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    1. 5/19/2011 - Spartans, lasers, and Crossbows, oh my!

      by , 05-19-2011 at 06:31 AM (TheNinja's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1:
      I am on the ground floor of a concrete apartment complex and on either side of me are balconies covered with ivy. Persians and Spartans are fighting each other (both groups have spears but no swords) on the 2 opposite balconies. I throw spears at both groups and both throw spears back at me. At one point I catch a spear from behind me.
      I remember trying to escape through a fence, and I say to myself, "Don't forget the old Chinese proverb: It's not as important as having a hundred soldiers, as it is that they can all run away." At some point a Greek goddess gives me some sort of enchanted water to drink but after a few sips I drop it and the crystal glass shatters

      Dream 2:
      I am running through a series of houses with B and M from a wall of lasers that is advancing. We go through houses, narrowly escaping the beams. At one point, we climb out a window, jump from the balcony to a roof, climb down the fence that's attached, and crawl out of harm's way after pushing aside a bunch of rusted metal and barbed wire.
      I remembered another dream that I will write as soon as I can.

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    2. 1 of 3 - May 10, 2011

      by , 05-10-2011 at 08:18 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      The first of three dreams on May 10th, 2011:

      I am with my parents in a distorted version of the city I was raised in. It is a very hot summer and we are going to a swimming center to cool off. When we get there the swimming center has three pools in different rooms. The first room has a pool that has been converted to an ice rink, even though are are many pillars throughout, and there are hockey players in black and grey jerseys practicing on it. The second pool is huge and looks like two olympic sized pools stuck together. The thid pool in the last room is an indoor wave pool but it is closed for repairs.

      My parents go to the second pool, but I go into the first room to watch the hockey. The game is just ending and workers come out and do something to the ice which makes it melt right away. Some of the players take off their hockey gear and strip down to bathing suits and jump into the icy water. I stick my feet in but am not brave enough to get in the freezing water. Soon the workers return and begin draining the pool of the water. Tables are set up around the pillars in the pool and the tables are set for eating. A catering table is brought out and set up along one side of the pool and along the farthest end (in the shallow end) many tables are set up and hundreds of soapstone sculptures are put on display.

      Many people come into the first room from the other pool and begin eating. I am fascinated by the range of sculptures and ignore everything else to look closely at and admire them. There are two young men also looking at the sculpures, one middle eastern man and a caucasian man who is very handsome. I catch the eye of the caucasian man and blush and turn my attention back to the sculptures, pretending not to have been looking at the handsome man. I recognize some of the soapstone sculptures as famous one or ones that I have made myself. Some also look farmiliar though I cannot remember where I have seen them before.

      Time is warped somehow. I can feel myself moving slowing and everything around me is moving very fast. People come and go for their food in a blur and soon it is nighttime and the place is empty save for a few of the hockey players and the two young men I had seen before. They invite me over to the tables around the pillars to eat and I am excited to find that sushi is being served in abundance. Time seems to warp again and seen the hockey players are gone and only the two young men and I are left. We eat as much of the leftover sushi as we can because we don't want to see it thrown away and wasted.

      After we have eaten our fill I go back to the soapstone sculptures and continue admiring them. There are two peices that I am really attracted to and the handome causasian man comes over to tell me that he created those. I am speechless with awe and embarassed to recieve his attention and say nothing, but he comes and stands very close to me and shows me with great detail and intimacy how he created his work. I just stand there with my head and heart spinning and blush.

      There is an explosion outside. The middle eastern man comes running inside with some people I think are his family. There are more explosions and gunfire to be heard but none of us seem to know what is going on. Suddenly soldiers in black uniforms come barging in and seperate the middle wastern people from the causasian man and I. We try to tell the soldiers that they are our friends and innocent of anything, but they will not listen to us. The sounds of fighting continure outside and soon a commander dressed in American fatigues comes in and orders the middle eastern people arrested for terrorism. Again our pleas that they are innocent are ignored and they are carted away outside.

      Most of the soldiers follow the commander out, except for two, who are left to keep guard over the handsome caucasian man and I as we are placed uder house arrest and cannot leave the pool area. We huddle and shiver in fear together.
    3. 03/05/2011 and 03/10/2011 - "Out to Clean Up the Streets", Fragment

      by , 04-21-2011 at 04:44 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      "Out to Clean Up the Streets"

      I was on the streets of a suburban area. I have a vague recollection of a few different confrontations, within this setting. First, there was a gang of thugs who kept harassing my crowd. Then, at some point later, there were bomber planes swooping in and dropping ordinance all over the neighborhood area. I became lucid, among all these occurrences, and started messing around with telekinesis, just to be sure that this was all a dream; raising my hand to the sky and controlling the paths of some of these bomber jets with my mind.

      Sometime while I was lucid, there was another scenario involving a run-in with thugs. I was with a few friends, and a car pulled into the area, machine gun fire spraying from within. The bullets screamed through the area where we had been standing, and I could feel them tearing into my lower body. It hurt a little, but not enough to take me down. They just left me kind of numb, fighting off the convincing atmosphere, and trying to hold onto my realization that none of this was really happening. I remember running out from behind a hiding spot - which I'd taken up instinctively - and trying to chase them down, being peppered with more bullets as the car sped away. Ultimately, the whole experience was too intense and unclear for me to completely take control and catch up to them. I trailed off to one side, falling behind, still feeling the lingering sensation of the imaginary bullets that had shredded through my imaginary body. I held my hands up in front of me, trying to hold onto the dream, and bringing everything back into an extreme level of clarity while looking at my features.

      Time went by, and I was still lucid, having a conversation with some of the DC's I was hanging out with, earlier. I started levitating small objects with my mind, to try to prove to them that I was dreaming. We were in someone's house, and sitting around in the living room and I was getting a little bored, trying to think of something to do. Finally, I said that I was going to go after those guys that did the drive-by, again. One of these DC's was the most vocal about his skepticism of the whole lucidity thing. He said that I was stupid to even try going after the thugs, because he apparently thought I was going to die. I argued with him for a moment, telling him that he was acting just like all of the other oblivious DC's. I tried to explain to him all of the weird occurrences; the gang activity; the bombings; etc. It was all classic dream content. He wasn't buying it. Oh well. The last thing I remember about this moment was picking up one of the DC's little kids, to play with him for a minute, before I left.

