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    1. villain in arena, produce guests, cutting off fingers

      by , 03-02-2019 at 06:21 PM
      2 mar, (3) dreams

      Fighting area, combatting a whole series of people. At one point I am the guy on a platform covering the area in poison, I guess Iím villain. ďIíve built and immunity to thisĒ as he sprays it all over the citizens. I look like Thranduil with a long beige robe and hair.

      Iím setting up a platter for guests or customers as Iím at produce and buying 2 cheap cartons of strawberries, cutting into some foreign looking melons, buying discount bags of assorted fruits(blueberries, starfruit, etc, in red mesh bag). I wash my hands and the new Filipino colleague is behind me to help I think? Apparently Iím in a house or MY houses bathroom now and heís looking through the pantry saying ďyou guys got a lot of ingredientsĒ and I say yeah.

      Trying to reattach area on finger
      Go to black market surgeon
      Put my finger in bag on his desk
      He comes back and tells me he needs More
      I cut off other finger and drag my friend down a series of above ground tunnels and see the doctor again, he looks like a old dentist working on someone in a seat
      I slap the bag of fingers on his desk while I bleed
      Apparently it was needed for someoneís facial reconstruction
      I can see the face, itís a male with dark complexion and deep green eyes. It fixed his eye and cheekbone l donít know how. He was a handsome looking man.
      I felt like I was in Palestine, rushing to help someone by donating fingers.
    2. xiv.

      by , 08-01-2018 at 11:01 AM
      Non-dream stuff; woke up at around 8:30 and had a dream (the first fragment) but couldn't remember it that well so went back to sleep again and woke up at 10:10 and then came to the computer to write down all of the non-lucid dream stuff below. It took about 40mins to write everything, not counting the notes...

      Dream fragment 1:

      I don't remember much here, but I was at a place similar to the house I'm in now, in waking life. It was day, near the end of the day and I was out at the back as were other neighbours. The walls were short, instead of being tall like in waking life and the view was not of a town but of the countryside. This area seemed to resemble an area a bit west of where I live.

      There was a black cat. And it was playful and smart and it would catch mice and handle them differently to other cats. At one point I'm sure this cat talked. But something was odd about him, he was too smart and so I grabbed him and realised his fur was not that of a cat at all, even though he looked like a black cat, he was some sort of little raccoon thing that had tricked us and recently there were fires out in peoples back gardens, small fires, and I knew he was the cause, as I saw him play with matches before. I got rid of him somehow, in a way that wouldn't make him return, but I don't remember what I did. (Have the distinct impression I gave him a good smacking for being a cheeky little thing)

      Dream sequence 2:

      I was in the car with my partner, I was as usual in my passenger seat and we were driving along a motorway. It was night and there was nobody else on the road. At times my perception of vision changed, to outside the car to scenic views of the road. We went around a long corner and I could see mountains in the distnae as well as forest closer by. I remember seeing displays with double green arrows on them, like it was a racetrack or something, but it wasn't, even in the dream's context. As we kept going we reached a part where the 3-lane road was splitting into two 2-lane roads, one which ramped down.

      We continued head on and then there were some cars on-coming on one of the lanes and their driving looked a bit funny; as we reached the end of this road segment we realised that had been a one-way 2-lane road and just everyone else was avoiding us.

      I remember we were waiting in a queue to get into a petrol station to get fuel, and it was day at this point.

      Dream sequence 3:

      I remember being at some sort of hall, that looked like a supermarket really, but there were big theatre curtains and lights and I was there supposedly with my partner, but he looked different, though I felt it was him in the dream. Then there was another man, a dream-character I've not seen and he looked smug. He approached us and there was some sort of crew getting things ready for presenting him and in the dream I was aware that my partner had to go with this guy to the stage for some reason. They gave this man the cue to go on stage (which was not raised, since this was a supermarket...) and I peeked from behind the curtain and saw the spotlights focus on him. I looked at my partner saying "come on you gotta get on there" and he didn't say anything and started to look pale white, and I asked some relatives of this other man what should we do and they were shrugging and saying they didn't know.

