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    1. Old wounds

      by , 10-26-2014 at 06:42 PM
      There's a woman who's been unknowingly designated to play the role of Mary. (A reference to Mary Vetsera and/or Mary Kelly - the point is that she was remembered for her death, and that a certain amount of time has passed since, so it's time for events to repeat themselves.) She'd been running from a stranger with a knife, found a friend of hers to help her, and they've wound up barricading themselves inside a room. Due to a struggle at the door, the stranger's knife wound up on the floor inside the room with them. But the stranger wasn't the threat here - he was trying to help her. I'm in the POV of the thing possessing her friend, though possession in this case means only a certain amount of influence over his thoughts - he's the one fated to kill her.

      There's a man, a servant, who I made immortal a long time ago. He came to resent me, so I sent him away to the household of a woman I'm close with. From her letters, I believe that's worked out well for them both. I'm staying with her at the moment, and he's showing me something I hadn't realized before - the wounds he had when I made him immortal never healed. The pain is very minor, but it never goes away.
    2. Kicking Astra out of my head

      by , 10-14-2014 at 05:59 PM
      I'm at a strategy meeting, impatient about it - I'm so tired of this cluster of timelines. Everyone here at this meeting is suspicious of each other, and convincing them to work together all over again every time I go through these events is getting really old. So I've stopped trying to juggle everyone's egos and am taking the lead here, and predictably, Astra winds up deciding to put me in my place. She mentally reaches into my head. I've been through so many timelines with her, though, I've learned to resist this, so I shove her right back out again. She's shocked. The rest of the room quietly clears out - no one wants to get involved in this. Everyone else has always been afraid of her. I hate that, the way they fear her. She puts up a pretense of being more mature than she really is, since she's possessed so many adults and seen so many of their memories, but she's still just a kid. I'm thinking, please let me find a way to keep her alive this time around.

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    3. Advice in a sanatorium

      by , 09-19-2014 at 06:48 PM
      I've spent the past few scenes in this huge house, and I'm currently walking through a door that I expect to take me back to a place I'd been in earlier in the dream - there's a character I'd intended to meet up with again. Instead, I find myself in a room I think of as resembling a sanatorium - there are long rows of beds on each side of the room, with a few curtains here and there for privacy. On each bed there's a woman in a hospital gown, writhing like she's in a bad demon possession horror flick.

      I go lucid and try to remember if there are any lucid tasks I'd wanted to perform of the ask-a-DC variety - no, there aren't any. But I believe dialogue is the only lucid trick I can do right now. So I ask something of the various women and get short, boring answers - I don't remember what I asked or what those boring answers were. The last one I asked gave me a longer answer involving a reference to an earthworm - I noted her response as nonsensical but phrased poetically, which I thought of as a step up from the straightforward and boring responses from the others. I'm now mentally comparing them less to demon possession horror flicks and more to Greek spirits - Furies or such.

      Towards the end of the row of hospital beds, there's a woman who's much older than the others. She objects to me - calls my behavior intrusive. She takes my hand in hers, saying this will help her see me - representing that this should be a two-way conversation, rather than just me one-sidedly questioning them. Closing her eyes for a moment, she asks what's blocking me. My first instinct is that she's referring to meditation, mysticism, that sort of thing. But since she didn't say so specifically, I go with a safe response: I talk about general life concerns. She cuts me off and clarifies that she was indeed asking about meditation and mysticism and such. I, sounding annoyed, say I was getting to that - which is a lie.

      But we continued talking about general life concerns anyway - specifically career things. Everything we said on the subject sounded sensible (even after I woke up), and she pointed out a good solution that I disliked - I thought it sounded like more effort than it was worth. She quite reasonably laughed at me for that - for wanting a perfect solution to just come along without any effort.
    4. Runescape and the Call Center

      by , 07-02-2014 at 04:57 AM
      06-30-2014 -- Playing semi-live Runescape like in many recent dreams, and like most of them, doing herb runs and farming in the Port Phasmatys area, and kind of chasing ghosts around in a weird version of penguins, with just a hint of flashbacks to the Frozen RS dream and the Russians / spies RS dream. I seem to be playing right next to Neville Longbottom, and am helping him to try and figure out his part of the game / dream. At one point I knock over my ecto-vial, and am scrambling to get it upright and recapped before enough leaks out that it activates, but I find myself sitting in a cross between a car and a bed, scrambling to get little tiny blue pills (about the size of an eye glasses screw head, which is quite tiny) back in the bottle.

      Soon I find myself kind of being possessed, and I find I am following an almost Maleficent-like witch [no, I haven't seen the movie, or even any trailers for it] through a cave, over a red carpet. I'm trying to break free of her control, and she is trying to get me to the place of the sacrifice before I can. I guess I manage to break free on time, because I soon find myself sitting at a desk, continuing to pick up the tiny blue pills, and I start to find white and pink ones as well. I can't believe how many pills I have managed to drop.

