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    1. (August 6, 2014) strange series

      by , 08-06-2014 at 04:16 PM
      August 6, 2014

      My rating 4/5

      This dream I was mainly underground in a scary series of tunnel that was haunted by something. First, we would drop down into the tunnels going down an old rusty ladder down a square shaft in the ground. The ground had water covering mainly the middle of it, like a little stream formed, with the dirt closer to the walls that was not submerged. We began walking gown the tunnels, seeing strange things and more tunnels that branch off in different ways. I found an old alligator skeleton in a small dent in the walls, i eventually came across a room with a bunch of shirts in it and most of them had a creepy picture of an eye on them. Then i was instantly at the starting point of the tunnel again, walking through the maze of dirt and puddles, seeing strange mud formations, and finally making it back to the room with the shirts, this time they all had a picture of an eye and the all were facing one specific spot.

      + this dream is not all together in my head but it was a pretty cool setting, wish i could remember more. I was at an old castle at night, with a group of 2 people, and we were trying to defend ourselves from these strange birdlike creatures that were all over the castle grounds. Like being trapped in a haunted house except there are tons of evil live creatures trying to kill us. I remember the last part if it, being outside the main building but still within the outer walls of the castle. Fge castle was tall, had lots of gates, and faded yellow bricks with s little bit of green moss or something growing in the cracks of it. We are making our escape to the main gate but before we get there we see the bird/demon creatures. I take out a handmade arrow with a deer bone tip and we advance. The drop down and begin attacking, and i get one of them with the arrow by stabbing with it in my hand.

      +this dream i was going to the movies with my brother, and we get in the theater and take a seat, it is very dark in here. I don't remember the movie but after apparently is was done we got up and left

      + i was in a certain school setting I've been in a few times in my dreams before, and was walking around a room full of people trying to find one of my friends. The room had bright colors on the walls such as red,orange, and green, and the carpet was colorful too. My friend walked over to me and took out his guitar which had a weird shaped head on it, and he started playing it. Then i woke for good.
    2. (July 29, 2014) Abandonrd Shipping Depot, strange pond

      by , 07-29-2014 at 03:43 PM
      July 29, 2014 8:58 AM **Includes notes at the bottom**

      Rating: 4/5

      3MG melatonin taken before falling asleep at 1:30 AM~ish

      +The First dream I can remember starts out walking out of an amusement park somewhere at night, im walking down a sidewalk with my brother and we come across and old building with a archway that leads into a open area surrounded by the building. looking down into the "courtyard" I see a lot of half rusted shipping containers places around various spots on the ground. this place looks like it has not been used in a while. so we decide to walk through the red brick archway to the container yard. the whole building is an old factory style building, its made of almost entirely brick,has a lot of metal staircases, and small window panes put together to make a big window. after entering through the archway, immediately on out left is a old metal staircase. I decide to go up it. I am trying to be quiet as possible but the stairs make a loud creaking sound with every step up. finally after making it up the the top,i can either go across the top of the brick archway to one side, or to the right through a little door into another room, or take the staircase to the right of the metal staircase down onto the first floor of the building. I decide to look through the little doorway to the right. its it short, and has a cheap wooden frame around it. looking through it I see there is no floor in there, just some boards for building support, below i can see a staircase to the basement. i also see a briefcase on a shelf across from where the doorway is i am looking through. at this point, a man and woman join me in trying to get this briefcase. i get close to knocking it down but cant, then the woman trys to and she ends up knocking it down to the stair case below. I can see it from up here and decide to go down to look for it. The man has already decided he will go look for it before i go and try. I click on my bright flashlight and walk down the first flight of stair that were to the right of the outside metal stairs, though a dark hallway with rooms on the left to the staircase that i could see above from the little doorway. the staircase is barely visible, its covered in either dust or sand so much that it looks like a slope, but i barely make out each step. I go near the bottom and realize the briefcase i no longer there and i stop instantly in my tracks. i look straight ahead and see the basement goes off to the right but i feel to afraid to look what it back there. it is completely silent and im standing in the basement entry. i yell out to the two people who are with me to make sure they are alright, but i get no response i slowly head had up the stairs back into the hall way when i get attacked by some people, i go into the nearby room i saw earlier and there is the man fighting as well as me now, fighting a group of people i suppose want the briefcase as well. i use the strobe effect on my flashlight to make it hard to see and bash em on the side of my head with the light and we start knocking the guys out but two more go through the doorway, a different man and woman, the woman attacks me and pins me down but my fried helps knock her off while i proceed to hit here with the light and soon she is out cold, as well as the other guy my friend was fighting. at the end of the right, the woman with us comes down with the briefcase saying something like jeez guys why was this hard to get? and me and my friend just look at each other and laugh while she walks out the doorway.

