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    1. What kind of man

      by , 04-07-2016 at 08:33 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm running from some kind of mercenaries, trying to go to university at the same time. I weave my way accross buildings, taking hidden doors and corridors, the mercenaries voices hot on my trail, casual and laughting. I manage to board on a train, half train alf boat, standing up at the prow. There's a woman and her little girl behind me, the girl with pigtails and big blue eyes. She crouches down and pick up a piece or paper stuck to my shoes and excitatly tells her mother that I'm a member of the crew. I feel embarassed and tell her that it's not true, that I picked up the paper somewhere. I let her keep it and she's thrilled. Her mother thanks me and hands me some chocolates. As the train stops, her husband come to picks them up and I leave, still going to university. I meet up with somes of my comrades in a yard, half lawn half cement, and we start a waterballons fight. The sun is hot and the air dry, the water ballons very cold. Another friend calls us from a flat above, waving. We enter the building and go to her place. It's small but very sunny, and now crowned. We manage to all sit in front of her TV for a movie, on two sofa. I'm sitting at one of the end of one of the sofa, with the boyfriend of my cousin and my cousin sitting with me. The boyfriend has very wandering hands and keeps trying to kiss my neck, making me very inconfortable, but my cousin doesn't let me get up. Our phones are stucks together and it's somehow keeping me from leaving. I manage to separate them and get up to sit on the other sofa, next to a tall, brown-haired man. He wraps a arm around my waist and pulls me slightly against him, allowing me to sit confortably. I feel safe with him and snuggle closer.
    2. Shapeshiftings problems

      by , 03-04-2016 at 10:01 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm in a group, a ragtag bunch of misfits; All of them can shapeshift into various animals. We're squatting a old cinema, but a shadowing, bad organisation attack. We flee on the roof, a wonderful creation of braided green glass, very instable but lovely. We climb down and jump in a car, driving away at top speed. We go through a snowy, very picturesque lanscape. I can't really enjoy it, as I'm the one driving. We reach a industrial dictrict and try to hide in a warehouse, but we're tracked down by a snake woman, tall and covered in golden, shimering scales. Only part of the group manage to flee, and we hole up in the back of a warehouse. A man enters, small in stature, wearing glasses, balding with a small, neat beard. He carries wih him a incredebly heavy atmosphere of dread and evil, and we cower, unable to stand up against him, until one of us, a shy bird shifter, suddnetly snaps and grab a piece of lumber, clubbing the man to get him to flee. He tells him, "do you think you can conquer us, bitch?!" while wailing on him. The evil man flees, vowing to return.
    3. Lucid #10: Skateboarding and Harry Potter?

      by , 01-23-2016 at 09:16 PM (Pasta time with patches!)
      Okay, so at the beginning of the dream, I was skateboarding with some kids through trails/paths/so on. It was fun. I've never really skateboarded in waking life because I'm too anxious. Anyways, we got to these fences, and I tried skating towards them and then vertically up them, but I kept failing. Then, I tried flying over them, but I could only float around 30-60 cm or so. The other kids found the flying cool though.

      It was just after this that I'm sure I got lucid. I decided to try skating over the wall again--it was more vivid now, so it was more fun, but alas I had no success. Then this really cool fence thing appeared, which kind of looked like an upside down staircase in the air, with the top step in front of me/connected to the ground.

      After a bit more skateboarding, the visuals started to fade, so I tried a stabalization technique that I thought of myself in an earlier lucid (others have likely tried it far before me, but I had never heard of it). I focused on the tactile and auditory sensations in the dream--the sound of the skateboard, and the feel of it beneath my feet, and kind of 'hung on' to that until one minute later, the visuals returned.

      Then, I decided to skate off from that place and go towards my house (I didn't plan on it being my house, it's just where I ended up going). When I got there, I went upstairs I think and noticed this kid, staring at me. He was kind of creeping me out, so I tried to move to another room (I think my mother's) to avoid him. He got in there too, I think? I don't remember much about the exact details of this part. I think I tried to teleport at one point but failed. At one point he was standing on the top of the stairs, and I freaked out and pushed him down--he didn't look like a normal kid, I knew it was a dream, and I was scared. He fell, and I ran to my room.

