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    1. Baffling supercell dream | [27.07.2019]

      by , 07-27-2019 at 06:31 PM (Draeger's Dream Journal and Documentation)
      Extreme supercell
      I am looking out of the window, noticing that a gigantic shelf cloud, similar to the shelf cloud in Breslau, Poland, 11.08.2018 was hovering over our home. A wave of excitement overcame me. I told my mother something about the storm, frantically searching for my phone as the cloud quickly passed over our house. A small funnel cloud tornado then formed and suddenly started sucking up small amounts of dust from the garden as I observed with excitement, commenting that it wouldn't move towards our house, but rather go to the right away from our house. I then remembered that tornadoes could rapidly change their paths, getting a little scared. It then suddenly dissipated. I took a few pictures of the shelf cloud, before running to my room to get my camera. Back at the living room window, I zoom into the shelf cloud, but suddenly, the camera view was in the cloud, the inside of the cloud seemingly just being repeating "textures". I tried moving the camera out of the cloud, and after going through multiple layers of the cloud, succeeded. I then tried looking through walls in my home using the camera, but it returned to normal. Then, I wondered where the cloud base was, where all the lightning usually comes from. I thought that my father should really drive me further away from the cloud to get a better view of the shelf cloud. I then had regrets of not talking my parents into participating in a small contest to win an RV.

      Suddenly, I am standing at my old kindergarten, or at least, I thought it was that in my dream, although it was way different in real life. I looked around the kindergarten, which had a layout reminiscent of the bottom floor of my old primary school. There was a group of children, scared of the storm sitting in a circle as a woman seemed to do something with them. I had an interaction with them, but I don't remember it. Soon after that, I went onto one of a couple of metal beams located around the ceiling, seeing another shelf cloud outside, identical to the shelf cloud from the 13.08.2018 supercell somewhere in Germany.

      Very small home fragment
      I am in the living room of my home.
    2. What could it mean?

      by , 04-02-2018 at 02:16 PM
      When I was eleven/twelve years old in 2004, I was in sixth grade and I knew this guy that I really liked! I was a very shy girl so I did not talk to him much but I remember things about him. At the end of the year when we graduated and went onto junior high (7th grade) he went to a different high school then me so we never saw each other again. In 2013 after having not seen or thought about him in ten years he suddenly popped into my dreams. The basis of the dreams I have had about him since are always romance.
    3. #218 - Ball game

      by , 03-31-2016 at 11:27 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I was playing a ball game with a bunch of people who are the same age as me, plus a couple teachers too. It was day time in my old primary school, though it seemed a little like a university and that fields were bigger. The ball game was a little odd, you basically grabbed a bunch of balls and you have a goal on each side (like soccer) but your way of scoring was usually dependent on your 'stats'. The stats were generic DnD style, str, dex, con, int, wis, cha. I think my brother or maybe a friend was playing too, and he had a very high strength stat so he would always punch the ball to score. Apparently this was the meta, but I had exceptionally high dex (like 18+ or something) so I was a kicker. There were 3 fields we played on, the first field I remember grabbing 6 balls and it was intense because there's a lot of balls to attack with and defend from. We migrated to the second field and this time I grabbed 5 balls for the game, it was still pretty intense. I remember my brother punching the ball and scoring, the power from it was intense. Eventually we migrated to the third field as school finished or something. The sun was setting a little bit, it was still bright out but the sky had an orange tinge. The amount of balls in this game wasn't really clear until later. I remember zipping about, I had the ball and was dribbling like a pro soccer player. At one point I think I'm vsing my brother and I just completely bypass him with a flip and some incredible dexterous foot maneuvers. I think I score a point, everyone is a little surprised at how effective my high dexterity stat was. I go to get the ball from the goal post, I scoop up 5 balls, they're all baseballs. 1 of them is 1/3 the size of the other normal ones, I thought this was weird. I wake up after that.
    4. 08/01/2016

      by , 01-10-2016 at 07:38 AM
      I dreamt that i was outside of a theater function of Power Rangers or something similar. I was asked if i could come with her, probably my little sister, and i agreed. I told her that she had to pay attention to the small sized screens that the filming cameras had. Each camera had like 4 screens. Later i see S Foglino, and some of her friends like C Gonella and her sisters. I say hi to them, and apparently my little sister walks away in the park. Then a teacher of 4th grade comes and she asks us in general to get in order. I reply joking about it, like giving instructions as well and surprisingly they did as i said. Some teacher ask my name and i say it without fear of consequence and also joking that i was the only one of the family here. The teacher was Marescalchi and he laughs and a parent who was there laughs as well. I go to form and i see Martin. I take a chair off in front of him and i order him to form, then i stand behind him. In the blackboard there were things like how the acummulation of dirt with the pass of time stagnates or something like that.
    5. #126 - 3 dreams

      by , 10-10-2015 at 04:01 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)

      Dream 1 - cute girl
      It's either me or this other girl in the dream who are weak. The girl is great at manipulating men, she sells her looks so well to get what she wants. I see an online panel and there's a dialogue playing about me or something? It almost feels like we're creating the comment section for this website and that we're reading the opinions of multiple people. I remember there being something mentioned about how the girl manipulates men, and she gets compared to Miley Cyrus. Miley is apparently really good at manipulating people too by saying cute things. The girl says things like "Hey, I'll see you later *winks with one eye and pokes her tongue out*" but Miley Cyrus is apparently even more pro at it... I feel like this dream makes no sense.

