feel like I can survive and I begin to think that it was stupid to go in solitude and that it would be simple if I had a tribe, there would be someone who jobs was to kill the spiders and snakes, surely someone wasn't afraid of spiders and snakes, and I would be the one to get out ingredients and someone could collect food. But I also new that I had no idea of how to get a tribe to live ion this cave with me.
    4. My Father's Flower (NLD)

      by , 03-22-2015 at 12:34 AM
      The setting of the dream was the farm where I lived as a teenager, but nothing about the plot resembled waking life, and my own character was an adolescent boy. I was the son of our tribe's chieftain, and another adult male in the tribe approached me with an offer. He wanted to buy my father's flower that was growing near the chicken house, offering me a groat in exchange. I refused, of course: the flower was not mine to sell.

      On my way to the barn I passed the flower and glanced at it. It was beautiful and otherworldly, with large hanging bell-shaped blossoms of red and purple. I thought I had made the right decision by turning the man away. I went into the barn, the bottom floor of which was completely empty of everything but a pile of horse manure that had been gathered into the center of the space. This was a bit odd, but my thoughts were elsewhere.

      I was remembering what the same man had done for the nuns: by giving them an iPad, he had eliminated their tendency to engage in other, more heretical, forms of augury. Had he been testing me? Obviously it would have been wrong to sell the flower for my own gain, but perhaps it was also wrong to refuse outright. I should tell my father about the offer and see if he might want to sell the flower after all. Perhaps he needs a groat.

      I go talk to my father. He is not a human but a ring of flexible tissue suspended within a rigid round frame that forms an outer ring. My character, the young boy, is not surprised by this, but OOCly I find it odd. It is hypnotic to watch the creature talk: the inner ring changes shape, forming geometric and other patterns, while vibrating. Together the shape-changing and vibration sound quite similar to a human voice, though higher-pitched and with more vibrato.

      I mention that I want to talk about so-and-so, the member of the tribe who offered me the deal (at the time I knew his name, but lost it on waking), and at once my father starts describing a recent encounter with the guy:

      "We chat a while, then he tells me what a fine young man you are. I'm thinking, wowwww!" He emphasizes the word "wow," drawing it out with varying intonations a bit like a hippy or stoner might... and then the sound blends into the chime of my alarm going off and waking me. I was annoyed to be interrupted mid-dream!
    5. Peanut Butter Wars, Semi Lucid

      by , 12-09-2014 at 04:48 PM (Lucid Time!)
      Something to do with a new music building being added to my high school. It has all of this wood paneling and all of this bamboo growing out around the sides.

      There was some crazy war going on where two armies were fighting over a supply of peanut butter.

      The battlefield is this huge open meadow, surrounded by thick woods. There are a couple of mountains in the distance. The area sort of has a minecraft feel to it, though nothing appears to be made of blocks. I also recall seeing a cartoon drawing that was a map of the battlefield and contained the tactics used by the armies with drawings of cartoon soldiers killing one another. The map was drawn on very high quality parchment paper.

      The battle began. One army was clad mostly in steel armor and used swords. All of the men in this army looked really short, and they all looked the same. They appeared to be the more formal army. [Dream Logic]They also had trebuchets that were launching large jars of peanut butter at the enemies that would explode on impact. The peanut butter was sticky and supposedly would slow down the advance of the enemy. [/Dream Logic]

      The other army was a small band of tribal men with long dark hair who rode on horseback. They had a very native-american feel to them. They fought with spears and bows mostly. Although they seemed inferior in numbers their tactics and skill in combat was impressive.

      Somehow I got into the fight. A group of the steel clad men came after me.
      I became partially lucid. I started fighting with them; running at them and disarming one. I took his sword and used it to cut down a couple of others. One ran at me from behind, yet somehow I could sense him coming. (Partial lucidity?) I threw him over my left side, both stabbing him and taking his sword. Dual wield. I turned to see what looked like a lieutenant of the steel army readying a bow. (His armor was fancier, I assumed he was important.) I threw one of the swords and it stuck right in his face impaling him.

      I then see a couple of the tribe men charging at me on horseback. I throw the other sword, that for some reason becomes a spear when I throw it. It strikes the leader in the leg and also injures his horse who falls over and the whole group trips over him and falls down on him in an almost comedic fashion. A couple of guys manage to get out of the confused pile of horses and charge me. I pick up another sword and get ready to fight when the dream changes.


