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    1. Reflections, Glitches, and Fixes

      by , 04-01-2015 at 02:32 PM
      Morning of April 1, 2015. Wednesday.

      My dream starts with continuing concerns and focused computer-related ideas from my waking life, though I am not lucid at all. It concerns one of the real and weirder flaws in the Internet, primarily Google in this case, which astoundingly, no one at all seems to have noticed over the years. It concerns some sort of inversion glitch, whereby what you search for displays the opposite data depending on how it is done, with incomplete listings. For example, Google will claim that, for a particular newspaper, certain editions are not available and with access to the ones that are. I took screenshots of this since I doubt most people would even be capable of believing this. If you go into the same archive with a different method (or link), the opposite of what was previously claimed (in every case) will result. This remains in my mind just prior to sleep for a few reasons; one reason being that I had forgotten the exact method to reverse the inversion error to the opposite listing and one method was no longer viable; the other reason being that it is hard for me to believe so many thousands of people are so lacking in awareness over such a long time. However, the newspaper archive itself is much a mess, with random pages of newspapers within other editions and wrong dates often being listed. Still, with close attention, it is useful for my research and dream work documentation to a point (relative to my earlier childhood work).

      Later on in my dream, an unknown female from the department of education visits us. The house seems completely unfamiliar though is possibly some sort of composite with rotated room layouts. I go into the room where my computer is and notice that it had seemingly been left on apparently overnight. Its appearance is quite different and it is a desktop rather than a tower. The front of it is some sort of transparent corrugated-like reflective surface which seems to light up (from the inside) with orange bars if it is on. A bright green light also supposedly indicates it is on (as in reality, though it is smaller and square and higher up - on my real tower it is near the bottom). However, after looking more closely, the power light is never actually on. The appearance of the light being on has to do with where I am looking at it from a particular area of the room. Regardless of the brighter light, walking about into different areas seems to make it go on and off, but what I learn is happening is solely related to reflections from another light source, possibly outside sunlight (though I am not sure). This scene is very vivid and rather strange because it really does seem like the power light is on at times. After playing with this apparent illusion for a fair amount of time, I leave the room.

      The female from the department of education has my form templates and some apparent worksheets but when I go to look at them, it turns out to be a clothing catalog (with a few smaller pages within the normal-sized pages, one featuring a girl playing on a swing in blue jeans). Not all of the pages make sense as it is. Because I “must” use this as part of the education progress report, I contemplate how I am going to arrange certain sentences and such between different scenes that feature different clothing, some outside.

      Soon after this, a rear column for the (fictional) canopy that for some reason is over the sofa she is sitting on starts to buckle. I go to check what is wrong, but she gets up out of concern for heavy weight falling on her due to some books and board games on the top of the canopy as well as some on a higher shelf on the wall (though I believe someone else warns her about it, possibly my youngest or second-youngest son). I notice fancy curtains hanging from the canopy (like on a canopy bed) and hanging down (but tied back to each column, looking rather regal) at the sides and front of the couch. Looking closely, I see that the column, which is mainly a hollow plastic beige cylinder, is both warped (as they are in reality in almost every cheaper bookshelf) mostly at the top and becoming smaller, tapering off to about half the diameter and oddly bent near the end for a short distance. The column is so warped, a part near the top is almost L-shaped, yet I still somehow manage to fit it back into the underside circular recess of the canopy (which would be impossible unless I somehow bent it back - yet it somehow seems to work as is regardless). By that point however, my two youngest sons are climbing over the couch and are taking down heavier books and board games to lessen the overall weight even though it is probably safer for now.
    2. Demon Hordes vs Google's Laser Cannon Robot

      by , 11-10-2014 at 05:38 AM (Schmaven's Dream Journal of Randomness)
      Traversing a rocky landscape with a friend, we descend a slope, scramble past some boulders and find a massive hole. Hundreds of feet wide, it has no apparent bottom. My friend urges me to taka closer look to see how deep it is. Nearly slipping on the steep rocks in the dark, I amble my way closer until I am right near the edge. With a flashlight, I attempt to light it up to get a sense of its size, but this doesn't work. I step even closer, dangerously close to the edge, and risk my life to look forward inside.