      Dream 2 - Wood lodge field trip
      I'm in a wood lodging hut with a group of other students, the place is quite large and can accommodate lots of people. It seems pretty rustic but really cool. I decide I want to go shower, I step outside and walk down a path to a large plastic circular watering tank. This tank was apparently the shower.. It has a door on the side, the scenery around the lodging appears to be forest and it's night time so it has a sort of sinister appeal. I open the door and head inside, taking my time to shower in the incredibly spacious area. The sinister forest makes me momentarily paranoid as I think "What if there's a serial killer around?!?!", I peer out of a window and spot someone walking up a pathway towards the hut. I know it's a student though and the thought of a serial killer disappears. I decide to stop fooling around and finish showering. I wrap my clothes around my waist and put my towel over my shoulder (it should be the other way around O_O). The person walking up is a cute girl and I want to look good or something -.-... Anyways, so I step outside of the shower all casual-like and walk towards the hut across the stony pebble pathway. I glance around at the girl and see her walk and turn right, into the shower I had just stepped out of. I pretend to have just noticed her, she smiles and waves. "Hi" she says in a sort of fluttery voice (she looks like this brown haired girl who kind gives off the impression that she's a bit stuck up). I politely say "Hey" back to her then turn away all 'casually' and cool. I walk inside the building and end up in a hall, but I'm still outside on the pebbles (this shouldn't make sense as it doesn't make sense ). I feel so lame after that encounter. Pushing it from my mind I realize I'm faced with a problem, how the hell did I get outside? There's so many doors along the corridor, I head right instead of left (which I believe is where the door I came from is). I'm still half-naked and I have a towel wrapped around my waist and and a towel on my shoulder now. Another girl I encounter tells me that the towel I'm using is probably the lodges, I realize that she was telling me that as a hint that I should go put it back - but she did it so as to force me to take off the towel in front of her and expose myself
      "I know" I say, and just continue walking past her.
      I come to the conclusion that there's an entrance ahead of me I can use to go inside that will loop around and allow me to get back to my room. I finally make it inside and am on the right track. I pass by a room of students, there's a girl I recognize who is in a relationship with a guy from my class. She seems to be cuddling up with a different guy though which seemed weird. I head back to my room and see the guy who she was meant to be in a relationship with. I jump onto my bed which is right next to his, I tell him that I think his girl is cheating and I don't really know what the circumstances are but that I hope things are okay with them.

      Dream 3 - Primary school playground
      I'm at my old primary school on the lower playgrounds with my daughter. I think we see some puppies come along and I show them to my daughter, she loves them! Then some cute lambs run up and we pet them too. A woman then comes along, following her is a plethora of various animals. They come out from the bushes she seemed to have emerged from, me and my daughter follow her closely with intrigued. I spot some lions a little further behind us among the other animals which gives me a bit of a shock. I tell her about it and she says "Yes there are lions, they are animals too", she is really composed and sort of mystical. I see another little girl quite a bit older than my daughter (maybe 7?). I jokingly ask her if she is an animal, she replies seriously "Yes, I am. And I'm tall". Me and my daughter think this is all a bit weird. Where are they going? They are walking out of the playground and into the bottom carpark of the school. To my left where there is the typical New Zealand green bush there is instead a more red fog covering the area. It slopes downhill steeply, and there are a few large trees that spike up through the red haze adding to the mystical scene which seems to be popping up. Okay stop, this is weird. I think to myself it has to be dream (becoming lucid at this point) and look at my hands, making sure to properly confirm it. I start a reality check by pulling my finger back which absolutely freaked me out because I felt like I tore something in my finger and that I should do it anymore. I also seem to be spinning around at this point. I then push a finger into the palm of my right hand and it is strangely elastic. "Hmm so it is a dream" I think to myself, I stop spinning around now as I bring my attention back to what's going on around me. Shit, it's all fading away... I wake up
    6. Chris Betrays Ronda (29.7.15)

      by , 07-29-2015 at 08:06 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Chris Betrays Ronda
      Ronda Rousey is getting interviewed in an octagon ring by Chris Weidman. Ronda flips out and tries to slap him. She's very angry and emotional. It's as if Chris betrayed her in some way. She continues trying to attack Chris by throwing head kicks etc at him. Chris is blocking majority of strikes and is looking a bit befuddled or guilty in the situation. Ronda is grappling with him against the fence and is using her head to try and control him. Eventually Chris gets away and has a bit of a smirk on his face.

      I can't figure out what caused the reaction from Ronda, so I think about digging deeper to figure out what happened. I see some of the UFC fighters warming up or exercising. I was thinking that maybe I could see what happened between Ronda and Chris in this scene. It looks like Ronda is arching her back over someone else's back.

