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    1. 07.14.2016 Gold, gold gold.

      by , 07-15-2016 at 05:16 PM
      Bed at midnight. Long day and long night. Skipped vitamins before bed; I was so tired I forgot about them.
      I am noticing that my dream transitions are smoother. Dreams are turning into one really long dream, as opposed to many short ones.


      I am walking down an alleyway with a couple of friends. It is evening time, and the color of the buildings is brown/goldish. It looks as if everything is being lit up by a torch, except, there is no torch in sight. I am with a girlfriend, and we are being accompanied by two guys. My girlfriend is talking a lot, explaining her new plan to "make" money. We arrive at a clearing in an alleyway. There is a table, with a machine on top if it. She has apparently found this machine, and this machine actually "makes" gold coins! The machine is made up of all types of contraptions that go all the way down the table and end with coins dropping into 4 five gallon (20liter) buckets that have somehow been screwed in under the table. You have to unscrew the buckets to get the product out. I actually watch liquid gold run through the contraption and I am amazed. I begin to think that this is dangerous, and ask more questions about how this came about. The guys unscrew the buckets from underneath the table. Wow, 4 big buckets of gold coins!

      And then, through conversation, I find out that people are after that machine! A dangerous gang of thugs is lurking in the background and they ambush us. Our guy friends manage to take two buckets of coins to safety, but the thugs take two. My friend hides a little stash under some old clothes on the table, and nobody bothers to look there. We all run around a corner, and I find the doorway of a building. I open it, we go in and close/lock the door behind us. Its a sturdy building door so nobody can come in. Has a hospital feel to it, except for the building has warm colors on a darker scheme (brown, gold, oranges, dim lighting); it's not white like a medical facility. We start to try to figure out what to do, but we are confused and panicked.

      The gang stops trying to get in and they disappear. We start to look around the lobby and offices, which seem like lived-in hotel rooms. We try to get some rest and figure out what to do next. Our guy friends have managed to run off with the gold buckets, so its just me, my girlfriend and no gold.

      I start to wander into one of the rooms, because I hear a noise. My friend says, "don't go down that hall- I think it used to be a psyche (psychiatric) ward". I wander into a room down the hall anyway, out of curiosity. When I open the door, there is a little girl with glasses standing in front of her bed. The room looks normal, only I am seeing everything in grey/blue scale. A weird blue light is cast over everything. She speaks to me, and calls me a name that I don't recognize. She tells me I'm from Texas, but I have a Louisiana spirit.
      I tell her she's mistaken, that "<name>" isn't my name. She picks up a doll, smells it and looks up at me. At that moment, her eyes become completely black and she turns into a small dwarf man/monster. In a demon-like voice he says, "That's right! your name is <my name>". I panic with fear, and he starts to grow taller- really tall. I think part of me realizes this is a dream, but I don't wake up. I feel like its a threat that can be contained within the room. I say to myself, "oh, no no..this is not why I came" and I walk out of the room and shut the door. When I close the door, my fear is gone and I return to the room where my friend is waiting.

      All of a sudden, the thugs are back, trying to get into the door. They tell us to open the door and give us the gold, because they have our kids. We begin to panic and we try to negotiate. We don't have the gold so we are freaking out. They end up taking one of the older kids, and I don't know what to do. We can see the alleyway from the small window in the door. There is a fence (?) on the left border. They throw the kid over the fence and we just begin freaking out. I am standing there crying uncontrollably for a solid couple of minutes because I don't know what to do.

      My friend and I then realize that we have been in the thugs' hiding place the whole time. We can see a car in the street, so we begin looking for the keys. We are also thinking that we can still get the remainder of the gold from the table, to get kids back.
      As this thought comes to mind, my dream shifts to third person and I am floating over the table. The clothes are removed from the hidden stash before me. I can see that my friend has placed coins in a bunch of little gift boxes for the poor.

      I shift out of third person, because I am looking for keys inside the facility. In some attempt at a trade, the thugs have given us pieces of wood instead of car keys. I realize that the keys must be inside the facility somewhere. I search the lobby and find the keys on the shelf. I tell my friend we have to go.

      We open the door and we run. We get into the car- and my dream shifts into third person. The car has been painted this metallic purple, and its all tricked out. I feel myself get into the car, but my when my vision shifts, I can only see her face and one part of the car...I can't recall seeing myself even though I know I got in.

      Lots of obvious dream symbols that I won't bother to list. However, weird notes include:
      -Two dreams in a row where two seemingly innocent people have morphed into harmful beings. (On 07/13 the homeless boy, and last night the little girl with glasses)
      - Why she smells the doll to recognize me is so odd. I have a very keen sense of smell IRL, though.
      -Gifts for the poor
      -Purple car
      - kidnapping
      - poor is also a theme for 2 nights in a row. (gifts for the poor and the homeless man)
    2. #232 - Club / Heli crash / Ball and invading scarecrows

      by , 04-17-2016 at 09:27 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Went out last night to a house party which was a first for me in a long time, had a great time. I was surprised that I remembered 3 dreams despite going to bed late and drunk. I probably waited way too long to write any of this up so it's not as good as what it could have been, but man they were pretty damn vivid - the heli crash dream particularly so.

