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    1. A Visit to Alternia

      by , 10-06-2016 at 07:36 PM (Cinder's Dreams Gallery)
      (Alternia is the planet of an alien species known as "trolls", from the webcomic "Homestuck")

      Before all this, I vaguely recall in my dream going on Bay12forum and finding that a new version of Dwarf Fortress was released.

      My dream is set after the ending of the webcomic, Homestuck. The main characters have settled in a village. I am Vriska Serket, one of the characters. For some reasons I am seen as a bad person in this dream and so I can't live in the village. There are snow everywhere and the village is consisted of straw huts and bamboo houses you would expect to see in seaside communities, except that it is in a... tundra? taiga? instead. (There are trees) When I try to approach the village, Bastion (from the game Overwatch) who was situated on the perch of one of the bamboo houses, shoots at me with his machine gun, so I escapes and hides in the thick snow.

      At some point the dream transitions to an adult troll, an alien, landing in a building in what I believe is Beach City (from Steven Universe), there was some links of him to Steven Universe but I'm not sure what. In my dream, he was an adult troll, even though he had fruit-green skin and was completely hairless, like a Namekian from Dragon Ball Z.

      We end up being in a car with him. I am now John Egbert (also from Homestuck, getting tired of my references yet? I didn't ask for this either) and the car is travelling through space to Alternia. I ask him a lot of questions. I don't remember most of them, except that when I ask him about Her Imperious Condescension (the Empress) he does not appear to be much of a fan of her.

      When we reach Alternia, we must present ourselves to a man, who is apparently the highest ranking officials who would deign to deal with visitors. We have to dance for him, and the dance was supposed to have been prepared, but I didn't know what to do. I became semi-lucid and I "cheats" and goes on autopilot. I dances very well and some people throw money at me.

      My dream transitions again. I recall meeting a small shapeshifting creature, who apparently gets special "birthday candles" when it is older. The dream transitions to a third person perspective of Route 66, a map in Overwatch. Overwatch heroes run over and are stunned by a multitude of giant pink birthday candles that explode into harmless but dazzling pink light.
    2. Fragment Onslaught

      by , 08-22-2016 at 09:24 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Didn't sleep too well last night. As it would turn out, I had a pretty good 2 hour nap late into the evening, so come bed time later that night, I really wasn't all that tired. Therefore, the night was spent sort of sleeping but frequently waking up, much to my dismay. Luckily enough, I was able to recall multiple dreams, but on the downside, they're all basically fragments. Here they are anyways:
      I was eating at Olive Garden, when all around me the customers and waiters and waitresses all started going crazy, dancing around like lunatics, throwing things at each other. I huddled up further into my booth and continued to enjoy my breadsticks. Clearly my dream self has important priorities!
      I was in this huge house with a lot of my family as well as complete and total strangers. The front side of the house was open to the outside street, where multiple houses alongside it were selling goods. Not much of note here.
      I was in a small room that looked like something out of Homestuck, and on the wall, projected, was a cool looking animation of David Strider and Jade Harley. This fragment may have been a part of the same house dream just before it. Funny I had Homestuck appear here, as I've not been into it in a couple of years now.
      I was on an alien world, and everything was blowing up. ......
      My ex and I entered into a contract of sorts, and we were living together and going about our day-to-day pretty happily. Still learning to get into the habit of reality checking when she's involved, as she's basically the biggest dream sign I have.
    3. Lover's Quarrel

      by , 11-12-2014 at 07:13 PM
      This is a dream that I neglected to write down immediately, consequently details were lost. I was in the art building at my college in Johnson County. There I saw Damara Megido. The Slipknot song "Snuff" began to play as Megido turned away her estranged Matesprit, Rufioh Nitram. Those familiar with the Homestuck comics would know what this is about. Rufioh cheated with someone else but unlike in the comic, Rufioh was here to try and get her back but Damara was having none of it. The song that was playing in the background fit perfectly with what Damara was trying to get across. I could the words very clearly as I began to awaken:

      So save your breath, I will not care.
      I think I made it very clear.
      You couldn't hate enough to love.
      Is that supposed to be enough?
      I only wish you weren't my friend.
      Then I could hurt you in the end.
      I never claimed to be a saint...
      Ooh, my own was banished long ago
      It took the death of hope to let you go

      Well said Damara and good luck...to the both of you.
    4. Tales from the Dream Realm: Part 2

      by , 08-14-2014 at 06:03 AM
      Chapter 1: Brain Grubs
      The events that transpire I can’t well explain
      I stuck some white grubs into my brain
      Carnivorous grubs these creatures were
      And when I did this nobody stirred
      One after one I placed into my ear
      They crawled through my eardrums but I could still hear
      I did not scream nor did I care
      You must understand I wasn’t all there
      What happened next? Well they ate my brain!
      Why I did this? I can’t well explain.

