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    1. Wednesday, September 18

      by , 10-08-2019 at 07:28 PM
      I am with Melissa in what seems like a mountainous area. We are in a cabin type building that feels like it’s on the edge of a gorge or some precipice. There is some event going on just outside the other doors that I think we’re a little late to. There is a cabinet for us to put our phones in, I think because there are no photos allowed. I place mine among the others, all screen up, as well as my glasses case? I feel my keys in my pocket, but decide they’re fine since they’re clipped to a belt loop with a carabiner. We step outside now and there are quite a few people, maybe our age or younger, sitting around on the rocky and uneven ground. They are all wearing puffy grey/blue coats that seem to be uniform, possibly with the same logo or team name. I realize that this is some sort of outdoor survival challenge and that I am wildly unprepared and they obviously are not. Melissa is in regular clothes and I am in a tie dye Grateful Dead shirt. It now starts, I think with a race.
      Tags: cabin, mountains
    2. Sunday, September 1

      by , 09-23-2019 at 09:18 PM
      I am at work (though it doesn’t really look like it - it does look like a retail store, but not necessarily JCPenney). It feels like I am upstairs, and I am with two unfamiliar others, one guy and one girl. We are sitting and playing a board game. The board is larger and sitting atop something. I think there are a few pieces, one being a longer, black piece of food (like a brownie?) Apparently when it is your turn you tell another player what to do and they are supposed to do it. I say this because the guy has told me to go count all the hangers in the store, and I am going to do it. I think it’s going to be hard to impossible but that’s just how the game works. I start on it, in what looks like the hallway to our employee entrance. I am counting and thinking of a strategy to not miss any when I see Mairin putting out some new clothes. They are men’s long sleeve button ups, in blues with subtle patterns, and I kind of like them. She is telling me and one other something as she fills an empty rack with a handful of the shirts. Now, a black man comes in and asks a simple question. I answer it, and he is super excited and impressed with me. On his way out, he gives me a pretty long hug. I had went for a handshake, but adjusted to a hug. He tells me thanks again, etc. I call him brother, and then hope he doesn’t take it the wrong way - it seems like he doesn’t. He asks if I like some orange beer? I’m not sure at first but then he specifies and I realize what he’s talking about and say “oh yeah.” He leaves and comes back in with a bottle of one and a glass. He gives them both to me, and I notice the glass has a little bit of what looks like peanut butter inside of it. I think that it’s gross and it’s probably just been sitting in his car or something, but that it’s a very kind gesture.

      I am in some kind of cabin. There is a counter to order food and large paper menus hanging above it. I have to get kind of close to the counter to read the menu, and the younger looking employees are all looking to me as if I’m ready to order. To signal that I’m not quite ready, I start looking at the bookshelf below the counter. I notice a few stacks of books, one stack being maroon and antiquated looking books. I notice that every other ‘book’ isn’t really shaped like a book, but more like a box for a nice pen or something that shape. It looks like they’re in a series or all go together. I notice a girl off to the left poke a note out from behind something sort of secretly. I assume the note will be something about me ordering food. I go over and she hands me a different note, a full size paper. I glance at it, having no idea what it could be about. I think it could be about me or that it could be some kind of petition. I just fold it and hold onto it to look at it later.

      I am at a small (rock?) beach at what looks like a large, clear pond. Emmy’s mom? sits next to me, and I notice Emmy swimming. I want to show her a picture of Makayla because they look so similar. As I talk to her, I am forgetting Emmy’s name, but remember it right before I have to use it.
    3. March 8, 2018 Non-Lucid | beach and birthday party in the woods

      by , 03-09-2018 at 07:32 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      The dream scene was at the beach. There were houses on the shoreline that were gated off and had nice green lawns. There were pools on the other sides of the gates. I was riding along a boardwalk path thing on this unicycle that was 15-20 feet up in the air. There were groups of people on the beach in bathing suits and every time I passed a group they were looking up at me smiling. At some point I went over the gate and into a pool that was filled with some sort of plastic balls but they were really small. The guy who owned the house came out and started yelling at me but ended up saying "thanks for getting sugar in the pool."

