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    1. Toty #2

      by , 08-25-2018 at 04:04 PM (Exterminate)
      I had two dreams prior to this one. I'll list them below the main dream regardless. I woke up to my 5am alarm and got out of bed for a bit. Drank some water, used the restroom. I went back to bed hoping I could still have a lucid dream when I am sick.

      TOTY #2 - Mephistopheles and Faust
      I found myself in a dream and made it clear I was going to accomplish a lucid task this dream. I took a big risk and sat down on a thorny bush and closed my eyes to meditate for a moment. I had heard meditation does some spooky shit at times but does work quickly. I figured this would make the dream stable without me having to nurse it the whole dream. Normally when I close my eyes in a dream I wake myself up, but I made sure to focus on the sensation of the thorny bush and of birds tweeting around me. After a few seconds I decided to begin my task. As I am listening to the birds and feeling the thorny bush I try to will my eyelids open but it didn't work. I took risk #2 and opened my eyes like I would if I was awake. Thankfully I could indeed see. It didn't feel like the most vivid or lucid dream. (Lucid as in awareness) When I opened my eyes I looked directly into the sun and looked away with the after image burned into my retinas for a bit. It appeared to be dusk. I walk down the street and find my victims. There was a car that just arrived at their house. There was a mother, father, and 2 daughters. The parents went inside while the younger daughter noticed me. I said I had the power to grant her greatest desire. I then asked her what it was she wanted.

      She said she was always treated like a princess, therefore she really wanted a tiara. I smiled and snapped my fingers. Done. The parents saw me and invited me inside. I went to a nearby bed and grabbed a beautiful silver crown from the bed and put it on the girl's head. I was feeling generous, so I also summoned a tiara for the older sister. I then grabbed one more larger and more adorned silver crown and placed it upon the mother's head. This crown was different as it was a full circle and had rings that went down on either side of her head. Finally, I couldn't leave the father out of the party, so I said I had a splendid crown for him as well. I reached back and to my surprise no crown was there this time. I turned around again with expectation and found it lying near the other end of the bed. I moved over and grabbed it and then waked over and put it on the father's head. Unfortunately either he had a real big head or this crown was much smaller than I intended. It looked more like a cheap accessory than a crown of power.
      It was still adorned with jewels and whatnot, but it's size meant it did not fit on his head.

      The father walked away to another room of the house, while the mother thanked me profusely for being so generous. I said to her that I was so happy as well that I was able to complete this goal of mine that I have been attempting for a long time now, at least a few months. I was almost ready to end the dream until I realized that I forgot to take their souls! I said to her she needs to bring her husband back so I could leave my final parting gift. He came over and I told them to lock arms together. I said I had left out an important detail before, and that I must not leave until I do what I had to do. I told them I was Satan, king of hell. Due to my profile I couldn't ask God to give them what it was they desired, so I had to do it out of my own power. And my power doesn't come for free. Unfortunately the price that must be paid is their souls. I put one hand on her shoulder and the other on his shoulder. There was a flash of light, everything went dark as if the sun just burned out. The kids were gone, and the parents were both very thin and gaunt. They didn't look so good. It may have been the lighting, but I wasn't sure what taking people's souls was going to do to them. The man didn't move. I wasn't so sure either were even alive any more. The woman walked toward me while acting sexy and kissed me. I was kinda shocked. She was behaving so erratic and different than before. When she backed away from the kiss she had an evil grin on her face. I came to the conclusion that without their souls they no longer had any morals and their impulse control was gone. They turned instinctual.

      Obese angry woman
      I had a short dream earlier on in the night where some large chick was flying through the air and going on a rampage. She kept calling me a slut and acting all mad. I asked if she was accusing me of being a rapist and I explained that I most certainly am not. Whatever her problem was I kept talking to her and calming her down. As I talked with her I saw a visual indicator going down from 10. When it reached 2 I started talking intellectually with her. Whatever set her off I do not know.