      In my room, I peaked out the door and noticed that he was there. Really scared now, I made a kind of wand motion with my hand and said 'Avada kedavra!' and he crumpled to the ground. He got up though soon, and then I said 'Crucio!' and he fell again. Yes, looking back on things, I was a horrible person. He seemed to go off and leave me alone after this, and then I decided that I might as well try some dream control stuff, but at that point I was starting to wake up.
    4. Dead like me

      by , 01-13-2016 at 10:45 PM (Here be dragons)
      take a seat people, this one is a long one.

      I boards a train on a contry station. The day is hazy and hot, the tall grass dried out and whispering in the hot wind. The train I'm in go off the rails, but I find myself tranding up in the ruins of the accident, seemingly inscathed, chairs and pieces of glimmering machinery all around me in a clearing. I still need to go, and I find mylsef in another train, this one going over a brige high on a montain side. This one go off the rails too, and I'm falling down, all the way to the ground. I hear the thump of my body, and something snaps.
      I scramble back on my ass, then I stand up. Somehow I know that i'm not living anymore, that I'm a ghost, haunting my own body. It doesn't seem broken or even hurt. Two other girls are picking themselves from the ground. I know they are like me, dead but walking. We meet up on the side of the wreackage and decide that we have nothing better to do but walk.
      We walk for a long time, following the train tracks, until we reach the outskirts of a city. One of my companion seem to know her way around, and she brings us to a big villa with a party going on. We walk in from the garden to a back door. A Yound, blond haired girl opens the door, beckoning us in. There's a lot of people, kids barely in their teens huddled together, sixteen years old longing around, and twenty something drinking and laughing. THe blonde girl introduces us to her older borther, one of a twenty-something; he's a fiery red-head, with a handsome, somehow cat-like face. He seems very interested in me, but he gives off such a creeper vibe that I decide to purposely fuck with him by flirting with girls. I whisper to one of the girls from the train:
      "I bet I can kiss three girls before the end of the day."
      "But how about the guy?" she askes.
      We giggle after that.
      The day after, the party is fnished and the house weirdly empty. It's a beautiful place, with white walls and tilted floors, the furniture mostly made of light wood, with dark blue and white fabric. I slowy understand that the party was an haunting, and the previous owners of the place are dead, and I'm squatting. There's a lot of food in the kitchen, breads and cheeses and all sort of vegetables in the frige. There's also a cot in here, with a cream wool blanket on the thin mattress.
      I spend some days here, and one day I overslept and wake up in the darkness. I flip the switch to open the electrical blinds and look the time on my phone; it's almost 3 p.m. but I need to plung it to see clearly the screen, the battery was almost flat.
      I wander in the garden in my pajama, a fade pink shirt going down to my thighs, feeling feverish. On a cornor of the garden, overlooking the street below is a giant tree, gnarled and old. It looks like a japanese pin tree, with big aerial roots. It's covered in dark green moss, with lighter sprouts on the side touched by the sun, doted with small flowers in orange, pink and light yellow.
      As I'm walking toward it, two girls I recognize from the school I'm attending see me from the street and ask me where I am been. I make up a lie that I was sick with the flu, my dew soaked pajama clinging to me like I'm sweatslick. They sympathize, and ask to use my bathroom. I pretend that it's dirty to make them leave, bu the older one insist and I guide them inside. I pretend to clean up the bathroom before letting the younger one in, going in the kitchen with the other. I start to nervously tidy up the food, putting most of it in the frige and throwing moldy things away. The girl looks at me intendingly and asks me : "Do you sit on the bed, or through the bed?" I look quickly to the still locked bathroom door, and nervously tell her that we should speak about it later. She agrees and the younger girl get out, and they leave. The older girl tells me her friend needs help, and she will come back later.
      I start to bolt all the doors but another school college walks to it with a friend of her and tries to force her way in; I lock the door on her and talk to her through a window cut in the wood of the door. She aggressifly asks me about a Sarcomis thyphus and I rattle off the definition of it; it's a bacteria that induce sarcoma. He friend snorts and starts to say that it's actually a part of the immun system. I scream at her that it's in the fucking name that it induces sarcoma and it's a bacteria and slam the window covering in their faces, bolting it. I back up a little corridor and lock another door, this one painted light blue.
    5. Hero complex.