      Another dream I was in this cabin far out in the woods. It was my birthday and there were friends from home and my accounting program that were celebrating with me. It was like a party but it was also a sleep over. I was keeping tabs on people hoping they were having fun. There was a pool outside. The inside was really open and clean. Near the end of the dream this guy with a pony tail was gathering everyone around. It was time to go so he was giving a speech for my birthday. He sat me down at the door and everyone was gathered around as he was talking. I remember he was sitting down in front of me and I was looking into his eyes which were wide and a faint green. I think he was also a girl at some point in the dream too.

      The dream opened up and people were leaving in cars, I think I went into the garage and went home. I went home and walked up to my neighbor's house where I saw my neighbor walking down the drive way. I said "hey Ms. Laurie" and we started talking about something that I can't quite remember, but it was controversial. I got behind their house and was scaling up the left side. It seemed like there was someone coming to kill people at the house.
    4. February 1, 2018 Non-Lucid

      by , 02-02-2018 at 01:22 AM (Deep Inside The Lucid Dreamer's Subconscious)
      My dream this morning is a little foggy. We were in some sort of chamber or building at a university. It sort of reminded me of Hogwarts. I was walking these small tunnels in between different rooms. Eventually I was out in the main chamber and there was a tunnel that dipped into the ground. In a way the tunnel was like a portal. I know Mason was there with me. All of the sudden these alien creatures from Dead Space start pouring out of the tunnel portal. We're shooting at them with weapons. I remember I had this purple gun that slowly drooped out a purple liquid that was splitting up the aliens into tinier versions. Also, it felt like I was playing on someone else's account and was wasting their ammo. At some point there was the giant one that could regenerate and had spikey things for arms. He got up close in my face but didn't actually kill me.

      At the end of the dream I was above the chamber on this field. There was a zombie chasing this guy named Richard C. from my high school. I could faintly picture Eva studying a zombie in one of the chambers in the building. This was strange to me because I see zombies all of the time on TV and in movies but this was the first time I could actually feel a little bit threatened and also a little bit of understanding of what a zombie really was.

      I took a nap earlier and the dream was in the mountains at a cabin. I think I was in the back of the cabin at a hottub or pool. I'm not really sure what happened there.

      Eventually I was in some sort of academic building negotiating about my meal which was thai curry but we were adding and subtracting different items from it. I can only imagine this is because I had a negotiating class earlier today.

      The dream went to my hometown at this stoplight by WaWa but instead of cars driving on the roads it was a store like Macy's or something with items hanging up for sale and a cashier behind a desk. I was sort of a bystander but also playing the part of a random guy trying to get this girl. The two people were really into each other and the narrative was they were going back home or something to be with each other. In order to get there the guy was climbing up onto this structure using the cashier desk as a sort of boost. It took a couple of tries but I eventually got up there. My view zoomed out to the two who were just staring at each other madly in love. I think it was implied that these two ended up sleeping with each other and after that happened the girl was freaking out and screaming to other people on another floor of what was now a house, maybe Moo's house. The guy had his pants down and was looking confused. Not really sure how the dream ended.
    5. 17-09-XX Grandpa Dead in Cabin, Things

      by , 10-24-2017 at 12:02 PM
      Scary dream. I saw some kind of cabin. My grandfather, who died recently, was there. In a later scene we saw what happened after we (myself and possibly other family?) left. We had to abandon him because he had some kind of disease that as a threat to everybody. Grandpa was dead, and on the floor. He looked like he suffered a lot. It was very dark in the cabin. Only moonlight lit up the room. The floor, walls and even the ceiling was covered in red... stuff. Not blood. More like the red weed from "The War of the Worlds", or "the Ripley" from Stephen King's "Dreamcatcher". The scene looked creepy as hell. I felt like something evil was in there with us. There was a girl with me, now. Dire circumstances throughout the dream (mostly forgotten) had brought us together. I was crushing on her, hard. And the way I acted around her made it very obvious. I didn't care things were bad. Not if I got to be around her.

      In another scene I found myself in medieval times, I think. I was in some kind of arena, sitting on a long bench with a bunch of other people. The person next to me told me to leave, quickly. I was apparently in danger. Possibly, "they" were after me.

