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    1. A Near Mystere

      by , 12-07-2017 at 07:59 PM
      Night of December 6, 2017. Wednesday.

      Fading into semi-lucidity after typical hypnagogic lucidity, I go beyond a stream surrounded by rock faces into an open area. This shifts into an idea to manifest a perfect combination of sensuality and eeriness. I decide to integrate Zsuzsanna into the role of Mary Medina as in the Grimm Fairy Tales 2017 Halloween Special, but I mostly let it flow on its own without in-dream control (by way of spoken affirmations by my dream self as in some apex lucidity states). There is a sustained event with an incompetent makeup artist. Zsuzsanna ends up with only white face paint on her forehead. This scene seems to repeat after a reset.

      Although some of the setting looks somewhat like a sketchy version of New Orleans, some of the buildings appear as if they are cardboard facades about a block or two away. I ignore this feature and focus on intensifying the nature of my dream. Ghosts wander about, but there is not much eeriness or plot.

      The outcome is in a large dining room. About seven ghosts (in Victorian clothes) play Musical Chairs with six gold chairs with red velvet seats and backs. As they are ghosts, there can be no winners or losers as they just phase into and out of each other when trying to sit and stay on the chairs (and for example, two taking up the same space on the same chair). This scenario is so amusing, it pulls me out of the dream state with an almost audible laugh.

    2. Troubles with our Ceiling Again

      by , 12-04-2017 at 01:02 PM
      Morning of December 4, 2017. Monday.

      I am in bed in our present home, though as usual, the appearance is different. Our bed is oriented as it was prior to the devastating storm that tore our roof off.

      Over time, I become aware that rain has possibly been coming through the ceiling (as it had in real life before the tarpaulins were placed over our house). (Note that it was raining in reality at the time of my dream, which I had become aware of through partial awakenings.)

      I notice that the ceiling has unusual downward bulges, especially in one area where it almost resembles the shape of a complex vase. The ceiling is not of narrow boards (of their original wood appearance) as it is in reality, but is lower and constructed of white ceiling tiles. I get up and tell Zsuzsanna to leave the area near our bed, as the ceiling might collapse.

      Between the dining room (which we use as our bedroom) and kitchen, a part of the wall (which does not exist in reality) and ceiling falls. It is more like an unusual curtain rod with some sort of odd elongated plumb-bob-like features hanging from across it. (This probably relates to an association with vertical evenness.) An identical feature on the other side also partly comes down. While looking towards our bed area, I also see a number of thin boards sticking randomly out from the left edge of the wall at various angles, which was apparently part of the inside of the wall.

      I am then in the room of our two youngest sons. Eventually, one of our daughters, a fictional character however, as in my dream there is a false memory of having at least five daughters around nine years old, comes in and talks to Zsuzsanna (with the girl standing near the south wall of the room and facing Zsuzsanna). She is Hispanic with darker skin. She seems worried. When I look at her, I notice something on her neck, the front lower area. I first worry that ceiling debris had gotten into her neck, possibly going through her neck from behind. Puzzling over this, I also worry for a short time that it is an actual bone slightly protruding from above her skin. Eventually, I decide that it is just a large droplet of water below her neck and I gaze directly at it for a few minutes, noticing a slight quivering effect. (This is actually subliminal lucidity in trying to reinduce my dream with water induction, especially as it appears on the neck of the precursory form of the personified preconscious, though it also relates to transferred associations with Zsuzsanna’s throat and the soothing of it, as she had been coughing in real life prior to my dream.) No longer worried about her status, I go back into our kitchen. Still, looking back, I notice that the preconscious form (as our fictional daughter) is looking up, blinking quickly, and moving her eyes side to side (symbolizing the REM factor of the waking transition). I ignore the RAS manifestation (which also foreshadows my hypnopompic illusion that comes after this dream ends) and as a result, my dream lasts a minute or two longer.

      While standing near the center of our kitchen again, I notice that the walls below the windows have large jagged holes directly leading to our backyard (representing the emergent consciousness factor with subliminal realization of being unconscious yet still being able to look deeper into my mind), the perimeter of these holes made up of splinters of wood. However, this area of our kitchen is rendered incorrectly. It is more like the inside of the residential turret of the northeast room I used to sleep in (on the second floor) in the King Street mansion or the first-floor bay window area on the south end (dining room) of the Loomis Street house. I consider that there is too much damage for our house to remain livable; as I also consider someone could easily crawl through a hole into our house if entering our backyard through our gate.

      After a short time, I see that bed sheets are now covering the holes and that they might also be smaller than I first thought. As I am thinking about this, I wake, realizing I am focused on the curtain that divides our bed from the kitchen area and listening to the rain and that I had been partly creating my otherwise non-lucid dream with vague threads of my conscious self’s will.

      As I am not fully awake, I am then looking up at our real ceiling. I see a hypnopompic illusion of large raindrops hanging everywhere across our ceiling. I blink my eyes a few times, but the illusion remains for a minute or two. (There is actually nothing present to create the illusion of water droplets. It is just an atypically sustained hypnopompic illusion with concern about when it did have water droplets present, though never as dense as in my illusion.)

    3. The Solar Storm that was not

      by , 11-25-2017 at 08:07 AM
      Morning of November 25, 2017. Saturday.