      by , 01-10-2016 at 08:45 PM (Here be dragons)
      I'm in a city, it's as usual made of long houses interlocked with eachothers and very steep. I need to protect a small group of children from a man. I try to have them to run and get away, but they are too scared of stubborn to listen to me and I have to fight the man head on. I shapeshift into something quatripedal, with fangs and claws, attacking this man to keep him from snatching the kids. They run from me and I chase them into a house big enough to be a manor and scramble up some wooden stairs, shifting back and huddling in a corner between two dark rooms. I can see that one of them is a bedroom, with the single bed close enought to the half open door that I can see under it. I'm trembling all over, feeling both vindicated and hurt by the children's fear. My sister and a yound man find me here, and crouch to be on eye level with me, talking soothing nonsense.
      The man take a halfstep to the left and a very strange insect crawls from behind him. It's a light, soft green color, and looks like a centiped the size of a small dog. On its head is a mass of feelers looking like ribbons or feathers, gently moving like algae in water. I'm both repulsed and fascinated by it, and I huddle a little closer to the wall when it advances. It stops before I get too inconfortable, and something grows out of it's back; it's butterfly wings, the same soft green color with a big eye-like spot and a long tail. It looks like a luna butterfly, and it's pretty, in a weird way.
    6. The Sketching Man

      by , 12-12-2015 at 10:13 PM (Here be dragons)
      Couldn't manage to write down annything this week, my days were starting up too early.
      So of course last night was three entries worth of dreams

      I'm in a appartement, it's pretty well lit but blandly decorated, with generic furnitures. I'm not alone; there's some peculiar people here.
      There's a older gentleman with brushed back silver hairs and a shifty face with deep wringles and deep-seated eyes, carrying a sketching pad and a mechanical pencil. He sits at a table close to some windows, sulking around the rest of the group and doodling.
      There's my sister, sitting cross-legged on a beige carpet, playing with her dog and blissfully obvious to the world*. It's really cute.
      And there two Middle-Earth dwarves, Fili and Kili, in road-wary armour and travel clothes. I'm hanging out with them, asking a lot of pretty inquisitives questions about dwarven custom and physiology. They're laughing a lot, and telling me load of outrageous bullshit so I laugh too. We're sitting on a bed next to the appartement door. Well, me and Fili are sitting; Kili is longing between us, taking up a lot of space; dwarves are short but broad in the shoulder and thick in the chest. I lean over Kili to playfully punch his brother over some joke and I have to almost climb over him, that's how barrel-chested he is. I'm suddently very close to their face, and I realise that their eyes are stranges: their pupilles are shaped like four-leafed clover, with a thin lining of gold and green.
      I get up and walk to the table to pick up a glass of water and the doodling man asks me to stay still for a moment. I'm uneasy but don't find a way to weasle my way out of it so I humor him. He get more and more pressing and I wake up.

      *My sister only sees her dog on christmas, because she had to give him to our grand-mother went she moved out for her studies. She breaks down everytime and totes him around like plushie all evening. The pup loves it.

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    7. All this and Heaven too

      by , 11-20-2015 at 02:05 PM (Here be dragons)
      HAving bad back aches shot my recall to hell, but ELi helped me remember this one.