      Horrific dream. Sort of a continuation of the first. It was a frantic chase through a house, where I was being pursued by... Things. Like the monsters from John Carpenter's "The Thing". More and more of our group were being turned, mutating horribly, and I was now the only one left. It was awful and terrifying. I vaguely remember a bedroom, where I jumped through a window (through the glass) to escape one of the Things and "fell through dimensions". Impossible to explain in words. The dream concluded with an open ending... but I suspected I had been turned without knowing it myself, or as about to be turned.
    6. 17-04-13 Cabin in Snowy Night [Nightmare], Lots of Sex

      by , 04-14-2017 at 12:41 AM
      Nightmare. I was in a dark, snowy place - staying at a cabin in the middle of nowhere with some others. I was supposed to give a businessman a ride on the snowmobile (for fun), while my colleague (we both worked for a boss who stayed in the cabin) took the other on his snowmobile. While riding, I suddenly got a really bad gut feeling. I headed back inside, but was suddenly confronted by one of the men we were giving a ride. I could tell it "wasn't him anymore". His face was emotionless to an inhuman degree. As if he had been bodysnatched by something. He attacked me. It was absolutely terrifying. I had no choice but to defend myself. I stabbed him several times in the face and neck with a pen (I think it was a pen, anyway). He seemed dead. I closed the door and headed inside, wanting to warn the others that there were two people still outside, perhaps also bodysnatched. I had a rotten feeling the people in the cabin had disappeared leaving me alone... surrounded by horrors.

      Lots of sex scenes. They've been quite common these past few days.

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    7. Up North With TPLSM

      by , 10-20-2015 at 08:01 PM (Hopeless Wanderings)
      Kind of a blah dream.

      I was up north on Squirrel Hill by the fire tower. (In RL the bottom part of the ladder was missing so I couldn't climb it.) I noticed that on the back of the tower was the ladder. Apparently it had been moved, which is why I wasn't able to climb it in RL(dream logic). But instead of being angled straight up, it was angled outward a bit so if you were to climb it, it would be pretty dangerous. This lady decided to climb while holding her baby, which made me nervous so I looked away, but she made it up there along with some other man. I was planning on climbing it later to check it out but never got around to it.

      Then TPLSM(my friends) showed up and we were at the cabin, along with my parents. Britt gave me a delicious ginger cookie and I liked it so much I wanted to make more but she didn't feel like it or something. I went upstairs and there were Autumn trees growing in the house. I tried to get a picture of them because they looked so pretty but then it got too dark. Then, it was dark and Tasia was all lit up with glowsticks around her waist and wrists and was dancing to music and it looked really cool, so we decided to go to Walmart and get more glowsticks and alcohol. So we went to Walmart, but forgot to get alcohol. Then my parents made a campfire and.. that's all I remember.
      Tags: cabin, fire tower
    8. This Cold Sucks

      by , 01-28-2015 at 07:29 PM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      January 28, 2015

      Wow... I went to bed pretty much as soon as I got home (around 5:00pm) and went in and out of sleep and slightly delirious waking time until the morning alarm. This cold has been kicking my ass, royally. As such, I only remember two dreams, really. There are some more fragments, but I'm honestly not sure if those moments were when I was asleep or awake...

      Oma's House

      I was at Oma's house, and was worried about getting everyone there sick. After slinking around in the corners a bit, I meet two young men. I'd never seen these guys before, so I was wondering why they were at Oma's house. I started talking to them, and found out that one of them had given up on graduate school because he hadn't finished all of the application materials, and the deadline was soon. He didn't think he had a chance at getting in this late in the year, and so he had just given up. I went online, and got access to his email to see what news there was about the application. I figured out I could open and close my hands to change the color of the background. White background meant I could edit and write in the email, while an orange background meant I could only read the email. IT was like turning on a safety lock. I got the feeling that this guy would get into the school, and was going to tell him, but he and his friend were both gone when I went to find them.