      In my dream, I am with my wife Zsuzsanna and our children as we presently appear. The setting is unrelated to real life, though my dream self lacks the memory and awareness of our real living space as is often the case (depending on the depth and extent of sleep). It may be sections of streets and buildings modeled after ones in La Crosse (America), Brisbane (Australia), or both.

      Over time, I become aware of the typical “something wrong with the sun” scenario. There are streams of plasma reaching Earth. At one point, far above the horizon and over the unknown city, I notice streams of plasma moving outward from a central point. There are a few resets of this dream. There is a scene where the sun explodes like a small fireball in the sky, but later events where the sun is still present.

      Eventually, the end of the world is assumed, though I am not that fearful of what is to come. Many people run around screaming as pieces of the sun slam into skyscrapers but there are unusual distortions in later events.

      For example, a blob of plasma from the sky heads toward the middle of the street. Instead of an explosion, the blob slows, stopping a few feet above the street, and transforms into a giant transparent pale orange puppy (about ten feet high) that then walks slowly about on the street.

      After a time, I start to realize that, despite all the streams of plasma hitting the city, there does not appear to be much destruction. One crashes fairly close to me and I am unimpressed and consider that it is not real (though not with viable lucidity).

      There is another change without a cohesive transition. Members of my family and I, including Zsuzsanna and at least our two youngest children, are now riding in a car with an unknown dark-haired male driver of about forty. Streams of fire and plasma hit buildings on opposite ends of the street we travel through. However, it is learned that the falling plasma is created by some sort of machine on Earth and is only holographic, with no physical repercussions. This also explains why there appear to be no destroyed buildings at this point, though the event is still continuing.

      This end of the world dream is somewhat atypical in being revealed to not be a celestial event as in many other such dreams. However, the majority of my common end of the world dreams since early childhood often present “something wrong with the sun”, rather than for example, “something wrong with the moon”. There is a logical reason for this…

      As a dream occurs while unconscious and typically not during the main part of the day (other than during an afternoon or early evening nap), a dream, based on circadian rhythms factors, will symbolize the nature of the conscious self identity as the sun, because the sun is associated with wakefulness and the moon associated more with sleeping and dreaming. As one is asleep and dreaming, “something wrong with the sun” occurs far more often simply because one is not awake. This is validated by fairly rare “something wrong with the moon” dreams occurring at a different time in the sleep cycle than the “something wrong with the sun” dreams. In fact, the specific dynamics (studied from when I was only a child) relate directly to the specific time within the sleep cycle, which validates it has little to do with “interpretation” and more about biology and not being conscious at a specific time.

      “Something wrong with the sun” in a dream is simply a metaphor for not being conscious and being aware of the real sun. How hard is that? Dreams, after all, are all about distortions, errors in memory, and the failure of thinking skills that naturally comes from being unconscious (other than literal prescience, which is not limited to the dream state anyway). An “end of the world” scenario is often just a result of the dream inevitably coming to an end when more sleep is subliminally desired, though all factors must be looked at closely, though not in wrongfully assuming that the “I am” of the dream state (personified subconscious, which has no viable memory or intelligence) is the same as the “I am” of the current conscious self identity.

      It is rare for the personified preconscious (in this case, the unknown male driver) to passively sustain the dream state since its purpose (via RAS) is to mediate waking. However, my dream self had already worked out it was not the end of the world, though I did not attain viable lucidity prior to waking.

    4. Television Difficulties (subliminal reinduction)

      by , 11-06-2017 at 10:09 AM
      Morning of November 6, 2017. Monday.

      In my dream, I am seemingly implied to be in our present home, though it is very different. For a time, our youngest son is watching television and our youngest daughter is also present. (In my dream, our television seems to be in the center of a much larger version of our kitchen and facing north. In actuality, it is in our lounge room and faces south.)

      At one point, there are distortions in the television screen. There is too much red dominating the overall image. I read the instruction manual and there is information about adjusting colors. It specifically mentions that the small elongated knob for adjusting red is to the right of the knob for adjustment of the extent of black and that the knob for red must be turned to the left to decrease the color and prevent it from being too bright or bleeding into other images. There are a number of small plastic knobs on the back of the television.

      After a time, I notice that it appears to have worked. The picture looks a bit more balanced. However, I eventually notice that features that are supposed to be red (including some sort of oval timer superimposed at the top left of the screen) are now a pale purple and I consider adjusting it again.

      Our youngest son watches a show about video games and their characters. I notice that the television is on its side so that now the image is vertically rectangular, yet fits the scenes that show people standing, as their feet are correctly downward. This seems strange to me. Eventually however, the television is back in its previous position where it is viewed as normal widescreen. Still, I had placed it on the floor yet consider it is not really watchable while in that position. During this time, I had not adjusted other knobs.

      I adjust the knob for red again, slowly turning it a short distance back to the right, as well as turning a few knobs for other colors. Soon, something happens and the picture becomes smaller and there are now only random horizontal white lines on the screen. This occurs after a sort of popping noise. Our youngest daughter puts her feet against the screen. I consider that I must have destroyed the television by changing the colors too much. I know that it will be very expensive to replace.

      I go to tell Zsuzsanna about the ruined television. She is sitting back on our bed. At first, I think she had injured her forehead somehow. I eventually see that she has a black sleeping eye mask partly on though the eye patches are doubled up on her forehead, above the area between her eyes. My dream eventually fades from this point.

