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    1. 14 Aug: Bad guys at the docks and murder in a nuclear lab

      by , 08-14-2019 at 10:09 PM (Lucid-schizo-dreamer)
      non-dream dream semi-lucid lucid false awakening

      A big fat dragon is walking downtown and smashing houses like Godzilla but more by accident. Me and Zilla are trying to avoid it but he seems to go wherever we go. We end up at some derelict buildings by the docks and we bump into a dozen dudes, who are doing shady businesses, and they surround us, menacing. I say we have no idea who they are and what they are doing, but they couldn't care less. So I fly and pick a stick that is lying around and I hit them with it. Zilla runs away. We reach an area with more people around and they let us go.

      Staying at some foreign country with colleagues from worldwide. We are working on a lab and sharing amenities. I have a nice room for myself, but have to share bathroom with another lady, but still it is very comfortable.
      At the lab some days I work with two guys. One whom I know and another one who is a stranger and has been harassing me. I know what he is capable of, because he is a sexual offender and I am creeped out whenever I need to be alone with him.
      Well, he works with radioactive material and he has to go inside a chamber where materials are deposited. One day, I am by chance at a place from where I can see that my colleague locks him up in that chamber, which cannot be opened from the inside. I am shocked but I do not help the creepy guy. I think we are actually better without him. He only needs to stay locked for some minutes before the radiation reaches deadly levels.
      I stay put and do nothing. Meanwhile a group of visiting researchers, who had been out for a city tour, are coming back to the lab and I go meet them and stall them while I know my colleague is re-opening the door of the chamber, to cover up his action. This way people will think the dude fainted there and got too much radiation by accident. I just wander what he is going to do regarding the security tapes. If they just disappear people will know it wasn't an accident. Anyway, I cannot be implicated.

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      non-lucid , dream fragment
    2. Peter Pan and Burping 101

      by , 06-30-2017 at 06:12 AM (Nonsense and Conundrums)
      The dream started out interesting, then it turned into another school dream...

      My "family" and I are going on a long trek to find Peter Pan. MY "family" consists of an old man who is the leader, driving an RV (Like Dale from The Walking Dead.. ), my "mother" who is Wendy from the Peter Pan movies, and my normal dad. We have a huge tour bus/RV style vehicle. We are at a beautiful spot: a lovely enchanted forest with some docks leading to a sparkling lake.

      I think we do find Peter Pan, and "Wendy" goes with him, but that part is blurry. I think I wake up in the middle of the night, go back to sleep, and the dream changes.

      Now it's the first day of my senior year of high school, and the counselors have completely effed up my class schedule. I'm completely outraged upon realizing my first class of the day is "Burping 101"! Not only that, but the school would not give us an actual schedule to keep, we had to remember what we were told, once. I wrote my class schedule on my hand.

      So many students are so upset about this that they have a strike in the lunch room, refusing to go to their classes. Campus police end up forcing us to move along, but everyone is so confused. I end up arguing to a teacher about my schedule, and she agrees that it is utterly odd and has no idea what happened. The only normal class I seem to have is AP Comp Literature...the other ones are Advanced Geometry and Tristonometry...? Whatever.

      So yeah, more nonsense, but I have noticed that my dreams are much more vivid now. I'm slowly improving my skill!
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. 16-07-11 Russia, Dog-Monsters, Escape From Lodge

      by , 07-13-2016 at 07:27 PM
      I was in a very rural (and cold) region of Russia. There was tundra, and patches of snow and ice everywhere. I was in some kind of muddy, outdoor parking lot, located on the side of an even muddier trail. There were quite a few people there. Some guys (kids?) wanted to show me their motorcycles. I acted all interested, and got on one of them. They were still enthusiastic, but careful - and told me not to do anything. Before they knew what was happening, I had started the bike and raced away from there. I felt like I had "a job to do", and I needed this vehicle to do it. I rode a twisty asphalt roads for a bit, until I knew I wasn't being followed. Then, I turned around and rode back - back onto the muddy road next to the lot. There was a lot of police and bystanders on the lot after my theft. I turned off the engine and "pedaled" instead, as if it was a part bicycle, part motorcycle. This was, I managed to quietly ride past them, and escape. During the ride, I noticed it had been a long time since I had ridden a bike (5 years in real life, I stopped after a crash) - but it went well, and the bike had a surprising amount of grip despite the mud, snow and ice.