      Somehow or other I found myself in my living room. Manei was there, laying on the couch. And for some reason or other I didn't quite grasp that I was dreaming. I thought for some reason that I was awake and imagining that she was there. Something was amiss.

      For some reason I still had a spear on me from the previous dream. I was examining it a little, and spinning it around like a bo staff. (Not sure how, though, the living room in our house is tiny.)

      She told me that she was upset because she had gotten in trouble with her guide, and that she overall wasn't feeling well. I did my best to be understanding, but I don't think I've ever seen her not all happy and bubbly like she usually is until now. Not having the best grasp of dream/reality didn't help either. I didn't really know what to do, so I dropped the spear and sat down on the other couch across from her, and the dream faded out.

      I wonder if I could find Manei's guide and talk to him/her. That's either a really good or really bad idea. The bottom line is: I'm getting somewhere, albeit slowly.
      lucid , non-lucid
    6. Meditation Induced Recall: Manei's Past (Also some other stuff)

      by , 08-13-2014 at 01:05 PM (Lucid Time!)
      I was meditating last night, with a focus on Dream Recall and I began thinking about a dream that I had written about in my old dream journal. It was the story of how Manei (My dream guide) had come to be. Then new flashes that I didn't recall came in that filled in many of the gaps in the story.
      These all feel like dreams that I had at one point or another. I tried to piece them together based on the age she appears as in the dream. That might not be the best way to tell it, as her age can vary from dream to dream. But here is the story as accurately as possible.

      The original dream takes place in this old west town. Everything looks like a well drawn anime. Something along the lines of Attack on Titan style. The town looks like your typical western town though there is this ridiculously huge train station-hotel type building near the railroad tracks.
      The story roughly follows a young man with brown hair. He's kind of thin and scrawny and has bright blue eyes. (Kind of a typical anime protagonist) He works a job at some kind of news printing shop on the third floor of the big train station. He works long hours typing, and his boss is very mean, and isn't paying him well.
      Eventually he finishes his work. He goes out and about in the old west town for awhile where it becomes clear that he isn't very liked by the people in the town. He gets bullied by some thugs that take what little money he has earned.
      We then get a love interest. Apparently, the only thing keeping this boy going is the hope that he could win over this one woman. She is a young girl with blonde hair from a very wealthy family that has invested in the town's gold mine (or something) and were visiting to see the progress. They were also the company that had built the giant train station, and the company that employed the boy.
      We see he finally gets the confidence to ask the girl out, but she says no, and later leaves on the train along with her family. The train looks strange as well. It has very large wheels.
      So the boy becomes very depressed. We see him walking through the old west town when he comes across another woman.
      Then, in a back alley, we see the woman that would be her mother. She looks a little like Manei with the darker complexion and in being very tall. But she also has this unusually shapely body and small, saggy breasts. Her face looks wrinkled as well, and she has grimy teeth. Probably from all the smoking. She is sitting Indian style on this red and gold woven rug and smoking out of some golden genie lamp type thing. She looks probably twice as old as the boy, maybe more.
      The woman tells the boy that she is on some kind of spiritual journey away from her tribe to find her soul-mate, and through some careful observation of him, thinks that he is the one. Heartbroken, broke and depressed, the boy accepts marriage with her.

      It is a year later, and we see that Manei is now being born. I can't recall where exactly, but it felt like they were back at the tribe. From what I can gather about the tribe, they live somewhere tropical, some island over the ocean, in these beautiful oriental styled homes. They find the colors red and gold meaningful and attractive in their tribe. Also in this tribe, it seems as though men and women's roles are reversed. Women hunt, fight and select their partners for marriage. When married, the man will take the woman's surname. It sort of makes sense, because many of the men in the tribe look small and feeble and the women are much bigger and stronger looking.
      Now I cannot recall too much about what happened. About one year after her birth, Manei's mother died, apparently because she had smoked that genie lamp thing too much. Her father was in line to become the husband of the tribe leader. He had his face tattooed up.

      I can recall a fragment when Manei was about five. Apparently she was living with 'grandmother', a 200 year old woman and eldest member of the tribe who took care of all children that couldn't be taken care of otherwise.
      I don't recall too much of the fragment, just that she was playing with the other kids inside a cramped hut. They are all playing with these little toys on this big woven mat.
      The 'grandmother' is sitting across from them, simply presiding in this golden throne-like chair. And what an interesting character she was: Unlike most of the people in this tribe, who seem very slender, she is hugely fat, with this big saucer-shaped belly wrapping around her body. And she is adorned in this ridiculously complex outfit her thinning white hair is tied up in this ugly spiral on top of her head. Her face is so wrinkled and droopy that you can barely make out her features.
      Some of the kids tease her because her dad isn't a 'real' member of the tribe. The 'grandmother' speaks something incomprehensible in this big thundering voice that sounds like thor and scares all of the kids in the room. It scared me too, and I was just 'observing' the story. I think she told them to stop teasing her, because the kids stopped afterward.