      Dream 1 - Club
      It was late at night and I was in town with a friend. I remember there being a junkyard around that was quite dark, it was just off the side of the main road. I went in and then some other people entered, I think they were thugs that attacked some dude in there. It had nothing to do with me, but I think I snuck the guy out or something. I remember grabbing a wooden baseball bat quite clearly, I had a feeling that I needed at least some kind of protection in case those thugs came after me instead. I started walking down the road with my friend, at the corner was a club lit up in red neon. I almost walked in with the baseball bat, but I quickly ducked back and dropped it around the corner, it rolled off a bit since the road was on a slope. I think I woke up here..

      Dream 2 - Heli crash
      Wish I could remember this better, there was a lot more to it.. I think I had just came from a party with a bunch of people, it was night and we walked up a grassy hill towards a helicopter. I remember getting in the helicopter, it took off but the pilot really screwed up. The chopper blades tilted forward clipping the line of trees that ringed the mountain. Next thing I knew the engine was on fire and the whole world tilted to the side as the helicopter tilted sideways on its axis and went sprialling down. I felt horrible, like I knew this was the end and that there was no way I could escape, it was all up to luck to see if I survived.

      Dream 3 - Ball and invading scarecrows
      I woke up around 6 to get a bite to eat and drink some water, then went back to sleep knowing that I'd regret it if I didn't.
      I remember playing kickball with a brown skinned guy on a really wide staircase during the day. It was outside, leading up into a university or library maybe. The rocks that the surrounding buildings were built from was clearly sandstone, nothing like what we had where I live. Seemed like a sandy country maybe, especially with the sun so hot. The guy I was kicking the ball around with left at some point and I was just kicking the ball by myself, at some point it rolled off down the staircase and I chased after it. There's a lot of people, but not a single person intercepted the ball! Geeze just help out already >_< I'm bolting down the staircase (far more acrobatically than I am IRL, doing flips and shiz) to catch up to it but the DCs (I'm somewhat aware that if they're normal people then they probably should be helping) don't do shit. Luckily the guy I was playing ball with earlier was walking up the staircase with a white girl and he jumps out to kick the ball my way, the girl even helps a bit too. "Thanks!" I say to them as I pass by, nodding at each of them with a smile. At this point I managed to catch up to the ball, but there were these scarecrow monsters jumping down from the top of the staircase now. It turned into a bit of a monster slaying game at this point, I was really strong. The first scarecrow was an advanced monster, I slammed it with a right hook in its face, but instantly knew that it was too strong so I darted off to the left. The rest were all the same level and I could one-hit them. My reasoning in avoiding the strong one was that I could save more civilians by killing the numerous weaker monsters rather than the ONLY higher level one.
    3. #50 - Thugs from the hood

      by , 11-07-2014 at 11:14 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: Non-dream
      Blue: Non-lucid
      Red: Lucid

      Didn't have very good dream recall last night, I think I'll have to direct more attention to dream recall for a good week or so to bring it back to what it used to be.

      Dream Fragment - Thugs from the hood
      This probably has something to do with my own experiences. Me my friends were crossing at the traffic lights, it was day time. The side we were crossing to had a car waiting at the stoplights, some islanders got out and told the women I was walking with to get in the car. A couple of them were getting ready to clock me, and I push the women behind me and told them to run. I also remember that the car was technically on the wrong side of the road - in New Zealand we drive on the left side, this car was on the right side .
      Tags: car, inverted, thugs
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    4. Lucid Dream #90 and some other things

      by , 06-03-2014 at 03:46 AM (Lucid Time!)
      Fragment: I am trying to create a solar system. I create a star but fail at creating planets to orbit it.

      I am at some kind of gathering in an unfamiliar home. I cannot recall exactly who's it was or what the party was celebrating exactly, but it's not important and does not interest me. I do however that it felt like I was near my own home, as if I was in the same sub or something.
      What I do recall was that this home had a very large basement, being much larger than the above ground portion of the house. I never fully explored the basement but from what I could gather it was three or four floors deep. I couldn't identify any of the dream characters as friends or family.
      There was however a very annoying dream character, a young boy who kept on complaining that he was hungry asking me for various food items. At first I tried to politely direct him to the food trays set out for the party, but after awhile it became clear that his intentions were not to get any food but rather simply to annoy me.
      I cannot recall what happened for some time after that.
      I was still in the same dream, and was in the deepest reaches of this multi-leveled basement. I encountered a trio of dream characters who stood out from the party. They were wearing dirty clothes and overall had a very rugged thug-like appearance.
      And sure enough, they start to harass me. It starts out with verbal taunting, and then they grab me and hold me against the wall. I become partially
      lucid at this point. The two smaller thugs have me held against the wall, and the biggest one (presumably the leader) is preparing to punch me in the jaw.
      I spit in his face.
      He swings his punch, but I duck out of the way. He punches through the drywall behind him. I push the two smaller thugs away and float up away from the wall. What then proceeded was a long fight with the thugs where I dominated. After they were thoroughly beaten, I began making my way back up out of the house.
      This was strange as well. I floated just about a foot above the ground, and instantanieously smashed any doorway I came to. I passed other partygoers who looked on in amazement and confusion as I floated by. I eventually found my way outside and became properly
      lucid. I looked at a nearby house and decided to manifest my dream guide, but instead found that I was waking up. I tried to hang on to the dream for some time. (I'm not kidding, I fought waking up for probably a whole minute.) Before properly awakening.