      Soon, I was back out on the street. I was looking around for the car that did the drive-by, and plotting out my course of action. I wanted to try something new, so instead of using telekinesis as a weapon, or looking for another weapon to take on, I decided to morph my arm into one...a rocket launcher. I had morphed my arm into a blade before, but never any complex machinery. It was almost effortless. I held my arm in front of me, passively visualizing a textbook transformation. My arm began to change and shift; smoothly and organically, in some places, but in sections and compartments, in others. Within a matter of seconds, I was wielding a red and yellow rocket launcher that looked like it was straight out of Unreal Tournament. The visual detail was just incredible. It looked completely unique, yet almost too incredibly intricate to have been made up, on the spot. Since my arm was the weapon, there was no trigger, so I pretty much 'willed' myself to shoot the weapon - and firing it was awesome. With one shot, a swarm of missiles scurried out of the barrel(s), screaming wildly out to a car that was parked on the street. All 3 or 4 missiles converged on the spot and blew the car to shit, lighting up the darkened streets and alleyways around me. I never ended up going after the thugs. I just walked up and down the street for a while, popping off rounds from this bad ass weapon.

      Eventually, I had found another group of DCs, and I was showing off more lucid tricks to them. At one point, I drew a door on the wall with a marker or pencil, then I opened the door, revealing another door, inside. I then opened this new door, and found a slender, wooden beam which I slid out of the wall. It turned out to be a few feet long. After that, I stuck my arm in the hole it left behind, and continued pulling stuff out. Can't remember everything that I pulled out of the wall, though.


      I was having a 'superspeed' foot-race, with family and friends. We were all crouched at the starting line, and everyone kept trying to cheat; jumping into false-starts and whatnot. I was able to get everyone to calm down just a little bit, but the start of the race was still ugly as hell; everyone stutter-stepping into their run, and no one really starting at the same time.

      The actual race was amazing, though. We were tearing across the terrain like Sonic the Hedgehog; running so fast that, even when we got out to the ocean, we just kept on running over the top of the water. The whole thing actually had kind of a Mario-Kart feel to it. In fact, I think one of the characters was actually Mario, at one point. I believe it might have been Todd, but I'm not sure. All I know is that he was on my heels, the entire race.
    4. 10/04/11 - Weird dreams

      by , 04-10-2011 at 12:16 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! My dreams usually stick to some basics. Everything usually looks "normal", but not how people behave. Last night I definitely had some weird ass dreams.

      00.30: Sleep

      08.00: Vineyard
      I'm with a few other people in a vineyard. We don't belong there and we know it. There are different kinds of grapes in different rows and we all switch rows, but I don't pick anything. I'm busy trying to not get caught by the man with some strange sowing machine walking around randomly. I jump to the next row as he turns his back to me. Suddenly he's on the one next to me. I peek up through the leaves and watch as he passes me without noticing. I jump to the next one and get stuck in some branches, I can't get down to the ground!

      08.00: Sex
      Monica has just tried having sex with two other girls. She really isn't into that so that's kinda weird. She tells me about it and we decide to have sex. We do it for a very long time in different positions. Although I'm drunk, so I never seem to be getting close to getting off! We end up in the shower. I take some shampoo from a bottle, I think I hear someone whining about it being theirs. I'm still rock hard, but there's barely any satisfaction. Stupid alcohol!

      08.00: Fragment
      *I'm standing next to a lake, looking for Monica. "Where are you?" I ask out loud and don't expect to get an answer. "Over here!" she yells at me. She's across the lake in a plastic boat. "The boat worked perfectly".

      09.30: Helicopter slaughter
      I'm walking with a group of people on a dirtroad in the woods. There's sheep fence on the sides and I've got a bad feeling. I'm sure a bear or something similar will rush out of the woods any minute. I look around anxiously while walking. "It's just up ahead" one of the guys say. I can hear a helicopter nearby and I look up. A helicopter appears and starts to descend. We all run towards the open field it's heading for. "How many people can you take?" I ask the pilot. I don't recall what he said, but three of us gets in. The helicopter takes off and all of a sudden, one guy pulls out a gun and shoots the pilot in the head.

      The co-pilot who had control of the pedals, freaks out. "What the fuck?!". "Relax, or you'll die too" the guy with the gun tells him and sits down in the main seat. A guy in the back apparently has control of the pedals aswell. He starts messing with them, making the entire helicopter sway and almost crash into the trees. "Cut that out!" I yell at him. "You'll kill us all, just do what he says". With a hijacked helicopter, there's not much that can stop you. The guy flying the thing knows this and flies into town.

      I recognise the buildings below, they're the ones my company just finished constructing. He fires away with the helicopter's minigun and wow what destruction. People try to run away but gets gunned down in seconds. The newly constructed buildings gets blasted and the lights go out. I spot a black car with a white escort surrounding it. "There, take that out instead!" I say and the guy takes the bait. The car continues down the road and is going super fast. It gets blasted by the helicopter but doesn't seem to take much damage. It backs up under a suspended road.

      We dive to the ground and enter under the road aswell. The car gets annihilated, but a small girl trying to run away aswell. She gets cut in half by the spinning blades. Everything slows down and my vision zoom's in on the girl. Just like in a movie, the scene replays and the entire screen gets red just at the moment of the cut.

      The dream skips. I receive an msn message from my friend G. "Help, I'm dying". I realise the building the helicopter shot at, is where G lives. His status on msn says "Away" I try to call him and I hear the "busy" tone. He must be alright then. I decide to just wait for him to call me. I grab my little mp3 player and start to play on it meanwhile. I'm playing pokemon, and I'm at work. They ask me all kinds of questions about it. "How much does it cost?". "A year ago, around 200 kronor" I tell them. I start catching strange pokemons which makes me wonder for a second, but I realise it's because I've just completed the game and new ones can be caught.

      11.00: Dogs
      I'm playing pokemon. I enter a house and there's a policeman there. "You have to go around and enter from the window". Uhm ok. I exit the building and walk up to the wall. Everything turns into 2d from the side. I start sneaking. I can hear the wooden boards creak under my feet. Two dogs peak their ears. I equip my ninja mask and the creaking stops. I walk some line going up the wall, and the back again, always ascending. I slide the last bit and jump into the window.

