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    1. Repeat Failure

      by , 06-07-2015 at 02:39 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was dreaming about an event that keeps happening. It's like a game where I failed a task and so I have to do it all over again. Something about being caught or something waking up.

      I was looking down at a map and seeing some marker that represents me or us moving on a road from west to east. We reached an area and it zoomed in to the action. We're in a dorm of sorts. I kept failing the task and waking up or being caught. I had to do it all over. I tried thinking how else I can do it where I won't fail.

      I felt anxious.



      - I was feeling sick. Headache and all, and my body aches due to training in Ninja Academy. It was also awfully hot.
      - Slept for like over 8 hours.
    2. WILD - Encounter with future self - Faye - Encounter with DV members

      , 07-30-2014 at 12:29 AM (Hyu's Adventures)

      I set myself an alarm to wake me up after ~6 hours of sleep.
      The idea was to attempt a WILD, which is something I haven't done in a long time.
      I figured with a WILD I would remember my goals more easily, and I might be able to tackle the issues I have with Faye.

      I wake up from the alarm. I immediately close my eyes again and try to remember any dreams.
      All I can remember is a few weak fragments. I do not bother writing them down.
      Instead I get up and walk around in my room a little, thinking about my dream goals.
      The most important thing would be to deal with Faye. I feel like this is crucial in order to fix my dreams.
      I've also been dared to tell her how she makes me feel.
      I go back to bed after roughly 5 minutes and attempt to WILD.

      I quickly get some HI, followed by the appearance of random faces.
      Some scenes begin to form, but they seem to fall apart before I can transition.
      I open my eyes a few times by accident. I'm really not used to do this anymore.

      After some time I notice that I can see my room even though my eyes are still closed.
      Oh. I am actually already dreaming. For some reason I decide to just stand up, even though I know that I've lost many lucids by doing this.
      Fortunately this time it works. My body is really heavy though.
      I have a lot of trouble moving, but I eventually manage to stand up.

      I shake myself, a bit like a dog shaking away water from its wet pelt. Except I shake away the weight. It works. Neat!
      I rub my hands together and look around.
      I'm not in my room anymore. It's really dark.
      Upon closer inspection, I appear to be standing on some dark marble floor, in an empty room that is clouded in dark fog.
      Another person appears in front of me. First it's just an outline, but as he comes closer he looks more and more like a normal human being.

      Wait what? He looks exactly like me!
      I take a step back as I'm really creeped out. I am super uncomfortable encountering myself.
      He looks a bit older than myself though... maybe by a few years.

      "Who are you?"
      "I am Hyu"


      "You're not being helpful."
      "Haha, I'm a future version of yourself, of course!"

      So now what? Am I supposed to ask him something?
      I probably should. Even though he's still creeping me out...

      "So... any future advice for me?"
      "Hmm... well... not really."
      "Alright, alright. I can tell you that it is going to work out. Is that helpful?"
      "What is going to work out?"
      "You'll know."
      "Oh for fucks sake, you're pulling the same shit as all of the other DC's"
      "Well. What did you expect? I am a DC."
      "... you do have a point..."

      He starts to walk away from me, but just before he disappears in the fog he addresses me one last time:

      "On second thought... maybe you should get that Unreal 4 license. Mess around with it a little you know?"

      (I have thought so much about starting my own company over the past few days. Was this what he was referring to when he said that everything would work out?
      The comment about getting a UE4 license seems related to this.)

      The black fog suddenly starts to move in. Oh shit, the dream is falling apart.
      I panic and slam my palms against the ground yelling "PORTAL!".
      For some reason this works. I fall through the ground, spin around a little and then crash land somewhere in the city.
      I rub my hands against each other very hard. The dream is still unstable, I need to engage my senses.
      A young girl eating some ice cream catches my attention. I steal her ice cream cone and take a large bite.

      "Hey! That's MY ice cream!"
      "Sorry, I need to stabilize."
      "Oh, okay."

