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    1. The Possessed Church and Struggling Man

      by , 11-05-2011 at 04:01 PM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      I was in a church. There's a melon offering. Then an airplane offering? Like a toy. Then someone (or something) was possessed. I saw some people are asleep on the pews. Someone (me?) tried to exorcise the evil spirit. It was successful, but then the great-great grandparent of the evil spirit rose up, and possessed the whole church building. The whole congregation ran away.

      I was somewhat the building, but this within the town. I was with some companions. I was on a bridge-wall. I was looking at a dome building. The whole town is being possessed now. Yellow mood. We ran further.

      I was looking at the whole town from afar. We planned something to destroy the whole town. I saw it destroyed, but then it regenerates. We cooked and ate from afar, but in view of the town. A guy arrived and cooked fried rice for us.

      I was in a van with some people, going somewhere. We arrived. Just the two of us. Me and a woman. We arrived at a house, up in the mountains of nowhere. We set up the house. It feels lonely, but it feels safe, and away from any trouble. I then wondered what to eat for dinner, so I asked my companion. We're going out to buy food. I walked to the back of the house; it looked like a mini forest, and dark. Like the "back" of the town I'm in, hidden "behind" our elementary school. I commented how it feels like a good place. She complained saying there's no TV/electricity. I walked down the front stairs and found that the "stair" (a pile of flat stones) is unstable.

      As we walked out (afternoon?) of the house, and seeing the view of the countryside of grasses and visible houses from afar, I told her she can read books. As we walked down the dirt road towards the perpendicular cemented road, she complained that everything is far from everything else. I told her she could use the exercise.

      We walked up the street to the van and bus terminal. There are a lot of stores there, like a marketplace. I commented how, if we brought a dog, it will be lonely, because I/we are traveling.

      We went into a pharmacy. Now she's a "he." She bought some stuff. One looked like a pineapple head. I asked if that's dinner. He said no, that's a baby. I looked at it again, and it looked like a freaky head of a baby. I asked if he wanted one, why don't we just get one (?), and he hesitated, like he realized the truth in my statement.

      Then I saw a mask, like a gas mask for the asthmatic, fly when a doctor overdid something. Or rather, it floated to the right. I saw him get it, and again, did something wrong. He said something about cheap apparatus not working properly, and how it's better to get expensive ones that work dependably. I thought he was just saying it out loud for people to buy more expensive ones and for him to earn more.

      I went outside and saw down the beach from afar, but saw it up close. There are people swimming in the clear, blue water. Then I my view went back to the top of the countryside, and from afar, I saw the clouds and mountains. The sky is red and orange, the mountains black, and I saw an image of a man holding back two mountains on either side of him that are about to fall on top of him. Red lightning danced all over him. I thought, I should have brought my camera for this!

      The name Labaw Donggon came mind. I hear the roar of thunder as the man struggled.
    2. Possession

      by , 09-17-2011 at 06:58 PM (Oneiric Mirror)
      I am in a meeting, in a spiritual work center. The center is made of a white tent, and the ground is made of dirt.

      After speaking to the audience, i returned to my seat. A person next to me said that M, an old University colleague, had died, but
      her spirit comunicated with a medium from the centre. She told through the medium that she would come back as Red King.

      I thought: "But iīm Red King". And i got confused.

      The girlfriend of the Spiritual Work Center coordinator explained to me that M would come back in a diferent body, but with ways (of speaking, of moving) like mine, because M always loved the way i was.

      I put both of my hands in my head and and furiously, started to curse and shout out loud...none of those things pleased me at all.

      The Spiritual Work Center Coordinator noticed my behaviour and didnīt liked it a bit.

      I ran from the tent, and i got inside a white volkswagen and i left.

      Suddenly i was in my fatherīs house...but i cant remember what it went down there.
      The dream scene moved to a bar, full of shelfs, and those shelfs where full of books.
      The shelfs where white, with golden reflections.
      One of the books was inside a plastic cover, it was a collectorīs edition.

      The dreamscene changed once more, and iīm in my grandmotherīs house.

      As i was going upstairs (my old grandmother house had 3 floors) i was looking to every single room and division, and i started to think that me and my wife could put shelfs with lots and lots of books, where it used to be the office room.
      I started making plans in order to buy wood and build the shelfs myself.

      The dreamscene changed one last time, and i saw myself in a wheelchair...but i canīt remember why i was in it.


      Comments: This dream is part of dateless dreams series.
    3. meeting friend in cafe; with friend in restaurant

      by , 05-28-2011 at 01:32 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was in a cafe that looked more like a small deli. The space was really tight, although the store seemed to extend pretty far back. There was one narrow area that tiered up a meter or so to a narrow platform. Then there were stairsteps down to a very narrow back area with a drinks display refrigerator. Beside the narrow platform there was some kind of buffet style sevice area, with a cash register at the end, near the front of the store.

      My friend R was in the cafe, sitting at some small table around a corner (?) at the back end of the platform area. I might have been surprised to meet him here, but I may also have been scheduled to meet him here.

