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    1. 16th May 2013 Trolling the team, Exploding the base, Fight at the stonehedge, Some Front Mission 3

      by , 05-16-2013 at 11:00 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was in some video game, in outdoor area, it was some kind of team game. Then later i was in team's bunker/base and i for some reason decided to troll them and blow up some stuff in the base using explosives. I was also posting some stuff on team's forums pretending/roleplaying a terrorist. During the last explosion they almost trapped me, but i managed to find the way out. Somebody was saying that i am breaking good movie's rules or something. Then i used the ladder of unused exit from the bunker to escape and somebody was waiting for me there.
      We went through some locations and soon we were in some rocky place with stonehedge-like structure of sorts, there were ally forces defending the princess and strong enemy character was attacking. There was a fight then some warrior dude sprinted in out of nowhere and attacks the enemy, beating him up like he was nothing. Then he says that he did it because i helped with something.

      Dream 2(fragment):

      I was playing some game that looked like Front Mission 3, but with different levels and characters. There was story talk and some battles in city, then there was battle in the forest, there were a couple of Quibing 0 type wanzers as enemies:

      but orange colored, they were also piloted by named characters. Also there were a couple of different orange colored wanzers and also a weird white 'mercenary' wanzer that used up two spaces on the map and had big hovering missile launcher backpack taking that second space behind him.
    2. 15th/16th Mar 2013 Short lucids

      by , 03-16-2013 at 02:11 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream recall from today's naps, plus one from yesterday which i forgot to add into this DJ, 1 DILD from yesterday, 1 from today and 2 WILDs from today, 4 total.

      Yesterday's nap:
      Can't recall most of the dream but at one point i was at home near my PC, with headphones on. I started hearing binaurals and was thinking why i listening to them at that point. I took off headphones and still could hear them, thus realizing that i am dreaming. I rubbed hands and looked at the bed, which was a mistake. Shortly dream started destabilizing that there was something scratching my head. Then i was in the bed and shortly scratching resumed, i seen hand, i pulled it and it was apparently dad. Dream faded out.

      Today's nap #1:
      I wake up in my room and take off headphones, confirming that i am dreaming, i am about to do stabilization but dream fades out.

      Today's nap #2:
      Dream 1:
      I am in the bed and i start hearing loud explosions, that start coming closer and closer, i open eyes, there's flashes outside and also i am lying in different position, i take off headphones and binaurals still playing, confirming that i am dreaming and i stabilize the dream by feeling the bed and rubbing hands. I stand up and start moving to balcony, field of view becomes all weird and changes as i move, becoming smaller and larger and smaller again. As i try to run for balcony door gravity becomes lower and i start moving too slow to open it. I am about to try again but dream starts fading out, i attempt to grab onto it and i am back in the bed, before i can do anything dream fades out again.
      I wake up for a bit, memorize recall and go back to napping.
      Dream 2:
      Can't recall much of start of the dream, i was in some sort of minecraft looking game and there was some sort of battle, then i went into weird bunker with a few people and it was made out of TNT. Then someone apparently ignited the TNT and there was explosion, not all TNT exploded so obviously most of it was fake. I grabbed one block of fake TNT and started smashing it around for some reason, then when group moved i carried it with me. We moved through a few more rooms that were made from differently colored fake TNT. Dream skips.
      I was home and still had block of fake TNT with me, i put it down and there was weird machine in the middle of the room that automatically cleaned up stuff that was put onto it with water and also repaired clothes. I was playing around with it for a while then went to bed. Then when i got onto it
      i spontaneously realized that i was dreaming, but dream instantly faded out. Then i seen some different kind of room but it was super blurry, also i heard binaurals. I was stuck like that for a few seconds then it faded out completely.
    3. Stuff

      by , 01-10-2013 at 10:53 AM (Tales from the sun chaser.)
      I remember seeing a huge ladybug type spider a few days back.

      Yesterday there was some girl who was about to have sex wih me. She was on top of me and I pulled my dick out. She started grinding against it to make it harder. Oh and there was some hardcore sex going on on the next room.

      I was watching some show where a guy set off some gas explosion and was running down the street to avoid it.

      Then I'm. Talking to two girls. Totally sexy with anime type proportions, but all natural. Anyways they get down to their bathing suits and I'm about to talk to the redhead. Some guy stops me, and I'm like "okay are you going to?" and he says no. So I'm like whatever and I head over there. We were talking earlier but it's a whole different ball game with the way she's looking now.

      I was near some stadium and I found a really good rail to skate. I jumped on it a couple of times.
    4. World is Ending

      by , 08-14-2012 at 01:54 AM
      Non-dream Dream

      Just a few fragments:

      I am playing baseball and the world is coming to an end. It is survival of the fittest and I have some special powers. I am telling people that my wife cheated on me with BW - I don't think it was true though. All of the building around me are exploding and crashing down.
    5. The green screen

      by , 07-15-2012 at 02:49 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      So last night was the single craziest night of dreaming I've experienced in my entire life.
      True Story.

      But first, some background

      Took 2 sleep aid gummies containing about 25mg of Melatonin immediately before bed.
      Which was around 1148. My plan was to core sleep and attempt WILDing when I usually naturally wake up in 4-6 hours. Using an OBE timer a friend of mine sent to me in mp3. I repeated three words to myself as I was falling asleep, EPIC LUCID ADVENTURE. As I have't been fully lucid in a few weeks I was ready for some fun. I dropped off sometime between 12-1230 as I have clock chimes on my phone to keep me aware of objective time. Recently I've been sleeping with earplugs which assist me greatly process of falling asleep. I awoke at 455, for some reason took out my earplugs, went to the bathroom, got some water, and decided to set the OBE timer on my phone and laid back down. I was excited as this was one of the first times I've ever used a timer to help induce a WILD. I must have been too excited cause every mental excise I went through to calm my awareness completely failed, just as I would start to fade the timer would go off and the beeps would snap me back to complete awareness.
      I laid on my back for an hour straight without loosing consciousness once. I was so freakin pissed. The beeps annoyed me since I couldn't fall asleep in between chimes. When six hit I was overly frustrated and decided to get up and vaporize some hash. Only a small amount, as I have heard before that THC can inhibit REM, fuck it, might as well and see what happens. I was finished and head in pillow by 630. My mind was swirling with thoughts, intentions, feelings, and the hope of dreams.

      The following is my best attempt to properly order the events which took place

      I woke up in my room, I knew immediately that I was dreaming, did a nosepinch and confirmed I was in fact non-physical. I looked around and it was kind of dark but everything was still clearly visible. I shouted 'Clarity!' and things got slightly clearer but not hyper-clear, so I figured it was probably just a regular dream and not a wild. I have wanted to converse with my DG for a real long time as he/she is a re-occurring character in my non-lucid dreams. 'Show me my dream guide!' nothing happened. My room looked exactly the same and my lack of control lost me my lucidity and I decided to go back to bed. This is when things kind of took off.
      After falling asleep in my dream, all I could see was a green panel that wasn't quite rectangular but looked like a screen, with foreign/alien symbols divided into 3 lines horizontally. The screen felt to me like a loading screen for a video game, I anchored the belief that I was awake when I saw the screen and I was just waiting for my lucid dream to load. When the loading was complete I nosepinched and lucidly entered the dream.