      Bomb threat
      Another dream later one involved our family going to a bowling alley. We had heard there was a bomb threat but we didn't believe it. When we arrived it was dark and there were many ambulances there. The location was in a slums with graffiti and broken windows all around. The focal point appeared to be a high-rise building. It looked like an office building or an apartment maybe. I counted at least 6 or 7 ambulances. I didn't see any police or other emergency vehicles. Some people were being carried on gurneys into the backs of some ambulances. There were EMTs all around. I made the stupid remark questioning what the hell had happened here. I looked around at the graffiti and it was all referring to bombs. There were paintings of bombs and words showing the threats of blowing up the place. I pieced together that a bomb must have already gone off and many had been injured and killed. I noted that it did not seem as if we would be playing bowling tonight, given the circumstances. Good thing we left our equipment in the car or we would have really looked dumb.

      As I turned to go back to the car I heard a large boom. I turned to see a giant fireball hurling toward me. I ducked behind a wall and just barely missed being incinerated. A few more large explosions followed and giant fireballs kept being thrown in every direction from the building. I managed to avoid getting hit by two or three until I hightailed it out of there and ran down the street and around the corner. As I fled the scene the dream ended.
    2. Police officers, a robber, and morgan freeman?

      by , 04-21-2018 at 07:49 PM (Exterminate)
      The earliest scene I recall was of a group of 4 police officers reporting to a scene of another officer about to jump off a tall building. The officers were all walking with one hand on their belts and the other ready to grab their gun. The officer on the building fell off the building head first and died on impact. It looked like he was forced off instead of jumping by choice.

      I then recall the police showing up at my door. The house was actually one I lived in about 6 years ago. It was a trailer home with a storage unit. The officer told me I needed to come with them, as there appears to have been a robbery at our location. Another officer stayed with my family to brief them on the situation. I checked our storage unit and sure enough it was broken in and cleaned out. The cop gave me a firearm and a short safety lesson on how to use it. I already have gone through gun safety before, so he wasn't telling me anything I didn't already know. I get in his car and the dream scene shifts to when we get to the location of the suspected robber. It appears to be a walmart parking lot. The first thing I notice is an ambulance with its siren on and lights shining, pulling away from the store entrance and driving away toward a hospital. The police officer tells be to open the trunk and put on a bullet-proof vest. I oblige, and start putting it on. It feels very heavy. Its a pea green vest that is put on like a button-up shirt. The officer notices a big white van that appears to belong to the robber. We start walking toward it, but it drives away before we get to it. The officer gets all dejected and calls the mission failed. The dream ends as he tells me to hand over the gun as the suspect got away.

      I get the feeling that I need to record this interesting dream, so I pull out a recorder and repeat what happened into it. I was dictating the dream in a weird middle eastern accent, meanwhile my mother gave me some reading material on lucid dreaming to check out. I wasn't interested in what she gave me as it was more related to dream interpretation. (This whole section is closely related to my waking life. I just bought 4 lucid dreaming books and this is the first night I have decided to record my dreams first on a voice recorder.)

      I recall another dream involving a comedian who looked like Morgan Freeman, but sounded like someone completely different. I wish I could recall the voice to say who it sounded like, but that is something that will remain a mystery it seems. He first told a story of a man who was covered in thick reddish-brown hair. It was like an animal with its rough texture. I dunno what point he was trying to make, but he segwayed it into how we need to be more loving and tolerant toward those who look and sound different to us.
    3. The Art of Defying DILD

      by , 02-23-2018 at 02:12 PM (Inner World حلم Gamma Waves)
      I find myself in the middle of the night in a car. As I am about to start the engine I see a man who is driving from left and then right. He bumps in to the back of another vehicle and flips to the side of the road. I get out of my car to call 911 but I could see ambulance already on their way. I take a few minutes to run to them but eventually they drove right pass me and to the scene.