      R may have been finished eating. He had at least gotten his food. I was kind of ashamed that I was so slow that I hadn't even picked up my food yet. I needed to get food. R said something like he'd wait for me to get my food and then leave.

      I was definitely thinking of a specific kind of food. I think desserts were the main thing served here. But I got an image in my head of a white cake box with a small turkey or whole cornish game hen in it.

      I looked at the drinks display case for a moment, then I went to the cashier. Space felt pretty weird. Sometimes I felt like I stood higher than the cashier. Other times I felt like I didn't feel like I could order, receive, or pay for my food. I felt like my ineptitude might have been annoying the cashier. But she was remaining polite and smiling the whole time.

      Dream #2

      I was in a restaurant with my friend H. Another woman was following us. The woman was A, a girl who works at a cafe I go to all the time.

      The restaurant was apparently a fine restaurant. But it looked kind of like a big living room in an ordinary, suburban house, filled with dining tables. The windows were smallish and high up on the walls, giving the sense that this place was sunk down a little into the ground. Everything had a blue-grey light. The carpet may have been blue. The restaurant was full of people, mostly older people.

      H and I had been sitting at one table, but the girl A had followed us there. So now we'd been moved to another table. But A followed us there as well. Our table was a long table, maybe made for four or six people. A sat at a table for two which was connected with another table for two by a wooden, bench-style seat. That table was at right angles to ours, and A sat with her back to H and I.

      I may have seen all of this as if I were looking at it from outside my body. I may have been wearing a round-brimmed hat, like I wore in college.

      Upset that A was following us again, I decided to leave the restaurant. I managed to get H and I up and out of the restaurant at a time when A wasn't looking. We were gone, but my view remained in the restaurant.

      A waitress came up to serve A. The waitress was Asian and wore a black shirt and black oants. A asked the waitress who I was and where I was going.

      I probably now saw from A's point of view. She was walking along some portico area made of stone or concrete and brick. She kept passing all these clothing stores and other stores. Some of the stores were set into the brick wall. Others were on the opposite side, the open air side, of the portico, between the columns, apparently in thin air. Other stores were just signs standing up on polished metal poles.

      The stores were all also like apartments. The quality of the clothes in each store indicated the quality of the apartment. A (I still saw through her eyes) was looking through all these stores to find out which one indicated the apartment I lived in.

      As she did this, she had a thought-conversation with a woman who seemed to be an older, guiding figure in her life. I'd occasionally see the woman's face fading before A's view, like a ghostly double-exposure on a photo.

      A finally walked past one store which didn't look like a store at all. It actually looked like the sliding doors of an elevator, except made out of pale wood. The doors were also almost 3 meters tall. There were some words in gold or bronze lettering that gave the name of the store, some store for really good men's suits. This, A assumed, was where I lived, or that this was the clothing store that indicated what kind of apartment I live in.

      A was now convinced that I was some kind of billionaire. I don't think her plan was right away to follow me into this store, which now, at least, actually did lead to my apartment. I think she planned to come up with some way to blackmail me or trick me into being with her so she could have my money.

      But then A (I still seeing through her eyes) saw a man standing in the doorway of the store, as if the doors swung open instead of sliding open. The man was white, about average height, a little stocky, but muscly. He had close-shaved hair on his head and a little stubble on his face. He wore a brown or grey blazer, a green, button-up shirt, and blue jeans.

      The man may have been inviting A into the store. I think that A now figured that she would go into the store and try to find my apartment.
    4. ouside Smashing Pumpkins concert; hide and seek; thinkers' complex; football story; dancing kids

      by , 04-17-2011 at 02:55 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      It was night. I was outside some kind of large building that was shaped like a coliseum but looked more like a modern church or office complex. The walls were glass up through the bottom half of the building. The top half of the building was concrete. The building seemed to be circular.

      I was separated by the building by some kind of big lawn and possibly a road. The lawn had a slope down and then a slope back up, at the top of which was the building. I ran down the slope and then across some kind of road.

      On the other side of the road was something like yellow tape. I had to cross under the tape.

      At some point in time I realized that my brother had gotten a ticket for a Smashing Pumpkins concert, which was taking place in the large building. I had been too slow in getting tickets, and now the event was all sold out.

      Somewhere I could sense that there was a huge line of people waiting to head into the building. It seemed to be on a side of the building pretty widely separated from where I was.

      I then had a conversation with some man who I couldn't see, and who may not even have been there at all. I was telling him that I actually didn't want to go to the Smashing Pumpkins concert, and that I wasn't looking for a ticket to get into the show. I especially didn't want to wait in line. I explained to the man that I was heading to the building for some other reason.

      Dream #2

      I was looking at some kind of art work or map or ancient illustration. It was scrawly and full of line-figures and stick-figures, like some of the artwork of Pascale Marthine Tayou.

      The more I looked at the art work, the more I came to understand that it was a story about a brother and sister in an Asian royal family.

      The brother and sister were in a grove of what I may have thought of as "lime trees," though the fruit of the trees was actually small and yellow, like miniature lemons. The trees were all pretty small, maybe ten feet tall, very trim, and set in very ordered, square plots with a grid or maze of dirt paths between the plots.