      Me and a partner entered a dilapidated building, a kind of giant warehouse. We were there to kill two monstrous dog-like monsters and save two women who were being attacked by the beasts. The beats were probably based on Woola, the 'dog' from "John Carter", a movie I watched the day before. The beasts created some kind of 'portals' high up on the walls. They would drag their prey up, and inside he portal, where they would be consumed. Anyway, we both had suppressed pistols. My partner engaged one of the creatures on the far side of the warehouse. Suddenly, I had a machine gun instead. I encountered the other creature in the corridor right before entering the actual warehouse. I shot and killed it with the MG. I realized the the girl, who looked like Lara Croft from the Tomb Raider reboots, was safe for now - despite hanging from one of the portals below the waist. I decided to go help my partner instead.

      I went with my grandfather to a dark place, presumably up north. There were long nights and very short days, just a few hours that felt like minutes. In no time, I wanted to go back, but I knew I needed plane ticket.

      I needed to flee a house/lodge/shack on a hill. The environment was once again cold, and possibly snowy. There was a short way down, but I "failed" (it was like a quick-time event in games), and came down a little further. I was forced to climb over several wooden structures/obstacles to reach the helicopter (?) for extraction, before the whole place blew up.

      I only remember an area by the water, probably the docks. I remember swimming, and a dressing area for women that I was sure wasn't there before.
    4. Bar Hopping

      by , 09-04-2014 at 02:31 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      September 01, 2014

      I was with Zukin, one of our friends from Germany, and my cousin, along with some random other people, and we were trying to find a bar. We came to this really fancy, nice one, and there was a long wait; so we put our name in for a reservation, and then went on to find someplace to drink while we waited. We went down the street until it was empty, and then turned right onto an old country lane leading to a dock. There, we found an outdoor bar. We walked around it and didn't like it much, so we left. Zukin bought a fur coat from some black market seller on the docks. It looked just like the coat my mom has.

      After a while wandering the docks, we got into a buggie-slash-golfcart of some sort, and headed back down the country road to the other, nicer bar. Someone else was driving, but when we got to the intersection where we'd turned, I started driving. But i realized that I'd dropped something on the side of the road, and had to go get it. Zukin was running past me as I picked up the money and a ball, which were the things I had dropped. We all got back into the vehicle, and went to the nice bar, and asked if we could be seated now.

      At first, they took us to some seats lining the wall. It was like one of those window bars, except without the window. All we would get was a wall to stare at. So we asked for better seats, and they took us to two tables along a window, with one table in between us. That table was occupied, so we took the two and decided that once the other party left, we would consolidate so we were all closer. The tables were on tiers, so the table Zukin and I were at was higher up than the others.

      I was mostly people watching until the other table freed up, and we moved there. We pushed it against the other table we already had, and moved some chairs. Now, I ordered a fishbowl drink and something for dessert, but they never came. Then, everyone left and I was just wandering around the bar, alone.
      Tags: bar, docks, family, zukin
    5. An inn, the not-so-old-and-only-possibly-faceless woman who secretly lives in your home, and Hugh

      by , 02-18-2014 at 01:25 AM
      There's a kid who's gone down to the docks and started talking to a homeless woman there. He's already seen the events that are about to happen, and he wants be sure he's near her at a certain moment. She's fishing with a stick with a string tied to the end of it. She says to the kid she's "not fishing, just putting out bait."

      There's a private party, all women, that's rented out the restaurant at an inn. There's some drama going on and the cook got stressed out and overwhelmed, he took a break in the garden out back and someone else, the former cook, is filling in. He's not human; he's something large, bulbous, vaguely frog-like. At the moment, the human girl acting as a waitress is standing in front of him saying "Um... um... um..." and he suggests what she's trying to say - that the other cook's just about recovered, so it's okay for him to go now - and when she nods gratefully, he takes off his apron and lumbers off. The boss, an elfish creature, walks over to him. In the boss's POV now, I say to him, "You knew staying here would change the way she sees things." That is, the illusions that make the humans see us as human were bound to eventually stop working on her. "Why didn't you say something to her before now?" He sort of grunts.

