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    1. 27 Jan: Fugitive in a Dune like scenario

      by , 01-27-2019 at 09:24 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      Big buildings, a sense of being wanted and chased down. I see agents coming for me, run to a car and drive off. On the fringes of the city I meet some other fugitives, we head for a desert area, where people mine and have an independent life. They welcome us to their city. The whole place seems like a scenario from Dune, We decide to just stay hidden at the mines (working there), until we gather some money to then leave to even more far away. We know that agents infiltrate this city looking for fugitives and we can't risk it.

      We owe taxes. A lady goes in our place to settle the debts for us and once all is paid, we finally go back home. (Not sure this dream was continuation of the other)

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. 16-07-29 ISIS Terrorists

      by , 07-29-2016 at 02:21 PM
      I was in a sort of shopping mall. The section I was in was a narrow-ish corridor, possibly with shops on both sides. I felt it was a dangerous area as it was full of Muslims. No native people anywhere. Luckily, most of them were neutral and did not attempt to harm me. I tried to walk out of there as quickly as possible, until I noticed two (or three) Muslim men walking in front of me. They wore a white T-shirt with ISIS-propaganda. I realized they had to either belong to the terrorist group, or at least sympathize with them. I stayed behind them and kept a low profile, scared that they would notice me. Entering a larger area, I saw a desk with a mall security officer/cop. I went to her and wanted to explain what I had seen. She looked at me, terrified, and backed away. She said my name, recognized me, and said I was never allowed to come back here. She acted like I was wanted and had been arrested before, or something. I for one did not remember such an incident. Either way, the real terrorists were walking away, while the useless cop was cowering in fear of ME! Frustrating! In a later memory, I think I assaulted the terrorists myself and somehow set them on fire (fire-breathing, perhaps).

      An earlier memory was of a city, possibly a GTA city - I think it was supposed to be Carcer City. There was one region that was entirely unexplored (no missions there), so I wanted to go there.
    3. Oct 15: I am not the Sloth the city needs

      by , 10-15-2013 at 07:45 PM
      I dreamed I was a sloth (or a sloth-like creature) in captivity, possibly a zoo or a laboratory. I'm sharing food with my captive neighbor, a slow loris. Call it a leap of logic, but I'm going to say spending Saturday watching videos of slow lorises with R may have influenced this dream, because I knew it was the same, sad-looking slow loris that I'm slowly handing food to. Except in this reality, the slow loris is genuinely sad, and I felt an immense desire to free it from its predicament.

      Scene change, and I'm suddenly a fugitive in the city that looks like it was an animation background from the 90's Batman cartoons. Though I know we are the same "person," I wasn't a sloth anymore -- in fact, I am exceedingly fast and agile in this scene, parkouring my way across rooftops, wall-jumping up buildings, and flipping over signs and billboards. At one point during my joyride around the city, I found the time to dunk a basketball on a hardwood court in the middle of a game that I was playing in, even though I'm being supposed to be fleeing.

      Speaking of, I don't know who/what unseen forces are pursuing me, but I know that I'm running into a bottleneck, and I'll eventually be caught. Only my incredible dream-athleticism that would get me killed in real-life is saving me, but all I'm doing is delaying the inevitable. I eventually wake up before I know what happened.

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    4. 6-26-2013 8th lucid

      by , 06-26-2013 at 09:55 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      On the run:
      The first dream i remembered last night, in this one, i was part of some terrorist organization. The police were chasing us and shooting at us in this construction site. I have a really big grenade launcher, it looked like the one from serious sam 3. I was at the top level of the construction site. I killed some police and was about to die, luckily, my comrades got my back as i jumped down some scaffolds.

      Zombie Escape engineer:
      I was spectating a round of zombie escape, like the game mode from cs:s. The map was a dark abandoned city. The people playing however, weren't character models from cs:s, rather, they were Tf2 characters. I looked around as the team entered an underground parking lot. I somehow got control of an engineer and started to build turrets as our team held up here.

      Golf truck driving:
      I'm driving a truck around on a golf course, for some reason i'm really afraid. I'm listening to music as i drive. I eventually stop and take my headphones off, i then plug my ipod into the car stereo. As i'm doing this, i'm literally freaking out. i hurry and eventually get the ipod hooked up and start driving again.

      Rain storm:
      In this dream, i'm standing outside by a baseball field and a local fitness center. The sky is dark and it's raining. I wake up from this soon after and find there's a thunderstorm going on in real life, pretty cool.