      The sister was older, maybe eleven or twelve years old. She wore a very traditional looking kimono or robe made of silk and colored yellow and green. She may also have worn some kind of white headdress that rose up high from her forehead. The brother was younger and may have actually been wearing a modern, pale blue polo shirt and pale grey shorts.

      The brother and sister were playing a game of hide and seek in the grove of trees. It may have been more like a chasing game than a game of hide and seek. But underlying this game there was some sort of intrigue. The little brother was being made ready for some large responsiblity. But the older sister was trying to keep the brother down, hold him back from the honorable duty.

      I now saw the scroll of scrawly drawings again. The grove was there, though somehow the garden now looked more like a radish patch. Radishes may have been visible, as if they were represented as growing above the ground.

      I then saw a column of hieroglyphs, with something that looked like a ladder drawn beside it. I may have thought of the hieroglyphs as Egyptian, although there was one glyph of a rabbit's head that looked more like a Mayan (?) glyph.

      My eyes scanned up the column of glyphs very closely, and before I knew it, I was climbing up the scrawly ladder drawing beside the glyphs. I kept climbing up and up, trying to discern in the glyphs the story of the brother and sister.

      I now looked down. I was incredibly high in the air, far above the garden, which was real again. Below me on the ladder were some of my family members, possibly including my brother, who was right behind me.

      The ladder felt very shaky. I thought I was going to fall off of it. The people on the ladder below me may have expressed their need to support me so I didn't fall off the ladder.

      Dream #3

      I was out on the balcony of some enormous building which was like an office complex and an apartment building combined. The balcony spiraled around the building. It was a concrete ramp, and it kind of reminds me now of the Guggenheim museum.

      Off to the side of the ramp were entrances to exhibit-like spaces which were actually offices or working spaces. I may have walked into one of these spaces at one point. I may have realized that this whole building was some kind of huge complex for gifted thinkers.

      I was back out on the balcony. The balcony still spiraled, but instead of spiraling along the outside of the building, it seemed to be spiraling along some kind of interior, like the building was o-shaped, with the inside open to the sky, and the balcony running along the inside of the "o" in an upward spiral.

      I lay down on my stomach on some kind of concrete bench that allowed me to look down to the next level of the building. I saw a man and a woman walking out of one of the working spaces. This working space had automatic, sliding-glass doors.

      As the man and woman walked through the doors, I heard a woman behind and above me tell her male companion, "Oh, look. There they go. Probably on their way to make some kind of huge takeover."

      I understood from this that the man and woman were known as financial geniuses. The woman behind me was assuming, with admiration, that the man and woman had been in the working space plotting some kind of huge corporate buyout that would end up being wildly successful. However, I had a feeling that this assumption wasn't true, and that the man and woman were kind of sick of people always assuming this kind of stuff about them.

      On a bench tiered down from my bench, a very good-looking man lay on his stomach. He was white, with bronze-tanned skin, curly, red-blonde hair, and blue eyes. He was tall and slimly muscular. He wore khaki shorts and no shirt.

      The man was thinking about me. I could read his mind. He was thinking something like, "Well, he's at it again, observing everybody and coming up with insights." But I didn't feel like this was true. I felt like I was just kind of hanging out. And it kind of irked me that people always had to think I was having all these insights. (?????)

      The man was attracted to me. He actually thought he could sneak up and lay down beside me on my bench. For some reason I now had a blanket on me as well. He actually came up onto my bench and lay down under my blanket. He then got up as if he were going to lay down right on me. We were both in just our underwear.

      I was suddenly feeling really attracted to this guy. This surprised me, since I'm not gay, but it didn't bother me at all. I actually liked the idea. I thought that I might just roll over onto my back so that the guy could lay on me and we could be face to face. I figured that he could rub against me and that we could get each other off that way while we were both still in our underwear.

      But the guy didn't give me enough time. He lay on me while I was still on my stomach. So he was on my back. But he lay on me so that we were back to back. That seemed kind of awkward to me. Then, suddenly, the man's body began to kind of evaporate. The man's whole body began to sink into my body. The man eventually vanished into me entirely.

      (I believe that at this point I woke up, or went into a semi-waking state. As I lay there I thought, Well, I guess the man's spirit has possessed my body. Oh, well. The thought that the man's spirit had possessed me seemed more interesting than worrying.)

      Dream #4

      I was walking through some kind of complex at night. It was like a shopping complex mixed with a park and a university campus. There was some kind of event going on there. It may have been something like a convention for psychic people.

      I may now have been walking quickly or even running through some maze-like concrete path between a bunch of small mounds of lawny grass. As I was doing this, I was hearing or remembering some story about a young man who had been psychic and had had to go through some series of struggles because of his abilities.

      I now saw some weird kind of room under one of the mounds of lawny grass. It was visible through a glass or plexiglass wall. It was a very small room, lit with gentle light. It had two black, leather chairs that looked like dentists' chairs.

      Above the room was a sign. The sign looked like the sign for a haunted-house-type ride for an amusement park. The sign was just one long word, which I'm pretty sure began with "A," but which meant something like "phantasmagoria."

