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    1. Nightmares About...

      by , 11-16-2008 at 12:15 AM
      Random nightmare about Nazis, but for some reason they were dressed as circus clowns.

      The next night I had a dream I was playing a shitty internet Flash game that kept crashing. It was all about some sort of reverse-World of Warcraft world and one of the main characters in it was an annoying sea goddess.

      Followed by a weird nightmare that was like a combination of a documentary on drug runners and Stephen King's "Christine":

      Dreamed there were these guys who gathered and smuggled this plant you had to chew to get high. If you got caught you were looking at a lot of time in prison. Somehow, in the dream, I got coerced into helping these guys. Unfortunately, the feds showed up, and I was the only person who didn't have anywhere to hide. For whatever reason, though, they didn't see me, because I hid the only place I could think of - behind the place's guard dog.

      This was followed by a sequence that's scrambled in my brain but led to me standing outside of a rundown/abandoned shack. I'd driven there in a small fuchsia sports car, it looked like a newer Mustang. There was a broken down car there. The house was inhabited by the ghost of a small child; the broken down car was possessed. Little kid ghost was terrified of the car. I approached the car, and the inside began to fill up with water which streamed down the windows as the engine revved. Like any sane human being, I flipped out and ran back to my own car (whose door was open) while little kid ghost tagged along (by holding onto my hair?). I said "you can't go with me, I don't know what to do with you" but it cried and was insistent and I was about to be run over by a possessed demon car, so I didn't argue. I had trouble getting into my car because my legs wouldn't cooperate for some reason (I was so scared my knees had locked). Somehow I managed to hit the gas and take off, with the possessed car in pursuit. I managed to lose it along the way - I guess it couldn't go outside a certain radius - but my own car was out of control, I was cutting people off and driving in the wrong lane of traffic, and my brakes didn't work. I was yelling at little ghost kid to hit the brakes, but all it would do was cry. I then pulled up outside of a small family restaurant owned by a Yugoslavian family and walked inside. In the dream, I knew the family, but didn't know how to explain what just happened.

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    2. Liquor Store

      by , 03-02-2008 at 02:30 AM
      This dream occurred in March, 2008:

      I had a dream that my mother and I found an old, run-down liquor store that was two hundred years old (or something along those lines) and looked like it was going to collapse or something. It had a big Jack Daniels sign outside, and there were a bunch of busted barrels outside that were falling apart. It was a cool old store, so we debated buying it and renovating it. We went inside, and the inside was much nicer than the outside. It was being run by two guys, who owned an old black-and-white dog, which rolled over on its back and begged for me to rub its belly. I did, and managed to hit the spot that made its leg thump.

      Then, I dreamed I was driving around with Eli and some other friends on a tour of other buildings. One old building in particular was historically significant, but it looked like a stark, lonely shack, and no plants grew around it. Then, we were boating down a wide, slow, blue river with lush vegetation on its banks. I was telling Eli about how I had a dream about a liquor store. I was watching large gears float down the river. They had blue glowing runes inscribed on them, and belonged to some other civilization. After this, I woke up.
    3. Hurricanes

      by , 02-25-2008 at 02:32 AM
      Original dream dated Feb. 24, 2008:

      I dreamed about a church with a very high ceiling that was yellow glass with brown hatches on it. There was some confusion about whether or not it was appropriate for the nave of the church to also be a gym. There was some sort of space war going on, with spaceships flying all over the place over the church, and I think that's what turned into a hurricane.

      I was driving in the hurricane. I was worried, because I was always late for work and thought that this time I would get fired. I wound up turning down the wrong off-ramp because the wind was so strong that I couldn't control the car. When I got to work, I explained it to my boss, who thankfully looked worried rather than chewing me out.
    4. Punk rock band and driving at night

      by , 07-08-2007 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      There is a punk or rock band doing an interview while walking through a dense field along a small, shallow creek. I am a camera operator trying to keep up with them as they walk and talk. I follow one of the spiky haired dudes into the creek and try to keep pace without getting my camera wet. As we trudge through the creek it slowly becomes wider and at one point (and quite suddenly) deeper. The band and other camera operators disappear as the sun starts to set and I am left to struggle out of the creek alone.