      +this dream is more fragmented, I am in some sort of vacation home out in the woods with my family. from where it starts, I am in a hallway in our house, with bedroom doors on the wall behind me, and windows on the wall in front of me. the floors are faded wooden plank floor and the walls are whit. there is a nice breeze coming in trough the window, and outside the window immediately is a pond. In fact, the house is built slightly over this pond. i have a hot dog on a bun in my hand, and i put it in the water to see if it will catch something, but then something does end up taking it, something small and definitely not a fish. I decide to grab another one and head outside to a walk way beside the pond. it is a nice sunny day out but the sun is getting ready to start setting soon. i can see flower gardens behind white walls, and of course the pond. i walk over to the side of the pond from the walkway and put the food in the water again, this time standing in the water. now i can feel a bunch of little things grabbing my ankles trying to pull me down, and i quickly pull out my knife and cut at whatever is pulling me down and get back on the walkway with a prt in my hand i cut off to see what it is. it is a little light blue, transparent hand they looks like those sticky rubber hands you win in real life as cheap arcade prizes. I eventually end up making peace with the little blue people, and walk away over to a pool, when i hear my parents say its time to go inside. so i'm cleaning stuff around the pool and start heading in when the dream ends.

      Side Notes: The melatonin seems to be giving me a few longer dreams that are generally pretty easy to recall at least one almost fully. most dreams seem to be at night but i think since i started ADA and have been becoming more aware of daytime settings rather than night because just of time to do it happens mostly during he day, more dreams seem to be during the day than usual. still waiting for my second lucid dream. i want to try and construct buildings, and talk to some dream characters and learn a bit more of how they function. anyway, a possible dream sign, if you have been reading my entries you may have noticed, i'm usually exploring some sort of vacant or abandoned building. never really in populated buildings.
    3. The Quest for a Movie

      by , 07-15-2014 at 10:05 PM
      I'm in my living room with mom and AJ when a commercial for "Wolf Children" comes on TV. It mainly showcases clips from the snow scene. It showed them howling. It was dubbed in English! A better dubbing than the original English! "Why are they redubbing it in English?" I ask.
      "Why are they only showing the snow scene?" AJ asks.
      "I like this one better!" I say. "Let's go get it!" I look at mom; she smiles and nods.
      The scene cuts to a mall. There aren't that many people around. I'm standing at the entrance to the store that sells the movie. Before I go in, I look back at mom, who had fallen behind.
      I go in without her. There's a long, windy hallway I walk through before I step into a small room.
      It's decorated oddly. There's a case with a glass front and a chair behind it, but that's the only normal thing here. In the corner directly across from the case is a glass tank built into the floor. A half-capsized rowboat sits in the smooth water, not creating a single ripple. Fake waterside plants line the edge of the tank and a partial tree looms above that! In fact, fake plants practically fill the room!
      I found it fitting seeing as Wolf Children features a lot of nature. I also think it's creepy, as an alligator could call this room home.
      I walk to the case and peer in. Sitting upon other things I didn't care about, was the movie. I grabbed it, and started to walk out when I noticed a chubby, balding, bespectacled man in the doorway, slowly walking towards me with a creepy grin on his face. I easily walk around him. The man follows me down the curvy hallway. He's catching up too!I quickly run out into the mall with my prize in hand. Mom catches me and says "Let's go." worriedly, as if she knew a creepy guy was chasing me. I look back to find him in the doorway. He's not smiling any more, now he looks angry.
      Then, I wake up.
    4. 3 LDs

      by , 04-12-2014 at 08:51 AM
      1. M.
      I'm riding my bicycle down the road in a crowd of other cyclists. Suddenly I hear someone call my name. I recognise the voice (female, sweet), but I don't quite remember to whom it belongs. I stop riding, turn around and see my old friend M walking towards me smiling. I haven't seen her for a couple of years IWL. She looks happy and beautiful. Her hair is shiny and black and she's wearing a cable-knit sweater the colour of cream. At this point I know I'm dreaming. The surroundings are a little drunken and blurry, so I decide to stabilise the dream. I go in for a hug M ducks out of it with a confused smile. "What are you doing?" she asks. "I'm just trying to stabilise the dream" I tell her, and she allows my second attempt. Her body feels solid and warm, her hair is soft and smells of perfume. The experience is very real and I feel very happy. We then move to a table outside a nearby restaurant. M starts drawing with charcoal on a piece of paper. She's drawing me as I looked when I was a baby. I see that she also has a drawing of my brother J as a baby. The drawings are very good, they look like photograhps. M then attempts a portrait of me then and there, but she can't even draw an oval for the head shape. It looks like a child's drawing. She shrugs and proceeds to show me som of her other drawings. There is one of her old professor, one of some girls from high school and one of a lecture hall from my time at uni. The last one is moving and colored, and I feel myself getting dragged in - the dream slipping out of control. I wake up.

      2. Garble, Random Violence, TotM-failX2 and Flying.
      I enter the dream already lucid. Its the same cityscape I just left, only more empty and the buildings look more 2D. My friend M is still there, but more as a comforting presence. I leave her still drawing at the table, and go across the street, where I see around 6 DCs benched around a wooden table. I join them with the intention of completing the TotM, which I remember (falsely of course) to be "speak garble to a DC and record their reaction". I start to introduce myself to a DC like this: "Hello, I'm floobbydy quaklik saddadink kong long" or something like that. To my surprise the DC gamely responds in the same fashion. Only he is shouting and gesturing wildly, as if he is doing sign language at the same time. The other DCs start doing the same around me, and I get a little intimidated. So I decide to hit the nearest one hard on the head with my knuckles! This makes him very aggressive, and he graps me.
      I decide that now is the time to fullfill the goal I have set for my next LD (levitating) and kick off from the ground. I fly a some 8 metres into the air, but the DC is still clinging to my feet! I'm getting a bit desperate as he starts to climb up my body, but I can't kick him off. I then get the great idea to imagine my body completely covered in olive oil. One of the DC's hands immediately slips off my leg, but the other is grapping my pants. I'm so slippery that my pants fall clean off and disapear together with the DC. As I'm floating pants-less in the air it occurs to me to finish another TotM, namely being naked in front of a crowd of DCs (this is also not a TotM, I think it is an old one).
      But then I wake up.