      Eventually we both went on to the stage and the smug man was surrounded by upper-class looking people and when we approached him he smiled at us and welcomed us but we could see he had that "I'm actually really angry" smile.

      The next thing I remember was that I was in some sort of mine or cave, and now things looked like a game, but the smug man was here somewhere too and my partner was at a house and I just knew where it was. I got on a mine cart of some description and sped up, trying to "remember" (in the dream context) where to go, going over some abyss on the rails at one point and then reaching a split and deciding to continue going the way I was already going. I reached an end and though the caves were dark I distinctly remember they looked a dark de-saturated blue. The smug man had caught up and was here already, and I was starting to want to get away aster. Here there was a wooden door and for some reason I knew it just led me to more caves so I opened up some interface and "pressed" a H key which made me start using an item or spell.

      It teleported me to the house my partner was at, which was like it was out of Hanzel and Gretel but bigger and as a mansion. It was day and there were some clouds. I walked in and told my partner the man was coming. I saw a glossy cobalt coloured camera and went up to it and punched it with my right fist and then grabbed it by the tripod and smashed it against a window until it was nothing. I said to my partner in a fake eastern european accent; "not very good spy" and I smiled at myself. Then I saw through the windows a big blue truck approach. At first I thought he was gonna hit the house, as it was a massive truck and looked like a petrol tanker. But instead he blocked the front of the house with it, but again, job poorly done because I could still use the front door, and I got out and quickly hid somewhere on a bush before he could see me and as he got out of the driver seat I pounced at him, gripping him by the shoulders initially and then attacking him with my fists and he tried spitting on me and blowing on my face and I ignored it and got a claw weapon out and started scratching the man all over (who now looked like a sweaty redneck and not a smug man at all), and he struggled and I saw damage numbers fly all over the place and he asked with surprise something like "how can you deal so much damage?!".

      I defeated him and I got in the truck and my "camera" changed to third person view of the vehicle, which was taller than the house and I drove off against some trees that just got knocked down and kept my momentum (that wouldn't happen so easily in waking life) and I realised this was actually a missile truck, loaded with 18 missiles; on a control interface I saw an interesting option of "teleport payload to target" and I remember I could see a top-down view as a map of the local region; I tried the option and unfortunately I could not see the target I wanted in range, so I drove the truck further, into a city. By the time I reached the city I'd damaged the truck a bit with some clumsy driving through forests and some of the payload was gone, I was down to 11 missiles and I was going to look for a target again, when I saw some man in a suit come toward the truck and waving at me all like "oh no no no!"; there was a small sub-station behind him and the dream more or less ended here.

      Some notes:

      - The presence of fire in the first dream fragment was probably related to the fact that last night shortly before bed there a car fire out back. So the little mischievous animal was more than likely a representation of whoever might have done it. When I realised the creature was not at all a cat I did think it was very odd, and through most of the dream there was a nagging doubt in my mind about it.

      - Throughout the entirety of dream sequence 3, my partner was very passive, and though he did say things back at times, I really don't remember what he said in any detail.

      - The map in dream sequence 3 reminded me of Fallout 4 and the capitol wasteland from Fallout 3, as well.

      - There were many times through all sequences and fragments which would have been good prompts for doing a RC. Unfortunately the game-like nature of sequence 3 made it exceptionally difficult to question anything, as I was too entrenched in my role. Dream fragment 1 and 2 were the ones that made me think "that was odd" a few times, in the dream.

      - The missile payload truck was not at all like anything specific from games I've played but rather was dream-generated, as was were many other aspects of sequence 3.

      - I remember a music played when I was on the truck approaching the city, something like "the bad guy's gonna get it! hyaaa! the bad guy's gonna get it!" but it reminded me, even in the dream, of the intro song to the game Borderlands 1 (the music being Ain't no rest for the wicked).