      After the inevitable brain freeze I feel like messing around with dream powers a little.
      I don't do this very often. I try to grasp onto the clouds and squeeze them to make it rain.
      It doesn't work whatsoever. Well, this is disappointing, but I'm not sure what I was expecting.

      Then I notice the presence of a huge stargate. That wasn't here before!
      I want to visit Yuya! I point at it and yell:

      "Teraluna, Riven!"

      The gate dials in and opens a portal. Well, that was easy. Sweet!
      I charge at the portal, wanting to jump through.
      But at the last moment someone grabs on to me, trying to hold me back.
      What the hell? Go away!
      I can't unsummon him??? WTF? This never fails!
      More people run at me, all trying to prevent me from going through the portal.
      Oh my god there is an endless stream of them. Hundreds of people all holding me down.

      I use my dream powers to release a shockwave to get them off me.
      Those who were close to me are thrown a few meters back and they pile up on top of each other.
      Then I spot Faye in the middle of it all, controlling the DC's like puppets.
      Her smile is pure evil.
      She makes a gesture, and the stargate unsummons.

      "You're not going anywhere tonight."

      I am afraid of her, and angry at myself. I want my dreams back. I am sick of this Faye nonsense.
      My katana materializes in my hand, even though I have no desire to summon it.


      Faye summons an exact copy of my katana... how...?
      This is not right. She can't do that. She doesn't have that power.
      Are these her dreams now? Have I lost all control over them?
      My desire to visit Yuya fades. I want this dream to end. I feel completely powerless.

      "Aww, I thought you would put up a fight. That would have been so cute."
      "And oh so idiotic. You don't understand anything."

      I have no reply. I close my eyes. This will end the dream...

      ... I'm in some sort of japanese garden. Probably sight seeing or something? I'm with a few other people. (3 I think)
      Everyone is talking about dreams, so I conclude that they must all be DV members.
      But I don't understand what they're talking about. Some induction techniques involving butterflies? What?
      I feel bad because I can't contribute anything to the discussion.

      Then I notice that one of them has purple hair, so obviously she must be ~ Dreamer ~.
      I'm somewhat proud of having figured that out all on my own!
      I want to do something to impress her. I want to show her something really cool.
      And then I have the most glorious of ideas! I am going to use my dream powers to piss a rainbow!
      (Oh god why . By the way I'm totally blaming KristaNicole for this. XD)

      "Hey Dreamer, check this out!"

      I unzip my pants, point my dick upwards at a 45° angle for maximum efficiency and commence some high pressure pissing.
      The stream of piss is nothing short of impressive, but it doesn't create a rainbow.
      Everyone is giving me this what the hell are you doing look. I don't understand why.
      It makes me sad that no rainbow is appearing.

      The WILD has helped to some extend. My dreams did contain elements from my dream goals, but I failed to act on them.
      It's cool that I saw ~ Dreamer ~, even though I wasn't lucid and I behaved like a complete idiot.
      I'm quite disappointed at how I dealt with Faye.
    3. 16th of June.

      by , 06-16-2014 at 02:56 PM
      No dreams i could remember tonight .

      This may be caused by: -I was not ''hyped'' for the dream.
      -I used my pc close to bedtime.
    4. My lazy ass

      by , 04-16-2014 at 01:38 AM
      I woke up last night partially remembering a dream, but I was too lazy to record it. I forgot it now. Now I feel bad.
    5. 9/4/13 - WILD Fail and Update

      by , 09-04-2013 at 08:17 PM
      I was pretty confused last night. When my WILD alarm went off, I could've sworn that I was already awake and that I hadn't slept at all. I shrugged it off and attemted a WILD/FILD, but I failed and ended up dreaming about spiders again. FML. I guess hordes of spiders is a new dream sign, lol.