      3. The Crazy Lady's Ark and the Creepy Horror Show. Oh and another TotM fail.
      I enter the dream somewhat lucid. Lucidity fluctuates though, and my dream control is very bad. I am standing in front of a house. The dream scene looks like a high-end american suburban neighborhood with mansion-like houses. On the porch of the house a crazed looking young woman is standing. I glimpse some movement behind her, but it is difficult to see. I study my hands to stabilise, but it only works for a moment. The crazed lady is chasing some teenagers away who apparently wanted to explore "the haunted house". I am suddenly in the house. I see several fiery ghosts surrounding the crazed lady, and I get a flashback to her past, where I see her burning her entire family alive.
      (Memory gap)
      I am still in the house, but it looks like my old elementary school. The hallway is filled with all kinds of animals. I realise, that the crazed lady is building Noa's Arc Vol. 2. Suddenly the animals start moving towards me, towards the doorway. They seem to be more or less floating as an unstoppable fleet. I almost get eaten by a giant shark. I have to press myself into a corner to avoid getting squashed by the giant polar bear. When all the animals are gone, only the crazed lady and I are left in the hallway. I look out the window and see some pigs and goats and two little white lamb. I ask the lady: "Aren't those animals going too?" She looks at me and gravely says "God doesn't like those kind of animals". I convince her to bring them anyway.
      (Memory gap)
      I'm outside the house. It's dark and I can't stabilise the dream. I feel close to waking up. I decide to change the dreamscape and try for the TotM challenge of creating my own never-seen-before plant (which is actually the TotM). I start spinning very fast while keeping my eyes open. I imagine a simple white room with a window and a potted plant.
      What I get is a vivid, dark and very creepy dreamscape that looks like a part of my parent's farm. This one feels more stable. I'm in front some old buildings which aren't in use anymore. There is a big full moon which casts a creepy light on the roof and the road in front of the buildings, but I am standing in the shadows. Suddenly I feel something disgusting brush by me. I grab it and throw it into the moon-illuminated road. It is a slimy pale human leg somehow attached to half a human brain. The brain has a long slimy flesh cord dangling from it. It is utterly disgusting I walk away from the thing and then I see a grey stallion rearing in front of the full moon (classic!).

      Yes, another supplement.-0e21bf37665d658634e60a3364364d43.jpg

      But then I encounter two little creepy turkey/chicken. They are small and fat and have the faces of old women. They look evil, so I decide to go around the buildings to look for something for my plant. I find a garden with a lot of strange, bulging and glistening vegetables. They look promising, but when I get closer I see that most are halfway covered in greenish blue mold. I don't want to touch that! But I find a small vegetable that looks like a cross between a tomato and a sharon fruit. I pick it, and then I wake up at a table in another dream. I see a lady who looks like a 80ies aerobics instructor. I tell her "you are a very good dream coach! I just had my third LD in a row!" She is impressed and replies "Wow, that's crazy, have you told the intern yet?" And then I wake up for real.

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    5. Creepy Dream About a Blonde Girl

      by , 04-05-2014 at 04:57 PM (Dreamer's Dream World ☾)
      Mom and I were kidnapped I believe and we were in this very large, fancy, glass building with pastel colors. There was another girl there, a blonde girl with straight hair. Probably around my age. We were trying to get away from these people who were about to kill us or worse. I remember it was really scary...I think there was others there to be killed or tortured but I'm not entirely sure. Mom and I somehow found a way to escape. We couldn't take the other girl with us, though. When we left I kept receiving these messages on a phone or computer from her somehow (it had her name...I think it started with V? Veronica...Viola? Violet?) saying things like "Where are you?!" "They're going to go after you!" "You left me here!" "They're going to kill me!" and other things like that and she was insulting me and sending pictures, although I can't remember what they were, but it was really freaking me out. I told my mom, but when she came the messages had dissapeared...and when she left they appeared again. I think she ended up being killed before anyone could save her...and she began haunting me? At some point in the dream she actually approached me or spoke to me (not through messaging) and talked about what happened when we had left. She showed me some kind of flashback or memory of her being held in that building...and she said something about being tortured until she went insane and I saw an image of her sitting on a bed, locked in some awful, dirty, dingy gray room with writing on the walls and her skin looked pale and faded...and she had scars all over her...it was terrible. What freaked me out the most was her face had cuts in it that made her look like she was smiling in a very creepy way. And then it looked like the smile was getting...bigger...wider...she looked so awful and terrifying. That's about all I can remember, but it was really creepy. I'm wondering if somehow this was connected to the dream I had night before last? That dream (although I just barely remember it) was about some blonde girl dying as well I think. They did look very similar, except the girl in the previous dream was a little girl and the one in this dream was a teenager and had longer hair. I think they both wore blue, too...so strange.