      I was in a run down school with no one in it. Looks like it has been abandoned for quite some time. I move things with my mind and run my hands along the wall as I walked down the hall to immerse myself in my senses all while repeating 'I'm dreaming..I'm dreaming.. What do I want to do in my dream?'
      'OH YEAH, summon my dream guide!'
      'I DEMAND TO SEE MY DREAM GUIDE!!!' I shouted in the empty hallway, no one appeared but for some reason I now knew that someone was in the back of the kitchen in the cafeteria to my left. As I was walking through the cafeteria I heard a woman/girl humming that sounded soft and warm. Entering into the kitchen there was little light coming through dusty windows , but I saw her immediately. Her figure is unmistakable, she was faced away from me but slightly to the side, she looked at me over her shoulder and smiled. I walked up to her smiling asking if it was her, she nodded. I took one finger and ran it from behind her knee, up the side of her hip, up her back and slid off her shoulder. Taking in every detail. She was wearing tight faded jean bellbottoms and a light blue tank top that barely covered her midriff. Her hair was long and wavy, with highlights of light blue strung towards her tips, I then realized she looked almost exactly like one of my friends ex-girlfriends when she was 18. Her nose was pointed and her skin pale, I was drawn in and lost my lucidity, so excited I took her hand in mine and started on some monologue about myself, my friends, and my father, somehow tying the non-sense into the fact that she was there. She just smiled and humorously nodded as an adult humors an excited child. I realized her demeanor mid-monologue and it shunted me "awake"

      Back to the green screen there were scrolling symbols still I couldn't understand, I just knew I was waiting for the next dream. When I reached up to nosepinch I sat up backwards out of bed. I was back in my room. SHIT, did I wake up? Nosepinch, nope, still dreaming, Oh kay. I FOUND HER. But shes not here now, I'm still in my room and everything looks like it did before.. Weird, I must be in a dream in a dream. Whoa, alright, I need to get back to her. So I looked at the door to my garage and said with intent 'When I walk through THIS door, I will be in the cafeteria!' I barged through the door, and surprise, it was the garage. DAMNIT. I repeated 'I'm dreaming, anytime I felt myself fade, to keep the clarity of the dream. I walked to the car garage door and phased through it, I was outside my house in the driveway. I looked around, the sky had the same orangey color it was when I first WILD'd a few months back. Weird, there was no one around and my lack of interest faded the dream and I "awoke"

      Staring at the green screen I re-iterated the feeling of being awake, only this time every few seconds the screen would slide to the left and show me a brief picture or setting then back to the symbols which were constantly being updated. I watched it for a few seconds and when there was a large red Semi-truck in the frame, looking like it was on a highway, I nosepinched, and the picture grew all around me and became the dream.

      I was standing in front of the very same semi on a highway of non-moving traffic. There was a gun fight going on all around me, and I was already lucid. Sweet, time to cap some foos. I swung my arm out of my field of vision and felt the pistol in my hand, I whipped it back and started shooting dream characters immediately and mercilessly. Realizing I didn't want to be needlessly violent in a completely open ended lucid dream I stopped firing and they all just looked at me. I dropped the gun and made a fake gun with my pointer and thumb, I 'pew pew'd a car several meters away from me and it exploded into a fiery mess. Sweet. Pew pew hands. Forgetting my original agreement I decided explosions were much better than bullets. Everyone ran away from me as I walked down the road 'pew pew'ing everything I could. Towards the end of my Armageddon chaos I'm fairly sure I 9/11'd an 11-story apartment tower that looked familiar. I smiled and "woke"

      Back to the green screen I still felt awake, knowing all I had to do was wait for my dream to load and I could be lucid again. This time it was just symbols still in their three horizontal rows. My nose felt like it was running and I sat up. (I've woken up with nosebleeds many-a-time IWL and felt this was the case) Raising off my pillow everything seemed dark. I could feel the warmth running out of my nose as I tried to sniff it back in. Fuck it, I'd rather dream than clean this shit up, so I put my face back into the pillow and the green screen appeared once again. This time only one screen of symbols, and the rest were pictures. I was made allowed to choose my destination. Random images of places familiar and not slid in and out of the multi-green off-rectangular screen, when an image of a homey Brit. castle appeared, it seemed to be of an old college, like Cambridge mixed with Hogwarts, I know. I know. It seemed appealing and I was drawn to it, so I nosepinched.

      Like before the night grew around me and I was standing in on the side of a street, under a lamp, looking at the very same building.
      'SHOW ME MY DREAM GUIDE!' I hollered into the brisk night. I saw her, she looked like Selene from Underworld this time, only with longer and brighter hair. She was a short distance from me so I couldn't see many details of her. I waved to her and smiled, she smiled back and shouted 'Follow me! Quickly! We must hurry!' She immediately jumped into the hair and started flying the opposite direction of me. Shit! I better follow, I started floating with my traditional style flying(which I felt as though I needed to exert energy for flight) and it was slow and clumsy. I saw her speeding away over rooftops when I decided I needed to get a move on. Knowing I was dreaming the whole time I thought logically that it didn't make sense to have to 'try' to fly. I should just will myself forward, like I do in my running/jumping LDs. With this thought I rocketed forward, nearly catching up to her. We were probably a couple dozen feet from tree-tops, street lamps and the old style buildings in the campus we were now leaving. She was moving faster. I noticed the more I looked around, at the ground and sky I started to loose lucidity. 'I'm dreaming, I'm actually dreaming, I need to follow her'. She started getting away from me as my flight slowed. I shouted 'HEY! SLOW DOWN! You're gonna wake me up!' Realizing I could keep up with all the details I tried 'dimming' my resolution so I could stay lucid. I must have taken it too far because everything became game-like and computer animated. She landed in the middle of some trees and as I approached her I was focusing too hard on her and I gained a 3rd person view of her as if she was my WOW character. I 360'd the scene and she just looked up at me with one eyebrow raised kind of giving me one of those 'really?' smirks while lowering her head. I couldn't re-form and "woke"

      Only this time I woke up in my bed, wet faced down in my pillow. I was still sniffing, my nose was still bleeding. I tried to hold it to but I could just feel the blood running, I nosepinched to see if I was actually awake and it failed, still dreaming. My mother was in the room with me this time, I asked her if there was blood all over my face because I couldn't see it. She said yes and tried to hold something to my face. I declined and told her it was ok, I was just dreaming and I knew how to fix it. Back to bed, in the pillow I go.

      Green screen, and one of the first images was of me flying over one of the buildings where I just was. SWEET! RESPAWN! Nosepinch, and I was in the air.