      It turns out I am sitting at my desk in a call center, in front of a 60" (or so) monitor, and Rosemary, my supervisor, comes stalking up to me, angry because I am playing Runescape, and ordering me to stop and get back to work. She stalks off, but I have no intention of stopping. It is a break, or perhaps my lunch, and during those times my time is my own. [in real life, while my time would still be my own, their computer equipment would not be my own.] Still, Rosemary pulling my computer away from me disconnected me from the game. Worse, I have been logging in for weeks using a special in game item or control, an it seems it just expired and disappeared. And now I can't find anything to double-click on to log in! Darn it!

      I'm sitting here grumbling to myself about the situation, as a bunch of new employees are being walked into the office, and one is being sat right behind me. She is vaguely attractive, but has an almost overly-cheery attitude, kind of like Kathy Najimy's character in Sister Act, and is bugging me, saying I ought to listen to 'Miss Rosemary,' and I should be reading a book, or maybe a magazine about gay-lesbian-bi issues or something, and I snap. I snarl at her, and tell her I have probably read some 50k books in my life, far more, I'm sure, than she ever has, that I have no interest in reading any of her liberal clap-trap, and how my break time is my own, and I will do whatever I darn well please with it!
    5. Harry Potter and the Tribulation, Now with More Vampires [graphic]

      by , 07-02-2014 at 04:27 AM
      06-26-2014 -- [Almost a sort of fever dream ... very stream of consciousness, with me kind of slipping in and out of sleep, trying to remember the odd bits I was just dreaming, except the moment I slip back into the dreams, everything is different than it was a moment ago ... makes for a very confusing and difficult to remember dream.] Starts where I am Harry Potter, being chased around what mostly seems to be the muggle world, but slowly it is changing to where I am not so much being chased, but fighting off some sort of possession. Usually I am pretty successful at this, but at one point I am riding along on a bus when I start being possessed, and somehow this time I cannot fight it off. I am being taken over and being forced to rape a teenage girl. The problem is, whoever is possessing me is gripping my manhood and kind of stretching it and fluffing it and making it larger and larger. Meanwhile the girl is getting younger and smaller by the moment, and by the time I start to do this horrid thing, I am sticking an organ about two feet long and eight inches thick into a helpless toddler who more or less explodes around me. Then it is just over.

      I am sitting somewhere, reading comic books, and I find that somebody has released a superhero comic about the book of Revelations, the rapture, the tribulation, and the mark of the beast. And somehow, in the dream, this is much more moving and hard-hitting because it is written about an absurdly unreal super powered character going through the tribulation period. Then suddenly I am a little kid, standing on a field, playing soccer with a bunch of other little kids, and playing really, really badly. None of us know how to play or have any athletic talent. Just very weird stuff.

      Then I am Harry Potter with the comic book again, and I am freaking out a little, because I have been in at least four different Bible studies in the last couple of weeks with four different groups, and all of them have been about the tribulation period and the rapidly approaching end of the world. And I am really getting scared, because I have also recently been bitten by a vampire, and have the two deep, drained puncture wounds in my wrist to prove it. I know about the vampires in the book of Revelations, and combined with all these recent Bible studies and my possession and the horrible thing I was forced to do, I am almost convinced that the tribulation period has already begun, the rapture has already happened, and I have been left behind, along with all the people that I thought were good Christians who I looked up to. Its terrifying.

      Which is how I find myself 20 or 30 feet in the air, kind of perched on a telephone wire, dressed as Batman, thinking about everything while staring down at the Celebration Bible study below me, which I am supposed to be attending. I'm just trying to get my mind together, and figure out if I can even still attend the Bible study at this point. But a young punk down in the group (who is now Batman, and I am not) spots me and starts yelling at me. I am holding up the group, and who do I think I am? And if I am so irresponsible, and it means so little to me, maybe I shouldn't be in the group ... so I quit on the spot, and walk away, only to find myself standing in a rehearsal hall with Tom D. He's working on top of a huge (as in 40' diameter) silver balloon. I fly up there and face him, and explain that I have left the group, and how I fear we've missed the rapture, and I suddenly remember having almost the exact same talk with him a couple of weeks ago. But now there is the vampire bite and the comic book, and a couple more Bible studies, and it just keeps getting more serious.

      And suddenly I am on a freeway interchange that I have dreamed about before that is part Orlando, part California, part Nebraska. On one side is a very built up city, and on the other is a flat farmland rural area. I am in a car with some lady that I can't put a name to, and we just finished a visit to some out-in-the-middle-of-nowhere amusement park (think Magic Mountain) and are debating what to do next week while making multiple lane changes between at least three freeways on a massive cloverleaf. We then pull off on a shoulder that is covered in overgrown wild flowers as we try to decide where we want to go to eat.
    6. April 25th, Closest Thing I've Had to a Shared Dream, Falling Off a Cliff

      by , 04-25-2014 at 09:32 PM
      4/25/14* I saw 2 sets of people in my dream that I don't remember dreaming about before from waking life and people I haven't seen for a while. One I haven't seen for probably 25 years (MB) and the other set were my wife's uncles L, P, & E , two of which I saw maybe 3 or 4 years ago and one of them about seven years ago perhaps. Also there was C from the office & bro-law B. I did get news feeds from facebook for them recently including just last night on the one that I haven't seen for 25 years.