      Why do I always have such dark and creepy dreams...
    6. The Man With the Second Mouth

      by , 04-03-2014 at 06:00 AM
      I am in an Antiochian Orthodox church service, sitting by all by myself in a wooden pew. The sanctuary is wide, ornate and well-lit. Like any Orthodox church, the iconostasis behind the altar is teeming with images of Mary, the saints and Jesus Christ in stages of his ministry. It is right before the Eucharist, the time when the clergy shuffle down the center aisle waving their incensed lanterns.

      As the clergy passes, the bald, stout man in the pew in front of me turns around and stares at my forehead. I am too taken aback by this sudden attention to say anything. The man initiates small-talk, asking me questions about myself and why I decided to visit this church. I tell him about myself - or at least try to - but he always brings the conversation back to his interesting life and all his original and wonderful theological views. In the middle of his ranting, I suddenly notice a very disturbing feature on this man's face.

      Whenever he opens his mouth, an obsidian, mouth-shaped slit opens up on his forehead and talks concurrently to whatever he's saying. It's exactly the shape of his real mouth but miniaturized. I think I can spot some miniature rows of teeth in there as well. A clammy uneasiness trickles through my body. I feel like my reality has been shattered by this two-mouthed man.

      Before I can think too critically about the physiological impossibility of all this, I convince myself, I shouldn't judge; I'm sure he's really a nice, normal guy.

      Next thing I know, I am at my parent's house. I stroll into the kitchen for a glass of water and instead am greeted by this two-mouthed man. He is sitting expectantly with his hands folded on the kitchen table.

      How did he get here? Will he follow me around for eternity?

      In shock, I try to think of something to say. Eventually, I ask him, "Do you like the house?"

      The two-mouthed man replies, with the fissure in his forehead aping every word, "I ought to. I built this place, after all."

      I am surprised, stunned and very creeped out.

      ~End Dream~
    7. Charming Man with Evil Female Presence Undertones

      by , 03-16-2014 at 03:17 PM

      6:39 am non-lucid

      Dream Part 2

      I overhear a school's presentation in another class after hearing Japanese coming from the class. I decide to join in and watch and the scene transitions to outside at a Japanese concert with Japanese music. I find my friends and cheer. Then, it goes back to the classroom, in which I'm cheering for the presenter.

      Not sure if this was the same presenter, but one of the presentations is about Conan O'Brien. Student dresses up, looking like Conan, has red hair. After the presentation I bump into him on the way to the parking lot and congratulate him. I'm charmed by him and almost forget that I'm headed to the wrong parking lot, supposed to be going to a satellite parking lot further away.

      The guy is actually some sort of witch that kills its victims when he gets them to go back to his hotel with him. He is male, but has a evil female presence. I realize this. My friend is worried about me, but I tell her not to worry, I broke away and left for my car.

      Somehow we do end up at the hotel. Me, my friend (female), my husband and that guy. I remember my love for my husband to avoid getting charmed by him, but I'm worried for my friend. All of the sudden, we're running from him and we go down to the basement (my mother's) to escape, but it's too late for my friend. She tells us to go, she'll hold him off. Her fingernails dig into the archway of the entrance to the basement stairway. He gets to her and kills her. This is when she comes to the realization of what the presentation really meant. Conan O'Brien was just a cover. The aspect of wanting to see him stood for loss, mourning and missing one's loved ones who have passed away.

      This dream didn't make my heart pound or terrify me, but I still think it's a nightmare because I'm left creeped out, lingering into my waking life.

      Was scared to go to the bathroom alone after I woke up and brought my husband with me. Scarily enough, the mirror to the medicine cabinet was open! I had him close it.

      I also had this feeling towards the end of the dream that my own fingernail was digging into my skin (I don't know if it actually was in real life) and needed to wake up to stop it.
    8. Scaring a kid, receiving a spell and performing an odd banishing ritual

      by , 10-03-2013 at 04:48 PM (Percy's Void of Thoughts)
      Scaring a kid, receiving a spell and performing an odd banishing ritual. (DILD)


      I was in an old building that apparently was some sort of school, but if felt very old school, about from the 1800.

      I realized I was in a dream, as there are no such buildings here in San Diego.

      I immediately recalled the basic task of the month, about scaring a kid. Since it was a creepy place, I decided that it would be an easy task, so I hided behind a wall and when a small kid was walking by I jumped and roared. The kid freaked out and started to run until he looked back and stop running. The kid approached at me and told me he thought I was one of the Cursed Ones. I felt a little curious about it so I asked more information to the kid.

      I got very involved in the story, which is was about cursed sous that lived underneath the school and sometimes they came as Ghouls to hunt other people (Ghouls is a mythological creature that is kind of like a Zombie, but instead of the classic zombie, they are possessed by evil spirits and they are very strong and evil, they just kill, not eating brains, etc) I did not believe as much the kid so I just decided to explore the school. I entered into a library that was full of dusted books and it was very creepy, I found it funny. Suddenly, I had four persons behind me. They were like over six feet tall and they were muscular. They were staring at me with a hostile purpose. The chased me and I tried to fight back without success, until one small kid appeared out of nowhere and threw something at the ground that was flashing, like a very bright spark and the ghouls banished. I thanked the kids and they explained to me that the library was cursed and that someone needed to lock it up, as people was in danger.