      It's now first person. I meet up with a guy with grey in his beard. Apparently he's some dog legend. We enter a room. I'm a dog myself now. My dad holds a small barking dog in a leash. "They will destroy the home of pitbulls, larger dogs are going to be forbidden" he tells me. I figure I could squash that little dog with my hands, no paws... "You three weigh as much as all dogs combined lying dead outside, eighteen kg". I calculate for a second. "So, we weigh six kg each? That doesn't seem like much". "What?". We all get out of the house.

      A pregnant dog comes walking. It's the most worn out dog I've ever seen. It's pregnant to bursting, looks like it's starving and is pale. Looks almost like a zombie. It collapses on the ground. I figure it's time for it to give birth. My mom's dog, Igor is next to me. "You better stay away from me by this time tomorrow. I'll be very protective by then" he tells me. I pat him on the head. The pregnant dog seems to be giving birth. We walk around it to see. It's only pooping. We have to help it to remove all the poop, and there's alot of it. I use some paper to grab the stinking shit.

      11.00: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 10 hours

      Supplements: Some alcohol

      That's it! Told you it was weird.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
    5. 13/03/11 - Stabilized lucid

      by , 03-13-2011 at 01:19 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! I felt like I had to make up for lost dreamtime, so getting lucid and doing awesome things was on my schedule. After doing a WBTB I managed to do it. The mantra was: "I'm dreaming"

      01.00: Sleep

      07.00: WBTB 20 minutes

      07.45: Fragment
      *I'm showing my WoW characters to a coworker.

      07.45: Using all senses MILD
      I'm petting my mom's dog Igor at her house. "He's loyal as long as there's food" someone tells me, not sure if I heard it all in my head. I get up and walk out the door, it's freezing cold outside. I head towards the parkinglot and then decide to go back, it's too damn cold. I decide to do a RC. I count seven or more fingers. That can't be right... I recount them and this time I can't even keep track on which finger I am on. But it's too damn cold for it to be a lucid!

      I need to stop thinking there are limits to a dream, I usually incorporate pain and cold in my RC's as I experience them daily, never in a dream. I have no particular task in my mind except stabilizing the dream with my senses. I grab a pinetree and smell the air. It's cold and doesn't smell much. I head back to the house and run my hand against a truck standing in the middle of the road. I find a snickers bar in my pocket and take a bite. It tastes like regular snickers.

      I realise I've forgotten hearing and start singing "Land of down under". My sister Malin shows up and I throw the half-eaten snickers bar at her. It hits her head and I laugh happily. I'm behaving like a crazy man and I start singing on another random tune. I find some bark strips and throw them at her as she's going inside again. They all hit her head and we both laugh. I head towards the parkinglot again and spot some dog pee in the snow. I wonder if it would stabilize the dream if I ate some. Pushing the thought aside I remember a small village being ontop of a hill behind the forest infront of me. I start flying on the spot and go five or so meters up. I fly right into the thicket of pine trees. Everything becomes alot darker once in the forest and I start crawling up the hill, touching moss and pine needles.

      My hoodie gets pulled over my eyes and everything goes
      black. I refuse to let the dream go and franticly try to get the dream back by imagining touching the forest floor. Suddenly I can see again, I'm still in the same place. I let the needles prickle my skin and I yell at myself to stabilize. It works great! I start climbing once again and after a minute or so of climbing, I can see the top. The trees all change into something more fitting a warmer country. Gravity seems to be weaker but I don't care. I'm in no hurry and I jump from rock to rock as I climb higher.

      After what seems like forever I reach the top. I'm standing on a flat mountain overlooking a huge forest. There's a broad dirt road going through the top of the mountain and I spot several houses further down the road. I start walking and check my pockets once again and find a lighter. I fill my hand with gas and light it. A small fireball stings my hand but I ignore the feeling. I remember trying to play around with fire but always failing back in the days. I make a fist-sized flame appear in my hand. I watch it flicker for a second before I reach out with my hand towards the first building in line. The small metal chimney in the middle of the roof (which has an inwards tilt) starts burning. I light another fire in my hand and stretch it out at a wooden house further away. The house starts burning like a torch instantly.

      I am satisfied, but not entirely. How about having some dream sex for once? The road ends up ahead infront of two houses. It's getting darker and I intend to get laid. I walk towards the building on my right and look at it. It's completely dark inside, but I force the dream by imagining someone being at home. A few meters away I see blue light which must be coming from a TV on the top floor.

      I enter the dark house and head up the winding stairs infront of me, silent as a ghost. There seems to be two rooms on the top floor and the left door is slightly open. I push it open and TV light illuminates the room. A girl in her twenties is sleeping in a bed with a blanket over her body, she's very cute. I start removing my clothes silently. The dream feels stable enough still and I can feel my pulse quickening. I don't intend to do anything she doesn't want to, but I know she will be willing anyways, it's just a dream. I try to remove my pants but they get stuck at my ankles. I struggle to get them off for a second.
      BAM! Awake.

      10.00: Fishing
      I'm watching a movie where my friend Jonas catches a pike. He's in rather shallow water and there's a crowd of people standing on the shore cheering him on. He gets it out of the water and heads up to the dock. I walk up to him (apparently in the movie myself now) and congratulate him on his first pike. My brother Martin shows up and his friend. They start arguing and I spot a plastic tub with dead fish in. I weigh them each in my hand, all of them spiky. My brother seems to have caught quite alot today I think for myself. It's time for us to go fishing. I head out in the water and Jonas shows up with a strange, pink flower on the hook. "Look what I caught!" he tells me excitedly. "Put it back before anyone sees you! That's just a plant dummy" I tell him and worry about how the crowd would react.

      He gets disappointed but throws it away. We swim further out and soon a few more friends appear. Jonas wants to fish for more plants but I tell him that's a bad idea. I feel like swimming under water and head down a few meters then swim like a fish for as long as I can. When I break the surface again I'm at the mouth of a river. I feel dizzy and have to take huge breaths. The rest of the group catches up with me.

      10.00: LHC-Nuke
      I'm at my computer. My old computer is hooked up to my new one and I'm trying to play some game through the new one on the old one. I get bluescreen and it's really messed up. Suddenly I'm playing a new Battlefield game. I'm in a tank and I'm blasting away. The tank has some new kind of missiles that doesn't explode right away but sticks to the target for a second or two first. I eliminate an entire camp with my tank and soon I'm left with nothing to destroy. I have two missiles left though and I wonder if I could shoot one out into the sky and make it blow up. I rightclick and then hold both buttons. The missile gets controlled for a while before it blows up on the sky.

