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    1. cxxiii.

      by , 07-25-2020 at 06:00 PM
      21st May

      Bits from one or two dreams? Didn't make notes in the morning, was too tired.

      Dream Fragment:

      I was in a desert or barren canyon type of place. I was driving some kind of motorbike, called the "MotorBeast" or something to that effect. I remember accelerating with my right hand and making note of the extremely loud roar from the exhaust. I did some acrobatics or was in some high speed sequence?

      Next thing I remember, different place, but related in some way. There was a dream character, he was simultaneously my teacher and an avatar of Anubis. But we had to fight and so he was like a boss of some sort. I remember chasing him through this dark and ancient Egyptian temple/crypt place. There was a dark red tint to everything and even though daylight broke through the ceiling in certain parts, it was still dark, like the exposure made dark places appear brighter but bright places appear much darker.

      I remember the character taunted me from behind a half wall and pillars. I couldn't reach him but shot him with a Torgue grenade launcher set to sticky mode. I remember the feeling of holding the weapon with only my right hand and the feeling of pointing it. It felt intuitive, but in retrospect it seemed far too light for what it was. After emptying my clip, the explosives went off in sequence, causing him heavy damage. He was nearly dead (I knew through some interface display?) but he was able to run very fast through a narrow hall crowded with unknown dream characters, which were his minions. I believe they looked like mummies.

      Eventually I caught up to him, finding him in a small room around a corner, where he was using some kind of self-bandaging ability (like in WoW). I tried shooting him to interrupt it, but I think something happened right after I did that, and the dream ended.

      - The bit where the Anubis character ran away at high speed when on low health now reminds me that some boss in Killing Floor did something similar.
      - The Torgue weapon was notable because I'd recently been playing BL3 and I always loved the Torgue shotguns in BL2; it should have been a somewhat obvious dream-sign here since it was somewhat out of place in the rest of the dream's context.
      - Though I didn't think of this at the time of this dream, I now feel as though there is a bit of a link between the motorbike and the Torgue gun since those guns are typically modelled after big engines and the like. The dream felt more randomly put together at the time but I feel like I could unpick it better now in terms of contextual/schematic associations.
    2. [09-02-2018]

      by , 02-09-2018 at 07:00 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Narrow escape

      I was some woods. The weather was extremely foggy, all the trees in the forest had no leaves and it was cold, probably a mid-autumn day. It was a deciduous forest composed mostly of beech and hornbeam trees. I was there with a group of people, we were trying to get inside a rundown shed. I thought that it was a horrible idea to seek shelter in that ruin, but I wasn't exactly sure if that was our goal. We were attacked by undead, a group of zombies ran at us and we had to fight them. We had only knives at our disposal but backing up each other we managed to defend ourselves. Curiously, the undead attacked only a moving person. Undead seemed somewhat oblivious of my presence. Suddenly a carriage appeared behind us and several trees disappeared, opening a path to leave the forest. I jumped up on it with two other travellers that weren't a part of our group. Two knights, they were arguing. One called another a cancer. We drove out of the forest.

      Game Engine Test

      I launched a game engine and appeared on a test level as a game character. It was dark, but thinking about how I should've disabled several broken effects I brought back lights. The room I was in was covered with shiny metal plates. Suddenly the engine test turned into "Half-Life" game. I received a crossbow and sneaked around, trying to shoot down alien grunts.


      I was at some party and was about to leave. All the people were formally dressed. I've met several people I haven't seen in a long while, one of my pals asked me if I had time to help her with something. I thought "As usual...", and said that I won't be able to help her this time. I left the entry hall and moved to another room, where I met my old teacher. She asked me something which I couldn't quite make out, she seemed really angry. "Excuse me, what?" - I asked, she smiled and said that I've made a lot of progress since the last time we met.
    3. [06-02-2017: Undead settlement, Fragmented dream]

      by , 02-06-2017 at 11:36 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Undead settlement