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      There's a little girl who's seen a glimpse of a woman in her house that no one else saw. As a disembodied observer, I'm thinking she reminds me of the faceless old woman who secretly lives in your home, although this one's not particularly old, and she may or may not have a face. I like her. Now the girl's in the bed that she shares with her sister, both of them under the covers, except for her hand. She feels a touch on her hand, snatches it away under the covers, and asks her sister if that was her. The answer is no. The girl peeks out from under the covers and sees that there's no one there. But the moment she puts her head out from under the covers to look around, the rest of the covers are ripped off the bed, and the woman, who was standing by the head of the bed out of sight, says "Finally."

      (Woke up. Back to sleep.)

      A man's holding a vial of some kind of virus. He's meant to add a second vial holding some blue liquid to it for some plan that's about to be carried out, but there's something wrong - this isn't the fake that had been prepared, it's the real virus. What happened to the fake? The scene changes briefly to show it back at the lab, where the real virus should be. I switch to the POV of that man with the vial and decide we're going to have to go ahead with the plan, it just means that what we're about to do is less of a bluff than I'd like. I add the blue substance to the vial. Something red like blood forms on the top as the two substances mix.

      In a scene I think of as "Five days in," a man is meeting up with someone named Hugh. Hugh's sitting on a dock with blood around his mouth, one arm slung casually over his dog, greets him with "Hey man," and generally is completely relaxed and sees nothing wrong. The man meeting him is bothered by seeing 'immortals so much older than me' losing control.

      A fragment involving a city made out of pieces of every road built in the past century.

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    6. Living Unanswered

      by , 03-31-2013 at 02:51 AM
      Back in history class, with no teacher in charge, the dream is just beginning.

      The sun is out and shining, but there is hardly anyone around. I'm seated somewhere in the classroom and remember looking up at the board. This scene has got to be my dream sign! There was no teacher around, so I wasn't sure what to do. I do remember walking outside for a while but there is like almost nothing I can recall.

      The dream began changing places. I was now standing next to the ocean, right next to a Minecraft biome. There was spruce trees but I found no snow around. At the time, I was asking for someone's help, a moderator's help. Their name was Netsui. I sent them a message but accidentely wrote out, "/hoe", somewhere in the sentence. I apologized after, even when I felt that Netsui was useless as a moderator(most of their staff really don't know what's going on in the server, they help keep taking great stuff out from the game itself too).

      I later entered a scene where I found many friends and strangers. I also had vivid thoughts about some of their pasts. This area looked a lot like docks, but it also looked like an area where it was always trashy and no one bothered to clean up any of it. I was walking around a corner and found another server player. I walked up to him. As I was following him, I saw him break a chest placed under a tree and there was a lot of materials that popped out of the chest. There were redstone, lapis, and about 5 or 6 eyeballs. These eyeballs were usually used to scare people, so I decided to use them on one of the residents in town.

      I walked up to a two story home next to the docks and slowly approached one male. I gave him one of the eyeballs and asked him if he could show this eyeball to the first person who knocks on the door. I also gave another eyeball to a kid walking in front of me. These eyeballs scared the hell out of me, though, they didn't scared anyone else.

      After ding dong ditching some residents in town, there was a new place I wanted to explore. I wanted to go in to the building located in the back corner of this small little town. Upon entering, I found one of my cousins laying back in one of the apartments. She was pregnant at the time(no, it wasn't me). My mother, who was in the building at the time, agreed to have her stay here a few nights, to accustom the baby's needs. I also noticed a back window in this room. I don't remember anything after looking through it.