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      non-lucid , memorable , dream fragment , side notes
    3. Dream - Cortex Strikes Back

      by , 07-12-2017 at 07:48 AM
      Date of Dream: TUE 4 JUL - 2017

      Dream No. 146 - Cortex Strikes Back

      I dreamt that I was the one fighting Dr. Neo Cortex from Crash Bandicoot and it happened in my own house. Cortex had set up an array of chainsaws in the garage that I had to disconnect from the power chords in order to turn them off... I had to do this five times before I could defeat him. The first two disconnections were easy. The third connection was challenging and I had to do some problem solving before touching the saws. Then the fourth time stepped up in difficulty again. There were saws crossed over each other and when two of them touched, running in the opposite direction, there was a massive spark and there was now a full on fire in the garage. I don't remember anything else that happened in this dream.

      Dream Trophies Achieved:
      - None
    4. Mindcontrolled Minions

      by , 12-29-2015 at 11:27 AM
      D1 - A man with black hair and glasses and a long tan trench coat (he plays villain in a lot of my dreams, he's ok at it), is at a counter trying to pretend to be somebody else to get money or something. The worker, an old man round man with white hair and spectacles is dealing with him.
      He starts to give the villain a phone number and is half way through when I use mind control thinking "no no..don't do it!" He stops in his tracks realising this man may not be as genuine as he thought. The man gets very agitated and starts to kick off. He somehow manages to get hold of something and leaves.
      Outside is a cobblestone street and shops and some houses, leading to a archway into a courtyard. There are lots of general public about but I notice a load of school girls in brown uniforms. I use mind control to take them over and set them after the villain. He is accousted in the courtyard and they drag him away with little fuss, there are lots of them
      I get them to hurt him but then a part of me wakes up to the fact that I shouldn't be hurting dream characters as they are a part of myself.
      With this new intent I re-enter the dream and find the villain escaping down a tunnel leading to the subway. He disappears round a corner, so I use telekinesis to drag him out. He comes flying out. At this point I get lucid, everything feels different and lighter. The guy who looks slightly different now comes at me Oo. I freeze up a bit but have the courage to try and hug my mad(?) assailant. His expression changes ansd he opens his arms to hug me breifly but then lucidity and the dream fade.

      D2 -Outside my parents house (as it was many years ago) my brother is in the garden at night. Inside the lights are on. The fuel storage has been set a light by me. I realise inside is also stored framed photographs of the schoolgirls with somekind of official form and signature. I put ourt the fire and hope the damage is not to great though I can see some are burnt round the edges :/

      D3 - At school I have not prepared the kids properly for some kind of school performance. Other teacher is running through some basic routine, I am planning on being off sick. Class run through basic routine but their is some swearing.
    5. 11 Feb: Captured by some lady villain

      by , 02-11-2012 at 09:38 AM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      When I got lucid, I was at some rectangular white room, with no windows and two doors on perpendicular walls. I assume I took refuge in this place. I could see my stuff on the floor and realized I had been sleeping the night there.
      I heard noise outside, as if someone was lurking and I got into fight mode. I looked for my sword and noticed a type of shelf, excavated high on the longest wall. I strecthed my arm and looked with my fingers for my sword. It was there. I picked it up and opened, very quietly, one of the doors.
      This room was part of some kind of basement. The main space was open with many columns and arches supporting the ceiling and there were doors to other smaller rooms like the one I was at. All the walls were painted white and there was nothing stored, just empty space. I was attacked from my right by some guy and from my left came another. I didn't feel very strong and I strugglled to beat them. Eventually I won the fight but three more guys appeared. The more guys I fought, the more kept coming. I looked for an exit when I realized they were controlling the only exit and coming from there in waves. Shit!
      When I was trapped against a wall, tired and fighting 5 guys at once, I felt I was lost. Then from the entrance stairs came a woman, asian-looking, who gave orders for them to halt their attack. She slowly walked to me, I couldn't help notice how attractive she was. I had surrendered and she held my face in her hands, looked me in the eyes and asked me for Manjushri sword. Oh, so that's what they want! I have to think for a while and I recall that I hid it somewhere safe before I came in here for the night. I don't say a word, she beats me.
      She tells the men to hold me down and she tortures me. I say nothing. Then she orders them to rip off my clothes. Completely naked, she touches me and I can't help feeling aroused. She says it's quite a waste to damage such a beautiful body. She orders the men to lock me up in one of those rooms until I decide to talk.