      I turned around and walked around the right side of this room and lawn-mound. I found a young, black man sitting in a weird seat that was somehow connected to the room. The man looked like he may have been in college. But he also had some grey hair. He was overweight, and he wore kind of thick glasses. He had a gentle, smiling demeanor.

      The seat was like a combination between an auditorium desk and some kind of fake race-car seat for an arcade game. But it was also surrounded by a concrete-and-plexiglass structure. Also, around the seat were black, plastic surfaces that could be pushed down a little bit, almost like the fronts for garbage cans in fast food restaurants.

      The man "told" me, probably through telepathy, about a story he was writing for his college class. It was about a Jewish man who wanted to play on the football team at his college. But the rest of the team was black men. The black men just bullied the Jewish man in all kinds of ways. But the Jewish man kept working hard, and eventually he became a successful member of the football team.

      The man got up and walked away as he "told" me that his teacher and his classmates really hated the story. They all said there was no way it could be successful. And he was really afraid it would get a bad grade.

      The man, who may not even have been nearby anymore, "told" me, "Nobody wants to see a black man write a story about a Jewish man who succeeds despite black people's efforts to make him fail. All they want to see is stories about black people struggling against mean white people. But I'm sticking to my story."

      I walked around the strange seat the man had been sitting in. I may have pressed down on some of the black surfaces. But I then thought to the room. The seat seemed to be connected to the room by some kind of passageway set into the concrete of the walkways, like some kind of trench or indentation.

      But I didn't like the thought of taking the walkway into the room. I didn't seem to feel certain that I would actually see the room if I went that way. So I decided to walk up the mound of lawn instead. I figured that once I got up to the top of the mound I could look down into the room and see into it that way, as if the room had no ceiling.

      Dream #5

      I was in some small apartment, which was my family's house. I was sat on some kind of mat or towel. The mat was set in front of and just a couple meters away from the front door.

      A group of kids, one of whom may have been one of my nephews, also stood on the mat, to my right. There were probably three kids. These kids were all getting ready to rehearse a dance they were going to perform for some kind of show like American Idol.

      The kids were apparently very good. The person who was training them was actually some kind of important person for the show. He was serious about training the kids to develop their potential so they could win. I was pretty impressed by the kids when I realized this situation.

      The man was now there, and he was probably standing with a parent, possibly even my mother. They both stood right before the door.

      Another kid now came into the apartment. He was a little, skinny, black boy. He wore a dull-gold jacket, like a Starter jacket for the 49ers. He was extremely late. He obviously felt a little bad about being late, but he was trying not to show it. He made some kind of threatening dance move right in front of the other kids and then seemed to walk off somewhere else.

      The boy's father now walked into the apartment. He was kind of tall, a little on th heavy side. He also wore a dull gold Starter jacket. He had a little stubble, some of which was grey. The kids didn't really like the boy, and it seemed pretty obvious that the adults didn't like the father. The father stood off to the right side of the room.

      I was a little annoyed that everybody else was just letting the father feel shoved off to the side. So I stood up and walked up to him. I shook his hand and patted him on the back. He and I exchanged some words in a mild tone of voice. He seemed to feel like I cared about him, so I went back to sitting on the mat.

      One of the kids ended up pointing over to a group of pictures hung up on the wall in something like a hallway off to our left. I now seemed to be surrounded by my nephews and niece. We all went over to the pictures.

      My oldest nephew seemed to be identified somehow with my niece, who is the youngest in the group of siblings. Some of the pictures had signs connected with them. The signs were green and had yellow lettering. They kind of looked like bumper stickers.

      I asked my nephew/niece if she could read some of the words on the signs. For some reason I thought I should have him/her look away from the signs. Then I had him/her look back to the wall. I asked him/her, "Now can you find a word with double-letters in it?"

      I was thinking of a sign that had the word "express" in it. So the double-letters I was hoping my nephew/niece would locate were "ss." My nephew/niece was now in my arms. I held him/her up close to the wall, right in front of the sign with the word "express" in it.

      It seemed to be difficult for my nephew/niece to find the word I was referring to. But I knew that my nephew/niece would eventually find the word.

      However, I then wondered about this challenge. I wondered why it would be impressive if my nephew proved himself able to find the word. My nephew was pretty old. He should be able to read. I would actually have to be worried if he couldn't find the word. It was something he should absolutely know by this time. And he probably should have been able to find the word by now.

      I actually began to wonder if my nephew was actually the age he was. I may actually also have begun to question whether I was holding my nephew or my niece. I figured that if I was holding my niece, that would make a lot more sense. My niece was a lot younger. This kind of challenge might make more sense for someone her age.
    5. killing man, body on bed; dandruff and staples; looking for beds

      by , 02-16-2011 at 12:46 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      I was either with a group of people or watching them as if watching like a disembodied viewer. The people were in some kind of store like an old deli, which also felt like an old trading post. The people were mostly men, maybe older men. They surrounded a younger man.

      The younger man was pale white. He wore a 1970s style suit with a blue jacket, white shirt, and tie. He had long, frizzy hair which was balding away from his forehead. He had pale, blue eyes, a kind of nubby nose, and a mustache. He may have had pimples or boils on his face.