      I walked up stairs to search the rest of the rooms. I entered the second floor, finding only detailed information about some of the people I met sometime in this dream. One of them was a woman. She had red hair, looked really old but used make up to hide it, and she looked a lot like one of the staff from the school I am currently attending. These thoughts that I had about her, I was placing her on a hated part in the mind. When I thought of her, I saw her working for the gaming industry, being successful in all that stuff. It was the only idea I had about her. It's probably jealousy but, my jealousy isn't towards her. It's someone whom I hold closer to the spear of love and hate.
    7. A very strange set of dreams.

      by , 05-26-2012 at 02:42 PM
      Ok, so this was a really weird nights's sleep.

      I can't remember going to sleep, but it was some time around 1am. I had not been drnking, and have never done drugs; so it wasn't either of those. It was, however, extremely hot. reams that I can remember, and tonnes of short seconds-long dreams.

      So it started with me at some kind of dock late at night, there was a woman in chinease attire (red) and a strong looking guy with typical film-set style fighting gear on. Me and him were fighting; and it became apparent that this man and woman were the bad guys. I had a team of people around my age, late teens, behind me; a girl, a guy with short hair and somebody else. The docks themselves were long and made of stone, but did not extend into the sea very far, there was metal scaffholding and crates and barrels and tarpooling everywhere. I eventually either won, or the guy got away. The girl on our team told me that I had to get into thier lare, as it was strange that I should win (I obviously couldn't have.), and the short-haird guy (who was in a comms-van) agrees, so I am sent into the bad-people's lare. I walk along the dockside and down a slope into a tunnel which leads to the lare. Once inside I find that it's more like a maze of high-up platforms, walkways and gas pipes. I reach a bit where the walkways spiral down a massive shaft, of about 50m in diameter, and some kind of piping system leading down the righthand side. Instead of walking down the pathways, I shimmied down the pipe system. on my way down I reallised that the pipes were covered in spiders (not very nice :/) but I continued anyway. once at the bottom, it became evident that the floor was made of lava or something like that, which explains the heat I thought. At this point I stopped and looked around the walls. I started to notice that there were lots of skectchs pinned to the walls around the pipes (obviously somebody had been down here before), and these sketches were fan-mail or character-sketches of everyone I had seen in this dream. At this point the girl who had been talking to me earlier started talking to me again (she was either on the comms or had followed me, I can't remember). I told her what I could see and she said: "hhmm... but that just doesn't make any sense, what's so important about those?" I told her, rather scared now, that I thought that actually it seems like we were all inside some kind of webcomic, and this is what the creator has drawn/recieved. She started to cry and then everything went fuzzy.

      I then woke up in real life (I think, although I'm pretty sure it was real life) to find that I still had my shirt on, which I struggled to take of, then put on the floor beside my bed. Shortly later I drifted into dreams focusing on why I had my shirt on and what if someone had come into my room or perhaps I was drunk, but no, that didn't make sense either because I don't drink. Well perhaps it's just hot. These thoughts swirled around as abstract dreams for what I presume to be about half an hour. At which point I wake up again to realise I still have my pants on (I sleep nude), so this was really quite strange for me. After that I drifted back to sleep.