      I see my family's old 1986 Westfalia sitting a distance away, near the edge of a dirt road. Still soaking wet I drop the camera and get into the vehicle, where I find myself with Dad, Mom, and brother Ryan. It is dark now and we seem to drive around aimlessly. I cannot see where we are going. Ryan is doing something to annoy me (but I can't remember what) and I feel angry. We pass small towns or buildings in the dark that are adorned with lots of bright lights and decorations). We are supposed to drop Ryan off somewhere (he is to meet up with his friend James, I think) but he disappears from (or exits) the van before we find the destination.

      My parents drive past a few more small, brightly lit towns and then back into the dark country side. They suddenly turn off the van's headlights and drive in the dark. I can still feel (and vaguely see) the backseat that I am sitting on, but otherwise am completely surrounded by darkness. I can no longer see or hear Mom and Dad, but I assume they are still there because I can still feel the vibration of the van moving (though I can no longer hear the vehicle's engine as well).

      The darkness surrounding me feels thick and heavy and I feel like I am being suffocated.
    5. Day trip in old Westfalia and the Red Door

      by , 01-10-2007 at 06:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      In the dream I appeared as I looked at about age 11 or 12. I was with my mom and dad and we were in our old 1986 Volkswagen Westfalia. We were driving down an urban street that was lined with old Victorian and Edwardian style buildings, as well as many trees. In the dream, this was supposed to be our hometown of London, Ontario, but the areas we travelled through looked nothing like any area of London that I recognize. I don't remember many of the buildings, but one stuck in my memory for some reason. It was a three story bulding made of dark grey bricks and a black tile roof. The front door was a dark red and there were vines growing up the entire front side. This building sat opposite of a three-way intersection and I recall noticing it the first time my parents and I drove past it because my dad had to make a left turn. Though it had a unique and vaguely farmiliar look in my dream, I cannot recognize it as anything I know in waking life.

      My parents and I drove out into the country, though it did not look like the country surrounding my hometown (as I know it in waking life, anyway). We drove for a long time and came to a thicket of trees which seemed to have a picnic area in the middle. My dad drove the van towards the picnic tables but the westfalia got stuck in some mud that we had not noticed before. My parents got out of the van and walked towards the picnic tables and it was then that I noticed an old man in a blue uniform. He looked like a thin Captain Highliner. I walked amongst the trees while my parents talked to the captain. I found a little stream and noticed something moving in the water, but my mom called me back to the van before I could get a look at what it was. As we drove out of the grove (and almost got stuck in the mud again) I watched the old man walk towards the little stream with a blank expression on his face. He waded into the stream before the van turned onto the road and I could no longer see him.

      We drove for miles again, past farmland and forests. I noticed that we travelled fairly far without seeing a single building. Soon though, my parents spotted group of white houses and they wanted to go check them out. Parking the westfalia behind one of the houses my mom and dad got out of the van and started snooping around. I was afraid of being caught doing something illegal so I stayed in the van. When my parents had not returned for a long time, I got out of the van and went to look for them. From the window of one of the white houses I could see someone looking at me and I was afraid that they were going to call the police on me for tresspassing. I started back to the van but I suddenly heard a group of people laughing and carrying on. Following the noise I came across my mom and dad and some strangers on the front balcony of one of the houses, opening champagne bottles and having some sort of celebration. The old man in the blue uniform was there as well. Apparently it was his house and he had just won it in a sweepstakes or something (and that is why everyone was celebrating?).

      My parents had one glass of champagne before returning to the van and heading home. The trip home didn't seem nearly as long as the trip out there, and I don't recall seeing the picnic grove on the way back. When we returned to London, it again was the strange London with all of the Victorian and Edwardian building. When we came to the three-way interesection and my dad turned, I watched the vaguely farmiliar dark grey, three story bulding grow smaller and smaller in the rear view window. When we were some distance away I saw the dark red door swing open, but I woke up before I could see what was behind it.
    6. Public school/Sunday school mashup (lucid)

      by , 08-06-2006 at 05:29 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      I had my second lucid experience on this night! I only had very limited control, but I do believe that it is an improvement because in my first lucid experience I had no control what-so-ever.

