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    1. Anne Marie

      by , 05-30-2013 at 05:19 PM
      I found myself in some sort of underground supermarket. I was with a guy friend, who told me that my mom didn't want me buying my favorite chocolate cereal, which I thought was odd. I browsed the store, eventually finding that they offered a wide selection of video games. I spent alot of time looking them over but did not buy any. When I went to leave, I was alone and had decided not to buy anything at all. Where the cash registers ought to be I found a man-sized alligator sitting on a throne of merchandise. I recognized him as the owner. I told him that I was an inspector and that, in exchange for letting me live, I would always give good reports on his establishment. He agreed, somehow communicating without speaking, and sent me off with a tiny turtle to accompany me.

      I returned to the home I had arranged to stay in, where a single woman with a young son was renting out a spare room. The woman directed me to the bathroom and to my room, then left me alone. The bathroom had a rather large shower, and I left the turtle there. I then went to my room, which was at the end of a long hallway, set apart from the rest of the house. I found the room to be the size of a small cabin, and furnished accordingly, with many windows - a bit too many for my liking. I closed all of the curtains and ventured out onto the attached porch. The porch was huge, and, I realized, suspended high up in an unimaginably large tree. Where the porch ended, a net extended many yards off, and contained the framework of two wrecked schoolbuses. I noticed that the porch screen was torn in one place as if some large animal had broken through, and decided that I ought to go back inside before dusk.


      In this dream I started out as a dog, a great dane. I was in a supermarket looking for a westie named Yasho, my dog irl. I found him in a sort of dog training area with a small group of humans I'd not seen before. I realized they were using Yasho to demonstrate the usage of shock collars in dog training, and I began barking and growling in a useless attempt to stop them. Of course, security was called and I ended up knocked out.

      I found myself in the spacious backyard of a mansion. A large group of people was gathered there for lunch. I was rather popular with the guests, and managed to snag a good bit of their food. After lunch, of few of the attendees retreated to the parlor. I sat outside and listened to their conversation. Apparently someone at the mansion was possessed, and it was almost definitely Anne Marie. I did not know who this person was, but she sounded familiar.

      Back in human form, I found myself hiding under a grounded rowboat with about four other people. One of them I knew to be Anne Marie by the pagan symbol she wore on a necklace. She had dark curly hair and piercing black eyes.

      I was with the same group, in a car. It was night and raining and I was driving, which was far from safe. We stopped in a mall parking lot.

      I'm not sure why we went into the mall, but we did, and I seized the opportunity to break away from the group. Anne Marie had basically corrupted everyone, and so I would need backup if I would be confronting them.

      I wound up at my friend Mary's house. She was there with her dad and grandpa, expecting me. We sat on the deck and evaluated the situation.
    2. Possessed 05/26/2013

      by , 05-28-2013 at 04:39 AM
      I'm traveling with a woman, her eight year old son and a research intern who also happens to be our translator. We're going into a third world country collecting stories on demon possession. When we arrive we don't believe any of it. It all feels like...we're just tourists instead of researchers.
      Our translator/intern has gone ahead of us. We are both Caucasian women, he looks a little middle eastern. The house we approach is adobe style, all stark white stone. As we mount the stairs we see the women of the house gesturing to something on the floor. I can see a vague red mark, they have covered it in sand. They say that after their daughter read the inscription she began to act strangely. They warn us not to look at it too closely. The intern crouches next to the mark. An unnatural wind violently sweeps the sand away and up into his eyes. Startled and hurt, he bends over the mark, and has no choice but to look at it.
      He covers his eyes and stands up, assuring us he is alright.

      There's a lapse.
      When I come to, the house is dark. The intern has stolen the boy and has tortured his mother into madness. My vision is grainy, black and white. I have some trouble moving, but the choice is mine. Dream story-line says that I stay where I am until he comes to threaten me. I'm laying on the floor a few paces from my friend. The intern slithers up next to her and hisses something into her ear. She gives a whimpering little scream and, satisfied, he crawls away.
      I claw my way to my friend's side and huddle next to her. Lucidity saves me from being truly frightened. I'm on the edge of a screaming madness, I try to comfort the woman by taking her hand, when my fingers curl around hers, her head lolls toward mine and I only just keep myself from recoiling violently. Her head is...all, wide open mouth with tiny round eyes. The image scares the hell out of me. She keeps making noises somewhere between sobbing, laughing, and screaming. I remind myself it's just a dream, over and over. This litany is the only thing that keeps me from going over the edge. I tighten my grip on her hand and whisper to her until her visage becomes somewhat more normal.

      There's a lapse and I've risen to another layer of sleep that is slightly less terrifying. I am crouched with my friend underneath the porch. We can see a small, hairless, emaciated child looking at us from a few feet away. I urge her to move more quickly. It follows us.
      "Shit, the creepy child is following us..." I mutter.

      I rise to another layer of sleep that is more confusing than scary. It turns out that everything that just happened to me is a play put on by a boy who looks remarkably like a brown haired version of Chucky from the Rugrats (o.O Holy crap I haven't thought of that cartoon in a long time), I see his picture on the wall.
      I'm standing on a darkened stage, there's a bright red curtain and a spotlight trained on the center. I'm so glad it isn't real.
      lucid , nightmare
    3. Can't Get into the Break Room 03/30/13

      by , 04-02-2013 at 05:00 PM
      I had a work dream that I couldn't get into the break room. In the dream it was underground, you had to go down a couple flights of stairs and then a ramp to get to it. At the door is a tall shiny water pump. I know that to open the door you have to level the pump a certain way. I know you have to do something else but I can't remember what it is. I stand there stupidly, watching as another employee opens the door and sprays one of our PSAs in the face, he's on his way out. I jog forward and ask them to hold the door, they do. I go inside, out of the corner of my eye my HR is making fun of me for not being able to get in.

      There's a wide, grassy courtyard. They are filing us out from one building into another. I am a man, leaning on another man. There's something wrong with both of us. The extreme opposites of a case. An orderly holds up a curved piece of metal with padded ends, meant to be pressed to my temple. The orderly is monitoring the machine so he doesn't see that my friend likes the treatment. His face twists into an intense mask of joy and amusement. I know he's on his way to being possessed, but I have my own problems. I'm having trouble moving. I know that the treatment will knock me out, even though it's not supposed to. It's supposed to prove that we have passed through the haunted building without picking up any passengers. I lean against my friend and brace myself. When the orderly puts the device to my head I pass out.
      "What's wrong with -him-?"