      To bed 11pm. Not trying anything tonight but I woke up at 4 a.m. from a disturbing dream related to possession. Basically "D" from the office was looking at me and saying that there's something wrong with you and I kind of laugh it off and later he says oh your left sleeve is bundled up oddly like you are possessed, however that connection was made! I joke around about being possessed but I also think about some of the people who think lucid dreaming could lead to something like that. He says you shouldn't joke around, you've got a strange vibe about you and I make a growling noise as a joke but when I did that I felt very strange and backed off from my joking and woke up. I think that raised my awareness quite well which resulted in the unintentional dild in the dream below.

      (R-rated sexual content - if you don't visualize the words)
      I was at a party (I think @my sister in laws house) and I was leaving the party getting ready to walk to my car and one of the women at the party walked up to me and said hey wait maybe I can walk with you because
      my house is around the corner. it seems she didn't want to walk alone, it was night time. After a little walk she comes to her car. I guess she lives far enough around the corner to have driven and she tells me to get in she will show me her house and then take me back to my car. She has a 6 unit building and she lives in one of the units even though there are no multi family dwellings in the neighborhood...this doesn't occur to me at the time. She starts to take me back to my car but she's driving backwards instead of turning around. I go with it but then she starts rolling up on a curb, a steep curb and I can feel the car tilt but I remind myself that the tilt is not severe enough to turn the car over and surely she's about to roll back off the curb but then she keeps going and now she's heading towards a cliff. As we approach the cliff I realize how improbable this is and that it feels like a dream scenario but as we're dropping off the cliff I'm not
      100% sure so I think well there's nothing I can do at this point anyway might as well enjoy the ride down either way. I can feel the strong g's particularly on my face from dropping and it feels so realistic like one of those drop tower rides but I am 99% sure that it is a dream now. A thought pops in my head that well if I we're about to die we might as well have last sex and it seems like at that point the vehicle stops dropping and it is now a large van. The woman seems to have heard my thoughts or was thinking the same thing and lays down on the floor of the van and pulls up her shirt. She is not wearing a bra underneath. We both start taking off our pants and underwear and the driver of the van, like one of those large shuttle vans starts walking back towards us like she its going to tell us off. I look up at her and the woman on the floor starts giving me a bj and it feels very realistic I start looking around this shuttle van and looking down at the woman who is giving me the bj and I am fascinated by
      all of the realism. Her eyes, her eyebrows, her hair. Apparently this is a bus full of nurses and they all look so realistic as well but I don't have ideas for the others yet and in fact the nurses all start giving us reasons why we should not be doing this which seems to be trying to tug at my lucidity
      . Instead I find myself back in bed, awake. *Now this is a little bit of a strange coincidence but my wife woke up and told me she had a bad dream. She almost never remembers our dreams and rarely talks about them and thinks it's strange that I focus on my dreams and that I lucid dream. She said she had a dream that she was at a party (like mine) and I was there with a woman and I was being nice to her like she was my new woman or something and my wife got very upset and left. Not necessarily an uncommon thing to have a dream about being at a party & jealousy, but I thought it was interesting. Lately my self-awareness still seems to be lower as it has swung more towards my surroundings.
    7. Possession and the dead

      by , 04-21-2014 at 07:14 PM
      A woman has another woman tied to a tree, and is spreading caviar on her face to attract animals to eat her. She's interrupted by some panic among the people she's working with. People are transforming into creatures - from what they're shouting, I have the impression that it's mostly insects, but when I switch to first person, the only transformation I actually see is a bird emerging from a woman's shoulder and flying away. Mostly I just see panicked people running away.

      I'm leaving too, with several others, at a calmer pace. I look down at my bare feet, and notice that the girl whose body I'm possessing has decorated her toenails in Satanic symbols - not just painting them, but actually growing them into horn-like shapes. I comment on this to one of the people I'm walking with, although I'm careful to phrase it as if I'm the real owner of this body, not something possessing her.

      Still in that body, I'm at a club with a woman named Pepper. I'm wearing sunglasses - it's night, but I need them to protect myself from the electric lights. I'll take them off when we're outside. We're leaving, waiting by a coat check or something similar, when we're approached by two men, one of them hitting on Pepper, the other hanging back. At first I'm irritated, but then I remember that I'm using a female body at the moment, and I realize the other guy is playing wingman. I'm amused. Since Pepper seems interested enough, we all leave together.