      Manei looked to be nine in the next segment. Her father died when the tribe came under attack not too long ago, and the 'grandmother' passed away as well. She is now spending a lot of time with her aunt and uncle who are married but can't have kids.
      Nothing much really happened here. They walk through the jungle to this waterfall like place where they all go swimming. There is this high waterfall (maybe 50 feet) and Manei climbs to the top and jumps off.

      Manei looked to be eleven or twelve in the next segment. In this I can recall her wanting to be a 'fire dancer' that was supposedly some prestigious position in the tribe. And it's just what it sounds like. The dancers take this long stick, that is burning on either end and preform a synchronized, high-energy dance with about 7 or 8 women. I think men can fire dance in the tribe as well.
      She is learning from some of the older girls in the tribe who looked to be about the age she is now. She is practicing with a stick that is not burning. She doesn't seem to be that good but is rather obsessed with this trick where she balances on top of the stick with a handstand. All of the older girls are really jealous, so they say that if she tries that trick during the dance she would just get burned, and they kick her out of the group.

      In the next segment, she was maybe fourteen. There is a big gap in what happened and why. But she is now studying with these monks in how to become a dream guide. Given she is about the same age as I am, this was really close to when I began lucid dreaming. But there is also a gap because I already established that she was in my dreams before I started lucid dreaming. Explanation please.
      That said, this was a very strange location. The monks live in a monastery on top of a mountain. The inside of the monastery, or at least the room they were in looks like a dungeon though, with stone walls and these torture devices.
      The monks are like midgets. Maybe 2'6" with giant heads for their bodies. They have tattoos that are quarter-sized black dots running in a line up their the back of their heads down their faces.
      Manei apparently had to shave too, because she has no hair. She looks very strange shaven. The monks are presenting her with a gold belt and telling her she has to compete in some kind of fighting tournament.

      That's the end of the Manei story, now some other stuff. Rhis was recall from last night.

      Something to do with me riding my bike through across a boardwalk through this swamp area. It feels like I am riding through my town. I 'remember' that there was some sort of time travel involved and this was actually the distant future.

      I can recall some being told some other story. This one told in a style that looks like a Tim Burton film. The story is read to me by the grim reaper who is sitting in a small bed floating in a blue void, and reading it out of a big book.
      I can't recall the story as well as the one about Manei, but the story follows a girl who can't seem to fit in. So she tries to kill herself and see if she will fit in in the afterlife.
      She becomes a zombie and tries to hang out with zombie girls throughout the majority of the movie. At the end, we see her kill her zombie form and become reborn as this blue troll creature on another planet.
      There is also some part of the story that involved Groot and Rocket Racoon (from Guardians of the Galaxy) playing a game of pool, but I can't recall how that fit into the main story.
      There is also some recurring theme in the story that whenever the main character (the suicidal girl) wants to get somebody's attention for one reason or another, she will knock on the wall behind her.
    7. July 18-19 2014 (Non-Lucid)

      by , 07-18-2014 at 11:43 PM
      I think I only had one whole sleep last night, when I woke up I almost forgot my dream but then I suddenly remembered it (thank god).

      The first thing I can remember was being in this enclosure type cage with some kind of dog and I was tired of "staying behind these walls and want to go to the outside world" (Attack on Titan reference?). I soon climbed over the cage fence and escaped.

      The next thing I remember was I was at some beach and there were heaps of masked people sort of lined up like this:

      Do u realy take the time to read others ppls dream journal?-61610-004-9fe5df71.jpg

      and they'd claimed the land and it was forbidden to go enter if you weren't apart of their cult. So I tried evading them by going a bit to the side where there was one and I thought maybe I could sneak past. As soon as I set foot on the sand, I was detected and I was attacked with bows and arrows, swords, so I flew up and got out of there.

      Next I was in some kind of hall with one of my friends and we were looking after kids that all acted like dogs. Then at some point I was shopping in a supermarket and soon after that I was in my school. Another one of my friends (she was in a previous dream "AVATAR - With Koalas?" and called her Jodie for the sake of the story) came back from her holiday from Africa and we introduced her to the new guy at our school, who we'll call Ethan and next thing you know, Jodie swears (brief history: She's really sensitive to swearing, hence why this was such a shock to me in the dream, I should've realized I was dreaming at this point because it was so unlikely aha).