      I was flying over the same buildings as before, same sensation as I reminded myself I was dreaming. I noticed she wasn't around any longer. I was more interested in exploring my environment than needlessly following some chick. I saw an apartment building that one of my friends lived in and I figured I would pay him a visit. I flew over and landed on his balcony. I saw 4 of them sitting on the floor all playing some sport video game on the television. My friend (who I don't know IWL, but I recognized him in the dream) saw me through their glass patio door. I placed my hands on the glass, said 'I'm dreaming' and forced my way through without breaking the glass. It felt like plastic wrap going through my body.
      'Sup man'
      'Nothin much man, just hangin out with my friends, they're all sleeping and I can't wake them up so I'm just gonna chill here and play with them.'
      'That's cool, I think I'm gonna explore some more'
      'Alright man, I'll probably see you around'
      I walked to their front door and sort of headslammed into it, well more like through it. I felt my body pass through the wooden door and steel frame kind of haphazardly. I was a lil dazed on the other side but still lucid. Looking down the hallway I saw her again, she signaled me to come with her down the hall when we emerged onto this huge stone balcony on the side of a mountain, there was a carving that went up many stories to my right that I couldn't identify. The balcony continued out and around the mountain, where there was another high entrance/exit with stone carved overhangs like an ancient cathedral. There was a shrouded man in white standing between two large, wide shoulder men, and one jester looking humanoid figure that was in a fitting full body couch cushion fabric with weird symbols embedded from toe to head. It came up right below his nose and the hood came over clamshelling his head shadowing his eyes and facial features. He started toward us.
      She shouted 'SHIT, we need to get out of here, NOW'
      'Neeeh, this is MY dream, I'm gonna fight this guy!'
      'NO! You don't understand!' and she bailed, disappearing from the scene.
      I approached the hooded jester looking individual but he leaped towards me at incredible speed. One massive blow and my body was knocked limp on the ground. I was pushed back out of it as I peered down at my body I gathered I was non-physical (outside my dream body) again. The figure was looking at my body, when it slowly looked up, directly at me and said 'We're going to find all of you, you're not going to change anything'

      This is the best I can recollect from everything that occurred.
      There were several other fragments and brief experiences that I don't much remember.
      Christmas decorations, more telekinesis, and an autistic girl named Mary.

      When I finally rejoined the physical plane at 8am sharp. I felt as thought I had well over a dozen dreams. Though the 'Dreaming within dreams' probably convoluted my recall a bit.Trying to focus on the bulk experiences I cemented as many details as possible before I got out of bed. Really need to get that bedside notepad, recall would probably be heck of a lot better.
    6. Collapse

      by , 07-02-2012 at 05:23 AM (Oneironautic Escapades)
      Momentum rising as I found myself amidst a city with tall sky scrapers all around.
      It was then known that the city was going to be attacked/partially destroyed possibly my terrorists or aliens. the culprit was never known. Standing with a group of people we noticed in the distance one of the outlying buildings had demolition type explosions jetting from its sides. In seconds it was falling at free fall speed towards the ground.
      Everyone in the street was stopped in their tracks watching the devastation unfold within eyes view. Noticing that though the collapsing building was about a mile away, myself and the people I was with were on a street with many high rise buildings. After the sudden realization that this could perhaps be a multi-building attack I shouted to everyone to run as fast as they can.
      Just as we started running down the sound of shattered glass and percussion explosions rang closer than before, another building was falling. I was right and no one on this street was safe. We ran faster there was chaos, people caught in their tracks trying to witness this disaster were all around. Trying to grab some and tell them we need to get out of the city and away from these buildings before we'd be safe.
      Some were saved, Most were swallowed by the debris. The collapsing building drew closer when I was suddenly on a train of some sort speeding away from the chaise wreckage. The sounds of twisted steel, glass hitting the street, and peoples screams were the only things I could hear in our narrow getaway. Suddenly the train we were on started to ramp upward, the track we were on was leading us into the second largest building in the city. Moments after we entered the building the base and foundation began to crumble.
      Circling upward in a roller coaster type-esk loop through the center of the building we were showered with pieces of the walls, windows, doors, and everything else that was being blown away by explosions from unknown origins. The foundation began to shake, I knew if the building came down with us inside it that it would be over.
      Just as we reached the top and the structure began to fold under its immense weight, I could feel it falling all around us as we barely managed to make it out of the door to the roof.

      Which actually wasn't the roof, but was a meadow with flowers, animals, odd shaped stones and warm smells. Looking back I saw the city in my distance, crumbled and all buildings over 10 stories were now rubble.
      It was in the distance?
      Or was I?
      ...I don't know how I made it out of that building.
    7. Operation Métro (Non-lucid)

      by , 02-20-2012 at 10:56 PM
      Yesterday, I played BF3 all day up until I went to bed - about 14 hours. Nearly all of that day consisted of me playing on Metro, leveling up my Support class as well as Medic.

      The dream started by the stairs, and apparently I was on RU team because I was gunning down the US with my M429. Below is a picture of the weapon for refrence (except I have the extended mag, foregrip, and the Holographic optics on it):
      It seemed like I had unlimited ammo, and that the trigger was stuck on because I never stopped shooting at the seemingly infinite supply of US troops. I probably killed like 200 people. After awhile, I kept seeing these red things in the corners of my vision, and ran like hell to avoid them, because of course they're grenade warnings.

      After awhile, the dream seemed to alter itself after almost fading away. Instead of looking down the stairway on the level, I was looking up (thus I was on the US team), and must have been a medic because I saw tons of revive symbols. Being the good Medic I am (), I decided to whip out my defibrillators and start going revive-happy on my teammates. Keep in mind I am still running like hell every few seconds from the red circular grenade warnings.

      Anyway, after awhile, must have decided I was invincible, because I whipped out my MK3A1 (aka Jackhammer) and charged up the stairs. Below is a picture of the weapon for reference:
      I have the extended mag and the same scope I have on the M429 on this gun; the Holographic one. In the dream, it seemed like I had infinite ammo once more, because as I ran up the stairs with my explosive frag rounds people started blowing up like I was playing Unreal Tournament 3. Bullets kept hitting me and bouncing off. The feeling would be comparable to being hit with a paintball through a pillow.

      I just kept pushing what seemed like a hundred of the RU team back with explosions until we got like... I'd say 3/4 of the way to base A, then my Dad woke me up to go to the Dentist.
    8. 01/09/2012 and 01/10/2012 - 1) "Two Left Feet", 2) "Illusionista" [+ Fragment]

      by , 01-29-2012 at 09:50 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream Fragment One
      I was boarding a train, but I can't remember where I was supposed to be going. What I did come to find out was that I'd gotten onto the wrong, and the one I was on was heading 'non-stopped' to Australia (which made perfect sense. ). I began to panic a bit, thinking that I was going to be stuck on this train for God knows how long. But, not too far from where we'd boarded, we came to another station, where I was able to hop onto a different train and head back the other way. For some reason (probably because I didn't have a ticket for this new train), I had to share an 'undercarriage' beneath the train - which had about as much room as the space beneath an 18-wheeler's trailer. There were a few other people down there, and we were holding on for dear life, to the small planks that separated us from the train tracks which were whizzing by, beneath us. With the way we had to hold onto the planks, I kept getting nervous that my fingers were going to get caught in the wheels and severed.

      Dream Two
      "Two Left Feet"

      I remember being in an apartment complex type of setting. There were a few women there, who were around my age, and a couple of little kids that were running around the area. I was having a lot of fun, playing with the kids, and this one girl - in particular - was really checking me out. She seemed to be watching how I interacted with the kids, and by the huge smile on her face, I could see that she approved. Later, I was at a nightclub and saw her in the crowd. When she noticed me, she grabbed my hand and dragged me to the dancefloor, just as "Ice Ice Baby" came on. We just laughed at how corny the song selection was and danced to it, anyway.

      While we were dancing, I kept having problems because it seemed like random things were just cluttering up the dancefloor, and I kept stepping on them. First it was a broom, that had hap-hazzardly made its way onto the floor. Then, once I was able to navigate clumsily around that, I somehow got my foot stuck into a pillow case. What had once been an attempt to dance now simply turned into me trying to get the damned pillowcase off of my foot, to no avail.