      I'm in a city close to the sea with a couple of friends. W're talking about something being dangerous in the water, right after I got out of it. We're not on a beach; we're on a street with large cement paving that goes all the way to the sea like the edge of a canal. (typing this I remember a dream that happen in a place very similar, but at night, with a layer of snow everywhere. I was the same sea canal and same open archway better fitted for giant that for men.) The's a flotting line in the water delimiting the secure zone, but it's barely 55cm aya from the border of the canal. It's very sunny, and have the kind of dry heat of summer. I point out to my fried the border, but she says "that could as well not be here, for the goid it makes." I can see here point, so we drop the subject. We start walking along the streets, passing stores. We stop in front of one shopwindow: it's displaying a live-sized anime doll, with a lot of accessories and options presented with it on shelves. It makes me feel slightly incorfortable, but my friend get in the store and I don't want to way outside so I follow. Inside there's all sort of things: right in front of the entry it's cat-sized fantasy animals, somes very anime inspired, other more realistic. There are alive and breathing, but they stay on the shelves without moving, eyes blank. deeper in the shop are the anime dolls, both male and female. Like the animals, they are alive, but soulless. All the way to the back, This dolls look exactly human, and I'm creeped out. My friend start elbowing each-other and making exited comments about a male doll; he looks like a boys band member, young, pretty in a inoffensive way, with a stubble to get him more rugged, but shortn carefully gelled hair and a open collar shirt. I find him bland and say so, but my friend just titter. We finally get out without buying anything, and we split up. My closest friend and me take a taxi to another part of town, it's looks very similar to the one we just left. As we pick up our shopping back front the car, I realize that our driver is the same doll model that the one we saw in the shop, but he doesn't look soulless; he's rather quick witted and funny. When he seem my open mouthed stare, he winks at me. I hurry up to catch up with my friend, wonderring what the hell is going on.
      We meet up with someone dressed in rags and flowing robe, he's here to reveal things to us. We have to jump in the water for that. My friend, the same that told me the water was dangerous, strips off to her bathing suit and jumps in behind the ragman. I jump with them, the water feels too warm, but it does smell like the sea. We swim a little a reach a wirlpool. We have to swim in, and it drops me in a house. I recognize it as my house, even if it doesn't look like the real deal at all. It's seems to be build of with wood and angles, with a lot of stairs and ladders going into small rooms. I climb up a ladder to go to my bedroom, but once I'm up there I realize that we reorganised the house and it's now my little sister's. I get back down and looks for my room, but the ragman reappear and I remember that I was supposed to follow him. We get out of the house and jump in another wirlpool. We're in a cave lits with colorful spots. They're a lot of thoses living dolls here, both animals and human, chatting together.

      The more I typed, the more I remembered, but that was a confused mess allright.
    8. My First Lucid Dream

      by , 10-26-2015 at 07:16 PM
      This happened a while ago but i wanted to post it anyways. I was sleeping in my room when a thunderstorm broke out. For safety reasons I was moved to sleep in the living room a floor lower. I laid on a mattress and fell asleep fast. I was dreaming about me being in a forest at night with some friends walking around on the ground and climbing some trees, idk . The dream was very vivid and i still remember the feeling i had when i walked face first into a spider web.
      I had just heard about lucid dreaming at this point and I knew the "hold your nose and breath"-method but also the one about looking at your hands. Suddenly in the dream my friends were nowhere and I was walking down a road still during nighttime. I felt an urge to look at my hand and I did so,
      only to realize that my hand had like 7 fingers all being kinda blurry and very long. It looked extremely weird and made me panic since it was my first LD. I started running kinda to escape the fear idk. After running for some seconds I woke up. Lying on the mattress in the living room. I was looking around to make sure I was safe and everything looked safe and sound. I was a bit out of breath and wanted to wake my girlfriend lying next to me for some reason. When laying my hand on her shoulder it was STILL looking just as weird as during the lucid dream. I paniced yet again feeling my heart pounding faster and harder. I woke up just after this and looked at my hand first thing, just to find it being normal again.
      My first LD experience kinda scared me, but it still drew me in since the experience was so unique from anything i had ever experienced before. I am excited to learn more about this mystical universe
    9. God save us from the Queen

      by , 10-14-2015 at 06:29 PM (Here be dragons)
      Still hard to breath when sleeping on my back.