      Dream Fragment
      I've come from around near my primary school, and now waiting at the crossing. I see Bruce. He's wearing a suit that looks odd on him, being that he's a skinny tall guy. As we walk across the crossing, I think I fall over. Myself, Bruce and the crossing guy have a chat. I joke around saying Bruce is a shit bloke or something.
    7. #102 - brief sleep paralysis and a false awakening

      by , 07-28-2015 at 07:26 AM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      Black: non-dream
      Blue: non-lucid
      Red: lucid

      Dream 1: Hangin out with Lloyd
      I remembered heaps of this dream but then forgot it 90% of it -.-.
      It was a slice of life kind of dream, really nice and vibrant, it seemed to take place at my primary schools grassy field. I was hanging out with friends on a nice bright summer day and I see my friend Lloyd. He hasn't spotted me yet and I haven't seen him for some time now, so I decide to go surprise him. I can't remember how I surprised him but we all laughed and then played some sort of sporty game, the whole thing was a blast.

      Dream 2: Insect zoo or something...
      I was walking down a corridor in a dimly lit hall, it was about 3 metres wide and everything was wooden to give off a 'nature-like' feel for its insect residents. The insects were behind several large glass panes that stretched up across a cross-section of a tree, of which there were 3 in my immediate vision. Candice and another guy who's name I forgot were looking at them with interest (they're geologists who specialise in fossils of trees and stuff), the guy said "oh there's actually a real one".. I glanced at what they were observing, I could make out the fake plastic giant insects (the size of a hand in length and quite thick, they had furryish bodies and large insect wings), but as I inspected closer I saw something else... The realism in the dream changed and suddenly things were sharper in detail, the insect I was now looking at was huge, it was nearly half a metre and appeared to be a queen... I could clearly make out the hairs on its body and see how its body quivered and vibrated with internal resonance, at this point I think I woke up...

      After waking from this dream I felt funny, I couldn't move and I felt a sharp pain in my lower back, to which I immediately thought was the result of a giant bug biting me
      I quickly shook of the sleep paralysis in the first few seconds though but still felt uncomfortable, I felt normal though. I then lay back down and cemented the dream in my mind and went back to bed. At which point I had a false awakening thinking there were spiders and bugs crawling all over me, I hopped out of bed and shook them all off, it was scary! Then I actually woke up...
    8. “Consulting on the Nuclear Power plant – picking up my new car – TotM”

      by , 07-05-2015 at 10:06 AM

      non-lucid - [COLOR="blue"]Notes[/COLOR] - [COLOR="red"]lucid[/COLOR]

      “Consulting on the Nuclear Power plant – picking up my new car – TotM”

      I am sat in a meeting with my new work-group, or rather I am sat with them and I am suspecting we have a meeting sometime shortly. It is at the beginning of the day and I am just hovering around really, I have other places I need to be in connection with my other project – which concerns youth and alcohol use [COLOR="blue"] (which is an actual IRL project I am working on) [/COLOR]. However I have a feeling that I need to stick around for a bit as if I am expected to stay there.

      Eventually the leader of the project comes around, she is a darkish haired short woman, who is pretty and American or English I believe. I tell her that I am excited to be connected with the project [COLOR="blue"] (though I frequently experience a sense of weirdness for participating in a project for constructing a nuclear power plant, which is never really fully conscious and I don't verbalise it) [/COLOR]. She smiles at me and asks if I know how to handle Sheila [COLOR="blue"] (a IRL colleague of mine, who is apparently also on this project) [/COLOR]. At this point we are walking outside the office in a courtyard of grey concrete in the early hours of the day, there is a lot of columns around forming small walkways – it reminds me of the style of construction associated with my old primary school. As she is asking about Sheila we sort of move into the office, without really moving, but rather being moved, or the building starts encompassing us.

      Inside I see Maria has appeared [COLOR="blue"](an old colleague from my time in England)[/COLOR] who is also on the project. She is saying that she is excited to be on a project where “patriarchalism” [COLOR="blue"] (the meaning is feminism/social constructionism in the dream) [/COLOR] is employed and that she sees that rarely. I replay “oh really? - I haven't been on anything else but these approaches, maybe it is because people preparing to become clinicians never really take this road?” She concurs a bit and throw me a smile, showing a lot of gingiva and then looks away towards either Caidee or the project leader.

      While she does this I get a lot of spreadsheets appearing in front of my eyes. They are interview questions and are getting closed down one by one. The first being closed is the most recent and contains a lot of questions and the more that gets closed down the more questions disappear. I can't really see the questions, but there is a picture of a black female student in the top right hand corner and I see her name is Caidee. I instantaneously know that she is a student helper and she has been involved with constructing the interview guide from the start.

      When these spreadsheets are all closed down we are starting to sit down by the table. I am getting anxious at this point because I think we are getting ready for the meeting and I thought the meeting wouldn't be till this afternoon. I take off my trousers under the table and look down at my blueish boxer shorts. I am briefly aware of the embarrassing nature of showing legs and start looking for my sweat pants – I don't know if I ever find them, but I start wearing them regardless – I then look under the table and see my red shorts lying under there. I am surprised as I don't remember wearing these, but I pick them up nonetheless and stand up and look at the table. I see now that Sheila has appeared so I go and sit next to her. I don't know if I will be able to persuade her in anyway or get to know her position in the project as the leader has told me about – in fact I am not even sure what I am supposed to do, but I sit down anyway.

      I ask about whether we have a meeting already now and I am told that we do indeed and that it is a weekly thing as well. I mull this over a bit until from behind me Christina appears [COLOR="blue"] (Old school/class mate) [/COLOR] and tell me that she has received the keys from Saab and that they will be here with my car shortly. It surprise me a little seeing as I am not yet in a financially stable position and I don't know why I have already bought a car, but I think little else of it as it was part of the plan. So I grab the keys, which is a massive bundle, with a couple of car keys and 8-10 other keys and I wonder why there are so many.