      As I run back to the scene I was introduce to this detective. She tells me we are going over to a part where we suspect dangerous criminals live. I ask her have you done this before and if she'll be okay on her own. She said yes but if she needs my help she'll let me know. We both pulled out our guns and enter the forest in till we appeared on a road.

      As we are walking on the road we hear a bullet zoom right passed us. It came from twelve clock , I look at the tree's in the distance and could see a man in a tree made house holding a sniper. I tried shooting at him a couple of times but then someone at the far left in the woods also began shooting. I begin wondering if we were cornered so I told lets take shelter at this abandon cabin not too far from us.

      The weather was clouded grey but now began to rain. I look out the cabin windows and could no longer see them at their original positions. I assume they were coming to us inside the cabin. I pulled my knife out and enter inside the first room closet to the door. I told her to hide in the closet that would be straight across the hallway all the way down. So that when they open the door she would have a clear shot.

      I decided to leave the room door I was in slightly open so that it could possibly distract them. Even if they enter I would take advantage of the situation by hiding at the side of the door and use the knife in a close up fight. The door opens and I could hear someone footsteps can closer and closer to my room. Then the door brushes against my shoulder, I act on my instincts and turn around to stab him in the neck.

      I am surprise when I see it is my brother. Unfortunately I had already stab him as he drops to the floor holding his neck. The shock and confusion made me realize there's no way I could have just killed my brother. I become lucid and told the detective with me that I am going to go get some air. I look out the cabin window and jump while now flying through the tree's. My then flying turned in to floating so I decided to land at a near by road.

      I could see people who appeared to be near by neighbors talking to one another while making jokes. A woman who resembled a video game character was having trouble starting her car. I approach it and took her out of it as it was car I wanted to test my driving on. She then runs from me and I notice there's no key. If I had better dream control I would have been able to start it off.

      I walk towards the neighbors to see if they had any cars. When I got to them I was puzzled to just hearing them repeating the same phrases to each other and then laughing about it. It happen over and over again so I decided I would rather not talk to them. I then had a false awakening.
    4. #196. Real Life Creepiness, but the Robots Were Cool

      by , 08-14-2015 at 05:54 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      It's night, and we're in a heavily wooded valley. Above us is a massive structure that resembles a dam, and there are offices in the building that's built into the structure.

      The four (or five?) of us are gathered in a circle, having made camp. There's no fire. We're on the run.

      And they've found us.

      It's day, now. The parents and one (or two?) of their kids have found a vehicle and are driving up one side of the dam (but there are deer in the way, so they can only go so quickly.)

      I'm the daughter, and insect-like attack robots surround me, their numbers penetrating deep into the forest. I feel the energy building up within me, and I lash out, striking at the robots with some kind of sword, taking out half a dozen of them in a straight line.

      There are too many of them. I retreat upwards into the office building, blasting through a wall to get inside. There are men and women in suits around a boardroom table, and they spin in their seats as I rush past them, sending up alarmed cries. I get to the interior door, something hot on my heels, and everything goes dark.


      The man in charge has short, spiked black hair. He is arrogant, cold, as he gives his orders. They're in the centre of a city now, and he has the girl.

      People are frantic. Something has gone wrong. They need to escape, to evacuate. They need to get a message to the Earl.

      I laugh. I am now a man, thin-faced and shorter than the man in charge. He is angry, he grabs me by the lapels of my jacket and demands, demands, demands.

      Amused, I tell him that I can get the information to the Earl. It's in X folder in his personal, secure system, right? I have the files now, I can send them.

      Demands, demands.

      Well, I'm a hacker, of course, I tell him. And I'm not really here. But I can help him, for a price.

      I'm with the girl I was before, and we're speeding through the city in a shuttle, trying to dodge as multiple giant space worms—like the one from Men in Black—destroy the city and try to eat us, as well.

      We're in an elevator. Have we made it?


      In the church my mom took me to when I was really, really little. It's still dark, because it's winter, and the service is in an hour. I unlock the door with my key and turn on the lights.