      I was driving through a countryside, on a forest road. I was driving with my pal in his car, it was a red painted sports car. It was a road surrounded by trees and going up to some fields. My pal was controlling the car, though at first he didn't do anything and I had to rescue us from incoming truck, then reminded him that he is driving. We passed by some old buildings, both waving goodbye to ghosts living there. We continued on the road until something pulled us off to the fields and our car got an extension like combine harvester. We drove through wheat fields, harvesting everything. The cut wheat grain landed in a nearby tall farmhouse with a windmill-tower. After we drove through whole wheat the car broke and people left farmhouse. I recall a young, blonde woman with long hair in a white dress. There were other people, angry for the wheat. We said sorry and asked if they couldn't repair our car, but they wanted a lot of money for the wheat first. Seeing that this won't do, I decided to leave and wandered out to a hill behind the farmhouse. It was getting dark, I reached ruins of a village. I knocked to doors of a house that looked inhabited and a corpse of woman opened them. Upon seeing me, she said that I should see a corpse named Pendalion, living in a place close to where my parents lie. I continued trudging between old and creepy houses until I reached another inhabited area. There were some guardians there that immediately rushed to attack me as soon as they saw me. Somehow I opened up a command console and used a "set_fight 0" command to stop them, then entered one of houses. There was another corpse woman in long, brown robe. There was a little box with name over her head "Henande". I saw some strange, small machinery powered by deep blue crystal. She said that it's her project of "resotrative crystal". I left the house and met guardians again. I used console command again, but more of them appeared. They started fighting between each other and those that won let me pass. I took stuff of the fallen and went back to previous part of village. It was dusk, I opened some big arched doors and a intriguing tune started playing somewhere in the background. I entered some ruined palace, through another big doors I entered some great dining hall. Glasses with alcohols were still on a table. I saw some fireplace and sat down beside it.

      Fragmented dream

      This one was highly annoying, I dreamt that I was lying in bed, having troubles with sleeping, and fragments of dreams coming time after time. First "dream" was that some two fat and suspicious women were invited to our house by one of our friends. I seen them take some stuff, so i outright warned them that I'll call police should they take some of my stuff. They didn't cared. We all moved to streets to meet with pal and his family, when suddenly those fat women called thugs with knives. With sister we ran back to house, calling police immediately. We reached our backyard where we warned father and then grabbed anythig we could defend ourselves with. Sister took some shovel, father had an axe and I took a pickaxe. People gathered on our backyard, fath women came with thugs. I replaced pickaxe with some enormous pitchfork and started fighting with them. Then I woke up in my bed and "tried to fall asleep" again. After a while I found myself in some cliffside mansion made of white marble. I went through it and found myself at my backyard, it was an evening, just after rain. I went to the backside of my house and behind barn I saw fields of mushrooms going on all along the horizon. Some of them were the size of younger trees. Again bed fragment. Then I saw a fragment in which I shot from a tank, rockets breaking into fireworks as they flied. Next I was lying in my bed, it was dark all around. I thought about lucid dreaming, but that idea seemed curiously boring at the time. Then I found myself at some military station built on a swamp, going to barracks to take my clothes as it was a free day next day.
    4. [11-05-2016]

      by , 05-11-2016 at 03:09 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I recall several nightmare fragments. I was sneaking around abandoned and haunted buildings, dark corridoors infested with undead. I was defenseless, trying to stealthily follow a wraith in blood-red cloak.


      It was in some kind of a ruined fortress filled with undead monstrosities. With group of other people I tried to battle my way through trenches and reach a lair of a hag. Skeletons were shooting with their bows from afar, trying to kill us. Avoiding their arrows, I've run up the trenches and up a hill to fortress' entrance. I tried to destroy a force field surrounding a hag sleeping in her bed, but I couldn't break through.

      Suddenly I found myself in a dark room with few dudes from my class. They were grinning strangely. I had a weird thought that it's a lucid dream, what's more - a multiple one.

      Then I was back at the fortress, fighting my way to a hut of a sage where I found a rod that shot with blue, spiral beam. I used it to destroy the force field and kill the hag.
    5. [06-03-2016]

      by , 03-06-2016 at 10:29 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was laying in my bed and watching tv. I tried to find anything interesting and I found an animated movie about a goblin fighting undead like skeletons, our skeletons with metal bones. He fought with a war hammer.
    6. [03-03-2016]

      by , 03-03-2016 at 06:26 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)

      I was in my backyard. Father took our cat out of garage and told me to drive somewhere with him. I was the driver.