      We briefly stop by my IRL house, and when I look in a mirror, I see my IRL self, although my reflection isn't mirroring my actions. Pepper calls for me to hurry up, calling the name of the girl whose body I'm possessing for the first time - Julie. Outside, it's dawn, the clouds are starting to change colors, so I put my sunglasses back on. There's a large car parked outside - wingman's in the driver's seat, Pepper and the other guy are in the back. I get into the passenger seat.

      We drive past several rundown-looking houses, and the guy in the back seat asks me if they're haunted, this being my neighborhood. I say sure, a house that looks like that has to have a few ghosts around. I'm not being serious, just humoring him. He goes on and on about the dead, and he's beginning to irritate me - he's attempting to show off his knowledge, but it's not particularly impressive. He says that he can speak to the dead more easily than others because he still has all his canine teeth - I have an image of one tooth behind another, like adult teeth behind baby teeth, though he's an adult. He says they make a point of telling you that they're dead. And he asks me something about dead and dreams - I didn't catch most of the question, too much background noise, but I assumed he was asking me if I'd ever been visited by the dead in my dreams. I say, sure - I may not know much about talking to dead people, but dreams I can do.

      Wingman calls my attention away, asking for directions - left or right here? It's not even really a fork in the road, the road we're on just curves right and another road splits away, but I guess it might look confusing if you're not used to it; I tell him to bear right. The guy in the backseat offers me and Pepper beers from a cooler, and asks if we find him creepy, with all that talk about dead people. I say no, the talk about dead people's fine, it's the way you talk about getting me and Pepper to drink that's creepy. Pepper agrees, but she's laughing about it. I was only half joking. Even the wingman agrees - the guy's phrasing is odd, as if he's trying to get us incapacitated. We hit a bump in the road and he spills some of his own beer on the upholstery; I tell him he better clean that up, although I'm not at all sure who owns this car. I'm certain it's not him.
    8. Possession and a basketball game

      by , 02-06-2014 at 12:10 AM
      A powerful old dead woman who I'd known when she was alive has possessed a young girl I know, a friend's kid, in high school. She's essentially holding the kid hostage in order to make some demand of me, and I'm refusing her. Another girl, a friend of the possessed one, can't understand why I won't just give in to the dead woman's demands and save her friend, she's very distraught. There's some weapon or power source that used to be sealed away in the ground, and I'm threatening to reseal it, so the dead woman won't be able to access it. She thinks I'm bluffing, because that'd be bad for me too, but I'm willing to do it. She says to me that I don't appreciate the strain she's putting this body under; she's using magic constantly at a level that may seem reasonable to me and her, but which is unsupportable for a kid like this, she'll burn out if it continues.

      As the same character, I'm walking across a high school gym, intending to get some coffee. It's after school hours, and there's a group of kids here playing basketball. They keep disappearing and reappearing, teleporting short distances. I'm thinking of it as one of those games with rules that only kids understand, and thinking how great it is to see them given a chance to just come together and play around like normal kids. In the hall on the other side of the gym, I meet up with a guy in a suit and trenchcoat who's also watching the game. He says something along the lines of "I can't believe you (pl.) were able to find so many."

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    9. Night of Short Lucids

      by , 12-22-2013 at 09:03 PM
      First Dreams - Very Weird:

      Dream 1:
      I was hanging out at some carnival, it was a very gloomy day. It also had enormous lecture halls beneath the ground in several buildings. After wandering around for awhile and eating some gross carnival food, I went down into one of these lecture halls and sat next to a couple friends from high school. President of the United States (PotUS) came to give a speech about something, except he wasn't Barack Obama, he was some young punk that looked like a young Barack Obama (Maybe 16 years old) and he was extremely cocky. He got up in front of this mostly empty lecture hall that could probably fit about 600-700 people. This guy pulled out a gun and my mom came out of nowhere and jumped in front of the bullet. She got shot and lay there bleeding while the young PotUS just watched with an emotionless look on his face. I wondered, why the hell would she do that? He must really mean a lot to her. Dream fades to black.

      Dream 2:
      I was back at the carnival, it was raining this time. I wandered around again until I eventually found my way down to the lecture hall. I sat in a different place this time, farther in back. Exact same thing happened otherwise.

      Dream 3:
      Back at the carnival, this time there were a couple of cops as well. They gave me a hard time and ignored me when I tried to tell them that someone was going to try and shoot the president. I eventually went down to one of the lecture halls, as though I had no choice in the matter. This time, the PotUS was coming out of the lecture hall right when I got to it, some guy came out of nowhere and tried to shoot him. My mother jumped in front of the bullet again. Same stuff.