      Far down below, what seems like a mile, I see Buddha Avalokiteshvara run past, glowing with radiant white light. Wishing to be closer to Buddha, I jump into the massive hole. Landing on the bottom, it is a labyrinth of cave tunnels, filled with demon beasts. Most of them are asleep, but those immediately next to me are awakened by my mere presence. I run before they fully awake, but the caves are thick with demons, hardly even a gap to step my foot. I know Avalokiteshvara is in here somewhere so I call out his name continually as I run, waking up a massive horde of beasts, just at my heels now.

      I reach a large chamber and am spontaneously armed with a gun. I shoot many of these demons and free up some space, but countless more keep coming. I shoot to keep them at bay rather than to kill, partly out of compassion, and partly to save ammo and time. Even so, my situation starts to look hopeless as I am losing ground against them, even as I run and shoot like the best gunman who ever lived.

      My meditation teacher appears around the corner where I expected to find Avalokiteshvara, and at the same time as daylight quickly dawns. He is operating a flying robot, built by google, using facial recognition software, motion sensors, and laser cannons. This machine easily obliterates all the hostile creatures in an instant. I only notice it now mopping up the few stragglers who run at us from around the corners. Really confused by all this, I notice that I feel more peaceful now that I'm not running for my life. But those demons... Were they living beings or just personifications of something abstract?

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    3. Filtering & seeing the light

      by , 03-18-2014 at 02:28 AM (Keitorin's Dream Log)
      Fragment 2. Using a filter on Google to filter out things I didn’t want to include in my search. Some where:

      Pokemon Black & White __?__
      Some other Pokemon stuff
      Hot women on bikes (#)

      (#) = the number of results for the topic it would filter out

      Fragment 3. Talking to a character from Digimon, they say they used a gun. They say they saw a bright light like the sun, and the character I am thinks back to the light that they saw in the past, coming from an older Ken, who is being photographed (though there wasn’t actually a light).

      It had the meaning of ‘when certain children see Digimon, they become Chosen Children, so the gun!kid was special’. The character POVs were confusing, I feel like the characters were Daisuke and maybe Taichi?

      Fragment 4. Sherlock or Khan was sitting on a chair, mom was there too on a couch. I was sitting on the right or on the floor in front of it. It’s a little confusing, but he was either playing the violin or showing us something on TV. There was some really pretty instrumental music playing, but I couldn’t stop snickering because he was making some funny movement.


      I’m freaking out because there’s something wrong with my right canine, it feels out of place. I go to the kitchen where mom is on the phone with my aunt. (Sherlock/Khan has left, although it was a different house then.) I want her to get off and help me, but while she’s looking at me, she doesn’t seem to be getting off anytime soon.

      I go to the nearby bathroom and look in the mirror. Rather than teeth, my canines look like they’re made out of my gums.

      Alarm goes off.

      Inspiration: I finished rewatching Star Trek Into Darkness yesterday, plus I read some Sherlock Holmes before lying down. Teeth part from how flossing gives me problems sometimes. ><

      Notes: I did try MILD more than once. No lucids last night, but working on it!

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    4. Spilled hashbrowns, a hero, and Etch-O-Google

      by , 12-06-2013 at 10:58 PM
      Two lines of people trailed off through the entrance doors. Thankfully I had made it to the front where the cook prepared my plate. Oddly, my hashbrowns were served in a small rectangular tin, typically used for baking corn bread. The cook no more than placed the tin on my plate when my “hashbrown loaf” toppled over and landed in a steaming mess on the floor.

      In full view of a gawking audience, I approached the cook and signaled for another order of potatoes. The cook looked at me like I purposefully maneuvered my plate in an unsafe manner, whereby forcing his precious spud cargo to take a mortal cliff dive. Once again, he replenished my plate with the same precariously packaged hashbrowns, and once again, they fell headlong onto the floor.

      I made one final appeal to the cook, whereas he verbally smote my already bruised ego, saying, “Most people would have given up and walked away by now.”

      I had a brief conversation with the restaurant owner, who was busy preparing loaves of bread in what looked to me like a wood chipper.

      The next thing I remember was looking at a computer screen with groups of words and concepts clumped together. Each grouping were obvious contradictions, such as “bacon & eggs” might have been lumped together with “turpentine”. The obvious meaning of this was a premise I would like to consider further in my waking life: Don’t try to synthesize seeming contradictions in your life. Rather, hold each mutually exclusive notion and apply them in their proper place.