      There are a few subliminal dream state indicators here. One is how the television is on its side at one point as relating to how the physical body is different in sleep in lying down - as well as the eyes seeing the environment as “turned sideways” when lying on one’s side. The main indicator is my subliminal knowledge of red being an end marker for the dream state. Red typically only dominates a dream when I am closer to waking after sleeping a bit too long and as such, is analogous to a “red alert” (a more dominating RAS factor). Although I am not lucid, I still maintain this realization subliminally, and deliberately lower the red value in the television’s image. I do this by turning the knob to the left with the knob for black on the left side of that one, black symbolizing being unconscious, so a part of my unconsciousness is aware of this, that is, deliberately trying to go back into unconsciousness to sustain my dream, even though I am not otherwise viably lucid.

      This aspect of black as symbolizing unconsciousness is carried over as a dream state indicator in seeing Zsuzsanna in bed though awake, yet having a black sleeping eye mask doubled up over her “third eye”. (The third eye refers to the gate that leads to inner realms, yet I still do not realize I am dreaming at this point. There have been thousands of dreams with very precise dream state indicators as in this dream, where I still did not become viably lucid, though many others where I have.)

    5. Usual Induction; Atypical “Snowmocopter” Waking Transition

      by , 10-31-2017 at 01:40 PM
      Morning of October 31, 2017. Tuesday.

      The dream state induction symbolism here is water flowing in (most common). The waking transition symbolism here is water lowering over time and “return flight” waking symbolism (most common; over twenty percent of regular dreams and about ninety percent of all dreams). Dream state induction symbolism and waking transition symbolism are inherent to the dream state itself based on the real-time dynamics of going to sleep, being unconscious, and waking, and is unrelated to real life or the inventive untruthfulness of “interpretation”. These forms of induction and waking transition factors have occurred at least once per day for over fifty years. The water induction and reduction is biologically based on the glymphatic system and the flight-related symbolism is based on the reticular activating system (RAS) and inner ear dynamics during sleep (especially as a factor relating to the fictitious dream body as being upright while the real physical body is lying down, which is what causes most falling dreams and is unrelated to the deception of “interpretation” or cruelly fabricated “meaning” to negate someone’s livelihood under the oppression of disinformation - in fact, if you watch a baby sleeping and a noise occurs in some cases when they are in the dream state or when air blows on them, especially their face, they will throw up their arms and automatically briefly maintain a falling position - not to mention the common term “falling asleep” - how could people miss this?).

      Stepping into a beach scene in late afternoon (a very common lucid entry simply because I like the beauty of the ocean and the liminal space of the beach, which symbolizes the state between dreaming and waking), a young version of Zsuzsanna in black lingerie approaches on a black horse. The essence of beauty increases and is appreciated. Zsuzsanna is with me in an extended love-making scene. My lucidity decreases to semi-lucidity though my conscious self identity remains intact. Sexuality symbolizes…wait for it…sexuality (oh snap), at least in lucid and semi-lucid dreams, because, well, that is what I unconsciously will via conscious self identity (it is not rocket science).

      Over time, after indulging in sensuality for seemingly a long time, the usual water lowering event as a waking precursor “timer” (common since around age four) commences. (Among other analogies, this directly represents the tidal analogy of the glymphatic system.)

      We have somehow teleported, while on our sides, to a field of knee-high grass adjacent to the beach we had just been on. In the distance, I see a red combine harvester approaching, but not that close to our location. “Oh-oh,” I say, but with somewhat of a comedic mocking of the semi-lucid dream content.

      A change occurs where some of the ocean water nearest the beach is topped with ice. I see what I think is a helicopter and I assume it is the flight symbolism (end marker) out of my dream. Instead, my dream does not decay but transitions to being slightly more vivid again. “It’s a snowmocopter,” I say, noticing that it is actually a snowmobile (though was a helicopter that changed into the snowmobile).

      I sit down on the snowmobile and do some sort of kick start maneuver with my left foot as if I was on a motorcycle. As I am doing this, the preconscious (as an unfamiliar young male) sneaks up from behind me. Some sort of strange teleportation occurs again, and I am standing and watching the preconscious on the snowmobile (as I am standing on the left of the snowmobile), and he is now trying to start it. “Well, that thing ain’t gonna fly,” I say, as he looks amused, as I laugh myself awake.

    6. Another “Supernatural” Adventure

      by , 10-25-2017 at 07:49 AM
      Morning of October 25, 2017. Wednesday.

      There are two types of dream scenarios influenced by the “Supernatural” television series; ones in which I am “in” the show’s world (without realizing that it is fiction) and ones in which I am aware of the Winchesters as their real-life counterparts as actors and on the set of the show or another location. This dream is of the former type; I am “in” the world where “Supernatural” is imagined as “real”.

      Sam and Dean, and apparently their father, have discovered a portal to another world, though it is more like a pocket universe in the form of a large cave. They need to retrieve something deeper within the cave, such as important maps or other documents and possibly treasure.

      There are unusual features related to working near the opening of this cave. There is a small pond as well as some sort of dynamic staircase that rises from the pond and which changes in position and orientation (including upside-down).