      Chapter 2: Trashcan Girl
      So my friends and I were strolling through a camp. I don’t know what friends I was with, nor do I know what kind of camp it was but it was not the kind of camp a person wants to be at. I am guessing it was something like a refugee camp but I cannot be sure. I do know that this camp was inhabited by Chinese prostitutes and their pimps. It was the hour of twilight and my friends were wandering through the streets of this camp and came down a dark ally. There was a trashcan in the middle of the ally. We didn’t think anything of it until a prostituste popped right out of it. She climbed out without saying a word and just stood there. Confused, we were about to say something when another prostitute came in with their pimp. She peeked in the trashcan for her fellow night girl and was shocked when she could not find her. Of course Trashcan Girl was standing right fucking there but, you know, whatever.
      “Excuse me,” she said to us, “But have you seen our friend. She was just in here but now I can’t seem to find her.”
      “Here I am!” Trashcan Girl suddenly exclaimed. Happy to have found their friend the three of them leave the ally and continue on with their business leaving us to try and make sense of what had just happened.

      Chapter 3: Ponies in Dead Space
      I was not in my own body but rather I was a passive observer as I observed through the eyes of another denizen. And who was this denizen? Non other than Applejack! Applejack was walking through a giant medical spaceship. It was like a moving hospital where injured travelers could go. A necromorph outbreak had taken place on the ship but the workers were doing all they could to make sure that this did not interfere with their work. After all, they had important work to do. People were counting on them. Applejack was on her way to see my grandfather who had come in contact with the infection some how. He had not come in direct contact with a necro so he could be saved but he had to go through some sort of industrial grade decontamination machine.

      Applejack was following the way-point that was programmed into her rig armor to find my grandfather. She came across Pinkie Pie and Rarity who were playing cards at a table in front of a giant window that gave view to a big brown nebula in the background. They were having a personal conversation each one discussing some problem that was going on in their lives. Applejack attempted to chime in with her problems but they were still talking to each other.

      “Darn it!” she said, “Why are y’all ignorin’ me? I got problems too.”

      The princess Twilight Sparkle walked in and she said to Applejack, “You barged in to vent your problems but you completely disregarded theirs. I don’t excuse their ignoring you but what your doing is worse.” So Applejack left them to keep talking and her waypoint took her down a narrow corridor. I was able to feel what she felt as I saw what she saw. So when she became nervous about what may be waiting ahead, I could feel as though I were there myself. Before continuing Applejack made a point to check her Strife Specibus to see what kind of weapon she used. I don’t remember the weapon she had. She also checked the fetch modus in her sylladax and saw that she had some kind of modus that turned objects into apples. With all of this noted she continued on. She turned the corridor to find herself in between two steel shelves much like the shelves we have in the Walmart backrooms. There were three pallets of mulch that were blocking her way. She proceded to climb over them. She was half way over when the dream ended.
    5. Betrayal: Siege of the Crystal Empire

      by , 08-01-2014 at 06:28 AM
      4 January 2014

      Note: This is the first dream where the dialogue is memorable enough to jot down although much of it will need to be paraphrased. There will be some holes in the dialogue. Believe it or not this is one of my favorite dreams because it is one of the most vivid and made for a good narrative (I love dreams with good narrative). Anyway it may not be the most positive but it is definitely the most interesting dream I have had.

      [~]-used to indicate hole in dialogue

      There may be some phrases I use that you don't recognize

      Aperture-a random opening that leads the dreamer to (what seem like) completely random spots. For example: a closet door that takes one from his bedroom out to an open field or a classroom door that leads from the classroom out to the edge of space would be considered an aperture.

      "Denizens" are what I call my dream figures.

      It was nearing the last day of the final year of Prairie Park School. Me and all of my friends sat around a table in a dimly lit room. Sitting there was my friend from scouts Nick, he sat across from me along with Sarah. Next to me was Alternian troll, Terezi Pyrope. The school was deserted and we sat silently. Sarah sat working on her paper for her finals or something; I cannot recall what everyone else was working on I just remember that it was silent; no one said a word to one another. I had eyes for Terezi, I am not sure why. There was an aperture at the top of the steps that led into the house of the apple family and I do believe that the other denizens had use of the aperture. I was staying with the apple family and was in a room with four bunk beds. I think I was bunking with Alicorn Princess Twilight Sparkle. Now Twilight was unusually quiet and seemed to spend most of the dream brooding over something, people didn’t even notice her existence. The strange thing here is that Twilight was in her usual pony form whereas the apple family consisted of anthropomorphic versions of themselves. There was not much happening beyond this point in time that I can well remember.