      In other words, it is of no use to do away with either bacon & eggs or turpentine, but rather, employ them as they are relevant in your life. An applicable example would be pro-choice vs. pro-life. Rather than trying to synthesize the two concepts, which would be ludicrous, or attempting to eliminate one in favor of the other once and for all time, it is better to choose each according to context.

      After jotting down my hashbrown tragedy (or comedy), I went back to sleep. The following sequence occurred after 3am.

      I’m sitting in the front passenger side of a car with some other occupants. From my right side, I see a familiar face, a sportscaster in waking life. But in my dream he was a badass cop who plays by his own rules, a cross between Magnum P.I. and Caine from Kung Fu. He is talking to a group of thugs. I hear one of the them threatening to use a gun. Magnum Caine laughs and pulls out a Smith & Wesson military revolver with a two-inch barrel. I catch a glimpse of a cylinder full of bullets as he gives it a spin, flips the gun in his hand, and catches it by the barrel, handing it to the gang leader.

      Magnum Caine then inexplicably turns and walks away. The next thing I see is that he is falling to the ground in slow motion. Although I hear no gunfire, he has been shot. As he is dropping to the ground, he is now dropping a boom stand with fuzzy microphone, which is attached to a small sound mixer attached to his belt. My 80s TV hero has just transformed into a media journalist. WTF?

      Magnum Caine, my chameleon hero-turned-talking-head, gets up from the ground and limps to the front door to his house and hobbles in. Two bodyguards(?) pull up in an inconspicuous SUV, open the back passenger door, and Magnum Headroom runs from the house into the back seat.

      I get a good look at the injured man through the window of the SUV. I ask my friends, “Is that Ben Larken [popular sportscaster in our waking life town]?” A friend answers, “No. That’s his brother.”

      Next, I am holding a box about the size of Gump’s box of chocolates. Only it is pristine white and works like a cross between an Etch-O-Sketch and Google. I scribble a simple drawing on the face, turn it over, give it a little shake, and flip it back around to find that my simple shape has turned into a photograph and explanation. For instance, if I drew a triangle, I would shake it to get a Giza pyramid with a descriptive caption.

      I drew several things, the last of which was a penis and balls.

      The next dream I remember is my fiancé, Teresa, and I were at Kirk’s house. Kirk is an 84-year-old friend of ours in waking life. It was 3 o’clock in the morning, and I was watching some TV before going back to bed. Something interesting would be coming on later in the day, and I wanted to record it. The volume wouldn’t work properly and neither did the recording features. [In waking life, Kirk does not have recording capabilities.]

      In my attempts at making the technology on the TV work, I knocked over a pile of garbage on Kirk’s shelf. A sundry of cigarette wrappers and trash dumped all over the top of the TV stand. I was just about to retire to the bedroom when, perhaps from the commotion, Teresa walked in. She went to the kitchen and grabbed a bag of Fritos.

      Unraveling the already open bag, she took out a chip. She smelled it, then tasted it, and gave me a satisfied look. Game on. Then Kirk came in. I apologized for the noise and for the mess, and he dismissed it as no problem.

      The next thing I remember is riding in my mom’s car with her and my step dad. My older brother, Daniel, was with us as well. We were having a pleasant conversation, when my step dad interrupted, turned to my mom and said, “It just dawned on me that you are partial to Daniel and I because we are conquerors. Healer and Donn [my younger brother] are …” I couldn’t make out the noun he chose to employ, but I have a feeling that it may have been an antonym of conqueror. “Loser” comes to mind.

      My mother pulled up to the front entrance to Furr’s Cafeteria. She and my step dad got out and walked in. I deduced that that was my cue to park the car and join them, so I did. Once inside, I went to find a place to sit. Daniel took a seat at a table with three other people having lunch. A fourth plate of food was at Daniel’s place setting, so I assume that the person had gotten up to go to the bathroom. Daniel proceeded to take and eat onion rings off of the plate while chiding the others of the table, telling them to get their food and move to another area.

      He gestured, saying, “Look how spread out your party is. Go sit with the rest of your friends.” And they did so, just as my conqueror brother demanded. What a douchebag, I thought. I went and sat with the offended party, and next to me was a baby girl. Across from me sat some kids of different races. They were orphans. I turned to the baby next to me, and we made funny faces at each other.

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    5. Face Transplant; Google Lightning; Holy Bat-Slide!

      by , 08-15-2012 at 04:13 AM (* The Sandman's Dream Journal o/***)
      Face Transplant

      A guy was talking to a doc thinking he was in private. It was a futuristic doctors office with clear walls, but it was sound proof. The only thing was, the room had a recording device in it, and everything this patient would say was transmitted through every other room.