      MILD - shapeshifting, bonus TotM

      I was in a forest with some DC's and my dog. It was dark and cold winter night. We were escaping from some kind of danger. We ran until we got closer to a mansion of some kind. It reminded me my neighbors house. We climbed up a huge rock just in time. A group of rotting undead attacked us. I knew that owner of the mansion set them free to kill us and take my dog. There was only one way of escape - electricity lines just above the rock. I slid down on the cable to courtyard, and ran the hell out of there. I realised that I'm in my home town, close to neighbors house. I looked back and saw my dog playing with wolves.

      I decided to run away along the street. I thought that I should run quicker. I realised that it's a dream. Everything became more detailed and vivid. Time has changed, it was no longer a cold and dark winter night, but rather a bright and warm summer day. I ran into a huge farm complex that had enormous wheat fields, mechanics workshops, garages with tractors and combine harvesters and huge warehouses. There were many DCs walking around I though about a girl from my class, and she appeared nearby. I told her that it's a dream, and rushed inside one of the combines - a big, red combine harvester. She did the same. We drove around the complex smashing everything on our way, all while I was telling about possibilities that lucid dreams give. I drove into a dead end, where I couldn't drive back nor any further. I left the machine and ran back to garages and fields. I though about bike, and found one nearby. It had modifications that allowed using it at fields. I tried riding it, but I couldn't hold my balance. I left it and ran back to combine harvesters, but before I took another one, I recalled a bonus ToTM. I moved my left hand back, thinking about creating fire. Suddenly I felt a strong pain going quickly from fingers up my hand. Everything went black, I still felt the pain, but I could move my body. I moved back my right hand and though about creating ice. I felt really strong frostbite coming from fingers up my hand. I managed to stay lucid (spoiler).

      Spoiler for Shapeshifting:
    7. [26-01-2016]

      by , 01-26-2016 at 05:06 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was a knight. I was in ruins of a huge settlement. Everything was burning, there were clouds of smoke and ash and I could smell sulphur. I took full plate armor and a steel mace, and rushed into action. There were many foul demons to smite down, zombies and other kinds of undead monstrosities. I moved carefully through burning houses and ruined buildings, chasing all the enemies until I cleared my path to dark dungeon. Inside the evil lessened until I reached a big chamber full of demonspawn. During my travel I learned many skills and improved my mace fighting.
    8. Hag and undead fish

      by , 08-18-2015 at 02:44 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was in a backyard of my house. I saw a weird old woman that my older sister called a hag before, holding bag full of skeletons and dead fish bodies. She was emptying it. I thought that I should take some skeletons to my aquarium, and came closer to skeletons. Suddenly one of them started to move, and then fly. I was escaping from a flying fish skeleton.
      non-lucid , nightmare
    9. Escaping from undead

      by , 07-31-2015 at 10:14 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was a wizard, escaping from undead armies led by a fearsome necromancer. Many times it nearly catched me, though I fooled it by sending some troops as a distraction. When I thought that I finally found a safe place - abandoned ruins, the necromancer jumped out from behind the corner.
    10. [23-05-2015]

      by , 05-23-2015 at 05:29 PM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      I was inside an abandoned secret research facility. It was dark and quiet. The darkness was somehow sinister and overwhelming, but there were a few lit areas. I had a sawed-off shotgun in my hands and I was ready to shoot. I walked down the corridor, getting closer to a corner.

      I sneaked closer to the corner, and jumped from behind it. It seemed that I entered a room with cells for live specimens. There was a bit rotten human body of a girl, lying in a puddle of dried out blood. I came closer to examine the body, but suddenly it has awakened.

      The undead girl scratched me with her claws a few times, but I managed to shoot her head off with one shotgun blast. I went into a dark corridor again, and stumbled upon an object I couldn't see. I dropped the shotgun, and ran, afraid of monsters.

      Out of a corridor I ran into a dark street. My mother and two sisters appeared, and we just went through the sinister, overwhelming and somehow heavy darkness. We were worried as we had no reflective bands. I took a phone out of my pocket and tried to lit the way, but mother told me to lit the area behind us.

      We walked straight a dark road, into a small city. Suddenly a police officer appeared and talked with my relatives about a punishment for not having a reflective band. I covered behind a car standing nearby, but he somehow sensed my presence and called me out.