      At one point, there are very loud footsteps and vibrations that imply a giant anthropomorphic creature approaching the mouth of the cave from inside; a giant manlike beast that wakes up when the portal is open, apparently preventing people from going farther into the cave, though I never see this giant. They close the portal for a time, though I decide to run off and hide in an orange grove. I think about which orange tree would be the most suitable to hide behind. At this point, it seems like the orange grove across the street from my Cubitis home (where I have not lived since 1978), which then implies that the portal was in about the center of the Cubitis living room, bilocated as such (environmental bilocation being a very common aspect of my dreams since childhood, yet of which I hardly ever see other people write about).

      Absentmindedly, I go back to the location where Sam and Dean are. They seem very cheerful. They have an unusual advantage now. There are two living idols that are on our side of the portal that are preventing two smaller living idols from going back into the entrance of the cave. The smaller ones are only about a foot high and the other two about two feet in height. They look somewhat like Maori idols. I watch the smaller two try to get back into the cave, but they eventually give up because of the larger two guarding it. They then go to a playground and have fun sliding down the slide, exclaiming “wee” and giggling. I watch the activity of these unusual living statues for a few minutes.

      Sam and Dean are now getting what they want from the cave. The giant will sleep when the two small idols are not present inside. He could not possibly wake up otherwise. From here, I absentmindedly wander off into a featureless field (a common liminal space setting in my dreams, especially in the last scene), which seems to be at night.

      A beautiful young girl approaches though I do not fully recognize her as a young version of Zsuzsanna (even though she is, though my conscious self identity is still subliminal and my non-lucid dream self amnesiac and of fictitious dynamics). We hug and kiss but she says something about needing to go somewhere. I assume I will see her again later as my dream fades.

      Since early childhood, other than literal prescience (including biological foreshadowing as well as premonitory factors of the waking jolt itself) and many other literal features, my dreams have easily been seen as mostly being about dreaming and waking in real time (and the symbolism as such, obviously as it is a mental process in real time) rather than the nebulous and ill-informed concept of “interpretation” that many people believe in for whatever reason. The same is true for this dream.

      The cave represents the status of being unconscious (including the redundant factor of a dream as if of “another world” that “hides” the conscious self identity) as well as deeper levels of memory (validated by the Cubitis setting, not seen in real life since 1978). The four idols represent dynamics of the reticular activating system, which mediates the level of consciousness (and is responsible for the nature of waking symbolism, sometimes utilizing real-life environmental ambiance or physical discomfort of sleeping position). The two smaller idols (emergent consciousness factors, unfeasibly otherwise modeled after the preconscious, representing the two brain hemispheres) need to be present to activate waking, yet the two larger idols (dream-based figures representing my subliminal desire to sleep longer) prevent them from causing the giant to wake. The two smaller idols still playfully simulate waking (to indicate that waking up is not so bad) by playfully going down the slide, which is akin to the common biological falling sensation of waking.

      After this, a young Zsuzsanna (mostly as she appeared when we first met in real life, though she is wearing slacks and a blouse) is rendered as the emergent consciousness factor to “try again”. This time, coalescence waking symbolism is the key and the feasible result, which symbolizes both my dream self’s coalescence back into my conscious self identity, my link to the familiar, and the dawning of conscious self identity recognition, which is not present in many dream states.

      “Beyond the Martian Time Barrier / The Martian Casket” from 1973 is a very good example of the same core symbolism. The status of sleeping and waking bilocated in the center of the Cubitis living room in mostly the same way, though in that dream, REM sleep was also symbolized as the “sleeping” Martian’s eyes being seen to move realized as being mine as reflected back. In that case, there was not an additional waking symbolism segment as here, as it was not needed.

    7. Batwing Doors

      by , 10-22-2017 at 04:22 PM
      Morning of October 22, 2017. Sunday.

      In the last segment of an otherwise sensual dream of the usual daily sequences, I am aware of Zsuzsanna eventually standing directly behind fancy batwing doors, inside the building we had made love in, as I am now on a public footpath. The batwing doors actually seem to have the evenly divided silhouette of a bat at the top as well as stained glass panels very similar to the Barolin Street house windows. The setting seems to be a three-storey hotel of an 1800s style, though there is not a clear essence of being in the distant past. There is a vague association with Brooklyn, though the location is otherwise unknown. She is wearing an old-fashioned but very fancy red corset. She is also wearing a black cowgirl hat with at least four diamonds horizontally across the front. She seems very cheerful.

      Even though I am not fully lucid at this point, probably just on the threshold of active lucidity (and my conscious self identity is mostly present), I still start to vaguely reflect upon the waking symbolism elements though not fully in recalling what a dream is (a common ambiguity that cannot be resolved in conscious afterthought). I recognize the doorway waking symbolism (a doorway symbolizing the exit point of a dream) and consider the flight symbol element (the “bat wings”). Red is usually the last color (or dominating color) seen prior to waking, though usually only when I have been sleeping a bit too long. The cowgirl hat with diamonds symbolizes the activation of the emergent consciousness factor. Just as I start thinking about “lights on” or “lights off” without fully realizing what I am contemplating, I wake.

      Despite my dreams usually having the same core symbolism since early childhood, they are intriguingly rendered in a virtually infinite number of combinations. For example, I can easily compare this dream with “A Bat Not a Mistletoe” (from December 2012) where, instead of the doorway waking symbolism utilizing sensuality and batwing doors, what was believed to be a mistletoe turns out to be a rubber bat nailed directly above a regular doorway.