      No one is here yet. I go downstairs and turn on the lights (I'm a little bit afraid because I need to go through the dark sections to get to the lights), and I consider going home and sleeping for a bit.

      I turn off the lights and stand in the darkness for a moment, quiet and still. The trees and the moon above the church create a lovely picture in the sky.

      There's still one light on, though. It looks like someone is in the bathroom. I guess I should turn the lights back on and stay here until the service starts, since people have started arriving.


      Spoiler for Content note for attempted sexual assault:

      Edit: I also had a dream that Sensei started up his comp and had ALL of the intermediates against the one person who volunteered to be on the advanced team (which wasn't me).

      Adventure: 5/10
      Control: 3/10
      Fear: 7/10

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    5. Insert title here

      by , 02-07-2014 at 01:21 PM
      Dream 1: [COLOR="#800080"]I was in a train station waiting for someone to go on a trip. I keep waiting and waiting but nobody comes so I try to call mom. I see mom and I ask her where the person is. She says that the person should be here already. I tell her it's not here and she grabs my hand and drags me into a little garden. I see there a man without his arms and mom tells me he's a relative. He does the split and mom laughs while saying to me : "That was his position when he beat up that nurse because she wanted to kill him" and then a train drives over him and he still laughs. I get on a tube(blue color) and I stay there. The man says that I need to walk away because that's a water tube. I said : I just stayed there because It's so hot outside and that tube is cold. Then my sister jumps on it and it breaks. The relative gets angry and yells at her. Mom runs fast and repairs it. Suddenly, a snow storm comes and everybody flies away except me and my sister. My sister runs somewhere and I stay there yelling for help. I see a guy with a red hat and he says he will help me but then he runs. I try to move and I find this kid who is like 3 years old. She is really scared and yells and I run to her and pick her up saying : Don't worry, we'll get through this. I lose her and I start looking for her but all I find is another girl who looks like 5 years old(She had blonde hair and green eyes). I grab her hand and we try to walk. I see a fireplace and I tell to this old man if he can let us stay there for a night because it's really cold and we can't see. He says yes so I jump the fence and we sit near the fireplace. It's really hot there and there's no snow. I talk to the girl and she says she got lost from her parents and I tell her that we'll find her parents no matter what. I look over the fence and there's no snow so I'm really happy and I tell the girl that we can go now. We jump over the fence and I see my sister. I run to her and hug her. There's my classmate that comes from the back yelling : ALINA!!! and he jumps on her and we fall. Kris comes and he says that we really need to go a building and he points at it. I say okay and we all go into the building. We play some game and then I get into this hall that has lots of doors and walls in the middle of it and all kind of things. I run but Kris grabs my shirt and he says that the game is over. I run to this other hall. I see some the snsd member and I say that they're really pretty but they're so small(height). I get to this room and there are some papers. I look at them and there are only math problems. [/COLOR]
      Dream 2 : [COLOR="#800080"]Something about my grandmother. She wanted me to bring her all kind of stuff.[/COLOR]
      Dream 3 : [COLOR="#800080"]I was in my classroom and I was playing on my phone.[/COLOR]
      Dream 4 : [COLOR="#800080"]I'm with mom and dad on a street. Mom sees an ambulance and she tells us to run because they will kill us. [/COLOR]
    6. 8/8/13 - oi