      I start school tomorrow. What does this mean for my lucid dreaming efforts? Now that I have an actual reason to get up in the morning, I'll be able to establish a regular sleeping schedule and better understand my sleeping patterns. This should make the whole process a hell of a lot easier.
    6. Try and Fail

      by , 04-27-2012 at 12:46 PM
      Night of April 26

      2:17- nothing to say. Dang...

      6:21- still, nothing. *I know I dreamed but it's not so much fuzzy as it is nonexistent almost.*

      I tried to WILD and fell asleep. I started day-dreaming and forgot to reverse blink. I wasnt controlling it or thinking of this day-dream at all but before i kee it I was asleep. I'm not even sure if I should post this. I have to though, right? I've been at this for over 20 days now. No, forget it. I was my first try, I shouldnt be complaining right? But now I'm rambling and that's worse. I'm not sure if anyone reads this anyone, so why bother? Agh, no, I shouldn't think that, it's rude. I should just shut up and move on. I apologize if I'm complaining or totally off topic. I'll shut up now.
      dream fragment
    7. I Failed the Test

      by , 01-12-2012 at 12:21 PM (Freedom Reign)
      Lucid ||Commentary || Non-Lucid

      Broke my dry-spell

      I was doing a project in my Pre-Calculus class, in which we were to make a website about something. When it was my turn to present, Mrs. Ward (the teacher) said something about not being fully prepared. She loaded up my website onto the Smart Board in front on the room, and was browsing it. She then clicked on a link that was supposed to link to the first page of my friend's website, but instead, it linked to the entire website instead. Mrs. Ward pointed this out, and I felt bad.

      Afterwards, my mom called me on my cell phone. She told me she had to do something in McAdenville, and wouldn't be able to pick me up. I asked if I had to ride with my cousin (he lives in McAdenville, and goes to a different school), and she said yes. I tried to find an excuse to not go to McAdenville, such as I had soccer practice.

      I was now at home, unleashing my dog. As I was walking back to the house, I wondered why I wasn't at soccer practice. It then occurred to me that I had a car, and there was no reason for me to ride with Jalen in the first place. It also occurred to me I'm training for tennis, and soccer season had already passed.
      With this, the dream ended.

      I lied very still as I woke up, with the intent to jump back into the dream consciously. I felt the familiar tinglings of SP. I tried to visualize the dream where it ended. Very vivid images of the past dream flashed in my vision, then the tingling became more intense. I decided I would just ride the vibrations into lucidity. The vibrations became more intense, and for once, I saw HI. It wasn't very colorful; in fact, it looked more like "shadows" jumping around my room. Surprisingly, I wasn't scared and just remained calm. Once the vibrations subsided, I did a RC. I was dreaming!

      I was standing up in my room. "Well, since I'm in a dream, I can do anything, like passing the walls." (I mainly said this to affirm myself I wouldn't slam into the walls like last time ) I passed through the walls with ease. It was very beautiful outside; it was dawn and the sky was a mix of blue and orange hues. The environment was very vivid. I decided to seize the opportunity to further ground myself into the dream. I got down on my stomach and smelled and felt the green grass. It smelt very refreshing, and the environment around me in response to this got a little brighter. I got up with the intent of accomplishing the goal of contacted my 'subconscious,' or, the 'intelligence' behind the dream to find my dream guide.

      From back around my house, I see a figure. As it approaches me, I notice it's a Hispanic girl who was completely nude. She gave me a smile, and walked passed me. "CRAP," I thought to myself. This was definitely doing to interfere with my goal. I turned around and followed the girl, wanting a hug (wow, I'm surprised I just wanted a hug). She turned around.

      "Why don't you come with me for a bit?" I thought about this briefly. "Sorry," I said, "I'm on a mission here."

      She smiles again. "You're trying to find it, aren't you? Don't worry, it should still be here soon."

      At this point, I don't know what overcame me, and I gave into temptation. I went to the girl, and did some tasteless stuff. The girl allowed it, but her expression implied she was obviously disappointed in me.

      "Yea well....you better get going."