      Then, it all gets a bit hazy, but at some night I manage to escape the room and in the cover of darkness I manage to pass by the guards and escape. I even find it strange how easy that was.

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    6. 29th Shared Dreaming Attempt - Evolventity's Dream

      by , 09-11-2011 at 12:38 AM (International Oneironaut Shared Dreaming Journal)
      Evolventity's Dream
      September 10, 2011

      (Regular Dream) Fell asleep at 6AM, woke up at 8AM.
      -My sister J* and I are walking through a dark forest with hills made of wood chips on our right. As we walk, a cute mongoose is running along side on the hills. We come to a huge hill of wood chips and logs, and we wonder if he will be able to climb the hill. The hill curves in front of the path and we have to walk upward. I hike first and try pulling J* higher. We find ourselves at a campsite after reaching the top. There is a woman in her 20s here along with a wolf she has tied to a wooden post using a rope. The wolf may be a werewolf, but seems like a common white wolf. I think I tried to re-tie or pull the wolf back to the posts and he almost ran away when the woman tied swooped in to tie him for me.

      (Regular Dream)
      -I'm standing a couple yards away from the back entrance of my Aunt N*'s house. There is a drug lord inside who has been causing me trouble. His henchmen are blocking me from passing, holding machine guns. I'm standing, stopped, looking at M*'s iPhone. The men fire their machine guns at the same time. I begin to play a machine gun sound on the phone and listen to it, comparing how similar it is to the real thing being fired right in front of me. Standing unaffected, I walk pass them. One more round is fired at the floor and bullet holes form, unlike they did on me. I walk to the back bedroom and before entering I begin a recording on the phone. I walk in finding the dealer, in his 40's, on the bed. He looked Italian, like an actor I've seen before but I don't know his name. I try to set the phone down directed towards us on a dresser. He takes the phone and I struggle to snatch it back as he cancels the recording. (Skip) M* is now present and makes a deal with the drug lord; not to do something. His sentence to obey him will remain for a year. I speak up and his time is extended over a couple thousand years. We leave in a car with J*, trying to take her home, and she wants us to make a detour.