      I start walking down the hallway towards the entrance and Bjarne [COLOR="blue"] (Old friend from childhood/adolescence) [/COLOR] and Rasmus [COLOR="blue"] (Old school/class mate) [/COLOR] appear along the way and talk to me, I can't recall exactly what they say, but it seems taunting or mocking. I get to the end of the hall and enter the lift I notice the button [COLOR="blue"] (yes there is only one and that isn't weird! :P) [/COLOR] is slightly broken, but I press it anyway and I soon find myself outside in the school car park, that is vast and fenced in with wire mesh – and seems more like a car park belonging to a large shopping centre than a school and there is a lot of traffic.

      I stand around looking at the cars driving in. There seems to be a lot of black mega trucks or hummers and I know that this probably isn't mine. I can't remember which kind of car I bought, though when a couple of silver grey smaller station cars and smart type cars start entering I get a feeling that my car is definitely silver grey, though I am still unsure about the type, but having a feeling that it isn't one of the completely little ones. A couple of grey cars enter the car park and turn towards me and park. After this a massive black hummer truck pulls in [COLOR="blue"] (which I think look a bit weird, but after googling “hummer truck” this morning I found a picture that looks exactly like the one) [/COLOR]

      [url=http://prettycarz.com/odin/gallery/hummer%20truck/hummer-truck-06.html]hummer truck Photo #06[/url]

      I start getting bored so I decide to jump on the bonnet of the cars parked making a neat little run/jumping course – and I am thoroughly satisfied with the sounds and feel of pressing down the metal as I jump. I start out with just common SUVs but I eventually land on a Porsche – which for some reason is covered in a fine layer of snow – and the car following that just before the massive hummer truck as a black Lamborghini, which stops me in my tracks as it is so low that I can't possibly get up on the truck – also I am quite surprised to see 2 such expensive cars parked next to each other as Denmark isn't a cheap place to buy a car.

      I move around and jump maybe 3-4 cars more before I think to myself [COLOR="red"]“This is something I would do if I were dreaming”. So I look up and it all seems pretty normal, but I decide to do a reality check nonetheless. So I move my hands slightly to the sides and let myself hover above the rooftops of the cars.

      Realising I am lucid I start taking to the skys, which is a habitual thought and I quickly realise that I have more important stuff to do than goof around. So I let myself drop out of flight and land on the ground again and when I do I find myself on the side walk outside the wire mesh.

      I start walking up the side walk and start looking at my hands. The first basic task is my mission and I have already planned how this one is to unfold. I am somewhat excited though as I have never actually made something appear before my eyes. But I recall the visualisation of making a seed of light appear in my hand – a seed of love and light which I intend to plant in my chest and watch how it grows inside my body – while watching my hands[/COLOR] [COLOR="blue"] (It is fascinating to think that within the dream world a mental visualisation appears phenomenologically similar to how it would in the waking world, as a sort of translucent image appearing in a distinct mental space – which one could easily hypothesise being occupied by running the “world simulation” that is the dream) [/COLOR][COLOR="red"] To start out with not much is happening in my palm which is outstretched palms towards the sky. I see my fingers in a somewhat illuminated light and start focusing. Eventually I see a bright, but tiny dot of light in the middle of my palm and as I am watching it, it grows to the size of a water drop that is perfectly spherical. As I look at it it continues to grow and spikes and sparks start appearing around it leaving a distinct burning sensation in my hand as tiny specks of fire and ice are bombarding the surface of my skin.

      Soon a gust of wind appears and rips the seed from my hands and I panic and jumps after it. It lands in a corner where there is some grass, but I manage to find it rather quickly. I then go all the way into the corner to avoid getting disturbed by the wind again. I take a look at the seed, my hand still being illuminated by light that reminds me of dawn. There is no pain any longer and I think of the seed representing compassion and love, as I press it into my chest. I don't feel it entering and nothing abrupt happens. I turn my focus and visual capacity towards the inside of my body and I get a view of the inside of my shoulder, but not much more, and the bright lines of light I expected aren't really there. What is worse is as I am focusing my attention like this I sense the dream world destabilising – so I start focusing outwards. At this point the dream is gone, but I am armed with patience – I have experienced this before, I maintain my focus directed outwards – although I am also aware that it would be irritating only starting half of the TotM task and not see it to fruition (literally ;). [/COLOR] [COLOR="blue"] (In previous dreams over the years experiencing this sensation would normally have led me to feeling disappointed and accepting the disappearance of the dream. However in one of the first lucid experiences since Ayahuasca the same thing happened – the visuals faded and I was left with nothing but internal and auditory stimuli – but here I just decided to wait instead of waking up and soon after I was pulled back into the dream world, albeit in a different spot than when I left)[/COLOR]

      [COLOR="red"] I get flashes of a white rugged wall, it is plastered and I reach out to touch it and I sense it with my fingertips, but only very briefly. I start sensing the light of dawn characteristic of the dream world I was just in and I feel myself pulled back in. SWEET! I am back on the side walk and I decide to not focus more on the seed, I had already thought about the fact that it might take longer to grow than within a single dream – planting compassion and love in my own heart will still be an interesting theme to watch unfold over time.