      At first, I don't know what the patient was in for. The patient was explaining why something should be a certain way and he was a genius telling the doc all these details about the company. The details were important because it was his support for whatever he was explaining.

      The doc was smiling because he knew the patient was a genius, and it was a joy to listen to such a sharp mind think. The guy was rattling off support for his argument with information few people would know. The facts he was rattling off were bullshit like water being poured into different glasses and some such, but in the dream it was really good support for his argument.

      During the patients explanation, I saw a doc or a michine sewing up a cube of a blue sticky substance. It was as though it had been injured and a futuristic sewing job was taking place. Three needles came down and went just belowe the surface of this substance. the needles were guided buy a lazer or something.

      Now the patient in this one docs room is talking to the doc about getting a face transplant. He had already had one transplant to get a nice face. Now he wanted his old face even though it was the ugliest face in the world. The reason is what he was explaining to the doc the whole time.

      The company was part his. There was some new technology, but with his new face, the partners wouldn't pay him. It was as though he was someone else. His 2nd surgery would put him back into his old face with hair like an old American aristocrat wig.

      It was supposed to be bad that everyone could hear what the patient was saying, but as he told of his plan to have the transplant, it became unimportant because nobody could trick him out of the money from his invention.

      Google Lightning

      I was sitting in a job interview with another guy. We were waiting to be interviewed, but the other guy was being told he could go home and wasn't going to get the job. He may have already had his interview.

      This other guy started making square bowl type shapes out of aluminum foil which he adhered to a protuberance on the ceiling. He put the foil over very particular spots which he said would short something out.

      He explained there was a wet screw on the roof that would draw lightning, and when the lightning struck, the electricity would be drawn down to the foil bowls and short out something in the company which had something to do with Google.

      Someone was going to fix the problem as it was on the roof, but all of a sudden it was me up on the roof trying to fix the problem. I saw a pole on a wet flooded roof and it was secured some weird way or something. I had to knock it over to disconnect the metal, but I said Fuck THAT as the roof was flooded, and I was standing in it in a lightning storm.

      I ran away off the building, and now I'm with a couple friends M. S. and someone else having drinks and smoking some stuff. At first I was only drinking. M. and some girl were smoking like crazy. I decided to take a hit (which I don't do iwl). I took a pipe which was basically melting. I had to hit this pipe where as I hit it, heating it up, the pipe melted and I got this molten ceramic in my mouth. It didn't even have the intended effect, but it was cool to dream.

      Then we were in a bar of sorts. Some stuff happened, we left, and then I realized I was missing my wallet. I told a friend who was now a fictitious person. I told him what happened and he said, Do you know how to roll?" He meant how to run away and deal with people shooting at me. I told him yes. He said to go with him, so I did.

      We were going to go back into the bar and find out who had my wallet. As we went back to the bar, we went through an elaborate slide. It was like tubes in a water park, except they were metal and there was no water. At some points it was just a flat surface. There were two black guys shooting at each other and we had to avoid their bullets.

      Once we got past them, we were outside. Now one of those guys was shooting at us. Batman was with me now. He shot a web like Spiderman, except that it was a slide that came from his wrist. I thought it was ridiculous that he would be able to produces this slide, but since I had to get away from the shooter, I followed his lead and jumped on.

      The slide was made out of recycled rubber chips. It was gray, and water was flowing in it. The water helped you move on your stomach to get away from the bad guys without exposing yourself to their bullets. The way the slide was laid out, you could go different ways on the slide making it even harder for the bad guys to hit you. Around one curve there was grass growing around a curve. It was so stupid that this could come from Batmans wrist, but It all worked so well.

      The End

      Lightning is 5x hotter than the sun.
      It is 11:09 PM.
    6. Was that Eva?, House of Payne Character Ratings, Gardening, High School Biology Class, Solomon Moto

      by , 06-19-2012 at 03:16 PM (Linkzelda's Dream Journal)
      Was that Eva? (Non-lucid)


      Oh if you see me say "blonde," I really mean "blonde female," I'm just too lazy to type "blonde female" all the time, sucks I don't know her name, because she pretty much saved me.