      While with the children around (three small kids, about 6-8 years old) I was thinking out loud, "I am a Psychic Medium and I have done banishings before, never saw something like this."
      (I am a Psychic Medium in waking life, so I was not 100% unconscious in the dream, but this part was not lucid for my impression) The kids smiled at me and grabbed my hands stating, "You will be the one that will lift the curse, you will help us." I started to think that it was dangerous to go without my partner who does banishing rituals with me (with she does in waking life) But I kind of went with the flow. I planned to call her until I realized that being in a dream I could not call her and I was safe of harms way. We approached a small house and there was a female ghoul standing next to them. She claimed to be a witch so I asked her to throw me a spell. She rose her hand and threw me like a big cloud of purple mist around me. The dream started to go blurry and I focused in embracing the spell to succeed the advanced task, and the dream started to go clear again, being successful at the advanced task.

      While I maybe decided to take of and fly away, one of the kids told me, "It is time to get started, we need to search for the portal."
      I lost lucidity right away, as I accepted and wanted to see where this dream took me. We entered this house and it was full of dust, without any lights and with very old school furniture laying around. I could both see and sense angry spirits, roaming around. I saw a creepy elevator


      and I knew I needed to take it. The kids wanted to stay back, but I asked them to stay with me, I told them that my Spirit Guides were protecting them. So we entered the elevator and it started to go down. A very demonic voice started to say stuff, I cannot recall what it was but it was menacing. The kids started to faint in a corner of the elevator, and I did feel that the pressure was going up, it was hard to breath, but I held the energy and protected the kids until the elevator opened to a garden of withered flowers. I could see several ghouls staring at us and wanting to attack, but if we stared at them, they would not move. We walked through the garden, the sky was very gray and like about to rain until we saw an even creepier house, such house was like in ruins, so we entered it.

      One of the kids said we needed to search for the inner portal, so I started to move stuff around, as I knew it was going to be hidden. Behind a stove, I saw a small hole in the wall, it was not bigger than a fist, and I could saw a door behind it, so upon moving the stove away, I started to kick the wall. It was a fake wall that fell apart and then, I could reach the door.

      After walking through the door, I was in a giant room. There were giant poker cards (about 7 feet tall, 4 feet wide) that were moving up and down, trying to drop on us to kill us, but we were able to avoid all of these. I then saw there was some sort of ghoul sorcerer controlling the cards.

      We were in another big room, and the end of the room, there was a house as well, but a smaller house. It could not be more creepy and I was able to even feel a dark mist around it. As we entered the house, I heard a very loud and menacing roar. I knew I was close to the source of this energy and started to trash the house. In a room, I saw in the floor a steel plate, it was locked by a chain and a lock. I looked for something sharp to break the chain, until I found an odd sharp tool (it did not look like anything real) but I was not able to break the chain. However, I pulled the chain altogether and the steel plate moved, revealing some sort of small carpet with a dark mist around. The carpet had the drawings on an altar, a ghost and some weird letters, not known in this planet. I placed my hands on the carpet and started to channel reiki and do intent to banish the energy
      (this is not even close to how it is in real life) and after a while, I opened my eyes. There was nothing around me, it all was a gray mist moving very fast, so I figured I needed to keep working on the vanishing, until I was back at the school. The kids were not around, but I wanted to inform someone of what happened and that the school was cleared. A bit after, I woke up.

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    9. 26th August: 2 Fragments

      by , 08-26-2013 at 09:07 AM
      Fragment 1: I was at school and a class had just ended, i think it was biology. I headed over to maths class and as i went in, i noticed that the classroom was filthy. My desk was littered with dirty, damp socks and used bandages and even sticks or twigs of some sort. I swept them of the desk without much of a problem. The class started and i remember my teacher asking what the word 'Mathematics' meant. I didn't take much notice of what he said as i was so consumed with cleaning up my desk space. I remember tidying up the space on the floor around my feet, but not much else after that.

      Fragment 2: I was sat at my desk in my room, when my phone started ringing. I picked up and it seemed like i knew the person. I could hear his voice but for some reason i would reply in texts, as if i was instant messaging him and he would speak response. He told me he was in trouble and he needed to borrow some money again. I told him something along the lines of "I can't keep digging you out of these holes, i just can't afford it". I asked him how much he needed, he replied with 5 or 6. I somehow knew he meant 5 or 6 hundred. I told him there was no way i could afford it, i had only 50 pounds in my account (As i do in waking life). I remember him getting really frustrated and quite upset and i thought that was the end of it, but the call ended suddenly and my phone flashed red and black, and then a message appeared that looked like it was written in blood that said something like "A pagan god is coming after you, and will kill you..." I knew it wasn't from the man i was on the phone with, but i got an inclination that he was somehow involved with this 'pagan god' too.
      I woke up, and i made sure i was 100% awake before opening my eyes. (Didn't really feel like opening my eyes to savage pagan god trying to kill me, y'know? :3)

      My Comments: Summer's almost over, so dreaming about school didn't really surprise me, but it was still kinda strange. The school i go to is quite old and "antique", but it was never that filthy! The filth didn't seem to bother me, but i became obsessed with cleaning it up, which is not like me at all Clarity was quite average and i feel like i've missed some key details, but i can't remember them.