      When I came closer to him, I teleported back into of the research facility. I tried to find that corridor again, but I ran into another undead girl that killed me. I changed into a disembodied spectator. I watched scientists getting eaten by creatures similar to shamblers from Quake game. I watched it from a distance, and couldn't move my body, just stand and watch. Once I took the perspective of a monster eating a scientist alive. Then my vision turned red.

      I got teleported again. I watched Lara Croft from Tomb Raider series running up the stairs in the facility. I moved closer to her, and suddenly she stopped and looked back, as if she was looking at me. She seemed somehow familiar, I realised that she is a girl I knew.
    11. [04-05-2015]

      by , 05-04-2015 at 08:52 AM (Snehk's Dreamlands)
      Meeting of wizards

      I was standing on top of a platform, high above the ground. I was a powerful necromancer, meeting with a conjurer and elementalist.

      Running away from the police

      I went out of my home. I walked for a while, and found myself in an industrial street from VIII century. Suddenly I saw a minimap on the left bottom corner of my vision, and a star indicating that police is looking for me.

      I decided to run away. I saw that they already surrounded the area. The policemen were wearing blue uniforms with strange hats. As I ran away, they shot at me. Luckily none of their shots were succesfull. I saw an old Ford car, but decided to leave it there.

      Running towards an alley leading into slums, I found a gun lying on the ground, and took it. It was getting dark. I ran towards junkyard, and found a shelter that one of the homeless built before his death. I've hiddent there, preparing for a sudden attack.

      Suddenly I saw someone coming. He was wearing black suit, and holding a suitcase full of money. When I looked at him, text saying "russian drug dealer" appeared above his head. I panicked and shot at him, but somehow the bullet haven't hit him.

      Luckily, he just ignored me. After a short while of waiting, a soldier jumped on a parachute and landed close to me. He told me that he is a great general, and that if I want to live, I must accept his offer. He told me that I'm going to be a "Head Director Paladin".

      Dark Lord

      With group of my teachers we went inside some kind of crypt, buried underneath the school. It was dark inside, and there were many skeletons lying on the ground. Suddenly I recalled that I was there before, fighting with the undead. There were skeletons with huge swords, cloaked skeletons summoning other undead, and the dark lord himself.

      The dark lord was a skeleton, surrounded by field of strong, pale blue energy. Despite having no tissue or skin, it had long, dark curly hair. Trying to survive the encounter, I fought every way possible. I ran towards small chamber, leaving most of the undead on a corridor. They had to run towards the chamber, which let me fight them one by one.

      I took a huge sword out of my backpack, and slashed my way out. There was only the dark lord left. I knew that this particular undead is too strong to kill it with a mere sword. I focused and cast a "destroy undead" spell. Then my vision returned back to the school.

      I told teachers that I was there before, but none of them listened to me. They just wanted to take any valuables from there, and seal it from the world. I estimated that all the junk they took was worth two thousand dollars.

      When they went away to sell it, I entered the crypt. Suddenly I traveled back in time, and saw that it was a school cloakroom before. I looked around, and between closets I saw a girl sitting on a bench. She went out a while later.

      I looked again, and saw that there were some cats running around. I realised that the horror had something to do with the cats. Suddenly a horrifying music started to play. For a long time I chased those cats and freed them. When there were only two of them, a weird man appeared.

      It was an old, bald man with long, white beard. He was wearing grey suit. I took another cat, and went closer to him. He was holding a carving knife, and there was a cat sitting on the table. I asked "What's with this knife?" And the man stabbed the cat to death.

      This angered me. I let the cat that I was holding before go away. I found a cleaver lying nearby. I made a long, horrifying howl and threwn it at the man. It made an arc and hit him in the foot, cutting it in half. The man started to scream in pain.

      Then I realised, that I was responsible for all the foul ongoings there, as truly I was the Dark Lord.

      FA - in home

      I was sitting in an armchair. It was dark. I looked around and saw that my relatives were sitting nearby, and looking at me. Suddenly I heard a phone ringing. I took the phone - it belonged to my younger sister, and went back to my relatives. I gave the phone to my sister.
    12. LUCID DREAM 3 (March 7, 2015) First Wild! Exploring in the darkest Night

      by , 03-07-2015 at 11:29 PM
      March 7, 2015 First WILD!