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    5. Hoodie

      by , 04-21-2014 at 05:02 AM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #202: Hoodie

      Im crossing a dark street, wearing a hoodie, sneaking around, and trying to keep a low profile. Three tough-looking young thugs seem to notice me and start walking in my direction. I turn away, not sure that Ive been spotted, and draw my hoodie further over my head. As Im doing this, I realize that this has to be a dream.

      Somehow the hoodie is badly constricting my vision to the point where Im now just looking out through a tiny little tunnel. I look behind me and only one of the thugs is still there, but now hes really coming for me. I start walking away, trying to gather my wits well enough to ignore him.

      My vision keeps getting smaller and smaller, which annoys me and stresses me out. To my surprise, the thug starts singing, and his voice is deep, rich, and melodious. He repeatedly sings: This aint the way my game goes

      Hes right up on me now, so I turn toward him and force-push him off. He makes a sound like Whuf! and seems to fly backward just as the last of my vision shrinks to the void. I feel myself falling forward to where the street should be, but I go through, and after a moment of strange acceleration downward,
      Im awake.
    6. A Week at School Camp

      by , 11-17-2013 at 02:54 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      The dream I remembered this morning felt like a shortened version of a week.
      I was living with my girlfriend at this school, but it wasn't a normal school. They had the students partner up and stay there for a week, answering questions every now and then to see if they could succeed. My memories of the events there are scattered and random, but here's a few:
      -My girlfriend and I checking out the food selection.
      -Opening the door in our classroom/sleeping room to see an ocean.
      -Trying to find my friend Aaron but never managing to find him, even though he said he was there.
      -Having a quiz in class to write about your strangest memory and say it to the class. I couldn't figure it out.
      -Having to do a group presentation with your partner.
      -Telling off a bunch of jerks in masks who were trying to harass me.
      Things really took a turn for the worse when the week was almost over. My girlfriend and I were exploring the kitchen area of the place. She split up and went downstairs to look at something while I was looking at something else. When I finally went downstairs, and looked around, she wasn't there, but the jerks from earlier were. They tried to attack me, but I ran back into the building and kept the doors from closing by sticking my leg in between them and making them open again.
      When we got up the stairs, I fought them and they ran away, but then some other dude came who was half fox half man, and was using a rapier. I ran away from him, shouting my girlfriend's name, but all of a sudden the lights went out. They were closing up the kitchen for the night.
      No, no, no, no, I thought. I ran back to the entrance, the fox guy now gone. The door was locked tight, but I saw some light on the other side. I banged on the door, yelling for help, but no one came. Eventually I managed to bust through the door myself, and of course they appeared when I did that.
      As I made my way back to my classroom, I felt scared. I looked and looked for my girlfriend, but she wasn't there. I asked everyone, and they said they haven't seen her.

      And that's when I woke up. A bit of a scary dream in some ways.
    7. Nobody Picks on MY Little Brother

      by , 11-07-2013 at 08:33 PM
      10-14-2013 -- I am at what starts out as the Hickory house, but soon turns into a cross between the Hickory house and the place on Chipola. I'm heading out to drive somewhere for work, either a mystery shop or perhaps a security shift, but my car isn't in the driveway, and I am not really sure why. I'm worried it has been stolen again, but it turns out someone or something pushed it aside. It is sitting in the neighbor's yard, somewhat damaged, with a wheel missing. Seems there is no way I can head off to work now. I'm a bit depressed, and am kind of whining "Why me?", tired of all the problems with my car. Somebody (perhaps mom) tells me to quit whining, and says Don Dunn is working on the car for me. Huh? I saw it just sitting there in the neighbor's yard ... how does Don Dunn have it? Perhaps he has a different junk car of mine.

      Anyway, I can't go to work, so I decide to go inside and get some sleep. I head in, and the house turns to a cross between the Hickory house and the Chipola house. I stroll into what would be mom's room at Hickory, but is mine at Chipola, and go to sleep. It's the middle of the night when I hear a noise and wake up. There are a bunch of bad guys coming for me, and the first time through I find that I am quite scared. I am walking through the hallways in the house in the dark, hiding from them, and trying to keep away from them. But oddly, it is almost like I fall back asleep and wake up again. There are still bad guys in the house, but this time I am angry, rather than scared, and I am stalking them.

      All the lights are off, and they are stumbling around in the dark, but I know the house a lot better, and am able to be stealthy. I manage to take them out one by one. Accidentally break one guy's neck, but they are attacking me at home and I don't feel very bad about it. Soon we are dodging around the two doors in Keith's room, and I have managed to grab most of them and throw them out the front door, but I'm pretty sure they'll be back. Soon I start walking through the whole house, turning out the lights they turned on, so if they do come back I'll have an easier time finding them, by looking for the lights they turn on again.

      Then I find out the light is on in Melody's room, though they never got that far, and I start to get a little worried. I open the door and find Melody sleeping in her bed. I didn't realize she was home, and she didn't hear anything, just slept right through it, though she is starting to wake, now. Meanwhile, all the thugs are coming back, and are trying to lure me outside. We're in the living room, and I am about to give them a good thrashing, when the leader pulls a gun on me!