      My second dream was a pretty strange one. Mainly because nobody besides my Mum and Dad actually call me *Forever Alone..*, Also i'm not sure why anyone would go to a 16 year old kid to borrow money, quite a lot of money at that, but in the dream it felt like i had helped him out before, financially of course. Clarity was also poor-average, though i remember the image on my phone about the pagan god quite clearly, as everything went dark except for my phone. Super creepy stuff
    10. Getting back into it...

      by , 08-15-2013 at 07:10 PM
      Wow. Well i've been out of the loop for a long time and my dream recall has been deteriorating as a result of studies and stuff, so i thought i'd commit myself to this dream journal, mainly because my handwriting in the morning is literally unreadable and actually resembles hieroglyphics in a way, so trying to de-cipher it later in the day was always a nightmare, so i thought typing it up would fix that problem. So without further ado, my first (partial) dream to kick off this journal;

      15th August 2013
      Fragment: It's the middle of the night, i'm in my bedroom and it I was asleep. I opened my eyes and slowly looked to my left. I saw that there was another bed next to mine. I looked a bit further and noticed a baby in a diaper sleeping on the bed. It's feet began kicking, then it's skin turned a sickly grey colour, then i woke up.

      Comment: That was it really, that's all i remember from last night. Hopefully my recall will improve in time. Overall i thought the dream was a weird one, clarity was somewhere between 'poor' and 'average'.
    11. Creature in the Dark

      by , 08-15-2013 at 01:24 AM
      Dream 1
      I'm at a campground with several friends. The entire place is dark and gloomy, and I feel off kilter from the very beginning. The campground is mostly a steep hill that ends at a lake, with a little management cabin/bathrooms by the lake. We're the only people this close to the bottom. Our tent is set up behind a tree, hugging it. Once again, it is dark, gloomy, and has an air of trouble brewing.

      We're all inside the tent. There are at least five of us. One girl is bigger, has blonde hair and glasses, and reminds me of L's friend.

      The tent is only big enough to accommodate one, yet we're all in the tent and don't give it a second thought. The front is zipped up, and it is night.

      We all know that something dark is out there, waiting to pounce. I can't see anything since it's so dark out, only the faint outline of the tent in front of my nose. We can hear it's footsteps as it circles the tent. Suddenly, something strikes at the tent and the side is dented inward. Then all I can hear is the scrabbling sound of fingernails on the plastic-y surface of the tent. I scream and grab at the tent, holding it together so that it can't enter. My friends are sobbing and crying out behind me, but they are background noises to the sound of the zipper being jerked downward.

      I think that it was gone for a while. We made a mad dash for an old, twisted tree on the other side of the road. The fat friend shouted out something, and I thought that it was funny. I'm climbing up this tree like there's no tomorrow, leaping from limb to limb. I finally find a secure spot that seems to be the highest point. I settle down, all while looking at the ground to be on guard. I know that my friends are being caught, behind me, but can't turn around to look.

      Then I 'wake up'. I want to remember the dream so I can write it down later so I start to remember each bit that happened, carefully. I'm sucked in. Everything happens similarly. When we get to the old tree, I'm trying to find the spot that I perched in before but can't. I find a similar spot and sit there for a moment. Something dark churns beneath me.

      As one, we all jump out of the tree and run up the road. We're all terrified and out of breath, there are broken sobs. Then we come upon two big tents and some picnic tables. Music is blasting, people are everywhere, and you can hear the sound of glass being tapped together. A cute boy with an odd, perky stride walks by.

      "Here, we'll be safe here. Let's stay." Someone says in a breathless, relieved, voice. No, let's not stay, I think. I feel a bad vibe from this place, but I can feel my resolve weakening as I keep an eye on that pretty boy and the blasting music reels me in. It sounds like a fun time.

      I open my eyes. It's completely dark in my room. I can't seem to move, and I feel very weak. Like I just exercised a day straight. It's a nice kind of weak. Why is it dark? I think. It's morning, it should be light. The curtains are closed, I notice. I get a sudden, panicky feeling. I struggle in the blankets for a moment. I can't keep my eyes closed, I know that he (the thing from my dream) was in the room. I hear footsteps on the wooden floor.

      "Dad!" I call. My voice is very quiet, and weak. I try again. "Dad! Come here!" I could hear him talking with my brother, S, as they came up the stairs. "S! Come here!" He stands just outside the open door to talk to me.

      "I need you to go to the library and get a book for me. "

      "What? Why?" In a whining voice. Then the shuffle of paper. I needed the book with the gem on the cover, the book that was the twin to the one that I already had.

      Dream 2
      I live in a village in the middle of nowhere. The world is about to end and we are packing all of our belongings into this space craft, where we will live for the rest of eternity. By 'the end of the world' I mean that the entire world, besides our UFO, will disappear into a never ending white blur.

      Everyone is discouraged. They think that we will starve aboard the ship. I pack chickens, pigs, lots of sheep, and cows. They freely move about. My plan was that we would eat the eggs that the chickens lay, and that the slain animals would respawn back on the ship. A villager made a nasty comment about how they wouldn't respawn back on the ship, but out in the white. I responded by saying that we would survive on the eggs.