      There was a crazy alien invasion scenario going on. (Unfortunately, I lost most of the details of the dream.) It was all very intense, and dramatic, with lots of emotional moments between myself and my friends and family. I don't remember too much about the nature of the aliens, themselves, aside from their larval form; they were these small, centipede-like bugs that would burrow into our skin, wherein they would multiply and eventually take over the person's mind, which them became the 'host'. There was an extremely horrific scene in which some of us - myself included - were forced to take knives to our own bodies and cut these parasites out of our flesh (much like in the movie The Ruins), to keep from becoming completely controlled.

      Sometime later, I also remember an extremely emotional moment, when I was with my mom, and we were trying to get out of town as the aliens were destroying everything. We were looking back toward the city, and watching an enormous mushroom cloud swell up from where we'd once called home. My mom was sobbing at all we'd lost, and I was trying to console her.

      Later, still, we'd come to find out that the entire scenario was an illusion. It was forced upon us by some crazy powerful witch, or something. I can't remember how we'd done it, but we were able to defeat her, and got her locked up in an asylum for the criminally insane. She was being wheeled away on a gurney, and, once she got passed a certain point - and deeper within the bowels of the asylum, she broke free and tried to launch some sort of counter-attack from the inside. She transformed, showing us her true figure, which was human from the torso up, but had the enormous abdomen of an insect. We'd gotten into a final battle, down in a dungeon-esque corner of the building, and were able to inject her with something from a syringe, which made her inhuman abdomen swell up even bigger than it was. Inevitably, it burst, splattering a thick, translucent liquid all over us and the room. After that, though she was still alive, the witch was apparently unable to continue her fight.
    9. 12/10/2011 - 1) "Bouncer Housed", 2) "Gush Hour"

      by , 01-29-2012 at 08:58 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One
      "Bouncer Housed"

      I feel that I can only remember a small portion of this dream. There were many occasions where I kept trying to find lucidity, but I would only get to the point of figuring that 'something was strange.' Finally, I was able to levitate some objects (though I can't remember what they were), and convinced myself that I was dreaming. I'd been driving around, at one point, and remember phasing through the roof of a moving car. Most of this was lost in memory, though.

      What I remember the most, is one moment when I was apparently in some type of nightclub. I had gotten into an altercation with a bouncer, and we were squaring off against each other. The thing about this bouncer, though, is that he was practically a giant. He stood no less than 9ft tall, and was easily tipping over 500lbs - not your everyday 'tough guy.' I was already lucid at this time, though, and I was just talking all kinds of shit to this guy. I don't remember exactly what I was saying, but I was pretty much just warning the guy not to press his luck, because this was my dream, and it could easily destroy him, if I wanted to. For a few moments, he stood his ground, but after a while, he seemed to just think I was out of my mind for fucking with someone as large as he was. After a short while of barking back and forth at each other, the bouncer finally said something along the lines of: "Dude, you're fucking crazy..." turned around and walked away. It was an obvious gesture of pity, because he figured that he would pummel me into the ground, if he'd allowed himself to lose control. I knew otherwise.

      When I looked back at my friends, everyone was staring me in complete awe. They told me that they'd never seen me take on such a challenge, head-on. It was actually kind of shocking. The awkwardness of it felt so real that
      I began to lose lucidity. I started questioning whether or not this was a dream, and became somewhat startled at the idea that I might have just told that enormous bouncer off, the way I did. (The fact that he was probably 9 ft tall stuck with me as 'something that was strange', but it was no longer something that registered enough to keep my lucidity.)

      Dream Fragment Two
      All I really remember is something about my dad sleeping on a mattress on the living room floor.

      Dream Three
      "Gush Hour"

      I was on a boat, and there was some kind of battle going on.

      I'd been with T, and his Jeep (which apparently had the ability to float in water) was bobbing along behind the stationary vessel - our getaway vehicle. During a scramble, I had safely bailed out of the boat, and crawled back into the floating Jeep. Once inside, I stared anxiously through the windshield, waiting for Todd to emerge so we could get the hell out of there. Instead, there was a large disruption (which might have been an explosion, but I really don't know), and the Jeep was suddenly rocked by a large wave. Not being strapped in, I found myself being tossed around, inside the vehicle, while water poured in from all sides, through the open windows. The Jeep was swept back onto land, though the wave itself never really seemed to end. It was just a continuous surge of water, which pushed the Jeep through the city streets, blanketing the coast and quickly rolling its way into Central Florida. Before I knew it, I was being pushed down State Road 436, which is nearly 50 miles from any coastline, and dead in the center of town.

      Inside the Jeep, I was practically drowning. The tidal wave kept the vehicle flipping and rolling through the streets, still dumping water in through the windows, and completely overwhelming me. It was almost completely filled, at this point, and I knew I couldn't take anymore. Somehow, I knew that my family was at a nearby store, and the flood would be pushing me past it, soon. As a last ditch effort - coming up along this familiar intersection - I threw myself at the door and burst out of the Jeep. The water level was just around 3 feet deep now, but it was still pushing the Jeep along the roadway, as if the Jeep was completely weightless in the current. When I spilled out of the doorway, I rolled helplessly on the concrete for a few feet, and lurched to a stop with both hands on the curb, choking and coughing up the water that I'd carried with me, all the way from the Eastern coast.

      In a matter of seconds, my mom and a few other family members were at my side, tending to me as I continued to gasp for air. It took me a moment to even acknowledge that they were there, but, in a fit of perfect comedic timing - and between labored breaths - I looked up at my mom and said "...You know it's flooding up there?" and I pointed down the street, from where the ocean had just spit me out into the streets. Everybody laughed.
    10. 11/25/2011 - 1) "Parenting Fail", 2) "Blown Out of the Sky"

      by , 11-26-2011 at 08:23 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Dream One
      "Parenting Fail"

      I was at a party with a bunch of people. Everyone was smoking out of these massive hookahs, and just kind of lounging around the house. There were like a dozen or so adults, and maybe 2 or 3 kids running around. I kept looking at these kids, a bit agitated that their parents would let them roam the house with all of these activities going on. At one point, one of the kids was just sitting in a big group of smoking adults, just staring at the hookah while someone was taking a hit, with this big look of 'wooooow, what is thaaat?' on his face. I just kind of sat there and watched, shaking my head.

      Later, one of the girls was dancing around the room all provocatively to the music. She moved up to one of the toddlers and started dancing and grinding on him like he was some dude in the club. She even dropped down low and pulled him to her, planting a pretty filthy-looking kiss dead on his lips. She then pulled away and continued on dancing around the room, while the kid just stood there with this dumbfounded-toddler look on his face. I was pretty much just mentally facepalming at the whole ordeal.

      Dream Two
      "Blown out of the Sky"

      I was lying down, naked, in an enclosed area. Another body - petite; also naked - was sleeping on top of my chest. I could already tell it was a female, and she was lying face down with her cheek practically nuzzled into my neck. I don't remember the dialogue, but I heard a male voice, outside of the enclosure, telling me that it was TW (an extremely attractive friend of mine, IRL) and she had some kind of medical condition, where if she laid on her back for too long, she would stop breathing and die. She had apparently just rolled over, on her stomach, on top of me, and so the voice told me that I had to keep her there, asleep, so that she would neither wake up nor roll back over onto her back, where she would be in danger of suffocating. I had no idea what we were even doing, lying in this chamber together, but the feeling of having here there with me was just amazing. I was just loving it. I'd always had a thing for TW, and to have her lying here on top of me was just Heaven. She shuffled softly against me, and I put a hand dow onto her lower back, feeling her soft flesh rise and fall with another breath, confirming that she was breathing well and ok to be in this position. (With the lighting and everything, it felt like the final scene in The Fifth Element, where Corbin and Leeloo are in the rejuvination chamber.)