      Melody takes him out from behind with an amazing roundhouse kick that he never saw coming, and says nobody is allowed to pick on her little brother! The bad guys all go running out of the house (I guess two of us are just too much to bother with.) Soon Melody and I are standing in the living room while she works at cleaning out the fish tank. I say I thought that was 20 years ago, when I still had my fish, and that after the last one died, nobody would be bothering with the tank anymore. She explains that she took it over, and for years has been keeping strange lime green alien fish in it.
    8. Fast Foods, Balloon Artists, and Werewolves

      by , 11-07-2013 at 08:28 PM
      10-14-2013 -- At the Church of the Nazarene in Buena Park, standing in the Narthex, waiting for some lady who has gone somewhere, while I am somehow kind of teaching a little kid to sing some kind of song. Soon the lady I am waiting for is back, but she is hidden away in a back office somewhere, and none of us realize she has gotten back until some young lady tells us, and we start walking back to the office.

      Suddenly I am driving on the road, somewhere in the middle of the country, Omaha or Indiana or somewhere, not really sure. I am looking for a Tastee Freeze, am determined to stop at one, but I just missed one at a mall that I had driven past. I am complaining to myself about how long it might take to find another one, just to discover that there is one just ahead, hidden behind another building right on the right there. I start to turn (slightly late, the next building over) and am trying to turn around, but I find myself triggering a speaker in a sort of drive thru that feels more like a Sonic drive up, and since that is not where I want to be, I drive off quickly and move on to the Tastee Freeze.

      The problem is, even though I was at the next building over, it was Tastee Freeze's speaker, and so I had to explain why I triggered the speaker and just drove off instead of ordering, and they are a little upset with me. I am just confused, since I didn't know it was them. I am trying to explain, except I suddenly find myself at a balloon convention, talking with Andrew MacDonald, who is kind of laughing at Don Caldwell, who is trying to make a bird balloon that I taught Andrew the last time I saw him, and just can't seem to remember how to do it, and keeps popping balloons. Andrew wants me to show him how it is done, and I feel embarrassed and foolish, since it is Don's DVD that taught it to me in the first place.

      Thankfully, there is another switch, and Andrew and I are standing in a sort of warehouse/manufacturing site. There are some twisted and mangled steel or iron bars all over the floor, and I am trying to stack them with straight, whole bars on the warehouse racks, but being all messed up, they keep falling. (Well duh!) There are a bunch of werewolves in the warehouse, and they are stalking around us, kind of frightening, and one of the people in charge comes walking up. The shift just ended, the werewolves are getting dangerous, and I just want to get out of there, so I am trying to walk toward the exit, but unfortunately the supervisor comes up.

      He's a bit of a punk, perhaps a thug, and a really nasty piece of work. He says he doesn't like Andrew because he is too meek and quiet. He says he doesn't like me either, thinks I am lazy, and he is going to fire me soon. I just ignore him, and continue walking across the warehouse. I run into a higher level manager, a lady who seems more friendly. She still isn't perfect though. She says Andrew just got on a bus or something, but in doing so, he said something that really, really upset some absolutely crazy woman. The punk supervisor says 'so what?' since the woman is a total nut job, but the higher level supervisor orders him to fix the situation, which is when I woke up.
    9. 23oct13

      by , 10-23-2013 at 09:47 PM
      Dream 1:
      Was at G.ma House again.... I seem to have a lot of dreams there... I had to go to school, but there was 3 thugs outside the house standing by their car waiting for me to come out. I missed the bus for school, because I couldn't leave the house and felt angry and confronted them. They just leave and I wonder how I'm going to get to school, so I barrow someone's car and begin to drive there.

      Dream 2:
      I'm in Japan and trying to get in contact with a person who i either know or is suppose to be helping me or something. I find her house and knock at the house, but some guy answers and says to come back at 2300. That's 11 O'clock he says. I recall thinking this guys an idiot and leave. I deceide to find some food while i wait, and go to a small strip mall with some restarants. One is an outdoor grill with tables set on a nice outdoor patio.
      Tags: house, japan, thugs
    10. The Chase

      by , 09-25-2013 at 08:24 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      I was at range bank school, and I saw 2 famous people which were doing a comedy act on the basketball court. I think one of the guys was topless, holding a guitar. I was lining up with other people, trying to get out of the school. We were all shoulder to shoulder.

      Night time.
      I eventually got out of school, and looked to see where my Mum was parked, to take me home. I saw Luke B, and figured that Mum could take him home as well. He ended up leaving me and went across the oval. I started to walk back, thinking that I may have missed her car, as it was dark.

      Scene changed.

      I was trying to get out of a place and was faced with a large ramp, which was about 50 metres high. I pressed the button and it fell backwards on top of me. I crawled out from under it, I was pretty scared of what just happened.

      There was two guys which saw what had happened and figured they would take advantage of me. They started to chase me on their bikes, so I made a run for it. I think I had a bag on my back and a wallet in my pocket. I reached outside, which was the car park of the main shopping centre in my home town. I saw people in the distance and ran towards them hoping they could help me out. The path I was running on looked strange looking. Luckily, the bystanders helped me out, and chased away the thugs.

      I saw the ramp in front of me again, and tried to figure out how to bring it down, without falling on me. I had to figure it out quickly, as the thugs were in the distance and noticed me and headed in my direction. I heard a voice telling me how to do it. I was nervous to try out the controls, but took the gamble and it worked.

      The thugs were very close to me and I had to run to a safe location. I reached a petrol station and noticed I was naked and had only my back pack on.
    11. Hewitt Warehouse Nightmare

      by , 07-20-2013 at 02:00 AM
      07-19-2013 -- [I don't usually have nightmares, but I sure did, last night. And it was in multi-part. I would wake up, then drift back to sleep and be back in the same dream, with the same root causes, but each time things escalated.] Somehow I went back to work at Hewitt. There were some people there who liked me and wanted to give me another chance, even though I don't have a voice, and so couldn't speak on the phone. Instead they had me doing desk work, processing paperwork or something like that. Even so, some of the bigwigs don't like me.