      I laid down endless red and white beds along the sides of the ship. I told the villagers that we could dig downward and make sleeping quarters. I imagined a long hallway to explore, and huge rooms filled with bunk beds. It sounded fun.

      I thought that it would be nice to have kittens, for fun, on the ship. I found a box of them at the last minute. They were very rare. It turned out that a woman had sex with a cat to give birth to them, everyone hushed when that was revealed. She gave instructions as to how to make babies with a cat.

      I was throwing everything I could possibly find on board. We were about to leave at any second. I ran outside to find more stuff to put on the ship. A countdown begins out loud. The villagers are screaming at me and beckoning for me to come back now. I run.

      Everything was blank, but then we somehow go forward into the past/future. We're in the village again, except it's inhabited by different people, the buildings are slightly changed, and one building is deteriorated. The villagers (from the ship) creep forward hesitantly. They look incredibly out of place, with their long, old-fashioned dressed and top hats.

      Some of them start to cry because they don't know if they will pop back into the past/future in a second, and the thought of never seeing their village again made them sad.

      Lucid Dream 3
      I remember flying around my town and breaking into someone's house. A woman with short hair lived there. The fact that she had dyed red hair seemed important. She lived there with her family. I started regretting breaking into the house because I was stuck skittering room to room to avoid being seen. "Why did I do this?" I mournfully ask myself as I run into the guest bedroom that is rarely used. I literally dive on the bed, which looks incredibly inviting because of the fluffy comforter and huge pillows.

      I hide behind a column beside the sofa as someone enters the living room. I mentally curse the dad when he decided to not go to work today, and to stay home. He has on a tux and carries a suitcase.

      When the person leaves the room I jump onto the sofa and over the back. I crouch down behind it.

      Now I'm on the back road beside the elementary school. I'm flying at least at tree level. I decide that, yeah, this must be a dream because I'm flying. Everything turns golden and light. It reminds me of heaven. There is no ground. I want to work on my swimming for the next meet, and I remember reading somewhere that practicing something in a dream can make you better at in real life. I start doing butterfly midair. It feels weird. It's uncomfortable and tight on my shoulder joints, but it also feels crazy because I'm the air!

      Another short lucid dream that I remembered while writing this. Might've happened on Friday? Everything is blue, and there is no ground. I'm swimming butterfly, easily. There is the edge of this sky-pool way ahead, and there are even little handles for backstroke starts and blocks. It all feels unreal, because everything is floating. I an hear a crowd talking and get the distinct feeling that there was a large room to my right. It was made out of concrete. There was a dark-skinned woman with big brown hair there, laughing.
    12. Sharks

      by , 05-05-2013 at 03:24 PM
      Fragment 1: Creepy
      I'm on the edge of sleep. I feel heavy and the room feels off like there's someone in it with me.
      "I hope she isn't here again." I think. So of course when I drift off I see a picture of a girl with chin length dark hair. At the time I didn't think she looked familiar, but she looks a little like Sailor Saturn. ((Completely freakin' random, but whatever. It's less random than strangling a bear and harvesting happy clams from it..)) She's standing in some version of my room, she's got a long-handle mace, it looks like bone and there's an evil grinning face painted on it with blood.
      NOPE I think and force myself awake, but begin to drift immediately. When I fall back asleep she isn't there.


      I'm an eleven year old boy with pale skin and dark hair. I'm in the water with my older brother, he's only a couple of years my senior. We're clinging to some sort of wreckage. The water feels enclosed like a lake, but is behaving like the ocean. I get the feeling it's supposed to be part of a resort but all I ever see is the water. We never intended to be out this far. Something has happened that forced us into the middle of the lake. We look around for other people, over by the side of a boat there's another boy, that one is younger. Seven maybe. I grab at my brother's shoulder as I try to catch my breath.
      "Do you see that kid over there?"
      "We have to help him!"
      We see movement in the water and see a dull nose bump the body, searching. It's a shark. It's...nibbling, searching, until it finds one of the boy's feet.
      "Adam." I say, my brother just watches, horrified. "ADAM."
      "Why are there SHARKS here? Why would they do that?"
      I shake my head in frustration and I let go of the wreckage and swim furiously toward the little boy and the shark. Somehow my movement startles the shark and he lets go. I get a hold on him and kick to the surface. Someone leans out of the boat and gestures to me.
      "Hand him up!"

      There's a lapse and I'm treading water where I rescued the boy. I'd been unconscious. My head hurts. I feel something bump against the small of my back, then my shoulder.
      no, no, no I think, trying to right myself so I can figure out what's going on. Teeth start to close around my hand and I jerk my hand free. If I keep moving it won't be able to grab me. A wave smacks me hard, rolling me under the water. I get a terrifying visual of the shark's head and jagged teeth through the hazy water.
      Then Adam is there and pulling me to the surface. An old man leans out of the boat and drags me onto the deck before giving Adam a hand. I lay there and quiver violently. There are patches of skin missing where the shark had nibbled at me, and the flesh on my hand is a mess but to my immense relief I can still move my fingers and it doesn't even hurt too much.
      "You're lucky, that other boy lost his foot." Adam says.
      The old man grimaces and hobbles away. I see that all that remains of his feet are the heel and he's put metal caps over the bones so he can walk. Other people have similar injuries. One woman is missing her whole left arm.