      The dream takes place about a block from where I live. There is a church with an expansive parking lot near the corner of the intersection and all of the outdoor scenes of the dream take place there. All of the inside scenes of the dream take place in what is very similar to the halls of the public school that I attended as a child. Even though, in reality, there are many apartment buildings, stores and a cemetery in the area surrounding the church and the road it is on, in the dream there was only thick, dark forest.

      At the beginning of the dream I was inside wandering the halls of the school. It was night time and it should have been closed but I saw former classmates and teachers around as well. There were no classes going on and everything seemed very random or downright chaotic. The was some sort of parade thought the halls and people where dragging pieces of electronic equipment or walking with baby animals through the halls.

      Someone walked by with six kittens on a leash and I could not see the person's face, but I remember thinking that the kittens were cute. I also saw someone trying to pull a baby elephant along but still did not realize that I was in a dream. I did not attempt any RCs because it just did not occur to me at the time. I saw an old schoolmate of mine named J.P and I decided to follow him.

      We walked down a long hall and went outside. Rather than the school yard we walked out into the church parking lot. There were several parked vehicles as well as cars driving past on the road. J.P sat down on the front step of the church and looked at me and said something. Though I can remember the sound of his voice, I cannot remember what he said to me. I walked over to one of the parked cars (a light grey or white, two door hatchback) and thought that I would drive home in it. I started the car and pulled up the the street, but I swerved out onto the road without slowing down or stopping and I cut off at least two other road vehicles.

      It was then that I realized I was in a dream, because I knew what I had just done was very illegal and not the proper way to drive. The first thing I did with my lucidity was put the dream in "reverse" and go back to the point of entering the vehicle so I could attempt an exit from the parking lot with the proper driving technique (what can I say? I am neurotic like that). The second attempt at driving was as well as could be but I turned around and returned to the church parking lot because I wanted to try and speak with J.P again. As I pulled in and parked I saw J.P going into the church. I ran to catch up with him and when I went through the church doors I found myself in the public school halls again.

      This time however, the hall was very long and very wide and there where several former male classmates from my grade 7 and 8 years sitting all along the floor. The majority of them seemed to be working on bike or engine parts and their hands were all greasy. Some of them looked up at me and laughed (they used to pick on me and tease me relentlessly) but I ignored them and continued to follow J.P until he too sat down and started working on some greasy mechanical stuff.

      I don't know exactly what happend but I lost my dream control, even though I was still aware that I was in a dream. I am guessing it is because I wasn't really doing anything special with my lucidity except follow people to see what they would do, rather than attempting things myself.

      I turned around and saw some random former schoolmates exiting from a classroom door and going outside. I was pushed by an invisible force (I was fighting to regain my dream control at this point so the invisible force was probably my subconscious trying to move me along) to the door that the students were exiting. It turned out not to be a classroom but a small, single stall bathroom. It was dirty and empty and the fluorescent light was flickering ominously.

      As the male classmates all stared at me, I went into the bathroom and attempted to do my business, but the door would not close properly (neither did the stall door now that I think of it) and I felt embarrased and "on display." I finished as quickly as I could and tried to wash my hands, but the taps spewed some disgusting brown liquid. I got out of there as quickly as I could and went back into the hall to find that all of the male schoolmates who were sitting on the floor laughing at me - except for J.P, who just looked at me with a sad expression on his face before returning to his greasy work.

      I remember running for the exit doors because I was upset and embarassed but the the faster I ran towards the doors, the further away they seemed. I acknowledged that my dream was turning into one of those weird stretchy hall dreams, but I did not have the control over my body to stop myself from running. The only thing I could think of doing was saying to myself over and over again "This is cliche and boring. This is cliche and boring."

      The dream ended there. Only after I woke up did I realize that I should have been said "more clarity" or "more lucidity" rather than "this is cliche and boring." Oh well, next time.
    7. Adventures with Becky

      by , 05-15-2006 at 05:00 AM (Visions in the Dark)
      I am at my parent's trailer park at Lake Whittaker, in late fall. It is cold and everyone has to dress warmly. Despite the fact that the park should be closed this time year, it is busy and there are people everywhere. In the center of the park lays a large parking lot and it is lined with row after row of picnic tables at which hundreds of students have been shuttled in, by old fashioned taxi cabs, for some art lessons. My friend Becky was with me and I showed her around the trailer park when we got there. I spent a lot of time reminiscing about "how the park use to be," because in waking life there have been many drastic changes since I used to go there as a kid.