      (Regular Dream) Fell asleep at 12PM, woke up at 2PM.
      -I'm sitting in bed with M*. The FBI or some other authority figures with computer skills is coming to retrieve the phone. I'm not sure if there was actually anything useful on the phone for them. I go through the camera roll. I find an unfamiliar picture of M* and us together, nude perhaps. give him the phone and rush to grab my laptop. I sit back down on the bed as I open it up and press the power button. Thankfully, it has already been booted so we've saved a little time. I connect the iPhone using USB and try to transfer the files. Three different windows are present and each are decreasing from time starting at 10 minutes. I realize they're not actually downloading around the 6th minute, only creating thumbnails to be viewed. I pick the right folder window and the transfer begins. (Skip) I escape with a small group of people. One of the men is cop from the anime movie "Paprika." It's night time and we are surrounded by metal cargo containers, like often seen in movies involving a chase, and only rigs can move them. Anyway, I see the Joker, from the Dark Knight, lean out from behind one. He shoots a gun several times at me. I quickly jump aside behind a cargo storage too. I see the cop across from me yielding his gun in hiding. The joker is trying to merge all parallel universes and gain total control. In order to escape him I need to find my own path and go through time. I run aside from the cargo and jump backwards, I dash through universe and time using a wormhole. I can see the universe I'm fleeing as I travel further. I'm inside of a streaking white and other multi-colored tunnel. The joker has come through, and has switched into the role of a good guy, on my side. A different entity is now chasing us as the joker controls the path through the worm hole with me tagging behind. The villain engulfs two objects, maybe even a person, and takes on a rock-like shape with an off-white egg shell color. He sinks and rises near me still trying to catch us, maybe engulf us. The scene merges into another scene where my sister J* and I are in another continuous rush, this time we are walking through SubWay restaurants. I'm only looking at the ground as we pass through each SubWay and there is never a break from the restaurant, every couple of yards we merge into a different universes version of SubWay. We sit down at a table. There are large windows facing the street and it's sunny outside. The environmental colors are vivacious. Our goal is to now return to our own universe. I look around and notice the people. The table at my right bears a 7 year old child sitting across from his 30 year old relative. However; as young as this person looks, he is actually 30 years old and the man across from him is his 7 year old son. In this universe people age backwards, taking on a younger appearance. I notice other people in the restaurant who are aged this way too. A woman comes to our table and sits. She looks 20 though she is probably 60. I tell her she is beautiful. She is in 2D and I can see through her transparent body. When I tell her she is beautiful a fractal emerges from the center of her brain, enlarging to its boundaries. I say to her "Who else is here beautiful? You're beautiful J*. Don't you think she's pretty?" She replies "Yes, I do, she is pretty" with a smile on her face. J* then forms a fractal in her 2D brain as well, and with the same compliment, another is formed inside of the previous fractals' boundaries. J* mentions she's on her period by saying "It's that time of the month" and then asking the 'girl' "Are you on that time of the month." The woman now looking near 14 years old acts confused. She doesn't know what we;re talking about. I become forgetful of the nature of this universe and the fact that it may not be my own. I ask her how old she is, thinking she may be too young to have a period. J* and I ask to see her DMV license. She doesn't know hat "DMV" is either. I ask, "You don't have vehicles here?" I look into the street and see nothing, though for a glimpse I see a set of tires rolling, as if attached to an invisible vehicle. She says "No." I look down at a frame on the table and see a red truck driving down a street. "There are cars here, She's lying" I say. She says no, we say yes, no, yes, no. We are in the wrong universe. We run.
    7. Weird looking villain.

      by , 09-07-2011 at 06:15 AM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Weird looking villain. (DILD)


      I had a false awekening and left my house. It was day and very clear. I looked at the clock and realized it was already 1pm. I was worried because I had a lot to do in the morning.

      I suddenly realized that I must've been dreaming. It was impossible for me to wake up so late. I took a small flight and suddenly realized there was a villein that looked pretty much like this:

      I decided to follow the plop and realize what was going on.

      I soon lost lucidity and saw this guy, laughing very loud. His laugh sounded very metallic and echoed. I saw some tanks and a hord of bikers. They were all supposed to fight. I felt that the tanks were going to win the battle, however, there were hundreds of thousands of bikers, so I felt that maybe the could win.
    8. Super Hero?

      by , 09-06-2011 at 01:31 PM
      8 Aug 2011

      I was trying to steal something from a guy at the top of a multi-storey building. This required finding secret ways up through the floors. The bottom few levels were a shopping centre with office floors above. The layout of the building was similar to many buildings in Sydney's CBD but the shopping centre was similar to a dream I had many months ago. On climbing various devices such as ropes, escalators and swing bars etc. When I was on the private floors I had to be covert in order to evade attention. There were various staff trying to prevent my passage. It gave the general feeling of a Team Rocket base from Pokemon. On reaching the top I found the item which I was intending to steal and the boss was in the room. I thought he didn't see me but as I was leaving, he made it clear that he knew what I was doing and was allowing me to pass in the hope that I would learn from his generosity. He was a Superhero and I was the villain but we were both forced to accept that we were friends not enemies and could drop the stupid charade.
    9. Writing projects turned into a TV show? (James Lafferty? AGAIN?!?!)