      I am a very young vampire, my sire, my creator, il a dignified, older italian gentleman with salt and pepper hairs and a tan, rough skin. His wrinkles show that he laughs more that he frown, and I care about him and my vampire siblings. He is hurt, and has to rest on his bed. We're all around him, and I'm laying on the top of the blankets next to him, very upset.
      Later, my siblings and I are trying to save people from a arranged wedding that xas initialy supposed to take place between one of my companion and me. We both dress up before entering the room, his tuxedo is classical black and white with a white bowtie, my dress is very traditional and covers me neck to toes. We get in and walk to the platform where the future husband and wife are waiting. Her dress is far more pretty than mine, and I jocke about it with my companion while pulling the man to his feet. I tell him to run and he rush out, like everyone else including me. I'm separated from the other and I try to escape my pursuers by running through a gigantic house full of strange interconnected rooms. the more persistant is closing on me; he looks a lot like my sir and it's making me slow down. He his a agent of a mysterious Queen. He tells me that I run so fast that I'm off limits. I spits in his face as he throws a spell at me, a blue light that burns my flesh to ash. I look to my left hand and see it turning into ash and fall appart before waking up.
    10. Groundhog Dream

      by , 09-29-2015 at 08:10 PM (Here be dragons)
      Didn't have a lot of time to write down my dream this morning, so not much detail for this one.

      I'm a man trapped in a decaying building, forced to loop through a senario I have no control on. I have to make the sadistic choice between leaving this place or freeing a woman chained to a wall, and each time I make a decision the dream loops and i'm back at the begining, looking for the woman in the endless rooms. I finally decide no to leave, but not to free her even and a black cat appear on a caged bed to stare at me.
    11. *insert a witty pun about undercover work and blankets here*

      by , 09-22-2015 at 02:40 PM (Here be dragons)
      Got to sleep after a small anxiety attack linked to last year training period. Didn't have a nightmare about it thankfully, but instead of hypnalogic imagery I got auditory hallucinations that made me get back up to check the house's doors.

      I am a FBI agent working in the BAU with the Criminal Minds team. Garcia is showing us a amateur video shot in night mode (everything is in green shades and we cas seen the flashlight halo) from her lair, so her voice is rolling other the video but she's not with us. It's a video sent by a unknow suspect and everyone is on edge. We can see an corridor the unsub is walking in, he is inside a small house or a appartement with light-colored walls and tilded floors. they stop in front of a light-colored plastic-looking door with two long panel of frosted glass. The camera is aimed pretty low, and when the door open we can see the legs and feet of a soaked wet woman. Her legs are chubby and she's wearing hight-heeled, sparkly sandals and her toesnails look painted. We can faintly hear rain. The camera pan slowly up to revel that the woman is Garcia, who look out of breath and disheveled, then the video is cut. Everyone react in horror and we hear Garcia gasping.
      Later, I'm going undercover in the mafia. I am with the leader of this particular branch, dressed to the nine in a short, tight silk dress in deep red and a pair of styletto, my hair in a complicated bun doted with shininhs gems high on my head, and the man I'm being all arm candy for is in a sharp charcoal suit and is cultivating his ressemblance with anthony Hopkins. We're in a anonymous room, sitting around a cheap round table, though he is sitting in a velvet and dark wood chair and smoking a cigar. An other man with dark hair and slightly chinese features is with us, in a crumpled suit and nervous behaviour. the mafia leader is interviewing him about his entry in the group. After a little conversation, the candidate is accepted. I hand him a pen and a pile of contracts he have to sign while the mafia leader take his almost finished cigar off his mouth and cut of the chewed on tip to hand the still smoldering other bit to the man. He have to place it on the webbing between his tumb and his other fingers and press down hard, as a final test of passage. Interestingly, I don't have anyburn marks on my hands; I'm clearly a secretary/pretty thing and nothing more for the leader.