      The man had either been involved in some crime or had witnessed some crime. Now the men were trying either to get the man to give them whatever he had gotten from the crime or to refrain from telling the police about the crime. But the man wouldn't cooperate. I got the feeling that, right or wrong, the guy was kind of sleazy or cocky.

      The men did something to the man, possibly beating him up somehow. They then poured some kind of liquid like gasoline down his throat. After this they may have lit a match around him.

      The man was dead. The men were now just outside the store. But the outside of the store was like a log cabin in the woods. Something about the event was repeating itself inside, as if the man were dying all over again.

      The leader of this group of people was now a black woman with short, reddish-blonde hair. The woman now stood before the men, outside. She asked them if everything had been taken care of. The men said yes. They had even laid the man's body on her bed, as she'd asked.

      I now saw the woman's bed, as if the woman's bedroom were just upstairs from the deli/trading post. The body of a tall, muscular, black man lay on the left side of the bed. The body may have been naked or clad only in white underwear.

      I now understood that the woman's husband had died. The woman was going to use this dead body to get in touch with her husband somehow. Possibly she was just going to lay on the bed and talk to the dead body as if it were her husband. But possibly the husband was actually going to possess the body.

      A little story played out in my head where the woman lay down to talk to the body. The body became possessed, surprising the woman. The body spoke, but it couldn't move. The woman may have decided to have sex with the body.

      Dream #2

      I saw the top of my head somehow. I saw some rather long and stringy pieces of dandruff in my hair. I was kind of grossed out. I searched through my hair, trying to figure out how much of this big dandruff I had.

      I saw, then, that parts of my hair had actually been stapled to my head. It was done in tiny bands, like braids on a small girl's head. I thought that I had gotten my hair stapled to my head the last time I'd gotten my hair cut. That had been two months ago -- too long, I thought. By now, the staples would be grown into my head. When the haircut people went to take them out, it would really hurt.

      Dream #3

      I was looking through an Ikea catalog for stuff for my house. I may have gotten a bunch of stuff already. But now I thought I'd need a bed, too. But I was reluctant to get a bed. They cost so much, and I'd already spent so much.

      So I looked through a few different kinds of alternative beds, which were cheaper. One was just some blue mattress. Others were tiny, baby-sized mattresses, which I may have taken for cribs.
    6. Hoarding Marijuana : A Guide to Possesing Dream Characters

      by , 01-08-2011 at 01:33 AM (Dreamjumper)
      Marijuana Horde


      Two of my roommates had a storage unit that contained giant burlap sacks which were full of stalks of marijuana plants, uncured and untrimmed. These were huge, massive amounts of weed that I KNEW would remain unused and wasted by my two roommates, because they never smoked pot a day in their lives. I don't know WHY they had it, but they did, and they were currently 'out of town.' I decided the best idea would be to go to the storage unit, prune the weed and steal it all for myself. I managed to steal a little, but perceived time constraints I was unable to get the rest of the horde so I went home.

      At home I ran into my roommates, who decided to come home early for the rest of the summer. I got worried and paranoid that they were going to go back to the storage unit... but I tried to play it cool because I would be 'found out' and busted, and end up not having 'fun,'

      weirdly it was this massive paranoia that pulled me into lucidity, when I said to myself "fuck this," and took matters into my own hands.

      So my roommates were driving to the storage unit, and asked me to go with them. (This is where the weird stuff starts) I sat in the backseat of the car as they drove... and I immediately shifted my awareness and perspective into the body of a police officer sitting in a cruiser off the side of the highway.

      I was simultaneously in the car with my roommates AND acting as the Policeman in his own car. I took it upon myself as the policeman to follow my roommates and me to the storage unit, and 'BUSTED' the roommates and confiscated the rest of the drugs as the policeman, so that the 'me' wouldn't get in trouble with the others.

      Since it was 'illegal' I managed to confiscate the marijuana and gave it to 'myself' as the police-me pushed my busted roommates into the back of the cruiser, I shifted my awareness back into the 'real me' and left with the weed.

      I guess the weird thing is that I didn't smoke ANY of the marijuana at all, but I was just enjoying the company of my 'Bud'

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    7. 12/29 Forbidden dance and possessed Beatles book

      by , 12-31-2010 at 05:36 AM (The Midnight Train)
      I see records lying on floor and on shelf and they belong to Pascal. A girl comes to have a look at them. One book about the Beatles is possessed by spirits because I sense their presence. The girl is looking for a good book. I tell the girl that they belong to my brother's music collection. I also see jeans and a Pink Floyd t-shirt lying on the floor in the messy pile.
      I see the brunette girl from College Humor. I offer her some food from this warmer and it is vegan. She takes it. Then I find something slightly better in the warmer and also give that to her. It is a vegan hot dog. She refuses to take it this time. We are in the same room that the music collection is in. The room has a dark vanilla carpet. The shelves are white. After the College Humor girl took the food she walked to the opposite side of the room from the collection and food warmer.