      I'm myself again. Someone suggests I go to see the nurse. I do, I wait in the office. It's comfortable, dark red walls. A place to lay down. My friend says he'll go get the nurse. While he's gone the HR manager comes and sits down across from me.
      "Sorry, the nurse is out for the day. You can tell me what's wrong though."
      "Well...I've been having trouble doing things that used to be easy."
      I glance at my friend. He urges me to continue.
      "I couldn't remember how to get into the break room and I forgot how to use a---"
      She starts laughing at me. "I'm sorry, I was there when you couldn't get in. It was really funny."
      I frown, "it isn't funny, you don't understand I--"
      "You're right, of course it isn't funny." But she's still laughing at me.
      Tags: possession, work
    4. 1 Non-Lucid and 4 DILDs

      by , 01-18-2013 at 08:59 PM
      I'm just playing catch-up here a little bit. These are the dreams I have recorded from the past couple of weeks that I haven't uploaded yet.

      #1 - Hmm [Non-Lucid]

      I was in a bed in a dark room with A, this girl that I know through some friends that one of them has a crush on, and T, a different friend's old roommate. T wasn't very involved, I could just hear him moving around. I was giving A a full-body massage. Afterwards we all got up and walked to a classroom, which was just down the hall from the room we were in. Hmm.

      #2 - Kenny Dies [DILD]

      Most of this dream is blurry in my memory now, but I remember it starting with me, my old friend D, and Kenny from South Park all being chased by someone. We were going through some obstacle course connected to a mall or something and we were trying to escape from a room that was filling up with water before it was too late. At one point D and I turned around and saw Kenny floating in the water, having drowned. D looked shocked and said "Oh my god, they killed Kenny!" I jumped up and said "You bastards!!" I tried to go after him but D pulled me away, and then my memory gets hazy again.... The next thing I remember is walking outside the mall in the parking lot and becoming lucid. There was some cool pattern in the clouds, but I can't remember what it was now. I decided to walk through the mall and gathered up a crowd of DCs around me all chanting a mantra of stability with me, something like "this dream is long, vivid, and solid". While we were walking around I was also picking up various pieces of furniture in the store effortlessly with one hand and hurling them across the store. I was really worked up and this girl next to me did part of the chant wrong, so I looked over and said "No!" and shoved her headfirst into a glass wall. It didn't break, she just hit it really hard and then fell over. When I saw that it was actually someone I know and like in waking life I felt bad, and I picked her up and sat her down on a chair to see if she was alright. After that I started getting kind of unfocused and the dream ended.

      #3 - Too Much Energy [DILD]

      The main thing I remember about this dream is that I was pissed when I realized it wasn't real, because it was going really well. I became lucid around the time I was doing all these crazy calculated flips around this huge auditorium that were really fun and impressive as hell, and then when I realized what was going on I just had endless amounts of energy. I got really unfocused and just started grabbing stuff and throwing it all over the place until I woke up.

      #4 - Back Once Again [DILD]

      I was back at my old middle school with O and we were visiting our old orchestra teacher Mr. L. Afterwards we somehow got lost in the crowd and became part of the student body there, so we started trying to find our English class that we were supposed to head to next. We realized that we needed to pick our schedules first, so we started walking to the office and on the way we saw an old friend of ours wearing this cute sweater that I own that looked totally weird on him. X) We were also on the second floor of the building and I could see a tower of people stacked on top of each other coming up and leaning in our direction from the first floor visible beyond the railing. >_> Around this time I became lucid, and I ran into the girl M in the hallway who I haven't seen at least since we graduated high school but who I knew since kindergarten. I walked up to her and said "Hey, girl." She came up to me and I grabbed her and ripped her shirt down and started groping her and kissing her neck, but I got a little too into it and the dream faded away.

      I took 50 mg of zinc at dinner the night that this next dream happened. I like to think that it had an effect.

      #5 - More Summoning And Possession Practice [DILD]

      There was some weird school stuff going on this dream before my memory really cuts in. The first thing I really recall is becoming lucid while packing up my stuff in a dark room. I wasn't immediately lucid enough to break out of this action at first, so I started repeating a mantra "electricity works in dreams" while I kept trying to turn on the lights and use my cell phone light to help me find stuff. It worked to an extent, and some of the lights showed up or got brighter if they were already on. My cat was also in the room with me but walked out it and down the school hallway at some point. I decided to walk out to the hall myself and followed it down to a large open area in a very fancy hotel-type building. There was also a large window spanning several stores to the left of us that was visible because every floor ended in a balcony. I decided to fly forward and grabbed a sofa with people sitting on it with my right hand as I passed by it, and I phased us through the window. Outside I could see groups of people eating dinner at tables below us, and I chucked the couch at one of them and then just moved on without even really watching what happened. I flew higher up to where there was a rooftop balcony with no covering and saw a family eating dinner or something. I decided that I wanted to see if I could summon a whole group of people, so I flew a ways over to the next rooftop thinking that I wanted to see a small group of gossiping women. When I got there it worked perfectly, there were four women in classy dressed gossiping about something at a table, and they didn't seem to take notice of me. I decided to possess one of them but it didn't go completely smoothly, and the other women started looking at me (as her) and asking if I was alright, I was making weird faces trying to adjust the feeling. I finally started getting situated but then my libido started ramping up and it woke me up. Man, if I could just control that feeling without waking up more often....

      That's it for now!
    5. Nov 21, 2012 - Possession and control

      by , 11-23-2012 at 05:56 AM (The Dream Magic Experiment)
      2:59 p.m.

      I was hanging out with friends in our high school gym (on the first floor) which is attached to a hospital (second and third floors). I went 'home' to our dormitory after a mission, and ate at the attached restaurant. I was talking with a different set of friends inside a room, when I used remote viewing and saw a problem arising with my other friends. Apparently, they were playing with mind control and the subject (a friend of ours but no idea irl) started to act wildly, as if possessed by something else. I rushed there and got his attention. I used a feather fan to keep him at bay, but I don't want him to run away either. I shouted for another ally, 'Chihung' or 'Hungphet,' to come to our aid, but he's taking his sweet time. The possessed person was about to run, but I used web-string to catch him.
    6. Tulpa Possession Dream

      by , 11-08-2012 at 02:53 PM (Fennecgirl's Collection of Dreams)
      Just a heads-up, if you don't know about my tulpae or don't know what tulpae are, you're going to have no idea what I'm talking about here.