      by , 08-08-2013 at 08:24 PM (Leaving the matrix)
      I'm just standing in the kitchen faced the window, my sister is in the living room sitting on the recliner watching the television, when suddenly my mom appears beside me, she looks like she's trying to hide something, I joke around with her an nudge her but when I do she groans and says something is stuck in her throat, I roll my eyes thinking she is over exaggerating like usual or it's just a piece of ice that will melt as usual. But she continues to complain in panic so I begin to panic and take her seriously, she opens her mouth and tells my sister to look who by now has walked over to see why my mom was wigging. My sister says it's a tongue piercing, and then my mom walks over to the sink with a nervous caught smile. I ask her why the fuck she got her tongue pierced, and she wouldn't tell me. Then she realizes it's her tongue, it's swollen so she takes the barbell out of her tongue, and walks away to fake do something, I later tell her she'd better put the barbell back in if she doesn't want the hole to shut, she panics at this revelation and starts unscrewing the jewelry to put it in, I tell her to put the unthreaded one in so it won't irritate her fresh wound but she ignores my instruction, and I can tell she is having difficulties getting the jewelry in, she pushes on it very hard and I hear a loud pop noise, and she makes a loud cry of pain but continues, I examine what the noise was and realize she has a knife trying to assist her and that at first I thought she cut off a bit of her neck, but I realize she chopped off her whole ear. I yell to that she's chopped her entire ear off, she drops what she was doing and all three of us begin to panic, I yell to my sister to get some ice as I am getting small plastic bags, then my mom chopped both her pointers fingers off for no fucking reason as though oh well she already lost her ear, so I'm trying to put enough ice in three bags to put her ear and fingers in so we can take them to a hospital, but the ice keeps melting, especially in the ear bag, now they're rushing me and waiting at the door but I feel compelled to get every last bit of ice out of the freezer, and I do then we run out side, but I run back to my room real quick to grab proper pants so I don't go in lounge pants, and I'm just as annoyed as they that I am wasting time, but I finally run to the car and we drive down the main road of our city and I tell her that we should go to that dinky hospital that is just a little ways from here and that if they don't have the resources I'm sure an ambulance can take her to the big hospital that's city away, and suddenly my mom starts to drive in a dirt field to cut off a corner, and I hope there's no cops, but as we near the other street I see a cop but they didn't see us, then I see another cop and she too didn't see us, and then multiple cops drive by and we somehow avoid them all until the last cop swerves onto our side of the street and crashes into us head on.
    7. points for 31/12/11

      by , 12-31-2011 at 02:47 PM
      1 dream, 1 false awakening

      I was at college and it was my lunch break on a Tuesday, so I was wondering around the campus. Then I got picked up by an ambulance for some unknown reason, as we drove along we passed this huge tower of wood and straw/hay. It was then set alight as we drove past and I was told it acted as a signal/beacon. We drove around a corner and alongside a river, the river I recognised and it was then I realised I was in town. We continued to the end of the road which was a dead end, they asked if anybody knew the way out so I told them. After a bit more driving it dropped me off outside of a massive indoor play area and my family were waiting for me. Also stood at the door was my friend K.L and as I was about to walk in I remembered I needed to get back to college because I had a lesson that started in a few minutes. She grabbed my arm and pulled me close, she then whispered in my ear that somebody was trying to kidnap me. I looked behind me to see and old battered blue car where the ambulance had pulled up. The person inside was watching me very closely, so I whispered back that she be the distraction whilst I run away. I sneaked past the car while she popped her head up at the window, unfortunately I was spotted, grabbed and pulled inside the car. I was then driven off at high speed. We swerved around corners and across roads, it was almost like the driver couldn't control the car. We shot across a main road and the driver tried to turn but the car carried on going and smashed through the front of a bath store. When I came to everything was black, I couldn't see. It was like my eyes were closed, but I could feel the smashed bits of the baths around me and I think I cut myself on one of them. I got out of the store to the blinding daylight, the dream ended here. (Full dream- 1 point)

      The false awakening happened at some point before my alarm went off. I woke up and looked at my clock and it said 7.15am, for some reason I didn't question this and fell back to sleep. A few minutes later I was woken up by my alarm going off again but this time it said 3.00am so I did a reality check and it was real life. I then attempted a WBTB but just fell asleep. (WBTB attempt- 1 point)
    8. clumsy bombs; dying girl on a streetcorner

      by , 09-11-2011 at 02:21 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I stood with another person, looking out over a large body of water, like a really large river. The day was bright, the sky almost white, and the sun glittered on the surface of the water.