      The dream skipped ahead, and TW and I were then sitting on an airplane together. We had gotten word (over the intercom, I believe), that we were under attack from rocket fire. No sooner did we get this warning, than a rocket slammed into the far section of the plane, causing a huge explosion. The far side of the plane (which I'm guessing was the front, because we were facing that way) tore right off of the rest of the aircraft, leaving a gaping hole, through which people and chairs began streaming out of the plane, into the night sky. We could only brace against each other and watch scores of people rip away from us - flinging out to God knows where - while we, still buckled into our seats - spiraled sickeningly toward a ground that we could not see. (My notes say something about making a deal with someone, which I don't really remember the details of, but I believe it had something to do with the attack on the plane.)

      Soon, we were pulling ourselves out of the wreckage, having landed on some remote island somewhere. I don't remember the actual impact, though. (It all seemed very Lost-like.) The plane was in ruins, but there were still a few survivors. Someone, who I believe might have been the pilot (even though he should have been torn away from us, with the rest of the plane), came onto the intercom, and apologized for the rough landing, but said that 'at least it was better than the last time'...whatever that meant.

      We were then out in the wilderness, somewhere, and we ran across a group of bandits who held us up (presumably, the ones who shot us down). They seemed pretty primative, but they had weapons, and we didn't, so they began to take hostages. Once one of them got me in a chokehold, and I began to panic a bit, I also began to realize that I was dreaming. I held up one fist in front of me, and tried to make a large blade grow out of my knuckles. It didn't work, though, and I just could not get the weapon to materialize. Instead, I pointed to another one of the bandits, and made a 'flicking' gesture with my hand, as if I was brushing dust off of an old countertop. The man I was looking at promptly exploded and disappeared into thin air. The rest of the bandits stared at me in shock, and began to fall back. The one who'd once had a hold of me quickly let me go. Now content with the upper-hand, I let out a huge 'Shout' (taking a cue from Skyrim) and unleashed a nice shockwave of sound, which blew some of the bandits backward. I could see the shockwave roll across the high grass and a nearby river bed, blasting into a patch of trees in the distance, where a grizzly bear had been standing. The husky bear reeled from the sound wave and turned tail to run away.

      Quite satisfied with this, I went to turn my attention back to the bandits and saw that there was something coming, from off to one side. It was very large and moving over the river, but there was really nothing that we could identify - because of the wanton splashes of water, shrouding the large, dark figure. At first, I thought it was a giant alligator - with a body some 15ft in diameter. But, when it got close enough to cease run/stomping through the water, its true form was revealed. It was a dragon - a pretty badass dragon, actually; all jagged, bony features and dark, nearly-black scales. It stopped in front of us, staring directly into my face, and had a short conversation with me, referring to me as the 'Dragonborn' (which is the nickname given to the lead character in Skyrim, which I have been playing lately, of course). I remember that it had the deep voice of the huge first dragon that I encountered in Skyrim, but I don't remember the conversation that we had.

      Shortly after this, I was walking through a field, along with TW. I took a moment to look at my hands, trying to ground myself into the dream a bit. My left hand looked fine, but I noticed that my right hand was missing two fingers and the thumb, bony stumps left where the fingers should be. Again, my memory skips ahead a little while. We were then in a more urban area, and a group of thugs pulled up in a caravan of jeeps and SUVs. There were a few more people in my group, now, than when it was just TW and I. They held us all at gunpoint, and the leader had this weird-looking gun that looked like it had 100 taser barbs, ready to fire. From the hardcore look of the weapon, though, it looked like the barbs would do a lot more than just send a couple of 1000 volts through someone. Still lucid, though, I kept getting in the leader's face, daring him to shoot me, trying to keep his attention off of the other people in my group.

      There was another transition, and TW and I were back in the wilderness - more of a jungle area, actually. We were in a small pond of murky water. We were about stomach-deep, and it was only about 12 feet wide, so there already wasn't much room for us. It seemed much smaller, though. Much more crowded. That's when I noticed there was something very large, floating in the pond, just inches in front of me. It was actually taking up most of the space in the pond. I looked at it for a moment, and couldn't figure out what. It looked very rough, like it was a patch of hard Earth that was sticking up just a few inches out of the water. Then, I noticed it had a face, and on the near side of that face, I saw one, slit-pupiled eye staring back at me. An alligator. A very, very large alligator. TW seemed to recognize it as a gator, at the same time as I did. I could see a quiet panic building up on her face, and I was feeling quite intimidated, myself. We shuffled quietly, trying to walk our way around it. I could see, though, that with every movement I made to get passed the gator, the gator's head would turn just slightly, in order to keep its eye on me. It was watching me, and I had a feeling it was about to strike at me, at any moment. I knew that this was a dream, but I wasn't really sure of what to do in the situation. I knew had to do something, though.

      On instinct, I suddenly lunged at the enormous gator, landing on it's back and trying to wrap my arms around its mouth, from a mounted position. I landed a little too low on its body, though, and was only able to grab around its neck. The gator reared its head back, toward me, snapping its jaws just beside my head and grabbing ahold of my right ear with its teeth. I felt it bite down, but it didn't hurt all that match. I was, however, seemingly stuck. This thing would not let go of me, and I was not about to let go of it, giving it more room to manuever. This thing could have easily bitten the top portion of my body in half, it was so big.

      The last thing I remember is splashing around in the pond, fighting this massive reptile that had a vice-grip on my ear, while TW tried to escape the water.
    11. 11/22/2011 and 11/23/2011 - 1) "Everybody Out of the Deadpool!", 2) "No R.I.P. for the Weary"

      by , 11-26-2011 at 08:19 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)
      Woo! Been taking some B6, 5-HTP and Melatonin before bed, for the past couple of days, so my dreams have been coming back in full force.

      Dream Fragment
      'Making it Rain'

      Dream One
      "Everybody Out of the Deadpool!"

      I was disembodied, watching Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds version) being led through some industrial facility. It was being run by an evil syndicate and I believe it had an oil refinery to use as a front. The villains had taken Wade captive, and were going to perform all types of experiments on him - whether he liked it or not - to turn him into their mutant weapon: Deadpool. I could see a screen that was showing what mutant abilities they were going to be adding to his own, and I saw that it once referenced something about his 'motor-mouth', as if it was something that they were assessing. Wade was walking with this woman - who obviously didn't want to hear a thing he had to say - and he was just cracking all types of jokes. The woman was getting very visibly annoyed. It was rather hilarious. From the way he was acting, you wouldn't have been able to tell that he was being held there against his will.

      Sooner or later, there was a battle going on inside this facility. I believe Wade's team had come to bust him out, and to take down the syndicate, but I'm not exactly sure. I do know that a plan was devised to destroy the facility by some sort of nuclear device. I remember panic, as people were trying to stop the explosion and/or escape the facility. At the very end, the initial device had been disarmed, but someone else had set a back-up plan into motion, that caused the oil running through the facility to be channeled up into one single tunnel, where it began to well up. I could see someone running through the hallways, trying to escape the facility, and the ground around them was shaking. Telephone poles near the exit were wobbling. These were ominous signs that there was a massive explosion building beneath the facility. Then, the oil burst out of a single [manhole?], spraying an enormous geyser of oil into the air. My view pulled out, showing the full hundreds of feet that the black fluid shot into the air, piercing a large layer of green clouds that hung over the city. Gravity soon began to take hold, once the geyser hit its apex. The green clouds turned out to be a thick layer of methane gas that was hanging over the city (exactly like the scene in The Mask where Stanley and Tina are overlooking the city from the park, and it shows all the green methane emissions in the air).