      Fragment 2

      In a narrow kitchen. Everything looks like a dim yellow. A short, hunch-shoulder Mexican man, hands in his hoodie pockets. At first he looks normal, he casts a frightened look over his shoulder. I approach him. When I get a little closer he drops his head and grins a little. The expression is really unsettling.
      I'm tired of being creeped out, I swat his shoulder.
      "STOP THAT."
      He looks startled, then afraid.
      "Sorry." but he can't help it. He does it again and I force myself awake, roll over.

      Fragment 3:
      Sitting in a booth in a diner. There's someone across from me but I can't remember his face. It was like we were on a date.
    13. Colorless nightmare

      by , 04-09-2013 at 02:40 PM
      I dreamed I lived in an apartment in a high rise, but still had the same roommates. The apartment was very dark the whole time, and the entire dream was oddly colorless. I wasn't feeling well, so my roommate offered me a smoke. We smoked out on the balcony for few minutes.

      The apartment had several balconies that I recall, and one had a couch on it. I got my blanket and pillow and went to sleep on the couch. While I was sleeping, my roommate walked up to the couch chanting "murder or torture"... I pretended to stay asleep, hoping she was just messing with me but not sure. I very vividly felt something rustling the comforter. Finally I gave in to the anxiety and opened my eyes. When I opened my eyes in the dream, I opened them in real life and woke up.

      Since this is a common problem I have with accidentally ending lucids, I believe I subconsciously knew it would end the nightmare. The waking was quite abrupt, though, and I was confused for a few moments. The anxiety was immediately gone as soon as I woke up, however.
    14. Library of memory's, a campfire, Molemen, and that little girl

      by , 12-16-2012 at 09:34 AM
      Been a week or 2 but I am back, lets get down to business.

      First off I was fully lucid for this whole dream.

      I was in a tower that seemed to extend into the heavens. There was a staircase that spiraled upwards. I walked up this staircase for what seemed like a hour. I looked up to see how much higher I had to go. I saw that girl again standing in front of a door. I ran as fast as I could to get to where she was in hopes of confronting her. When I got there she was gone, so I opened the door to reveal a massive room. The walls where covered in shelves. There was a latter like in a library that extended up a fair distance. I decided to climb it. As I climbed i looked at what was on the shelves and I don't know how but I knew they were my memories. When I go to touch one of the memory's I instantly was some place else. I was standing in front of a camp fire at night, talking to some girl I don't know and we talked for about five minuets. I looked up at the fire and was transported again. This time it was to the center of my town. some guy walked up to me and said he was with the Molemen and they were taking my town for there own. At this point I just wanted to have some fun. So I told him not if I have something to say about it. Then I proceeded to flick him and watch him go flying. Now a bunch of the same guy I just flying surround me. I figure since I am dreaming why not try to fly away, and it worked I started to float away. I was about 30 feet off the ground when I looked down and saw her. That little girl was and she did something very different this time. For lack of a better way to describe this, she grew black angle wings and began to fly at me. This horrified me for some reason, I have only seen her move once before this and now she was coming towards me at a very fast rate. I looked up to the sky and awoke.
    15. The Dream within a Dream Delusion

      by , 12-14-2012 at 11:46 PM
      I was walking down a hallway at my school with one of my friends that used to be my best friend and is a male and a girl I use to be good friends with two years ago. Both my friends were going to a class called "Brit Lit" while I was going to a class called "AP IV", so we said goodbye and we parted ways. When I got into my class the girl I was walking with before was there strangely enough and stood by her. The class was about dreams (still didn't get me lucid :/), although AP IV is supposed to be an english class. There was a memory gap in my dream or something, because next thing I can remember I was sitting on a bus with the same girl and we were talking. I remembering the girl joking to someone else one the bus how she had sex with me before, and at one point she also was on top of me. Apparently the bus was planning on going back to school I was at previously, and when the bus arrived at the school there were all these gunmen shooting people and causing chaos. So me and the girl ran off the bus and tried to escape the gun men, every time we thought we escaped them they would find us, so we would keep running. Eventually we found this shack that was safe from the gunmen, it was a small sized shack that was right next to a body of water. In order to make sure we were safe from the gunmen, the girl I was with would wait in the shack and keep a lookout, while I was hiding in the lake next to the shack. I remember while I was in the body of water, my clothes fell of and all my possessions started falling through the water and I swam after them. Right when I was about to grab my phone I woke up, but not back to reality, I woke up in the dream into another dream. In this dream I was with one of my best friends I have now and the same girl. I was trying to convince the girl and my friend that I was just in dream with the girl, but the girl wouldn't believe and either did my other friend. No matter how much I tried they wouldn't believe me, and they started to mock me too. I was very frustrated about this and not soon after I woke up, this time into reality.

      Overall I liked the dream a lot because it was very elaborate but one thing that was strange about it was when I woke up from the dream, and I remembered the part of the dream where I was at the shack, thinking about it really creeped me out, it almost seemed like a horror movie.
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