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    1. Like mesas and sunsets, but more so

      by , 03-03-2018 at 11:41 PM (The Fourth Factor)
      Once again, my memory only picks up partway through what seems to be a large, complex plot mostly full of unfamiliar people and settings. This setting, from what I recall, visually resembled an exaggerated version of the American Southwest—think mesas and sunsets, but more so— although the action and characters didn’t seem to match up with it in any discernible way.

      My friend Ona and I are swimming in an indoor pool when two men we’re acquainted with who are cousins arrive and say that they’ve reserved it for a period of time, starting now. I can see from a chart with colored boxes on a grid that they have, so Ona and I get out and sit at a table in a sort of an adjoining area overlooking the pool. There’s a hint of past antagonism or rivalry with these men, one of them in particular, having to do with things from the earlier part of the dream I forgot.

      After a little while, the other man comes over to the table. He has something for us: some ara and a loaf of fresh bread, which we accept. He doesn’t say it, but this seems to be a sort of apology for us having to leave the pool.

      Somewhere along the course of us sitting there, the area transforms into an ornate theater, where people are starting to come in. As before, we’re in a sort of raised area, this time above where the stage and the lower seats are, but there are other seating areas wrapping around it in a semicircle. Many of the people seem to disapprove of us drinking alcohol, which doesn’t really bother us, and, in any case, has happened plenty of times before. But we aren’t bothering anybody, and if they don't like it, that’s their problem. But still—even though I want to like the guy who gave us this and believe that it was a sincerely meant gift, there's also the possibility that his beastly cousin put him up to it because he knew we’d get flak for it. I examine the glass: it’s quite pretty, with some transparent colored parts in an art nouveau-like abstract pattern—and above that, a silhouette of the Prague skyline. The golden city and one of its golden ages. I briefly wonder if he has a whole stockpile of these just for giving away to people.

      The next part of the dream involves the production itself, which doesn’t seem to be taking place on a stage, but rather along a street—a straight, flat dirt road with low buildings on either side, again, with a Southwestern vibe. The audience and actors alike are here—or some of the actors, anyway. The protagonist, a woman in a green dress, will be passing along here and looking into some of the shops, having some improvised dialogue with the shopkeepers, but she isn’t here yet.

      I know this actress personally and find her unpleasant—this also seems to go back to the earlier, forgotten parts of the dream—so I’m going to mess with her a little bit. I go to one of the shops, which is selling art, and rearrange it so that a collection of pictures titled “Halloween Bestiary” is on display on a small stand outside the door. I then flip the latch on the shop door, which is hanging open, so that the it will lock automatically the next time someone closes it. I then make sure I’m out of the way by the time the actress playing the shopkeeper arrives.

      The woman soon notices the door and is alarmed. If she can’t take the woman in the green dress inside to look at things and is stuck with the Halloween Bestiary pieces outside, the script would require her to pretend to like them, which would irritate her to no end. She is relieved that it’s still open—but just then, my aunt steps out of the shop and closes the door behind her, oblivious to the trouble she’s just set in motion.

    2. “Finding Nemo’s Girlfriend”

      by , 04-21-2017 at 10:21 AM
      Morning of April 21, 2017. Friday.

      I am watching a movie which is supposedly a sequel to “Finding Nemo”. It may be called “Finding Nemo’s Girlfriend” or at least that seems to be the main plot.

      The movie seems to be in an advanced form of CGI. The fish speak and seem very “real”. The search is on for Nemo’s girlfriend (though it does show her in certain scenes where the others are not aware of her location). After a time though, it is revealed that there are people in very unusual costumes with mechanical attachments that create the animated fish in the movie. This includes a smaller robotic fish (or another ocean creature in robotic form) attached to the top of each person’s head, as well as attachments to their arms and some sort of cylindrical form around their body. They seem to be on break and sitting on chairs in a semi-dark studio. There remains a vague (but mostly subliminal) association with being in the Cubitis living room. For a moment, I am confused, as if they do not care about Nemo’s girlfriend or properly ending the movie, but then I realize it is just the making of a movie in progress and the fish characters are not real beings.

      What a curious way to validate fish as symbolizing lower levels of the conscious self, submerged in the dream state, playing a role in real time.