      I don't remember what happened after that and I woke up
    8. Epic Fantasy Battle.

      by , 07-03-2014 at 02:17 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Setup: There is some conqueror traveling across the land taking over land and calling it his own. He looks like Genghis Khan and rides around on some kind of reptilian horse creature. His army consists of:
      -His sorcerer wife that can raise a skeleton army.
      -Roughly 20 human lieutenants.
      -Roughly 100 large ogre-like creatures clad entirely in invincible armor that leaves only the face vulnerable.
      We are the native tribe looking to defend our homeland. Everyone in the tribe has tan skin and dark hair. We have roughly 200 warriors, mostly armed with spears. We also have roughly a dozen 'leopard men' on chains. They look sort of like Tai Lung (The villain in the first Kung Fu Panda movie) if he were a bit more realistic looking. Now I am not the leader of the tribe, more like second in command, or some high ranking position close to the chief who wore a large headdress. Every warrior had two blue stripes painted under their eyes.
      We are hiding in the woods on the edge of a farm field. The enemy army is marching perpendicular to us, through the field. The chief gives the signal and we release the leopard men and run in. We expected to catch them off guard, but the ogres didn't go down by our spears. (Well nobody hit the face) The ogres kill all of the leopard men in a matter of a few seconds, and knock out a few of our tribe members too.
      And about 30 seconds after the chief gives the order to attack, we're all running the other way.
      I run back into the woods. I get about 50 feet in and see an ogre positioned in the woods.
      "Surrender! Drop your weapon!" The ogre has a deep thundering voice.
      I had a bow. I was the master archer in the tribe. I drop it on the ground. The ogre steps on it, breaking it. He laughs briefly.
      So me and the remaining tribe members had been taken prisoner. We waited around for some time, and we were forced to watch the conqueror's army ransack a civilian town. (Not the home of our tribe, which was supposedly in a secluded location.) He was merciless and tortured all of his prisoners, including children and the elderly. I don't really want to harp on this, but it was the WORST torture imaginable, not by a long shot, but it was pretty nasty.
      Then the conqueror and the tribe chief meet. The chief gives one of those numbers about how the conqueror does not fight with honor. The conqueror gives and evil laugh and makes a deal with the chief. If they can defeat his skeleton army, then they are free to retreat to their home. That or he can just kill us all now. Given no better option, the chief decides to take the fight with the skeletons.
      So the conqueror makes this setup. He puts us in a square field with a large hill in the center. He surrounds the edge of the field with his ogres disallowing anyone from escaping. Then the sorcerer comes out and throws blue fire on the ground. It burns away all of the grass in the field and skeleton warriors bust through the ground. Thousands of them. The conqueror orders them to attack.

      At this point about half of the tribe turns and tries to escape. The ogres positioned on the end of the field kill about 80% of the escapees but a few manage to slip by. Okay, there is No way we are going to beat ALL of these skeletons, we're outnumbered probably 50 to 1, and that was before half of our guys tried to escape. Plus we're unarmed.
      Then I got an idea. I charged at one of the skeletons, dodging the arrow he shoots as I get in close. And do an epic kick of doom to his face. He breaks down into bones and I pick up his quiver, but his bow is broken from my kick. I turn to another skeleton. He is about to fire at the chief who is fighting the conqueror. The conqueror has a katana-like sword with a magical green energy conduit going up the side. The chief has a rusty iron sword that he likely picked up from one of these skeletons.
      The skeleton turns to me at the last second and fires. The arrow just glances the left side of my chest. I don't feel any pain from the wound, so I charge at him and kick him down anyway. I pick up his bow and pull the arrow out of my chest. I turn to the one of the ogres and line up a shot.

      And then my dad shouts 'I'm going to work!' and wakes me up.

      Fragment: I lived in Atlantis. My mom, who had left me when I was a baby had just returned. I was showing her new building around the city. For some reason, Atlantis has an art deco construction style, Kind of like New York used to be.

      Fragment: I am partially lucid and climbing to the very top of a sand dune. It is covered in cacti and other exotic plantlife Sand dunes must be a new dream sign.