      I took a deep breath, about to ask my subconscious to manifest before me with firm intent. At the point however, I suddenly woke up.

      After waking up, I realize that that girl was testing me to see whether or not I had the conviction to accomplish my goals without getting distracted; obviously, I didn't . However, I'm happy that I broke my dry spell, and this definitely won't happen again. I swear I've seen this girl in a previous dream before....

    8. Oct 11 Dream: Overwhelming Change

      by , 10-11-2011 at 03:24 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was traveling in a cruise. I was with Cool Cat. I also recall being tagged in pictures, and liking something. I also recall Fahad.

      I was attending a business seminar in our city. I thought I was late, but when I arrived there were no people. There was one lady blocking my way. She was looking the other way. I went around her. She politely said hi when she realized I was there. I sensed failure.

      I remember Ribo.

      Doni was there. He lent me a book (I forgot the title, but it has something like "Why" on it). Ms Sol (she looks different) was also there.

      A sense of change. Overwhelming. Couldn't describe it. Just too overwhelmed.
    9. blue, red, and black dresses; ethical and historical perspective

      by , 09-06-2011 at 12:05 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      Three women appeared in succession. They all looked very similar. They were very pretty, white, with curly, blonde hair and pale eyes. They were probably wearing a lot of makeup, especially rouge.

      The women each wore a dress of the same cut -- kind of 1970s style, squarish, with a loose blouse and skirt, made the accentuate the women's thinness. The blouse layered a tiny bit over the waist. The front of the blouse may have had tiny buttons going down the center.

      The first woman wore either a blue dress or a red dress; the second woman, either a red dress or a blue dress; and the third, a black dress. Each woman wore a matching hat, like a beret, which sat on the right side of her head.

      Dream #2

      I may have been reading something. I may also have been hearing what I was reading. Reasons were going to be listed for the failure of a certain project.

      Reason number one was being given. I saw the "1)" and the text of the reason being written out, as if on a page, but as if the page were an image superimposed over another image on a TV. Reason number one was that the people in the project were working without any sense of ethical or historical reference.

      The "2)" of reason number two was written out. The other numbers may also have been writtenout. But the reasons were all left blank.
    10. WILD attempt #1

      by , 07-07-2011 at 10:48 PM (Shooting from the Sun: Solarflare)
      I woke up in the morning and stayed up for about 5 minutes and closed my eyes for WILD. I was in the position swallowing once or twice and the feeling of moving was too much and i jerked up.
      Tags: attempt, failure, wild
    11. A Long Day...6/7/11(Early Morning)

      by , 06-07-2011 at 03:59 PM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      NOTE: I guess I need a little more practice doing portals, cause I keep failing to get to where I want. LOL.