      So I start walking up the side walk to find a tree. I am however conscious that I would prefer finding a tree surrounded by nature, but looking around and having no experience with teleportation or portals I think I will have to settle for one of the trees by the side of the road.

      I find a tree not far away, it is a very short tree and the trunk of it is very strange in that it narrows a lot towards the top, almost needle shaped. I place my hand on the tree and it feels chilly, not cold to the touch and I can feel the texture of the bark against my fingers, very authentic. I notice a curved line heading diagonally up from bottom left to top right on a point on the trunk. There is some dark green slime around the line and I wonder if the tree is forming a mouth. The slime should look unpleasant, but it doesn't – in fact it seems rather natural. I look away and at the tree again and the line has widened, though also thinned out a bit. The point is the changes to the line isn't gradual but jolty.

      I think I look at the tree a couple of times more watching the line change, but it still isn't speaking to me and as I am about to give up hope and look away I hear a deep bassy rumble emanating from the tree.

      “You cannot, help me – even with your flatter and good intentions.”
      Astonished I turn around and face it.
      “but I can help you” it says.
      “How?” I ask as respectfully as I can muster, which isn't difficult as I feel very humble even towards this young tree standing amidst the concrete.
      “We trees see things humans aren't equipped to see” it continues.
      “Amongst our roots we keep closed the gates of hell”
      “Humans aren't prepared to see this – they would freak out – but we trees have watched this for ever.”
      [/COLOR][COLOR="blue"] (I have taken some artistic liberties with the sentences, for which I don't recall all of them exactly, though they were perfectly linguistic, which excited me – though the meaning of the words is represented exactly as they should be. I felt it more important to convey the intelligence, wisdom and almost all encompassing and physical presence of the tree's intentions directed at me)[/COLOR]

      [COLOR="red"] I thank the tree and wonder exactly how that is a help to me, not negating it – the message felt important to me, but I think I might not be able to fully grasp it yet. [/COLOR] [COLOR="blue"] (upon awakening I got the feeling that the tree was trying to help me with one of the TotY – visiting the underworld, though I am unsure if there isn't a deeper more personal/spiritual message enclosed within as well). [/COLOR][COLOR="red"] I take off into flight thinking I have done enough tasks for now, wanting to relax a little – after briefly considering doing the painting task, but giving up cause I don't feel like finding a painting at this point. However I then again think I might not have completed the basic seed task as I haven't seen anything grow yet – I quickly glance inside my body again, but don't really see anything – more a sort of translucent view of my shoulder again. And look outwards. The skies are tuning dark and I land on a rooftop covered with old roof platings. There is a lot of moss growing on the platings and I think it might be a good idea to conjure up more of aforementioned seeds so I start doing that.

      The seeds seem more vigorous and self determined than before and start flying out of my hand spinning, when they have reached an appropriate size. I still feel the burns of the sparks and ice shards. One of the seeds actually jump up the slope of the roof and enter a crack between one of the platings under a ventilation hood.

      I stop producing seeds and just look at the crack and wonder if there is enough soil and nutrients for the seed to grow. After a little while slowly a thin rolled up green leaf appears from under the crack and as I continue to observe the growth I see a sort of elongated cabbage shape take form along with branches with leaves growing out of the new little plant. It also starts forming a flower and end up looking like a mixture between an orchid and a cabbage. As I watch this unfold the dream starts fading and I wake up. [/COLOR]
    9. Extended Reef (8.6.15)

      by , 06-08-2015 at 01:36 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Extended Reef
      I'm at a surf beach (Cat Bay), and It looks different. There's reef and solid boulders right up to the sand. I notice that Sheep is with me. He is willing to have a surf, but I don't think he's done it before. I tell him to watch how the waves break and what the other surfers are doing, to get an idea. A few small waves come towards us, not enough to knock me over or anything. I can't say the same for Sheep, he gets poleaxed by a small wave and ends up being pinned under a boulder. I rush over towards him and he's underwater. I pause for a second and think of what to do. I decide to try and grab the Boulder off of him, and seem to do it with ease. This is enough to free Sheep from drowning.

      I remember someone telling me that Sheep is pretty competitive, and doesn't like to be wrong. They tell me he is very long winded with explaining himself.

      Im at my primary school, and it seems to be a reunion for my year level. I see some familiar faces. I can only recall Sarah Woders. They surprise one of the teachers that they had, by grabbing her. I think Sheep was still with me, and was kind of not interested in being good friends with him. It's pretty crowded at the moment and I see someone behind me that I thought was Drew Dier, but it wasn't him.
    10. (L) Fun, Mystic and going to the mirror world (TotM)