    3. #243 - Tsunami and avalanche

      by , 05-15-2016 at 07:16 PM (The Oneironaut's Odyssey)
      I was watching a commercial ad being made. We were afloat a wooden raft in the middle of the ocean, on it were 3 famous actors with abs, pearly white teeth and charismatic smiles. They magnetically attracted all these beautiful women around them (the girls were on a boat that was next to us, it was like an old frigate ship). They each chose the girl they liked the most, and in turn they would descend onto the raft to be with the man, then disappear off some where (to root). There was another man on the raft, except he wasn't famous yet. He manages to attract a girl and she descends onto the boat, they're totally going to go off and root but he falls into the water. Oh shit :/ we manage to get him back on deck but he's not breathing. I have to do CPR, ugh geeze how does this work again? There's another lady next to me who tells me to do CPR, she's all mystical and wise or something. I think she was wearing a loosely fitting dress that swayed in the wind, while having nice sandy blonde hair. I put my hands on the actors chests and push down, am I doing this right? I can feel a weird lump on his chest that really shouldn't be there. Ok... Mouth to mouth resuscitation? I try blowing air into him without blocking his nose, whoops. I try again while blocking his nose and his chest inflates, then switch back to pushing against his chest. This feels like something a professional should be doing...
      The guy coughs back to life, ejecting a rather large sponge shell out. He picks it up and says something like "uh god damn metalliferous shells". I correct him by saying "Well, actually it's carboniferous" (this is also wrong... It was calcium carbonate >_<). The girl he was going to root isn't interested anymore, they both aren't in the mood after what happened I guess. The wise woman says we should head back now, after peering behind us and seeing a tsunami O_O. She guides the raft onto a wave which we ride all the way back to shore, we can see the tsunami in the background swallowing up other people, but they look like they're fine since it only gets big near shore.

      We're back on shore now, except there's snow everywhere after a massive avalanche covered the area. I remembered something about this before we left (the dream was pretty long so I think this is true). I assumed they were looking for the actor we saved from choking so I pointed at the guy as we passed people trying to indicate that he was safe. I received a confused look, then questioned who they were looking for.. My heart dropped when I heard a voice crying 'daddy'. Next thing I heard was "I broke through!" and I sprinted over, something in the script of the dream meant that my daughter was trapped in the snow, why would I ever leave her, how could I forget? I pushed through the excavation and into the shoveled tunnel. I can see a plastic barricade they uncovered, behind it a figure walks past. What the...? There's a large cavernous and well-lit room beyond, the figure was actually a small boy. But the more I look at him, the more fucked up he appears to be. He has a cyclops face, but his eye is missing. He waddles in an odd fashion and wears a loin cloth around his waist. He's saying random and weird things too.. I push through the barricade into the room. The others would be waiting on the surface so I'll do my best on my own. I'm in the cavern now, all I want to do is save my daughter. I spot her down on the ground floor of the cavern, smashing a pot and spoon while calling out daddy to try and get people to save her. I realize that there are other children huddled together, they're cowering in fear. A sense of pride goes through me about how brave my kid is .
      I run on down, but I have to face the weird cyclops monster kid, I rationalize in my head that he's better off dead. If we let him go free he may grow into an adult and come back one day to torment us. I can't remember what happened next but I feel like two scenarios played out in my head as I woke up.
    4. A Ghost Investigation

      by , 03-25-2014 at 01:03 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      Been a little bit since I recalled anything. Glad to see it back!
      I was with both my family and some strangers. The strangers consisted of a woman, two children, and Woody Harrelson (I believe he was in here because of my latest obsession with the show True Detective). We hung out at this warped version of my house for a while, but soon, people started dying! We weren't sure why, but it seemed to be something paranormal. That was our guess anyway.
      At one point I pretended to be a ghost, to the amusement of everyone else. In the midst of investigating, my aunt brought her dogs to the house, and I played with both them and the stranger kids.
      Suddenly, the truth was starting to reveal itself. The woman I mentioned as one of the strangers ended up dying in Woody's room by unknown causes. When we all gathered in his room later on, Woody revealed that he had cameras throughout the house to record and capture paranormal activity due to his suspicions. Even so, for some reason, we didn't think to check the footage to see how the woman died. Eerily enough, when we looked at Woody's desk, his keys were gone. Everyone insisted that they didn't take them, and we even checked. It must have been the woman.
      After all these crazy events, I was left feeling inspired, and felt like saying one thing to Woody and the gang.
      "I wish I had a PS4..."
      Cue fade to black. Many years pass (instantaneously of course, like a time skip in a movie or book), and the two kids are sitting around a dinner table, a lot older now (teenagers at least).
    5. House of Cats

      by , 02-12-2014 at 01:48 PM (Exploring My Mind)
      I believe these dreams were two separate ones!