      300 TOTY

      I am currently at school(DS). But as usual, it's all rearranged. I'm in the gymnasium. There are tables set out. Oddly, it's not lunch, and, we don't eat in the gym. We're all filling up the seats now. Maybe it's an assembly. Weird, cause we have those in the auditorium(Just do a fucking reality check!). I try to get a seat, but most of them are taken. Finally, I see one available seat...next to Lauren(DS ). Well, I guess I have no choice. So, I go over and sit next to her(JUST DO A FUCKING RC!!!!!). Now, she turns around and says, I love you. Woahoho! Now, we begin to talk(I don't recall what). I'm scoring some major-ass with her now. Damn, good thing this isn't a dream, I think. But then, I become lucid without a RC! Yay...aw...I knew it was too damn good to be true. That's disappointing in twenty languages. Oh well...maybe some day("Maybe" being the key word). Well, time to go...ugh...kick these guys' asses. Now, I see two violins which are possessed by evil souls. What the fuck?! This shit just keeps getting weirder. Well, I guess I could go kick their asses. So, I now fly up in to the air. I'll make this quick.
      "KAMEHAMEHA TIMES 10!" I now launch out a large red blast. It has no effect on the two violins. Hmph! These are some strong violins! Must be the evil souls inside them. Well then...why don't I keep trying! I now keep my flight and they sati and watch.
      "KA...ME...HA...ME...HA!" I now launch a super-sized Kamehameha at them. Still no effect. Dammit! Hm...I know another good move. It's Raven's favorite move too! I used in my last LD! Now, I have an idea. What if these two were trapped in a confined space? The blast would have more effect, and the debris would hurt them too. So, I now have to guys grab the violins. For as strong as the violins are, they aren't able to get free of the guys' grip. Awesome as fuck! Now, they place them in a steel filing cabinet and lock the doors. It's time...for a Final Flash! So now, I'm still flying. I put put my legs in the V stance. I now put both arms out, hands opened. I start to charge emmense levels of ki to my hands. Now, a golden aura surrounds me. Now, a golden ki ball appears in each hand. Time to kick some ass. Now, I hear the violins begging for mercy. I tell them it's too damn late for that. Now, I put arms forward and touch my wrists. The two ki balls now combine to form one giant golden ki ball. I smile. It's time end this shit!
      "FINAAAAAAAAAAL...FLLLAAAAAAAAASSSSSH!" Now, a bigass golden blast fires out of my hands. The blast hits the filing cabinet. The whole thing explodes violently. I now land and go to the ruins. The violins are still unscratched! Oh what the fuc...wait! I now notice that the evil souls are gone! Hm...cool. I pick one up, and I quickly play the fiddle tune. Weird how I did that right, I play guitar. Now, I see Red come over and pick one up. I guess it's his. Well, I have no time to waste now. I have a task to get done. So, I now rush upstairs, also rearranged. Time to go to the Battle of Thermopylae. Now, I Karate Chop the air very slowly. Nothing. Shit! Oh wait, I need to thrust my arm forward first. I do that, and repeat the slow Karate Chop. As it did in my last LD, a purple line follows my chop. I now open the portal. Ah shit. Just blackness. Okay, let's try that again. I imagine Thermopylae. Karate Chop. Purple line. Open...damn! It's still just a dark void. Okay, maybe I need more portal practice. Let's try again! I
      awake. FUCK!
      Tags: 300, failure, toty
      lucid , task of the year
    12. Yet Another Pointless LD...3/19/11(Early Morning)

      by , 03-20-2011 at 03:52 AM (INeverWakeUp's Super Dream Journal)
      Jaws TOTY

      I dream I am outside. The terrain seems very normal. It just seemed like a normal average everyday place. But then, I suddenly become
      lucid without dream signs! Sweet! Well, I had plans to do the Jaws TOTY. So, I started to walk in the direction of what I imagined would be water. Then, I run into some girls I know from school. Some...hot girls from my school. As I approached them, I awoke. Shit! I guess I awoke because I was uncomfortably sleeping on a small couch. Shit...
    13. The Mike is Rising

      by , 01-23-2011 at 05:22 PM (Alone With my Mind)
      Up Starts from Down (lucid)
      [False Awakening]
      I toss and turn and cant seem to fall back asleep, so I get up and turn on the computer. A quick look outside tells me that it is about 4:00PM. I click a few of my favorite websites browsing my favorite sites and check my email, and my computer screen starts bugging out. It won't let me type or click on anything, rendering it as useful as a brick. An idea snaps in my mind that I'm may be dreaming, and I do a reality check. Yep, it passed, and I became lucid. The computer screen went back to normal, and I thought about the tasks I should do. I look up and an Enterprise-like starship is at a low altitude in the sky. Maybe I should check up there... I thought, so I walked away from the computer to open a portal. Might as well kill two birds with one stone, so I fell backward to stabilize the dream and transport to the ship. I felt myself rising upward into the sky, but quickly lost altitude. I woke up in my bed, ticked that I failed. I couldn't really fall back asleep.