      The next day was the same as the first; we all sat in the exact same spots in silence. Sarah worked silently on her paper while everyone else seemed to sit staring at the table. Terezi was just outside of my field of vision to my right. The room was the same as it was yesterday, empty, dim, somewhat eerie. I wonder what everyone was thinking as we approached the end of the year. What was going through everyone’s mind? What was going through my own mind? Even I did not know. After nearly two straight workdays of complete silence Sarah finally spoke up and said: “Dammit! Being friends with MT was a waste of time [~] can’t get this project done because of him [~] wish I was never friends with him.”

      I heard this and felt as though I had been knifed in the back by a friend. This was not a sentiment that I was unfamiliar with. One would think that I would be used to it by now, nonetheless it stung. Just as always the wound felt fresh, as though I was experiencing this pain for the first time because, the truth is, you never do get used to it no matter how many times it happens and no matter how much you try and convince yourself otherwise. I was even more shocked to find that nick shared the same sentiment as did every one else there. I was unable to recount exactly what was said but there was definitely a common theme amongst the group: MT was a waste of time. I was blamed for everything that was wrong in their lives and I tried to defend myself but I was not given much of a chance to speak.

      I was catatonic. I had no idea how to react and didn’t even have a firm grasp on my own thoughts. I was slumped over, staggering like a drunk. If the human mind really is designed to respond to a verbal attack as it responds to a physical one then it was a miracle I could even stand after such a merciless beating. I made my way through the aperture hoping to get away from all the hate and negativity but it seems that the fates had declared me undeserving of such respite. I would say that the apple family’s attitude towards me had changed but honestly I don’t think they liked me to begin with. The only thing that had changed was the volume at which they voiced contempt, that is to say, they were no longer keeping their opinions to themselves. Lazy, worthless, words along those lines which were spoken by the apple family, hurled at me from all directions. I did not have supper that night. Confused and upset, I retreated to my room. Although I suppose technically it was our room, Twilight Sparkle was still there although mentally she was lost in her own little world all day everyday. I was not surprised to find her in the exact same spot I left her slumped over on her bed with her wings hanging limb over her shoulders; just…thinking.

      The next morning was no better than the previous night. I went out only to be greeted by more insults and put-downs. I think my peers from school were there at the house having breakfast and they willfully joined in on the onslaught. A huge unmemorable chunk of time passed before I was back at school with my so called friends. There wasn’t much change from yesterday except that the denizens were wandering around this time exchanging the same dialogue they always had been. At some point I saw Terezi and I tried to grab her attention: “Don’t talk to me,” she said angrily as she began to storm off. For the first time ever in this dream segment I had a clear grasp on my emotions. I knew what I was feeling and I knew exactly what I wanted to say. I could feel it in my cheeks, my skin tone would not show it, but I was red. I was furious! Much so that I was trembling. Such wonton hatred from a girl to whom I have barely even spoken. “STOP!” I shouted, “Just fucking stop, and listen, please! You at least owe me that.” She did not say a word nor did she turn to face me but she did stop. She stood still with her head raised as though to say, I’m listening.

      I struggled to gather my words as a lump had formed in my throat and I would be damned if I gave her the satisfaction of letting her see me cry. “What is my crime? What have I done to you? For fuck’s sake! Where is any of this coming from?”

      She turned her head slightly, “You wasted my time…you didn’t like me back.”


      She turned to face me with trepidation in her voice, “I liked you, you idiot! I liked you all this time [~] I sent you all kinds of signals and you never returned the sentiment! I wasted the year trying to get your attention and looked over me completely!”

      To this I did not cry, I did not shout, in fact, I smiled. I smiled and I began to chuckle and soon again I started to laugh. I was not happy about what I had just heard, in fact I was livid. But what she had just said was just so fucking ridiculous, how could I not laugh? “Are you serious? Are you fucking serious?? You are all pissy at me for not reading your mind? How could I have known? You never fucking said anything! And, newsflash, I liked you too!”

      “What? Then why didn’t you say anything, idiot!?”

      “I didn’t know what to say [~] you didn’t say anything either and you don’t see me abruptly snubbing you now do you!?”

      I do not remember her response but our friendship was never repaired. We turned away from each other both in an angry huff but before I walked away I turned and asked her: “What about the others? Why are they angry with me?”

      She barely turned to me again; her words were cold steel “You wasted their time too. You held them back.”

      On my way back to the aperture I heard them going on about all of the things that they could have accomplished if they hadn’t of known me. I left them without saying anything; back into the cold unwelcoming residence of the apple family. Even Apple Jack did not care to speak to me and I still had no idea why. I retired to my room with my roommate Twilight. I may have spoken to her; venting the events of the past three days. I didn’t shout nor did I yell; I just talked to her. I knew she didn’t listen and I knew that she was not cognizant of me or even what I was saying. She was too preoccupied with her own naval gazing but it was nice to have someone to talk to about this regardless. I fell asleep that night for the last time before I was taken out of myself.