      Dream 4:
      After fading to black this time, I became lucid in the darkness. I guess this would be a true DEILD. I tried to create a different scene because I was tired of watching my mother get shot over and over again. Didn't work, I was back at the rainy carnival, this time one of the cops was holding me down and....spanking me? It was a horrible, helpless feeling. I told him that he was a nice guy and that he didn't want to hurt me. Didn't work, so I told him the same thing again while I transformed him into another person that looked like a stereotypical hippie. He let me go and I teleported to another world. I was at a beautiful house on the second floor. I started in a tiny bed that might be appropriate for a little 6 year old. Being that I am 6'3, it was a little too small for me. I was feeling tired all of a sudden and I wanted to take a nap, so I looked around, expecting to see some giant beds to lay in. Two, giant super king-sized beds appeared behind me with small rays of light shining down on them from some skylights. This room reminded me of what my parents' bedroom looked like in the early morning when I was a small child (a recurring place of safety for me in dreams). I moved curtains over the skylights so that I could take a nice nap without light. I then realized that if I took a nap in a dream, I would probably either wake up or go to a different place. I didn't want that so I decided to look around instead. The house was quite an interesting design, I thought. The entire building was in the shape of a '+'. Outside of the room I was in there was a balcony that led to the other wings of the home. I looked over the edge and saw an indoor river, surrounded by plants that led to the front door. Outside of the house, there was a zen garden and an old-school, large, wooden gate that led to a busy street (there were no cars, just people walking). I went down into the garden and noticed the edges of the dream starting to blur. I stabilized. These bugs started attacking me. First it was mosquitoes, then spiders started jumping at me. I didn't like that so I ran away. My heart was pumping super fast and I woke up.

      Dream 5:
      I was at my parents house and there was a giant snake that was slithering around like a lil' creep. The cats tried to kill it but it escaped into hiding. Soon there were baby snakes everywhere. One bit me, ouch, nothing bad happened so I assumed they weren't poisonous. I decided that it was time to catch that sneaky little snake. My sister and I picked up some giant butterfly nets. This snake was extra tricky though, it would take the shape of one of the cats and then there would be three cats and we would have to figure out which one was just the shape-shifting snake. After going through this process of the snake taking cat form, us discovering it, then it running away a couple of times, my sister eventually caught it with a net. During this process a couple random, nameless DC's got brutally torn apart by the snake. It didn't seem like a big deal in the dream but now it seems kind of messed up. I put my net over hers and we welded it shut with torches coming out of our fingers. I woke up.

      I was only semi-lucid during this dream, so I won't count it as lucid. I remember that there was some dream guy that was talking to me. He told me that he could tell me a grand secret of lucid dreaming if I went to this magical pool of water. I went there and my body turned into water. I blended with the water and became the water. Then I woke up. Super short dream.

      Super long fragment:
      I was hanging out at some strange building with my brother and one of my uncles. We all decided to smoke some weed outside, then they went down into a double secret basement that was three floors beneath the surface. I didn't want to go down there so i stayed at ground level. Eventually some weird stuff started happening and the dream turned into a kind of ghost murdering RPG. The house turned into a ranch out in the middle of a post-nuclear testing site in a desert somewhere. There was also a giant group of people with guns and swords now. We hacked and slashed our way through ghosts and possessed people that turned on us. After awhile, I had probably killed these ghosts a hundred times and I got tired of it and most of the group was dead so I ran towards the home and went down into the double secret basement where my uncle and brother were hanging out. My uncle had been possessed and my brother had to kill him. My brother and I got overrun by dozens of ghost-demons and he got pulled behind while I barely escaped. I went up to the top floor of the building and this strange light zoomed by at super speed and drove away all of the ghosts that attacked me. My mom and dad were hanging out up there, reading books as though nothing were wrong. I asked them what that light was, they told me it was their little dog. They said she was possessed by the guardians of the property. I asked them if the guardians protected my brother too, they said that the guardians refused and that he must have done something pretty naughty because they wanted nothing to do with him. I woke up.

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    10. Possession in an abandoned house, FMA, and mechanists who work on human souls

      by , 12-12-2013 at 12:08 AM
      Fragments, one involving finding an old sketchbook with an image of a character I haven't drawn (or thought about) in years; another involving a song called Sleepwalker.

      A man and a woman in an old abandoned house, the woman's become possessed by the spirit of her ancestor who'd lived there. She says she's hungry, which I, 3rd person observer, am certain is a lead-in to her doing something unnecessarily creepy. She catches a rat and starts chewing on it. I mentally compare it to evil overlords using skulls as building material, too over-the-top and nonsensical to actually be creepy. The possessing spirit knows this man, and she's saying to him, "I will say, however, this is the first time I've seen you in anything but pain." When she says that, he thinks briefly of a relationship he has with someone, but he says, "Come on, be serious -" He then deliberately misremembers her name, trying to downplay the authority she has over him.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      FMA-based, Al is on some huge vehicle, like a train but so large it has a deck like a ship. An old man wearing armor and automail is introducing him to what appears to be a little girl, introducing her as a 'mechanist' who works on the human soul, something that's commonplace here, and which Al's been researching and is excited to finally get a look at. There's a good chance that she's not human but some kind of automaton, that's often the case for mechanists; Al isn't aware of this. She's thinking the same thing about Al, she expects the inside of his armor to be full of bolts and springs.