      I went to the back room to see if they were there, but when I opened the door, there was a woods and small meadow in front of me. I went through the door, and figured I was at the cabin my family owns. The chairs were all set up and I decided to go for a walk. In the woods, I met a family of deer and watched them amble along.

      Amusement Park

      I was at an amusement park of some sort. There were two sections of the park, and I wanted to get to the other one. Apparently to do that, you had to go through this underground area. It was strange, though, because the underground area was almost a complete circle, so the entrance was right next to the exit. There was a tall wall separating the two parts of the park, though, so you still HAD to use the tunnel. There were stairs and escalators at both ends, and a bunch of stalls lining the whole tunnel. I remember that by the time I got to the other end, there was a big stall completely blocking all four of the escalators up to the other section, and so I had to take the stairs. I was mad at the owners of the stall for taking up all that space, and wondering why on earth there would still be escalators if they were going to just be blocked anyways.

      When I got to the top, I saw through a door into the office of the head honcho of the tunnel, or something. Inside, a guy (maybe the same guy from my other dream. I can't be sure because of how weird of a state my mind was in) was getting some of his teeth brutally pulled out. I ran in and tried to stop the head honcho, but apparently this was completely legal? Head Honcho said this other guy owed someone his teeth, though I was still doubtful, and wanted to do something about it. It just didn't seem right to me, but the other guy told me to leave and that he was okay...

      So I exited the tunnel and found myself in what seemed to be a loading bay or construction area. I wondered where the park had gone, and even asked someone in a hardhat where the park had gone, and he was like "it's right here," and motioned toward three entertainers. One of them was a midget in a shiny purple costume, karate chopping a cat. Another was tall and pudgy wearing bright yellow, balancing something on his nose. I don't remember what the third person was doing, because I woke up.
    9. Cabin Dream

      by , 12-22-2014 at 06:03 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      December 21, 2014

      I didn't sleep well lat night at all. I caught something from my 1st graders, and was awake with a high fever most of the night. When I did sleep, I felt feverish even in my dreams...

      I was in a class taught by one of my old German professors. But he had forgotten my name. He saw my name on the roster and he was asking about how it was pronounced and I said something like "COME ON. IT'S GERMAN. YOU KNOW HOW TO PRONOUNCE THIS." He finally remembered my name, and then got all weird and touchy-feely. I was feeling feverish and got up to get a drink of water from a water fountain around a large pillar to the front right of class. We were in this big open area, not a classroom.

      I got out of that class to meet a guy friend in the woods, outside the building he had his classes in. It reminded me a little of the nature center in my hometown. I had a crush on this guy or something. But he was either uninterested or oblivious to my feelings, so I gave up and called my brother, who was going to drive me to the cabin up north my family has gone to every year for Mother's Day since I was teeny tiny.

      We pulled up to the cabin, and it was as if the cabin itself was in the landscape of a different family house that's actually even further north and on the lake. We were on the roads, which was above the cabin, which was in this big bowl-like ditch in the woods. We had to get to the service road, which linked to the back in the cabin, and then also looped around in a weird way that reminded me of the paths at the nature center, again.

      We parked and were about to get into the cabin, when I had this really weird sense of déjà vu inside the dream itself, though I didn't know why. There was something about heating or a refrigerator, but I woke up very shortly after that.

      It was only after I woke up that I realized I had had pretty much the exact same dream before, long ago (excluding the part about classes). It was pretty much the exact same as a dream I'd had when I was a kid. Or at least it felt like I had had the same dream before.
      Tags: cabin, school, woods
    10. Huge Sky

      by , 11-27-2014 at 05:54 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      November 21, 2014

      I was with Zukin in a coastal town. We'd been hiking or something, and had to stay with a group of people in a cabin in the foothills or mountains. Lots of trees around, because the cabin was in a forest.

      It turned out that there was a huge power plant of some sort just off the coast, and it was going to blow. Or it was radioactive or something. Basically, everyone in the area was quarantined and that meant that Zukin and I couldn't go back home.

      And so we had to stay at that cabin with those people... At first they hated us (or at least avoided us like the plague) because we were just too weird for them.