      Both dreams redundantly synthesized the “return flight” element (that is, return flight waking symbolism, a factor of over one in five of my dreams since early childhood) with doorway waking symbolism. The flight element in both dreams is static and artificial (divided wooden bat silhouette in this dream and rubber bat in the 2012 dream), which relates to anticipatory knowledge of the waking transition as of the involuntary abdominal movement in waking rather than my more common back spasm waking event. Dreams are biologically self-premonitory this way, though the (ascending) reticular activating system (RAS) does sometimes seem a vessel for control in some cases, which I have experimented with at times since early childhood, but with usually unpredictable results, with the problematic ambiguous nature of triggering it just by thinking of it, the aspects very similar to trying to control the dynamics of a sneeze.

    8. Rain and Purple Larkspurs

      by , 10-17-2017 at 10:28 AM
      Morning of October 17, 2017. Tuesday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our family as we appear now are living in the Cubitis house. There is a gentle rain. I am aware that our oldest son will be returning from his job (same job as in real life despite the erroneous 1978 setting of Florida rather than here in Australia). I contemplate if one of us should go and get him so that he will not get wet walking back in the rain. Zsuzsanna says that she will when the time comes.

      I am in the living room with Zsuzsanna. I look out the windows into the Cubitis backyard (it seems to be late morning but still raining) and notice a row of tall purple larkspurs that are close to the windows, under the awnings, and parallel to the entire east side of the house. They are not yet in full bloom. I think about asking Zsuzsanna when she planted them (perhaps very early on the previous morning), as I do not recall when she could have done this, which puzzles me slightly as I consider how wonderfully industrious and sedulous she is.

      In an area near the center of the large backyard are a few weeds where there is otherwise mostly short grass, but I also see about three or four potato plants in a couple random spots. It is raining, so I will pull out the weeds later. There is a vivid sense of love and peace.

      Zsuzsanna tells me that our oldest son will probably be off work about an hour early, as people do not usually shop there when it is raining. (This turned out to be prescient curiously enough, and it has not happened in this way before. I fail to see why people would stay home from shopping just because it is raining, but I guess I forgot that some people are “depressed” by rainy weather, whereas I am not.)

      I have been a devoted dream journalist all my life (and I even married my literal dream girl) and yet have never held any interest or belief in “interpretation”, mainly because my dreams, other than literally prescient threads, naturally decode themselves prior to fully waking, revealing their origins and manner of synthesis, but also because my dreams have held the same basic components and patterns, especially variations of waking symbolism and the same RAS triggers (such as emergent alertness to real environmental noise) since early childhood.

      Look closely at the threads that are accurate and those that have no basis for accuracy.

      My personified subconscious (dream self) is aware that I am happily married to Zsuzsanna, yet we are living in a house in America (Florida), where Zsuzsanna (and our children) have never been and I have not been since 1978 when I was only seventeen. (Zsuzsanna and our children have always lived in Australia.) This is not even the house in Wisconsin I was living in years before Zsuzsanna and I first began writing to each other.

      My dream self is aware that it is raining in real life at our present location (and in fact, this dream began within seconds of falling asleep again) and (again, as in the above paragraph) I am in a different house in my dream, also aware that it is raining, yet without the awareness of where I am in time and space (and how interesting is that?).

      I am aware that our oldest son has a job and even the exact location of where he works, and yet again, there is no conflict between the impossible contrast of living in Cubitis (an isolated rural area through which only a small highway intersected) and in an urban area in a different country. (My dream self usually does not find the implication of either bilocation or mixed-up composites, which are very common in my dreams, as unusual in any way.)

      I am aware that there are weeds in our backyard in real life (it has been raining continuously for a few days), yet (again) this is rendered into the backyard of an incorrect setting.

      Despite the otherwise fictional nature of this scenario, there are a few real-life factors, and even a typical thread of prescience (which I have always experienced on a day-to-day basis, yet do not always go into detail about as my entries are often already very long).

    9. Strange Feline Visitor (doorway waking symbolism)

      by , 10-15-2017 at 08:11 PM
      Morning of September 13, 2012. Thursday.

      I become lucid in a slow entry transition (the usual lucid and willfully manipulated hypnagogia after making love in real life) and our bedroom takes on different features.

      Of course, there is still the residual energy of wanting more intimacy and sustained harmony. Zsuzsanna and I eat strawberries (on a small yellow plate) at one point.

      After our romance and intimacy, I am somewhat in a non-lucid state now. I become puzzled, more over my decreasing level of awareness (but which vivifies in the last scene) than by the fact our bedroom is rendered with the wrong layout (not directly linked to the lounge room and kitchen as it is in real life). The paint on the horizontal wall boards is peeling (yet it was not before) which I vaguely recall means that my dream is beginning to ebb, yet my lucidity is no longer viable.

      I feel an urge to see if the door is open and it is. I approach the doorway. There is nothing visible beyond. I feel puzzled by an anticipatory mood emerging from within me.

      The Cat in the Hat’s hat appears in the doorway, though with no cat. It floats in the air, tips slightly forward and I feel amused, waking with cheerfulness and humor.

      This dream has the usual dynamics as have been in the same sequential components (through tens of thousands of dreams) since early childhood, though I have grown to appreciate, enjoy, and greatly respect how the nuances are always slightly different.