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    9. 1/24/14 - tribal tyrant

      by , 01-24-2014 at 09:35 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm and african man in this drream, i'm sitting next to some other tribes people. It looks like we are in africa. The tribes leader comes to the crow infuriated and says he wants me and my friend dead, so me and the man run. This pisses the tribe leader off and he gets on this canopy covered machine that sways when it walks, and he chases us with it. We hide in a group and he can't see us, he never really got a good look at us to begin with. Now he's using this huge flame thrower and burning everyone who won't move, everyone in his path. I see people trying to climb a fence but getting burned down and so we all run towards the swamp where the trees and rocks are. we all gather there because we can't cross it because there are alligators in there and the green crap on top you can't see where they are. Then the tribe leader comes and decides to make a game of it, he forces us one by one to run jump or swim across the swamp, so he pushes the first man, and he makes it even though and alligator jumped at him and almost got him. This infuriates the tribe leader. Then he sends this woman to go, she jumps but then falls in and swim's fast enough but gets bit on the back of her neck. The tribe l;leader laughs at her. Then he sends a rather skinny fellow, her tries to jump from rock to rock but and alligator trips him with its tail and he falls in head first and he never comes back up after we see a struggle and alligator tails flailing, we all hang our heads in sorrow while the tribe leader laughs even louder. Now he sends me, I try to run across as fast as possible but then I fall into a very deep part of the swamp and I struggle to swim I know the gators are every where but someone drags me out from the other side and I hear the tribe leader scream in anger, then I run some more to get away from the swamp I feel the gators will come out and get me.
    10. Tiny Mouths In My Face; Jungle Flower

      by , 11-12-2013 at 11:33 PM
      Original entry dated Feb. 18th, 2002:

      I dreamed that I woke up and pressed my hand against my forehead. My skin was moving. You know how it feels when goldfish (or any other sort of fish, except for maybe piranhas and oscars) nibble at your fingers? It felt like that - all over my forehead - dozens of tiny moist nibbles.

      I got up and looked in the mirror. My forehead was covered in dozens of tiny red... mouth-things... only without teeth. Moist, cherry-red little mouths, each about the size of a pimple, gapping open and closed and each of them making tiny peeping sounds like baby chicks. I couldn't stand looking at them, or bringing my hands anywhere near my face - I just wanted to gouge them off...
      ...I went to the doctor, and they were apparently some sort of parasitic infection. I learned that, unfortunately, it spread really fast and through skin-contact. There was only one way to treat them, too. The doctor had to inject each mouth - individually - with an antibiotic ointment. It wasn't so much painful as disgusting. When they died, they shriveled up and fell out in tiny brown balls, leaving dozens of tiny, deep holes in my forehead.

      Original entry dated Feb. 19th, 2002:

      Last night I had a dream that I visited a tribe in some sort of jungle-type place. One of the tribe elders had died and I came to attend the funeral. I believe I was an ex-member of the tribe, or else the daughter of an ex-tribe member. I know that I was blonde. I couldn't quite understand their customs, and was an outsider.

      At one point, after the funeral, I wound up climbing a MASSIVE jungle tree to get a hibiscuslike red flower. I can't remember why. It was used in some sort of tribal medicine. I just remember that all of the colors in the dream were very, very vivid.
    11. Huge Fishes

      by , 08-03-2013 at 12:24 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was running from someone or some people. I was in our house back in our hometown.

      Underground. I was watching a small tribe on a boat in an underground river under a house. The leader was female. They got lost chasing someone (me?). They redirected the boat, but didn't realize it was headed out to the sea and not back inside. Once they were on the sea, there was a huge open mouth out of the water. A big fish was sucked or simply jumped into it. They/We decided to avoid it. Then we had to hurry away from other huge water species.

      We ended up in a wet market with all kinds of fishes. Some of them huge.
    12. Jungle Flowers

      by , 03-09-2013 at 02:36 PM
      Original entry dated Feb. 19th, 2002:

      Last night I had a dream that I visited a tribe in some sort of jungle-type place. One of the tribe elders had died and I came to attend the funeral. I believe I was an ex-member of the tribe, or else the daughter of an ex-tribe member - in any case, I had become sort of "civilized". I know that I was blonde. I couldn't quite understand their customs, and was an outsider.

      At one point, after the funeral, I wound up climbing a MASSIVE World Tree-like jungle tree to get a hibiscuslike red flower. I can't remember why. It was used in some sort of medicine. I just remember that all of the colors in the dream were very, very vivid.
    13. The adventure to the bar of ancient spirits

      by , 10-16-2012 at 12:46 PM
      This dream takes place in several different areas. It was kind of like an adventure and felt like i was learning about some history in the process. It felt like there were a lot of possibilities, some thinking, making decisions (more lucid), and some familiar faces from college.