      This blonde had to be a double agent.....and Eva was technically a double agent when she pretended to be a replacement for Adam in MGS3....hmmmmmmmmmmm, could the blonde had been her? Probably, but my recall is a bit horrible....visual recall on the blonde is what I mean by horrible...everything else is pretty much decent.

      Seems I'm at the outside of what seems to be a fortress, and Asuka Langley Soryu is apparently the one who owns this place, because I've had several encounters where she finds me if I go to a certain spot, and I have to escape out of the fortress again until she gives up on finding me.

      I believe I'm saving a blonde, that's for sure, but at the same time, there's other blondes, like Rika Shiraki, who ends up being a klutz, and some other random blonde that finds me at some point in the dream.

      The amount of dream resets, or re-entering in the fortress is so crazy, that I wonder how important this blonde I don't even know is to be going through this.

      Everything is kind of mixed, and my recall is a lacking a bit, but I'll try.

      I go into the fortress, and it's really really dark, and I believe the fortress is most likely set out at some uncharted island. It doesn't have any trees, at least from what I recalled, because the fortress itself took up the whole structure of the area.

      I tried sneaking in to the right side of the fortress, but Asuka finds me, and I get so scared of what she's going to do to me for some reason that I decided to make a run for it. There's some device floating above me that shining so many lights at me.

      Like really, there isn't any point of shining that many lights on me for one little machine, the whole fortress already knows I'm invading....ugh.

      Anyway, I have to go up a few stairs and descend down a bit to get out of the fortress, and I believe the dream resets itself. I think it takes me a few times to get it down, and to realize that Asuka chick is always going to be looking for any intruders on the right side of her fortress.

      I don't know why I'm presuming that she's the leader/owner of the fortress, but her voice....it sounded so dominating, like that bratty older teenager kind of voice, almost the perfect candidate for a tsundere.

      Spoiler for Tsundere Meaning:

      After going at it with the fortress a few times, I get closer and closer to other areas. There's one moment where I think I'm following a blonde, but I only see the back of her, and her long and curvy hair. She senses that Asuka is coming, and prompts me to duck under a table to the right of us.

      I just go with whatever logic this blonde is dishing out at me, and it seems the section of the floor under the table contains some weird objects, there's a lot of them, but I didn't bother worrying too much about them because Asuka is coming.

      The blonde, or whoever it was, damn it, it was someone helping me though, tries to play innocent with Asuka when she comes in. Asuka, being the observant bitch that she is in this dream, and I'm sorry for using that word, but she really was a bitch, god, I swear she wants to kill me in this dream!

      Or best case scenario, capture me, tie me up, and do sexual acts....something tells me that she was smirking every time she saw me....

      Anyway, Asuka gets closer to the table that I'm under, and the blonde quickly walks a bit closer to Asuka, and there's a bottle of Ginger Ale on top, Canada Dry Ginger Ale more specifically.

      Lol. Sweet, dream uses what I like to drink as a means for the blonde to save my ass completely. Even though I'm under the table, I'm able to change how I'm viewing the room with ease. It seems the blonde "accidentally" drops the ginger ale, and "accidentally" open it so that it sprays all over.

      Good, using all the sporadic spraying to distract Asuka, I like this blonde! Or whoever it is that's helping me. Asuka looks at her weird, and even though I can't tell her facial expressions at the moment, I just felt she was trying to be cautious, since I entered the fortress like.....2-3 times, even more?

      The blonde tells Asuka that everything is okay, and the blonde immediately gets on her knees and spreads her arms frantically under the table I'm in. She starts moving the objects on the floor surrounding me. I honestly thought this would be the moment where the blonde screwed up her clever tactic, but it's still going strong here!

      Asuka has that look that the blonde is just being silly with the Ginger Ale, and her constant awareness of being cautious dies down a little.

      There's a dream shift, but we're all in the same room again, and I believe the blonde that's helping me let's Asuka drink from the bottle of Ginger Ale. The moment Asuka gulps it down, she dies. Apparently, she was chewing tobacco, and since the Ginger Ale just fell from the floor, the blonde opened it, and the fizz combined with the tobacco being reactive somehow to it makes Asuka go crazy.

      She falls down, yep, she's dead. By this point, Asuka looked like someone else, but I'll just keep labeling her as Asuka because of the orange latex suit she was wearing most of the time in the dream.

      I believe there's another dream reset, and this time, I'm in the same room, except Asuka is not here. Rika Shiraki, the adult version of herself from Bible Back: New Testament *gulp* (I'm innocent here!!) looks at both of us.