      In what I believe was slow motion, I witnessed the villains watch this jet of black oil fly up into the air, blooming into an umbrella and falling back down toward the layer of methane that over the city. At that same moment, a fire was ignited in the facility, a trail of fire streaked up the oil geyser and toward the methane gas that the upward jet had broken through, and that the downward arc of falling oil was about to re-enter. I saw the look of impending doom on their faces. They knew what was about to happen. The fire - doing what it does - surged up the geyser, through the hole in the green gas, up to the apex of the oil fountain, and then began to rain back down toward the cloud of flammable methane. After a short moment of dramatic silence, the entire methane cloud combusted, creating an explosion, across the entire city, that would have rivaled any destructive blast that the team might have used to blow up the facility. The enormous mushroom cloud over the city was the last thing I remember of the dream.

      Dream Two
      "No R.I.P. for the Weary"

      I was in my old house in Canterbury. GV was gone, and I was in our room, with her father asleep in his own room, across the house. It was nighttime outside, and I was getting ready for bed. I had some kind of figurine or something that I was moving from one spot to another, and I suddenly began to feel eyes on me. I looked toward the window, still holding the figurine. Through the curtains, inside, and the bushes which sat outside the window, I saw a face and two eyes staring back at me. It was JJ. She gave me a mischievous smile and moved away from the window, as if to try and undo the fact that I had caught her spying on me. A little excited by this, I decided to go to the front door and invite her in. (Even though I was still living with GV, in the dream, I was single, just as we were for the last few months of our living together, IRL.)

      When I went to the living room, I went to open what I thought was the front door, and it turned out to be GV's dad's room door, which had switched sides of the house. I apologized to him and then went to the other side of the house, closer to where the front door should be, given this (new) layout. When I opened this door, it was the door to the carport, instead. I realized how strange this was. When I turned back to the living room, I realized that everything was backward. The house was set-up completely differently than it had been in waking life. It occurred to me that I was dreaming. What I didn't know was how long I'd been dreaming. I remembered that JJ was supposed to be coming in/over, and I'd wondered if I had fallen asleep before she arrived. Unsure about this, and quite anxious see where things were going to go with her, I tried to wake myself up, to make sure she wasn't really coming over.

      I "woke up" on my bed - completely oblivious to the fact that I was still dreaming - and went to the door (still in my old house, not my present one). JJ was there, and I let her in, happy to see that I hadn't missed the opportunity. She hung out in the room for a while, and then we inevitably started to fool around. Just then, there was a knock at the door. I went back out to open it, and my ex MJ was standing there. I knew that MJ and JJ didn't really like each other, so I was trying to stall MJ, so that she wouldn't know exactly what was going on here. It wasn't very long after this awkward moment, that I involuntarily received the most perfect distraction...


      Out of nowhere, a small band of zombies made its way into the house. (I had been talking with KC about The Walking Dead, the tv show, last night at work.). We all scrambled to get out of the house, grabbing whatever make-shift weapons that we could. Passing by the kitchen, I remember turning back to grab the knife set from off of the counter. We made our way through the laundry room and into the carport, and I had to frantically stab at some of the undead that were trying to clamber over the fence to get us. While my arm was extended, one of the zombies reached its head up and opened wide, aiming to take a huge chunk out of my arm. I saw the teeth come down toward my arm, and I thought to myself "NOOOOOOOO!!!!" knowing what was in store for me. All of a sudden, as if because of that moment of panic, the zombie's mouth froze in place with its teeth just resting around my arm, having not bitten into it. It was literally just hanging there. Only taking a short moment to wonder 'what the hell?' I then got myself back in gear, and we began to move away from the house.

      We didn't get very far before a black van (identical to the one GV used to drive IRL, actually) came screeching around the corner, directly toward us. We scrambled to dive out of the way, but the van ended up smashing into MJ and then crashing into the house. I ran back over to the accident and saw that MJ was in really bad shape, but just barely still alive. Her body looked pretty mangled, and her face was all bloodied and bruised. She needed medical attention and fast. I knelt over her, trying to tend to her and make sure she was still alive, and some bratty kid (a crowd had gathered after the accident) was teasing me by saying something like "Awww, look at G taking care of the wittle baby..." or something like that. I told the kid off - but really wanted to kick his ass - and went back to care for MJ. There is a bit of a gap here, where I can't remember exact details, but it turned out that the driver of the van was someone from the syndicate that was holding Wade Wilson captive, in the first dream.

      JS, another neighborhood friend of mine, showed up, and we were able to take this guy down, after getting him out of the wreckage. He'd tipped us off - somehow - that there were more of them coming after me, because I had allegedly helped Wade escape, earlier (though I don't actually remember being in the previous dream. Just watching it). Another set of headlights beamed into the area, notifying us that someone else would be coming around the corner soon. I told JS that they would be coming for me, and to get MJ out of there. I knew that the zombies were still in the area, but I had to draw all attention away from my friends. Just as the next vehicle was coming around the bend, I took off and ran around to the other side of the house. Moving around the far side, to circle around the building and let the car pass by where I had once been, I looked to one side. There, leaning up against the wall, was Robocop. He was just...standing there. It looked like he was in a sleep-stasis mode, with his head down, hiding back behind some bushes as if he had been placed there. I thought to myself 'damn, I could really use his help right now', but had to keep moving, because I was still in the open, and knew that any vehicle passing by my house would see me, once they looked around the corner.

      I rounded the back side of the house, and then came back around on the other side. From there, I could see JS helping MJ down the street, holding her up while walking beside her. I took one more look around the corner, to make sure the coast was clear, and went to meet them, knowing that the car had already passed where we'd once been. Just as I reached them, though, I was attacked from behind. A man who reminded me of Simon Phoenix (Wesley Snipes) from the movie Demolition Man was all over me. We started fighting in the street, and this dude apparently knew what he was doing. He had counters for almost everything I threw at him, and I was beginning to think that I was going to lose this match. Suddenly, I got a hold of a pair of handcuffs - though I can't remember where I got them from. It took a bit more struggle, but I was able to get them fitted on his wrists. He wasn't done, though. He kept fighting me, tenaciously, and was boasting to me about how he could pick his cuffs. He said that once he got his hands free, he was going to kill me. We struggled some more - both of us now lying on the asphalt - and I had to hold his wrists apart to try to keep one hand from reaching the other cuff. Eventually, though, he overpowered me and snapped one of the cuffs off. Before he could act, I grabbed the fingers of one of his hands. I could see the shock grow in his eyes as I began to push backward on the fingers. He was silently pleading with me not to break them. In my heart, I really didn't want to break them. I knew it was going to be a sickening feeling, as I had never broken someone's bones before, IRL. This was a matter of life and death, though, and this guy had to be immobilized. With one final push, I snapped all four fingers backward, to where they literally folded back on his hand, severed at the knuckles and leaving only bloody stumps attached to the palm.