      In the dream I carried around a big backpack filled with books to read (including a large hardcover book with something like six sci-fi/fantasy novels in a series printed small in the big omnibus edition, several bags of balloons, my dream notebook, possibly my notebook computer. Fairly big pile of stuff.) The employer was Hewitt, and most of the people worked on phones in a call center environment, but the building is one I have often dreamed I worked security in, based on the TAMS building in Tustin, with staircases leading upstairs in two separate parts of the building leading to two separate upstairs areas that don't connect. And the huge warehouse area in the middle is far more JC Penney than what the TAMS building had.

      Earlier parts are somewhat generic and sketchy, but one part is in an outdoor section, where people are working in cubicals outside, which makes no sense whatsoever. But for some reason I am allowed to set up a small tent to work in when there is room. Unfortunately, the place I usually set up this tent is now overflowing with tables and booths in a kind of job fair, and I am having to look around to try and figure out somewhere to set up my tent, just to come to accept that today there is nowhere I can set it up. This doesn't stop one guy from coming up to me and asking what the heck the tent is about, anyway, and who do I think I am, and why am I allowed this special treatment?

      I have to go and sit at my usual cubical, working with the friendly, young, Hispanic guy that I really shared a cubical with at Hewitt, even if after six or seven years I can no longer remember his name. But with the job fair going on, they aren't bringing any of the usual paperwork around, so I don't really have anything to do, and am pretty much wasting the day sitting around and talking. Eventually one of the managers who doesn't like me comes over and gives me an assignment to take something to the other side of the building and deliver it there, and I have no problem in doing so, though I am not too happy with her attitude.

      When I come back, I find the delivery was a ruse to get me out of the area so she could gather up my backpack/box, my computer, and anything and everything else of mine that might be in the cubical. This angers me. Not to going through my stuff, that is covered by company policy, and I can see the point of it, but the going behind my stuff behind my back, without even letting me know they are doing it. I realise that some of the bigwigs who don't like me have decided it is time to get rid of me, and are looking for a reason to fire me, but I don't care. To me, this behavior is beyond the pale, and I am ready to quit on the spot because of it, regardless of whether this is giving them just what they want. I ask around to find out just where she works, and I am told she is in the Obamacare department, and am given vague directions to it. Great ... Obamacare ... so this is probably something political. This just gets worse and worse.

      As I am searching the building, looking for her desk or office, it seems more like Sears in the Buena Park Mall, in the layout and where the elevators are located. It takes a fair amount of looking, but I eventually find her. She's got all my stuff there and is going through it, and I start grabbing parts of it from her hands and my bag/box, and sorting through the stuff that is mine, and the stuff that belongs to the company, but that I have use of, seperating them out. At the same time I am lecturing her about the sneaky way she went about all this, telling her that if she had just told me they were going to search my stuff and had me present for it, I would not have had any complaints, but this is bullcrap.

      Meanwhile, I am pulling bag after bag of balloons out of my bag, and dumping them on her desk. Though it makes no sense, for some reason they have been providing me with balloons, and I am giving them back. Then it turns into bags and bags of potato chips, snack cakes and chocolate that belong to the company, and that I never put there. I have to assume she was putting them in there to frame me, giving her a reason to fire me. I don't give her the chance, as I dump all the stuff on her desk, telling her I quit! She says I can't quit, because she is in the process of firing me, and I tell her too late, I already did. I find an extra check in my bag, and figure if it is my final check, I'll keep it, but it turns out to be somebody else's check, so I toss it on her desk, also.

      Now that everything in my bag/back pack is really mine, I gather it all up, and am ready to leave the building, but she orders me to use the warehouse exit, rather than any of the other ways out of the building, and I don't know why. But as I am walking through the warehouse, some of the workers are calling out to me, distracting me, and driving fork lifts and things close to me, and in the process I set down my bag and dodge some stuff, and when I go back to where my bag was, it is gone. I now realize she wanted me to exit through the warehouse so she could have somebody in the warehouse steal my stuff. I don't get why, but I am not happy about it.

      [It was about this point that I woke up and fell back asleep for the first time.] I storm back into the office and start trying to find her, but now she is hiding from me, and has made her cubical look almost identical to everybody elses. So I am looking and looking, but having no luck in finding it. I keep asking around for where her cubical is, and a few people try to point me in the right direction, but most are unhelpful, realising that I am on the outs with management, now. Eventually, when I reach the point that I am right next to it, a big worker who looks a lot like Sam on NCIS LA is very insulting, and points me at the cubical I am standing next to, and I am finally able to confront her again.

      She denies everything, tries to claim I probably just mislaid my backpack, or maybe didn't even have one to begin with. She says she planned nothing, she doesn't believe me, and that I am just trying to stir up troubles. But a couple of the more honest employees back me up, at least in part. One points out that 'Sam', who is carrying a fantasy anthology, hates reading, and they know they have seen me with that book in my possession for any number of weeks. But she refuses to listen to anything, claiming that, at worst, I misplaced my bag in the warehouse, and am making wild accusations against good people to stir up trouble.