      The dream started out at the college i was going to in read life. I noticed that it was snowing outside and wondered why.

      As I recall, i was near the upper parking lot on the right side or (the North side) of the residential hall that i was living at. When i looked up, the hill that i took the stairs to walk up, was much steeper than in real life and was loaded with several feet of snow. That was so random.

      I was aware of this because, as i climbed the steep snowy hill, a few college friends passed me. Talking may have been involved. This i am not certain of.

      As i got to the top of the steep snowy hill, i encountered a man who (not able to recall what his name was) seemed like he was lost, or that he was not aware of the below freezing temperature it was outside. This man, for reasons i am not sure of, jumped in a snowy wet trench or hold in the shape of a rectangle. In the process, he froze into an icicle.

      While the man froze in the trench, a yellow school bus was parked at the top of the hill in the parking lot. I was slightly aware that i made the decision to get on the bus. The bus left, yet i was not aware that i was moving.

      From what i remember, after i got on the bus, i noticed there was a lot of people. The bus took everyone to a bar-type place that had really tall stools and a tall bar counter, almost as tall as the ceiling.

      I do not remember getting off the bus, or seeing the bus leave the place i went, because, somehow, i was automatically in the bar area. The bar was in, what looked like a secluded area.

      I remember climbling the stool to sit down. It was similar to climbing a very sturdy ladder, because it was such a tall stool.

      When i got to the top of the stool, i met a young boy who did not speak. I am thinking he may have only spoke one specific language. From looking at him, it seemed like he was 8 or 9 years of age. After i glanced at him, i diverted my attention from the boy to a really tall shelf.

      In this shelf, there appeared to be historic documents and pictures of an ancient Indian tribe. One of the objects i noticed was a statue of an old Indian who may have lived near the bar that i was in. That was interesting to think about.

      During that period, my cell phone lit up. I was not certain why this happened. Something that came up in the dream included an ancient Indian spirit who had the last name "Tutrak" or "Turtrak" and a first name that faded after trying to regurgitate the dream situations.

      When my phone lit up, there was a fiery glow coming from the phone and directing its focus to the statue of the ancient indian. I was not sure what to think about it.

      Shifting from the focus of the glow, i directed my attention away from the bar (maybe in the same building), where i saw a picture of an Indian who was a part of the statue that i saw earlier.

      I felt like the picture i saw was vivid. A lot of what i experienced in this dream felt vivid.

      When i woke up, my body temperature rose, and i think i was sweating a lot.
    14. 3-Way War for Earth

      by , 04-13-2012 at 12:02 PM (Chronicles of the Cosmos)
      Had this dream this morning. I got up and started writing it down immediately after waking up because I didn't want to forget it. I didn't go lucid during this dream.

      The first thing I remembered was being in outer space looking at the Earth. The Earth had three huge logos on it, one of which I remembered. The one I remembered looked like a skull in my dream but it wasn't. It was the face of a grey. Its eyes were bigger than normal human eyes, but no where near as big as the eyes of the typical grey we all hear about; it had two slits for nostrils; its mouth was open; and it didn't have any hair. This logo of the grey was in the northern hemisphere of Earth. The second logo intersected the equator, and the third logo was in the southern hemisphere.

      These logos represented three groups that were either fighting to take over Earth , take over humanity, or both. These were very, very, large logos that covered something like 1/5 of the Earth's surface each. There was definitely one out in the middle of an ocean. The other two where over some land and ocean. Although this was is to be fought between three groups, I don't think any of these groups were going to fight alone. I knew that each of them had help from some ET civilization.

      The next thing I remembered was being at these ancient ruins that was so high up, I was able to look down on forests. I was near the very large entrance of an ancient building / temple / palace / something, but looking out into the world. I was talking to the leader of these people who, I am pretty sure, were humans--perhaps some kind of ancient tribe of people based on what they wore. I think I am the same guy with black hair and the short black beard from a previous dream. I look human but I am an ET and I am going to help these people, although, this war has nothing to do with me.

      I recall seeing one of the enemies, a messenger (human, I think), walk into the ruins. And the guy who I was talking to got angry, pointed at this guy, and started shouting stuff in another language. Then his people started getting rowdy and I don't remember what they did with the messenger. They did not let him go. That I know for sure.