      Outside the parking lot and lurking in the forests beyond it was dangerous because monsters like orcs and oversized owls and bats where lurking around. Occasionally the students where attacked and everyone had to take shelter unter the picnic tables or in gazebos nearby. My friend Becky and I had a trailer in the northern most part of the park and when we went there we found a variety store and gun shop where the playground used to be.

      The frequency and brutality of the monster attacks suddenly increased but Becky and I somehow had magic powers that we hid from everyone else that allowed us to make the orcs or giant owls disappear. I do not remember how or why we had these powers. There was one time when a group of students went to hide in the variety store to escape a monster attack. A giant owl perched on the small building's roof and began pecking away at building with it's giant sharp claws. The building was stronger than it looked however and the giant bird eventually gave up and flew away.

      Soon after a band of orcs attacked some students taking art lessons in the large central parking lot, but by now most students had acquired fire arms from the gun shop and they made short work of the spear and sword weilding monsters. Only a small number of students were injured or killed. The art lessons continued and because of the commotion some seats had been moved around, including mine. I was no longer able to sit beside Becky and I was upset but there was nothing I could do about it. Some of the people there gathered the bodies of the dead orcs, threw them in a large green trashcan and set the whole mess on fire. The stench was horrible.

      The students sitting at the picnic tables were given giant sheets of paper to draw on but I forgot something (my pencil?) and I had to venture back to my trailer to get it. I had to go alone because all of the other students had all of their supplies and could start their project right away. I cut through the southern end of the park (called the tenting area because only tents are allowed there) for a short cut and at first forgot that trailers where not allowed in that part of the park. There were a hole bunch of "weekenders" in the tenting area and most of them had small trailers. I wandered around in a confused daze, before I remembered where, I was because I was trying to find my trailer admidst the weekenders trailers and I could not understand at first why I could not find it.

      As I continued through the tenting are and up to the seasonal area in the northern end of the park I passed by many people, one of whom was my uncle Alex. I thought I said something to him as I passed but he ignored me and disappeared amoung the gatherings of people in the tenting area. I arrived at my trailer but instead of going inside I entered a small tent that had appeared just outside of it. Though the tent had just suddenly appeared I acted as if it had been there the whole time. Some people I knew in the park when I was a kid suddenly show up. They are twin boys I used to play with but I can no longer remember their names, though I know their father's name, Kerry, and I refer to the twins as "Kerry's twins."

      One of the boys almost literally dives into the tent as I exit, while the other twin paces back and forth between trailers trying to look inconspicuous. An older man with an artificial leg comes hobbling down the road towards the Kerry's twins and I. He is the variety store owner and when the twins see him they try to hide by lying still. When the older man has completely passed by the twin hiding in the tent reveals that the sweater he is wearing is full of stolen goods from the variety store, but the boy swears he didn't mean to steal anything. He said he was gathering things to purchase when a giant bat attacked the store and instead of dropping the items, he shoved them in his sweater. After telling me their story the boys walk away and head towards the tenting area in the southern end of the park. I do not see them again in this dream.

      As I walked back towards the art lessons going on in the central parking lot I walked along the main road (rather than take a short cut through the tenting area) and noticed large cube shaped indentations in the road. Some people where digging these large brick shaped sections of road to improve their own trailer areas for some reason. Doing this made the road all but impossible to drive and and very difficult to walk on and I ended up walking alongside the road rather than on it.

      Back at the art lessons, Becky and I completed our project and were told that we were now allowed to leave. It suddenly became very cold and it started snowing. This caused a mass exodus of students to begin leaving the park, but rather than wait for the old taxi cabs, the students opted to walk. Instead of heading towards the trailer park's exit, I asked Becky to follow me down to the lake, where the old taxi cabs and a bunch of other cars were parked. I broke into one car that was painted dark red on its front and sides but bright yellow on the back.

      Since I don't know how to drive I let Becky get into the driver's seat but something went wrong and she almost drove off the dock and into the lake at first. I can't remember what had caused the near miss but both Becky and I had a good laugh about it. We drove towards the camp's exit and along the way many students tried to flag us down for a ride but we ignored them all.