      Time: The previous four dreams were logged about 5 hours after falling asleep.

      Baseball and cook out:
      I remember i joined a baseball team for the sole reason of being able to eat the food at a cookout the team had after a game. As the cook out started, i ate lots of food, i was then asked to attend a lecture about baseball for the team and i said no.

      Lonely Mansion:

      I left some place and drove home, my home in this dream was a mansion. I walked in and tried to turn on the lights but the electric was out. I looked around and found that no one was there, but me. How lonely. I then left and met up with my family.

      Jedi Battle:

      I'm in some underground water base, i'm there with a partner, then two sith show up. They're there to kill us, but they're in the other room, so my comrade quickly goes to the control panel and shuts the door leading to our room and starts to flood their room. The sith eventually lift a wheel or something and blast the door open.


      I'm walking down a long pathway, at the bottom is an ocean. I get to the bottom, there's a statue submerged a little in the water, there's also some other people standing beside me. We're all standing in the water somehow. They tell me the statue is a test of trust, you have to jump toward the statue. it's a test of trust because there were hands under the water that would have held you up if you jumped.

      Next thing i know, there's a dojo next to us. We walk in, my soke is there leading a class on meditation
      ( soke means head of the family or headmaster ). I join in and sit down on one of those spinning chairs and accidentally knock into other people because the chair kept moving.

      Then, after the meditation. I find like a puzzle box, but there is a button on it that reveals the secret of the puzzle. My soke takes it and tries to stop the button and fix it. He makes a machine dolphin out of it. He then tells me to take it out to the ocean and ride it. But it breaks, so my soke fixes it and goes out to ride it himself, he tells me to meet him out there.

      I start to go, but the surroundings change from ocean to my farm, the dojo is still there though. As i'm going, this army of people invade and hold me down, i tell them to stop over and over again, i suppose it worked because they eventually let go. There's then this guy standing in front of me, i guess he's the leader of the army, he says he wants to meditate with us. And Monkey D luffy tells him "Sure you can join us!". Oh and monkey d luffy was a member of the dojo, in my dream at least.

      Either way, i try with all my might to change the surrounds back to the ocean, and as i do, the grass starts to flow like a river and then everything is changing into to water, it's happening in chunks but it's happening at least. I then walk up the stairs to call luffy an idiot for letting that man stay with us,
      as i do, i start to think this might be a dream, but it's weird because i'm like struggling to do a reality check, i think my dream is about to end.

      Lucid #8:
      I'm at my desk in my house, it's night time. I then suspect this to be a dream, so i look at my hand and i had like 10 fingers of varying sizes. As i'm lucid, i laugh a little and think "Well...that's definitely not normal xD".
      As i turn around, i see a demon lady, i instantly get up and fly toward her with my fist out and hit her so hard she like vanishes. I then realize what i've done, the dream becomes unstable and i go into my kitchen, fall on my knees and repeat "I'm sorry" over and over as i try feel my body and root myself in the dream but it's not use, i wake up. and forget to try a deild.

      Time: Previous 5 dreams were logged 7 hours after falling asleep.

      Race time:
      I was in a big race, i was, however, on roller skates, as i cross the finish line, one skate pops off. This guy picks it up nicely and hands it to me, also, it's very dim outside and there's no crowd at all. We then walk to the inside of the track ring and go into a building, there, i sit down and have a chat with some kids and adults as i wait for something.

      Secret facility:
      I'm in some sort of underground science facility. The dream starts off with me exploring the random weird rooms around the place. I then get assigned to one room. Our team is doing research on a machine that will put us into the matrix. I'm in charge, i get notified that some people had made a homemade machine with materials from walmart but it was missing other pieces. I then secretly planned to ditch this team and help the other people out because they were the good guys. After a while , the whole team gets called to a room to play music.

      Time: last two were logged 10 hours after falling asleep, final awakening.
    5. 6-18-2013 Secret Club and jail

      by , 06-20-2013 at 12:25 AM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side notes.

      Secret Club:
      I was on some mission to find treasure. I remember going to a pyramid/temple looking place in a jungle because i heard there was treasure in a cave that was inside the temple place. So i get to the temple and explore the cave and travel 2 layers underground. ( imagine a layer as like a floor in a tall building, that length) I find a treasure room, i can't remember if i take any or not, but i do remember going back down a second time but the second time, i find a bunch of corpses coming back to life and i immediately panic and run out.