      Man that dress was pretty. Barely-covering-my-croch level of short, but pretty.
    12. Old LD - Nightmareville

      by , 09-07-2015 at 06:01 PM (Dimension X)
      This is an old LD that I had around 8-10 months ago. It's still a lucid dream, so I figured I'd add it in now.

      I don't quite remember how it began, but the general setting was a dark town set in a old spooky Prague style. It was night time, and the sky held a large moon. It felt so real. I could feel the cold air on my face as soon as I arrived. I could even smell rain. The small town itself was in a circle shape around a circle cobble road, with some sort of mausoleum in the centre. On the outside of the road between the road and the houses, there was a spire fence surrounding it all. I've drawn it below, in case my description is lacking detail:

      That's what it all looked like. Nothing much happened, except I saw weird creatures, big and small, walking around and morphing into different shapes and other kinds of creatures. I remember trying to make someone appear to see if maybe they could help, but it wouldn't work.

      I'm not sure what to make of that creepy town. It seems important somehow.

      Any thoughts on this?

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    13. Jolted Awake

      by , 06-14-2015 at 12:44 AM (Exploring My Mind)
      Hey guys! Been a little while, but I'm kicking myself back into it to make sure I don't get out of practice like usual. I've remembered quite a few dreams in the past month, but none written down, sadly, or I would document them here. So, this dream was from two nights ago. It was very short, mind you, but also very vivid, and it led to a weird sensation.
      I was in my room, except with my co-worker for some odd reason. He pointed out to me two dudes who were lying under my girlfriend's bed, writhing about on the floor and dancing. All I could see of them were their limbs, and I could hear upbeat techno music playing in a muffled sort of way, as if I was hearing it from a distance.
      My co-worker and I started dancing to the music, and everything felt happy. However, things took a very eerie turn when we looked up from our dance and noticed that the two dudes who were under the bed were now standing beside it, looking at us like we were crazy. If the two dudes weren't under the bed anymore...then why whose limbs were still writhing around under the bed...?
      As soon as we came to this creepy realization, I heard a loud cracking noise, and a bright light engulfed all of us. It felt almost as if a bomb was going off. I fell on top of my bed, my ears ringing, and my body tingling. And as soon as I hit the bed...

      I woke up, slowly rising from my real life bed, while still feeling the ringing in my ears and the tingling sensation in my body. It went away in a few seconds, and everything was back to normal, but wow was that a weird and unsettling end to a dream.
    14. Abandoned House

      by , 09-30-2014 at 01:43 AM
      In this dream I live in a big two-story house with a decent amount of land; I believe it is quite a few acres. The land is full of big oak trees, pine trees, and grassy areas. There is this other two-story house probably 300 to 500 feet away from our main house. We own it as well, but it is abandoned. The front door is missing, and the minimal number of windows makes it look dark and creepy. The building has not been decorated. The walls are plain, or at least they were plain concrete-colored walls until some kids spray painted nearly every part of it. The paint wasn't art, as it mainly consisted of tags and other creepy phrases. Glass is shattered throughout the building, and many concrete blocks have been destroyed.
      My friend, "Prez", is notorious for going there. He spends his time there with friends but he doesn't paint the place. I was looking at the building from my house, and my parents approached me. "I don't want you to hang out with him" They said. "He goes to the building." It feels like it's just another spot teenagers go to do teenager things and like we don't own it. Even though it's so close to my house, I've never been there. Even though it's so close to my house, so many kids hang out there, and so many illegal activities have been committed. I disregard my parents statements and hang out with Prez anyway. We are in the building and I take note of all the details of the place. The big ball-room like structure and all the glass shattered all over the place. I noticed columns holding the building have collapsed as well. We are in the eastern part of the building. It feels like this place is haunted.
      After a while my parents arrive. They aren't happy I'm here. Meanwhile, as this is happening, I didn't notice it at the time, but the dreamscape changed. It was like I was in one of those 3D Modeling computer programs. That's the best I can explain it. The building was still there but it seemed like I was on a grid that was already designed but the background was all black. Anyway, my parents are here now and they are tired of kids coming here. They started coming up with ideas on how to stop this. The idea that they seemed to like the most was to make the place look less creepy. We painted the walls white, and painted cartoon suns on the walls too. Teenagers can't get the thrill of being in a so called "haunted" building when it's a lot brighter and there are cartoon pictures painted on the walls. Even though it was ours, they still wanted to avoid being seen by cops. We did this stealthily.
    15. (August 10, 2014) Abandoned building of fear