      I was at a ceremony for my school (well, old school now), where I was having dinner with my parents and various classmates. We then went into this big hall where all the students and their parents were, and names were being called off in groups of two or three. If you were called, you had to rush down there and try to beat the other kid in a race to the bottom. If you won, you got a prize. I got called twice and managed to win both times without even knowing the rules. And my reward...was a pokemon game.

      This dream had me in my house. It started off as me not even being there, just watching as two famous actors (Rob Schneider and someone else) were discussing something. Eventually they disappeared and I got to walk around my house. I decided to call up PeanutButterGamer (FOR SOME REASON) and had a nice chat with him about mario. After this is when things started getting a bit weirder. I heard noises outside and got a bad feeling, so I instinctively went to the kitchen to grab a knife or something for protection. "Y'never know," I told myself.
      As I got to the kitchen, I looked outside. Cats were everywhere in my neighbor's back yard. Weird, cuz he normally has a bunch of dogs. They were going up to this pool of liquid (it looked kind of like apple cider), and lapping it up. I turned my eyes back to the kitchen, and there were suddenly a bunch of cats in it! Cue me going
      I opened the knife drawer, cuz I was still feeling paranoid about the noise I heard. The knife drawer was filled with the same cider looking liquid I saw before. I sighed and tried to get a towel to clean it up while all the cats mewed at me.

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    6. 3/28/13 - In plain sight and Aisle apologies

      by , 03-29-2013 at 05:06 AM
      I'm walking through the very crowded breezeway at my old elementary school. Though obviously visible, I'm trying desperately to not be seen. From head to toe my body is covered in black clothing. I stop walking when I see two of my cousins. They haven't seen me, so I run to the flight of stairs next to the office and don't look back.

      Dream Fragment 1: I'm standing really close to a man who looks like John Barrowman (an actor). We're in an aisle of a store. He looks so upset and I feel really apologetic. He moves closer to me and smiles.
    7. Pollen storm, bee actors

      by , 09-01-2012 at 01:32 AM
      Walking in back yard, see a native bee. Stoop to have a closer look, and see several of my own bees as well. Look up to see my bees everywhere, working on collecting nectar and pollen. Each bee is fully laden, and even looking in the distance I can see the pollen on the bees' legs. As I remark about this to dad and others standing by, a strong wind comes up, blowing pollen in from every direction. We have to go inside, bu I keep an ey on the beehive. Bees are still bringing their loads in even in the strong wind. Suddenly, I'm aware of individual bees at the door of the hive. They morph into actors, and I follow their actions further into the "hive." One of the actor-bees (played by Angel Coulby) had done something wrong, and was being brutally persecuted by another of the bees.
    8. Put All Your Thoughts in a Blender

      by , 04-25-2012 at 11:04 PM
      Night of April 24

      3:13- A man was upset because the girl he liked couldn't visit him or something. Anyway, so spirits take those who come close to the house to the man. Anastasia and I went to Dollar General at some point to get somethin and he asked for us. He tried to get Poirot too. Anyway, at some point we rode a flying bison. I want to say I woke up before much else could happen. Not bad in retrospect. There's still 3 more hours.

      6:18- I and some other people were in the old science room. But there were trees and microwaves and the room was too big. We cooked love cats because they were mean. Anastasia turned a blind eye to it. Some other people showed up and ran around in the trees. We were all muddy, dirty, ratty and the like.

      New Orleans kidnapped white room hall way kiss girl knew frequency eat love room return peace police play sweet tooth ice-cream snow

      Had to make notes before leaving for school. Anyway, we were at that fountain at New Orleans in front of the Aquarium. We were walking along just fine. But then the scene changed. I was halfway in a small room. My middle hit the floor and my lower half was gone. Some people had kidnapped me. Then I was in a hall outside that room. Nurses were lined up in the hallway, restraining different looking patients as they were all mirrors. A blonde who looked like Hohenheim, but younger, kissed one of them. I didn't see it but I knew he had and I knew he was my brother somehow.
      The monsters ran down the white hallway but it was empty now. They looked rotten but they were stumbling quickly. They ran for a specific room for some reason. The smaller allowed the other to kill him and eat him because the smaller ones loved the bigger ones. The flesh was eaten off their bones like one might eat a chicken leg. I saw it as if I were the one eating this white flesh with green skin. But only for a moment.