      So I am back in the warehouse, looking around for my bag (it is kind of like a huge yellow duffle bag of the style (but not color) that soldiers or seamen use), but now much more of the warehouse staff is against me, and more and more I find myself involved in slightly dangerous near misses with warehouse equipment which is where it shouldn't be. Stuff that isn't really all that dangerous, but kind of threatening, like they are trying to warn me off. But I keep looking around, and one of the guys finally gets angry enough to get more serious. It seems like there are two 'levels' to this warehouse, and he is somehow driving a forklift on the second level. These aren't floors, that would make sense, but not be dangerous. Instead it is like a second level about fifteen feet above the first that is formed from catwalks and the like. Stuff that is there, but isn't super sturdy.

      Anyway, there are some racks of pipes, the kind and size that they sometimes install along the street, segments perhaps 12 feet long and about a foot in diameter, and lots of these pipes are stacked up together, and one of them drives a forklift out on to this rack of pipes so that they break out of the rack and start to rain down around me. Worse, the forklift no longer has a sturdy base, so it is plunging down on top of me, as well. While this is not a nightmare yet, it is getting more and more serious, and I end up laying flat on the ground while the forklift comes to a stop about six inches above me. Getting close enough to truly be dangerous!

      [Somewhere around here is when I woke up for the second time, then fell back to sleep.] I am soon stalking through the building, looking for the supervisor who started all this again, and she is still hiding, so it takes a lot of time and effort. By this point I am determined I am getting paid for the (at this point turning into two days) time that I am spending looking for my stuff which they have stolen from me. I finally find her and start to berate her about the latest attacks, and she tries to categorically deny everything, saying there is no way such a thing almost happened, just to have one of the employees not under her thumb come up and say "Oh no, so-and-so did dump his forklift down a load of pipes. We were wondering why he had been so stupid," so again, I had witnesses backing me up.

      Suddenly she stops for a moment, and seems to remember something. She tells me that the black high school around the corner was off yesterday and is off today, and maybe some of them have seen something, and can help me to find my stuff. She is very insistant that I go ask them about it, and is telling me what to say to them, giving me a quote in a foreign language, though I am not sure if it is in French or Spanish. Anyway, she keeps repeating it over and over again until I actually write it down. About that time, my friend Carl, who neither of us saw standing there, steps out and verbally tears her a new one. He may have even physically attacked her slightly, ranting about what kind of a horrible person was she? I say something like "Let me guess ... what she was telling me to say was a horrible insult that would get me killed if I said it to the students at the school? Did you really think I was dumb enough that I would ask what you told me to, without first getting a trusted translation?"

      I explain that I now have actual evidence that she is trying to kill me, waving the paper [in real life, my handwriting, no help, but in the dream it seemed it would work as evidence], and now she is going to be in so much more trouble. I angrily stalk off into the warehouse to continue looking for my bag. Problem is, now she knows she made a mistake, and the kid gloves are off. There are at least three or four of the warehouse workers now trying to kill me, and I am being chased by workers using all kinds of equipment.

      When I try to duck into the racks of stuff and climb a little to get out of range, the kinds of cranes that work on ships or airplanes, the elevated ones that move around on two parallel tracks, are being used to chase me around and try to crush my head if I don't stay low enough to be in range of the forklifts. For a good ten or fifteen minutes, I am running around, fleeing for my life as there are constant near misses, screaming for help, but because of the no voice thing, nobody can hear me.

      Finally I have made it near the edge of the warehouse, back by where the office area starts again, and pursuit dies off as I run into Carl, who has seen the last little bit of it, and is horrified that they are trying to kill me. That's when I woke for the final time, almost hyperventilating from all the running I'd been doing in the dream.
    12. The Doctor, Amy and Rory are Being Replaced by Aliens; BC and I are Stealing from Crooks in Library

      by , 07-01-2013 at 01:44 PM
      07-01-2013 -- [At least two very cool dreams from last night, even if I can remember very little of them ... stupid normal person dream recall! I will put down what I can of what I remember, but the detail won't be there ... at least not as much as I would like.]

      I am at the Hickory house, in the side yard. I'm next to the section of the neighbor's side yard that has been roofed in to form a sort of long, narrow shed, and as always he has been yelling at us to stay away from it. I don't know how it has happened, but as I am walking along the side yard, doors are being created in the wall of the house, except they don't lead into the house, but into large, empty warehouse-like rooms. I am here with what I am pretty sure is the tenth Doctor, and soon we are joined by Amy, and then by Rory.

      Rory is the last one to join us, and something seems a little off about his behavior, he just doesn't quite seem to be himself, and I start to realize he has somehow been grabbed and replaced by the aliens who are chasing us around. Soon Amy is acting a little different, as well, and I realize they have really managed to infiltrate us, and I have to manage to stay further and further away from them, while still trying to find some way to get close enough to the Doctor to try and warn him, all while the aliens are trying to beat down these doors which almost seem to appear and disappear to get in at us.

      As things get more hectic and involved, I suddenly find myself half-playing Roller Coaster Tycoon, building short shuttle coasters with pretty much just the wave of a hand, making them grow longer or shorter with just a thought, and things never do seem to get back to normal. [The last few days I have not been sleeping well, not been remembering dreams, and much of what I have been able to remember are vague, repetitive dreams of roller coasters and queues, actually quite boring, and the kind of thing that you dream when you aren't sleeping well.]