      Okay, so, I was on the tulpa.info IRC channel, and Kayleigh was possessing my arms so she could type. I had to try to force control back because I remembered that Link was supposed to be the one possessing me, since we're the ones working on possession IWL at the moment (Kayleigh and I haven't started yet). Then I woke up.
    7. more random nightmares

      by , 11-02-2012 at 06:15 AM
      murder mystery (just finished watching a lot of episodes of Hellsing anime)
      i was outside in this pit and someone was trying to kill me and the detective i was with...by pushing the walls together and there was a random guy making it happen just outside the trap we were in...and it got blamed on the butler even though me and the guy who was a detective knew it was the guy in charge....and there was a phone that he turned into a bomb and the police eventually came to arrest the butler and take the bomb because they knew that would happen with the detective because it usually does

      i was in my current apartment and the detective was still there as was the random guy...and this vacuum was outside my bedroom.....so i put it in the living room down the hall....and i turned it on to vacuum the rug because it was full of glitter and paper bits and the coffee table as upside down on the couch.....then i unplugged the vacuum because i realized it was late at night and i might wake me roommates...it kept falling down and i kept trying to put it in a way that it wouldn't...and it kept moving forward....and then i had it unplugged and part of it came off and looked mostly like the nerf ball (squishy football that is red and yellow) i have irl but with wheels....and it was moving around......then it was on the table...and i told the detective that maybe it wants pet like a cat or dog......and he pet it...and then it said it wanted a blood sample and took one from the detective......and one from the random guy who was on the couch (the room had put all the furniture back at this point to the way it normally was)........and it kept trying to get a sample from me but i screamed no and hit it away with a pillow....i was sitting on the back of the chair with my feet on the seat of the chair.......my roommates then came out and all told me in one voice at the same time (i don't really know then that well irl) that they told me this apartment was possessed (they were afraid of getting possessed a few days back because the power had gone out due to a major storm).....and i looked at the random guy and was thinking that i was right about something being wrong with the room and that i needed to get someone to cleanse the apartment (he had a look that said the same thing)......and then i had an idea to take it apart and take the chip controlling it out of it and smash all the parts with a hammer

      note: cinnamon and Diphenhydramime
    8. [All Alone]

      by , 09-23-2012 at 11:45 PM (Searching For The Center of Everything)
      [Wednesday, 19th, 2012][12:30 PM]
      I'm in a giant open house filled with clutter. The lights are very dim and there are two main rooms. On one side of the house there's just a
      windowed wall that overlooks the sunset scenery of trees. The house is slowly getting darker and there are no lights. Alex had just left me- I'm

      Nothing is wrong, I'm just alone. I sit down and start to just relax on the couch. I slowly drift off to sleep... I wake up a minute later, a noise
      springs to my attention. On the dark side of the house, where the shadow's hugged the corner, I heard a noise. I figure it must have been my
      imagination. I shrug it off, but feel a strange alien thought in my head. I feel so alone... so... so alone... I just want something to hold on to- or talk

      I slowly trudge over to the shadow side of the house... I hear dull clicking noises, reminiscent of Amnesia. In the far right corner of the dark side, I
      bend down to pick up a stuffed animal... there was a lot of them, but I choose one that I'm most familiar with. It was a cute patchwork animal-
      yellow with purple and green... Alex had gotten it from the claw machine. I pick it up and hug it- and look at it. I could have sworn I saw it move.
      I let it drop to my side and I pick up another... I set them back down and watched them come to life. I was amazed- but didn't think anything of it.
      I must be seeing things, but nothing too out of the ordinary. It's just little movements, like an arm twitching, or an eye blinking.

      I bring the patchwork with me into the other rooms and set it on a table. Walking into the other room, I see shadows flicker and move, and things
      shift around the room. I'm convinced I'm going crazy. But I'm okay, I accept it. "It won't be forever. And this isn't so bad. It's kind of interesting.
      It's like I can control what I see." It reminds me of a lucid dream. My hallucinations started to become more real and vivid. Now I'm hearing
      whispers. The patchwork shakes violently in my hand and drops to the floor. It begins crawl around... Oh my... then it stops in its tracks... and...
      and it turned its neck to me. It whispered, "Don't be lonely. I'm here for you." I blink a blank stare back at it. (My subconscious didn't know how
      to react.) I dismiss it- and forget about it.

      With an empty mind, I drag myself across the house, like a ghost haunting eternity. I had no aim or goal, just to exist. Minutes passed and I knew
      that I was fully insane, and descending extremely fast. Everything was talking to me now. More stuffed animals were alive, but only ONE at a
      time. Next thing I know, I see a human in the room. It's- a waking life friend of mine that I know fairly well, but I don't remember who in specific.
      I know it's just in my head, and I'm making him up though, so I'm not exactly freaked out. I'm just so interested in the fact that I have this much
      "control" over my reality- I start to talk to the hallucination, "What's up, man?"
      "Not much." He replies.

      I take my attention off of him and he vanishes, and I begin to search around the house... playing with my hallucination power.
      I could stare at something and focus on it, and it would begin to move. I have "control" over this at least. I scan the back wall again, seeing
      stuffed animals that I recognized from real life and some that I did not. The house had gotten pretty chilly in the last few minutes. I can feel the
      cold wrap around my skin. It's very very quiet. Dead silent. Not a noise in the place, save for my breathing. Out of the corner of my eye I see the
      hallucination take a human form again. It's another person who I know. (but don't remember. I wasn't paying extremely-close, conscious attention
      yet at this point. He follows me around the house as I start to pick things up and clean the cluttered house. He watches me closely like a hawk. That's when the
      dream becomes extremely real. In fact... It ISN'T a dream anymore. There's no way something this real is a dream. It's a full-blown reality. I can't
      tell the difference one bit anymore. I'm semi-lucid too... I have control of my body- but without realizing it was a dream.
      I look back up at my hallucinated visitor and he smiles at me.