      Suddenly I'm ingame. A bunch of friends and Monica are there. I shoot the last missile up into the sky and it explodes, a shockwave rips through the sky and change position of all clouds. "Look! Isn't it awesome?" I ask Victor. He doesn't really care. The shockwave doesn't go away right away but keeps on rippling through the sky. Another blast gets my attention. I see a bright light over town and realise this is the day they're launching the new LHC. I can see an enormous rocket being lifted to an upright position. It must be several km away. "What should we do?" I ask everyone. I suggest we split up, I want to play some computer games with G. "I don't even like you, I never have haha!" he tells me. Wtf? I'm hurt and take off on my bike. I go up on a hill and turn around to see if Monica's following me, she's not.

      A few people show up and they're whistling. I can't do that, would make her seem like some kind of dog. Another loud blast sounds, this time much louder. A bright light appears on the sky and it's quite beautiful. I go down the hill again at great speed. A car almost hits me and at an intersection I break with the entire bike. I slide in the snow for a while before stopping. "Babe!" someone yells behind me. Monica appears on her bike and she falls into the snow. She's crying out loud and got snot all over her face. Poor thing I think as I comfort her. I left her all alone when it's night out. I'm such a bastard.

      10.00: Fragments
      *I'm visiting a doctor for my wrists. "Anything that's wrong with you?" she asks me. "Well, not now but I'm always hurting somewhere" I tell her.

      *I'm at work and telling a few coworkers about my lucid dream I just had. They laugh and shake their heads and laugh as usual, but when I come to the sex part they actually listen, before I tell them nothing happened. HAH!

      10.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 9½ hours

      Supplements: None

      That's it! Quite a cool night. The lucid was pretty sweet as I was bouncing around like I was on the moon the second part of it all. I guess I did a DEILD and induced the same place successfully. That was probably the longest lucid I've had to date.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    6. 01/31/2011 - "Extinction-Level Event"

      by , 02-01-2011 at 04:46 PM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      Dream One (a)
      "Extinction-Level Event"

      (This was the most horrifying, emotional set of dreams I have had in a while...)

      The Earth had been invaded.
      High above what could have been every major city in the world, as far as I knew, massive alien spacecrafts hovered. They had come on the scene and looked down upon us, over the span of about 3 days. We never once got to see what these aliens looked like. Instead, they communicated with us telepathically, without ever having to leave their vessels. At first, they didn't say much. I really don't remember if they said anything at all, the first few days. They just kind of loomed over our heads, apparently observing us. Their intentions, at this point, were completely unclear.

      Life somewhat continued, even with the presence of our 'visitors,' looming overhead. One day, I had made a few rounds to see some old friends. I know I saw quite a few of my people, but the only ones that really stood out were my baby's mom (who I'll call "G"), and an old "friend with benefits." There was another ex who I believe I might have seen as well, but I'm not exactly sure. Anyway, at one point, G and girl #2 sort of merged and became one person, with different attributes from both (and, of course, I didn't find this strange enough to become lucid ). We went to a fast-food restaurant and either the person on the drive-thru headset couldn't hear me, or there was some other reason why the girl(s) ended up having to go inside through a back door, while I pulled the car around front. Later that night, we were back at an apartment that we were apparently sharing, except I had my own room, and she had one. Despite the knowledge that there were enormous, city-sized space-ships hovering high over our heads, it seemed like a pretty normal night. She ended up going to sleep early, and it wasn't until well into the night that I remembered she had the bag of food with her, and it was now locked away in her room. I didn't feel like waking her up to get it, though, and just shrugged it off. The next morning, she was simply back to G's normal self. All resemblance of the other girl had vanished. It was on the third day (I believe) of their occupation, that the aliens finally decided to give us some insight. Not bothering to pay us any door-to-door visits, the beings simply beamed their thoughts into our heads. We were informed, rather matter-of-factly, that our entire species was about to be exterminated, and that, since they had took up positions that would allow their weapons to sweep over the entire planet, any attempts of escape were completely unnecessary. Armageddon was upon us, and there was nothing we could do about it.

      Panic. It barely even had enough time to set in, before the bombing began. Thunderous booms shook our apartment, each one seeming as if were right outside our window. I was absolutely terrified - not so much of death, itself, but the thought of suffering until death. G was, surprisingly, not very affected by the situation. She seemed 100% sure that we were not going to suffer; that it would be quick, painless and peaceful. The chorus of explosions - stomping around the area outside - didn't instill the same sort of confidence within me. With my eyes wide with fear, and my voice the epitome of hysteria, I screamed at her the possibility of our building collapsing, and the two of us being caught in the rubble for God knows how long, our bodies broken, buried, and left to die, waiting for hope that would never come. Amazingly, she responded with a scoff. "Pfft. That only happens in movies," she said. I was floored, immediately switching from frightened to furious that she would just dismiss such a likely scenario. I said "what are you talking about?! Being get trapped in collapsed buildings all the time!! Don't you watch the news?!" My tirade was cut short by a few more deafening blasts, even closer than the previous ones. The entire building shook, and I was actually thrown off of my feet. This one apparently rattled G as well, because we both grabbed each other and huddled together on the bed - our heads ducking in unison; hearts jumping out of our chests with each successive bang from outside.

      I was a complete wreck. I don't know that I've ever been so scared. Unable to control my fear, I burst into tears, absolutely terrified of the horrible death that would soon be coming for us. But, once again, G remained rather stoic. She held me close, cradling my head to her, and actually began singing to me to console me! (It was just the most incredible situation, seeing as how I'm usually the one with my head screwed on during stressful times.) Suddenly, there was one final BOOM, right on top of us, and everything went black. (The whole thing reminded me of the final scene in Cloverfield.)

      In the 3 or 4 seconds of darkness, I received a message. I can't recall if I saw it in my field of vision, or if it was just telepathic. The message was just kind of 'there.' The message was "You and your daughter..." and that was it. I have absolutely no idea what it was supposed to mean, or where it came from. (Oddly enough, my daughter never made an appearance in the dream.)