      So we were sitting at a patio table with that group of people some days later. They had gotten at least used to us by then, so we were all talking and looking up at the night sky. It was fucking beautiful. The sky was so huge. Like, huger than huge. It just seemed so big. There were stars and galaxies and nebulae visible and so many colors. We were watching for shooting stars and flying ships (Whoa, just remembered some dreams I've had about night skies and things flying and whatnot... Huh! In one of them I think I was watching the sky for a sign that something was happening. Like there were spacecraft out there lighting up the sky and I was watching them fly for some reason, like all the movements meant something. Anyways.)

      So we were sitting at this table under this huge, colorful, beautiful night sky, and there is suddenly a sound and we see a sky-ship above us. It's got four circular hover thingies, which are all lit up. A speaker announced, "Attention. The following people have been authorized to leave the area. Will the following step into the cabin and prepare to be taken into the ship:"

      And they called my name first, and I was so happy and ran into the house, assuming Zukin would be called next. But she wasn't. They called four of the seven people, and Zukin wasn't one of them. When I found out her name wasn't called, I flipped out and tried to get back outside. One of the guys in our group shook me by the shoulders and told me to get a hold of myself and not do anything stupid.

      But I still tried to get outside and kept yelling that I refused to go with them without Zukin, and I was about to get away, but they tranquilized me and I woke up :(

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    11. My Own Prison

      by , 10-06-2014 at 06:43 PM
      I have a personal conviction not be violent in my LD’s; however, in the LD prior to this one I’m about to describe, I was violent. I guess I got scared, and resorted to violence. This is what happened in the following lucid dream (DEILD):

      I entered the dream in a highly lucid state. I was inside my log cabin. All the windows were boarded up, and it was dimly lit. I went to the front door to try and open it, but it was locked. There was no furniture, or anything, the cabin was completely empty. The cabin has a vaulted ceiling, with a 2nd storey balcony, that overlooks the living room. I slowly floated up into the vaulted ceiling area, so I could see if the 2nd storey was also boarded up, and it was. Lowering myself back down to the first floor, I thought to myself, “Am I on a LD ‘time out’ for misbehaving in my previous LD?” Is this some sort of punishment? I’ve always been able to fly right through walls, doors, ceilings, and objects, so I thought I’d be tricky and blast right through the ceiling at a high speed, and breakout of this prison. I prepared for the escape by looking uninterested for a few seconds. With great speed I shot upwards towards the ceiling, only to find that I came to an abrupt stop, buried in complete darkness, and unable to move. I wormed and squirmed, but I was immobilized. Feeling total frustration, I woke myself up.

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    12. Voices

      by , 09-23-2014 at 01:19 PM
      Color legend: Non-dream Dream Lucid

      Lucid #240: Voices

      I’m relaxing in a cabin with Wife and my kids E and R. I step outside through a wooden door, catching a view of a beautiful, placid lake. It feels dreamlike, and when I consider my situation, I realize that I’m dreaming.

      I decide that I want to attempt the patronus task again with Dreamer to once and for all answer the question of whether I’ll produce a magnificent mythical creature… or the dreaded “pootronus” that she has promised me. Dreamer, you’re here!” I call out, but she’s nowhere to be seen.

      I walk around the edge of the lake and see a distant wooden fenceline. “Ah okay, you’re right behind that fence!” I say, and a woman steps out from behind the fence and begins walking away toward a large wooden building in the distance. She’s got purple hair, so I’m sure that it’s Dreamer!

      I hop and fly after her, ending up in the wooden building with her. She’s still somewhat distant so I call out something to her about wanting to do the patronus task. She turns around and calls out, “First say something in your accent voice!” I take this to mean that she wants me to say something in an Australian accent.

      “Let’s see how my accent voice sounds,” I say, sounding totally Aussie. Way better than waking life. I kind of talk over Dreamer saying something about “singing”, which I don’t catch.

      She grins. “Oooh, how about something in your noise voice?” I’m not sure what she means by a "noise voice" but I notice how precisely her voice matches her waking life voice. I move closer to her, thinking what a “noise voice” could be, and as I’m lost in this question, Dreamer disappears.