      The old man who'd introduced the two of them gets his automail caught in some piece of machinery, which is dangerous. Al and someone else, a large man, work together to free him, but in the process the machinery pierces a hole through Al's armor, allowing the little girl to see inside and realize it's empty. Al is very self-conscious about this, but the girl's thinking something about how impressed she is that "he'll continue investigating the secrets he was investigating, not the secrets of his body" - the research he's been doing has no bearing on his own problem.

      Ed is on a different train. Kimblee, a prisoner, is being transported in the same car, it's a car for military personnel, and Kimblee's saying something about whether (something happens) or (something else happens), he just doesn't care; this annoys Ed. He gets off the train and heads for a stadium where he's supposed to meet Mustang, and he's supposed to make it look like it's a coincidence that they both happen to be there, since they're being watched.
    11. A graveyard and a possession

      by , 09-14-2013 at 06:50 PM
      I'm walking up the steps to a graveyard. I'm a teenager or young man who lives and/or works in a temple or shrine or similar attached to this graveyard. In the previous dream scene I'd been talking to friends at the foot of the stairs to the temple about hard times their families had been through, and I'd been thinking that I couldn't really relate, my family never having been through anything like that, and I'd removed myself from the conversation - but now I'm thinking about the hard things in my life I couldn't tell them, specifically I'm thinking about an old man buried here whose death I couldn't tell them about. I float over to his grave.

      But there's a guy here waiting for me. He attacks me - though I just float away from that - while blaming me for causing that man's death by convincing him to expose us to the media. He'd been one of something secret, supernatural or not quite human. But it wasn't like that - I hadn't been the one to convince him at all, and I'm frustrated by this mistaken rumor; it had been some pretty girl who'd talked him into it, I'd been completely against it, and I'd hated that he could throw away a lifelong belief in secrecy so quickly.

      I'm sitting outside what looks like a very small cave entrance, too small for a person to get through, and I'm talking with several very small spirits, and a much larger, much older one in the cave. We're having a disagreement about a course of action, and finally the spirit inside the cave decides to force the issue by possessing me and taking control of my body. In doing so, he forces out the much smaller, relatively harmless spirit that usually possesses me, and it's quite shocked by this; it tries to get back in, but there's this glowing blue crescent on my forehead, like a closed eye, which acts like a lock.

      I'm standing on a city street near a warehouse, surrounded by government vehicles, and talking to my boss, who works for the FBI. He wants me to see what's going on inside the warehouse, but I can't do that. I'm tired. The thing possessing me doesn't understand why this is an issue, takes over and answers easily - his answer has something to do with drugs - he speaks using his own accent, very different from mine, some variety of English, but if the boss notices he chooses to ignore it.
    12. Ghost of Diane (Recurring Dream)

      by , 09-14-2013 at 02:24 AM
      I will post an update on this every day. It's been an odd recurring dream and I need some help on what to do with it.
      I'll post what happens every night.

      Day 1 - Nothing important happened.
      Night 1 - I see a girl with long, straight red-ish hair and wears a pink dress with splatters of red. She is just staring at me while in a sitting position. My bed is just on the floor, like a small mattress so If i were to sit on my bed, I would see her in eye level across the room. I didn't really care about it much and I thought it was just a dream. Oddly enough, I usually become lucid in these kind of dreams but I couldn't somehow.

      Day 2 - Nothing important happened.
      Night 2 - The same as day one, just the girl staring at me at the other side of my room.

      Day 3 - Some trouble in my class with my friends.
      Night 3 - I didn't see her again today.

      Day 4 - Nothing important happened.
      Night 4 - I didn't see her anymore, I think it's finally over.

      Day 5 - Did a group activity in class, nothing special but noted.
      Night 5 - This is where I freaked out. The girl was on her knees this time, just staring at me with blank eyes. We stared at each other for a few seconds then she suddenly moved extremely fast towards me, still on her knees. It's like shes trying to walk just on her knees and it was so fast that after a few seconds she was almost face to face with me, luckily I woke up before anything scary happened. I laughed at myself for being so scared over a dream once I woke up and continued my day.