      Dream One (b) (FA)
      I suddenly 'awoke' on the same bed, eyes full of tears. I looked around the room, which seemed completely undisturbed, and found G sitting on the floor. There were pizza boxes stacked on some of the furniture, and G looked as if we'd just been lounging around the house, shooting the shit all day. Sitting up with a start, I frantically asked her about the aliens, and why the bombing would have just suddenly stopped. She looked at me like she didn't have any clue what the fuck I was talking about. My mind raced. I was thinking that there was just no way I could have imagined all of that. With an extreme sense of urgency, I asked her to tell me what the date was. She didn't know it, so I asked her what day of the week it was, and she said Tuesday. Tuesday, I remembered, was the day that the aliens had actually showed up. I had been transported back to Tuesday...but there were no aliens this time! The only thing I could keep asking myself was 'How is this possible??'

      G looked over at the window, a bright light flooding into the room. Passively, she said "that's really pretty," and I was immediately alarmed. I looked out the window, myself, expecting to seeing the bright, swelling light of a nuclear explosion, ready to brace for yet another inevitable shock wave. However, there was no explosion. It was just the sun, rising into the sky, at the beginning of this new day. There really were no aliens, this time. I wasn't able to believe - for one minute - that what I had experienced was a dream. Instead, I figured that I was somehow given another chance at life. I had somehow been transported back to that Tuesday, but without the threat of attack. The human race was no longer in danger of being exterminated. Relief doesn't even begin to describe how I felt. I was practically shaking. The emotions flooded back into me, and I began to cry softly. My eyes remind dry, but if the tears had come, they would have been tears of joy for simply being alive.

      (When I woke up from this dream, I felt like I had a hole in my chest. I was completely emotionally drained, and I just sat and stared at the floor for a good five minutes. There is really nothing like honestly believing you are about to die, and then suddenly waking up, safe and sound in your bed. I was numb for a good portion of the day, after coming back from this insane trip.)

    7. Nighthog's Journal: 30th January 2011, A Restart.

      by , 01-30-2011 at 12:19 PM (Nighthog's Dream Grind of the Mind)
      A strange but not impossible future.

      I find myself in a pseudo future where civilization has degraded and forgotten about much of what we have today. But it doesn't mean we have lost it all. As there is technology of today and buildings of today all about but many are crumbling down and much is struggling to be still working. The know-how has been lost and people manage by just utilizing that which still works in general.
      I could say it's not more than 50 years into the future but like after some catastrophe to have wrecked the social systems etc to have to start over. People basically lived in like farms and villages again.

      I somehow at a point tagged along with my brother that came along from far away. He had moved away qutie a while back there far away and then got stuck and been there since then until now that he was travelling back here to his home country.
      I saw images of maps and country names. I could not recognise the map layout. Nothing familiar with it. But My brother had supposedly been living in Zimbabwe or Uruguay as some of the names I heard pop out.
      The map seemed to be not to large and was like between Sweden and Finland and some 1/3rd into Russia I felt like. But the country names and areas etc made that a little confusing. Besides the geography made no sense to me. All I saw was there was much greenery.

      The countries where he had lived where thriving and getting good well on getting back on track to whence they were before it all degraded. They had restarted the use of paper money and ... gold was highly sought after once again.
      People were leaving for search of that everywhere to make themselves rich when they returned.
      But there was a problem though paper money wasn't accepted elsewhere but these few clustered countries. Many elders remembered how it went the last time and saw this was exactly the same deal re branded as salvation once again. Some were taking it hook line and sinker.
      Word of mouth was spreading back to where I was on how some of these places where moving ahead at great speed compared to the rest.

      My brother arrived and he got me with him. Or I decided to walk with him to see what will he end up with. He was going back because he had heard we had loads of gold and silver at our disposal as currency but the value was highly different from to where he had come from. Basically gold was not worth much at all here and highly valued there so people were coming over to try and get us to trade it for something of theirs.
      We travelled long and far to get back toward our home.
      At last when we were close we encounter a small Swedish farm village next to a old industrial plant.
      We end up staying in a barn as visitors and tell of our journey. How these were our birth places but we had gone off far and wide. Me though a lot closer but like in Finland instead. I had been a little worried about my brothers plan to try and gain gold. I kinda knew this wasn't going to work. The metals and other goods had completely different values and at times where not interchangeable.
      He finally goes ahead to ask about the value of things. He had a few coins up. Looked like smaller 1/10th ounce silver coins. Some younger girls had 2 1/2 ounce looking like gold coins they were given by their father. They were meant to go buy some things in the general market. He had picked them up as they had showed and placed them on the barrel we were standing by as we talked with some villagers.
      They the girls had said "No, those are ours". We just smiled and said we wanted to look at them as we gave them back.
      I saw the elder man with us look a bit worried about our interest in the gold.
      My brother then asked as some hand pulled carriages with foods was crossing by on how many of these (the gold coins) would be necessary to get a carriage of the stuff they were transporting.

      To my brothers not thought off surprise... 10 years of labor. A marriage... No gold/metals would buy that, besides they are too young still.. huh? (I slightly think he was referring to the daughters pulling them carriages to make a joke). Gold was for other trades. Food wasn't really "for sale". My brothers plans crumbled. He quickly took of and went to leave and head back or try elsewhere. I stood by and sat along in the barn seeing him leave. I have no intention of following him back.
      I heard the old men tell back at him are you like those "missionaries" who try to trade for gold at all costs? Well bad luck, you won't be getting any around here.
      I saw my brother get more irritated and kinda angry as he left for good.
      The man came back and saw me still sit around and asked wasn't I going to go with him.
      No. I tell. I only tagged along with him to see how it would go. I was more interested only getting back to these areas more than anything else.
      It was already quite late on the evening and then I suddenly notice them around to switch on electric lights. I'm surprised they still have electricity here.
      Yeah, the whole village has as they use a old still working generator that is inside the industry building I saw before. I'm told.
      I soon see the man taking care of it come by the house and farm I'm at. They seem to be close friends. He tells me about the generator shortly. Been tugging away reliably for a long time. He knows how to do some repairs and maintenance as well on it.

      Short moment later as I stand about outside looking around at the village and the sky and the lights shining down the road and in the village down at the industry.
      Something isn't right as I see helicopters crashed on the ground in the area and others burned and destroyed buildings.
      Not a moment later I hear the engines and rotors of helicopters approaching. I hear the villagers yell and keep to panic as they run around and get to safety. It looks like 3 black hawks military helicopters are approaching the village now at sundown. One launches a missile that hits a house. machine guns fire down into the village and running people helpless.