      Becky started driving faster, going 45 MPH in a 15 MPH zone and I told her several time to slow down because I was afraid that we would hit one or more of the students walking along the road. The closer we got to the gatehouse the more crowded the road became and Becky was forced to slow down. The large groups of students trying to leave the park were running into large groups of people trying to get into the park, and strangely, all of the new arrivals seemed to be mothers with babies or toddlers.

      Because of all the snow on the road the car we were in acted more like a skidoo and we had fun to fishtails and spinouts and stuff on our way back to the city. The closer we came to our destination the more that scenery changed from that of a rural Ontario winter highway to that of an alternate reality where everything had a purple or blue-ish hue and the snow disappeard to be replaced with strangely oversized tropical plants. Becky and I had to remove our winter layers of clothing because we became overheated.

      I wanted to find a way back to the cold Ontario highway we had just left but there wasn't anyway back that I could see and for some reason it was physically impossible to turn our half dark-red, half yellow taxi cab around. We drove for some time and came to the edge of a futuristic looking city that had many twisting roadways and neon lights.

      The people walking the streets and driving around in this neon city looked like normals humans except for the fact that their skin tones matched the blue and purple hues found in the tropical plants outside of the city. Becky pulled the cab over and I tried asking several people how to get back to London Ontario (our hometown) but no one in the neon city knew what we were talking about because they had never heard of such a place. Becky and I were also the recipient of a lot of strange stares, I'm guessing because of our different coloured skin to that of everyone else in the neon city. For some reason we picked up a blue skinned man and a violet skinned woman and let them sit in the back of our taxi cab. For some reason they too wanted to find a way out of the futuristic neon city as well, though I did not ask why.

      I started having anxiety attacks from being lost in the strange alternate reality city, and greatly feared not being able to find our way home. We came to an intersection in the center of the city and two normal skinned men, dressed in black suits, stopped us and somehow knew that Becky and I were lost and they said they that they could help us but did not say how they would do so. The two men were of middle age and dressed in black suits, like MiBs or something. Indeed, one looked exactly like Tommy Lee Jones while the other man looked like Agent Smith from the Matrix trilogy (played by Hugo Weaving).

      The blue and purple couple in the back of the cab were spooked by the men in black and quickly departed. Becky and I were a little perplexed but said nothing as the men sat themselves in the back of our multicoloured cab. We drove around the neon city in silence for a while before the man in black who looked like Tommy Lee Jones suddenly exited the vehicle at a stop light and disappeared into the night. That left the man who looked like Hugo Weaving and though I did not learn his name in the dream, I will refer to him as "Mr. Smith" anyway.

      We drove around some more before Becky suggested getting something to eat. We pulled into a neon-sign adorned coffee shop and Becky and Mr. Smith went inside while I waited in the car. When they returned Mr. Smith had bought me a tea and despite never having met before, he knew exactly how I liked it (Earl Grey, one milk, bag in). I didn't say anything about it and neither did he.

      We ate/drank in the taxi cab but when we wanted to get going again, the three of us started walking down the neon sign lined street rather than drive. We came to a series of darkend alleyways and Mr. Smith insisted that we try to find our way through them. We walked for a while and came to a dead end where Mr. Smith cornered us. He said that he could not let us change the future and that he had to stop us. Becky and I had no idea what the heck he was talking about.

      Mr. Smith pulled a black hand gun on us and raised the weapon to shoot, but before he could fire a misty blue hazy dropped down on him from somewhere above and he dissolved into nothing with a terrible scream. Becky and I quickly found our way back to the main streets which were now glowing neon like the signs, partly because it had started to rain and there was lots of reflections, but also because some parts of the road seemed to have absorbed the neon signs or something and the pavement was glowing brightly as if it was made of coloured gas (neon lights).

      We eventually came to a neon tunnel in the side of a large building and started walking through. Becky said she could not hear anything when I asked, but I swore I could hear Mr. Smith's voice talking to us even though he was nowhere to be seen. I cannot remember what he was saying now but it was making me nervous and I was trying my best to hurry Becky along.

      There is a bit more to the dream; something about a maze and a bunch of doors or something and getting back to our multicoloured cab and finding our way out of the neon city and back into the wintery Ontario landscape. At the end of the dream we didn't get back home but ended up stuck in a snow drift or something? I cannot remember anymore of this dream.
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