      Don't know how we get there, or what is going on, but I find myself in a big building that seems quite familiar. It is a three or four story building, quite large in scale. Seems like a large mansion or something, with libraries, offices, hallways and the like. I believe I have dreamed of it before, though in the past it has been more house-like, and this time it seems to be bigger and more involved, somehow. Anyway, no idea what we're doing here at first, but as the dream continues, it turns to me and BC running around this place and hunting for things, while trying to hide what we're doing and stay out of trouble.

      The central area has a large touch of the zebra mezzanine about it, except we can look down three or four floors to the ground floor far below. Somehow I end up quite a way down a couple of long halls to the east, where Anne seems to be distracting and leading along a couple of young guys ... to what purpose I do not know. Though I keep my distance, and am somewhat disguised, I am afraid she will still know I am there, and recognize me. Thankfully it seems to have been long enough, and my disguise seems to be good enough, she doesn't pick up on me, at all. I safely make it past her and back to the mezzanine.

      There are still plenty of people looking for us, but BC has found what she was looking for, perhaps an old manuscript, or at least some sort of records, and she has snuck into another room further to the west. I provide enough of a distraction that she isn't noticed. There are more tough guys after me, but I eventually find the painting that I am after, and head on to the west as well. I think I have lost all pursuit, but it turns out I am being followed, just not as close as I could have expected. We seem to be in almost a sort of auction house, with lots of counters where they can collect the monies paid for various things and wrap them up for the customers to take.

      Since I have noticed the people following both BC and I, we are both on the ground, crawling around the floor, trying to stay out of site. The room seems to be about 2/3rds women, almost all of them very attractive, dressed in fancy dress from perhaps the 40s or 50s, and very gorgeous. Since many of the dresses are on the shorter side, and I am on the ground, there's also a lot of very pleasant glances of very nice legs in very sexy stockings and garters and the like. Oddly enough, none of them are concerned about us climbing around on the floor, so they don't give us away.

      The bad guys are getting closer and closer, but one of them calls the other away at some sort of announcement or something, and they seem to wander off to handle some other sort of problem. Right about that time, the number for my package has been called, much quicker than I would have expected, and so I am able to get up, pick it up, and get out. (It kind of seems like we replaced the scheduled auction items that we 'bid' on with the much more valuable stuff we found and stole in the house, so that we are getting much more rare stuff and stealing it away from the bad guys.) But as I am exiting the pick-up room, I find myself being stalked by the thugs again. It seems them being called off was a bit of a ruse to make us relax our guard.

      Almost immediately I managed to kill one of the crooks, throwing him over a railing so he would fall several floors to his death, but when I try to do the same to the second one, I end up fighting with him over a sort of crevice, and we're struggling enough that there is just as much chance it could be me falling to my death, so we soon move back onto the main floor, and it is a tremendous battle. Each of us has struck the other, numerous times, and we've both collected quite a few injuries, but we are very evenly matched. The guy is angry, assuming since I made it to the package room much later than BC, she had already left, and so assumes they have missed her, but he is determined that I don't get away. He doesn't realize that my number was called much sooner than expected, so she is actually still in the package area. Soon I have him pinned on the ground, and I know it is likely that as soon as I lose my grip he'll be free again, and the fight will go on. But for the moment, I've got him pinned with his face right in the carpet, held firmly enough that he can't seen anything.

      About this time, BC comes by with her package, walking along with a stunning blonde who she is taking home with her. I have no idea why, but she is such a knock-out, I can't wait to get free, join them, and have some very pleasurable times. But for now, I have to keep the thug's face buried in the carpet well enough that he can't see them. Unfortunately, he manages to wriggle free of me just in time to catch a glimpse of BC leaving. Fortunately, as he starts to trash talk about what they'll do to her, he is distracted enough that I grab him and throw him over the railing before he can resist, and send him plunging to his death, leaving me free to follow BC and the blonde.
    13. The Witches and the Evil Wizard, French Thugs, and Run-Flying with a False Awakening

      by , 05-21-2013 at 04:06 PM
      05-19-2013 -- [Three or four dreams in one. Had a false awakening in this dream where I was recalling it as three separate dreams, before falling back into the dream for yet another part. Entire dream took place between 4:15 and 5:30 in the morning. All earlier dreams while sleeping very badly were rather fragmentary, but may have included Roller Coaster Tycoon.]

      First part I can remember (and there may have been a little before this) was somehow driving around the Orlando area with Carl while trying to work on a story I had first started writing back in college, which involved wizards and magic, and lots of history and legend about the world where it is taking place. Oddly enough, though it is a fictional story, I seem to be working on it for possible publication in the Hornet Newspaper. There are twin sisters, witches, living in small, circular cabins somewhere on campus.

      One of them officially opposes the evil wizard, while the other pretends to work with him, but in truth she opposes him, as well. The one who officially opposes him finds that her house has burnt down, and as I am looking at it, I can see the somewhat poor burnt house graphics that I was using in my attempt at creating a Realmz scenario, many years ago. Writing a story has turned into writing a RPG computer game.

      I am thinking of bringing back Merlin to defeat the evil wizard, then set himself up as a good dictator, and it is now turning from a computer game into a comic book that I am trying to do, which is actually a very bad idea, since I can't draw worth beans! Soon I find myself half running and half biking through long corridors, of stairs and cabinets of china and the like, as dream things shift.

      This is where the false awakening claims the first dream ended and the second dream began. The scene is slowly shifting, and I find myself running / biking on one of the major roads from Orlando to Kissimmee (OBT or Orange, I think) and it is very late, perhaps 1 or 2 am. As I am moving along, I find myself being chased by two guys on bikes. I soon find they are threatening me, and they are punks who mug people and steal their stuff.