      I quickly need to get to cover as they are kinda flying straight at my location. They are soldiers coming down ropes and starting to run about. They are looters. Stealing and killing...
      I have my RK62 like weapon with me with me and pull it out and deploy it. I lock and load and then take shots and them killing a few. They are surprised and don't notice as the others think it's their shots. I kinda take them out where others don't see. I hear them say they lost contact with a few. The Lieutenant or commander of the group comes down with the helicopter and stands with a walky talky it seems on the ground on one knee. He is still to asses the situation. He stand in the open. I see most of the villagers and soldiers are occupied with each other. I take aim and shoot him in the head... he falls down.

      I ran about shooting a little more until I'm with a group of villagers running away. We have entered a old town it seems. There are railways here which we are going by. We activate a door and crossing or similar. A train is coming moving down slowly. It started to move all of a sudden as it got electricity as we pulled some levers. I tell them to take cover and get away from the way.
      Dream starts to fade.
    8. World war 3

      , 01-27-2011 at 09:24 PM (Hyu's Adventures)
      non dream - lucid - non lucid

      I’m playing golf with a famous person for some reason.
      It’s the first time I play golf, but I’m ridiculously skilled at it and win easily…

      (false memories, never seen the place nor the women)

      … I’m back “home”.
      I live with my girlfriend in a rather weird house. We cuddle on our bed a bit but suddenly remember that we forgot to get something important from the city…

      … We’re in the city now, riding on a train. The train starts braking for no reason. We look outside and see missiles falling from the sky.
      We’re scared; it appears a war has just started. Explosions start going off everywhere, one missile hits our track right in front of the train and it starts derailing.
      We quickly open our window and jump out before the train falls into the hole left by the missile.
      I look up. So this is what the end of the world looks like. The sky is red from all the explosions and fire. Missiles everywhere and fighter jets shooting each other and falling off the sky burning.
      We run into the city, trying to make it into the subway system, hoping that we may be safe there. (I've never lived close to a big city or a place with a subway)
      As we run through the city, some skyscrapers start falling over and a fighter jet crashes right in front of us. The heat of the explosion hurts and forces us to run into a building.
      We leave it on the other side, but another jet crashes straight through the street right in front of us.
      We’re both on the very edge of the hole left by the plane,starting to fall in.
      I turn myself around and push my girlfriend back up and she barely manages not to fall into the hole… but I do…

      … I wake up in some sort of futuristic hospital. There are two nurses attending to me, both wearing something that resembles a hooters outfit more than that of a nurse…

      … I’m being told it’s the year 2046. After my fall I was in stasis because they couldn’t fix me up with the current technology.
      What I witnessed was the beginning of world war 3. The newly elected president of America was a fanatic Christian and ordered all non-Christians including all Atheists to be killed all over the world.
      Now, over 30 years later, everyone is at peace and religious disputes no longer exist, the governments are transparent and censorship no longer exists.
      But we’ve paid the price, the current world population is only approaching 1 billion at the moment…

      …I’m being interviewed... they ask me about the golf game which confuses me because I don't think it's important.
      Next I am asked what my plans are now, considering that all of my knowledge is outdated, yet I haven't aged a bit. I’ll probably have to learn a new job.
      I ask the interviewer what the current situation with space exploration is, because I've seen a recruitment poster somewhere.
      He says they recently discovered ways to create FTL drives, and an exploration project will start any moment now, they’re actually searching for peoples willing to be trained for space travel.
      I tell him that I’ll try to join the program then, in hopes of becoming a pilot…
    9. Go-kart Racing with Old Men

      by , 01-09-2011 at 05:32 AM (The Orator's Dreams)
      A boring non-lucid fragment. :c (Sorry, had to delete the original because I forgot tags!)

      I was outside in a field on top of a hill with my sister and a random old man. The old guy had us pull up a cart and ride it down the hill until the car exploded. He then came over and congratulated us for our hard work. I don't remember what happened next, but then I woke up.
    10. Action packed dreams!

      by , 12-22-2010 at 01:11 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Got a long night's sleep last night. Which included a number of cool dreams, and a lucid! It was my second "life like" lucid, and sadly once again, I had zero control. I guess I'm out of shape from not having one in a long time, but also because of the realness of it all. Also had a dream about another DV member.

      23.15: Bedtime

      06.00: ShockWave the programmer
      I'm at ShockWave's house. We're playing a game he's programmed on his computer. Like all games I play in my dreams, I kinda enter the game. Standing on a road in the woods, I watch as a few army trucks go by. The last one in the line is crashing into everything and almost hits me. I back away as I watch the drunk driver continue down the road. The truck goes down into a ditch, and up again. Flying through the air. I press escape several times and the game crashes. "Oh shit, what did you do?" ShockWave asks. "Uhm, I have no idea you could ruin a game just like that" I say and feel bad.

      The game has been completely reset, and all his extra mods have been removed. "How long will it take to fix it?" I ask. "Oh well, like a day atleast... or a few" he tells me. Suddenly he finds a save file, and everything's OK! I sigh and tell him I gotta pee. I walk out into the living room, and sit down at a chair. There's a potty on the floor there I am supposed to pee in (wtf?). I can see people outside and his parents suddenly enter the room. I greet with them as I pull my pants up. "Where can I find a bathroom?" I ask them.

      They laugh at my shyness and tells me there's a bathroom down the hall. I enter it, and close the door which is a yellow, see-through cloth. The bathroom itself is VERY small. Clothes are lying everywhere, and I try to sit down on the weird potty like toilet. I start peeing, but soon I feel I have to do the number two, but too late! I quickly jump to the real toilet, but the bathroom is already being flooded by water. I have no idea where it comes from, but I try to scoop up as much as I can.

      06.00: Fantasy world
      Two wanted posters flash before my eyes. Three images each, one from each side just like you get when you go to jail. One guy stands out, a Russian who looks just like Mike Rourke in "Iron Man 2" with dreadlocks as a beard. I walk on a large green field with another guy. We're about to meet up with our team, but we don't know where they are. I can hear something above and I look up. A small high-tech kite is flying towards us at a high speed. My companion points his huge grenade launcher at the thing and fires off a shot. The shell becomes a net and drags the kite to the ground. We inspect it. There's a message on there.