      by , 05-14-2011 at 01:00 PM
      5/14: I really don't like when these dreams sneak up on me, but it's OK. This kinda felt like the "Jotaro Kujo" dream four months ago (the last time I wrote here, I had a beige, plain-Jane, boring hard drive running Windows 2000 and it was too slow and every card in the machine failed. Now, I'm using a hard drive running Windows XP--working sound and graphics card and all), except this time it showed me the what the mega-corporation I created in both series, SpiraTech (for 2 writing projects, the Supercar and Insert Coin series) was up to, and it was no good, as always.

      I was in this office that looked like a hospital and some of SpiraTech Industries' core members were talking about this project they were working on, bearing a striking resemblance to (you guessed it) James Lafferty. All they had to do was log on to a computer operating Windows XP/Vista/7 using Internet Explorer/Mozilla Firefox/Opera/Safari, etc., Google him and read all about him on certain websites--which means SpiraTech did their homework, but that's about as far as it got.

      In the two series, SpiraTech's main goal--like most villains--is world domination in the world of cars and racing (Supercar) and video gaming (Insert Coin), by doing secret projects to beat the world's best competitors, usually in the form of humans and cars--but most of them on the Supercar side of things backfire on them. They'll also resort to low blows like setting up heists to steal things that are important in history like a Ford Model T or a Spacewar arcade machine.

      As much as I'd like to see my 3 writing projects (Supercar, Insert Coin, Education Lane) become TV shows--the second an animated series with 16 to 32-bit Super Nintendo and SEGA Genesis/32x graphics (like G4's Code Monkeys did with 8-bit graphics) and the third a sitcom about teachers, I've still got some work to do, so it may be a while (and I have to find a publisher!). Maybe this dream told me to get to work and stop wasting time. For me, getting ideas are sometimes easy while others difficult. I just need to get more organized, that's all.
    10. Pop star villain, weed from clee, kicking mom, and kilp conflict

      by , 08-18-2010 at 01:33 PM

      Pop star villain who looks similar to Lady Gaga is captured in giant plane by two 16 year olds. They force her to hang outside the cockpit, this makes her pass out so she is not a threat.

      They're superheros, that's their character, that's the story... one male and one female who take complete control of the environment through technology, like their big plane, and trap villains.


      Pop star could represent superficiality.

      - - -


      At home in my room, I almost buy some weed from Clee (friend.) I have my money out and everything. I'm facing my closet, the weed is on my bed, we're about to exchange... but I change my mind at the last moment.

      I follow Clee outside for courtesy, to hang out while he smokes a cigarette, to be cool since I didn't buy from him.

      On the way out, mom is laying on the floor at the door of the bathroom/bottom of the stairs (sort of both, dream merge), talking with my aunt (who is standing.)

      Mom says something along the lines of "every fit person has a hot person they work out with," some limiting belief that she uses to justify her lack of fitness to herself.

      This frustrates me. I get super pissed and attack her, kick her in the head. Aunt is disgusted, "doesn't understand why you can't just be chill."

      Clee and I get to the door, I put on my shoes - they're black, bigger than normal, firm and puffy.

      We were going to train but it turns out to be raining quite heavily. I put on an act of being upset, even though I didn't really want to anyway - I was only being accommodating.


      Almost buy weed - because I've been considering changing up my meditation schedule, the thought of getting some occurred to me yesterday, but I decided against it.

      Follow Clee outside/pretend upset/accommodating - literal representation of behavior patterns around this person.

      Mom laying down - likely represents her weakness, given up on life. Aunt there to support her justifications.