      That smile... it's the most horrible evil fucking smile I've ever seen. One that stretches across the face and make me choke back tears of impossible
      fear. I'm descending faster into the deepest and darkest corner of my mind. I'm very uncomfortable
      "I can't believe how insane I am." I reach into my pocket and pull out my phone to call Alex- the only person that I want to talk to right now...
      even if I was bat crazy, she would talk to me. I call, with my eyes on the hallucination that was smiling so wide, his black eyes were chinked
      behind his grin. Straight to voicemail- "We're sorry... the number you-" I hang up.

      The hallucination now has a long boning knife in his hand now. He's at my neck before I even have a chance to react-
      "Do... you know who... I am?"
      "No-" I sob.
      "As long as Alex is... gone... I get to... come out and... play."
      He casually drags the knife loosely against my neck. He vanishes when he finishes the knife's trail. I'm shaking uncontrollably. But at the same
      time stilled by my muscles. Everything is frozen in fear. My open eyes scan the room and notice new stuffed animals that I don't recognize-
      countless of them. The sun is almost gone, the light choked by the horizon. I turn around slowly 'til I'm facing a third room behind me. I watch the
      opening for a whole minute... waiting... swaying back in forth in silence... then-

      I sprint to the third back room... I jump into the room and stop... panting for second. This room closely resembles my old room of my Mum's old
      house. The TV is on and static lights up the room with white noise. I slowly make my way to the far end of the room, where I put my phone on the
      charger and try to call again- that's when I saw Alex had left her phone on the charger. I won't reach her at all now. My heart sinks so deep into
      my chest. "Oh my god... I just want to talk to Alex... I just want to talk to her... please oh god..." I cry hysterically

      My head feels very hazy, and I'm having trouble remembering the situation. What had just happened? I remember a stuffed animal... I'm crazy... a
      man in my house... I took in a shallow breath- and walked back out of the room.

      A body flickers into existence and blocks my path. Nathan appears very suddenly in the doorway, like a scream piercing silence. He has a
      wicked grin on his face. He cocks his head to the side, and smiles more, almost saying, "Where were you?" Then he vanishes again. I push my
      eyes closed to blink a few times- they were getting dry from holding them open so wide for so long. The house is caked in twilight- but this time
      I'm back in my Mom's old home. I emerge from my room into the computer room. To my left is the futon. I walk into the kitchen and hear,
      "Unwell" playing by Matchbox Twenty.

      "I'm not CRAZY, I'm just a little unwell- I know, right now you can't tell- but soon enough of you're gonna think of me, and how I used to be." I
      listen to the words and begin to sob. "This is so real. I can't do this...

      The music stops playing and Nathan is there again. He's right behind me, smiling his cold smile. It shocks me again how suddenly he appeared. I
      keep my eyes on him and slowly backtracked... then I stop. I'm suddenly filled with HATE for this DEMON. HOW DARE HE USE THE IMAGE
      OF MY BEST FRIEND!? Tears slowly well up in my eyes..

      ...until I scream and lunge for his throat. I use every bit of my strength and force him onto the futon and begin to choke him. I shake and shake
      and squeeze as hard as I can. He just smiles. I choke him for a full minute, letting my hate seep out onto his neck, before I realize there is no
      effect. I stand back up and take a step back.

      Suddenly, the futon vanishes and so does he. It repositions right where the computer used to be- to my immediate left... where we had moved it
      the second time, when we lived there. Now, Tyler sits there on the futon with a smile on his face. The lights flicker in the house and then the
      power fails. It's pitch black, but I can still see his black eyes. He can change form, but he can't change those beady black eyes.

      Alex had gone away and wouldn't be back for three days. Three days of hell... My soul was going to rot here
      <I woke up.>

      (I cried for 10 minutes upon waking. I called Alex right away.)
    9. Lucid Fragment

      by , 05-25-2012 at 06:30 PM
      Lucid Fragment [DILD]

      "In a mall, N, melanieb, flying through holes in a wall and a hallway, possession."

      Yeah, so basically all I remember about this dream is what I have there. I became lucid, I flew, I possessed someone, and melanieb was there.... Damn you, memory!

      Sigh. I'm pretty sure it was fairly in-depth, too.
    10. How I Learned to Possess Dream Characters

      by , 05-21-2012 at 04:45 PM (The Lab Notebook)
      Awake, Lucid dream, [Commentary made while awake]

      After I've woken up in the night and am going back to sleep, I feel that sensation of floating, of being untethered from gravity and from anything else physical. I know that I can enter a dream from here if I let myself float away. I do so, and immediately find myself in a dream. [I have to admit, though, I'm not 100% certain that my consciousness remained continuous from the time I woke up to the time I entered the dream, so I'm only willing to use my WBTB and DILD tags for this entry, not my WILD one.]

      I'm in a bright, sunny, pedestrian-oriented shopping area, with a wide, winding sidewalk that leads between a series of large, curving, mostly-white buildings, each of which contains many different shops and restaurants. One of them has a large Cold Stone Creamery sign on the outside. It's very pretty, and looks very real. I'm very pleased to be in a lucid dream again.

      At some point while exploring this new dreamscape, I see several friends of mine from earlier periods of my life
      [high school and/or college - I don't remember this part all that clearly]. Then, I wander through a small exterior door in one of the buildings, which leads into a classroom. In this classroom, the desks are set up in several sets of rows that are set at right angles to each other. The aisle between the rows of desks begins near the door and goes right through where the corners of those right angles would be. All the desks are filled with young adults, like me, but I don't know any of them. I walk down the aisle toward the front of the classroom. There is a male teacher there, leading the class in a discussion about something, but he doesn't complain or try to shut me up when I interrupt him and say to the class:

      “Anyone want to help me out with this possession thing?”

      [Or some similar words to that effect.] By this point, I've remembered one of the current Tasks of the Month and decided that with all these DCs around, it should be easy to give it a try. [I'm not surprised that I asked if one of my DCs would willingly act as the possessee. Possessing someone by force or surprise doesn't appeal to me at all; I already knew that about myself.]

      A woman in the front row, on my left (the teacher's right), raises her hand and stands up. She's maybe an inch taller than I am, but stockier, and has dark red hair and green eyes. Both of us are wearing jeans. She follows me to the back of the classroom.