      I look around, calling out for her until a woman in her late 20s with glasses and dark, curly hair emerges from nearby a stack of hay. As she walks toward me, I say, “What am I worried about? You’re right over here.” She seems to be somewhat agreeable to getting transformed, but when I get close, she’s trying to say something that I can’t quite hear. I reach out but my hand passes through her shoulder.

      I keep looking, calling out here and there without much of a plan, but no DCs appear this time. I say a rather pathetic, “Come back, I miss you!” not long before
      the dream ends.
    13. Dive into shadows

      by , 08-17-2014 at 03:07 PM (4th DJ-Attempt)
      non-lucid, lucid, false awakening

      .../I see a group of drunk people gathering in a park, one of them is going to help a porcupine to get rid off some spines it has nailed in its body. I go to my house which now it's a cabin and it's a mess inside. It's night and I walk to the kitchen. The whole house is lit by the street lighting that gets through the windows. I find a door in a strange position on the upper corner of its doorframe. I think it has happened again. I use telekinesis to rotate it in the right position. I go to do something in the living room, when I come back to the kitchen, I find the door is back in its strange position. Once again I'm going to use telekinesis when I realize it must be a dream. I'm exited to do it again. I rise my hand and command the door to move back to it's normal position. I got to do it with some difficulty. Now I turn and go to the living room, feeling exited. I want to do something else. The first thing that pop in my mind, flying! I'm not outside the cabin, but I think I can do something here inside, thinking it's all about confidence. I see the shadows of the room, and I jump face down on them to start the flight. I think I may fly inside the house. But in stead, I don't even crash to the floor, on the contrary it's like diving into the void. I'm fascinated with the experience, I turn surrounded by darkness to slightly fall on my bed. It's on the room of the cabin, I open my eyes completely amazed by the previous flight into darkness, and realize I haven't change my outerwear for something more comfortable, I have even my shoes on! I feel to tired to stand up, so I try to take my clothes out on the bed. It's getting complicated to do so. I give up, and start thinking in my previous experience. I have to take note of this before I forget about it while slowly I start to feel the transition.

      * And I wake up for real in the same position on my bed noticing it was the end of my first sleep cycle of the night

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    14. Grandpa's Birthday

      by , 07-02-2014 at 04:32 AM (The Kestrel's Dreams)
      July 01, 2014

      In A Cabin?

      I vaguely remembered a fragment of a dream where I was in a cabin with some folks. I don't remember who, or what we were doing in the cabin. I think there was a large window overlooking a hillside, but I'm not sure. It also felt a bit like a pool : /

      Grandpa's Birthday

      I was at Oma and Grandpa's house; we were all celebrating my grandpa's 91st birthday (which is actually coming up very soon; July 4th!). It should have been a happy occasion, except that Grandpa had insisted that he wouldn't live for another year, and so he was giving us all presents in case he missed our next birthdays... (Annnnd I'm tearing up as a type this)

      All the presents were hidden through out the house, with written puzzle clues for each of us. A lot like what Oma used to do on all our birthdays when I was a kid; we'd have a sort of scavenger hunt, each with a new and elaborate theme and plot. My riddle was something along the lines of "Where the biggest bird once roosted." I checked a room in their house that doesn't exist IRL, but that room was totally empty. I knew what I had to find, but I'd forgotten which room it was in; I needed to find a big writing desk. It used to have a large bird wooden sculpture on it. I found the desk in Oma and Grandpa's bedroom (I haven't been in their bedroom in years, I think. I remember what it's like but I'm honestly not sure I would recognize it if I saw it today), against the wall with the door to the hallway. I opened the drawer in the desk, and found a series of small gifts. They were all sentimental things. Each and every one of the items was something right out of my childhood, though I can't remember what they were now. Grandpa was in the room when I found my presents, and I started to cry. Grandpa, in that moment, looked a young as he was in the photos of when my parents first introduced us, the day I came home from the hospital.

      Now I'm freaking out that this dream was some sort of sign... D:
    15. April 23rd, 2014 AM - Circular Hotel School

      by , 04-23-2014 at 03:41 PM (Visions in the Dark)
      This dream was long and detailed but when I woke up it fragmented and I find it hard to describe some of the things I saw and experienced, even though I can still "see" it in my mind. There were two parts to this dream. (Possible Trigger Warning for some people near the end of these dreams.)