      There was some kind of vessel out on the water. It looked like a mix between a ship and a dock. It looked like it was made out of wood as well as metal.

      Another vessel or huge machine was either near or on land to my right. It was firing some kind of explosive devices at the vessel. This big vessel was an enemy vessel, and it was openly firing at the vessel in the water, which belonged to America. But nobody was really doing anything about it.

      The explosives were being launched really clumsily, often missing by a long ways. And the explosives that actually hit the vessel didn't really seem to be doing much damage at all.

      I started to think that if I stood here watching this whole thing for too long, somebody would start to blame me personally for the explosive devices attacking the vessel. I figured I should just get away from this whole scene.

      I started talking with the person standing near me about the explosives. Not long after this, we saw a huge missile launch up into the air. It looked like one of the rockets that launched the Apollo missions into space, except that it was flattish, almost having the shape of a plastic cigarette-lighter. It launched really slowly into the air and up through clouds.

      Dream #2

      I was probably finishing crossing a street, walking up to a corner, on a city street that looked like an area of Manhattan with a lot of housing projects.

      There was a little, blonde girl lying flat on her back on the sidewalk, her feet pointed toward the curb. The girl looked maybe eight or nine years old. She wore a pink or orange summer dress, the skirt of which was pulled up all the way above her stomach.

      It seemed like the girl was either dead or dying. She was so still and expressionless. I could feel (somehow) a lack of consciousness in the girl. I could also see or feel a sinking away of the life in her.

      A Latino man with long hair in a pony-tail and wearing a baseball cap was near the girl, trying to help her. The girl may have fallen while the man was around, and the man may have softened her fall, laying her down gently. But now, as I lingered to figure out exactly what was going on, the man seemed to be trying to stand the girl back up.

      I figured the Latino man was the little girl's father, or some kind of relative. I told the man it looked like the girl needed medical help, not help standing up. The man insisted the girl was fine. But I asked him, "Did you even call an ambulance?" The man may now have been Chinese. He told me he hadn't called an ambulance.

      I told the man that I would call an ambulance. I said it wouldn't mean there was necessarily anything wrong with the girl. But it was always just better to check in with medics to make sure nothing was wrong.

      I put a flip-open cell phone to my ear and called the ambulance. I thought to myself how dumb this guy was for not calling an ambulance. The girl was obviously really sick. I started to wonder whether the guy was going to get in trouble for not having called an ambulance. I wondered whether he was trying to hide something that was his fault.

      As I waited for 911 to take my call, I walked down the sidewalk a bit. There was a platform of scaffolding built over a section of the sidewalk. On the blue, wooden wall of the scaffolding, maybe 3 meters in the air, there were two signs.

      Both signs were made out of tarp-like material. They were set side-by-side. They were probably pink. The messages on them were written in Chinese characters, which were a dull shade of blue. The sign on the left had a photo as well as a message on it. The photo may have been of a little girl.

      I was able to read the messages (???). They basically spoke about how, due to rampant racism within an apartment complex almost all the residents of which were Chinese, certain residents of the complex were being forced out.

      I got the idea that these people had basically just been intimidated by their neighbors until they left. They hadn't been forced out in any legal sense. The people who lived in the complex would have struck anybody else as being also Chinese. But they may have been Muslim as well, or something like that. So the other Chinese people didn't like them.

      It turned out that the building had some kind of disease running through it. The situation was either that the disease was more prevalent among the people getting purged, or else that the people being purged were developing the disease more violently, now that they were basically living on the street.

      I went back to the little girl, who was now "Chinese" (even though she actually looked like a Latina girl). The little girl was sitting up, completely conscious, even kind of cheerful. I knew that she had whatever the sickness was, and that she could get really sick. The ambulance was coming to pick her up for a check up and medication.