      [The next dream was weird, very weird.]
      I was at my computer, playing MineCraft. When I reallise that there is an option I've never seen before; one to make 'structures' generate. I click it to see what happens, then the whole world starts to transform into an ice biome (for those who don't play minecraft, it's a randomly-generated cold area of the game, with hills and such). But this was a strange one, because there was a giant semi-opaqe black cubiod, in which these domes started to be built using leave-blocks, stone and spawning a golden apple in the center. Many of these spawned within the box, at may different sizes. By this time I was actually in the game (to be expected for a dream), and rand for cover as I thought that the generation engine had broken and was going to fill the entire area with stone and leave, so I went and hid under a pile of ice blocks, peering out to the world [apon looking back, I realise that here I may have actually died in the dream, but I din't realise]. I saw a penguin, and then it flashed forward to a later date. I was in a tunnel that was extremely long, but squre with twists; like a mineshaft. I was at the end of this and talking to my brother and step-father. It turns out that the reason for this shaft is to hose a very long set of instructions written on signs for someone to make something. It was some kind of robotic drilling apparatus with a buit in Artificial Intelligence. My brother says he needs something, so we go to the start of the mine (not sure how so quickly, that thing was *huge*). Apon ariving there everyone else goes about thier own buissness [here's where it starts going wierd]. I then go out of the main semi-circular igloo part (description: big, about 30m in diameter, animal-skin rug on the floor, stone furnace at one side, to entrance to cave at the back with a small washing area on the right of that (as if you were looking at it), with an entrance and hat-stand at the opposite side, which lead to a small corridor that ran around the front half of the main igloo with a door about 1m to the left of the main igloo's door that lead to the outside), and see that there are two penguins. That quickly turn into daleks. They're scared and ask me to keep them safe if they'll defend the igloo from the other daleks. This seems like a good idea to me. But looking around that the rest of my family in the igloo, I realsise that they are walking without using thier legs, so must be daleks in disguise. I look at the two dalek-penguins, that tell me to run. I turn and run down the corridoor to a small wooden-door, which I enter. After going throught the door I end up in a small wooden office, with a gas-lamp and meet an old-woman (a proffessor at a university, I think) leaning over some old-looking books. I ask her how she got here, she says to to me that it is I who got into her place, and continues to tell me that theis place makes no sense, and that I must run to get out. I thank her for her words and walk through another door in her office. This door brings me out on about floor 10 of a 50-story 1960s style office-block. I can't go up without entering certian rooms. I enter the first and inside is someone [around here my memory gets bad], how asks me questions and gets me to talk; I ultimatly leave with this peice of paper that is part of the puzzel, and move up a level. This repeats itself about 14 times. I then go to the next door, which I can see through the gap into before I go in. I see a teacher at a black-board and a helper at a desk to the right reading some sort of old books. I walk in and tell them (quite angrly) that I kow that thier going to ask me to answer questions or perform some kind of test to let me get whatever it was I needed to find. The woman (teacher) tells me I should know better than to shout at a teacher, at which point I loose it and tell her that actually, seeing as we're all dead (but this point I'd worked out I was dead and thought that these people were other ghosts) I died after her, and thus was in a time when education was better (her books looked like they were from the 1900s), so I was clever enough, and didn't need her test, then said: "so, where is it that I need?" A little boy of about 11 put his hand up and told me that I needed to take him upstairs. I walked over, took his hand and started walking to the door with him (he seemed happy). The two teachers just looked at me dissapointedly, asking me to take this test or I'd never understand the ways of this realm, when I refused they just looked sad. I eventually took this boy out of the class and back into the '60s sky-scraper. At which piont he said that I had completed the final challange and was free (or something like that, he seemed happy). I walked off and saw a door that I thought was the exit. I walked through it and out onto the street, where there were other people. It was at this point that a large grinder-support fell on me and killed me again. As I was drifting into darkness someone told me that I was dreaming. "darn." I thought, then woke up.
    8. The Boardwalk

      by , 04-10-2012 at 06:43 AM (Tribune de l'Incompréhensible)
      Alright, this is my first dream journal post. I'm going to be porting a large number of the entries from my actual handwritten journal onto this website. Keep in mind, however, that my dreams tend to be incredibly dark and obscure. Anyway, all this said, let us begin.

      Sunday, August 14, 2011
      Strength: Vivid
      Type: Creepy-Chaotic
      Lucidity: No

      In my dream, I was in a sort of dock city. I was walking with someone else whose exact identity I cannot recall. We were walking beside water on a sort of boardwalk. At the beginning of our walk, the buildings lining the sides of the boardwalk were clean and fresh. But as we continued, the buildings grew dirtier and darker. It was almost as if we were entering a slum area. We kept walking. Slowly, the buildings fell into decay. The boards lining our pathway were rotting, the bricks were falling, and the doors, having lost support of their hinges, simply lay at the opening of each decrepit house. About a mile or two in, I saw the first corpse. He was lying outside of his house, mangled and bloody. As I continued, more bodies lined the floor. For whatever reason, I just kept walking.