      by , 03-25-2015 at 12:41 PM
      I was close to my elementary school. I do not remember this part that well, but I became lucid and I started to fly, but in a weird way.. It could look like I got pulled up in the air with a leash around my waist. I flew to the elementary school, and walked around. It looked very different from what it does in waking life, it was like some of the building I went it to were minecraft on 2 walls and real walls on the others.
      The minecraft walls were tall so I thought it would be fun to run up alon them. on the walls there were minecraft wood fences, which were impossible to get over.. So I got down into that room again.
      I heard knocks or something, and I look over at an opening to another room. The knocks and the way that opening looked just told me that things was not good there. I walked away and then I heard it from a window. I walked over to the windows and saw 3 dream characters a man, boy and a girl. They played on music instruments while they just looked into the air with a natural face.
      I tried to push myself through the wall, but I was not allowed to so I walked away from the windows and I noticed that there now were a mirror where the opening to the creepy room where. I stood in front of it and noticed that I did not have a relfection, and thus came my reflection from the same side I came from, and did the things I did just seconds ago, so it was delayed, which were fun but also weird to experience. My reflection started to get white eyes that started to glow, so I turned my back on it and moved on.
      After I turned my back on it, I noticed that there were more mirrors and I got reminded of the TotM, so I thought "Oh yay! Now I can do the TotM" so I ran towards the mirror I was facing and jumped into it. There was no resistance, I went through like nothing was there.
      The room I jumped in to were like a flipped version of the room I just came from, it was pink-ish (I can't explain how it looked but it makes me think of a sunset). There was a pile of kids toys on the floor including a mp5. I thought of another thing I had wanted to do for some time, and it was to use a portal gun (Portal video game). So all I expected was that it shooted portals, and it did. I shot it down on the ground and an orange portal appeared. I walked onto it, and nothing happened, so I randomly just shot up on the roof and then I woke up.

      This was the lucid dream I had yesterday.
    11. Baby Horse, Kayley's Black Mum, Hole In One (16.9.14)

      by , 09-16-2014 at 09:30 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm at my primary school, standing on the oval. I see a young horse running towards me. As it gets to me, I jump on it while its still running. It's a strange feeling, I feel I have a strong connection with the horse. The horse takes me down the road towards the traffic lights near la porchetta pizza restaurant. There's traffic and the horse takes us towards the cars. I can see trucks. I try to stop it but its fighting against me. The horse eventually stops and we get to the other side without a scratch. It was night time and some cars didn't have their lights turned on.

      I'm now at Daryl's and I see a dog bowl. Kayley tells me that Trish phoned in and asked if I was feeding and looking after my dog. I tell Kayley that I've been taking the dog for walks.

      Dream 2

      I'm at my house and I see Kayley talking to a black women who is meant to be her mother. The Mum has quite a few teeth missing. Kayley is jokingly mocking her Mum about something. This scene replays a few times. As Kayley leaves, she calls her an ugly cunt or something like that, really putting her down.

      I can now see spices that are placed in a spice rack. I pick one up and have a look at it. Kayley's Mum must have just got back from being out with her boyfriend. She tells us she got spoilt. She bought back a bottle of vodka. The bottle is a lot wider then a normal bottle with a plastic lid. I take a closer look at the herbs and there's a picture of Kayley's Mum on the front of it. She looks decent looking. The back of it has a picture of her playing basketball. I ask Kayley if she used to play basketball, she say's yes.

      Dream 3

      I'm at a party and I see a few people trying to putt a ball into a hole. If the person got it in the hole, they win a car. I was going to have a crack at it, but someone took my shot instead. Germain has a putt and it comes pretty close to the hole. Someone takes over Germain's shot and must have put too much power on their shot, cause the ball was now 10 meters away from the hole. There's a bit of decline in the surface if u were to miss the hole.

      I'm now playing a video game on the computer. Its a similar game to Mario Brothers. Jason Deen asks me if I remember playing this game together when we were younger. At first I didn't recall, but it clicked with me as I was playing that I did.

      Someone that I'm with decides to play a bit of a joke on a guy sitting at his computer. He somehow makes the victims computer screw up. Maybe even blowing it up, through a virus or magic. The victim becomes furious.

      Dream Fragment

      1. Blaxland House

      2. I see Dad walk into garage through the house. He asks Daryl if he took any of his cigarettes. Daryl confesses that he did. He has taken a handful. I can see a homemade cigarette pack on the freezer, which Daryl is talking about.
    12. School Dance, Water Protest (6.9.14)

      by , 09-06-2014 at 02:56 PM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      I'm at my primary school in the gymnasium. It's been turned into a night club. I have Kayley with me, and I see Marleigh with her brother. We are all dancing and Kayley grabs Marleigh and pulls her towards us so they can dance with us. Marleigh looks at me and then grabs my cock, holding it with a tight grip. I kinda feel a little bit of pain. She's got a good grip, I can't even move.
      I start talking to Marleigh's brother on the dance floor, and couldn't help but notice his poor taste in fashion. He's about 5-10 years too late. I tell him nice beard (referring to his chest hair that could be seen. Hes first few buttons on his shirt were undone), and mention that it's an in thing those beards. I tell him about my chest hair and try to show him what I had, but I have too much clothes on. I jokingly try to send him a picture of it.

      There's a dance circle which had been formed and there was two black males with short frizzy haired dances in it. It looks like they're dressed up for a play or something. One of the males is sitting down on a chair when he pulls out a syringe and gabs himself with it, pretending to be sick.

      I begin to do some weird shit on the dance floor and start moving my hands up and down as if I was using a horn on a truck.

      Kayley walks over to Marleigh and Marleigh says that she probably wouldn't see us for another 8 years, and Kayley responds saying I doubt that.