      “I want my gold star, dammit!” I say, just before I go to work on possessing her.
      [I was talking about the gold wings I was going to earn here on DreamViews (or rather, the silver wings - in the excitement of the moment, I completely forgot that we had switched the basic and advanced tasks early in the month), but my exclamation came out as the commonplace expression meaning a reward or recognition for an achievement. My subconscious betrays my true colors: I really want recognition for my lucid dreaming achievements. Wow, I'm shallow. :blush: ]

      My method of possessing people is as follows: I stand directly behind the red-haired woman, and we clasp hands with our fingers interlaced. Then, I press the trunk of my body into her back, with our shoulders aligned, and push myself forward until our bodies merge. It's a somewhat slow process at first, since the substance of her body offers some resistance to mine, but it works. [I already know how to become intangible to walk through things in dreams; why didn't I think to make use of that ability and adapt it to this purpose? I don't know.] In a few moments, I'm standing in her body and controlling it from the inside. It has an awkward, heavy feeling to it, but it's really cool. When I've made it all the way forward, I notice that I've done an incomplete job; I can still feel our hands clasped together, and my feet are sticking out above hers, because she was taller than me to begin with. “We're supposed to merge them together,” I say. I straighten out my fingers and merge them with hers, and push down with my feet so they're merged properly. Then, I walk forward, one step at a time. It feels heavy and awkward, like I'm wearing several layers of really heavy clothes. I walk out through the door of the classroom into the sunlit walkway. Then, I collapse onto the ground and try to extricate myself from my DC. I only succeed in discarding the pair of jeans the DC was wearing, leaving them lying on the ground.

      I get up, go back into the classroom, and try again to release my DC from possession. This time, it works. The DC steps forward and away from me, and calmly walks back to her seat. The other DCs in the class seem to approve of the successful possession.
      [If my DC now wasn't wearing pants, none of the characters in the dream seemed to take any notice, including the red-haired DC herself. I think she just had a long, dress-like blouse on.]

      I want to practice this newfound skill again, so I look around the classroom. In an aisle seat on my right (the teacher's left), a man with black hair in a ponytail is sitting. That'll be different, I think. [Being in a man's body will be different, I mean.] I look at him, and he gets up and allows me to take possession of him in the same way. This time, it's a little bit easier and goes a little faster. Unfortunately, I woke up shortly after this point.
    11. Surrounded, My Flying Pet, We Meet Again

      by , 05-08-2012 at 04:22 PM
      #1 - Surrounded [Non-Lucid]

      This dream sucked. We were in some evil house with killers wandering around outside, they would always wait at the windows and when we looked in that direction the blinds would be closed, but then they're start turning and we'd see the killers just staring in and then they'd just through the window. It was so nerve-wracking that by the end of the dream it was over and I was back at my house safe and sound but I couldn't stop myself from pushing the couch I was sitting on into the wall behind me over and over again without rest because I was having a bit of nervous breakdown and I couldn't accept that there was no one behind me trying to get me. I was very happy when I woke up from that one.

      #2 - My Flying Pet [DILD]

      O and I were in some alternate version of my house with my cousin P, and there were lots of girls that I remember "knowing" in the dream but I can't recall who any of them were now. They were all talking to P and for some reason O and I were getting really uncomfortable, but I don't remember much of the plot at this point. O and I somehow made it out of that alternate dimension and into our correct one, where we came swimming through a field of grass next to my real house to get there. Yes, swimming, we were actually half submerged in the grass and it had flowing waves like water. O left to go to his house and I went in mine, which looked like it was half in some weird jungle, in fact the lighting in the area was actually very surreal and video game-like, there was an orange tint to everything. As I was walking into my house I felt pumped and became lucid. I started yelling lucidity and control mantras to myself and noticed that my voice sounded different. More... distinguished. I like it. The backyard looked like it was fused with some sort of playground so I went out there and looked up at the top of the structure. I summed LK, a girl I knew in school, and she appeared up on the top. I told her to pull me up there and she almost got it, I had to fly a little bit too. I jumped on her back and she acted shocked for a second but then I did a "Hya!" yell and she flew us off into the air and we just darted all over the place until I woke up. Wonderful!

      #3 - We Meet Again [DILD]

      This dream was a long one, though I actually only remember very little of it. There were two plots going on, one involving me which strangely I remember nothing of, and another that involved some random guy and Hayden Panettiere, my original celebrity crush.

      My clear memory comes in on the last part of the dream, I'm seeing Hayden and the guy each wearing similar strapless tops with ink blot patterns on them, black skirts, and heels. The guy didn't look half bad! Hayden and the guy have been running from some evil organization guys for a while now and Hayden says that they're about to have to start running again. After walking behind a crowd in my vision they each took off in different directions and a guy followed Hayden into a store, so I went in too. My involvement in the scene became a little less passive now, I was actually there instead of just watching. I turned lucid as I was going into the store and watched Hayden and the guy running through people really fast. Hayden was now wearing something more like a tracksuit, an outfit much better suited for this activity. I think to myself "This looks fun!" and move my perspective forward and zoom into Hayden's body. Oooh, limber! I keep running and start weaving my way through crowds of people while keeping away from the guy, it was pretty fun. But after not too long the dream started fading, and I tried to bring it back failed. Oh well.
    12. Riverside Snipers, Basic TOTM, Advanced TOTM (May 4, 2012)

      by , 05-04-2012 at 09:16 PM (Chronicles of Ethos)

      Riverside Snipers

      This dream started off at the pavilion at Riverside Park in Loudonville. The pavilion was rigged up like a bunker with sandbags and barbed wire protecting it. I was there with about 20 other people maybe. There were tons of different guns lying on the tables, but mostly sniper rifles. There were a few officers there that were giving orders, tasks, and equipment. Before anyone could tell me what exactly was happening or what my job was, bullets started flying towards us. "They're here! Get to your positions!" An officer yelled. I looked towards the other side of the park and saw a bunch of people with guns shooting at us. The battle had begun.