      Fell asleep at around 12:30AM

      What i did before I went to bed, and during the day:
      I watched inception before bed, in bed, and went to sleep as soon as the movie finished. I drank Bed Time Tea by Yogi tea company at around 9:00PM. Spent most of the day doing a lot of nothing. I was stressed in the morning over a bad test and missed assignment, and homework made it worse. I got better though. Spent a lot of the day building on a Minecraft server. I built a tower that was an educational center to learn a little bit about lucid dreaming. I read Sageous's WILD guide earlier in the morning.

      The Preparation to Dream:
      First successful WILD! also not only that but my first WILD attempt. Tonight i had a boost in confidence. I told myself It had been too long without a LD and assured myself tonight I will have one.I Woke up at about 4:40AM without any alarm and got out of bed to get a drink, use bathroom, ect. i only stayed out of bed for about 10ish minutes, and got back into bed. I was assuming i was going to fall back asleep after about 20 minutes or less, man was i wrong. i laid motionless on my back other than an occasional itch or two that disrupted me. i laid for a while and started meditating trying to get myself to sleep. i counted my breaths and paid attention to them carefully counting up and down from 10. I would start getting images in my head, "dreamlets" forming and playing out, but for some reason i would immediately snap to an awareness state and wake up a bit. no matter how hard i tried to make myself sleep I kept snapping to a state of awareness no matter how lost in thought I felt. I thought 20 minutes had passed since i last checked the clock at about 5:00AM, and saw to my disbelief it was 6:00AM! i had a few disturbances by people awake at 5:30AM for some reason and that added to it but i was up for an hour and 12Mins. I finally rolled on my side feeling somewhat defeated by my inability to sleep and promptly fell asleep, only i didn't just go to sleep.

      The Dream Experience:
      I thought i had merely past to sleep, there was a slight gap of nothingness. Next thing i know i was dreaming, in the beginnings of transcending into REM, stuck in place and was pretty sure it was sleep paralysis, as i have already experiences countless times. I heard a lot of strange sounds out of my control, and some scary vivd images. I instantly had awareness kick, like it had done all night while awake, and I knew I Had somehow made it! Right away 4 undead corpses were headed for me whilst still not able to move and they scared me at first until i told myself this is my dream I have no reason to be afraid. I finally gained mobility before they reached me, and i put my hand on them one by one and made them instantly vanish because i did not want them here.
      I Paused for a moment, i had to think of what i wanted to do and did the first thing that came to mind and i immediately started to fly, but was very excited and almost lost it, my vision became gray and blurred, however, while still in the air I quickly started to rub my hands together in the dream bringing it back and successfully did so. when I landed it still had a blurry effect, also I don't know how to land from flying well yet. I wanted the scene to change, but I could not. I was in a very very dark, night time scene in a suburban neighborhood. flying over the few areas i did it was just a lot of houses, separated by white fencing, and plenty of trees. It was so dark though I could only see where the there were street lights and house lights, but there really was not any streets yet, just houses crowded together. I wanted to make a sunny scene but couldn't, I tried appearing at a beach but also could not so I just stopped trying. In fact other than making the zombies disappear I couldn't really change anything else. My mind was thinking very quickly, there was soo much i wanted to do but just could not do all at once. I would have one idea, then instantly jump to another. One thing my I tried to do but could not, due to not being able to summon DC or change the scene was go into "caveman mode". I knew its what would happen eventually but it didn't get to happen. I tried to find a DC to interact with. searched a few places here and there. I think i went into a few houses but honestly cannot draw any scenes in my head from them. One thing that did not surprise me until i awoke was one particular scene. While i was looking for the DC i wanted to see, I ended it up my old neighborhood from when I lived in North Carolina. Now i have not seen this place in years, nor have I recalled ever dreaming about it in years, yet here it was. Not everything was exact obviously. I went to a neighbors house there, and it still had the brick and concrete steps i remember as a kid (probably from falling on them once) and I saw my little brother and asked if he knew where this DC was. He said no in a confused manner. I looked out back at the houses and noticed more had appeared out in the darkness. I got up and went out into the street and thought what I wanted to see now but got too far lost in thought and lost control of the dream.