      Imagine that I am a camera drone getting a view of the table at which the four of us were sitting.

      ZOOM OUT: I see the school, Prairie Park, among buildings but these are not ordinary buildings; these are crystal buildings. Among the buildings I see jet black, jagged, and spiky vines growing amongst them. The top half of the sky seems to be over cast with vines.

      ZOOM OUT: I see more of the city now. There are more vines wrapping around buildings and getting in the way. Aside from a small break towards the tops of the shorter sky scrapers the vines seem to come together to form a dome over the city. Anyone could see now that the city is being consumed.

      ZOOM OUT: I now have a full view of the city. There is no doubting that this is the Crystal Empire coming under siege by a merciless onslaught of parasitic plant life.

      ZOOM OUT: I am now miles out of the city which appears to be floating in an eerie nebular haze. The city is in between two hemispheres composed of these vines both of which are closing in on one another. There is but a small break in between the two hemispheres and in a matter of moments they will make contact; entrapping The Crystal Empire forever.

      I see one vine stretching away from the mass towards a small floating house orbiting the city just a few miles out. This was the house at which I was staying; that is where the aperture had been taking me. As I get closer I see Twilight Sparkle smiling at the catastrophe through the window as though she were marveling a masterpiece. I knew that she was responsible for this as I could hear her internal dialogue for the first time.

      “I know what I am doing is wrong,” she said “and I also know that I am not myself.” Dark music plays in the background as she dialogues: “Perhaps I should stop this and end this madness for the sake of my friends who are trapped inside, but why should I?” I understood now what was going on in her mind. She had been hurt by people, Lord knows how many people and Lord knows how close to her these people were. She had been betrayed and lied to and now her pain was made manifest through these vines.

      Now here was her moment; her moment to choose what she will do. Will she save the Empire from certain doom or embrace the darkness that is gradually overtaking her heart and allow this kingdom to be consumed? As the vine grew closer to her an evil grin grew ever wider across her face, it was clear at that point: a choice had been made. The vine reached for her and Twilight extended her hoof ready to grab it. It was as though darkness itself was extending a welcoming hand and Twilight was ready to accept. She was ready to embrace a life of anger, sadness, and revenge.

      Just before Twilight grabbed the branch she thought to herself: “I did not really care about The Crystal Empire for what is a pony other than a mere insect?”

      That was the very last thing I heard before waking up and it is the only line I remember verbatim. The music cuts out as my eyes open.

      Terezi Pyrope was the odd one out as she was the only non-human at the school

      The house looked just like my third childhood home aside from my bedroom which resembled a slightly bigger college dorm.

      I have seen this nebula two other times in previous dreams.
    6. Do the Windy Thing

      by , 04-12-2014 at 07:56 AM (Inside the Mind of Mattlantis)

      These were my dreams from this morning. The first, which I remember almost nothing about, solely consisted of me texting a friend while sitting in bed. Something caused me to wake up and I saw that I still had a little more than an hour before my alarm would go off, so I attempted a WBTB.

      I remember I was in a car with Sam and Dean from Supernatural, with possibly one other person. We stopped somewhere to eat I think, and at some point, I acquired a flash of lucidity. I got a little too excited and closed my eyes, very nearly waking myself up right there, but I just relaxed and visualized the setting of the dream and managed to stabilize it. I got back in the car with everyone else and started driving when I got the idea to just make the car fly like the way John flew the car in Homestuck. I imagined the car lifting off like a plane as I drove on the road, and it did start to lift a bit, but then a tornado appeared in front of us and lifted us up, although I still had complete control over the car and apparently the tornado. I commented that it was like The Wizard of Oz and cackled like a witch on purpose, then the dream or my recall skipped again. Still lucid, I was in a city at night standing in the street. I looked up into the sky determined to fly again and jumped. It was a bit difficult and I gained altitude pretty slowly, but I spread my arms, visualized rising up like an eagle riding a hot updraft (visualizing seems to really help when I'm trying to exert control), and flew up and over a bridge. Some of the birds who were up there squawking and chirping at me, so I jokingly squeaked and chirped back. I got the feeling that we actually understood each other, and eventually I landed on a rooftop garden courtyard thing.