      Firstly, it is doorway waking symbolism, where a doorway is rendered as the dream’s implied exit point as an emergent consciousness factor (sometimes triggered by real-life environmental noise but not always, as the reticular activating system often uses the memory of a door knock or door-opening sound to activate waking, though no door knock occurs in this case).

      Secondly, the sense of puzzlement is what causes the stovepipe hat to be rendered. Although “The Skunk” is an early childhood dream from 1965, it has very similar dynamics, where the white part of the skunk formed a question mark when I entered the higher liminal space of unconsciousness while becoming closer to consciousness (and also ends with doorway waking symbolism). Stovepipe hats represent the emergent consciousness and the concept is related to “put on your thinking cap” as analogous to waking from the dream state (emergence of thinking skills which the non-lucid dream self does not possess). They have featured as such in a number of my dreams since childhood.

      Finally, the essence of a cat is linked but not fully. Depending on the dream of course, cats often serve as a liminal space symbol. This is mainly because of my childhood association of a cat sitting on a fence, a fence being the division between unconsciousness and emerging consciousness.

    10. A Baby in my Shoe

      by , 10-13-2017 at 07:28 PM
      Morning of October 13, 2017. Friday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children are living in the Loomis Street house (with no recall on my part that she has never been to America and no recall of my relatives of whom lived in the house). Although our youngest son is the age he is now, our youngest daughter is a baby.

      We all seem to be going out as a family, though I am not sure if it includes a shopping trip or perhaps a movie. At one point, I begin to have concern about where our youngest daughter has gotten off to, though I consider that, as she is a baby, she would probably not have gone off on her own somewhere, at least very far.

      As I am sitting on the couch in the living room (facing north as it was in reality when I was last there) and our youngest son is to my left in an armchair and getting ready for us to go out, I see that our baby daughter is inside one of my shoes on the floor in front of me, though a bit to my left. I see her face looking out from the opening of my shoe. She is lying on her back looking out. I am puzzled about how she ended up inside my shoe like this. Perhaps she crawled into it and had fallen asleep for a time. I do not consider that her size is impossibly small. I am somewhat relieved that I now know where she is.

      I am concerned about her for a short time. She makes a couple faces, but also seems to be holding her breath at one point, her cheeks puffing out. My concern passes as she continues to make different faces, moving her mouth and eyes in unusual ways. She seems cheerful and amused.

      It always amazes me how vivid a dream can be and realistic in some ways yet totally absurd in others, and yet my non-lucid dream self does not question such impossible nonsense at all.

    11. An “Unreliable” Rivulet of Time

      by , 10-07-2017 at 08:15 PM
      Morning of October 7, 2017. Saturday.

      In the first part of my dream, I am seated at a picnic table, though it appears to be some sort of school. I am sitting at the third picnic table from the front of the class where the teacher is. (I am sitting in about the middle on the side opposite the side closest to the front of the room. I am facing the front of the room.)

      At one point, a young version of Zsuzsanna comes in and sits down directly on my left. The teacher objects to this, claiming that my talking to other students will distract from the class. I threaten him and tell him that he should not be so disrespectful of natural human relationships.

      He comes over to us with a folded piece of paper, opens it, and starts trying to “teach” us about vampires, zombies, and fictional creatures in general, that is, integrating them into a calculus problem, and I inform him that those are not even real, not a part of life (at least my life), and I then tell him that he is crazy and should not be teaching such garbage.

      Eventually, there is some sort of activity outside. Apparently, a road has been altered by some sort of “flaw in time”. I and the other students start to take notes to determine what the source of the problem is.

      The road is unusual, as traveling in one direction, one sees roadkill (at least three unidentifiable dead animals) but traveling in the opposite direction, one sees a couple rabbits and a groundhog or two. These are apparently the animals that have died when traveling from the other direction. I start to consider that it may actually relate to the mentality and beliefs of the people walking or driving down that road.

      The students stand in a long line along the road (parallel to the road) doing calculus equations to discover what is going on. I notice a young boy who is writing on a large sheet of paper. I tell him to make sure he is solving the vertical parts of the equation (such as complex fractions, though the imagery actually does have unrealistic longer vertical sequences including sigma summation in vertical form) as well as the horizontal and he nods and tells me that he is. I then ask him if he knows what the symbols are, specifically the “sideways M” (sigma), and he nods again. I look again to see if there are any symbols for vampires or other nonsense. My dream fades from here.

    12. Of Magic Matchbox Cars and Intoxicating Clam Shells

      by , 10-07-2017 at 12:31 PM
      Morning of October 7, 2017. Saturday.

      This dream has a thread of a consciously created type. However, it is sustained into non-lucidity, which always skews the pattern. In a previous dream, I used, “I invite the healing power of Universal Love into all areas of our lives”. For this one, I used, “I invite the infinite healing power of Universal Mind into all areas of our bodies” and changing it to “my body” in some sequences. As long-term readers would already know, I never post fully scripted dreams online, as there would be no point. However, I do post certain dreams of apex lucidity and dreams of this nature with singular or dual scripting threads that skew into amusing distortions. (Also, a fully scripted dream would have consciously created environmental details as well as visual details and situational details, not just a foundational affirmation as here.)