      I turned towards the horizon. It looked as though the sun was just now coming up. I remember staring at the beautiful orange sky and the trees. I raised my right arm and said "Behold. My army." Then the sky above the trees and in front of the horizon tore open. Inside of it was an endless army of something and the sky above them was red but had clouds. These things I couldn't make out. I suppose they had human forms but they were dark and carried weapons. The very first creature to come out was this dark, super giant. It bent over, stuck one leg out, an arm, then the other arm and leg.... It had a beard and the forest it was stepping on did not even reach its knees. Wow..... And my dream ended right there.

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    15. 3 Lucids and Tetris Effect (December 17, 2011)

      by , 12-18-2011 at 06:52 AM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      My Neighborhood

      I was in my old room from when I used to live in Loudonville. It was the middle of the night and I was preparing for bed. Nothing too interesting happened except for how real it felt and I thought I was being watched. I would slowly walk to my bedroom door a couple times and peer out. It almost felt like there was someone just standing at the door watching. I just ignored it and went to sleep.

      When I woke up I was in a dimly lit room similar to the last one. The difference was I had a wood floor (real splintery wood), everything was a mess, and a few things were broken. I had to sneeze and I reached over to grab a tissue. I held it to my nose and sneeze, then tried breathing in with it pressed to my nose.
      I could breathe clearly and I realized I could only do that if I was dreaming. I felt the air around me to make sure I was dreaming.

      I was very calm in this dream and I didn't feel the urge to blast everything to pieces. I remembered I wanted to go to Korthos and tried using the dream spin technique. I'm not sure why I did that when I know how to create portals. It failed at making me teleport, but it made my dream more vivid and lucid. I decided to just walk out the door and see where it would take me. It brought me to a dark cold room made of stone. There were a couple small windows, a half broken door to the left, and another bedroom door to the front. I decided to keep going straight. I came to a similar room except the walls were cracked, a window was broken, and the door to the left wasn't even on its hinges anymore. I tried going straight a couple more times, and each time I saw the same room with a little more damage.

      Then I finally stopped and thought about it. "Screw it. This is just going to go on forever." I thought. So I decided to try the left this time. I moved the broken door out of the way and could see the bright daylight. I smiled as I saw multiple houses lined down the street and many people outside enjoying themselves. This was a little new to me because I'm used to living in the middle of nowhere.

      I walked out into my front yard to find a man casually chainsawing the hell out of my tree. I decided to try talking to him to see what he had to say. "Hi." I said. He stopped chainsawing my tree for a moment and looked at me strange. "Ok, bye." I said backing away from him. I decided I didn't want to say anything that might make that DC mad since he had a chainsaw. So I just let him go back to randomly chainsawing parts of my tree even though I liked that tree.

      A mail man then walked up my drive way and I thought I could talk to him. I tried saying hi again, but he just stared at me with surprised look on his face. Maybe he was afraid that I was going to blow him up. I figured it would be hopeless, so I just walked by him. I then started walking down the road to find something interesting.

      For some reason there is a large memory gap here, but I remember being on a highway full of parked vehicles. I was just running around and jumping on vehicles like it was an obstacle course. I eventually came across an ice cream truck. I couldn't resist driving it around in circles with the music playing. It made my day, but I woke up not long after.

      Tribal Warfare; Pinkie Surprise

      This dream started with me in the same room that I became lucid in the last dream. I instantly recognized that and did a nose reality check to confirm that I was dreaming. I also did the spin technique just to make my dream more vivid. I walked through the bedroom door like before. This time I decided to take a left from the start so I wouldn't waste time going straight. When I moved the door out of the way I was in the middle of a field near a mansion.

      I then heard battle cries from behind me and I slowly turned around. There were a hundred little tribal people with green hair, masks, and spears. I talked to them and heard that they were about to lay seige to the mansion. I also befriended one named Mike, but I can't remember many details. I did tell them which side they should attack from and what formation they should use. I was just trying to be helpful.

      They all got in formation and moved to position. The warriors then charged towards the mansion from the left at full speeds. People who were having a party at the mansion started to panic and scatter in all directions. As they got close to the mansion's door, a huge wall of flames surrounded the building. All the tribal people were lit on fire and killed except for a few survivors. I casually walked over towards the mansion as the flames died out and the people calmed themselves. I was enjoying it all because I knew it was just a dream and nothing serious.