      by , 08-10-2014 at 05:52 PM
      I fell back asleep after remembering these dreams so bear with me

      my rating 4/5

      +First dream is on a foggy day, i am driving in my truck to a camping location. i have friends and family following behind me in another vehicle. we drive through a strange trail of twists, turns and bridges. we see other people camping as we drive by. the grass has some gravel in the tire marks of old tracks so we know where to go. otherwise it is not maintained, the grass is tall. we come over to a bridge, very narrow but the vehicles drop down a few inches once off it because the bridge drops abruptly. we drive off to the campsite. I dont remember much about the actual site itself, i remember walking around observing the landscape. eventually we decide to drive back, and we get as far as the bridge but the vehicles cant drive back over it because of the drop off,so i get out and decide to cross the little water way under the bridge. it is very short but i find out it gets super deep. its also cloudy water. i am handed a heavy pack and it almost sinks to the bottom so i grab it and get out and search for a new way over.

      +This dream was kind of creepy. I was with someone, in an old abandoned house in a old style town, like almost colonial times. the house was barren of almost everything, at least in the main areas like the foyer and the hallways, was just dirt and dust everywhere as if wind had blown it around over things. we had to leave because we were going to be found so we went back into this dark room full of candles, a few tables, and a skull, and had to blow out all the candles, making the room pitch black. while i was leaving i walked by a pool of water that must have been from leaking roof or pipes, it was in a little pocket in the dirt. a man and two woman appeared and started talking to me,i walked over till my feet were ankle deep in the water, the man and one of the woman disappeared, and the third woman tried pulling me under water but i broke free from her grip and got out of there. i was then out at some old place that looked like my grandfather's liquor store with a friend. it was the dark of night and the only light was out front. we walked out back where there was a crowd of pale creepy looking people staring at me. i stopped for a moment and i think my friend left. one guy with a shaven head and a jailbird outfit came over and started to attack me, saying something about leaving the house. i had no choice but to fight back. i pulled out my smith and wesson swat folding knife and retaliated. he said "nice try but i can just close this" not knowing the lock was engaged holding it open and i cut his hand, the then tried something that was very painful, like wow couldn't believe how real that felt for a dream, and my stomach hurt like crazy but i told my self keep calm, the military wont need someone who will break under pressure, and i used the knife, (leaving out details here), and killed him. another person tried attacking me but i just threw him far. then the dream ended.

      +I got back up and fell back asleep and had another dream. first, i was in an old house know i have been in before. and was trying to explore all its room but i was limited trying to keep my younger brothers away from going so they wouldn't be lost or hurt. so i never got to the room i wanted to. i saw part of it and knew ive seen it before, and don't know why i did not become aware of it. i eventually ended up at a colorful museum and play place type thing where i climbed colorful stairwells into other rooms where i found a box, but i had to climb up ropes to get it, which i did. the feeling of climbing the rope felt pretty real. i eventually got the box but never looked inside.

      i have seen this type of building before many time in dreams, the one directly above. or at least, the color scheme is put on a lot of buildings. i also saw an old house i have not seen in a long time in my dreams. both are not real places but memories of places i created in dreams.
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