      I believe I lost lucidity at this point, and there were a lot of kittens laying around in this courtyard that led down into an apartment. Most of them ignored me, until I walked down into the apartment a bit. I was afraid to proceed too far into the apartment for fear of getting caught, but then a few cats meowed and jumped onto me. They weren't hurting me, but they wouldn't let go and were basically just trying to weigh me down. I tried climbing back up the stairs but so many jumped on me I collapsed. I wasn't exactly afraid, they were just kittens after all, but I was a bit annoyed and I kept struggling until I woke up.
    7. Violin in the Monastery

      by , 04-04-2014 at 05:33 AM (Inside the Mind of Mattlantis)

      This dream opened into a very nice room, that resembled a very nice suite in a hotel room. The decorations and the scenery outside the window made it seem as if I was in India, and I was with a very attractive girl who was my girlfriend. We were fooling around in the room and something bad happened, resulting in the death of the girl. Apparently I accidentally did something to cause her death, and I pled guilty. However, instead of facing the law, I was taken in by an old man who ran a monastery/convent/church place. He showed me around quickly and we bonded rather well as he showed me where I would live, what my duties would be, etc. I met another girl in the monastery and we flirted a bit, the old man chastising me and saying "Isn't this what got you into trouble in the first place?" We stayed friends but didn't really do much else. The old man and I eventually ended up in his office and he began coughing. I was concerned for his health, but he told me that it wasn't important and that this would probably be the last time I saw him. Suddenly, there was a time skip and I heard my own voice narrating what had happened in that time. I said that "I only saw him one more time before his death 17 years later."

      Suddenly, I was in what seemed to be a high school gym with a violin in my hands, apparently leading a rehearsal for some show featuring music from Homestuck played by our orchestra while actors on a stage danced while playing. I can't play violin in real life, but I know enough to know how the instrument works, so I was still consciously playing it even though I didn't really know what I was doing. At some point during this practice, I became at least partially lucid rather accidentally. I remember getting up and starting to walk away, but nothing particularly fun came to mind, so I just sat back down and picked up the violin, since it seemed cool anyway. I think it was only partial lucidity because surely if I had been fully lucid I would've come up with SOMETHING else to do, and I do remember a certain vagueness that still pervaded the dream. When I sat back down, I was worried at first that I wouldn't be able to play the violin, but then I remember it was a dream and I could basically just play random notes and it would sound however I wanted it to sound, so I did, and it was a pretty sweet arrangement. I eventually picked up a trumpet someone had left laying around and was about to try playing it when someone distracted me and asked for help cleaning the gym. I lost the brief lucidity at some point and helped to vacuum a small carpeted lounge area in one corner of the gym. When the janitors I was helping finished the room, I got a text from my friend David. I don't actually remember getting the text or what it said, but it was written in my notes.

      Now when I left, I found myself in an urban area and met my mom. She told me I was going to be sent to jail for 6 months anyway. I was rather solemn and accepting of it, and I remember getting ready and preparing myself for the days to come. I knew it was a pretty nice jail with many luxuries, but I would still be confined to one room nearly the entire time. I recall thinking that it wasn't really going to be that bad since the cell was basically the same size as my college dorm room and I was just going to be chilling in there for 6 months. I found a refrigerator outside which apparently had some food leftover from an event my mom held. It had a couple popsicles and some cheese-filled sausages that looked pretty good. I grabbed them and went into my house, which had appeared in front of me somehow, even though the fridge should've been nowhere near there. I found hot dog buns next to the microwave and put a few of the sausages in there, then prepared a plate. However, my mom asked me to help her find her new job at some Subway store. She would be driving and I would be the navigator. It wasn't supposed to take that long, and I was really only using a MapQuest app. I was having some technical issues, which also seems to happen in my dreams relatively often. We somehow drove across the Atlantic Ocean and all of Africa and Asia, ending up in southeast China in a few minutes. I then realized that I told MapQuest to take us to the wrong Subway, and the one my mom was supposed to work at was in Brazil. I struggled to plot a new course that wouldn't take more than 19 hours to drive there (which seemed to be about the minimum time I could find in the suggested routes). I was also worried about missing my court date or whatever, which would have resulted in more jail time. We discussed the possibility of just staying on the run in other countries, when eventually, the dream started to fade and I woke up.
    8. The Cheshire Cat - We're all mad here.

      by , 02-09-2014 at 12:22 AM
      As Homestuck's Dave, I've been teleported somewhere else, leveled up some insane amount due to timeline shenanigans, and then was teleported back home, to Bro's apartment, in the middle of the same game we were playing when I was yanked out. I'm really annoyed, because now I'm way beyond Bro's level and I'm not okay with that. I'm looking at some kind of selector switch, trying to figure out how to scale it back from a dealing-with-the-fate-of-humanity level to a hanging-around-the-apartment-with-Bro level.

      I'm looking at six cards laid out in two rows. They show ravens and swords, black ones and white ones of each. One large white figure is flanked by two smaller black figures, and vice versa. They're labeled, and I hear the text out loud, "Light and Shadow, Occidanto et Icandis."