      Another dream:

      I girl I knew in intermediate school is dancing in this music video that looks like an old DOS game using a forbidden dance move that looks like the wavy hand move in Hawaiian dance. She is therefore expelled from school.
    8. #165. The Long Haul

      by , 10-31-2010 at 09:58 PM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)

      I finally got to move away from Saskatchewan, so I'm happy about that. Haven't really been concentrating on my dreams, though.

      Also, Halloween is the best holiday ever.


      An angel and I talk economics.

      "You gambled my soul away in a poker game?" Bobby growls, his voice growing louder with every syllable.

      Balthazar raises his hands in a peaceful gesture, as best he can while I have him held up by the collar of his two piece suit.


      "Look at that man over there," says Balthazar, pointing across the street. "What do you think would happen if you said to him, 'Give me your soul, and you can have anything you want in the world'?"

      The sun is shining down on us; the crisp autumn breeze brushes leaves through the gutters. The man pulls his overcoat more closely around himself, hurrying his steps towards the church on Eleventh.

      "He'll say no." I say in a low voice, my arms crossed over my chest.

      "He'll tell you to fuck off, is what he'll do. Pop culture's done more to harm the trade than religion ever did. He probably doesn't believe he has a soul, and he still won't sign it over." Balthazar takes a breath, grins. "Look, the trick is to ask for something smaller."

      The man is out of sight, now.

      The trick, apparently, is to plan for the long term. Get someone to agree to a small price, a small favour in exchange for their needful thing. These agreements, they're bound to the bloodline. If the man doesn't pay back the favour, rest assured that his children will.

      Chances are, we'll get our soul eventually.


      When Dean comes to, he's leaning against a concrete wall in an underground parking garage. He doesn't know exactly where he is or what he's doing there, but he knows it can't be good.

      Dean stumbles up the exit ramp, blinks a bit against the cool night air.

      Click. Look up.

      Sam's at the top of the ramp, pointing a gun directly at his brother.

      "Sammael," says Sam Winchester, his voice cold.

      Dean fades to black, and I smile up at Sam.


      In which I try to solve a puzzle involving time travel.

      Standing at the ticket counter, drumming my fingers impatiently against the arborite. The ticket-seller has my passport in her hand. She glances at the name, up at my face, at a poster I can't see behind the glass, and her face goes white. She hands me back the passport, slides two tickets under the glass, and tries not to meet my eyes. I smile and thank her, and I take my thinks and walk into the parking lot.

      I open the driver's seat door to an Oldsmobile, my parents' car when I was younger, and start the engine. Zoe is sitting in the passenger seat.

      "They're already onto us." I tell her. "Buses aren't running, cops'll be all over the place within an hour. We have to drive."


      And now it's real life, and I tell Zoe I'm leaving Calgary. It's two years into the future, and I've been in one place too long.


      "Where are we?" I demand. My voice is quiet, but the threat is there.

      Daniel smiles, suddenly nervous. "This is one of the last human settlements on Earth."

      "I'm waiting."

      "From your point of view," he says slowly, "I suppose this is the future."

      Zoe stands quietly behind me.


      I step through the sliding metal doors, out into an oasis of footpaths and greenery, quiet places for meditation and training. Above us is a dome, given away by the subtle waves in its surface, the way it refracts the light from the bright skies above. Beyond the dome is the endless desert that the earth has become.


      "When you say this is the future," I ask Daniel, "Exactly how far do you mean?"

      He hesitates. "Well, it's been at least... it's been tens of billions of years."

      He's expecting me to freak out, but I simply nod, having had my suspicions confirmed. "And physiologically, humans have remained the same for the last... tens of billions of years?"

      Daniel frowns, and looks at me, searching. "Physiologically? You mean evolution."

      "And there have been no significant changes." I state, daring him to contradict me. "You know what this means?"

      "Someone's been breeding us."

      Scare Factor: 2/10
    9. Visiting the Ice Terror. WED, JULY 21st

      by , 07-22-2010 at 12:18 PM

      Kit had described to me a nightmare she had in which there was a family who lived in a home in the middle of the woods. She described that the family overall behaved normally, but that something seemed Very Very Wrong about them. I asked her if, upon waking, she had pinpointed any of the subtleties that might explain the undercurrent of malaise. She mentions that there was melted snow on the lawn, and in the distance the forest is covered in snow, even though it's autumn. They also keep the fire roaring constantly even though the house is sweltering, and the mother is constantly swaddled in down comforters. The bright young daughter repeatedly reminds everyone to 'keep your shoes by the door, just in case!' It's implied that 'something' will come into the house if the place isn't kept very hot. I ask her if she's ever considered revisiting the dream to find out what It is. She says no. I joke about finding out for myself.

      My father and I are driving down a long road. As it progresses, we begin weaving through trees. It becomes snowier and snowier, until the veil of white is so encompassing that we can't see where we're going. He stops the car, and we're barely able to see a house off in the distance. He says he's going to go and ask them for help, possibly use their phone, stay right here. When he opens the door to get out, he zones staring into the snowstorm. I ask him 'What's up?' and he says, 'I just... Got a really bad feeling. Bah, nevermind... Hey. Just. Keep the heat running in here, okay? I'll be right back.' I agree and turn the heat on high.