      Lucidity is Lost, Regained, but too Late:
      Next thing I see, I am already in another scene. I am at my grandmothers house in Connecticut, non-lucid now. i look out the front door and see 3 dogs that look like mine and let them inside, except another group of the same kind of dogs also comes in. i spend the next few minutes trying to get the ones that are not mine back outside. I almost get it and then i have another sense of Lucidity and become Lucid again, unfortunately i become lucid because i notice one thing, the dream is about to collapse. Though i think quick and go to rub my hands together fast before it is gone i am too late, and that thought of rubbing my hands transfers from the dream world to the real world and i wake up rubbing my hands together in real life! It i now about 6:25 AM.

      I Fall asleep at about 6:50AM again and sleep till 7:52, 3 minutes before my Alarm to get up for my first Karst HydroGeology Field Trip. I only got around 5-6 Hours of sleep this night. I was trying hard to fight sleep on the way back during the van ride.

      Goals and Progress:
      about 25 minutes of dreaming and about 20 of them were Lucid! One of my goals was to have a 10 minute LD, and I Passed it. This was my first WILD attempt, and what a success in the dream world it was, it made the long painful night of fighting to go to sleep worth it.

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    13. Desert Adventures (NLD)

      by , 11-10-2014 at 06:16 PM
      I was walking with my dad, who now resembled the older Russell Crowe from Noah, out of the town into a desert to join an expeditionary force that was tasked with recovering some powerful ancient artifact. "Are we going to help them get it or take it for ourselves?" I asked him, trying to clarify our motivations. "We'll see how it plays out," he replied. In the next moment I observed the leader of the expeditionary force raise at least a hundred undead elephants from beneath the sands, adding considerably to the impressiveness of their force. "For them, it looks like," I commented wryly, answering my own question.

      Moving swiftly ahead of the rest, my dad and I were the first ones to reach the stone antechamber that served as the entrance to the dungeon where the artifact was said to be buried. While we waited for the others to catch up, we heard an altercation outside. I heard a booming voice that I understood to be that an antagonist in the form of a powerful AI, announcing that it had trained an orbital telescope upon the army we were assisting. It claimed that the telescope was pointed at an ancient city beneath the sands, and was capable of igniting some flammable resource right underneath the army's feet.

      Although in dastardly-villain style the AI had revealed its plan before executing it, there was no chance to thwart it: in the next moment we saw a tremendous conflagration through the cracks in the partially-open doors of the stone chamber in which we took refuge. Fortunately the entrance was facing the opposite direction from the blast, and although the stone walls at our back protected us from immolation, we still had to put our hands over our faces to protect them from the sudden withering heat.

      We knew that anyone outside who had been exposed to the blast must have been destroyed—all but one, a single man who had arrived just outside the stone antechamber in time to be protected by it. I took him to be the leader of the army that had just been decimated. "Wow," I said, not directing my words to anyone in particular, as he slipped into the antechamber and joined us. "That was... overwhelming." I realized that under these changed circumstances, we would no doubt be seeking the artifact for our own purposes now, though whether this third guy would turn out to be an ally or antagonist in the long run was impossible to predict. "Guess it's just the three of us now," I commented as, without further ado, we started down the stone steps into darkness to begin our adventure.
    14. 16th Sep 2013 Fragments

      by , 09-17-2013 at 12:18 AM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Dream 1(fragments):

      I was in some video game and there was some railway place where we had to deal with undead.

      Dream 2(fragments):

      I was playing some RTS, the level was kinda dark and there were alot of enemy bases.
    15. 1st Feb 2013 Huge tower, Lot of Pressure plates, Robot dancing

      by , 02-01-2013 at 07:39 PM (Scionox's Journal of Dreams)
      Not much today, only a few fragments.

      Dream 1:

      I was in some village and there was huge tower. It was so huge that it reached the space, but after climbing to the higher layers some sort of drone ships started attacking the village so i had to go down. There were some anime characters protecting the village and i had ability to revive them.

      Dream 2:

      I was in some sandcastle-like place and there were lots of pressure plates hidden around that needed to be pressed. Day/night cycle changed pretty quickly and there were some sort of undead attacking at night.

      Dream 3:

      Some sort robot was dancing on the scene under music of my radio alarm(i woke up shortly).
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