      The man screamed in pain, but kept on fighting. Even with a broken hand, he ended up overpowering me and kneeling over me, pulling out some kind of weapon and making a gesture which telegraphed that he was about to introduce me to a world of hurt. Just in time, though, gunfire rang out, and the man stopped. He looked from me to JS, nearby, who was holding a machine gun (that I immediately just assumed he had taken from one of the villains). We then looked from the gun barrel to the spot behind my opponent, where the gun was aimed, just in time to see a zombie - which was just about to attack me and the guy I was fighting, fall to pieces, its body practically split in half by the short burst of gunfire. Spouts of blood squirted up from the split torso, which then fell to the ground. My attacker looked just as shocked as I was. He looked back at JS, who had just saved his life, and then down at me. Seemingly having a change of heart, he stood up and reluctantly backed off.

      Then, another set of headlights. Another van came roaring around the turn, and we all scrambled away again, before it could run us over. I jumped to my feet, borrowing the gun from JS and running after the passing van, which rounded another corner and tried to make a U-Turn. Running up on the van, I let bullets spray into the driver's side window, killing the driver and throwing him out of the van. I then jumped inside and brought the van around to pick up the others. We hauled ass toward the front of the neighborhood, just as another van was passing us, presumably driving to where we'd just been. I knew that they would be turning back around shortly, once they realized we were no longer there. Gunning it toward the intersection at the front of the neighborhood, and looking back in the rear-view to see if the other van was behind us, I nearly froze when I looked back in front of us again and saw a fighter jet heading straight toward us, in the night sky. Before I even had a chance to react, a volley of missiles streaked out from the jet, flying directly over the roof of our van and blowing up the van that had been coming up behind us. The jet screamed through the air and flew over top of us, trailing the missile exhaust. I recognized that the help had come from Wade's team that had come to stop the evil syndicate, before (but still wasn't able to piece together that these were dreams).

      I was momentarily relieved, but then I realized that we were driving one of those same vans, and that the jet would probably be coming around to make another pass and take us out, not knowing who was driving. I told everyone that we had to ditch the van as soon as possible, and I sped through the intersection to get as far away from the neighborhood as possible before stopping so we could bail out. I don't remember ever actually leaving the van though, before waking up.
    12. 09/19/2011 and 09/20/2011 - "Hoverbikers", Fragment

      by , 10-03-2011 at 06:28 AM (Oneironaut Zero: Dreamwalker Chronicles)

      I don't remember very much of this one, but I was in what seemed like a Final Fantasy type of setting, and in a motorcycle chase, much like the one that Cloud had against Yazoo, Luz and Kadaj, on Advent Children. However, in this dream, we were actually on hover-bikes, that were a lot like the bikes in the game Jet Moto (which I saw an ad for, just the other day). There was one specific moment, that I remember leaning back on the bike as I soared down a steep, declining highway at breakneck speed, feeling like I was riding on a rocket.

      Later, we found out that there was some sort of big conspiracy going on, and the cops of this Midgar-like town were killing off newcomers, to keep them from learning some type of secret. The last thing I remember was trying to escape some part of the city that was just crumbling down around us, while being bombarded with explosives.

      All I remember is that I was a Broly type of character, and I was brawling with another really powerful villain. We were flying through the air and firing energy blasts at each other. We were also tearing through buildings like during the Z-fighters' first encounter with Broly, on the The Legendary SuperSaiyaJin DBZ movie.
    13. Laboratory Chase / Total Destruction

      by , 07-31-2011 at 07:32 PM (...from the dark corners of my mind...)
      DJ Log: July 31, 2011 – 7:15AM (USA Eastern)
      Text color legend: · NON-DREAM · NOTES · DREAM · LUCID ·

      I am walking down an alley between several large industrial buildings. I find a loading dock with an open door, so I walk inside. There is a large laboratory inside with shelves full of glassware and some people working on something in the far corner. As I walk through the lab, a cute Asian guy is working on something. He looks up at me and gives me a 'come get me' grin, then runs off.

      As he runs off, I look at my hands and see several extra fingers on both of them. I immediately become lucid, and chase him around the lab. He jumps over a lab bench, then starts to fly. I leap into the air and follow him out a window. I chase him around for a while, flying low through the alleys, then up into the sky. I become distracted and stop on a rooftop which has large tanks and other equipment on it. I look around, but there is no door or opening into the building. I look at the roof and summon a door. A door appears flat on the roof, so I open it and jump in.

      I fall into a large shipping and receiving area of the warehouse. I get on a forklift and crash it through the wall. On the other side of the wall is more open warehouse space. I close my eyes for a moment and attempt to summon a car. When I open my eyes, there is a scooter standing in front of me. Deciding that this is not good enough, I close my eyes and try again. When I open my eyes again, there is a cement truck in front of me.

      Giving up on the car idea, I jump up into the air and fly. I fly across the warehouse and phase through the cement block wall. Outside, I fly around for a bit and locate a steel deck which has several pipes with large valves on them. Some of the valves are open and some are closed. I turn all all of the valves to the opposite position and a building suddenly explodes in the distance.

      I jump and fly to a rooftop which has another deck with several valves and large switches on it. I run around, flipping all of the switches, then turn some of the valves. Several other buildings burst into flames and explode. I fly high into the sky and watch everything burn down from a distance.

      As I hover in the sky, I look at my digital watch and it shows 4:30AM on the display. I look at it a second time and it has turned into an analog watch which shows 12:00. Refusing to wear a watch in real life, I refuse to wear one in my dreams. I take off the watch and throw it into the fire.

      In the distance, there is a huge, bright explosion. I quickly fly over to see that a Wal-Mart has exploded. There is debris scattered all over the parking lot. As I fly over, I see a large mirror laying on the ground. I line up with the mirror and fly down into it at full speed. When I hit the glass, I wake up.
    14. 16/07/11 - Cockblocking T-rex and hostage situation

      by , 07-16-2011 at 03:04 PM (Nom nom nom, Mmmattelicious...)

      Good morning! I just woke up from a bunch of fucked up dreams, but they were cool! Long and actioned packed. REM rebound from alcohol always delivers.

      03.15: Sleep

      12.30: Supermarket mayhem DILD
      I'm in a car with my mom and my little brother. My mom seems to be pissed about something and drives rather recklessly. She doesn't signal when she's changing lanes and complains about everything. We go down a long hill which leads into town. A stream goes under the road and on the left side, people are fishing, throwing the lure over the road into the pond on the other side. They catch trout and salmon.

      A police motorcycle pulls up next to us. It's got a wagon in which another policeman is sitting. They start signaling. "Oh shit, we're getting pulled over" I say. My mom slows down and goes into the right lane. They go infront of us and start waving their arms, doing some kind of sign language, telling my mom that was reckless driving and she has been warned. They take off and my mom is still pissed.

      "Do you hear that?" she asks me. There's something wrong with the engine of the car, it rattles and doesn't sound good at all. "Well I just bought new energizers, and they were broke!" she tells me. I figure it's some kind of spark plug device. "You need to go into the supermarket and buy new ones for me" she says and takes an exit. We stop infront of the local supermarket. "There's a cartridge in the back" she tells me and I get out of the car and head to the back. I open the trunk and look around. "There's no fucking cartridge here" I tell her. "Look closer god damnit!"