      I moved to the left side of the pavilion where there only seemed to be a couple other people. Because I didn't have any orders or any idea of the situation, I thought it would be best to stay out of the way. There were some automatic weapons on this side. I grabbed what I'm assuming was an M16 rifle and ducked behind the bags of sand before I could get shot. When there was a break in the bullets flying towards me, I got back up and started firing at them. I hit a few enemies before they started to hide behind the trees and park toys.

      It wasn't very long until my clip went empty. Right when I stopped firing, a girl with a sniper rifle came out from behind a tree. My danger sense activated on its own and I looked right at her when she fired. I then slowed down time and just barely dodged the bullet. Time control had saved me once again.
      I became lucid at this point because I recognized time control as one of my dream powers. I ducked back down behind the sandbags and thought about my situation. I figured it would be hard to hit people so far away with an M16. I decided to try my hand at sniping.

      I ran over to the right side of the pavilion while staying as low as possible. I then picked up a hunting rifle that was painted red. I looked through the scope and started looking for people to shoot. Using time control, I was able to speed myself up to quickly find and shoot targets. I was moving a little too quickly though and accidentally shot one of my own guys. He was just standing out in the open with an SMG, so i assumed he was an enemy at first.

      "Oh shoot!" I yelled when I realized my mistake. "Dude! You just shot one of our guys!" Someone to my left said. "He was just standing in the open so I thought he was an enemy! Well, I didn't like him that much anyways." I said. We then carried on with the battle and sniped more enemies. I started to feel really guilty about shooting the guy though. "Okay, just kill me now. I deserve it." I said. The guy to my left pointed his rifle at my head and said, "Okay." I wasn't afraid of being killed, but I remembered that guns are very loud. That didn't make me feel very comfortable about it being pointed into my ear. I really hate loud noises. "Wait! I change my mind! That's too loud for me!" I yelled to him. "Okay." He said and went back to sniping.

      I can't remember what happened after that. I think I might have woken up voluntarily.

      Basic TOTM

      I was somewhere in the desert way out west. I was standing outside some old west styled town. I was on some sort of mission, but I can't remember what exactly the goal was. I tried walking into the town, but a few snipers were hiding around the town. They recognized me as someone who is a threat and started shooting at me. I remembered how snipers were a theme of the last dream and became lucid. I slowed down time and dive rolled behind a building. Strangely, they acted as if I didn't exist anymore and the town's residents became active.

      I sat behind that building for a moment. I was trying to think of a way to sneak in without getting shot at. I could feel the energy of someone walking towards the building. I knew this person would see me and cause a panic. I suddenly remembered the basic task of the month for some reason and linked it to my problems. I waited for the person to come around the corner and prepared to turn into a shadow. A woman came around the corner and I turned into a shadow. Before she had the chance to scream, I phased into her body. I'm not 100% sure what I did once i was inside her. I sort of attached my shadow to her body while mixing our energies. I waited until it felt like her body felt like it was mine. I moved my body around a little to test it out. I had completely taken over her body and she probably wasn't aware of anything.

      I casually walked back into town. I watched the snipers out of the corner of my eye and they didn't sense that anything was wrong. I had a feeling that I would need guns for my mission. I walked into a gun store and looked around. Surprisingly, no one was there and there was only a few sniper rifles lying around. I would have expected to see some revolvers. I grabbed a rifle and walked outside. I was only inside for like 10 seconds maybe and there were already a few black cars parked outside. Some government agents like the ones in The Matrix stepped out of the vehicles. They could have been pointing their guns at me because I was holding a sniper rifle. I get the feeling though that they knew I was trouble.

      When they started firing at me, I slowed down time and started dodging bullets. I flipped behind the porch of a building and took cover there. I was doing my best not to get shot while in someone's body. When I heard their guns go click, I went out into the open while slowing down time. I looked through the scope and killed an agent who had an assault rifle. A couple agents with hand guns started shooting at me. I did an aerial to get out of the way. Half way through the aerial I shot one of the agents in the heart. When I hit the ground, I was still being shot at, so I rolled behind one of the cars. I then stood back up and quickly shot the last too remaining agents.

      As I reloaded my rifle, something started falling towards the Earth. It was some sort alien monster machine thing. It had four steel tentacle legs that it used for walking. The main part of the creature was a giant brain inside a dome. It landed on the roof of a building and showed me some spinning blades at the end of its tentacles. I shot it a few times with my rifle, but the bullets only bounced off of it. I tossed the sniper rifle to the side and summoned my crystal sword. It swiped at me with its spinning blades and I blocked it with my sword. When I knocked the tentacle away, I focused lightning magic into the crystals of my sword. I jumped towards the monster and slashed it a few times. It appeared to cause damage and pain to the creature. I was about to strike its brain, but a tentacle came from the side and grabbed me. It swung me around the air for a moment before throwing me back down towards the ground. I surrounded myself with earth magic before I hit the ground to absorb the impact.

      I got back off the ground and ran right back towards the monster. When I jumped towards it a blue bubble of energy surrounded both of us. We were then teleported to the monster's home planet. It was a dark, cold, rocky planet. Three more of those monsters appeared in front of us. Rather than killing me though, they actually started talking. "Junior! What have I told you about rampaging?!" The bigger one said. "It isn't nice..." The monster next to me said. "That's right! You're grounded!" The big one said. "But mom!" He said. "No buts! Come on, we're going home." The big one told him. The two other ones next to the mother started laughing. "Mom, you're embarrassing me!" He said. "You should have thought about that before you terrorized this little girl."

      After this very unexpected discussion, they all left to go home. I think there home was a giant hole in the ground. I waved to them as the walked away and the mother waved back. I woke up after this.

      Advanced TOTM

      I was sitting on the couch at my grandmother's house in Loudonville. It was night time. Bill offered me a cup of coffee and I accepted it. I've never had coffee before and I felt like trying it for some reason. I took a sip of it and it tasted horrible. I'm not even sure how to describe the taste. I then went to the kitchen to find a way to improve upon it. I found some maple syrup and decided to pour a glob of that in. Everything is better with maple! I also found a container of sugar. I poured that in until the cup started over flowing. After mixing it a little I tasted it again. It tasted better, but the coffee taste was still too much for me to tolerate.