      The inside of the temple then changes from a cave entrance to a cave entrance separated into two by a wall. I then reach into a hole that is in my face and i feel a cube. I pull the cube out, the cube covered another cube which is attached to the inside of my face by skin shaped like rope. I then figure out that the cube will dissolve and poison me if i don't put the bigger cube back over it. The bigger cube also turns out to be a tracking device. While i find out all this, i see my dad on the inside of the temple, For some reason, i challenge him to a duel, i say if i win, he has to cut the skin holding the smaller cube in.

      Next thing i remember, i'm at a party on the back of my farm. I'm leaving it with my friend. The cube is still in my face, i must have lost the duel xD. Anyway, me and a friend are going to a secret club room that is located under my barn. Now the back story about this club:
      One of my teachers
      (lets call him Teacher #12) started a secret club, the rules went like this - If teacher #12 isn't in the secret club room, then he will act like any other teacher and punish students who talk of secret club nonsense.

      Once me and my friend arrived at the barn, i went inside and my friend walked around the barn to go do something. At this point, i was about to enter the secret club room when i heard Teacher #12 walking outside, Since he wasn't in the club room, we were at risk of being punished/kicked out. My friend outside the barn didn't hear him and teacher #12 yelled at him.
      "You think this is okay!?!? that you can just be in a secret club in THIS SCHOOL??"

      Once my friend was yelled at and walked away. I started to panic because my ipod was playing out loud and teacher #12 was about to enter the barn. I finally shut the ipod off and hid, but teacher #12 was entering so i decided to exit. I made it safely out of the barn without being spotted. I then walked down a hill about to leave the area when i saw Teacher #12 in front of me. I started to wonder how he got in front of me so fast but i decided it didn't matter since he didn't see me. He was rambling on about what my friend did. "When i was a kid, i never did stupid stuff like that" Teacher #12 was commenting on my friends poor stealth on entering the club and how when he was a kid, he was excellent.

      Then, as i'm walking behind him, i trip over something. I look up and there's teacher #12, He cloned himself! Him and his other body come to me and try to fight me. What surprises me even more was the fact he could stretch out his arm and hit me from a distance, He's a rubber man! But i quickly grab one of his bodies and use it to shield his fist. Thankfully, his bodies act like same-charged magnets, the body i had repelled his fist. The dream ended here.

      It was a hot summer day. I was bored so i got on a bus with friends. I brought a drink and sandwich with me but this one fat ass kept trying to take my food. I solved the issue by taking another persons soda and putting it on the floor closer to him than my soda was, Obviously, he didn't want to reach the extra distance for my soda Success! Eventually the bus got to some place and i got out.

      The next thing i know, i'm in some kind of rebellion and i'm currently helping to steal guns. Me and a group of people enter a house, i grab the guns. We make a move to leave but the police are surrounding us. We move to the next house and go out a window and then into some woods. We look back only to find drag marks from the guns and our footprints. This isn't a safe hiding place for the guns so i look around some more, and quickly lay the guns in a bush and start running.

      As i'm walking back home, i see a lady on a swing, and she has a sad look. She says she knows i'm involved with the recent break in and that the police are after me. I decide to give up and i take a seat on the swing beside her. As i'm waiting there, it turns to night and i see lights in the distance. My mom is riding with the chief of police in a utv. They aren't looking for me but rather taking a casual stroll. I decide this is my chance, i could take the chief of police hostage and turn the situation around. I take the utv this lady has and set out after them. When i get close, i start to ram them. But soon after, the police come and i'm arrested. I'm taken to a dark room, i'm waiting to be taken to jail but as i'm sitting there, a mysterious man comes in and frees me from my jail time.

      Another dream continues on the basic concept of my stealing weapons. In this one, i'm with two friends sneaking in this persons house. The house is an exact copy of my house. We steal the guns and go out some windows at the end. At this point, i take two quarters and seal my friends' bodies inside them and carry them in my pocket. This allowed for faster travel. I ran and ran and made it to the edge of the woods. Once i got there, i found two other people i know trailing behind me, they were interested in what i was doing and called the cops. This time, i'm arrested but sent to an underground hellish looking place. I find an android and have sex with it, and that's all i remember.
      (That all took a lonnggggg time to type )

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    6. 6-08-2013 Three movie trilogy

      by , 06-08-2013 at 05:19 PM (Subjects' Dream Journal)
      Legend: Dream , Semi-Lucid , Lucid , Side Notes.