      I find it, it's a pink one. "Oh I found it, nevermind" I say and close the trunk. I head in through the store. Oh, they've redone the entire place, I don't recognise anything really. I try to find the section where they sell car parts, but all I see is boots and shoes. I wander around for a while before finding a small table in the middle of the shoe section on which I find a pink cartridge. "Mineral pills" it says. That's definitely not the one I was looking for.

      I pick up my phone and call my mom again and tell her they don't have it. I try to find my way out of the store, holding my stomach to prevent the cuts I've mysteriously gotten from bleeding. Perhaps I should go to the hospital, or do it myself. I remember my coworker Valdis saying he used to sew his own cuts. I grab a pack of bandaids and head for the cashier.

      I bring out my card and the guy in the cashier asks for my ID. I hand it to him and he exclaims: "What do we have here? Is this really you?" he says and says another guys name. He shows me the picture on the ID and I realise it's not mine. Oh shit that's right! I gave my friend Victor my real one, this is his friends. "Hey guard, come over here" he says and a security guard shows up. He explains it all. The guard takes a look at what I'm buying. "That's it? You can go then" he tells me. Sweet.

      I try to pay with the card, but that's not mine either and I don't know the code. Shit! The guy in the cashier seems to be pissed about the fact that I didn't get in trouble. I hand him a 100 crowns bill and hold out my hand for the change. "Here you go" he says and puts a bunch of coins in my hand. I count them. "So a pack of bandaids costs like 80 crowns? I ask him. I'm starting to get pissed off.

      He brings up two 20 crown bills, messes them up and throws them at me. "Here's your change" he says and I can tell he's pissed, but so am I. I throw the small change in his face as I'm walking away. "Fuck you." The guy gets up and attacks me. We throw a couple of punches, at first mine are all weak and I don't seem to be doing much damage. After a few seconds I start hitting him brutally with knees and elbows. I kick his legs and he falls to the ground. God damnit now I'm in trouble! And great, I have no ID.

      I realise I have to find my own ID before I get caught, or I'll be in big trouble. My friends Felix and Victor are outside on the parking lot. I start walking towards the entrance of the store. When I reach it a person is blocking the way, holding a woman by the throat with her back against him. He's pointing a gun at her head. I head back in. "Okaaaay..." I say and look around. There's people being held hostage all around us, and I spot Felix and Victor behind a fence. "Hey Victor! I need my ID" I tell him.

      The hostage takers seems to be Italian. "I will bring out my wallet, slowly" I tell them and do it super slowly. I hand him the ID of his friend. "Your ID is in the car man" he tells me. Fuck! I look around the store and wonder if the police will show up soon. All of a sudden we hear a huge crash, Felix throws himself to the ground. "What the hell was that?" he asks. I look out through a small window. A small plane has just crashed into the building. "It's your older brother" I tell him, knowing he's a pilot.

      The plane backs up on the parking lot. This time with full throttle, the plane smashes right into the building further away, creating a big hole. As the entire plane disappears into the building, the walls and roof starts collapsing. Shelves packed with chips comes crashing down, spraying chips everywhere. "Holy shit" I say before hell breaks loose.

      Everyone starts shooting at eachother. I see people from the military, shooting at eachother aswell as the captors. I have no idea who they are, and whose side they're all on. A girl picks up a huge chainsaw and cuts a few people in half. She runs around the store, going berserk. I figure if I just lie down, people will think I'm dead and leave me alone. I lie down between two food shelves and pretend to be dead. I almost fall asleep as I'm lying there, trying not to shake with fear.

      After a while I can hear people around me. I look up and on the shelf above me and a big guy in shorts is sitting there. All of a sudden a basketball shoots out from nowhere and he kicks it. I get up and move out of the way. A bunch of people are playing some insane version of basketball and they keep kicking the ball, or hitting it to eachother. The ball moves at an incredible speed and they seem to have super reflexes. I walk away into a corner, take a few boxes of toys and a blue teddy bear and put them infront of me, hiding.

      I stay there for a few minutes until the manager of the sport comes along. He looks at me while commenting on the match. I get up and head for the entrance once again. It's blocked off. I decide to just walk. I find a fat guy sitting at the fruit stands, clearly gone insane from all the chaos. He's talking to himself. I head on and arrive at the sodas. Two foreign guys appears with their arms full of six packs of soda. I accidentaly bump into one of them and he drops them all. It's Oranginas and energy drinks. I help him pick them up but the cardboard holding them together keeps breaking.

      I pick up an energy drink and taste it. It tastes amazing! I spin the weird can which is thicker at the top and try to find the brand. "Falcon," cool! I drink it all up. The foreign guy decides to push a metallic shelf on wheels instead and I help him out. We push the thing into another shelf, which starts a chain reaction. It's like dominoes. Bottles crash into other bottles, but none break. The whole thing stops moving after a while.

      I get lucid like that. I look around at the different sodas and coffee brands. This is great, tasting everything in here before buying it in the store! I recall this is my second time getting lucid tonight, sweet.

      12.30: Fishing for trout
      The ponds containing trout up on the hill before entering town, is where we're heading at. I'm with Monica, my brother Martin and my coworker Holger. We go up the hill and look into the waters. I see several big, white fish. "That's not it is it?" my brother asks me. I see two more fish further away and they've got red and blue stripes on their backs. "This is it" I say. We all need fishing gear though, and further down the road, I know people have left some.

      There's water everywhere for some reason, and we arrive at a wooden dock. Martin and Monica takes the two fishing lines someone's hidden. I spot a lure in the water and decide to take it. Holger starts swimming towards it but I grab the line and pull it in before he can reach it. "I'm going to use one, no matter what I say" and let the rest fight over the other two. We start walking back towards the ponds.

      12.30: Darn T-rex!
      I'm in another country on a vacation with Monica. We're sitting outside of a long hedge, watching the landscape. "It's so nice here, no one to see what we're doing" Monica says and starts taking off her clothes. She sits down ontop of me. I look over her shoulder up on the road going through some hills. I spot the silhouette of a dinosaur on the top. We start having sex and I figure the dinosaur won't trouble us anyways. A few seconds later I look over her shoulder again and watch as the dinosaur, a T-rex, comes down from the hill and screams at the cars. It starts running towards us.

      "Shit, babe we gotta run" I say and stand up. I grab Monica's hand and head through the thin wooden door in the hedge and close it shut. We sit down on a bench under some roof. The T-rex seems to be pissed, but I know it won't destroy the hedge to reach us. Monica, who has now turned into my brother Morgan, starts mumbling. "Shut up!" I whisper angrily. He won't shut up though and tries to talk. I grab his mouth. "He's going to kill us if you don't shut up" I tell him and release him. "You're mean" he tells me.

      All of a sudden the T-rex runs off to the right, and I know he'll find an entrance further down. "Okay let's go" I tell my brother and head for the old wooden houses just a few feet away. My brother goes into one of them and I the other just next to it. I climb a few ladders and reach the attic. A big gaping hole lets me see what's going on in the house my brother is in. I see the back of an enormous wild boar standing in the living room. Oh shit.

      12.30: Fragments
      *Got a fragment of me being lucid, and having sex with Monica. I tell her something sweet, like I would always pick her.

      12.30: Wake up

      Amount of sleep: 9 hours

      Supplements: Lots of alcohol

      That's it! Crazy dreams. I also have the vague memory of throwing around things with telekinesis, but I don't know if that's a previous memory or if I actually did it. I know I was lucid twice last night, but I can't really recall so I'll just count it as once.

      Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!
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