      She's wearing some green outfit, like a green military uniform. She asks the blonde or whoever it is I'm following why am I here with her.

      Recall gets a little scratchy here, but I'm sure that if Asuka was someone the blonde could trick, Rika wasn't going to be that difficult.

      Another attribute that leads me to believe that could've been Eva, because she did manage to trick Volgin in MGS3 that he was her little plaything/secretary type of role, when she was just doing that to get closer to the Philosopher's Legacy roll tape (which had the locations of where the total sums of currency were located).

      Okay now for the part that still gets to me.....

      We're at the same room again, that same room that seems to be like an office of some sort. I'm under the table again, and this time, I don't have the ability to go into another perspective while I'm under the table. I tilt my head, and I see a blonde come in, she's in a green military outfit as well like Rika was.

      She turns around, and she already know I'm under the table.

      Shit. I felt as if I was going to be captured, but she just smiles at me as she turns her head at me. Seems like she's going to talk to someone.

      And she pretty much looks like Eva with her hair tied up....and it's not even me wanting it to look like Eva. I've tried suppressing the possibility of it being her, but my mind just keeps locking in on her smile that she gives me.

      Just add a smile, and bam.


      From this point, the dream shifts to another location, you know, going to the right side of the fortress and finding Asuka yet again...but you know what? I'm tired of mentioning her all the time, she's just a thorn on my side.

      Things get random after that Eva lookalike.

      Tyler Perry's House of Payne (Non-lucid)


      I'm googling on the ratings for "Tyler Perry's House of Payne."

      I don't really have a liking for that show, guess I must've been really bored. One of the characters that I'm looking for a rating for is Malik Payne (Larramie Shaw). I read what one site has to say about his performance in the show, can't remember though.

      Gardening (Non-lucid)


      I'm outside, and I'm 50 feet away or so from getting close to the entrance to an academic institution. It felt like a college, but the atmosphere was completely different, maybe it was, it's just my perception at the time, and the randomness with the dream that distracted me a lot.

      There's seems to be some kind of outdoor convention of some sort, or maybe all of the resources, chairs, furniture, etc. are being moved outdoors to fix something inside the building. I walk around a bit, and I see a table that had huge books resting, and I a few sketching pads with drawings of head models.

      I decide I should go ahead and sit down somewhere, since other people are sitting as well, and there seems to be an elderly lady who is probably a staff member, a teacher most likely, that tells everyone that they have to show that they're doing some kind of work.

      She doesn't want us fooling around, so I take that as pretending to study for something. I'm on the right side of the section outside, and there seems to be a mini-garden in front of me. Some student is watering the plants, but I'm wondering if that constitutes as "work."

      I look at the elderly lady to see her response to this student, but she doesn't really mind her at all. After that, I only remember the female watering the plants having a little difficulty setting the hose to the right setting.

      High School Biology Class (Non-lucid)


      I'm walking down a hallway, and had that feeling that this classroom I'm entering would be one that I haven't gone to for a few days because of some circumstance.

      I see the Biology Pre-AP/K-level teacher I had as a Sophomore in High School looking and smiling at me. I think she asks me if everything is okay, and if I finished the Biology lab.

      I say yes, but I'm not really sure if I did finish it. I sit down in front row of the class, and that's all I remember.
      Solomon Moto is a Grave Robber (Non-lucid)


      It's dark at night, and I'm near some graves, and I think I'm being informed that grave robbers are coming.

      So to find a place to hide, go inside a hole where a coffin was contained, and cover myself in dirt. I see Solomon Moto from Yu-Gi-Oh with 2-3 people wearing masks coming to take the coffin I placed above me.

      After they left, I quickly remove the dirt and get out of the hole.


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    7. Fiction and fragments

      by , 02-01-2012 at 07:26 PM
      1. I was watching/participating in a really weird part-Broadway-part-Bollywood crossover film between Harry Potter and Repo! The Genetic Opera that, for some reason, took place on a soccer field. Also something about cake.

      2. I was reading a massive comic book that had a bunch of unrelated stories, though the only one I remember was about Batman preventing the Riddler from committing suicide.

      (Incidentally, don't you hate when you think a book or film you saw in a dream is real because you looked it up, but then it turns out you had only Googled it in your dream?)