      - - -


      Kilp (Jr High classmate) is outside. He threatens me, throws a knife my direction. It lands in the dirt in front of me, as a message that he's "out to get me." He makes some jokes about me to someone else.

      I pull the knife out of the ground, throw it up in the air, and it lands exactly in my sheath. Kilp says something sarcastic about "winning his heart" by this display. I say "all mine," double meaning that I will literally take his heart.


      Perhaps triggered by negative social events at work, feeling "looked down upon," an expression of a desire to fight back.

      - - -


      Door breaks off, upper class family...

      Use toilet positioned in middle of stage, in front of an audience for a SC1 tournament...

      Jee visits me, in my room, have chat...


      The toilet being right on stage seems like an obvious metaphor for self consciousness.

      Anyway, I think I need more sleep. I don't feel "refreshed" upon waking up, always tired and groggy. Currently I go to bed at around 12 and wake up at 7. Will see if I can gradually fall asleep at earlier times, beginning with 11.

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    11. 3 old, half remembered dreams.

      by , 08-03-2010 at 08:27 PM (Dreams of the Maeniac)
      [B]1. Undated, quite old.[/B]
      [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I'm in some park-like place. An open spot with grass and trees around it. I grab a branch from a tree. With the branch, I am able to swing up and grab hold of another, higher up branch. At the end, I have a branch that swings me around as if I was wearing a pilotable parachute. My old teacher tells me I shouldn't do it, it's too dangerous.
      [B]2. Undated, quite old[/B]; after watching The Dark Knight, I was really fascinated by the Joker, so that's the cause of the Jokerfication of my dreams.
      [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I'm in a big store, they sell DVDs, there's a whole bunch of posters with the Joker on them. People are dressed up as the Joker, too. Want to buy The Dark Knight.
      A little girl aged around 2 to 4 in a pink [URL="http://www.ifocus.dk/nyheder/04-10-07/Reima-T-Pige-flyverdragt-m.jpg"][missing word][/URL] pokes me on the shoulder (How she does this, you ask?) She says, roughly translated "You may" / "You can" / "You're allowed to", something like that. ([I]Du mŚ godt.[/I])
      She points to the exit, she ants me to go somewhere. I follow her to some trees and bushes. There's an army of cats, she wants me to read some little piece of paper on the ground where the cats were. It says something stupid, something starting with G but making no sense.
      I take the girl up on my shoulders and carry her back. Walk the wrong way at first... "Y'know, this is really weird... Because... (Exhausted) I don't... Usually do this"
      Walk back around and find the right way. Meet K on the way, I put the girl down when I get into the store. Felt weird but made me feel sort of proud...
      [B]3. Undated[/B]; again with the Joker...
      [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]I'm in a place that looks like a bank from a movie. The color themes are something like dark wood and gold everywhere. First I fistfight some guards or whatever, then I get a shotgun and have an epic shootout "scene" where I kill a few of them. I hide behind a counter while fighting another guy with a shotgun.
      I'm fighting a guy and a lady with katanas. We move up on a table and fight there. The whole thing is very movie-like, and I'm the villain. I cut the lady and grab her from behind, using her as a shield from the guy. The two are lovers. I tell the guy he has to choose between me killing the lady, or him killing us both. He tries to kill us both, but I move out of the way just in time and then we fight on. We move out to the streets, I severely injure him. I try to make him give up by giving him the [URL="http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/TheReasonYouSuckSpeech"]The Reason You Suck[/URL]-speech. At the peak of hopelessness, he turns the situation around by saying something epic that I have forgot, but it seemed to hint that both he and his lover would survive. I laugh it off while laying on a sidewalk, wet ([I]We had jumped into some water below a bridge at one point aswell.[/I]) I tell him I do hope he meets his lover again, I actually have nothing against him. He walks off. I do that weird thing the Joker does with his mouth in The Dark Knight and then I let myself fall asleep on the sidewalk.[/COLOR]

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