      I was still curious as to what happened to Mike. I tried digging through some of the loose dirt on the ground from the battle. Instead of Mike, I found a very large stone floor beneath me. The floor was made of huge Mayan hieroglyphics. I didn't care, and I still wanted to know if Mike was alive or not.
      "Have you seen Mike?" I asked a girl sitting on stone steps in front of me.
      "What are those symbols on the ground?" She asked while ignoring my question.
      "Something Mayan related. Is Mike still alive?" I asked her again.
      "What does that picture on the ground mean?" She said pointing to a spot on the ground. I looked to where she was pointing and noticed it looked like a man with a mustache. "It means the Mayans invented Pringles." I said jokingly. "Now tell me where the survivors are." I demanded.
      "What survivors?" she said laughing.
      I started to pretend to cry and said, "No! My one and only dream friend dead!"
      "Oh your friend Mike is over there standing by the other 3 survivors." She finally stated.

      My memory is kind of weak for the rest of the dream. I walked over to a group of tribesmen who were just sitting around relaxing. We talked about how the invasion failed what went wrong. We also walked around finding some Mayan statues and other stuff. I think we went into the forest and saw some "spicy trolls" attack an elf. They turned into hot sauce and melted the elf like lava.

      The next thing I remember is driving around Ponyville with Mike in a whacky looking car that was most likely invented by Dr. Seuss. I also remember that I was no longer human but a black pony again. By this point things have suddenly become less vivid and obviously more cartoony. My cell phone started to vibrate and I answered it. The left half of my vision was then covered by a pannel of Pinkie Pie. She was in a bird costume and making angry buzzing noises into the phone. "Okay..." I said and ended the call. This repeated again.
      "Hello?" I answered into the phone.
      "Bzzzzzz!" Was all I got.
      "Bye." I said and ended the call again.

      I sat there confused for a moment and tried to figure out what was happening. The phone vibrated again.
      "Hi Pinkie Pie." I answered."
      "Bzzzz! Bzzzzzzzzz! Bzzz Bzzz!" She responded angerly.

      I hung up the phone and proceeded to bang my head repeatedly against the side of the car. I now have a reason for killing dream characters all the time. The vibrated once more.
      "Hello again Pinkie."
      "I know you're mad about the tribes people dying, but it wasn't my fault!" I tried to explain to her.
      "Bzzz!" Was her response.
      "Once I find you you're gonna-" I stopped and looked up to see a bunch of balloons, cake, and confetti.

      A bunch of ponies jumped up and yelled "Surprise!" and cheered. "Okay, 'surprise' for what?" I asked as I closed the cell phone.
      "It's a party for your lucid dream, silly!" Pinkie Pie said cheerfully.
      "Sure, why not." I said half talking to my dream itself.

      So the pony party commenced and we had a lot of fun. Once again, I ate dream cake and it was the best ever as usual. Sadly the dream faded away as the party went on.

      Let's Fly to Puppet Land

      I really can't remember the beginning of this dream. The last thing I remember is I was in my grandmother's hallway. I suddenly started puking a sand/dirt substance which is unfortunately one of my dream signs. I didn't even need to do a reality check because the second I start puking sand in real life I might as well be dead. I walked into a bedroom and used the spin technique to stabilize the dream. I then sat on the bed and questioned what I could do with this dream.

      I looked out the bedroom window and saw my sister's car pull into the drive way. I then looked at the bed and bounced on it a little. I also noticed a large pile of random junk sitting in the corner of the room. Suddenly I had an idea. I would recruit my sister and her friends to build a magic flying bed!

      I ran outside to meet my sister. She got out of the car with her boyfriend and some random naked dream character. "Okay, you three are going to help me build a flying bed. We don't have time to argue about it so lets just go!" I explained to them excitedly. I then ran back inside to the bedroom to get started.

      First we pulled out a large pile of old rusted metal springs. I used telekinesis to mend them together. My sister's boyfriend then placed a matress on top of the springs and the naked dream character placed a gym mat on top. Well all then climbed up there, held hands, and sang a song as I enchanted the bed. Really messed up stuff.

      So then the bed starts to levitate and crash through the ceiling. I pointed towards a mountain range off in the distance and the bed took us there like a flying carpet. As we flew through the snowy mountains, we came across giant dancing puppets. They were almost as big as the mountains and I have no idea who was controlling them. The dream started to fade after this, but it was some pretty fun stuff.

      Tetris Effect

      As a result of playing stronghold crusader for a few house in the afternoon, all my dreams except the lucids were about crusader. The tetris effect is where you do so much of an activity during the day that you dream about it. So sadly I spent most of my time watching little virtual archers shoot flaming arrows at little virtual spearmen. That's really all that happened. I was only viewing gameplay.


      I suddenly love the dream world again. Not all dreams are out to kill me after all.
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