      (Woke up. Noted that my subconscious Latin is terrible. Went back to sleep.)

      A little after a scene in which L. appeared, I'm thinking to myself that I'm going to have to tell M. that she was here, when it occurs to me that that's impossible, I must have been dreaming.

      Immediately after that thought, the sheriff from Twin Peaks walks in. He complains to me about this demon thing - all these people involved in recent suspicious events have been blaming it on demons, which is ridiculous, he can't figure out what's going on. He leaves the room, and I follow him. In the next room, there are two other people. One of them has something sticking out of the center of his forehead, like a horn, or like he's been stabbed with something, and I realize he's the source of this rotting smell. I also realize he's supposed to be dead, and the sheriff's been harboring him.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      I'm reading a news article covering ongoing research on the inside of an ancient spaceship that's been unearthed. The scientist in this article says she's discovered that humanity developed on this planet based on the human image displayed inside this ship, not the other way around. I find it bizarre that this claim is being presented in a major credible news source, as opposed to tabloids and conspiracy theory type sources. Then it occurs to me that the presence of an ancient spaceship, which the article treats as an already-established, commonly-known fact, is also pretty bizarre. I start to look up more information from other sources online, but out loud, I talk about the article with someone else, who, without reading it, dismisses it all as nonsense. I try to stress to her that what's really bothering me as unusual here is its presence in a major newspaper.

      There was a royal baby, Herbert, who was locked away with his mother and a small staff in an isolated section of the castle for 8 years, after some disaster with his father. Now they're allowing a few more people to enter, including myself. They're still referring to him as "the baby", although it's been eight years, and now I see why - he's sitting in a high chair, being fed by his nurse, treated as if he were an infant in every respect, and apparently he's never been taught to walk, talk, or feed himself. The queen, clearly mad, is referring to herself as Herbert - I think of this as reflecting a desire to take control of the late king's power.

      Most of the small group allowed in behave like sycophants, fawning over them, but after we leave, I speak with two of the other people who were allowed inside, both of them as disturbed as I am: two cat-like creatures, brother and sister, one a doctor, the other a scholar or advisor of some kind. They're cat-sized and they walk on all fours, but they're different enough in the face that they're not quite capable of being confused for actual cats; they're striped black and brilliantly dark blue, and they come from a place called Cheshire. They're very kind, very intelligent, very soft-spoken. The brother says that he believes the child carries some infectious disease that affects the brain, and this is what must have caused the disaster with the king eight years ago. Now it's clearly infected the queen as well. He intends to return tonight to examine the boy more closely. I'm thinking no, he's wrong, it's not a disease that the boy carries but madness, and I have a clear mental image of madness as some kind of spirit attached to the boy. I have the impression that I already know how this will end, that this is the past, I'm seeing a tragedy play out and have been forbidden from doing anything to change it. Suddenly realizing, I exclaim out loud, "the Cheshire Cat!" I'm horrified by this revelation, the idea of the madness that will take over this kind and soft-spoken doctor, and I'm so disturbed that the doctor and his sister become concerned; although I try not to say anything more, my exclamation has surprised them, and it's clear that I know something.

      I'm climbing a road up towards the mountains, through a landscape covered in snow, along with the two cats and several other people, heading away from the castle. There's an announcement over a system of loudspeakers, the queen's voice stating "We order you to the tower to be arrested." The announcement goes on to scold us, alternately addressing us as if we were children or saying we've dishonored our esteemed positions, and then says "Now place your life squarely in your master's hands!" Obviously we have no intention of turning ourselves over to be arrested, but the path to the mountains takes us right past that tower.

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    9. 14th May 2013 Dimensional collapse, Doom level

      by , 05-14-2013 at 10:26 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      I recall there was something going on with different dimensions and i had to deal with some stuff. Then i was back in the forest park place from waking world and there was some music that was annoying me, i was tired and i was going home. On the way there was some talk about dog food.
      Then i was back in some different dimension and there was weird city with badly drawn objects and homestuck trolls, then the dimension starts collapsing on itself but i manage to jump into some portal.
      Then i was in the Doom-like game, the level was huge and was located in some kind of pyramid-like structure. I was lacking ammo and i had to deal with "White Knight" enemies(from one of my IWL mods for doom, look like white colored hell knights) and Mancubuses near one of the doorways, but it was not much of a problem. Soon in the next area i found a plasma gun, which was apparently 3D model. I was surprised and was looking at it from various angles. Then i was using a map to find way through the level, i have reached some tek-textured passage and there were a bunch of cacodemons and pain elementals. I noticed that lost souls summoned by pain elementals had some weird 'puff' effects and cacodemons had completely different fireball projectile sprite.
      I got to the next level and i looked at the objective list, which was saying something about two ways to kill the boss and that to get a secret i should not fall into the lava. Can't recall much through the level, but at the end i was greeted by some crazy homeless dude, he was shouting and running around.
    10. Glutton for candy

      by , 03-23-2013 at 03:51 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      I was told by an old school friend's dad in real life that I was invited along to have special access to a candy store that was going out of business or something.