      Day 6 - I told my classmates about it and they keep saying that this happens because I'm not too faithful to God and I'm being haunted by demons, they are some religious nuts aren't they? I don't really think that has anything to do with these recurring dreams though. One of my friends insist that I pray or something, I don't really believe them.
      Night 6 - I hate jump scares. This is where my friends' and classmates' words started to scare me. I started becoming paranoid while I'm trying to get some sleep. The lights were closed and I could only see a dim light coming from the window of my room. Every time that I almost fall asleep, I would feel something coming towards me. I felt that if it's coming to me, I couldn't move my body so I would sit on my bed and check the room. I got a flashlight and a metal pipe, which I now think I'm that stupid to bring a pipe to fight some sort of non-existing ghost. I checked the flashlight around the room but I didn't see anything. I held my nose and tried to breathe through but I couldn't, it was a reality check so that means I'm not dreaming. I got back on my bed but felt the same thing again and again and I had to wake up to check the room again and again. Each time I woke myself up, I would do a dream check but still, I'm not dreaming. The final time I did this I just thought to myself that I let myself get to affected by what my classmates said about a ghost haunting me and now I'm just scaring myself and not getting any sleep. I gave up and threw the pipe and the flashlight away. As I laid back on my bed, I turned right and saw Diane face to face lying beside me. I was so scared that I woke up in the morning and I couldn't scream. I looked like an idiot and just laughed at how scared I was.

      Day 7 - I told this to more of my friends. Some of them laughed, some just gave stupid religious advice -_-.
      Night 7 - I couldn't move in my bed for some reason. Nothing special happened even though I couldn't move though I did hear a faint whisper saying something like "Diane". Because of this, me and my classmates decided to call the girl "Diane".

      Day 8 - Something happened today that probably influenced my dream. It was the last subject at school and I thought to myself that I can finally get home and mess around with the computer. I was talking with two of my classmates who I will just call Cole and Will. Cole was a girl in my class who wears glasses, she's sort of cute. Will is one of my friends who constantly cries about how his girlfriend doesn't like him that much, poor guy. Will went to do something for awhile so I was just sitting with Cole, we were talking about an anime called "Hataraku Maou-Sama" and I was holding Will's stuffed Peashooter from Plants VS Zombies, I don't know why I had to tell all the details but oh well, I like to say everything in detail. Everything is going normally right? Well, there is this jerk in my class who I'll call "Nate". He's the type of person who would make fun out of anyone just so he can get some attention. He noticed me talking to Cole and started saying that I'm trying to get her to be my girlfriend. He said it so loud that the whole class could hear. Really, we're already in highschool and everyone's acting like elementary students saying "EEEEE" just to annoy us both. I didn't really care about Nate since I knew he had nothing better to do and is just getting attention but I noticed Cole getting really angry. I really got angry at that time since I hate getting insulted by lots of people and I wanted to kill Nate at that point if Cole ever decides to start ignoring me because of this. Will finally came back to help but started being insulted as "gay" by one of the other classmates for some reason. While going home, me and Will got into a little fight. I accidentally punched him in the ribs and I twisted my right foot. After that I said now it's fair and we went home. At home I just stayed in my room thinking of ways to get revenge on Nate, I stayed in my room the whole day until its nighttime. If you're still reading this, congratulations.
      Night 8 - I didn't really care if I was going to see Diane this night. I felt someone holding my hand, It felt like really soft skin like Cole's but it also felt very cold, like dead cold. There came another hand which gave me something, I couldn't move anything else other than my hand so I couldn't really look at the object given to me. It felt like a handle of something, I moved my fingers to check the tip and It was somewhat sharp. I managed to get a glimpse at it and it was a Knife. I woke up once I noticed it was a knife and went to school.

      Day 9 - I was just walking towards Nate and I knew he was going to say something to me, most probably a petty overused insult like "**** you" or "you're gay". He was about to say something but he stopped mid-sentence. For some reason, he looked like he was scared and instantly said sorry to me, I told him to not do it again and he agreed but kept saying he's sorry. That wasn't like him at all.
      Night 9 - Oddly enough, nothing happened this night. I was kinda expecting Diane to show up or something.

      To be continued.

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    13. Demonic visions and possession, vampires and sirens and gods

      by , 09-09-2013 at 09:04 PM
      A teenage girl who's recently begun to see strange things, people who look different to her than they do to everybody else, demonic, eyes in the wrong places or no mouths, and so on - she's thinking about one man in particular, a mentor or father figure, who now looks inhuman to her. She believes this is a delusion. But she's run across a woman who obliquely refers to herself as inhuman, clearly believing that they're both the same; and the woman goes on to talk about various creatures like them gathering, organized by that particular father figure, and about a 'sister' who that father figure favors, and weighing the pros and cons of killing that 'sister.' It's clear this girl is the 'sister' being talked about, though neither of them realize it.

      This conversation had been happening at a food court in an airport while they were both waiting to meet other people, and eventually the girl put her head down on the table, folded her arms for a pillow and took a nap; when she woke up, another person was sitting next to her, a black-haired woman, talking to the first one, and when she sees the girl's waking up she tries to startle her. The girl doesn't get startled. The black-haired woman then says hello in a very odd, drawn-out tone.

      (Woke up. That odd, drawn-out tone was the sound of a chainsaw next door. Back to sleep.)