      Dream 2

      I'm outside with Daryl and we notice a group of protesters. They're holding signs and all. I tell Daryl that these are the water protesters (wanting no chemicals in water).
      They all make their way up some steps and we follow. We reach a rocky area which is close to the ocean. They walk the long way to where they're intending to go, and I take the short cut. The destination wasn't far at all and it's to an entrance of a cave where an aboriginal was standing. I'm standing on the rocks above him and I think he notices me.

      We all are in front of the entrance now and the scene of the cave changes to a house. We begin talking to the aboriginal man for a few moments before we eventually enter the house.
      There's a party going on inside, and I can see a lot of people. They seem to be having a great time. I see that more aboriginals come into the scene and they seem to be stand offish, and keep to themselves.

      Everyone is dancing and I can't help but join in and feel the love. There's a hand railing in front of me.

      Sam tells me she's leaving. Shortly after a female tells me that she's going to find Sam, and I insist that I will come along so she's not alone.
      I can see a olympic barbell at the door, and a bike. It's blocking the path. I get passed them and head out and look for Sam. I see Sam and Ben in the distance, sitting on a chair. I reach them and see that Ben's holding some photos which are the size of an average painting. It's a picture of people playing Aussie Rules Football. It seems to be for Josh Arfods Dads birthday, and he isn't too sure on the photo.

      Dream Fragment

      1. Dave Clork is in a new relationship.

      2. I look down at my stomach and notice that I have a gut. It looks like its sagging and I see that one area looks like its bulging out more then the other side.
    13. Disabled Seminar, Rangebank Choir, Box of Protein LD#41 (2.9.14)

      by , 09-02-2014 at 11:11 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1

      Some guy giving seminar in a wheelchair. He tells everyone to stand up, making fun of himself. Everyone laughs, and i stand up as If I didn't get the joke at first. The man in wheelchair stands up. He talks about his arse, and what it looks like since he's been in a wheelchair. He makes his arse blow up outwards to about the size of a head.

      I'm playing a video game with Daryl. It's FIFA. We are taking shots for goal from free kicks. Daryl hasn't really figured out how to shoot properly.

      Dream 2

      I'm with Daryl and we're at our primary school. We are walking passed library when I see Soyer. He's sitting in the drivers seat of a car where the new portables are.

      Daryl and I are now at the preps toilets. I see a crowd of people singing where the gym is. I avoid going that way due to having to get involved. I see Troy Ost and one of his mates, maybe Hobs?
      Daryl is looking at a 20c coin and I happen to think that his face is on the coin, but soon after realise that's silly, and wouldn't be the case.
      Harley walks towards us and I jokingly tell him that anyone that sings in the choir can't be friends with us. He doesn't crack and smile, and I tell him he doesn't look too well. He agrees with me, and kneels down and farts. He now cracks a little smile. It's a silent but deadly one. It smells like diarrhea. Daryl walks over towards Harley and I tell him to not go too close cause he smells like he shat his pants.

      Dream 3 - DILD - 9:05AM

      I'm in a car with Josh Alford and a couple others, maybe my other mates? We're talking and I'm kinda avoiding getting in a convocation with Josh A. We pull up at the bottle-o near the settlement. It seems to be a protein powder store. We walk over and the boys get their stuff. I'm thinking of buying some, but only if it's pure protein and not with the junk additives they usually put in. I grab a box without telling anyone, and drag it around the store. I eventually put it back under the table where the rest of the supplements were. I see a row of what looked like glass pineapples.
      I walk out of the store and I see John Rickard on the foot path. John has something or is about to buy something. As I pass him I say "hi john" but he doesn't respond back.
      I walk over he road where the old Reece plumbing shop is, except it looks different to RL. I start to become aware that it's a dream. Not sure if I reality check considering I just knew it was a dream. I rub my hands together as the dream seems faded or fading, which doesn't help. I brace myself for a DEILD as the blackness takes over my vision.

      I visualise the last thing I saw which brings on a false awakening in my room. I do a reality check and realise I'm dreaming again. I get out of the bed and decide to do the spinning technique with my eyes closed hoping that a random dream scene appears and not my room for a change. I begin to think what if this isn't a dream and I start banging into walls while spinning, which would probably wake people up. I open my eyes and I'm slumped against the wall in my room. Dream fades again and decide to DEILD again. Same thing happens, end up in my bed. I do a reality check and my hands are blurring as I move them. I struggle to get out of bed, and feel half in and half out of the dream. The waking body wins the was and I awaken for real
    14. Girl Does Porn, Dirty Fighter, Vinegar On The Battlefield (4.8.14)

      by , 08-04-2014 at 01:08 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)
      Dream 1
      I'm walking towards home and pass through the settlement bottle-o area when I see a car drive passed me slowly. It's a female driving and she's having a good look at me and says "hey good lookin". She parks her car not to far away and walks towards the entrance of the settlement. I'm tempted to go talk to her or at least give her my phone number. I miss my opportunity and even think about leaving my number on a piece of paper and put it on her car, but decide to just not worry about it.

      Im at my house now and I'm watching a pornographic film, staring the girl I saw at the settlement. She looks pretty thin and is getting rag dolled a little in the film. The couple are now standing while she is riding him. The area around her pussy looks as if it's caved in, looks pretty strange. It's as if she is anorexic.