      "We're at the trees just up ahead, beware" I read. I look up and can see something green glimmering in the trees not fifty meters away. We cross a road which seems to be doubling back around a grove to the right and walk up to a tree standing near the second road. A blue dressed woman is up in the tree, she looks just like "Mystique" from "X-men", but with a normal face. I can see the green radar panels which had reflected the sun. I greet with two more people in the small grove. I look back at the road from where we came, and spot six enormous, hairy beasts with riders.

      They are following the road at a very fast speed. "Uhm, look" I say and point. "Get down and don't move a muscle!" they yell at me as they hide among rocks and in the trees. "The riders will be coming back our way in just a few seconds" I try to climb the closest tree. Twigs and leaves fall all around me as I struggle to climb. I realise I don't have time, and they will definitely see all the motion so I just stand completely still, leaning against the tree. The riders appear and all pass the tree next to the road with the blue woman in it, except one. The great boar/wolf monster sniffs the air. They back up a few meters and walk up to the tree.

      We all hold our breaths as the woman whistles and an orangutang slides down the tree at the same time as the woman in blue. She masked her sound, clever. The orangutang jumps up on the mount and they're about to leave again. Just as they are at the edge of my point of view, they stop again. "Oh shit, we're dead" someone whispers next to me. A huge, green, snake monster appears from the backpack of the rider and takes the woman in blue in a second. Everyone in the grove starts struggling to get through the thick vegitation.

      I get tangled up, and it's almost no use. The worm is just behind me and suddenly I fall down into a small pond of water behind the thicket. I figure there must be air pockets beneath the tree roots and I head for the bottom of the pool. A voice appears in my mind. It's one of the girls who survived. "We can talk telepathicly, you've practiced this by dreaming alot" she tells me.

      06.00: Fragment
      *I'm in a room, trying to watch the TV. I spot several people I don't know, and they all look very pale and skinny. They talk very fast, and seem to be having twitches from now and then. I realise it's my sister's new junkie friends. I sigh as one of them blocks the TV without even realising it. I walk down in to the kitchen to confront my sister.

      15 minutes WBTB

      7.30: Explosions at work
      I'm at work, walking around doing nothing. I find a weird looking white rock, and I throw it away. The rock explodes in the air and I am stunned. "Awesome!" I exclaim. I start wondering if I might be dreaming. I look up at the blue sky.
      "Two moons?" I wonder. It looks more like they are made out of clouds when I look for a longer time, and I figure the real moon is the brighter dot to the right. I decide it's not a dream and walk away to a few coworkers. Peter is there with another guy, digging some deep ditch which needs to be filled with concrete. I find a green pill on the ground and I step on it. A cool spray of green smoke appears as the pill breaks. Björn tells me I can find more if I look. I find a lump of green silicone. Inside I find more green pills. A guy next to us tells us to be ready, they're about to set off some dynamite.

      I look behind me at the construction site. A wooden wall is in the way, but I can see through it. A container for eating in is standing just behind it. The dynamite goes off and sends the container full of people into the air. It goes up a meter or so, and slams down back again, leaning on the side. "Holy shit! Is everyone alright?!" I ask the girl standing in the opening of the container. "What kind of question is that?!" she yells back at me. "Wow, alright then, nevermind... Just trying to be friendly" I say. "Send for a truck" she tells us.

      08.30: Fragment
      *I'm playing real life Battlefield Bad Company 2. There are explosions everywhere, and I gun down a few guys with my sniper. I spot someone up in a window, pinning me down. I take out my RPG and shoot a rocket right into the window. "Yes!"

      09.30: Vivid lucid MILD
      Everything is just like the ending of "Watchmen". I am talking to a guy who has the same opinion as "Rorschach". I give him a very long speech about how fake peace is better than no peace at all. "If you expose Dr Manhattan, you will kill billions" I say. He ignores me and runs off. I become lucid. I take a look around me and I'm outside of the establishment at work. Everything is in place, even the iron gates behind me. I know he will come back soon, so I wait. I can hear voices coming from behind the building next to the gate. No one appears and I figure I'll have to go check it out. I remeber I have to stabilize the dream.

      I look at my hand, 6 fingers. It's all very vivid and stable and the scenery around me doesn't change. The sky has is dark blue. I feel like trying out a stabilization technique I haven't used before. "Increase clarity!" I shout as loud as I can. The colours look a bit weird, but nothing more than that. I am satisfied and start walking. It's very slow and hard work. It takes me atleast twenty seconds to walk up to the metal gate. Once there everything goes more smoothly. I slap my face and it stings alot. I walk down the road and try to find the person who will ruin the world.

      I spot a coworker, Roger. I walk up to him. "Hey! Have you seen that guy?" I ask. He smiles at me, and tells me he's down the street. I look and I think I can spot something yellow at the end of it. I slap my face again. I suddenly remember my old dreamgoal, to blow something up. I look at a tall building at the horizon and point at it. "Boom!" I say and imagine it blowing up, I can almost see the explosion and debris. Nothing happens. I figure it's too far away. "Back up, I'm gonna try to run super fast" I tell Roger. He takes a few steps back.

      I dash away down the street, going as fast as I can. Which ofcourse is about as fast as I can run in real life. I try to increase the speed but I can't. It's all too real. I decide to try to fly instead and with a small jump I stretch out my arms. I fall down on the ground. I do a push up to get up. "Oh well, I'll try the correct way to fly" I tell myself. I do a few jumps to see how real everything is. The gravity is slightly off. Looking down, I stretch out my arms and jump straight up, expecting to go up. Nothing. I do this three times with no results. I wake up.

      09.30: The second Europe member
      I'm one of the members of the band "Europe" and I'm standing in an appartment next to a friend who's at the computer. Suddenly I hear a large "BAM!" from below. I look out the window, and I can see the member of the band whom I hate. He's hacking away at the door with an axe. "Oh shit... Not again" I moan and try to get out of the window. I get tangled up in the blinds and soon the crazy guy enters the room. He starts hitting my friend for some reason, and I can't take it no more. I grab the man and chuck him out the window. He hits the ground head first with a disturbing crack. "Shit, he probably broke his neck" I think, but I realise it must be a stuntman.