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      lucid , false awakening
    14. Passive Parkour

      by , 01-20-2011 at 01:53 AM (Alone With my Mind)
      Big Man, Small Town (lucid)
      I had exited a building, finding myself on a concrete field of nothing. I turned around, and the building is gone. I did a reality check and became lucid, but then the dream suddenly destabilizes. I rub my hands and try to observe the details of the nothing around me, and I see a city in the distance. I realize I have several tasks to do before the month is done. I decided to ignore the LPTC tasks and the DreamCatcher tasks, because they seemed to challenging for me right now. I settled on trying to do TOTM, but I couldn't seem to get a thunderstorm to come by, so I decided to do the Advanced task. I filled in the space in front of me with obstacles and ledges to free run on, as parkour could get me more focused. I swing around the bars and fly across the large gaps that my mind had auto-created, and I came across a busy city. It brought back nostalgic memories of when I lived in the city up in LA. I couldn't bring myself to grow 10 times larger for some reason, so another thought popped into my head.

      I walked away back to the concrete nothingness and simply spun around. When I focused again, the city was about the size of a sheet of paper. I trampled on it, leaving only a small area which looked like water behind. I dived into the city and it became normal sized again, and I landed in a pool.
      I seemed to lose most of my lucidity, as I realized all my friends were staring at me underneath some shading. Jenny and my brother had pistols and were running into my house, but they were caught and arrested. I climbed out of the pool too, and a pistol fell out of my back pocket, and I got caught too, but all I had to do was go inside my house. I checked the kitchen counter and noticed my brother's work was on there, with scribbles of "I shouldn't ever point a gun anywhere again." I wrote something on that paper and walked into my bedroom to go to sleep.

      I wake up, and realize, 'I'm still dreaming!' I run into the kitchen and my brother and my mom were discussing some sort of research topic. "Wanna hear what I'm researching, Mike?" "I already know, whatever, I gotta go!" I burst out the garage door and sprint down the street, trying to tear open a portal to get to somewhere. I dodge the cars and start yelling out location names while trying to rip open the air with my hands. "Apocalypse ship for 2012! Uh... Halo 3's Last Mission! No... Pyramids! A-" My mom stops me, "Hey! You're not dreaming anymore! You're wide awake!" "No, I'm-" "AWAKE!" she interrupts. "Really... Oh." I walk into one of the alleys in the street and I notice the moon is freakin huge on the horizon. I turn around and a man with a pigeon resting on his shoulder is muttering to himself. "It is pretty beautiful... It'll be even more amazing when the two moons combine... heh..." "Wha..?" I ask. "Look behind you." I turn around and there is a second smaller moon rising in front of the first one.

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    15. Bodysnatched

      by , 01-12-2011 at 12:27 AM (Dreamjumper)

      An alien invasion was unleashed upon the earth by the Grays. These aliens were specifically body snatchers and shape-shifters. They were manipulators of the highest ability, akin to the reptilians. The problem was that anybody could be one of the invading aliens. A lot of people also didn’t believe me, thinking that I was just being a conspiracy theorist. My closest friends in the dream were aware though, and a hefty portion of the dream was spent thinking a specific individual was an alien, but I was wrong.

      The alien turned out to be masquerading as an ally of mine. We managed to ‘evade’ the other aliens by hiding in a forest… but it was all just a ruse for the shapeshifter to get me alone. When just the two of us stood in the forest, it transformed into its original alien form and tried to infest my body, to make me its next host. I ran, and tried to escape but no matter how fast or hard I tried, the alien was right on my heels. At this point, the stress and fear catapulted me into lucidity and I realized I was dreaming. I decided to stop and face my fears, so I stopped and turned to confront the alien. I told it that it couldn’t hurt me in this dream world. At this, the alien cocked its head and stabbed its hand deep into my chest (Mr. Smith a la the Matrix style). I could feel the alien drain my life force, as I started dying. My feelings were of failure and lost hope… as even though I stood up to a dream figure… I ‘died’
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