      As they start talking, I find they are French, and really, really stuck up. They think they are the toughest thugs in the world, and are now traveling the world to mug people in different countries to show just how bad they are ... but I find it halfway funny that they are mugging me with little, tiny pocket knives. Still, I'm no fighter, so I am trying to outrun them, and get to the nearby police station for help.

      I am somehow riding under and jumping over things on my bike, which really shouldn't work, but I manage to stay ahead of them long enough to reach where I think the police station is, but it isn't there. Instead, I find myself facing a cross between a motorcycle gang and the A-Team. They are toughs, and in a van. They might have been trouble, if it weren't for the circumstances (or they might not), but when I explain about the French thugs chasing me, they decide they'll take care of them, and it turns out the French guys aren't nearly as tough as they think they are, so I turn around and start heading back to Orlando.

      According to the false awakening, this is where the third dream began. I'm heading back toward Orlando, but I catch a glimps of a couple of bike riders in the distance, and am worried that it might be the French guys. I know they've been beaten up by the American guys, but also figure this could make them very mad at me, so I don't want to run into them.

      I start to run, but slowly rise in the air. I manage to fly by running fast, and am soon running among the roof tops of 2 or 3 story buildings, and big industrial buildings, and thankfully, even if they try, nobody can manage to follow me, so I soon manage to put some distance between myself and the people following me. As I get better and better at this running through the air stuff, I start to think of myself as a sort of super hero, and am becoming more and more impressed with myself.

      It is on one of these rooftops that I suddenly find myself "waking up" (though I am still on the rooftop), and I start to write down the three dreams I've had in my dream notebook. And I am very specific in writing them down as the three separate dreams, as I repeat them and try to get all the details down good and firm.

      Then I kind of slip back into the dream, and find myself still between Orlando and Kissimmee, but back on the ground, and I start running through the air again to try and reach the rooftops. But now it is a lot more difficult, I can't do nearly as well (find myself almost to the height of a one story rooftop, but have to struggle and scramble to climb onto it), and now the people who are chasing after me seem to be able to run through the air as well as I can, so they are right behind me now. Thankfully, they are not the French guys, but a couple of fairly attractive ladies, though I wake before I find out if they are chasing me for pleasant reasons, or unpleasant.
    14. Television Thugs and the Drunk Ball Player

      by , 12-24-2012 at 05:57 PM
      12-11-2012 (or so) -- I am at a hotel, somewhere, and am riding up and down various escalators. There are some thugs who are after me, and I see them a few yards away on another escalator. They see me, too, and start to try running down the escalator to chase me. So I kind of slide down like you might on the divider between escalators, except I am kind of hovering over the step portion, sliding down, instead. The thugs really have to hurry to have even a chance of keeping up.

      So I reach the ground and start running, hoping to get away while the thugs are still trying to get off the escalator, but they are soon on my tail again. It feels like they are from a TV show, but I just can't manage to remember which one. They manage to catch up with me after a bit, and I have to fight with them. I am holding my own, but there is no clear winner or loser. There is another person being attacked, and it is Peter Petrelli from Heroes, but he doesn't seem to have any sort of powers.

      I break away and run off somewhere where I can grab somebody's computer to try and look these guys up on a show guide, and find out who they are. I am thinking they are from a TV show where the title is a girl's name, but I am convince I am wrong ... turns out I have it exactly right, though. (Can't remember what the name of the show would be, however.)

      Soon I am on the run again, and there is lots of running, chasing, and bad stunt car driving. It is quite a significant chase, but I eventually end up out in the middle of nowhere, in a deserted area where one of the good guys seems to almost be building a baseball stadium. (Shades of Field of Dreams!) I think it is Dave D. He seems to kind of be recreating a team that went bankrupt a few years ago or something, and he's asked for my help. I don't think I can play very well, but maybe helping more on the managing aspect?

      There's a referee who is really badgering me about a backstop that is missing the wire mesh to contain pop flies, and we are trying to explain to him that the mesh will be in place by game time, and there is no reason we shouldn't be able to practice, in the meantime. After that, Dave is sending me to a locked restroom, where I am supposed to control a very, very drunk past star who may very well make or break the team.

      I am supposed to get him interested in playing again, in uniform, and on the ball field, while he is far more interested in finding more to drink, womanizing, and possibly avoiding aliens that I think are trying to kidnap him, though unfortunately I didn't remember to note anything about that part. Very strange!
    15. Kidnapped in a Sinister Plot

      by , 11-17-2012 at 10:59 AM
      over 6 years ago I think

      I was kidnapped by a group of thugs and put in the back seat of some sedan. They had guns and I think hoods. My dad may have bin in the car. We pull up to a country home. It had a porch wrapped around two sides and was slightly run down. To get to the front door you had to walk up some stairs to the left of the driveway. At the top to the left was a yard and to the right was the house. Their was a tree in the yard, hard dirt, probably some chew toys, and bushy ivy covered banks that sloped down to the road and driveway below.

      Inside the house in the living room was a table with a large map. My parents were there with the thugs and kind of making fun of me. They all went over some plan with me and explained what was going on. I still thought it was messed up. We went back outside and the tree had pages from a book in place of its leaves. I think I was supposed to use them to break some code. I had trouble getting all the pages. END
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