      I can see him clearly now, and it's my friend Felix. I jump down next to him as he stands up. "I am so fucking sick of you and your bullshit!" I scream in his ear. I grab his head with both my hands, and slowly bite down on his nose. I can feel my teeth cutting into his flesh and I push him away when they snap shut. I spit the little piece of nose tip out in my hand. A car suddenly pulls up and he gets in. It's a convertible and the driver is his manager. I try to talk to him as he tries to go away. Another car pulls up and stops infront of the manager's car. It's full of girls and they are all demanding money which he owe them.

      He tries to talk to all of us in a business-like manner. A third car appears. It looks like a trash version of the batmobile. The driver is wearing old school goggles and he heads for the hospital next to us. An old lady has to throw herself to the side to not get overrun. I realise he's trying to rob the hospital. "Again?" I think. Suddenly a movie starts playing, showing old and young people helping out when a robber is trying to rob the place. "If everyone helps out, we can do it!" is the motto.

      09.30: Fragment
      *I show my abs. People laugh. "Do you call that abs?" A guy at work asks me. I try to explain I haven't been working out in a long time.

      09.45: Fragment
      *I'm at some cabin. It's in the middle of the night and it's summer. My mom is standing next to the water. "Just because you've just had sex with my dad, doesn't make it all better" I say. I start hanging a few underwear on a box in the reeds.

      Amount of sleep: 10½ hours

      Supplements before bed: Nothing

      That's it! Damn that took way too long. My wrists hurt... Anyways, I'm glad I had a long lucid again. Still sucky I didn't have any control over it. I will have to work on that.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    11. Meeting DV member and end of the world

      by , 12-12-2010 at 01:34 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! Had the intentions of getting lucid last night, but it only resulted in me talking about lucid dreaming with another DV member. I did have a cool nightmare about the end of the world. Other than that, I didn't dream much...

      12.00: Bedtime

      09.00: DV member at a party
      I'm in a car, driving through a very nice looking neighbourhood. The lawns are green, trimmed and everything looks new. I spot a barbeque with alot of people at one house. Alot of cars are parked at the sidewalk. We go for a minute or so more, and arrive at a house. Inside there's some kind of neighbour gathering of some kind. Two guys are making a welcome drink in a large bowl. One of them is my uncle. "We do it like this, 60/60. It's going to be perfect!" he tells the other guy while pouring in a whole bottle of whiskey.

      I'm in the kitchen, holding a drink myself. A guy in his mid 20's is talking to a woman about lucid dreaming. "My grandma was one of the first who registered, she's 70 years old" he says. The woman doesn't seem to care. "I have been a member for 7 years now" She walks away and I realise that the guy is actually
      Robot_Butler "Hey, I recognise you" I say and we start talking about lucid dreaming. He tells me about a thread he's made, and I know exactly what he's talking about. "Yeah I read that just the other day" I say.

      09.00: End of the world

      A massive nuclear blast appears on the horizon. I'm with Monica and two other people in the middle of the desert. "You're never going to make it" one of them says. "Goodbye" I tell them and jump up on my motorcycle. Monica gets on and we take off. I accidentaly do a wheelie but I quickly regain control. Going as fast as I can, I can hear the rumble of the explosion behind us, and I know the heatwave of it will strike within seconds. I spot a rocky area up ahead and I know it will give us cover from the intense heat. We make it in time, going down a small hollow behind some rocks just as the heatwave hits. I know that's not all, there's a shockwave coming next.

      Leaving the bike, we run along the rocky area. The ground starts to vibrate, and soon it's trembling. "Do you know why it's doing that?" I ask Monica. "No..." "Well, it's because one layer of ground pushes on the next, which pushes on the next and so on" I say as we start to climb a small hill of rocks next to a white seven stories building. The ground is shaking violently now and we jump down from the hill into a courtyard. There are a few buildings just like the white one around us. "We should be safe here" I say and the shockwave hits us. The ground behaves just like water would when a wave goes through it. I ride the wave. "Wohoo".

      The buildings all around us starts exploding, and glass shatters everywhere. When everything clears up, I can see that none of the houses has fallen. A large hole where the entrance should be, no windows left and most of them are crooked. We walk along the road away from the buildings. We're soon walking through a dark forest. Monica stops infront of a large pine tree with a rope ladder coming down from it. We climb up the tree, and I get this panicky feeling of being last in a dark room. Something's definitely going to grab my foot any second.

      Once up, everything's very dark. We're once again back in our little tree house, trying to survive in this world filled with zombies. The tree house is a small rectangular room, only 4 x 2 meters, with a small room to the right for sleeping. A table is right infront of me with all kinds of junk on it, and there's a kitchen counter behind that. I bumb into something and Monica makes a shush. We stand completely still, listening for any sound below. She hands me a pair of black large silverware. I put them away and grab my shovel instead. It's very light.

      "Get away from the hatch, if they come up, they'll see you" Monica tells me. I slowly back away, keeping my eyes on the hatch. After half a minute or so, we relax once again. I wish I was back at the house we were in before, where you could sleep without feeling anxious or afraid. I know those times are over. I hate this fucking tree house. "Hand me the gun" I tell Monica. She opens a drawer, pulling out an old revolver and carefully hands it to me. "Be careful! It's loaded" she tells me. I open it up, and is relieved to see all six bullets are still there. I am careful not to let it go off.

      I realise we have to get more weapons. Only six bullets and a shovel isn't going to get us anywhere. I look out the small window. The forest isn't very thick, and ends at a lake just fifty meters away. I can see two red houses by the shore. There's a town over the water, next to a harbor. I remember there being a mall there, with glass windows. A plan quickly comes in mind. I would drive by and break a window by shooting at it. Monica would sneak in while I would honk and attract all the undead. Monica asks me if she could open a can of Sprite. "Yeah go ahead" I say. She carefully opens it with a low hiss. "Does this taste old?" she asks me. I taste it. "No it doesn't"

      11.00: Fragment
      *A zebra lies down at a tree, and starts giving birth. I can see a huge pink thing come out from behind. It's covered in crushed up tomatoes.

      Amount of sleep: 10½ hours

      Supplements before bed: 2 x Omega-3

      That's it! Very cool and scary dream. Had trouble falling back asleep after that one, and the last dream I had was so weird I couldn't even recall it. Well well.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
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