      What once appeared as a slum was now a ruin. Pieces of roof and debris lined the floor. Bodies lay in piles, pools of blood collecting beside them. The water beside me grew rough, and the ground became slippery with blood. Everything was coated in a shade of red. Then, I reached a dead end, where the boardwalk had simply rotted away to nothing. And there, standing at the edge of the dock, was a tall, dark, humanoid creature. His figure was illogical and chaotic, constantly contorting, while his head remained stationary. He just stood there, staring at me. It was then that I finally halted my forward shuffle. Both of us stood there, staring each other down. Then, all of a sudden, the rough water began to rise. It collected around my heels, swallowing the boardwalk and washing over my body. I lost sight of the creature. However, even with the water collecting around me, I remained frozen, staring straight ahead into space. Just as the water passed my head, I awoke.
    9. The beach (Between 21st July 2011 and 22nd July 2011) ---- third dream

      by , 10-22-2011 at 11:20 AM (Oneiric Mirror)
      It´s night time.

      I'm on my way to the ship-terminal, but the path to the terminal looks like a sealine with rocks and sea, On the background of all this i see some mountains.
      I begin to climb the rocks, they have green slime, and find a door of a house,where two "cougars" come out...i flirt a little with both and i walk way.
      Later on I get to the terminal, which is actually a beach.

      The hole set of the terminal looks like a schenario being built in front of me at an incredible speed.
      The stone structure of the terminal comes floating in the water at great speed and its put into place, several boats are put in place, all with an incredible speed.
      Then comes the main boat (do not know it´s name) also at enormous speed and is anchored.
      I can see the bottom of the boat because it is anchored dry.
      I turn to M and ask him what to do, because i need people to tie the boat in place, but the crew in charge of doing that task will only arrive to the terminal in 2 hours. M tells me not to worrie. R is with me and laughs at the entire situation.
      P and L are with me also.Next to the moored boat the staff of the pier put another boat in place,slowly, in a dry dock, securing the boat and holding it in place with logs of wood.
      I'll call someone and not wanting to play with his arm in a phone log of wood, which gives off the whole structure and makes the boat go down on the main tidy opening a tear in her hull. I turn to Malachi and tell him what happened.

      I'm in the middle of the sand in a tent. It´s early morning, and P is with me, He has long, gray beard.
      I leave the tent and go away.
      After im gone the tent is occupied by an ice cream vendor.
    10. Second Lucid Dream

      by , 07-24-2010 at 01:34 AM
      This morning, I had my second lucid dream. I was lying in bed, after waking up a couple of times and drifting back off. For some reason, the idea of lucid dreaming was in my head. I think I kind of woke up from a dream and thought it was lucid, though it really wasn't. I decided I was going to try to be lucid. But, I was sort of aware of being awake--at least, at that point, I saw all black. Then I started to imagine myself in a situation, still seeing all black. I imagined I was in a rain forest on an island. Suddenly, I heard huge sweeping winds and rain, though I still saw nothing. I thought to myself, "I must be lucid dreaming--I can hear the wind and rain!" It's possible that some real life noise caused it, or I might have imagined it. Anyway, I imagined myself hopping off the island into the water and swimming with a bunch of fish, and it felt more and more real. I forgot about lucidity. Then I got out of the water and onto a dock, and suddenly, I gained full vision. It was like the black just kind of faded to a real image of the dock, through my real eyes. It was startling, and at this moment I remembered my desire to be lucid. It worked, and I had the same weird sense of reality as in my first lucid dream of some months ago.

      I noticed some people on the docks, and started talking to a girl I was sitting right next to. Just then, I felt myself losing lucidity, and everything faded to black. I was about to give up, but then I had a crazy idea. I thought, "Maybe I didn't lose the dream. Maybe I just closed my eyes in the dream." I'm not sure how to describe what happened next...I remembered where the girl was in relation to me, and I just...reached out and grabbed her leg. I couldn't see anything still, but I could feel her leg in my hand. I realized this couldn't be a leg actually in my bed with me, and then I just...opened my eyes and I was back on the dock in the exact same place. I got up, and tried jumping and spinning around, but everything was in slow motion, like a 3d video game with lag. Then I went back to black, and this time I couldn't get back. I woke up.

      I tried to go back into lucidity a couple of times but it just didn't work.
      lucid , dream fragment