      In a car with my kidnappers, one I remember as being a blonde with stubble, we were spying on this house but so were the police with the same frequency. It was confusing. It was a small red car and there were black, circular microphone things. There were two of them but I only remember the one. Finally Anastasia and some others stepped out of the old house and onto the brown wooden porch. They ushered us all to be happy and come inside. Problem aside, we did. I lay on a stage with Sweet Tooth, both of us presumed dead. My arms were hidden beneath my brown silk shirt. Ana was beside us, trying not to smile. It was fun.
      Later, still at the stage but the play was over. I looked in a fridge for snow. But I didnt find any. A little girl showed Ana and I something like foam but it was spongy to touch and creamy and sweet like ice-cream. It was delicious.*
      I dreamt Dad woke us up. He didn't. I know because soon the alarm went off. That's all.
    9. Potion, Sword and Cat

      by , 02-10-2012 at 04:18 PM (DC's Dream Journal)
      ((in no particular order, tried to colour code to match locations, bolded key locations/objects))
      overall a very unusual night, most nights I can usually justify certain dreams eg work related, drinking with friends, stuff from games I play... but some were really interesting tonight.. hope there are more to come tomorrow ;D
      really small lucid part, unfortunately ruined by a false awakening xD

      Night time, a park bench, with a dirt road around it. to my left there are toilets and straight ahead lights from houses can be seen up a hill in the distance. I remember people at the bench (no familiar faces) drinking and laughing like idiots.. I also remember a friend of mine driving our family van on the dirt road, its pretty rough and it feels like hes going to tip the van on its side. a couple other friends are near the toilets eating zooper doopers.

      daytime, dry, desert landscape, there are roadblocks all over the place like they are being used as cover. I'm controlling a bus like a game and I see michelle rodriguez shouting viva la revolution?? random.. I think my second try I manage to get bast the roadblocks into a little hut, I use a giant crossbow/ballista and shoot into it point-blank. a fragment about tampering historical evidence/art

      I vaguely remember a town that is ruled by an evil sorcerer, and the townspeople are loyal to him, treat him like a king.. Their faces looked like noise from a TV with white rectangles for eyes.

      Some time during the day.. a forest, damp, cloudy. Me and a lady are looking in a fenced off area with a few paperbark trees (or similar). they had metal squares with engravings on them, most of them an unreadable language. one tree though, had a a few metal plates with a strange looking, humanoid monster on it. I started calling out to my friend saying 'platypus' the engravings did look a little like humanoid platypuses.. but the one that fell out of the tree on to me didnt! it jumped into the air to land on me again but I hit it with a blast of water. I'm not sure but I think the lady took care of the monster.. but her leg was badly injured and she was also poisoned.

      we later found a small cottage house on a hill, we saw a boy and girl there but we kept moving. we needed to continue by climbing a small ledge but my friend couldn't climb it. I tried lifting her with my water powers but I was too weak to lift her high enough. we start following the ledge looking for a way up. we find a way, but is blocked by the enemy. we return to the house and manage to get a potion and a sword from a cat in a box? it starts raining.

      There is a person glitching in a field, his face turns into christopher walkins with white eyes, he starts hacking the air with an axe... I run away from him.

      Fragment of people running to a gate, a fat man on the other side with a golden gun is laughing.

      Faced against a volcano that I have to climb, it was originally covered with snow but it is quickly being replaced with lava. I slide and make huge jumps in an attempt to climb to the top. I climbed by flicking up web pages? when I regained focus of where i was, I was far above the volcano with a puzzle in my hands. it was beginning to get blurry as I was gaining lucidity, but it cleared up and I solved it.
      false awakening, some fat lady was teaching meditation in my room...

      Night at my house, I am worried that I'll be late for work. i start at 8pm. I get there and there are loads of people waiting to be served. I don't work at a supermarket wtf.. I try to use the teller machines and manage to get it working...

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