      First part:
      Hotel on top of the Mountain.
      A short, corpulant man with short dark hair, who looks like Danny DeVito (so I will call him Danny though he was unnamed in the dream) invites me to his room in a highly populated hotel on top of a steep mountain for sex. Though it is a large, lavish hotel, people live in the rooms like apartments rather then rent them. I agree but he then insist on taking me to a privacy room, called a Sky Room, so we can get it on in peace without people listening in. The rooms are very close together and very small, all with a light yellow colour scheme (walls, sheets, carpet, all light yellow coloured) and it's easy to hear your neighbours.

      From the outside the hotel looks like an ancient European castle of dark grey stone, but inside the layout is not square but cylindrical. In the center of the hotel is a large shaft called the "Elevator" which goes up to individual themed rooms for rent that exist high in the sky and supposedly offer the hotel residence some privacy for a few hours (hence why they are called "Sky Rooms"). To get to the hotel on top of the mountain, people must take a large ski lift (called the "tram" in the dream) from a valley far below. The journey is long and dangerous because sometimes the wind blows the tram right off the wires and people die plummeting hundreds of feet to the ground below. After learning about the dangers of the tram I understand why people decide to stay and live in the hotel rather than risk coming and going on the tram.

      Danny and I look around for one for rent but they are all occupied and the next one won't become free for two hours. I see a timer slowly counting down the time. The countdown time 1:31:00 sticks in my mind for some reason, after I see it on Danny's countdown clock. Danny and I sit in silence in his hotel room, occasionally smiling at each other, but our passion for sex quickly fading as the time slowly ticks away. I vaguely recall being in one of the Sky Rooms and hearing people in one below ours having sex and thinking "These are not as private as advertised." Despite remembering thinking that in the dream Danny and I never actually rented a Sky Room because none became free before we both lost interest in each other and went our separate ways.

      I woke up and laid awake for a few minutes, contemplating getting on DV to record this, but I was too tired and decided to go back to sleep. I am surprised I remembered as much of the first part upon awakening as I did, but maybe because the second part was similar in some ways.

      Second part:
      Space Military School
      The same circular hotel with the large elevator in the middle still exists, but now it is located in orbit around earth. The hotel rooms are now classrooms or training rooms and not living residences. Some students and faculty members do live there if they are rich and can afford to, but most of the students are poor and live down on the Earth, and have to use the Elevator everyday to get to class. The base of the Elevator is located in a thick, dark temperate forest and it's shaft reaches all the way into space.

      I am waiting for the Elevator car to arrive and I wander behind the shaft and see a two-storey log cabin with many windows. Through the windows I can see dozens and dozens of owls and they all seems to be flapping against the windows in an attempt to get out. The owls looks like snowy owls, but most are all different sizes and there are a few color variations other than white and brown. I notice one very small owl that is colored bright red with golden tips on it's wings and tail. I can't see anyone inside the building and I can't stay to help the owls as the elevator car arrives and I have to get on it or I will miss my class.

      The school is run with very strict rules and poor students are treated with less regard than wealthy ones. The Principle is a Commander from the Earth based Military and treats all students of all levels and background as soldiers in training. He dislikes being the school master and dreams of the glories of war. The Principle is a handsome man who shows interest in marrying me for some reason and one night he kidnaps me after class and takes me to his quarters. He leaves me in the care of three of his male subordinates with strict instructions that I am not to be harmed. I am imprisoned in a white room and not allowed to leave until I agree to marry the Principle. While I am locked in the room the Principle organizes the students and uses them as soldiers to attack facilities on the earth. The subordinates in charge of watching me hear about the attacks and get drunk to celebrate. The three of them become so inebriated they forget about the command that I am not to be harmed and I am viciously and repeatedly gang raped. When the Principle returns he is furious that I am bruised and bleeding and emotionally detached because of the rape and he violently kills the drunken guards one by one with his own hands. The dream ends with the Principle trying to comfort me but I just gaze out the window looking into space without responding to him.
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