      Walking through mountains at night, talking about chocolate, and being followed by Gollum.

      Going along with Buffy's friends on some scheme they've come up with, now that she's dead.

      A small model of an obelisk, made out of salt.

      I'm possessing a young man in college, and I'm doing a terrible job of mimicking his normal behavior, all his housemates suspect something's up with him.

      Still in that college setting, a horror movie called 'Mandeathering' is recommended to me - I see a scene involving several creatures in a graveyard, one of them looking like Nosferatu and holding a child in his arms, described as a family that 'feeds on death,' and 'the weak ones' giving in to sadness or despair (though now I can't remember if 'the weak ones' were among the family or the ones they were feeding on). I google the movie, but think the guy recommending it must have gotten the title wrong, because none of the results I'm getting are for a horror movie; the first result is for a dream journal.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      On a ship, looking down at a human-shaped siren standing on an island and the man from my crew who's standing there with her. I'm thinking about going down there myself, but I'm also thinking about past experiences with things that call to you from the water, asking you to leave your ship. Never goes well.

      Fragment of one person chasing another on horseback on that same island, something to do with a god.
    14. The Diary of Aina...part 1?

      by , 08-06-2013 at 11:00 PM
      I dreamt that I was playing a board game with three others. We were in a worn down building and sitting around a table close to the window, inside a room that was part of a corridor. It was dark, cold and cloudy outside: perfect weather to be sitting inside and playing boardgames with a few friends!
      We were two teams playing against each others... our side was losing. But then I managed to do a brilliant move that caused us to win!
      That was the last game for the night, everyone thanked each other for a good game and stared packing up. We had been drawing the score on a nearby wall and I began cleaning it away. But then, a piece of the wallpaper fell of! Beneath it was an older wallpaper, and on it was some writing...it looked at it and saw that it was a part of something called the "Diary of Aina".

      It was then that I think I became lucid!
      I was interested in the writing so started reading it aloud. But when I did, I spoke in another persons voice. A voice that was darker, almost hissing and that sounded very sinister. And it was then that I felt a presence, like someone staring straight into my neck! I dared not look around, even though I knew that there would be nobody there. I knew it was the spirit of Aina, and it was in her voice that I had spoken. Through me, she told her story.

      I continued reading it aloud, hesitant at first, and always it was not me speaking. But quickly I realised that I could not stop even if I wanted to, I was not even looking at the text any more! My friends were looking at me with a confused look, they didn't know what was happening, and thought I was just acting strangely. The voice kept talking until it was done reading the part of the diary that was written on the wall. By then I was terrified, and I forced myself to wake up. It was hard, but it worked.

      Now I regret waking myself up of course. But the interesting thing is that I know that it was not the last time I will encounter that diary. I know there are pieces of it scattered around the dream world, still waiting to be found. If only I could remember what this one said...but I think it was a story of sadness and anger.
    15. Fractal patterns and the things that come back from the skies.

      by , 08-06-2013 at 06:38 PM
      3rd person following a woman, and I'm aware this scene is about to become a nightmare, something involving a husband who came back from outer space wrong, carrying something inside him that will manifest in the house in strange ways, killing him and trapping her here. It's already starting to feel like a nightmare, so I take over and steer her toward the front door to change the scene. It takes two doors to leave the nightmare/house.

      Outside, I'm my IRL self, and I'm walking out of the mansion I'm temporarily staying at, walking down to the road to see if my IRL sisters have arrived yet. I follow the road toward town, and I pass Tilda Swinton walking the other way and rubberneck shamelessly, walking backwards until she's out of sight. Eventually I come to a fair, where a few people are in costume, including myself, something patriotic-themed. I spot my sisters in the crowd but don't want them to recognize me while I'm in costume. The crowds push me into one of the tents showing various curiosities, and one of them, something about a man who fell from the skies, switches the scene to something more stable.

      3rd person following a man who observed that if you trace every human interaction you've had throughout your life, and all the interactions those people had and so on, it creates a fractal pattern which he used to warp time and space around himself, condensing it all into a single point with himself at the center, the God of this world. The ground loops over his head to meet itself in a single vividly-colored sphere. Although he's the only creature that can exist in this sphere, there's a door through which he can watch or enter the old world at any point in time or space. The world's been completely transformed by his actions, all throughout its timeline. At the moment he's observing the writing systems that are developing. He's been translating the various markings that he's seen through the door, images made by different cultures throughout time and space, but as far as he can tell, none of them are using a written alphabet. All the markings translate into numbers.

      He walks through the door into the same point in time/space that he'd originally lived, modern times. The place has been through something like an apocalypse as a result of his actions, but it's mostly recovered now. He seeks out a friend who'd tried to stop him, and they talk about the changes in the world, and about what's happened to his older brother's estate since the funeral. 'For a madman, he was alright,' the other man says.
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