      I put my left arm around the girl's shoulders. The ambulance backed up to us, and the back doors were open to receive the girl. A medic lifted the girl out of my arms and into the ambulance. A medic (possibly the same one?) told me, "That girl has tuberculosis. It's really contagious. You were too close to her. You should probably get checked, too."

      I kind of resigned myself to having the disease, even though I was a little afraid. My mom was now standing over me. She told me, "I went to the store the other day and got a disease testing hit. It can diagnose if you have the disease. So that way you know way ahead of time and you can treat yourself before you feel all the pain."

      I stood up and followed my mom. We were now in something like an unfinished bedroom. The bedroom had a concrete floor and barren, white walls. It was lit with a stark, incandescent light.

      My mom pulled out this stretch of cotton padding, like a piece of padding that might be stretched out atop a bed mattress. She laid it out on the floor -- it was actually rolled up, like some kind of stiff, plasticky material, and she had to kind of unroll it and "snap" it into a flat position.

      My mom told me that you tested yourself by laying down on the mattress. I felt like the testing really wouldn't work, and that the whole thing was just a big ripoff. I wasn't going to lay down on the thing, because I felt like it would do more harm than good. But I didn't want to disappoint my mom, and I was thinking of a way to stall her.

      My mom rolled up the mattress, which she'd laid out in the middle of the room. She walked over to the right and back side of the room, near a doorway to a dark room or hallway, and laid the mattress out again.

      As my mom did this, she told me, "These testing kits were on sale at Wal-Mart. So I bought ten or twelve of them. I'm planning on giving them to people as Christmas presents."

      I thought, Oh my god, Mom! You bought twelve of these damn things? You really got ripped off! For some reason I went over and lay down on the mattress my mom had laid out.

      I either sat up, or was helped up. My mom was gone, and my friend H was now in the room. There was somehting in the center of the room that looked like a hearth, for a fire, except that there were a lot of stones in it. H and I walked over to the left, front side of the room and sat down near an old-style, rotary-dial telephone that sat on the floor.

      H picked up the phone and started talking with one of her friends. I watched her on the phone. My view was really low, almost level with the floor, so that the phone's base seemed really big in my view.

      H spoke to one of her female friends about a gift she had given to Y, another female friend of hers. It may have been something like a coffee mug with a photo on it. But when she mentioned the gift, H asked her friend, "What did S (a male friend of hers) think about it? Did S like it and pay attention to it?"

      I heard a little bit of H's friend's response. H and her friend spoke a bit more. Finally I got the idea that H and her friend were speaking in code.

      H hadn't been in contact with Y for a while. They'd had some kind of argument. But before the argument, H and Y had actually been secret lesbian lovers. So now H heard Y was having something like a birthday party. But H wasn't invited. So H sent a present to Y.

      Ostensibly the gift was supposed to have something to do with H's male friend S, as if to signify that H liked boys, especially S. But the gift was really, secretly, supposed to show Y that H was still in love with Y. H was now on the phone with her other female friend to see if Y had gotten the right message, and if Y was also still in love with H.

      H was kind of treating me like I was her boyfriend, even though she never real showed it. So she didn't want me to know that she was actually in love with Y. So she was speaking in code with her friend.

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    9. 07/29/10 House Fun

      by , 08-06-2010 at 07:22 PM (Sydney's Nightly Adventures)
      I appeared to be in a girl's house/apartment room. We were upstairs in her bedroom playing some games. I was playing on her laptop, and I think she was on her PS3. Suddenly, we heard a siren. The girl skipped to the window, and said, "Oh great." I looked out too, and there was an ambulance parked in her driveway. They were um, watering the grass. LOL.

      So we went downstairs and then we heard the doorbell. I opened the door and it was the 3 guys from the ambulance. I forgot what they said, but they were just standing there. Then I saw my friend Mike bound through the door and walk upstairs. I closed the door on them and ran ahead of Mike up the stairs. Once up there, the girl offered Mike a controller. He said no thanks. Then I woke up.
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