      My sister came through the door and told me that it was Halloween night. We were apparently supposed to attend some Halloween seminar or something. I didn't really want to go, but it was either that or drinking coffee. The seminar was supposed to be in a big white building at the end of Main Street. It felt like it was too far away for me to simply walk. I like to run. I started sprinting ahead for a few seconds before my sister yelled at me. I forgot that she hates running and doesn't like being outside at night alone. So I ran back to her, lifted her onto my back, and started running. It was a bit of a challenge because it actually felt like I was carrying someone.

      By the time we got to the end of Main Street I was tired out. My sister had to drag me across the floor at this point because I was too exhausted and lazy. When we walked inside there was a huge crowd of people, a podium on the other side, and a bunch of Legos on a table in the middle of the crowd. A lady was at the podium giving a speech about something. I can't remember anything she said though, so it apparently wasn't anything I cared too much about.

      I stood there for a while and tried to keep myself busy during the boring speech. My attention was then directed towards the Legos. There was a little girl that was some how able to command them to magically walk on their own. I think this little girl was actually Lucia.
      I became lucid for what I am not quite sure. It might have been because of Lucia or because of magical Lego people. I remembered the advanced task of the month at this moment. I remembered that I wanted to make Lego people become life sized. There were two of them on the table that weren't moving. I did what Lucia did and poked both of the Lego people. They suddenly jumped to life and started moving around. These two Lego people then ran into each other, and the motions they were making looked kind of odd.

      I noticed that the Lego people had energies like living people. I focused on this energies and tried to expand them. When I did that, the two awkwardly moving Lego people grew to about my size. The attention of everyone in the room shifted to them now. It turns out those weird motions were them trying to have sex. Everyone in the room found this kind of disturbing. I summoned a camera and aimed it at the Lego people. "Let's try to remember this moment as insufficiently as possible" I said. I think by that I meant we should try to forget this as much as we can. I then took a picture of them and tore the picture apart. When I did this, the two Lego people disappeared and everyone forgot it had happened. I had captured a moment in time and effectively erased it.

      I can't remember much of what happened after that. I sat through the boring speech for a while. I decided that the speech was boring enough for me to want to remember as insufficiently as possible. So I walked outside with my camera and aimed it at the building. "Let's try to remember this moment as insufficiently as possible!" I said. I then took the picture, tore it up, and walked back towards my grandma's house. I think I woke up before I got there though.

    13. Possessed

      by , 04-19-2012 at 07:00 AM
      I slept for maybe about two or three hours? And the entire time, I kept waking up. I was being "possessed" by something in my dream as I was trying to dream? And I was letting it possess me so I was helping out with a spell. But I kept saying the wrong spell, waking up, and restarting. I woke up probably around 20-40 times. I think the spell was to actually keep me dreaming, rather than letting me be possessed. But they could be interpreted as the same thing. That's all. Oh, and I started taking new uh... supplements and if I have weird dreams again tonight then it's probably because of them.
    14. Catching up

      by , 04-17-2012 at 03:38 AM (My Dear Subconscious)
      I havent been on in a few days so these are my dreams from the past few nights.
      • Werewolves at burgerking: I went to a fast food restaurant with my friends and the two girls that worked there turned into these dog human things.. not really a werewolf but close enough. (somehow i dissapeared and just watched the rest of it) They captured my friends and stuck them in a van and were about to eat them and i woke up before anything happened.
      • Grandparents house with lesbians: For some reason i had a dream that i was attracted to women (which i am not). And i had two girls that wanted me. We were all hanging out at my grandparents house and things were a bit different. There were witches things and herbs everywhere and i saw one of my "girls" get possessed by some sort of cloaky shadow. Then, out of nowhere my friend dalian shows up and bring his entire family. Which was extremely awkward because dalian is african american and so is his whole family whilst mine is caucasion.
      • Cuddling with my ex: I used to be dating a guy over the internet that i have never met in real life before and i havn't spoken to him in weeks. The other night i had a dream that me and Raine (yes that was his name) were together and we were cuddling on the couch and then i used his lap as a pillow. :/
      • Exploring a barn: (partly lucid) I was exploring a barn that's pretty close to my house with some friends and i gained lucidity and started hovering. but shortly after i couldnt hold it and i woke up. too bad.
    15. girls rubbing chests; my time in mk-ultra; friend's pictures; friend on plane

      by , 12-13-2011 at 03:10 PM
      Good morning, everybody.

      Dream #1

      It was night. I was at the top of a steep hill, probably in a suburban neighborhood. I was with a few other people, probably my age or younger. A few lights lit our field of view, more like a car's headlights than streetlights.

      Something was wrong with my female friend H. At one of my other female friends' request, to make H feel better, I was embracing her from behind and rubbing her chest.

      I was probably rubbing the outsidde of H's shirt. But the shirt, some kind of tan tank-top, was so thin that I could feel H as if I were touching her skin. H's chest was flat, but she had huge nipples.

      The way I was rubbing H was really turning her on. But she was attributing the sensations I was giving her to my other female friend. Pretty soon H had the female friend rubbing her chest up against H's chest. Both women had really flat chests.

      H was now either wearing or not wearing a dress. The dress was a vanilla-yellow, sleeveless baby-doll type dress, with a bunchy top and a slightly belled-out, knee-length skirt. The dress was made out of a fabric like soft terry cloth. It had a zipper running up the back. H now either took this dress off or put it on.

      Dream #2

      I may have been standing all by myself out in the desert, possibly near or right under the gas pump island of a gas station. I may possibly have been talking to someone in my head.

      I was a man, probably a soldier. I wore a light brown or tan uniform. Sometimes I was black, sometimes Latino, and sometimes white.

      I was telling the person in my head about having been in the CIA mind control program MK-ULTRA. At the same time, I was remembering bits and pieces of my time there, as a subject.

      After having been a subject, I'd had my memory erased. But bits and pieces of my time there kept coming back to me. As they did, I would be more inspired to look for more information regarding what had happened to me in the program.

      I knew I'd been tortured in the program. But I only had very vague memories of it. Most of my memories seemed to revolve around sheets of paper with a lot of small writing and bar codes written on them.

      My attempts to look into my experiences may have involved looking for more papers like this. But as I searched for more information, I was increasingly harrassed. People may even have come after me and started torturing me again, then re-erasing my memory.

      I told the person in my head, a woman, that it was terrible to know this stuff was happening to me. I could start to see, everywhere in the environment, where things were put up to reinforce the brainwashing I'd been tortured into receiving.