      I find myself in the dream state, but unlike with apex lucidity and sustained hypnagogia, my lucidity and conscious self identity is soon absent. The affirmation thread becomes a literal thread in my dream, that is, a string attached to the front bumper of a Matchbox car. (The string, sometimes a rope, is a method I use to go in and out of the dream state, symbolic of the “line of communication” with my conscious self identity, which typically disintegrates in the non-lucid dream state when it is replaced by my clueless personified subconsciou as my dream self.)

      This Matchbox car is a 1930s convertible. At times, even without being lucid, I will it to again become a “real” full-sized automobile that I drive around in an unknown large city. I drive it rapidly through various streets to where there is a focus on the idea of being stopped for speeding. Still, the police are always going in the opposite direction. At one point, I shrink the car back down and walk to an area near a wharf.

      The wharf is rendered rather curiously. It is at the side of the road where there is a ladder down to a small platform which is adjacent to a commercial building. An unknown black male is now present as well as my wife Zsuzsanna. There is a comment made by an unknown female who also comes to the area. It relates to my magic Matchbox car. She wants to know if she can borrow it to sail across the ocean. I consider this (without realizing that “sailing the ocean” is dream symbolism for dreaming itself). At this point, I will the car to become just large enough for her to fit in it and I place it on a raft that appears. Still, I consider that the mode of transportation is not stable enough, so I tell her that I do not think it is a reliable way to travel. Curiously, my hand seems to be as big as the raft as I test it for how much weight it can hold as well as its buoyancy dynamics.

      I am standing on the side of the road and the other male wants to borrow my car. I whistle for my Matchbox car and it arrives (from the other side of town) and grows to normal size. He gives me a roll of one-dollar notes. When he returns, I feel I should give him something in return. I hand him the handwritten affirmation (without realizing what it is) that had been in my wallet. I give him some other documents that feature unusual writing and symbols.

      My awareness shifts slightly, but I do not become lucid. I end up going into a large cave which is ambiguously rendered with the dynamics of a room in a house. A tunnel, more like a long hallway, leads to the opening. I whistle for my Matchbox car again and notice the end of the string near the mouth of my cave. I pull my Matchbox car into the cave using the string. (The car in this case is dual symbolism that represents my real physical body as well as the consciously created affirmation of which is still extant, but subliminal in this level of dream state awareness).

      There is an opening in the wall to the left (when inside the cave) of the entrance. (“On the left” typically relates to dream state induction or reinduction while right is the direction waking symbolism is oriented towards, at least for me, as I usually sleep on my left side, so any sort of waking prompt or biological RAS factor would naturally be perceived on the side more exposed and “open”; my right; kind of obvious, though I have considered additional factors of why this is - as in reading English and linear time as being from left to right, as well as right being my strongest side, though governed by the left hemisphere of the brain.)

      I discover a number of ancient artifacts and fossils. One is a ritual clam shell that is covered (and somehow seems to generate) an unusual intoxicating powder. This is a “healing powder” that cavemen used in prehistoric times. Although I have never been an active drug user in real life as such, I continue to slap the clam shell against my ears to become more and more intoxicated, feeling more and more bliss and comfort.

      After a time, while I am seated on the floor of the “cave”, a shadowy caveman figure approaches, though he is more like an ancient ape with a manlike essence. He briefly touches me on the shoulder and knee and seems of a positive presence. He is more like a loving spirit or ancient “ghost” and walks on to another part of the cave.

      Soon, a classmate from years ago, Steve J, and at least three others, walks down the hallway into my cave. I tell them about the artifacts and special powder and ask if they would like to improve their minds and bodies with this “healing powder”.

      This dream only serves to validate what I have already known for over twenty years. Somehow, my unconscious mind cannot distinguish between the word “power” and “powder” (which sometimes appears as flour, a play on “flower” and dual distortion of the “flowing of power”). (This is kind of moot as most people who are not fully conscious cannot even correctly recite the alphabet or count to twenty.) Still, my unconscious has seemingly selected a “convenient” physical representation of “power” which is otherwise an abstract concept that could not be efficiently rendered in the dream state anyway, so I am not complaining. Since an affirmation is something heard by the ears, at least this explains why I am slapping the clam shells against my ears, which of course, is a metaphor for hearing an affirmation via headphones.

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    13. Falling into the Safety Net

      by , 10-01-2017 at 08:39 PM
      Morning of October 1, 2017. Sunday.

      I am with my wife Zsuzsanna and our children as we appear now. We are seemingly at the local showgrounds at nighttime. (This is likely residual memory of the enjoyable time we had there in real life.)

      Zsuzsanna takes our youngest daughter with her up a ladder to some sort of minimal structure whereby a person then jumps off an I-beam from at least thirty feet up. I am soon seeing the view from overhead even though I had not yet climbed the ladder, yet I do not seem incorporeal as in similar events.

      I am somewhat wary of this as I do not want them injured. However, after they jump, a safety net comes into view and they cheerfully land on it and everything is okay.

      I then decide to try this for myself. However, I start to realize as I am climbing the metal ladder (with round rungs), that climbing a ladder is a metaphor for waking from the dream state (even though I am only partially lucid at this point). Before I get to the I-beam, I wake, feeling very amused that I “tricked myself”. (I was already apparently on the I-beam. I really did not have to reset my dream as such to experience this waking symbolism as I have otherwise enjoyed flying, falling, and rising in my dreams on a day to day basis for over fifty years.)