      I was being pretty timid while there, unsure of how much I was allowed to take. I talked to someone about it (possibly Pillywiggin?) and was reassured. I didn't hesitate after that.

      I remember that I made sure to grab some Mounds bars for mom, and Hershey's bars with almonds. I looked for some Twizzlers but couldn't find them. Finally I went to the end of the isle and found a whole rack dedicated to them in all kinds of colors. There was a group of boys sitting on the ground, playing some kind of game or chatting.

      As I looked through the bags of Twizzlers for plain 'ol strawberry, "Upward Movement (Dave Owns)" from Homestuck started playing (at the 1:28 mark).

      After I grabbed a bag, I went back down the isle, leaving a comment behind about how I wondered if there was any "Family Guy" candy, before following up with a "probably not". I think I was trying to show off somehow.

      I remember that I wandered down another (dark?) isle at one point but it wasn't candy, so I went back.
    11. Fiduspawn?

      by , 03-18-2013 at 08:38 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Didn't sleep the greatest last night and I kept waking up, but I still remembered a few things.

      Dream 1: The setting was possibly a cave-type place. There was something about a mission where one had to dress up as a girl and pretend to be distraught, until a monster or something heard you and dragged you away. In this case it was Harry Potter, I think.

      Dream 2: Setting was my grandma's house or something like it. Me and a girl with long, darker hair, possibly Indian, were lying on blankets or something and talking. Either she was my moirail or she mentioned something about one. This part is a little blurry, but there was something about spawning or generating a creature, and how the one I got was named "Dogg", which apparently had been a name I had gotten in the past.


      I was in my aunt's room? and there was a dark man there talking to me, and he held up a really small dried up/dead baby snake and was telling me how you have to take care of them or this happens, and I was thinking about how it was 5 A.M. and I was busy doing something important so I couldn't take care of that too.

      Dream 3: Two? people are listening to Kankri and Karkat from Homestuck talk, and they're being sarcastic and joking, and they banter about something off-color, and one of the watchers turns to the other and concludes that Kankri must have done something inappropriate to Karkat? o_O

      Fragment: I think this might have been apart of around the #2 dream: I spit a wad of gum out of my mouth and was picking pieces of it out of my teeth. (Side-note: Gum is one of the items in my memory palace, so it might have come from that.)
    12. Dark patient

      by , 03-17-2013 at 05:45 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      It was stuffy again so I had a hard time sleeping, and then I woke up out of the blue at 6 A.M. and laid there for a while. But I figured if I could get back to sleep, I'd remember a dream or two at least, and I did.

      Dream 1: The first thing I remember thinking when I woke up with this dream was 'Hannibal Lector'. In it, "I" was a doctor checking over a row of patients in bed. I may have been the woman in the Hannibal Lector movies. One was one important guy in particular. [Gap] I'm slipping into a room that the guy is going to be kept in. I wrap an item in a cloth, hoping it won't be found by anyone checking over the room. I need to put something there to identify who left it, so I go look through my desk stuff for a post-it note, but I can't find the ones I'm looking for, so I end up using my "F" letter ones (except they're a solid green unlike in real life, and they're not sticky). I stick it onto something on the bed.

      Note: The bed made me think of my aunt's, and I use her room as a loci in my memory palace so I wonder if it came from there.

      Dream 2: I'm drawing on a big whiteboard, except it's like an online drawing board so I'm not physically drawing on it. It seems I'm leaving a specific message for someone. A woman comes up to the board and looks at it, and says something about how to draw the zodiac symbols - she proceeds to draw them in black marker, except they're just regular shapes, like circles and triangles. I am confused.

      Dream 3: Me and mom are in a building, I think we're looking for my sister. I had given her this card to save on something, perhaps for $3, but she said it wasn't a good deal or something and I was a bit miffed at her. Either it was already dark, or the power then went out as I tried to catch up with her.
    13. Dancing with royalty

      by , 03-16-2013 at 05:44 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Yesterday morning I did remember some dreams and tried to store them in my dream palace, but I wasn't really awake enough to make it stick, so I forgot them the next time I woke up. :/

      I lost some of today's dreams, I wish I had tried to store more before they were lost. I need more practice coming up with imagery on the fly. (I can think of some now that would have been perfect!)