      Fragment #1: I remember something about snowy flat lands, a fortress, a girl and some sort of point system.

      Fragment #2: I remember being on a sandy beach talking about dreams

      Bed Camping: So i'm in a field at night with a couple of friends, and we're camping on a bed... And we start to hear weird noises. I take my Ultrafire flashlight out and turn it on (it works! but instead of being like my Ultrafire, it now has the intensity of a small red flashlight D: but it works nonetheless and i can see) I shine the flashlight across the field and see a ton of caribou (i think that's spelled right, the deer looking animals). They are just standing all around our little camp site. I decide it's now a nice time to get out of here so i start to collect my things when my friend says "Baraka!" I think he was trying to say barracuda but either way, i shine my light over to where he is looking and i see a bobcat, my other friend starts screaming and that causes the bobcat to start attacking us. My two friends get on atv's and get out of there but this leaves me with no way out but running D: and this is where i wake up.

      Part 1, Fugitive: I think i remember either killing some one or stealing something, either way, my dream self is on the run from the law. My dream self also happens to be blind in this dream , my eyes are kind of rotting out but i can still see so i don't pay much attention to it. Anyway, there's a huge shopping mall on this big farm, i'm running away from the mall and into the woods. I think i remember being chased and i somehow decide to turn around as i get somewhat deep in the woods in the direction i'm going which is south (mall is north). So i go back north to the mall and go east. I go through some woods and get to a canyon mountain place, there seems to be a military base on top of these rocky hills. I'm almost spotted so i turn north and climb around the small mountain, i find some gear and manage to make a spear. I then continue north towards the treeline. As i make my way back north, i find myself approaching the mall again....? I decide to go south back into the woods. I go south and then west a little and find myself at this abandoned house. It's now night time. i go into the house and look out the window back at where i came from. I see a trailer with people in it, it's a group of about 4-5 people. Their heights are all mixed, some are tall, some are short, one was a girl. Their age may have varied too. They are also all wearing crowns on their heads. I start to get a strange feeling of fear, my dream self thinks these people have some sort of super powers and are very dangerous. They notice me and i duck down, i then think i remember hearing a knocking at the door, i use my spear and kill the person on the other side. Next thing i know, i hear police approaching so i run as fast as i can. Yet again, i end up back at the farm with the mall, except this time i'm by the house which is east of the mall. I walk over to the fence and see a boy and a man talking. Even though i may be captured or they may report the police i walk over anyway. I introduce myself to the boy, his eyes are rotting out too, and he looks like he's on the verge of death. I then head back south into the same woods for the third time but it's getting dark and machines with bright lights are tearing away the woods looking for me. I dodge a machine and get into the woods, i won't last long here. I eventually get trapped and decide to hide in a bush, however, people in suits find me, the lights are very bright, i can't see their faces and i wake up.

      Part 2, Killing machine: This dream seems to have the same beginning plot as the last dream except this time, instead of running, i'm literally gunning my way through the mall that was mentioned in the last dream. I have a rifle and shotgun. I battle on the bottom floor of the mall for quite some time. I'm killing creatures that look as if they came from Left 4 dead. After it's safe enough, i make my way to the second floor of the mall, i'm in an enclosed room , i see luffy from one piece in this room, He doesn't threaten me and eventually makes his way out of the room. I also see a survivor from my battle downstairs so i freak out and shoot him with the shotgun and then somehow set the room on fire. The fire forces me to leave. Next thing i remember i'm in a gun store at the north most end of the mall, i gear up and then i proceed to make my way into the last room at the end of the mall but metal detectors some how have forcefields connected to them now so i jump over the metal detectors guarding the room. This is all i can remember of this dream.

      Part 3, Movie time: This dream also has the same beginning as the first dream. Except this time, i find out that this dream and the past dreams were all nothing but movies i made for a class and the different dreams were different edits i did to see which movie plot i liked better. In this one, it's sort of hard to remember but i think i somehow blasted the mall into space with me on it, i then traveled to the outside mall wall and shot something which causes the mall to fall back down to earth. I then quickly traveled to another dimension and fought the spirits of the mall as it was crashing back down. When it got there, i remember waking up and traveling to the north end of the mall, it was mostly destroyed, it was night out and the police were coming to arrest me. I looked around at the moderate sized pit created from the crash. I then remember the movie award being given to a friend and me getting second place. I was mad but there was nothing i could do, i was wounded and the police were coming. Sounds strange since it was a movie but i guess it was a mix of both.

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