      3. Making ramen in a bathtub.

      4. Telling someone that I refuse to read DC's New 52 because it's "like what would happen if you took Homestuck, cut it in half, removed a bunch of characters, and gave Rose and Jade huge breasts."
    8. Dreamland: Stealing Mexican Food

      by , 05-16-2011 at 09:52 AM
      It's not a new assertion to say that many dreams are mundane. However, I more and more suspect that most dreams are irrational. The more irrational, the more easily they are forgotten. This probably has something to do with the configuration of the brain during dreams. Some parts in very low demand in general, but in lucid dreams more parts can be accessed. This is a physical reality.

      Katie & Fred have been family friends since before I was I born. They have occupied at least 4% of my dreams over the years, and their houses, attic, and daughters an even larger percentage of recalled dreams. I have very little contact with them anymore, but they still appear often.

      The beginning of this dream is unclear.

      I was at Katie & Fred's house. It was a blend of the second house of theirs I use to visit as a child (the one with the attic) and an old restaurant. Leaving the restaurant area I had to cross what was their backyard to get to Katie & Fred's bedroom. (This is the backyard visible from their attic window.) For some reason I was intent on leaving the gathering of people including my Mother to use Fred's computer. The door led directly to their bedroom which is almost accurate. In real life that door led to Molly's bedroom.

      The bedroom was nothing like real life. When I stepped inside, I noticed there was a to-go container of food. For some reason, I opened it up to see what they had ordered. Inside was a delicious looking meal of Mexican food. I remember the beans, rice, and a Pita Pocket* of steak, tomatoes, cheese and salsa.

      I couldn't resist eating some. I had a little bit of everything and a bite or two of the Pita Pocket. It was fantastic tasting. I tried to figure out where it was purchased so I could go there myself. There were no labels or any identifying information on the off-white cartons. I had the brilliant idea(!?) to do a Google search - using a piece of the Pita Pocket pressed into the search box on the monitor. I don't recall the results, but at this point I had the distinct impression I may be invading their privacy to a wild extent.

      Shrugged it off by telling myself: nothing I had done on their PC was an invasion of privacy. Just then, the backdrop on the PC caught my attention. It was them, along with other people smiling for the camera. Nude. The borders of the picture were pink. I thought:

      "Oh shit, Fred definitely wouldn't want me to see this desktop background."

      Here is when things get super weird: I was sitting on the floor at the foot of the bed using a PC next to their TV. Just then, a squirrel came leaping into the room from the side window. It leaped from the floor, onto the bed directly behind me and froze. Almost as if stuffed. I was slightly startled because its face was very close to my face looking me directly in the eye. (See Blackbird Flying LD)

      I reached up my hand to pet it cautiously. This squirrel looked huge when I took a closer look. About 3ft long, thick, realistic with clean dark gray hair. Suddenly, what started as the far bedroom wall turned into a well forested opening to a noonday dense bright green forest. A little man appeared or the squirrel morphed into a fawn and a little harry man emerged from the woods. He threw the fawn over his shoulder and ran off. Just then I heard a narrators voice say:

      "These little hairy forest men are known to kidnap reindeer."

      Still feeling embarrassed, I decided to leave and go tell Fred all I had done in his bedroom. I crossed through the backyard and into the restaurant party area again. There were a lot of empty tables but my Mom, Fred and other people were laughing and talking at one of the center ones. I took Fred aside back into the yard and made a limited confession. I told him I had ate part of his food, but only a small amount. I told him I used his PC to do some searches. I deliberately left out that I had Google searched with part of his Pita Burrito to find out where he bought it.

      This detail seemed especially incriminating because I suspected there was still a mess on his PC screen in the search box.

      He begrudgingly forgave me. It was as if he only did it to exit an awkward situation as quickly as possible. He entered his room and shut the door. I started to walk about but had the thought "Opps, I forgot my journal in his bedroom." I knocked on the door and Fred answered with the expression he last had. I asked him for my journal and when he went to grab it I noticed he had wolfed down all the Mexican food. He handed me the journal without hesitation, I opened it up, and it was Molly's journal instead.

      I had the thought: why would I ever bring my personal journal here anyway? Now he will think I was snooping through Molly's journal.

      (*PRECOGNITIVE*) I told my my Mom about this dream. When I mentioned the Pita Pocket burrito -she gasped. She told me that Katie was obsessed with Pita bread recently. This is not something I had the slightest clue about, and Pita bread has definitely not been on my mind recently, or at any point.

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