      He vanishes into the snow. Inside the car, the heat begins to die. My breath steams up inside. It grows darker, I notice the snow looks less like snow, and more like a blizzard of frozen ash. I hear something moving; the sound of footsteps echoing like stones thrown to the bottom of a deep dry well. They begin circling the vehicle, getting closer. I squint out the window and notice that all around the house, up on the hill, the snow is melted. I realize I'm in Kit's dream.

      I pull out my father's business laptop and log on to AIM and start freaking out and asking her what I'm supposed to do to fend off the creature. 'DUDE. I'M IN THE FUCKING ICE PLACE. WHAT DO I DO?' 'wut' 'GOD DAMNIT IT'S COMING FUCK' I hear a strong wind blowing at the door, reaching out for the handle to open it. I slam the lock down. Realize there are three other doors, all still unlocked. It goes for the one behind me, I lock it- but as I'm pushing the lock down, it's already circling around the front and going for the front left. I push that one down, it's already going for the far rear. I hurl my body across the backseat to reach the lock, push it down, landing with my face inches from the window.

      What the fuck ARE YOU? A face SLAMS against the window and smears across it. It looks like Ambi(girl who has been behaving like a stalker toward me), but it's more like her corpse, inhabited and puppeted by the ice, partially frozen, blue and wet with rot. Her eye contorts as it smears across the window. I begin to sob. 'There you go, Kit. There you fucking go, it's a SHAPE SHIFTER. It manifests in the form of whatever you're most afraid of, whatever you're most paranoid of, in the moment you see it.' Now that I know what it is, I'm scared thoroughly shitless. Realizing I'm scared has a snowball effect because it means I'm going to lose lucidity, and my ability to steer the dream before I go under.

      I have to get out and face the blizzard, and 'fix it' so I stop having this nightmare before my chance is up and I go under. I'm getting rapidly distracted by fear. I open the car door and step out into it, and in a split second I feel my will being whisked away by the blizzard. 'ohfuck ohfuck I have to turn it into something else... Turn into a... a... shit! TURN INTO A BAR OF SOAP!'

      I lose control right as the transformation happens. And for a moment actually can't remember why or how the monster turned into a bar of soap, or even that it was a monster. For a few moments I'm terribly confused and start to cry, because 'Oh my god, something is turning people into bars of soap... What the fuck is going on?!!' (note: my non-lucid dream self is usually a blithering idiot) I then remember that 'I'm the one who did this, I turned Ambi into a bar of soap!' despaaairrr, whiiiine! I start beating myself up over how stupid I am, how could I do such a thing- also, I am 'an idiot for choosing a bar of soap, because when the snow melts it will activate the soap, creating liquid soap and suds, the melt will carry it into the gutters and it will travel out to sea and HURT THE ECOSYSTEM OMG'. I bawl on my hands and knees in the snow like a moron. The dream ends.
    10. The Demon Swords

      by , 07-14-2010 at 05:12 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      The setting of this dream is medieval Europe, but many of the characters look like they are from the japanese cartoons Naruto and Bleach. There is a forest that stretches across the land from east to west, with an ocean and port town to the south and mountains (and another town) to the north. The main protagonist of this dream is a young man of the peasant class who looks like Gaara from Naruto, but besides appaerence, has no other similarities with that character. The young man had a weird name, like Spicy or something, and he lived in a run down shack, with his grandfather, in the forest.

      The dream starts off with the grandfather on his death bed, warning his grandson to stay away from the wealthy neighbours who lived not far away, because they were bad people and were rich and powerful only because they convened with demons. After the old man dies Spicy stays away for a while, but increasing poverty makes resisting breaking into the rich neighbour's storehouse too much of a temptation.

      Spicy recruits two friends (who look similar to Ichigo and Uryū from Bleach) and they raid the storehouse and make off with many valuable items, including three longswords found locked in a chest. After divying up the spoils and each taking a sword for themselves, the three young peasant boys go their seperate ways to hide their stash and agree to not use or sell their stolen items until after the robbery has been discovered and they are assured that they will get away with it.

      Spicy is able to hide all of his loot, except for the longsword, which he finds himself oddly attracted too. He had held a weapon before, but nothing as big or elaborate at the sword he stole. It felt warm to the touch and fit surprisingly well into his grip. That night as he try to sleep he had dreams about the sword and woke up several times believing he had heard someone with a deep, raspy voice calling his name.

      The next day the break-in is discovered and the wealthy and powerful neighbours have all of the peasants in the area rounded up and arrested, regardles if they have proof of their innocence or not. Spicy is able to escape from the guards and returns to his home to retrieve the stolen longsword, still obsessed with it's image in his mind and wanting to free his poor neighbours.

      Spicy feels strangly overconfident and combative, but lets the feelings flow through him and attacks the prisoner barracks where his friends are being held. In his mind he only wanted to disarm the guards but instead he ends up slaughtering them, to the shock of the prisioners. Logically Spicy is aware that he is now in deep shit, but emotionally he is thrilled at the bloodshed and desires more. A vague thought to be rid of the sword crosses his mind but the ever growing obsession with the blade and what it can do crushes any such thoughts quickly.