      I turned in homework to an old teacher (Ms S). It was two pieces of artwork. I had to cut one to a smaller size, which was a headshot of Eridan from Homestuck. I cut a little too much on one side and had to cut the other to match. When I handed them in, the other piece turned out to be Eridan too. I said the headshot was from years ago, like it was a punchline. The headshot piece starts falling apart in her hands and turns into curly fries with bacon bit pieces. She acted like that was what she figured was supposed to happen.

      The scene changes.

      There was some kind of aristocratic-like party going on, the style reminds me very much of From Eroica With Love, with the more grayscale coloring - including the gay aristocrat figure. There was something about a guy who found the main DC attractive, I think someone was pointing it out to him...

      Fragment: Ordering coffee with someone and sitting down together.

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    14. Memory palace ==> dream palace

      by , 03-11-2013 at 09:06 PM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Notes: I've been back into using the method of loci for a few days and got to wondering if it would work for holding dream memories, since I have so much trouble with keeping an offline dream journal. Either I kill my hand taking down long dreams, or I don't put down enough detail trying to use keywords or phrases.

      Surprisingly, considering how much they share in common (strange things happening, being aware, recall, etc), there's not a lot of information out there about combining [lucid] dreaming and the method of loci.

      So what I wanted to try doing was make a specific loci, or location, to store my dream memories quickly when I woke up, and still be able to remember them later. I wasn't sure how this would work with finer details.

      I have nine dreams stored as of today, and to the best of my knowledge, I remember as much detail as I remembered when I first woke up for all of them. Three of those dreams are ones from my first try at storing, and I already deleted them from my memory palace...and yet I can still bring them up now.

      I'm really curious to see what will happen when I start remembering longer dreams, if I'll still be able to recall the details. I'm still practicing, so I may later be able use a system (peg, link, key thought) to add in those details as needed.

      I have two loci set up for dreams only. They're two dream bubble maps from the Homestuck webcomic. One is a castle-type place and the other is a beach with multiple paths (haven't needed to use this one yet).

      I was worried that using a virtual loci would be harder than using something in real life that I'm intimately familiar with (my main loci is my house), but it turns out it's a lot of fun to go over the images and work them into a memory palace, especially since Homestuck is something I'm so passionate about.

      So that's what I'll be testing - how many dreams I can hold, how much I can remember even hours later, how much detail, etc.

      Now off to type today's dreams up! 38D
    15. 31st Jan 2013 A whole bunch of dreams

      by , 01-31-2013 at 09:20 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Managed to recall a bunch of dreams today upon waking up, much more than usual.

      Dream 1:

      I was playing game that looked quite similar to Spiral Knights, except it was more dim. I was moving character between different rooms of some foggy place. At some point i found glitch that makes character slide at crazy speed across the screen, ignoring physics and objects, and i used it to go beyond some railing. This time, upon entering different room i apparently got into game and was instead of the player character. I picked up some treasure in the room and ended up hiding behind curtains from someone.

      Dream 2:

      I apparently was a ninja and i had to find my group. After a while of searching through forest i reached the canyon and the group was there, we start getting prepared to assault enemy base in the canyon or something.

      Dream 3:

      I was watching some pokemon anime. and there was some dude who joins the Ash in his travels just because he's too scared of everything. They end up traveling through many places. At some point he had to part, so he ended up walking around the road being scared of most of sounds in the forest. There were also some pokemons but none looked familiar. Dream skips.
      I was now in first person in anime instead of just watching, but still being just spectator view. There's some evil dude trying to capture some sort of legendary pokemon who is able to talk. After a few attempts that pokemon uses some sort of ability that fires homing spikes and retreats, saying to that dude: 'You are not strong enough yet'. Evil dude gets angry and calls in some other dude with big badass sword. He sends him somewhere.

      Dream 4:

      There's three people in the room: two dudes and girl. I was spectating through first person view from one of dudes. They talk to the girl about something. Suddenly the dude with sword from previous dream enters the room and outright murders one of dudes(not the one i was spectating from). The other one manages to hide completely inside a tiny bucket on wheels somehow, and starts trying to escape. Sword dude soon notices that and slashes the bucket. View changes to deathcam now showing dead body of that dude glitching out of the bucket, and my dream self finds that death animation hilarious.

      Dream 5:

      I was checking MSPA for updates and ofcourse there were some new ones on Homestuck. The updates are about some Homestuck trolls being stuck on floating island. They have to dodge/block attacks of someone invisible. Eventually some of them fail to do that and die, others end up using some sort of time manipulation to slow time and dodge attacks easily that way. At some point i notice that on the site there's some other column of updates on the right side. I check it and it's some totally random stuff and MSPA fanart. I wake up.

      Then i accidentally fall asleep once more while recalling dreams...

      Dream 6:

      I am in the room and there's random SBAHJ stuff floating everywhere(bizarre stuff), it lasts a few seconds. I wake up once again.

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