      Dream 2
      I'm in a school room which feels like my old primary school. The teacher has made my seating arrangement at the front of the class, next to some girl. The girls seat is vacant for now. As I sit down I notice that a mixed martial arts fight is on the TV. One man is dominating the other in the fight and the ref calls it off due to the other man not being able to intelligently defend himself. Shortly after the ref walks over to the officials who are outside the cage. He talks to them through the cage with his back towards the fighters. The man who won the fight runs over to the still downed opponent and starts to beat him up again, even though the fight is over. It's pretty disgraceful to watch and not a good look for the sport. The man who won pleads his case with the ref on why he attacked the downed fighter. He spoke in broken English and sounded as if he probably spoke Portuguese.

      I start to think about how I've changed since being sick and that I needed to mention to a friend on why my personality has changed slightly. It was Chris from work.

      Dream 3
      I'm playing battlefield 4 on a map called Siege of Shanghai. I'm in the middle of the map underneath where the roof campers usually shoot from. I have a spray bottle in the hand which has a mixture of vinegar and water. I spray the enemies which temporary blinds them. As they run away shielding their eyes I sneak closed to them hoping to get a knife take down on them.

      Dream Fragment 1
      Rex goes missing and comes home a little wet. Then lose him again.

      Dream Fragment 2
      In a paddock and my dog is with a couple animals. They have been transported to another area where we're moving to. The house that uses to be built has vanished. It's as if it had been folded up and transported away.

      Side Notes:
      Not sure if I heard alarm each time it went off. Woke up a few times and recalled dream but fell asleep in the process. Need to repeat mantras more often due to waking up and not reality checking.
    15. Leaving Daryl Behind (3.8.14)

      by , 08-03-2014 at 12:31 AM (CHiLLEN's Dream Journal)

      I'm with Daryl and we're playing cricket near my primary schools crossing is. I hit the ball which rolls down the road. Daryl chases the ball but the ball is too quick. I tell him not to worry about it and that I would chase it. He stops midway to allow me to fetch the ball. I run after the ball.
      Auntie Riter is now with us at the crossing. Auntie and I leave and walk over to the doctors which is 10-15 metres away. I sit down in one room and Auntie in the other. There's around 10 people waiting to be seen. I see that the TV is turned on and has something interesting on while people wait. The chairs are really comfortable (most aren't where I live). Even the lady behind me is talking about them being comfortable. The lady starts rocking back and forth, making my chair do the same thing. I find it a pleasant feeling and think about pretending to put a coin in the side of my chair as a joke to keep going if she stopped. I see some darker skinned people around me and we're all being extremely friendly to one another. There's an announcement in the doctors saying that if you don't have anything overly serious that you won't be seen today [i think it was getting late and closing soon]. It now feels like I've been sitting down for a few mins since the announcement but I lost track of time, it's as if I was day dreaming for that period. As i come to, I see there's some nurses that have come out to ask what's wrong with the remaining people sitting. The nurses seem really friendly and they're saying bye to some people. One of the nurses says bye. We both kiss one another on the cheek.

      Auntie and I leave the doctors. She doesn't seem too happy about how they treated the not as sick people, by sending them home. I see that Daryl is sitting on the grass near the crossing. He's looking miserable and bored.

      Im now walking through a town then into a shopping complex. I walk passed a shopping centre which has TV's that people can watch at the entry. Myself and some other people walking passed get drawn into watching the singer that's on the TV.

      I walk into a store and look around. I realise I have something in my hand and think it may be best if I ask for one of their store bags so they don't have to check my items as I leave. I line up and asks for a bag. The checkout lady jokingly says no you can't have a bag. I joke back and pretend to be upset that I can't have a bag. I help myself to a bag. The darker skinned people from earlier are behind me and I smile and act friendly towards one another. They're quite full on in their personalities. Even know I was comfortable and friendly towards the people, I still felt a little uneasy about them.

      As I leave the shop I see my Uncle Bryce. He asks me a question about where a store is. I point him in the direction of where I just came from, which was 10 metres from where I am sitting. He is kinda confused while looking in the direction which I gave him. He repeats again where he's wanting to go which is Aldi. I get up and open a door which is near us and point into the distance at the Aldi store, which is 1 or so km's away.

      I can now see the deploy screen of a game I play regularly (battlefield 4) which has commentary of someone explaining how to know if you're dreaming while playing the game. I'm quite intrigued by what he's about to say as I tend to have a few dreams about this video game. It starts to feel as if I've been engulfed inside the game and inside a helicopter which is not under my control, but that of the man commenting. It's now in 3rd person and I see the helicopter shooting down attack boats. I can even see the crosshairs on the screen also. We seem to be getting chased by enemy's. The air crafts don't look normal and have a kind of a stealth bomber look to them. Our helicopter drops bombs that can kill pursuing enemies in their paths. The first attempt fails, so we speed up and try again in case we were too close the previous time. We fly into what looks like a underground car park and can see one of those stealth bombers parked up. It looks a strange colour as we approach it. We either fly or roll over it as we pass.

      Side Notes:

      Training myself to stay still and remember my dreams as my alarm goes off. Had trouble first few nights as the alarm needed to be closer to me. I put it on my opposite pillow and if worked a charm. I was awakening without moving a muscle and thinking about my dreams. Too bad a fell asleep a lot during the process, need to be a bit more aware. May need to tweak alarm volume to find that perfect volume to not wake me up too much or too little.
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