      Moving on to the next prison, Spicy means to only disable the guards but again ends up slaughtering them. This time his two friends show up to stop him, each carrying the swords that they stole, but when they look upon the bloody aftermath of Spicy's prisonbreak, they too are filled with a mysterious urge to fight and kill.

      The three truculent young men head to the last prison and kill the guards. This time though, Spicy is not satisfied and wants to fight some more, battle and bloodshed having completely taken over his mind. So strong is his desire to continue using the sword that he turns on his friends and picks a fight with them. They too are being overwhelmed with the desire to fight and soon the three peasant boys are in a forest glade having a Mexican standoff of sorts with their stolen longswords.

      Before they can kill each other a small army of a hundred or so guards arrives and surrounds them completely, imploring the boys to give themselves up or be killed. Spicy jumps headlong into fighting but his companions are more reluctant to face so many opponents and run away. Spicy fends off most of the guards but is injured and forced to flee after his friends.

      Near a lake in the mountains to the north, the three friends reunite. The obsessive need to fight has not left them and they start to fight each other again. For the first time Spicy becomes aware of a demonic presence living in his sword, urging him to slaughter his friends. Even though the awareness that he has been possessed dawns on him, Spicy continues to fight his friends, half enjoying it and half unable to stop.

      The friend that looks like Ichigo kills the friend who looks like Uryū - and when that boy's body falls into the lake and floats away surrounded by blood - the image is enough to startle Spicy and his friend into awareness for a moment and pause their fighting. The overwheming urge to fight and shed blood returns quickly to Spicy and he is unable to stop it, but the Ichigo looking friend is able to put down his sword and be free of the demon possessing him. He urges Spicy to do the same but is cut down by his friend for his efforts.

      Completely possessed and beyond all rationality, Spicy runs off into the mountains and I cannot remember any more of this dream.

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    11. #78. Exorcisms

      by , 06-16-2010 at 08:23 AM (Things to Run Away From Really Fast)
      I try to banish a spirit in the name of God. It works about as well as you'd expect.

      I'm at a train station, even though I'm sure that just a second ago, I was actually on my train. I shrug it off and try to get on the next one, but the conductor informs me that they don't allow dogs. I crouch down and hug my golden retriever, and we both stare up at him with sad puppy-eyes.

      The man rolls his eyes and tells me that I'll be able to get on the next train. I thank him and walk back to the platform, where the people I'm travelling with are waiting. Fortunately, they have to wait for the next train as well.

      We're on the train, but something's wrong. After a bit of investigation, we conclude that the entire train is haunted. Our team of Scooby-Doo-like investigators tracks it to its source - a bathroom in one of the sleeper cars.

      I'm chanting nonsense Latin, "Omnipitus spiritus, omnipitus draco lux."* I repeat the chant, but it doesn't seem to be working. In fact, the haunting seems to be getting worse, black smoke sneaking in through cracks in the bathroom mirror.

      The black smoke manifests over the vanity, and I catch a glimpse of a little boy in the mirror. The smoke lashes out at my companions, and distantly, I can sense the utter terror that they're beginning to feel. The girls are frozen, unable to move, and I...

      I just feel hungry.

      I've forgotten about the chant, and I fall silent and step toward the smoke. It shies away from me, tendrils retreating where I try to touch.

      No, that won't do at all.

      My hands lay at my side, but I'm latching onto the energy with my mind, pulling it toward me, devouring it. The black energy fades into my cloudy black and red aura, but I feel just a tiny wisp escape.

      The girls are catatonic, and I ignore them, stepping silently through the train cars, looking for my quarry.

      I see a white rabbit, my childhood pet, hopping through one of the train cars. I pick him up, but he starts squealing and twisting in my arms, trying to get away. He's scratching up my forearms and I wonder, dimly, if he's afraid of the dark presence that's been haunting the train.

      No, I realize. The last wisp of the ghost has possessed my rabbit. I pull the last bit of dark energy out of the animal, and consume it. The rabbit goes still. I try to resurrect him, but organs start to leak out of his belly, and the stitching is coming apart.


      "Can you help me?" says the boy.

      I'm possessing a ten-year old. Go me. Apparently, the White Council is after us, probably for something I did. Apparently you're not supposed to kill people in this world?

      Dresden comes back wearing some sort of ceremonial mask. I'm not paying attention, so the boy freaks out and runs away. He tries to hide in a storage closet, but Dresden catches the door and takes off his mask. "It's just me, kid." I take over and tell him that "I knew that".

      I'm Dresden, now. I'm inside my office, talking to Murphy. I say something about the White Council. I'm about to do something really stupid, and it'll probably involve explosions.

      Exorcisms. Scare Factor: 4.

      *Apparently, this is really close to the actual exorcism I was going for: ""Exorcizamus te, omnis immundus spiritus, omnis satanica potestas, omnis incursio infernalis adversarii, omnis legio, omnis congregatio et secta diabolica..."

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