      Even the smallest thing could hold a sinister message. I was apparently still working for the military. I saw myself walking down a hallway, then passing a beige-painted pipe with a caution sticker on it.

      The sticker had a few different bar codes on it, around its border and in a little square in the body, in the upper right hand corner of a lot of fine-print caution text. I knew that my mind had been trained to read these bar codes instinctively. Each bar code was a small statement, reinforcing my brainwashing.

      I told the woman in my head that what was even worse was that almost everybody else around me was brainwashed, too. But most people were brainwashed simply to dislike the people who had been used as subjects for MK-ULTRA, to ostracize them.

      I said that at first it wasn't so bad. But as time went on, the environment became so full of these people that it was too painful to go anywhere.

      I imagined myself walking into the gas station. The man behind the counter treated me nicely at first. But it was almost like some kind of infra-red bar code scanner, placed up in a corner of the ceiling of the store, activated.

      Suddenly, I could tell, the man behind the counter was getting the feeling he didn't like me. He was trying, still, to act polite. But it was obvious he was beginning to feel very uncomfortable around me, and that he just wanted me out of the store.

      I was standing somewhere in the dark, rubbing my forehead and eyes in misery. I was telling the woman in my head how miserable it was to have this feeling pervade the environment everywhere I went.

      The woman asked me if there wasn't some way I could destroy all the reinforcing equipment that had been put up in all these places around me.

      I was standing back out in the desert, in the daytime, by the gas station. I told the woman, "No. I could destroy everything. But they have so much extra stuff underground. It wouldn't be any use. They'd just put it all right back."

      I imagined some kind of diagonal elevator shaft leading way down underground, to some kind of big hangar or warehouse-type area, with a lot of different-colored pipes, people working, and bright white, fluorescent lights. This was probably where all the equipment was manufactured and stored.

      Dream #3

      My female friend MW, who IWL works and lives at a wildlife preserve in Nevada, was visiting New York. I was living in something like a dorm room. But MW was staying with me.

      It was daytime. We were in my room, which was lit by a bit of natural light coming in through the window. We were both on my bed, a pretty small bed. MW was sitting cross-legged near the head of the bed. I was laying on my stomach, my head toward the head of the bed.

      At the foot of the bed, a TV was playing an episode of The Chronic Rift (a community access TV pop-culture discussion show from the 1990s, the episodes of which are now available online). I had been trying to introduce MW to this show. But I was now only half interested. And MW was flipping through some photographs.

      I now had to go somewhere else, probably to work. I left MW alone for the day. But as I sat at work (or wherever) I realized that I had left MW without any keys. She'd obviously leave my room. But she'd have to leave it unlocked. There was no way she could lock it.

      I got a little worried. I tried to justify things to myself. I was trying to remember if there weren't some kind of minor, automatic lock on my door, like a doorknob that always locks from the inside. But I was pretty sure this wasn't the case.

      I knew that if I left wherever I was to catch up with MW and give her my keys, it would take a lot of time out of my day. And I didn't want to look bad for taking all that time out of my day. But I thought it was probably more important for me to find MW and give her my keys, so that she could lock my door.

      I now saw a photograph of MW, as she stood in front of the house she was living in during her work for the wildlife preserve. MW wore a red-pink t-shirt, khaki-colored hiking pants, a backpack, and a baseball cap.

      MW stood at the curb of an asphalt road. Just behind MW was the start of a sandstone flagstone path that went up a shallow slope. The slope was like a lawn, but it had tan gravel, clumps of wild grass, and cacti, instead of the conventional green turf.

      At the top of the slope was a small house made out of rough-hewn, but slim, sandstone slabs -- almost like horizontal flagstones, all piled on top of each other. The house looked just like a suburban house, except that it was made out of the sandstone slabs, which gave it a weird look.

      Dream #4

      I may have been talking in my head, again with my friend MW. We may have been talking about where MW came from.

      I knew MW came from Michigan. I saw a map of the United States and Canada. My vision was mostly focused on the northern, central part of the United States, the Great Lakes region. The map almost, really, looked like a satellite view of the United States -- but it was as if the United States were completely covered in snow -- even the Great Lakes!

      I was trying really hard to remember where Michigan was. I felt at first like it must have been to the west of the Great Lakes. But I then felt like it must have been right in the middle of all the lakes, squeezed in between two of the more northern-extending lakes. I remembered that Michigan looked like a mitten. So I kept trying to find a mitten-shaped state.

      I was now in a commercial jet, apparently, with MW. But we were both looking down to the ground from the plane through some kind of window or plexiglass structure in the floor.

      We were at cruising altitude, i.e., about 10,000 meters. But the view was really like we were only 100 meters or so above the ground. We were also floating in one static position.

      The view was of a snow-covered pine forest, with a road running through the forest. The road was pretty lonely. But a few cars did occasionally pass along it. The forest seemed dense in most places. But there were some empty spots, like clearings for very small ranches or farms. The extension of a small, wooden fence may even have been visible. It was still snowing, too.

      MW and I spoke a little bit more about MW's hometown. We were floating very close to it right now. I told MW I wondered if we couldn't just go to MW's house for a little while.

      But MW said it would take too much time. We'd planned to meet here. We couldn't go away from this spot. MW was talking as if we were on the ground, at an airport, with a long time between flight connections. But we didn't have enough time to leave the airport altogether.

      MW and I looked away from the window. I saw the interior of the plane very vaguely, as if I were still half-looking out the window. But the plane looked like a nice private jet, with light-tan leather upholstery for the seats, and even for the walls!

      MW and I spoke for a bit about how we'd planned to meet here. I knew I'd flown to this area in one commercial plane. MW had flown here in another plane, probably this one. At some point, when the planes were in proximity, I moved from one to the other.

      I now started thinking to myself about all of this. At first I thought this was because the two planes had docked with each other. I thought I had come through some sort of little docking tunnel.

      But then it became apparent that what I'd probably done was teleport myself from the plane I'd been on to the plane that MW was on.

      As I was thinking about all this, my view drifted back down to the view of the ground. But then my view seemed to drift even farther out, up so that I could even see up along the fuselage of the plane, into the snowy, grey sky.
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