      Falling in a dream is usually biologically based on inner ear dynamics via RAS (partly caused by perceiving one’s fictional dream body as standing in the dream state while the physical body is actually horizontal in bed, as one obviously but naturally loses the perception of environmental solidity and stability while unconscious). However, someone or something else falling is typically an event projected by subliminal conscious will in an attempt to soften the waking transition.

      As long as there are people (who should really know better) pretending that a dream involving falling has an “interpretation” or meaning related to real life circumstances (when it is simply RAS-based biology in most cases, which is a circadian rhythms factor typically beyond conscious intent or will), superstition and ignorance will continue to corrupt any hope of understanding the dream state.

    14. Hovering Tent

      by , 09-29-2017 at 12:03 PM
      Morning of December 20, 2016. Tuesday.

      Zsuzsanna and I are “sleeping” in a tent (in the same orientation as in reality; her on my left) in what is apparently an unfamiliar urban park (though with a vague association with the field that used to be across the street from our present home) early in the morning around sunrise. I become wary of the gaps at the bottoms of the sides of the tent (mostly to my right, near my head) in their offering of less privacy. It is also windy at times. In the final scene, the tent is actually hovering above the ground and directly above us, the bottoms of the sides probably about four feet above the ground. I think a few ropes are still holding it in place. My clueless non-lucid dream self is not standing at any point.

      This is typical RAS (reticular activating system) intrusive waking symbolism, though sustained and with no hypnopompic physical event.

      Key concepts: Zsuzsanna and I sleeping in correct orientation as first level dream state indicator, dream state indicator of indirect association with floating or flying as dictated by natural inner ear dynamics, outdoor area previously a field and now a parking lot in real life as liminal space transition, sustained RAS factor, no personified preconscious, no direct preconscious factor, non-lucid and sustained non-cooperative emergent consciousness, interpretable as waking symbolism only.

    15. End of the World and Discovering the Sleeper (yet again)

      by , 09-26-2017 at 03:26 PM
      Morning of September 26, 2017. Tuesday.

      My wife Zsuzsanna and our children, mostly as we appear now, are living in a house that is similar to our present home (and in fact implied to be our present home), though has a fictional second storey.

      Eventually, I am aware that the sun is too hot. I mostly become aware of this upon going to the second floor (with Zsuzsanna), which is mainly featureless and resembles the second floor of the Loomis Street house when the apartment was empty, as there is a singular window on one side of the large room and a ceiling sloped on both sides. (I have not been in this house in real life since 1994.) I feel intense heat and realize we need to go back downstairs. I guess the world is ending, but I am not very emotional. I tell our youngest son that we will be burned up, but it does not seem like a bad situation. Still, I want all of our family together for “the end”.

      We go into our oldest son’s room. Our other children are present in the room. Our oldest son does not seem present. Eventually, Zsuzsanna and our youngest son slide out a cardboard storage box from under the bed. Our oldest son is sleeping in it.

      This dream is easily recognized as a mix of factors, dynamics, and inherent dream state symbolism (unrelated to waking life other than as real-time environmental alert dynamics via RAS) that have occurred regularly since early childhood. As a result of having studied and validated up to nine dreams a day, every day, all my life (not even including apex lucidity and long sequences of hypnagogia) there is rarely anything “new” I dream in terms of core symbolism, and yet the individual uniqueness of each still amazes me.

      “Discovering the sleeper” dreams are common (but are not always so literal as here, as even a dream of yesterday, “Hierarchy Artifacts” was basically of this type). This is somewhat related to a type of subliminal lucidity (but not of the type where conscious self identity subliminally creates and controls the dream). In this case, The Sleeper was our oldest son but of course still is a dream state indicator that I am asleep. “Discovering the sleeper” dreams (mainly when as literal as here) are quite different from dreams where the preconscious is more active and dominant and are hardly ever the last dream of a sleeping period. Obviously, this type of dream is not inherently waking symbolism (unless the preconscious becomes active via RAS activity either by environmental noise or internal circadian rhythms), but somewhat the opposite.

      “End of the world” dreams typically have no waking life relevance (and if they did, no one would still be here to know anyway) other than at some levels (including reading too much negative news in the media). In this case however, the sun being too hot and coming to an end was based on environmental factors where it was uncomfortably hot in real life. When I went downstairs from the second floor, after becoming more aware of the ambiance and dynamics of my real environment, this was a form of dream state reinduction.

      Common dreams where there is “something wrong with the sun” usually also more accurately feature current associations with present conscious self identity (and do not typically incur extensive loss of memory of the present conscious self as many other types of dreams). This is evidence for the sun symbolizing the waking self (and current conscious self identity). There is “something wrong with the sun” when the conscious self identity subliminally realizes that it is sleeping, which of course is validated here by actually discovering The Sleeper. My favorite dream of this type was from childhood, “The Day There Was No Sun”. In that dream, I used bottle rockets tied over Highway Seventeen (a highway of which typically symbolizes the cerebral cortex in real time) to bring Earth back into orbit (to deliberately initiate waking). The preconscious in that case was passive and friendly, due to me initiating waking on my own.

      There seems to be a precognitive thread as of October 3rd. Our oldest son was “not in his bed” since he had to spend four days in the hospital from food poisoning. The mood I held in this dream was similar to the actual mood later on in my concern for him. Being in the cardboard box may relate to the pizza having been in a cardboard box in his room.

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